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									                                                                 Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing
                                                                          CLINICAL EVALUATION
                                                                                                                               Pass    Not Pass   Incomplete
                                                                                                                               XX                  Columns

Student Name: _________Malyssa Lunde_________________________                      Preceptor: (if applicable) N/A
Faculty Name: ___Kathleen Moisio________ Course: _NURS 220                 Site: _Tacoma Lutheran Home____
Semester: __Fall 2008______Dates of Attendance: __11/12-12/11, Tuesday &Thursdays, No Absences Total Hours: 9days x 5hours= 45 hours
Section I: Professional Role Development                                           XX Met                            Not Met
A. Professionalism                                                    Comments
        1. Behavior:                                                                       Malyssa demonstrated a caring
             Demonstrates caring in the practice of professional nursing                   approach with her residents. She
             Respectful and courteous to all persons when representing PLU
             Projects professional demeanor in accordance with facility and SON policies   worked collaboratively with the
        2. Communication                                                                   team members and peers on her
             Clear, effective self-expression with health care team members                unit.
             Maintains effective working relationships with an interdisciplinary team

B.      Accountability and Responsibility for Ethical Practice                                          XX Met                        Not Met
        1. Comes prepared for each clinical experience                                     Comments
        2. Accountable for actions in clinical setting
        3. Recognizes situations requiring client advocacy and the nurse’s role            Malyssa was prepared to assist
        4. Recognizes potential dilemmas & conflicts of personal beliefs/values            residents each day of clinical.
        5. Adheres to confidentiality standards                                            She completed assignments on or
        6. Participates in pre/post conference
        7. Reports violations of academic integrity to instructor immediately              before the due date and met all
        8. Assignments completed on or before due date                                     health and certification
        9. Properly cites references, takes credit for own work, does not plagiarize       requirements by the due date. In
        10. Meets all health and certification requirements by due date
                                                                                           future clinicals, sharing more of
                                                                                           her good thoughts and insights in
                                                                                           pre- and post-clinical could
                                                                                           generate meaningful discussion
                                                                                           and benefit Malyssa’s peers and
C.      Critically Reflects Upon Own Performance, Identifies Own                                         XX Met                       Not Met

SOA1/C/Clinical Evaluation Forms/Clinical Evaluation Tool 6-07
Approved by SNO 2/07                                                                                                                                    1
                                                                 Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing
                                                                          CLINICAL EVALUATION
        Need for Growth                                                                          Comments
        1. Accurately assesses own abilities                                                     Malyssa sought appropriate
        2. Recognizes own limitations and seeks guidance before implementing interventions
        3. Receptive to questions, suggestions, and feedback                                     guidance before implementing
        4. Uses feedback and questions to improve performance as needed                          interventions, and she gained
        5. Consistently progresses toward clinical competency and expanding knowledge base for   independence with her
             professional practice
        6. Seeks out opportunities to become increasingly proficient                             interventions as the clinical
                                                                                                 progressed. Malyssa has been
                                                                                                 receptive to feedback. Malyssa
                                                                                                 worked to expand her knowledge
                                                                                                 base and increase proficiency by
                                                                                                 helping many residents on her
                                                                                                 unit, when she had “down” time
                                                                                                 with her assigned residents.
Section II: Core Knowledge
A. Nursing Management                                                                                          XX Met                 Not Met
       1. Applies theory of selected developmental and/or pathological or environmental          Comments:
             processes to clinical practice
       2. Seeks out additional resources and information                                         Malyssa has worked to apply
       3. Discriminates normal versus altered processes of health and/or development             what she has learned in class and
       4. Takes appropriate action                                                               lab in the clinical setting. As a
       5. Manages the holistic needs of the client
       6. Applies pharmacological principles when administering medications                      result, she has been able to take
       7. Demonstrates application of previously learned knowledge and skills                    appropriate action and provide
                                                                                                 safe care. Malyssa uses a holistic
                                                                                                 care approach and seeks to let
                                                                                                 residents know that they are
                                                                                                 important and deserve care and
B.      Health Promotion, Risk Reduction and Disease Prevention                                                XX Met                 Not Met
       1. Maintains a clean, safe environment                                                    Comments:
       2. Communicates health promotion information to clients
       3. Risk assessment/prevention                                                             Malyssa has maintained a clean
            Provides care in a way to insure client safety                                       and safe environment for
            Identifies potential risk factors and takes appropriate action                       residents. She has provided safe
                                                                                                 care for the residents she has

SOA1/C/Clinical Evaluation Forms/Clinical Evaluation Tool 6-07
Approved by SNO 2/07                                                                                                                            2
                                                                 Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing
                                                                          CLINICAL EVALUATION
Section III: Core Competencies
A. Communication                                                                                                XX Met                 Not Met
       1. Verbal                                                                                  Comments:
            Utilizes therapeutic approaches in communication with clients
            Encourages and clarifies client’s expression of needs/feelings/concerns               Malyssa worked to apply
            Demonstrates ability to relate empathetically to client                               therapeutic communication
            Gives effective constructive, growth enhancing feedback to clients, peers and staff   principles with her residents, and
       2. Nonverbal
            Demonstrates active listening and appropriate timing in the client interaction        she has a strong desire to be
            Identifies nonverbal cues/behaviors in self and others                                empathic in her care. One
            Demonstrates understanding of how cues/behaviors support or detract from              learning experience that Malyssa
               therapeutic intent/objective
       3. Written                                                                                 gained is the concept that what is
            Documentation reflects outcomes, assessment, interventions, evaluation, planning,     often deemed socially or
               and behavioral responses to care                                                   intuitively as “empathy” can
            Documents accurately, clearly and concisely
            Uses appropriate grammar, spelling, and syntax in all documentation and written       actually be a non-therapeutic
               assignments                                                                        technique in nursing (such as
                                                                                                  providing sympathy or asking
                                                                                                  “why” questions). She is now
                                                                                                  able to apply therapeutic
                                                                                                  communication techniques in a
                                                                                                  nursing role. Malyssa’s written
                                                                                                  work has gotten stronger as the
                                                                                                  clinical progressed.
B.      Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice                                                               XX Met                 Not Met
       1. Clinical Judgment                                                                       Comments
            Recognizes and defines the clinical problem
            Prioritizes nursing diagnosis based on assessment                                     As appropriate to the N220 level,
       2. Problem Solving                                                                         Malyssa was able to learn about
            Analyzes information (including assumptions and evidence)                             her residents and create basic
            Identifies and seeks out resources used in problem solving
            Evaluates information                                                                 plans for care. Malyssa was able
            Considers alternative solutions                                                       to prioritize care tasks
       3. Decision Making                                                                         appropriately within those plans,
            Able to identify priorities
            Identifies and weighs the important variables in each solution                        and she sought guidance and/or
            Draws conclusions based on sound rationale and treatment objectives                   additional information
C.      Nursing Process                                                                                         XX Met                 Not Met

SOA1/C/Clinical Evaluation Forms/Clinical Evaluation Tool 6-07
Approved by SNO 2/07                                                                                                                             3
                                                                 Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing
                                                                          CLINICAL EVALUATION
       1. Assesses the client needs and strengths using a nursing framework                     Comments
            Addresses physical, developmental, social, cultural, spiritual, and psychological
            dimensions                                                                          As appropriate to the N220 level,
       2. Prioritizes appropriate nursing diagnoses/issues                                      Malyssa was able to learn about
       3. Identifies discharge goal                                                             her residents, create basic plans
       4. Develops mutually acceptable and realistic outcomes for clients
            Based on assessment                                                                 to address their care needs, and
            Related to nursing diagnoses and discharge plan                                     implement those plans. She
            Appropriate for age, developmental level, culture, sexual orientation               worked to approach residents
            Written in behavioral and measurable terms
       5. Implements appropriate nursing interventions                                          holistically, addressing multiple
            Individualized to the client and setting                                            dimensions (physical, social,
            Based on evidence                                                                   psychological, etc.). Malyssa was
            Validates interventions with professional nurse
       6. Assesses client learning needs                                                        able to validate her interventions
            Age appropriate and incorporates cultural health beliefs                            with the staff on her unit.
       7. Evaluates effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions
            Revises goal and interventions as indicated

Additional Comments

Students Signature _________________________________ Faculty Signature ______________________________________ Date ____________

SOA1/C/Clinical Evaluation Forms/Clinical Evaluation Tool 6-07
Approved by SNO 2/07                                                                                                                 4

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