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									        CHRONIC PAIN & HEADACHE                           HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN
           TELEECHO CLINIC                            OUR CHRONIC PAIN & HEADACHE
                                                           TELEECHO CLINIC?
Pain management is a significant issue in
healthcare today, with upwards of 70% of           • Participants complete periodic surveys evaluat-

emergency room visits constituting pain
                                                     ing practice style, knowledge, and self-efficacy
                                                     related to treating chronic pain.
                                                                                                              CHRONIC PAIN &
concerns. In addition, community clinicians        • Present patient cases via telephone or webcam.           HEADACHE CLINIC
                                                   • Participate in didactic presentations.
often times have a knowledge gap as it relates
to pain management.                                Joanna G. Katzman, MD, MSPH, Neurology
                                                   George Comerci, MD, Internal Medicine                    August 2, 2012 - May 23, 2013
The Chronic Pain & Headache TeleECHO               Daniel Duhigg, DO, MBA, Psychiatry and Addictions
Clinic facilitates a multifaceted approach to      Benson Daitz, MD, Myofascial Pain and Family Practice
                                                   Eugene Koshkin, MD, Anesthesia/Interventional Pain
chronic pain by incorporating a team of
                                                   Donna Kwilosz, PhD, Clinical Psychology
specialists that support primary care clinicians   Brian Shelley, MD, Myofascial Pain and Family Practice
in rural communities who lack the resources        Ernest Dole, PharmD, College of Pharmacy
necessary to sufficiently understand the           Mark Holdsworth, PharmD, College of Pharmacy
                                                   Lesley Toser, PT, Physical Therapy
management of pain.
                                                   Christine Zampach, MEd, DPT, Physical Therapy
                                                   Lucy Whyte Ferguson, DC, Myofascial Pain
The clinic includes didactic presentations by
                                                   Tom Arnold, DC, Chiropractic Medicine
specialists on specific topics of interest, and
in-depth case-based presentations by
                                                                   Project ECHOTM
community clinicians for feedback and
                                                               Sanjeev Arora, MD - Director
recommendations. Clinicians are given access                  Project ECHO Medical Director
to evidence based educational resources, and               1001 Medical Arts Ave. NE - Bldg. 424
                                                             Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
are encouraged to express any suggestions or                  Phone: (505) 750-ECHO (3246)
                                                                   Fax: (505) 272-6906
comments that they have regarding the clinic.                  Website: http://echo.unm.edu
An environment of group learning and best                      E-mail: echo@salud.unm.edu

practice protocols is established that reduces          Cynthia Olivas, RN, BSN — Nurse Manager
                                                       (505) 272-5429 — cyromero@salud.unm.edu
variation in care and improves outcomes for
                                                              Christie Carroll — Coordinator
patients experiencing chronic pain.                     (505) 925-4142 - ccarr011@salud.unm.edu

                                                           Technical Support — (505) 750-4897
   WE AT ECHO WOULD LIKE TO                                                            ECHO CHRONIC PAIN CURRICULUM 2012 - 2013
   INVITE YOU TO ENROLL IN THE                                                                        SCHEDULE
 ECHO CHRONIC PAIN CURRICULUM                                 COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME SERIES                                     INTEGRATIVE SERIES
                                                            Aug. 2       Introduction To RSDSA/Pathophysiology of      Jan. 3       Myofascial Pain Skills Session
This curriculum will strive to provide a general overview                CRPS - Mark Cooper, PhD; Erin Milligan, PhD                Lucy Whyte-Ferguson, DC
of many aspects of chronic pain care. Monthly sessions      Aug. 9       Physical Rehab Modalities for CRPS            Jan. 10      Chiropractic Medicine — Tom Arnold, DC
will be devoted to a major pain topic. Weekly sessions                   Chris Zampach, DPT                            Jan. 17      Community Acupuncture
will offer brief didactics devoted to aspects of chronic    Aug. 16      Management Strategies for CRPS                             Nityamo Lian, DOM
pain care related to the monthly topic. These didactics                  Pradeep Chopra, MD                            Jan. 24      Physical Therapy — Chris Zampach, DPT
will not replace the rich case presentations that           Aug. 23      Differential Diagnosis of CRPS                Jan. 31      Massage — David Lang, CFL
characterize our sessions, but will supplement them. In                  Peter Moskovitz, MD
addition to didactics, we will have periodic skills                                                                                SEMESTER 2: FEBRUARY - MAY
presentations.                                                         SEMESTER 1: AUGUST - DECEMBER
                                                                                                                            MODULE 1: CHRONIC PAIN ESSENTIALS
Regular participation in the ECHO pain curriculum will           MODULE 1: CHRONIC PAIN ESSENTIALS                     Feb. 7       Epidemiology of Chronic Pain
enable you to earn a Certificate of Completion from the     Aug. 30      Epidemiology of Chronic Pain                               Joanna Katzman, MD
ECHO program.                                                            Joanna Katzman, MD                            Feb. 14      Pain Anatomy and Physiology — TBD
                                                            Sept. 6      Pain Anatomy and Physiology                   Feb. 21      Clinical Interview of Chronic Pain Patient
Who is Eligible to Participate in the ECHO Pain                          George Comerci, MD                                         George Comerci, MD
Curriculum? — Any clinicians with an interest in            Sept. 13     Clinical Interview of Chronic Pain Patient    Feb. 28      Physical Exam — Benson Daitz, MD
chronic pain who attends the ECHO Teleconference                         George Comerci, MD                            Mar. 7       Psychosocial Assessment of Patient with
                                                            Sept. 20     Physical Exam — J. Mitchell Simson, MD                     Chronic Pain — Donna Kwilosz, PhD
program. To enroll, e-mail Nurse Manager, Cynthia
                                                            Sept. 27     Psychosocial Assessment of Patient with       Mar. 14      Break
Olivas, RN at cyromero@salud.unm.edu.
                                                                         Chronic Pain — Donna Kwilosz, PhD
Course Schedule — Weekly, Thursdays at 12:00-2:00 pm                                                                            MODULE 2: OPIOIDS       AND   ADDICTIONS
                                                                     MODULE 2: OPIOIDS       AND   ADDICTIONS           *Meets Requirements of The New Mexico Medical Boards
GOALS OF THE CHRONIC PAIN CURRICULUM                         *Meets Requirements of the New Mexico Medical Boards                     Rule Section A
Participants will be enabled to:                                           Rule Section A                  Mar. 21     Opioid Indications and Use
1) Meet individual goals for taking care of patients        Oct. 4     Opioid Indications and Use                                  Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD
   with chronic pain                                                   Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD          Mar. 28     Chronic Opioid Treatment: Medical Concerns
2) Increase access to evidence-based chronic pain care      Oct. 11    Chronic Opioid Treatment: Medical Concerns                  Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD
3) Improve pain care for New Mexicans                                  Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD          Apr. 4      Chronic Opioid Treatment: Behavioral
4) Prepare for the certification examination of the         Oct. 18    Chronic Opioid Treatment: Behavioral                        Concerns
   American Academy of Pain Management                                 Concerns                                                    Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD
                                                                       Daniel Duhigg, DO; Ernest Dole, PharmD          Apr. 11     Addictions and Chronic Pain
REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION                  Oct. 25    Addictions and Chronic Pain                                 Daniel Duhigg, DO
1) Attend 75% of ECHO sessions                                         Daniel Duhigg, DO                               Apr. 18     Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Medications
   (or view video of session)                               Nov. 1     Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Medications                         George Comerci, MD
2) Presentation of 10 cases during ECHO Pain Clinic                    George Comerci, MD
3) Completion of on-line module registration                                                                                     MODULE 3: THE PSYCHOLOGY             OF
4) Completion of Pre-Post Surveys                                    MODULE 3: OTHER PAIN SYNDROMES                                     CHRONIC PAIN
                                                            Nov. 8       Migraine Headaches — Joanna Katzman, MD       Apr. 25      Assessment and Meaning of Mood in Chronic
      HOW TO REGISTER FOR A MODULE                          Nov. 15      Other Headache Syndromes                                   Pain
To register for a module, please go to the                               Joanna Katzman, MD                                         Daniel Duhigg, DO; Donna Kwilosz, PhD
Chronic Pain TeleECHO website for instructions:             Nov. 22      Break                                         May 2        Pharmacotherapies for Anxiety and
http://echo.unm.edu/clinics/clinic-pain.html.               Nov. 29      Overview of Myofascial Pain Syndrome                       Depression — Daniel Duhigg, DO
                                                                         Brian Shelley, MD                             May 9        Introduction to Coping Skills in Chronic Pain
         A TYPICAL ECHO SESSION                             Dec. 6       Spinal Disk Disease and Stenosis                           Daniel Duhigg, DO; Donna Kwilosz, PhD
12:00-12:05    Welcome and Introductions                                 Fred Harrington, MD                           May 16       Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Evidence
12:05-12:30    Case Presentations                           Dec. 13      Osteoarthritis — Arthur Bankhurst, MD                      Brian Shelley, MD
12:30-1:00     Didactic Session, Skills Demonstration       Dec. 20      Break                                         May 23       Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
1:00-2:00      Further Case Presentations/Q & A             Dec. 27      Break                                                      (ISTDP) — Patricia Coughlin, PhD

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