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             The Log
     Newsletter of the Squalicum Yacht Club
            Bellingham, Washington

                                      Coming Events
                                      April 27
                                       Regular meeting
                                      April 29-30
                                       Ladies Diesel Engine Class
                                      May 1
                                       Club Clean Up Day
                                      May 7
                                       Opening Day
                                      May 14
                                       Cruise to Inati Bay

April 2011       Family Cruising Since 1937                     Volume LXXVI, Issue 4

Commodore’s Message
   Hello Dear Friends.                                everyone for bringing just that wee bit more so
   On Friday, March 11th, many of us watched          all could have plenty. Keep it up!
in disbelief as the terrible disaster following the      The death of the Porch Project seems to be
earthquake in Japan unfolded. The images of           greatly exaggerated (to paraphrase Mark
the subsequent tsunami and the horrific and           Twain). Paul Graff and Mike Heitz met with a
utter devastation and deaths it caused will be        gentleman from the city permit department last
etched in my mind forever. My heart goes out          Thursday, March 31st and reported to me that
to the people of Japan. Perhaps we could pass         there may be hope yet. Paul has scheduled a
the hat at our April meeting to collect a little      meeting on Thursday, April 7th at 7:00 pm at
money for the Red Cross’s relief efforts in           the clubhouse to discuss the details and to try
Japan. As I watched the destruction of the            to move the project forward once again. Any-
marinas in the harbors at Crescent City and           one who is interested may attend. We will
Santa Cruz, California, when the tsunami ar-          report more on this once we hear what our
rived there, with boats being tossed about like       options may be .
so much driftwood and being destroyed, I was             Opening Day Breakfast Chairperson Lori
reminded that we also sit near a similar geo-         Province met with her committee recently and
logical fault and that the same scenario could        plans for the event are well in hand and moving
happen to our beloved Pacific Northwest coast         along nicely. She will be lining up SYC mem-
someday.                                              bers to fill all the positions needed to staff this
   Once again, the turnout at our March meet-         event so please volunteer to help out. Mark
ing was on the small side but those who did           your calendar for Opening Day, Saturday May
attend were in for some fun. Vice Commodore           7th, come help out and have some fun. Also as
Rocky organized an SYC version of “Show and           in years past, we will be raffling off two free
Tell”. Each of us brought something related to        haulouts, thanks to donations from Seaview
boating and told why it had special significance      North and Colony Wharf. Spend a couple of
for us. It was great fun and we learned a lot         bucks to buy some tickets and, who knows,
about our fellow SYC members. This is one             you might get lucky and win a free haulout.
idea I would like to see us do more often. By         Oh, and by the way, it’s a good breakfast too!
the way, the potluck was awesome. Thanks                 —Doug Sterrett, Commodore
Vice Commodore’s Rear Commodore’s
Message          Message
     If you were not at last month’s meeting                I keep trying to keep a positive outlook for
you missed a fun activity for the “speaker” part      spring cruising. Darn it’s been cold. It has to
of the evening. We were all asked to bring            warm up sometime. Our first cruise as a club is
something special from our boating present or         approaching on May 14. This will be an “un-
past and be ready to share it with our mem-           hosted” cruise but we need someone who can
bers. We split into two groups of ~10 each and        get to Inati Bay as the “anchor boat”. As in the
proceed to share our things and stories. It was       past, we will have a pot luck dinner at the raft
a blast! It still makes me smile to remember the      up. That evening you can stay or head back or
stories that make boating special to each of us.      head on.
I was glad we had the new ceiling tiles in be-              I am also looking for boats for the Big
cause the other group was laughing so loud I          Brothers & Big Sisters cruise. It’s not until July
could barely get their attention to bring the         but I would like to start getting volunteers so
activity to an end. I thank you all for being         we can let the CYC know how they can help us.
willing to share your experiences with us.            I’ll be recruiting at our upcoming meeting
     Speaking of meetings, our meeting atten-         Wednesday 27. See you there!
dance has been down for the past few months                 —Glen Anderson
and I would like to see more of you there. We
continue to have lots of food due to your posi-
tive response to bring just a little more each
time. Our speaker for next week (April 27) will
be a fellow from the Sea Grant foundation
housed out of the U of W speaking about the
Clean Sound program. They are all excited to
come to Bellingham to share with us. Next
month I hope to have the director of the alter-
native high school housed in Old Town, to
come and tell us about their program that is
heavily based around hands on boat building
projects. I am sure you have all seen them
rowing around the bay in their 26 foot gig.
     Finally, from the appearance of the inven-
tory at the Sea View North boatyard next to our
club house, it appears at least some of you
really believe Spring is here at last (even
though it snowed a little last week!). I was
astounded to drive by this week and see the
number of boats in the yard double in just one
week’s time. Whether you are in the middle of
a haul out or still in the water, I hope all of you
are getting geared up for this season of boat-
ing. I started a “little” list of projects just the
other day and before I was done jotting things

                              Continued on page 5

Marine Diesel                                     ANNUAL CLUB
Engine Basics—                                    CLEAN UP EVENT!
                                                        DATE: Sunday, May 1st
Women’s Class                                           TIME: 1:00pm–2:30pm for general clean-
     When: Friday, April 29 4PM–7PM and           ing
Saturday April 30 8AM–12PM                             2:30pm—Steve & Tom will do floors—they
     Where: At the Northwest Diesel Power         need one more volunteer.
shop in Bellingham                                     WHO IS INVITED: Everyone is welcome!
     Cost: $99                                         WHAT’S HAPPENING: Everything dirty
     No previous experience is required. This     gets washed including walls, bathrooms, cut-
class combines lecture and demonstration with     lery, etc. Everything disorganized gets orga-
hands-on instruction. Learn the basics of ma-     nized. BBQ grill gets cleaned, windows get
rine diesel operation and how to do basic pre-    washed inside and out, weeds get pulled, etc.
ventative maintenance and troubleshooting.             WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite cleaning
Students will gain understanding enabling them    bucket, gloves & rags. We will provide cleaner,
to solve common problems, and to know when        window washing equipment, BBQ grill brush
an experienced mechanic is needed. Graduates      and some rags.
will also be more prepared to communicate              As we did last year, a list of suggested
with professionals.                               tasks will be on the counter for you to choose
     Course Covers:                               from. We always have such a great turnout,
     · Principles of Operation                    that we might be done by 2pm. This is a great
     · Maintaining your Marine Diesel Engine      chance for newer members to get better ac-
     · Basic Troubleshooting                      quainted with older members!
     During the class students will work with          Contact us with any questions or sugges-
engines in a shop setting, practice changing an   tions for the list.
impeller and bleeding a fuel system. Students          —Steve & Joyce Glenn, (360) 756-2230 or
may choose to observe or be completely            outsailing@shmoe.org
hands-on. There will be ample opportunity for
questions as we progress!
     Course taught by Matt Hardin, owner and
senior mechanic at Northwest Diesel Power.
Matt has more than a decade of experience
with marine diesels in the Pacific Northwest.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Melissa
Laitsch, 671-6777, or Matt if you have any
     Register by emailing:
info@NWDieselPower.com or call 360-734-
  Continued from page 3
down, I had a full page of things to do on the
                                                     SYC Sole Brother
boat. I can hardly wait to start checking of the
items (that is the best part of making lists you     Bruce
know).                                                    I received a call from our traveling mem-
     Opening day is just weeks away and there        ber, Bruce Maynard, last week just as he was
are lots to do to support our breakfast event.       finishing his West Coast trip to Southern Cali-
Please contact Laurie if you can help either         fornia and heading east into the Mohave Des-
with set up or during the cooking activities.        sert. Bruce sounded upbeat and from a short
Cruise wise, I am sure Glen is still looking for     description of his plans I expect him to walk to
cruise captains so please give him a call. Be        the moon and beyond in the near future.
brave and volunteer!                                      At this point I have to admit that when
     —Rocky Champagne, Vice Commodore                Annie asked if I wanted to walk to downtown
                                                     on Sunday I declined since it was “all that way
                                                     and back.”
                                                          Bruce has met a fellow that has developed
                                                     a 100% solar powered flashlight and is arrang-
                                                     ing to have one sent to me to test for use. I will
                                                     be bringing it to a future meeting for your
                                                     input. Of course I pointed out to Bruce that I
                                                     didn’t need a flashlight when the sun was shin-
                                                     ing but he assured me that it holds a charge for
                                                     when it is dark.
                                                          Bruce asked me to send his warmest
                                                     regards to the members of SYC and I know we
                                                     all wish him well on his adventure.
                                                          —Tom Evans

For Sale
Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak, their
10.5 ft AdvancedFrame model.
     Bought new in the spring of 2010. In the
water only once. Paid $285, asking $200.
Check out Advanced Elements kayaks at
     —Doug at 734-1592

It is with great regret that we announce that
Easy Going, our Camano 28 Powerboat is for
sale. Bellhaven Yacht Sales is the listing broker.
Call or e-mail for more info from the broker or
us directly.
      —Bob & Dorothy Davis
Squalicum Yacht Club meets at 1800 on the       Please have material for the Log to the editor
fourth Wednesday of each month, September–      by the second Tuesday of the month. Email to
May, at our building adjacent to the Seaview    editor@squalicumyc.org is preferred.
North boatyard. Potluck format—bring a dish
to pass, your own table service and beverage.


                                                 Commodore ................... Doug Sterrett ...............734-1592

                                                 Vice Commodore.......... Rocky Champagne ..... 734-6549

                                                 Rear Commodore ......... Glen Anderson ............ 927-3376

                                                 Treasurer ......................... Joyce Glenn .................. 756-2230

                                                 Secretary ......................... Bob Young/Pam Bosch 676-0853

                                                                   Squalicum Yacht Club
                                                                   P.O.Box 735
                                                                   Bellingham, WA 98227

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