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									                         The Best Vehicles for Standard Driving

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When it comes to selecting a car, there is one basic decision that all drivers have to
make; do you want an automatic or manual transmission? While this decision is
becoming more and more a thing of the past because most drivers automatically opt for
an automatic transmission, there are still many options out there for people who prefer
standard driving.

Even though there are many benefits to driving a manual transmission vehicle, people
are opting for automatic cars for one simple reason; they are easier to drive. So, rather
than even bothering to learn how to drive a standard, people learn how to drive an
automatic. Never think twice about learning how to drive stick, especially once they get
comfortable and are set in their driving habits.

The good news is that there are still many vehicle options available for drivers who
prefer to drive standard. If you are a true lover of sports cars, then a manual
transmission is the only option that you want. A high performance vehicle without a
manual transmission removes some of the allure out of the machine.

The following outlines some of the best vehicles for standard driving:
   1. Porsche 911: Equipped with the a 7 speed transmission, this iconic car allows you to
      smoothly shift gears and enjoy the breeze in your hair as you whip down the road. Once
      you get beyond 5th gear you are not going to want to slow down for anything.
   2. The Shelby Ford Mustang: Shifting gears in this car is something that every driver needs
      to experience. With more than 600 horsepower and with the ability to reach speeds up
      to 200 mph, experiencing the speed and power of this car is something you will never
   3. Mazda Miata: A great zippy sports car that is fun to drive and really proves to drivers
      how fun it is to shift gears and drive standard. Since this car is available at a reasonable
      price point, it can be owned by anyone that wants to enjoy the experience of driving a
      manual transmission car on a regular basis.
   4. BMW M5: Just like with other high performance vehicles, the BMW M5 is just that much
      better with a manual transmission. This comes standard with a 5 speed transmission
      with the option to upgrade for a seven speed dual clutch.
   5. Any Ferrari or Lamborghini: If you get the chance to drive any model Ferrari or
      Lamborghini, then you are one lucky person. The power and speed of these cars is
      something that you have to see to believe.

Getting the chance to drive any one of these cars on the list is something that every car
lover will enjoy.

Even though all cars and models don’t always offer a manual transmission model, there
are still many vehicles that offer the option. While you may need a little work to find a
manual transmission car that is a great drive and within your budget; once you find it,
you will never look back.

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