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     TracKing SofTware
     saves money

                nown for high quality,
                multi-color labeling, Labels
                West, in business since 1978,
     specializes in the production of self
     adhesive labels used primarily for
     product packaging. The company
     prints labels for the food and beverage,
     wine, and personal care industries. In a
     soft economy, the company was looking
     for ways to cut costs without impacting
     its ability to serve its customers.
         There are hundreds of individual
     jobs processing through the Labels
     West plant at any one time. Each job
     involves several steps, and each step                 being able to save time using its recently installed job tracking software allows
     takes place in a unique location with the           Labels West to allocate valuable employee time in more important areas, like closely
                                                                    working with its customers to get labels ready and shipped.
     facility. Critical documents (drawing and
     specifications, for example) are housed
     in a small job folder that travels through
     the production process. The company’s        when information needed to be added               Finding a Resolution
     employees were spending several hours        or modified, obviously a time-consuming               Labels West began researching job
     each week searching for these folders        task that needed to be simplified.                tracking solutions that use barcode
                                                                                                    technology to track its jobs. What they
                                                                                                    needed was job data software that is
                                                                                                    specially designed for small to mid-
                                                                                                    sized fabricators/manufacturers. They
                                                                                                    came across and were interested in the
                                                                                                    CheckMate tracking system to solve the
                                                                                                    search problem and to automate the
                                                                                                    job tracking process. Dynamic Systems,
                                                                                                    Inc., a Washington software developer,
                                                                                                    specializes in data collection, and
                                                                                                    installed the job tracking program at
                                                                                                    the label converter.
                                                                                                        Currently, about 25 employees
                                                                                                    actively use the software. A barcode
                                                                                                    is printed on the job and is scanned
                                                                                                    as it moves into a new location.
                                                                                                    Management is able to quickly locate
                                                                                                    the job folders using the “search”

                                                                                                    Dynamic systems helps Labels West, a print
                                                                                                    manufacturer, track production jobs, save money
                                                                                                    and increase customer service with Checkmate
                                                                                                    job tracking software.

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function of the software. This simple            their customers’ satisfaction.
solution is saving 20 hours per week in             Job Data includes the ability to
labor for the company, which equates             record actual labor, parts and scrap
to over $15,000 annually. The software           against the jobs. The system installs on
was paid for in less than 3 months – a           a Windows based PC, and is very easy
great ROI.                                       to use.
    Great for Customer Service                      “I would highly recommend this
    Besides the labor cost savings,              solution. It does exactly what it is
CheckMate’s reporting allows Labels              supposed to do,” states John Shanley,
West to manage the company’s job                 owner at Labels West. “We are very
flow – they now know where a job                 pleased with CheckMate. It installed
is and how long it’s been there. It              easily, is stable and the technical
eliminates the need for employees                support is excellent.” fP
to interrupt each other, thus slowing
down production.
    Along with improving efficiencies,
they can respond more quickly
and accurately to their customers’
questions about lead-times and
expected complete dates. If a customer
wants to know the status of a job, the                                                                  dynamic Systems .
                                                                                                        (800) 342-3999;
answer is a click away. And knowing
the exact location of a job increases                                                                   Labels west
                                                                                                        (800) 540-3009;

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