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									connect now
4,800 private transfers
in more than 100 countries


Imagine, you‘re off the
flight and arrive in comfort

You’re through passport control and you’ve survived the roulette     If you would like to know more about our products or
of airport baggage reclaim. You walk into the arrivals hall and      services, arrange access to GTA content, or have a general
there it is: a sign with your name on held by a knowledgeable        query, please contact either your nearest GTA office or our
private driver or airport assistant who is waiting to whisk you to   London office at the address shown below.
your local accommodation.                                            _____
You know you’ve made it! Your customers will love it!
Thanks to GTA’s Private Transfer option, this VIP treatment is       GTA London
no longer the preserve of business travellers. Leisure travellers    Gullivers House
can be met at the airport by a local driver meaning that there is    27 Goswell Road, London EC1M 7GT
no need to scramble for small change in local currency to pay for    United Kingdom
public transport.
And better still, your customers are guaranteed a seat and space     T: +44 (0) 20 3170 5015
for their luggage, with no need to trawl the airport with heavy      F: +44 (0) 20 3170 4387
baggage looking for the bus stop, or waiting in a taxi queue.
                                              Why choose GTA         • Leisure travellers receive VIP treatment, being met by a driver
                                              Private Transfers …    in the arrivals terminal.
                                              A Private Transfer     • For a fast, comfortable and stress-free transfer, the driver
                                              adds an added          takes your client straight to their accommodation.
                                              sense of luxury        No need for your client to drag their heavy luggage all around
                                              to your stay.          the airport or to negotiate an unfamiliar transport system, thus
                                              Eliminating the        ensuring a stress -free arrival for all.
                                              stress of public       • Booking and paying for transfers prior to departure avoids the
                                              transport to and       need for local currency upon arrival.
                                              from the airport is    • Vehicle choice is generally available to cater for the needs of
                                              enough to put a        individuals, couples, families and larger groups.
                                              smile on anybody’s     • Standard and deluxe car transfers are often available, choose
                                              face! Booking is       the option to suit your client’s budget.
                                              simple - your Search   • An optional local representative who can speak your client’s
Results pages provide you with all the information that you need     language is available at many locations.
from service descriptions and meeting point maps to passenger        • The up-sell functionality removes the need to re-run search
and luggage capacity. Streamlining your entire booking process       processes during booking creation, saving you time.
is made even easier by searching and booking Private Transfers       • Private Transfers improve the attachment rates of services
alongside Hotels, Apartments and Sightseeing with the                to bookings, enhancing your service offering and increasing your
addition of the up-sell functionality in your Booking Basket.        booking value!
The option of a Private Transfer increases your overall service      • Cross - selling from your hotel booking is easy! When you
provision to your client, enhancing their travel experience and,                                                    reach the Booking
in doing so, creating additional revenue opportunities for you                                                      Basket of your hotel
and your business.                                                                                                  booking, you are
                                                                                                                    presented with
GTA Private Transfers – Key Features …                                                                              products tailored
This easy-to-use browser-based search and book tool, available                                                      to the destination
in over 25 languages, requires no training or additional software                                                   that your client is
to be installed, so you can start booking immediately.                                                              travelling to, specific
• Offering choice is the key to staying ahead of the competition,                                                   to the nationality or
providing your customer with a wider variety of travel options                                                      language of your
adds more value to the travel selection process.                                                                    client, and tailored to
• With over 4,800 transfer options available in over 100                                                            the star rating of the
countries and 1,000 airport and city locations, you have a great                                                    hotel item booked.
opportunity to up-sell.

Get your customers trip off to
a great start with a private transfer
booked online with GTA …
GTA provides                                                         If you would like to know more about our products or
                                                                     services, arrange access to GTA content, or have a general
• worldwide travel content & information                             query, please contact either your nearest GTA office or our
  hotels, apartments, transfers, sightseeing, rail                   London office at the address shown below.
• group travel services                                              _____
• travel booking technology
• travel content distribution & marketing                            GTA London                    T: +44 (0) 20 3170 5015
                                                                     Gullivers House               F: +44 (0) 20 3170 4387
                                                                     27 Goswell Road,    
                                                                     London EC1M 7GT     
                                                                     United Kingdom

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