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									          Standard versus Automatic – Which Car Should You Drive?

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The standard versus automatic transmission debate is nothing new. Many people make
the case for both, but since automatic cars hit the market, more and more people have
flocked to them, especially in North America.

While both options are widely available for almost any make and model of vehicle,
fewer and fewer are opting for a standard transmission, let alone learning how to drive
a manual car. When weighing the two options, there are a few things that a driver needs
to consider.

The first thing that people should consider is price and insurance. In a general sense, you
can often save money on both if you opt for the manual transmission. However, where
you live and the weather conditions also play a large role.

Driving a manual vehicle during the winter is no fun. This is perhaps why we see so
many people driving automatic cars in this area. So, think about the price, insurance
costs, as well as the driving conditions before making a decision.

Pros of Automatic Cars

People have made the shift to automatic transmissions because of the benefits it offers
drivers. The pros include:
       Easier to drive: Automatic cars are easier to drive. Drivers can simply get in the car;
        focus on the road, and go. It’s that simple.
       Better for beginner drivers: Automatic cars are often better for new drivers because
        they are easier to drive. There is less to think about and it is easier for people to get
        comfortable when behind the wheel.
       Less energy to drive: Automatic cars take less energy to drive. There is no need to shift
        gears or press the clutch. Just put it in drive and go.
       Resale: Automatic cars are easier to sell down the road because there is more of a
        market for them.
Pros of Standard Cars

When compared to automatic cars, there are a number of pros to choosing a manual
transmission. They are as follows:
      More fun to drive: Manual cars are widely known to be more fun to drive. Pressing the
       clutch and shift up into gear and giving the car a burst of speed and power is something
       that is definitely missing from automatic cars.
      Better fuel efficiency: Standard cars have better fuel efficiency when compared to
       automatic cars. In this sense, this should save drivers some money over the course of
       owning the vehicle.
      More control: People that drive standard cars feel like they have more control over the
       car when they are on the road.
      Cost: When comparing the same make and model of car, opting for the manual
       transmission option will save you money off the price of the vehicle.

Even though that it appears on paper that manual transmissions are a better option for
drivers, for some reason, drivers in North America continue to opt for automatic
vehicles. This situation points to the fact that people want driving to be as easy of an
experience as possible, especially when the weather is not favorable. Either way, make
sure you weigh both options before choosing your next vehicle.

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