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   PRESS        RELEASE:
   LendingQB's LOS Integrated with MCT Trading HALO-Link for
   Optimal Hedging
   Wed, 16 Jan 2013, 13:29:17 EST

   COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 16, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) --
   LendingQB, a provider of end-to-end loan origination software,
   announced that its Web-based loan origination system (LOS) has
   been integrated with Mortgage Capital Trading's (MCT) proprietary
   HALO (Hedging And Loan sales Optimization) platform(SM). The
   interface, dubbed HALO-Link(TM), allows for pipeline and trade data to
   automatically be exchanged from LendingQB's LOS to the HALO

   MCT's bi-directional HALO-Link interface enables for consistent time
   or change-based delivery of loan pricing, trade and pipeline data from
   the product and pricing engine (PPE) within LendingQB's LOS directly
   to and from MCT's clients-specific HALO database. As a result, data
   the consistency from LendingQB's LOS to MCT ensures that mutual
   clients' pipelines of locked loans are accurately priced and optimally
   hedged. The new interface helps lenders realize higher profit gains from MCT's mandatory trade executions to investors.

   "Lenders are increasingly turning to the utilization of a hedging strategy in secondary marketing to achieve greater
   profitability," said David Colwell, vice president of corporate strategy at LendingQB. "The integration between our LOS and
   MCT's HALO-Link enables the timely delivery of data so that loans can be hedged more frequently and accurately. Eliminating
   manual steps in the data exchange process reduces errors, mitigates risk, saves money and ultimately drives profitable loan
   sales to investors. It's a win-win for our mutual customers."

   "Partnering with LendingQB is a natural fit between our two platforms, and adds more value to the technology tools we already
   offer our clients as part of our end-to-end support services," said Curtis Richins, president of MCT. "Via this integration, it's
   really easy for our trading analysts to access our client's pricing data that resides in LendingQB's PPE, which gives us instant
   access to accurate pricing information in real-time."

   About LendingQB:

   LendingQB is a Costa Mesa, California-based company that specializes in loan origination technology solutions and services
   for the mortgage industry. The LendingQB LOS is a 100 percent Web-based, true end-to-end enterprise-class loan origination
   platform. The solution is designed to meet the needs of all types of mortgage lenders-large or small, wholesale or retail,
   correspondent or Internet-based-with specialized tools that are targeted, customizable and flexible. LendingQB uses a
   consultative technology assessment approach before engaging with new clients, and places a strong emphasis on the
   utilization of data analytics to assist lenders in leveraging business intelligence, resulting in optimized organizational
   performance and lowered cost per loan. For more information about LendingQB, please call 888-285-3912 or visit
   http://www.lendingqb.com/ .

   About Mortgage Capital Trading:

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   MCT Trading is a risk management and advisory services company providing independent analysis, training, hedging strategy
   and loan sale execution support to clients engaged in the secondary mortgage market. Founded in San Diego, California in
   May 2001, the company has expanded to include field sales and support offices in Philadelphia, Dallas, Charlotte and San
   Francisco. MCT is recognized as a leading provider of mortgage pipeline hedging service and currently supports more than 85
   clients on the HALO (Hedging And Loan sales Optimization) Program. MCT also offers a service that effectively outsources a
   centralized lock desk for mortgage bankers called LockCentral. For more information, please visit www.mct-trading.com or call
   (619) 543-5111.

   Joe Bowerbank
   Profundity Communications, Inc.

   LendingQB, 3080 Bristol Street, Suite 550, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; 714-957-6335.


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