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gta xml api
integrated travel
content from 45,000
worldwide suppliers


Integrate, market and distribute
travel content your way

The GTA XML API enables Online Travel Agencies and Travel             If you would like to know more about our products or
Suppliers to access GTA’s vast global travel content via XML          services, arrange access to GTA content, or have a general
interface for integration into their reservation system or website,   query, please contact either your nearest GTA office or our
without using any of GTA’s traditional booking sites.                 London office at the address shown below.
Our XML solution is extremely flexible, platform - free and           _____
licence-free, and allows you to define the information you want
displayed in the format you want it presented in, making it easy      GTA London
to merge data from multiple suppliers and distribute travel content   Gullivers House
and information your way.                                             27 Goswell Road, London EC1M 7GT
There is no cost to access GTA content, so with real- time            United Kingdom
availability for products sourced from over 45,000 suppliers
in over 185 countries, we’ll help ensure you have the world           T: +44 (0) 20 3170 5015
covered …                                                             F: +44 (0) 20 3170 4387
Some of the reasons GTA’s XML API is                                     availability reduces operational costs. With access to vast
considered valuable by our partners…                                     worldwide destination content & services, you can deliver
• With the rapid growth of the FIT online market, clients are            a worldwide offering with a one-time integration, saving
looking for ways to differentiate their business and deliver             on additional development costs. We do not charge for the
competitive online reservation offerings. GTA XML has facilitated        connection to our back office system, therefore the only
this for many of our partners.                                           cost will be the writing of code.
• With a single integration, XML offers worldwide destinations           • Easy to use: XML is an industry standard method of
and a real - time online reservation service, ensuring GTA XML           transferring data, so developers are familiar with it and will allow
is a highly regarded solution and a key element in the future            for reduced development times and costs. A reduction in double
growth of our partners’ business offering.                               handling also means less scope for human errors.
• Sophisticated businesses with a defined systems                        • Efficiency savings: GTA XML enables you to integrate GTA
infrastructure and path prefer to use GTA XML for the                    travel content with your own systems and databases so you can
ease of integration with their systems or sites.                         develop your own real-time web booking engine that requests
• The flexibility and vast content available for their online solution   information directly from GTA and translates it back to display
enables clients to operate FIT businesses without incurring              for the user. A payment gateway is available if required.
additional operational and sourcing costs.                               • Access to excellent negotiated rates: Access the excellent
• Cost savings derived from the technical and operational                negotiated rates of GTA. You pass on the competitive rates to
support from GTA sales offices have been highly appealing.               your customers and earn valuable commission in the process.
                                                                         Hotel pricing is available up to one year in advance.
GTA XML API – Key Features…                                              • VFM Rich Media Content: GTA works alongside the leading
• Choose the modules that are right for you: The modules                 distributor and producer of images and rich media content for
currently available via our XML API include Hotels, Apartments,          the hotel and travel industry, VFM Leonardo, whose content
Sightseeing (Regular and Tailor-Made) and Transfers (Private and         library includes more than one million digital photographs,
Shared). No other company provides the variety and quantity of           videos and 360° virtual tours for over 80,000 hotels and resorts
travel content available from GTA. From a single source, you can         worldwide.
choose the modules that are right for your business.
• Time saving: Access to the technical specifications and support        What level of integration is right for you?
documentation for the GTA XML API is via the web, so you                 • Partial XML integration: The majority of clients that
can start developing as soon as you receive access credentials           request a partial XML API are price comparison sites and
from us. Increase revenue by accelerating the time to market             companies that do not want to manage transaction payments,
for new products; giving you the competitive advantage, faster           including payment of the credit card fees and control of
booking confirmations and no more duplicate data entry for your          the fraud risk etc.
bookings.                                                                • Full XML integration: The full XML API is aimed at those
• Cost savings: Access via HTTP-POST means no software                   of our clients who have their own system or website with
or installation and maintenance is required. Real - time online          total control of the entire booking process.

With travel content available in
over 185 countries, we really do
have the world covered
GTA provides                                                             If you would like to know more about our products or
                                                                         services, arrange access to GTA content, or have a general
• worldwide travel content & information                                 query, please contact either your nearest GTA office or our
  hotels, apartments, transfers, sightseeing, rail                       London office at the address shown below.
• group travel services                                                  _____
• travel booking technology
• travel content distribution & marketing                                GTA London                   T: +44 (0) 20 3170 5015
                                                                         Gullivers House              F: +44 (0) 20 3170 4387
                                                                         27 Goswell Road,             fit.sales@gta-travel.com
                                                                         London EC1M 7GT              www.gta-travel.com
                                                                         United Kingdom

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