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					Welcome to
What has been done so far:   What is still needing to be done:
• Registration forms         • Choosing the 3 sections
• Registration fees          • Selecting preferred
                               weekends for expedition
                             • Indemnity forms
                             • Payment for both training
                               days and practice and
                               expedition weekends.
    What is the
• Non-competitive
• Achievable by all
• Voluntary
• Personalised
• Balanced
• Achievement
• Enjoyable
      Bronze Award (14+ years old)

Volunteering    Physical        Skills          Expedition
3 months        3 months        3 months        Plan, train
                                                for and
                                                complete a
                                                2 day, 1 night
All participants must undertake a further 3 months in the
Volunteering, Physical or Skills section.
       Silver Award (15+ years old)

Volunteering   Physical       Skills          Expedition
6 months       One section for 6 months and Plan, train
               the other section for 3 months for and
                                              complete a
                                              3 day, 2 night

Direct Entry:
Need to do an additional 6 months on top of the 6 month
option for either Volunteering, Physical or Skill
         Gold Award (16+ years old)

Volunteering Physical    Skills       Expedition    Residential

12 months    One section for 12       Plan, train   5 day, 4
             months and the other     for and       night
             section for 6 months     complete a    project
                                      4 day, 3      staying
                                      night         away from
                                      expedition    home

 Direct Entry:
 Need to do an additional 6 months on top of the 12 month
 option for either Volunteering, Physical or Skill
                   The Sections
 Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the
 Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness
 Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal
 Expedition: planning, training for and completion of an
  adventurous journey
 At Gold level, participants must do an additional fifth
  Residential section, which involves working and staying
  away from home doing a shared activity
    So what activities can I choose ?
  There is a massive choice of activities that count
             towards your DofE Award.
Activities are placed in specific sections for a reason.
You need to choose activities you are going to enjoy.
Activities could be something that you are already doing
  or perhaps one you’ve always wanted to try.
We will be asking you to confirm your choices in your
  introductory meeting…
Aim                Volunteering
  To inspire young people to make a difference
  within their communities or to an individual’s life
  and develop compassion by giving service to
         Volunteering categories
•   Helping people
•   Community action and raising awareness
•   Coaching, teaching and leadership
•   Working with the environment or animals
•   Helping a charity or community organisation
  To inspire young people to achieve greater physical
  fitness and a healthy lifestyle through participation
  and improvement in physical activity.
              Physical categories
•   Team sports         •   Dance
•   Individual sports   •   Fitness
•   Water sports        •   Extreme sports
•   Racquet sports      •   Martial arts

  To inspire young
  people to develop
  practical and social
  skills and personal
                 Skills categories
•   Creative arts            • Life skills
•   Performance arts         • Learning and collecting
•   Science and technology   • Media and
•   Care of animals            communication
•   Music                    • Natural world
•   Games and sports
To inspire young people to develop initiative and a sense of adventure
   and discovery, by planning, training for and completing an
   adventurous journey as part of a team.
In order to go on expedition you will need to have completed at least 1
   of your other sections
• One practice and one
  assessed.                        Expedition
• No mobile phones
• School rules apply at all
• Failure to uphold rules will
  result in removal from your
• Drop off/ pick up points
• Cost per Bronze Expedition £30
• Cost per Silver Expedition £35
• Cost per training day £5
• Weekend preferences…
             Training Sessions
• Training sessions after school for one hour to
  develop skills needed for expedition.
  (Once expedition preferences have all been
  received these will be published).
• Bronze ONLY Students will be expected to
  come to one training day as well as the two
Bronze Students ONLY:
Group 1- Tuesday 11th December 3.40-4.20
Room 7 and 8, Alphabetically A through to F.
Abraham Allwyn - Fulgencio Lemuel
Group 2- Wednesday 12th December 3.40-4.20
Room 7 and 8, Alphabetically G through to M.
Game Emily - Muyot Lyndon
Group 3- Monday 17th December 3.40-4.20
Room 7 and 8, Alphabetically N onwards.
Nastali Emily - onwards
Silver Students:

All Year 11 Tuesday 18th December 3:40-4:40
Room 7 and 8.

Year 12 Wednesday 19th December 3.40-4.20
Room E1, Mathematics Room (Highfield Road)
                  Equipment ?
What we can provide:    What you need to provide
• Trangia Stove         •   Worn-in walking boots
                        •   Sleeping bag
• Tent                  •   Roll mat
                        •   Rucksack
• Maps
                        •   Food
• Compasses             •   Warm clothing
                        •   Waterproofs
                        •   Crockery
                        •   Rucksack liner
                        •   Wash-kit and towel
                        •   Torch + Whistle
                        •   Waterbottle (1.5 litre MINIMUM)
                        •   Personal first aid kit
• You need a pair of good Walking Boots (and
  socks) which have proper ankle support and
  are well fitted.
• They must be worn-in before the expedition
• These can be purchased from places like
  Millets or Cotswold in Kingston or Guildford
Badly fitting boots….
         • A badly fitting boot
           WILL end your
         • It is essential that you
           spend time wearing
           them in,
         • Do not borrow
           somebody else’s boots!
                Sleeping Bag
• Buy the best you can afford- it will be worth it!
Your rucksack should be at
   least 50litre but not more
   than 65litres.
It needs to have a waist/hip
   band as well as shoulder
Get the sales team to fit it to
   you, so that it is comfortable
   for the expedition
Total bag weight should be no
   more than ¼ of your body
• Range in price from
  £15 -£150

• They will probably
  sit in the rucksack
  for most of the
  however, they are
  definitely needed
  when it rains.
      What do you need to do?
• Hand in indemnity and expedition form to Mr
  McCann’s pigeon hole by Friday 7th December
• Pay for training days and expeditions via
  wisepay by 31st January 2013
• Buy your walking boots and start wearing
  them in.
• Attend your introductory session to confirm
  your 3 sections.
Not finished……

 • You have until you are 25 to complete the award!
 • However, if you wish to continue into the next
   section at Salesian School, you need to do so by
   the following September.
                   Thank You
• Any questions?

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