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Pringles Xtreme
                                                        The Pringles brand is trending towards an older consumer base. Males
                                                        aged 16 - 24 years have described the brand as being outdated and
                                                        not relevant to their lifestyles. To address this and take advantage of
                                                        the opportunity presented by reclaiming this demographic, Pringles
                                                        are launching a new sub brand of adventurous flavours called Pringles
                                                        Xtreme. A point of sale display and promotional campaign is needed to
                                                        launch this brand in to the market.

                                                        •	 Interactive floor standing          map of event locations.
                                                           unit.                            •	 Festival Presence
                                                        •	 iPhone Application               •	 Guerilla Marketing through
                                                           consisting of a game,               stickers included in cans.
                                                           product information, and a

                                                        The point of sale display is an interactive standee inspired by
                                                        fairground ‘test your strength’ machines. When a button at
              Point of sale floor standing unit         the base is pressed a cut-out of a can of Pringles shoots up a
                                                        thermometer and stops at a random level, representing the heat
                                                        of the flavour. This would also automatically occur at random, to
                                                        draw interest to the point of sale.

                                                        Running alongside the point of sale is a promotional campaign
                                                        involving an iPhone game on the same theme as well as an event
                                                        presence at festivals and other events relevant to the ‘Xtreme’
                                                        brand consisting of a monster truck with brand livery. Stickers can
                                                        be found in cans to encourage guerilla marketing in the form of
     Screens from the iPhone application game section
                                                        consumers sticking them on their belongings or in public places.
Visualisation of the App logo on an iPhone screen.                                 Game Start Screen.                        Event screen showing brand event presences on a map.

                                Stickers included in cans for guerilla marketing                        Monster truck in brand livery for events.
 I later went on to construct the FSDU (Floor Standing Display nit) portion
 of the project out of corrugated board. I made some changes to the
 artwork to make the unit more visually appealing and changed the
 moving can feature in to LED lights. Upon pressing a big red illuminated
 button the thermometer lights up to a random point. The final display was
 exhibited at the Marketing Week Live In-Store Show 2011.

                                                                              On show at Marketing Week Live 2011 as part of the STI Line stand in the In-Store show.

The final display, fully assembled with artwork
and a full product load up.

 Unit structure before artwork
Blank print guide for POS unit

                                 Completed artwork set using a mixture of supplied key visuals
                                 and original graphics.
                                                                           Group project with Pinar Aydogan & Deema Zainy

                                                     Past marketing for Bacardi Flavoured Rums has been focused on the
                                                     ‘distinctive and intense fruit flavour’ of the products. Bacardi wishes to
                                                     create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with its customers,
                                                     centred around the concept of flirting. The aim is to drive visibility and
                                                     awareness of Bacardi Flavoured Rum.

                                                     •	 A video advertisement                 •	 Builds a closer relationship
                                                     •	 Can be used online as                    with the consumer through
                                                        well as on television and in             use of a simple narrative
                                                        cinemas.                                 with relatable characters.
                                                     •	 Uses the flirting theme

                                                     The advert consists of a male on his way to an exclusive nightclub
                                                     after being enticed and invited to it by a mysterious Bacardi
                                                     symbol appearing on his hand. When inside the club the man
                                                     socialises with friends and drinks Bacardi when a woman grabs
                                                     his attention, standing out from the crowd. The two meet in the
                                                     middle, out of phase to everything surrounding them, where they
                                                     hold each other and are transported in to a snowy forest. Finally
                                                     they kiss and fly off together in the form of bats and the Bacardi
                                                     logo and campaign strapline is displayed.

                                                     There is a mysterious and romantic vibe throughout the advert,
                                                     with links being drawn between the characters and bats (such as
                                                     glowing eyes), even going as far as the transformation in to bats.
                                                     The advert draws parallels between bats and bacardi drinkers. It is
                                                     mysterious and flirtatious and uses intrigue to hold attention.

  Viewable at
                                                                                                         Enrolling in University presents a major life change for young
                                                                                                         adults. For the majority of them it is the first time they have
                                                                                                         lived away from home and are responsible for looking after
                                                                                                         themselves. Many students slip in to bad eating habits and
                                                                                                         rarely cook from scratch. A solution is needed that taps in to
                                                                                                         student lifestyles to encourage students that cooking from
                                                                                                         scratch can be a fun, social and rewarding activity.

                                                                                                         •	 New brand called ‘ForkOff’      •	 Promotional campaign
Right guys, this is                      Right guys, this is
 what’s left in the                       what’s left in the                                             •	 Desktop Application for the     •	 Campus tour
   cupboard.                                cupboard.                                                       sharing and finding of meal     •	 Website to facilitate
                                                                                                            ideas.                             downloads of the application
                                                                                                         •	 Online community and               and information.
                                                                                                            integrated social networking.

                                                                                                         The solution is a brand designed to encourage friendly
                                          With the ForkOff Application for Windows and Mac you can
                                          find meal suggestions based what ingredients you have in
                                                                                                         cooking competitions and the sharing of meal ideas. The
                                          your cupboard. Never has cooking interesting meals with
                                          friends been so easy.                                          concept steps away from traditional recipes that use specific
                      What can we make                                      What can we make             measurements and instructions to a more experimental,
                                          Share your creations, challenge your friends to ForkOffs and
                         from that?                                                 from that?
                                          rate meal ideas submitted by the community. ForkOff is the
                                          fun, social, improvisational cooking platform.                 relaxed and improvisational way of cooking in order to make it
                                                                                                         appeal more to the target market.

                           .com                                                      .com                The application suggests meal ideas to the user based on
                                                                                                         what ingredients they store in their virtual cupboard. Users can
                                                                                                         submit their own ideas and they can challenge friends to see
                                                                                                         whose creation is more popular. There is heavy use of social
                                                                                                         networking features to appeal to the target demographic.
Home screen with recommended meal ideas.             Friends section with messaging ability to challenge others.

Cupboard for storing ingredients the user has.           An example of a meal idea page after the meal has
                                                                           been rated.

                                                                                                                         The ForkOff Website.

The screen for submitting a new meal idea.       On submitting a meal idea the user is given the option of sharing it.
           Many users with 3G enabled mobile phones want to access the internet
           on their phones, however don’t actually do so. The insight that users
           only want to use the mobile internet to visit a few core websites on a
           regular basis has led to the need for a redesigned and simplified system
           to make mobile browsing provide a more desirable user experience.

           •	 New brand called                  •	 Poster for promoting the
              ‘Droplets’.                          brand.
           •	 Mobile application and
              web browser.

           The solution is a mobile phone application which acts as a visual
           front end to the mobile Internet. The Droplets name comes from
           the idea that mobile users use the internet in a different way to PC
           users. Mobile users are after quick bits of information such as their
           emails and the latest news. Droplets gives them just the bits they
           need without the noise of what they don’t. In essence they get
           the droplets of information they want from the ocean that is the

           The user chooses from a selection of web sites, which have been
           designed especially for mobile viewing, to create a speed dial
           menu of their favourite sites. These websites will load up quicker
           and be optimised better for mobile devices than ordinary web
           sites are. Using the droplets application the user can get to the
           information they want as quickly as possible.
Smarties                                                                     Group project with Sara-Jane Hammond, Julia Kitchenham

                                                      Produce a visual exploration of an object or brand,
                                                      abstracting the ideas and qualities of it in to a visual piece.
                                                      The object chosen is the brand and product ‘Smarties’.

                                                      •	 Video focusing on colour. •	 Conveys the fun and
                                                      •	 Use of different devices     lightheartedness of the
                                                         to represent the bright      brand.
                                                         colours of the Smarties.

                                                      The video demonstrates different ways of showing colour
                                                      and fun. Footage of people in brightly coloured clothing
                                                      rolling a down a hill is interlaced with swirling colours, and
                                                      flying coloured balls and water bombs. The focus of the
                                                      video is on the colour of the Smarties, a major attribute of
                                                      the product and the chosen soundtrack repeats the word
                                                      ‘colours’, reinforcing this.

                                                      There is a youthful attitude of fun and messing around,
                                                      however it is aimed at an older market than Smarties
                                                      promotional material generally would. The age of the
                                                      people in the video, as well as the choice of soundtrack,
                                                      locations and ways of showing colour shift away from
                                                      the traditional child audience and closer to university
                                                      students. The choice to go for live action rather than
                                                      animation also makes a dramatic difference.
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The Hub
                                                 The university student website known as blackboard is undergoing a
                                                 redesign and rebranding as it is going to being expanded to include
                                                 all the student services and information in to a single location. The new

                                                 student portal will require a new name and visual identity to address

                                                 complaints that it is too messy and disorganised in its current state.

                                                 •	 New name ‘The Hub’                 •	 Tabbed sections
                                                 •	 Use of green, matching the         •	 Quick view access to mail
                                                    University logo.                      and announcements on the
                                                 •	 Clean, streamlined look.              home page.
                                                 •	 Panelled Layout

                                                 The name “The Hub” comes from the idea that the student portal
                                                 will act as a central place, a hub, where students can access all
                                                 the resources and information available to them. An important
                                                 element of the name is that it will also function well in spoken use,
                                                 for example a teacher saying that the latest lecture notes have
                                                 been uploaded to ‘The Hub’.

                                                 The logo for The Hub, along with the website, uses a colour
                                                 scheme consisting of tones of green and green gradients. This
                                                 closely links the portal as part of the UCA brand. Content on the
                                                 site is arranged in boxes to keep the layout of the pages clearly
                                                 separated and defined and also to give the site a less cluttered
 Login Page   Home Page   Example Content Page
                                                 feel. Navigation through the site comes from a tabbed menu
                                                 along the top of every page, with drop down sub-menus to allow
                                                 navigation to more specific subsections. The overall idea of the
                                                 site is to have a clean, fresh and simple layout to encourage use.
Web Design

Personal website for online portfolio and CV. Made in Dreamweaver CS5 using

                                                                              Website for local roofing company. Made in Dreamweaver CS5 using HTML and
                                                                              CSS and Jquery.

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