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					                                                                                   DECEMBER 2011

                                                                                             SFI: Get the Facts!
       IN THIS ISSUE                                    IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FACTS ABOUT THE SUSTAINABLE                         number of blogs and Facebook sites, including the UN
                                                        FORESTRY INITIATIVE® (SFI®) program, certification and                     International Year of Forests, The Conservation Fund,
USDA Study Backs Importance                             eco-labeling, you’ll be able to find them on a new SFI                     Manomet Center for Conservation, the West Virginia
of Certified Wood ......................... 2           webpage In Case You Were Wondering.                                        University Division of Forestry and Natural Resources
Is LEED Opening the Door for SFI?.. 2                       The webpage is at and                         and the National 4-H Invitational.
International Green Construction                        features information and short videos:                                         In its Choices blog, Boise says “ . . . SFI is bringing
Code Recognizes SFI .................. 2                • Larry Selzer, President and CEO of The Conservation                      together the most outspoken experts in the field —
Green Ribbon Schools Accept SFI ... 2                     Fund, examines his role as a member of the conser-                       including academics, wildlife ecologists, government
PEFC Members Endorse SFI                                  vation chamber of the independent SFI Board of                           officials, landowners, forest professionals and tree farmers
Forest Standard ........................... 3             Directors.                                                               — and starting an honest, comprehensive dialogue.”
Sierra Pacific Industries Ad at                         • Mike Ferrucci, NSF-ISR Forestry Program Manager                              A ‘share’ feature on each page makes it easy for
Sacramento Airport ...................... 3                                                                                        visitors to post or email information about the
                                                          and Lead Auditor, explains what is involved with an
Talking to BC Foresters about                             SFI audit.                                                               site to social networks. For more information or
SFI Certification ............................ 3
                                                        • Scott McDougall, President and CEO of TerraChoice,                       comments, contact Karen Brandt.
SFI Hosts Conservation                                    talks about the importance of choice and how to deter-
Planning Webinar ......................... 3
                                                          mine if an eco-label is credible.
SFI Conference Has Highest
Attendance Ever ........................... 4           • SFI President and CEO Kathy Abusow
SFI Recognizes Excellence .......... 4                    explores SFI’s independent, open and inclu-
                                                          sive approach to forest certification.
   Audubon Workshop .................. 5
   SAF Walk in the Forest ............. 5                   “The site is a great resource for anyone
   4-H and FFA Support ............... 5
   23,000 Seedlings Planted in                          with questions about forest certification or
   Wisconsin ................................. 5        the SFI program,” says Karen Brandt, SFI
   SFI Supports BMP Manual to
   Restore American Chestnut ...... 6                   Vice-President, Market Affairs. “It explains the
                                                        values that ground our program, shows the
Briefs ............................................ 6
                                                        importance of responsible forest manage-
Benefits of Certification as
Trade Tool ..................................... 6      ment, and helps consumers make informed
                                                        purchasing decisions.”
New SFI Position Promotes Value
of SFI Certification ....................... 6              The response to date shows the informa-
Habitat Build Attracts Media                            tion is a welcome addition to the
Attention ....................................... 6     discussion — there have been dozens of
SFI Helps Build Habitat Home in                         tweets and the site was referenced in a
New Brunswick ............................ 7
SFI Grant Connects Habitat for
Humanity and NAHB .................... 7
                                                                 ACCEPTANCE GROWING FOR SFI CERTIFICATION
   Alabama Pilot Results in                                Two U.S. federal departments — Agriculture and Education — and the new International Green Construction Code have joined a
   Certified Lands .......................... 7
   Mississippi Committee Backs                             growing number of respected organizations that recognize SFI and other third-party certification programs. See page 2.
   Children’s Museum Exhibit ....... 7                     In a recent article in LBM Journal, writer John D.Wagner asks if Pilot Credit 43 might lead to credits for SFI-certified products in the
                                                           LEED rating system. See page 2.
Check Out SFI Calendars ............ 7
                                                                And the SFI Standard has once again met the rigorous third-party assessment of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest
SFI Brochure Focuses on Canada ... 8                       Certification (PEFC). See page 3.
New Certifications and                                          The list of organizations that accept all certification standards already includes the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, TerraChoice,
Program Statistics ........................ 8              the American Consumer Council, the ANSI/ICC 700-2008: National Green Building Standard and the Competition Bureau of Canada’s
                                                           Environmental Claims: A Guide for Industry and Advertisers.
About SFI Inc./Contacts ............... 8

                                                              PAGE ONE                               
                                                                      GREEN BUILDING

       IMPORTANCE OF                                                   Is LEED Opening the Door for SFI?
       CERTIFIED WOOD                                        IN A RECENT ARTICLE, WRITER JOHN D. WAGNER asks if           flooring, and windows,” Wagner wrote in the
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has                Pilot Credit 43 might lead to credits for SFI-certi-         article — LEED Acceptance of SFI Now Pending:
recognized the environmental and economic benefits           fied products in the LEED rating system.                     Could SFI products finally achieve LEED credits? — in
                                                                 In June, the U.S. Green Building Council                 the October issue of LBM Journal.
of wood certified to all credible standards, including the
                                                             (USGBC) introduced the pilot credit for non-struc-               And as far as Wagner, an award-winning author
Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
                                                             tural items, which lists SFI and other forest certifi-       and consultant on green building, is concerned,
     In September, USDA released a report saying wood        cation standards equally. Right now, only wood               that would be the right move. “I’ve been to the
from sustainable sources promotes a healthy environ-         certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)            last two SFI conventions — and followed the
ment and a strong economy, and in the accompanying           — which accounts for about one quarter of North              organization for years — and I would urge
news release said: “Sustainability of forest products        America’s certified forests — is eligible for the            doubters to check out SFI,” he writes. “It really is
can be verified using any credible third-party rating        LEED certified wood credit. In addition, the draft           a solid and balanced organization, run by very
system, such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative,             2012 LEED for Homes Standard does not                        decent people with a clear sense of their sustain-
Forest Stewardship Council or American Tree Farm             single out any specific forest certification standard        ability mission.”
System certification.”                                       for non-tropical woods.                                          There is no deadline for comments on Pilot
     "This study confirms what many environmental                “With the opportunity for comment on Pilot               Credit 43. They can be posted through the LEED
                                                             Credit 43, USGBC has potentially opened the door             user forum at
scientists have been saying for years," says
                                                             for granting LEED credit to SFI-certified products           Credits/PC43. For more information, contact
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "Wood should be
                                                             for non-structural wood items, such as furniture,            Jason Metnick.
a major component of American building and energy
design. The use of wood provides substantial envi-
ronmental benefits, provides incentives for private               International Green Construction Code
landowners to maintain forest land, and provides a
critical source of jobs in rural America."
                                                                              Recognizes SFI
     The study, Science Supporting the Economic and          SFI CERTIFICATION is among the forest certification          Compliance indicating conformance with the
Environmental Benefits of Using Wood and Wood                standards accepted by the new International                  fiber procurement system shall be permitted.
Products in Green Building Construction, says a recent       Green Construction Code (IgCC), a regulatory                 Manufacturer’s fiber procurement systems shall
                                                             tool that helps state and local governments in the           be audited by an accredited third-party.”
lifecycle analysis found that harvesting, transporting,
                                                             United States increase energy efficiency and com-                State and local governments in Washington,
manufacturing, and using wood in lumber and
                                                             plement voluntary green building rating systems.             New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado, Rhode Island,
panel products in building yields fewer emissions —              In its bio-based materials section, the Code             Oregon, North Carolina, Maryland and Florida have
including greenhouse gases — than the resource               states that “wood and wood products used to                  already adopted the IgCC, which will be published in
extraction, manufacture and use of other common              comply with this section, other than salvaged                March 2012. It was developed by the International
building materials.                                          or reused wood products, shall be labeled in                 Code Council, a non-profit organization dedicated
     It says “sustainable forest management can pro-                                     accordance with the              to developing a single set of comprehensive and
duce stronger, healthier forests that serve as a ‘carbon                                 SFI Standard, FSC                coordinated national model construction codes. The
sink’ to clean air of greenhouse gases and purify                                        Indicators of Sustainable        outcome of a public development process that began
drinking water for wildlife and U.S. municipal water                                     Forestry, PEFC Council           in March 2010, it applies to new and existing tradi-
systems. Harvested trees can find value in wood prod-                                    Technical Document               tional and high-performance commercial buildings,
                                                                                         or equivalent fiber              and is designed to go beyond traditional code
ucts and systems for green building construction that
                                                                                         procurement system.              requirements for safe and sustainable construction.
continue to benefit the environment.”
                                                                                         As an alternative to                 For more information, visit the IgCC website
     Larry Selzer, President and CEO of The                                              an on-product label,             ( or
Conservation Fund and Vice-Chair of the SFI Board of                                     a     Certificate      of        contact Jason Metnick.
Directors, says the study is good news for forests and
forest communities. “Working forests are an essential
part of our nation’s critical infrastructure,” he says.                        GREEN RIBBON SCHOOLS ACCEPT SFI
“They provide clean air, clean water, wood products
and jobs for more than two million people. By taking            The U.S. Department of Education accepts office           that promote and encourage a healthy and
                                                                paper from forests certified to SFI or comparable cer-    environmentally friendly learning environment.
this step in recognizing the importance of wood in
                                                                tification standards in the evaluation criteria for its   Schools are also recognized for new construction
green building and the role of forest certification in
                                                                Green Ribbon Schools program.                             or renovations to green building programs including
verifying sustainability, Secretary Vilsack and the USDA             Green Ribbon Schools is an award program             Green Globes, which recognizes all independent
are promoting a major investment in an essential part           that recognizes schools for participating in activities   forest certification programs.
of our nation’s infrastructure.”

                                                                               PAGE TWO
ONCE AGAIN met the rigorous third-
party assessment of the Programme for the
Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
   “PEFC International’s endorsement
reinforces our position as an internationally
respected program with tough requirements
to strengthen forest practices and support
communities across North America,” said SFI
President and CEO Kathy Abusow. “We are
proud to be recognized by PEFC, and to be
part of a global network with national mem-
bers in 34 countries who share our commit-
ment to sustainable forest management.”
   “The SFI program is an important certifi-
cation program in addressing the unique                      If you are one of the millions of people traveling through Sacramento International Airport, check out the rotating display
needs of North America’s forests and com-                    ads in the baggage areas and alongside flight information monitors promoting Sierra Pacific Industries and SFI certification.
munities, and it is an important contributor                 “Sacramento is the state capital so a lot of opinion leaders, legislators and appointed officials pass through the airport,”
to working with PEFC to address the chal-                    says Mark Pawlicki, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability for Sierra Pacific Industries. “This is a great way to
lenges facing forests globally,” says PEFC                   remind them that Sierra Pacific is based in California, and that we not only create jobs and great products, our sustainable
                                                             forest management also lets us provide clean water, wildlife habitat and so much more.” The ads are displayed on rotating
Secretary General Ben Gunneberg. “Only
                                                             basis on 21 screens — 14 in the baggage area and seven alongside boards displaying flight information.
forest certification schemes like SFI that meet
our rigorous meta-standard and are devel-
oped in an open, transparent manner                                       Talking to BC Foresters about SFI
through a multi-stakeholder process are                                               Certification
endorsed by PEFC.”
   The PEFC endorsement means fiber from                     THE 5,600 FOREST PROFESSIONALS in                                 Standards Association Z809 certification —
SFI-certified forests — which accounts for                   British Columbia had the opportunity to                           and since lands certified to CSA are recognized
one third of PEFC’s 602 million acres/244                    read about SFI certification and audits in the                    by SFI, this means products from 95 percent of
million hectares of certified forests — will                 November/December issue of BC Forest                              British Columbia’s certified lands are eligible
continue to be accepted as certified content                 Professional magazine.                                            to use the SFI chain-of-custody label.
for both PEFC and SFI chain-of-custody                           The magazine featured third-party certifi-                        In An SFI Audit: How it Works and What's
labels. Three-quarters of all certified forests              cation, and included articles by Chris Ridley-                    Involved, Ridley-Thomas said the key factors
in Canada and the United States are to PEFC-                 Thomas, who leads KPMG Performance                                that drive successful SFI audits are competent
endorsed standards and are eligible for SFI                  Registrar Inc.’s forest certification practice,                   auditors, clear standards, reliable audit
and PEFC chain-of-custody labels.                            and Gerry Fraser, Interfor’s Manager of                           processes and transparent reporting.
                                                             Sustainable Forestry and a founding member                            In Interfor: 10 Years of SFI Certification,
                                                             of the Western Canada SFI Implementation                          Fraser said Interfor chose to be certified to the
                                                             Committee.                                                        SFI standard in 2000 for a number of reasons.
                                                                 More than 40 percent of the more than                         “It meant we could integrate performance
                                                             130 million acres/53 million hectares of cer-                     measures and objectives into the environ-
                                                             tified forests in British Columbia are certified                  mental management systems we had in place
                                                             to the SFI standard. Most forest professionals                    and SFI had broad recognition in the United
                                                             in the province choose SFI or Canadian                            States — our largest market.”

                                                                SFI HOSTS CONSERVATION PLANNING WEBINAR
                                                               The SFI program hosted a webinar last month which provided an overview of a recent report by the National Council for Air and
                                                               Stream Improvement (NCASI) and Ecosystem Management Research Institute about conservation planning efforts at the national,
PEFC Secretary General Ben Gunneberg (left) and Chair          regional and state levels in the United States. The webinar presented many resources related to conservation planning in the
Bill Street present the PEFC Certificate of Endorsement to     United States that SFI Program Participants can use to meet SFI Standard requirements and to better inform management
                                                               decisions. The webcast is posted on the SFI website at
SFI President and CEO Kathy Abusow

                                                                               PAGE THREE
          SFI RECOGNIZES                                            SFI Conference Celebrates the Bigger
           EXCELLENCE                                               Picture with Highest Attendance Ever
                                                               THE SFI 2011 ANNUAL CONFERENCE in                 munities of all sizes, Aboriginal communities,
The Boy Scouts of America, The Lyme Timber Company,            Burlington, VT lived up to its name: The Bigger   government agencies and conservation
the Wildlife Management Institute and the Mississippi SFI      Picture — Conservation. Integrity. Community.     groups. They included academics, students,
Implementation Committee were honored at the 2011              The 226 delegates made it the largest SFI         auditors, biologists, printers, landowners
conference for adding value to the SFI program in a            conference ever, and sessions explored the        and forest professionals. Speakers included
variety of ways.                                               integrity of the program and its contributions    Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director,
     The Boy Scouts of America received the SFI                to conservation and communities.                  Dovetail Partners Inc.; Scott McDougall,
President’s award for promoting the value of sustainable           There were many highlights, including a       President and CEO of TerraChoice; Mary
forestry, including a Forestry merit badge and supporting      keynote address by Larry Selzer, President        White, Director, Sustainable Package Sourcing,
forest certification – their Philmont Scout Ranch in New       and CEO of The Conservation Fund, who             PepsiCo Inc.; Adam Grant, Senior Associate,
Mexico is certified to the SFI Standard; Boys’ Life maga-      called for responsible environmentalism and       World Resources Institute, and Michael Luzier,
zine is printed on SFI chain-of-custody certified paper;       an urgent need to start seeing the social,        President and CEO, NAHB Research Center.
and they are using SFI-certified wood for facilities in West   environmental and economic value of                   “I was constantly reminded that it’s the
                                                               working forests. A long-time supporter of the     passion, the enthusiasm, the knowledge and
Virginia where the 2013 Scout Jamboree will be held.
                                                               SFI program and a member of the board of          the diversity of our many participants and
     In the official blog of Scouting magazine, Eagle Scout
                                                               directors, Selzer issued some tough chal-         supporters that make the SFI program so
Bryan Wendell wrote: “Yep, we need our nation’s forests.
                                                               lenges to environmental activists, corporate      strong,” says SFI President and CEO Kathy
And the forests need us, too. So hat’s off to us, the Boy
                                                               leaders and elected officials.                    Abusow. “That’s why we are able to achieve
Scouts of America, for helping protect this valuable
                                                                   “If well-managed forests are the goal, we     so much in forests and communities across
national resource. We do that so well, in fact, that last
                                                               should all be celebrating the remarkable          North America.”
month the Sustainable Forestry Initiative honored the BSA      victory of having millions of acres of forests        The 2012 conference will be held Sept. 11 to
with its President’s Award.”                                   across North America certified,” he said. “We     13 in Milwaukee, WI. Copies of presentations
     The Lyme Timber Company and Wildlife Management           should not be wasting precious resources          from this year’s event are posted on the SFI
Institute received an SFI Conservation Leadership Award        while millions of acres of forests disappear.”    conference website at www.sfiprogram
for Biodiversity Research for a project that is improving          Delegates came from across North              .org/AnnualConference/2011 along with
forest habitat for the American woodcock in northern New       America, representing companies and com-          videos and photos.
York State. As always, there are a lot of other partners
involved — including New York State Department of
Environmental Conservation; U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service; U.S. Geological Survey; National Fish and
Wildlife Foundation; and Northeast Association of Fish
and Wildlife Agencies.
     Mississippi received the 13th Annual SFI                   THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS!
Implementation Committee Achievement Award for                  GOLD SPONSORS
meeting a broad range of criteria — including leadership,
logger education, landowner outreach and education, SFI
program integrity, and SFI program growth.

                                                               SILVER SPONSORS

               SFI 2012
              Conference                                        STUDENT SPONSORS                      CONSERVATION CORNER SPONSORS

              SEPT. 11 TO 13
              MILWAUKEE, WI.

                                                                             PAGE FOUR
                                              Conservation Grants Update
                                  AUDUBON WORKSHOP BENEFITS BIRD HABITAT
AUDUBON NEW YORK organized a workshop                    Cornell University Human Dimensions Research            Tug Hill is part of the New York State
last month to show 30 woodlot and forest owners          Unit, Molpus Timberland Management, Cornell          Department of Environmental Conservation’s
and managers in the Tug Hill region of northern          Cooperative Extension, Tug Hill Commission,          designated Northern Forest Legacy Area.
New York State how to have positive impact on            New York State Department of Environmental           Audubon New York has designated about 80,000
bird and other wildlife habitat by embracing             Conservation, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust,          acres of Tug Hill Plateau as an Important Bird
sustainable forest management practices.                 and The Nature Conservancy.                          Area, and about 90% of this area is forested.
    Tug Hill, one of the largest tracts of forest left       The workshop included speakers from
in New York State, provides critical habitat for a       Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative
great diversity of bird species, including Canada        Extension, the New York State Department of
warbler, American woodcock and ruffed grouse.            Environmental Conservation, and the Tug Hill
The workshop, funded in part by an SFI conser-           Tomorrow Land Trust who discussed recent
vation grant, the New York SFI Implementation            declines in bird populations in the region, the
Committee and SFI program participants,                  economic benefits of timber management,
brought together landowners and experts on               and the resources and incentives available
birds, other wildlife and forest management.             to landowners, such as conservation easements,
    Other workshop sponsors included the                 who wish to conserve and manage their
Empire State Forest Products Association,                forest land.

 SAF CHAPTER SPONSORS                                                GRANT SUPPORTS 4-H AND FFA TEAMS
                                                         THE MISSISSIPPI SFI IMPLEMENTATION                   Committee Coordinator Tom Monaghan. The
MORE THAN 130 BOY AND GIRL SCOUTS                        COMMITTEE received a grant to support state          4-H team achieved its highest ranking ever, finish-
from the Troops in the metropolitan Atlanta              FFA and 4-H champions in their national com-         ing fourth. The SFI Implementation Committee
region joined the Chattahoochee Chapter of the           petitions. “We were able to show these youth         also received about 500 entries when it invited
Society of American Foresters on A Walk in the           they had support from the Mississippi forestry       FFA and 4-H forestry programs in the state to
Forest at Stone Mountain Park in October. The            community, and we were proud of them,” says          submit essays about why SFI is important.
event gave the youth a chance to learn about the
forestry profession and the SFI program in a
region of the state where there is not a lot of
exposure to forestry – and also gave them a
chance to earn a Forestry Merit badge. Members
of the Georgia SFI Implementation Committee
were among the volunteers who guided each
group through nine educational stations focusing
on topics such as watersheds, urban forestry,
forestry products, careers and tree identification.

                                                                 23,000 SEEDLINGS PLANTED IN WISCONSIN
                                                         WITH THE HELP OF AN SFI COMMUNITY                        Annual monitoring of the trees will involve
                                                         GRANT, the Hardwood Forestry Fund began the          youth who will learn about tree identification
                                                         process of turning an old soybean field in Devil’s   and handle the tally sheets. As the trees — which
                                                         Lake State Park into a forest by planting 23,000     were four to 18 inches high this summer,
                                                         hardwood seedlings. The SFI conservation grant       depending on the species — grow, they will
                                                         project will maintain the ecological and eco-        create habitat for plants and animals needing
                                                         nomic success of the forest and respond to forest    deep forest conditions to survive, as well as pro-
                                                         fragmentation.                                       viding forest products for economic benefits.
                                                             Forester Paul L. Kloppenburg of the                  In addition to the Hardwood Forestry Fund
                                                         Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources            and state Division of Forestry, project partners
                                                         (WDNR) Division of Forestry in Sauk County,          include the WDNR Bureau of Parks &
                                                         one of the project partners, says a study this       Recreation; WDNR State Nurseries Program;
                                                         summer found the overall survival of the red         Sauk County Conservation, Planning & Zoning
                                                         oak, white oak, black walnut and black cherry        Department, and Youth Environmental Projects
                                                         seedlings at more than 95 percent.                   of Sauk County.

                                                                         PAGE FIVE
THE AMERICAN CHESTNUT FOUNDATION                                are to eventually restore the American chestnut            SFI program participants MeadWestvaco and
(TACF) has released an easy-to-read best man-                   to its former range,” TACF President and CEO               Georgia Pacific. Quality Deer Management
agement practices manual at                        Bryan J. Burhans says. “The manual provides                Association and the Pennsylvania Department
resources.php so landowners can help restore                    advice so landowners can work with us, and                 of Conservation and Natural Resources also
American chestnut trees.                                        the SFI grant also lets us create a web-based              helped with the manual production.
    The manual outlines best practices for                      database so volunteers and partners can track                  The American chestnut once produced high-
planting and raising chestnut trees, including                  their progress.”                                           value wood products, such as furniture and rail
site preparation, fertilization, deer and pest                      The manual is part of a project funded                 ties, and was a valuable food source in the
management, identifying and treating diseases,                  through the SFI grant program, which led to                Appalachian hardwood forest ecosystem for a
and more. The goal of the guide is to help                      the first plantings of some of the most                    wide variety of wildlife from bears to birds. An
planters of all types significantly improve the                 advanced blight-resistant American chestnuts               estimated four billion trees were lost to an exotic,
success rate of their chestnut plantings.                       in the southeastern United States. Earlier this            Asian, fungal disease (chestnut blight) during
    “We will need to plant a lot of trees if we                 year, seedlings were planted on lands owned by             the first half of the 20th century.

                     BRIEFS                                               Benefits of Certification as a Trade Tool
Study Highlights Key FSC-PEFC Differences                        CERTIFICATION WAS ONE OF THE                              risk information tool,
A professional paper published in the latest issue of the        TOPICS explored during a lunchtime seminar                created with the help of
Canadian Institute of Forestry’s Forestry Chronicle says         on Forest Products Trade and Sustainability:              an SFI conservation
third-party forest certification has improved forest man-        Global Challenges and Opportunities spon-                 partnership grant. Al Goetzl, an International
agement, accelerated the implementation of sustainable           sored by Resources for the Future.                        Trade Analyst with the U.S. International
forest management, and increased customer and public                 Nadine Block, SFI Senior Director of                  Trade Commission discussed global trade and
awareness of the importance of good forest manage-
                                                                 Government Outreach, one of three panelists,              forest products.
ment. It also notes key differences between FSC and
                                                                 offered an overview of certification and                      The 130 people who attended included
PEFC from a North American perspective. The article, by
                                                                 explained how it can be used as a tool to sup-            representatives from government agencies and
Canadian professional forester Tony Rotherham, says
aspects of forest certification that are not beneficial          port due diligence in complying with illegal              non-government organizations. The Nov. 2
include campaigns that use market pressure to promote            logging legislation. Adam Grant, Senior                   event is posted on the Resources for the Future
specific certification programs.                                 Associate of the World Resources Institute,               website at
                                                                 talked about the Forest Legality Alliance’s new           and-Sustainability-of-Forest-Products.aspx.
SFI Featured in Bureau Veritas Webinar
Jason Metnick, SFI Senior Director, Market Access and
Product Labeling, will be take part in a free Bureau Veritas                    New SFI Position Promotes Value
webinar on Dec. 7 about LEED, SFI fiber sourcing and FSC                                of Certification
controlled wood. Information about how to register for the
one-hour session is posted under training programs on the
Bureau Veritas U.S. website. Bureau Veritas North America
                                                                                          BARRY GRADEN LOVES                    “I am honored to be part of the SFI program
uses the webinar format for general information sessions                                  BEING A FORESTER —               because I know how much SFI and its partners have
for customers and others interested in third-party certifica-                             and he loves to tell people      achieved for forests and communities across North
tion. Past webinar presentations are available on the                                     about his work.                  America – and I am confident we can do a lot more,” he
company website at                                               So he’s well suited to the   says. “I have seen first-hand how both markets and
/wcm/connect/BV_USNew/local/home/our-services/man-                                        new position of SFI Director,    customers are becoming more attuned to the drivers
agement_systems_certification/training_programs/webi-                                     Southeast United States          and trends supporting sustainable forest management.
                                                                                          Community Outreach, where        As a result, there is a need for more certified forests,
                                                                                          he will build on both his        and SFI with its science-based, consensus-based
HABITAT BUILD ATTRACTS                                          passion and SFI community activities to promote and        program is in a strong position.”
   MEDIA ATTENTION                                              strengthen forest certification throughout the United           Graden says he looks forward to supporting the
                                                                States, with emphasis on the south.                        work of SFI Implementation Committees, forestry asso-
Media reports highlighted the Build Day in Lauderdale, MS, in       A registered forester in South Carolina, Graden        ciations and family forest owners, as well as working
November for a Habitat project involving The Campbell Group,
                                                                joined SFI Inc. from AbitibiBowater Inc. where he          with customers who want to support forest certification.
the state SFI Implementation Committee, and other members
                                                                worked for the past 31 years, most recently as             He welcomes the opportunity to spread the word that
of the Mississippi forest industry. The coverage included a
news report on WTOK in Meridian (             Manager, Sustainable Forestry. He has been                 foresters — and the SFI program — understand and
/?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6471222).         involved with SFI since its inception, and was             support responsible forest management.
Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity received an SFI          responsible for making sure his company opera-                  Graden’s office is in Greenville, SC, and he can be
community grant for part of the cost of the home and to         tions met the principles of sustainability that            reached by email at or
certify it to the National Green Building Standard.             became the nucleus of the SFI Standard.                    864-451-7958.
                                                                                     PAGE SIX
 HABITAT HOME IN NEW                                                              SFI IMPLEMENTATION COMMITTEES
                                                                       ALABAMA PILOT                                       Mississippi Committee
The AV Group, an SFI-certified company in New Brunswick,
coordinated a Habitat for Humanity build for SFI program                 RESULTS IN                                          Backs Children’s
participants in Fredericton last month. The two-family home            CERTIFIED LANDS                                        Museum Exhibit
is the first in New Brunswick to be certified to the Built Green
Canada green rating program. The SFI Implementation
                                                                     Close to 800,000 acres/324,000 hectares of           Arnulfo Zendejas, Chair of the Mississippi SFI
Committee donated $4,000 and three of its members, J.D.
                                                                     privately owned Alabama forestlands have been        Implementation Committee, coaches children
Irving Ltd., Huber Engineered Woods LLC and Louisiana
Pacific also donated products.To date, SFI and its participants      certified through an innovative pilot where forest   on equipment operation at a working forest
have been involved in 10 Habitat for Humanity projects.              owners who are part of the state’s “Treasure         exhibit at the Mississippi Children’s Museum in
                                                                     Forest” program are eligible now for certification   Jackson, MS, which was designed and funded by
                                                                     to the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).             committee members and others in the
                                                                          The pilot, involving the Alabama Forestry       Mississippi forest resources community. There
                                                                     Commission, The Alabama Forestry Association,        have been more than 230,000 visitors since the
                                                                     Alabama SFI Implementation Committee and             museum opened in December 2010.
                                                                     ATFS, involves 1,313 different forest properties.
                                                                     The SFI Implementation Committee paid for a risk
                                                                     assessment by PriceWaterhousecoopers that
                                                                     showed forest management practices required
                                                                     by Alabama’s Treasure Forest program met Tree
                                                                     Farm’s strict standards.
                                                                          “We invested in this project because we
                                                                     wanted to have a larger basket of certified wood
                                                                     for our customers, and to make people more
                                                                     aware of the value of certification,” says Sam
                                                                     Hopkins of the Westervelt Company, who chairs
                                                                     the SFI Implementation Committee. “With
                                                                     demand for certified wood increasing, this helps
The National Housing Endowment has announced 10 of the               us maintain desirable markets.”
25 Habitat for Humanity homes that will be certified to the               The SFI program recognizes fiber from any
ANSI/ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard                   standard operating in North America endorsed
thanks to an SFI community grant.                                    by PEFC, which means fiber from forests certi-
     The NAHB Research Center will receive funds through             fied to ATFS and the Canadian Standards
the National Housing Endowment to certify 25 Habitat for             Association can be counted as certified content
Humanity homes in Bettendorf, IA; Bay Saint Louis, MS;               for SFI label use.
Wilmington, DE; Pittsboro, NC; Lexington, KY; Traverse City,
MI; Greensboro, NC; Smyrna, GA; Moscow, ID; and New
London, CT.
     Michael Luzier, President and CEO of the NAHB Research
Center, says the SFI support means his organization can            Check Out SFI Calendars
expand efforts to make green certification accessible for
                                                                   IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A HOLIDAY
homes in all price ranges “That’s why our certification is
                                                                   GIFT, you might want to order an SFI
more affordable and not as time consuming as other
                                                                   15-month calendar, featuring stunning
 national certifications while delivering the same third-party
                                                                   photos contributed by SFI program partici-
credibility and rigor.”
                                                                   pants and our partners.
     “Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic
way to help communities across North America, and with                 The calendars can be ordered through the
the support of the NAHB Research Center we’re able to              SFI website (
make sure more Habitat homes are built with SFI-certified          tion/promote-order-form.php#bumper-
products,” says Danny Karch, SFI National Director, Green          stickers). The first 10 are free for SFI program
Building. “The National Green Building Standard recognizes         participants and certificate holders, and any
wood from all credible third-party forest certification            additional ones cost $5 US each. Thanks to
standards, including SFI, making it easier for builders to         Verso Paper for supporting the production of
build with North American wood.”                                   the calendars.

                                                                                    PAGE SEVEN
 SFI INC. CONTACTS:                                                    NEW SFI CERTIFICATIONS (EFFECTIVE NOV. 30, 2011)
• KATHY ABUSOW,                                                        More than 2,500 individuals and organizations are meeting SFI requirements and/or working with the program to
  202-596-3453 (United States)                                         strengthen forest practices and fiber sourcing. They include forest products companies, industrial and family forest
  613-722-8734 (Canada)                                                owners, conservation groups, universities, public agencies, manufacturers, retailers, printers, resource professionals and
                                                                       many others who share a passion for responsible forest management. You can find lists of all SFI program participants
  President & CEO                                                      and certifications on the SFI website under resources.
                                                                       NEW SFI CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATIONS
• JENNIFER FARANT, 613-722-8734
                                                                       3M Company, Alexander Lumber Company, Atlas Trading International, Bennett Packaging of Kansas City Inc., Canadian Wood
  Executive Assistant to Kathy Abusow                                  Products - Montréal Inc., CartonCraft Inc., Cascades Canada ULC Div. Cascades Boxboard Group – Mississauga, Craftmaster                                       Printers Inc., Everett Graphics, Georgia Biomass, Gorham Paper and Tissue LLC, Hasbro Global Operations - East Longmeadow,
                                                                       Imprimerie Lebonfon Inc., J R Cole Industries - Carton Division, Kaweah Container, Pioneer Packaging Inc., South Coast Paper,
• RICK CANTRELL, 864-653-7224                                          UPM Raflatac, Walker360, Washburn Graphics Inc, dba Cadmus, Western Web Envelope
  Vice President & COO                                          NEW SFI PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS
                                                                        Carrier Lumber, Coulson Group of Companies, Coulson Forest Products, Joe N. Miles & Sons Inc, Mackenzie Fibre
• KAREN BRANDT,                                                         Management Corporation
  +46 070 289 1012 (Europe)
                                                                        NEW SFI CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATES
  Vice President, Market Affairs                                        (INCLUDES SFI REQUIREMENTS: SECTION 2 – SFI 2010-2014 STANDARD, OBJECTIVES 8-20, AND SFI                                           REQUIREMENTS: SECTION 4 – RULES FOR USE OF SFI ON-PRODUCT LABELS)

• JASON METNICK, 602-374-6539                                           Coastal Container Corporation, DanHil Containers II Ltd., Northern Sheets LLC, PhilCorr LLC, South Coast Paper,
                                                                        Tolleson Lumber, Trebio Inc.
  Senior Director, Market Access
  and Label Use                                                         NEW SFI FOREST MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATIONS                                          Mackenzie Fibre Management Corporation, Coulson Group of Companies, Coulson Forest Products, Greenmantle Forest Inc.

• NADINE BLOCK, 202-596-3456
  Senior Director, Government Outreach                                 CURRENT PROGRAM STATISTICS (AS OF NOV. 30, 2011)
                                                                       SFI PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS:                                                                                          242
• BARRY GRADEN 864-451-7958                                            AREA THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED TO THE SFI 2005-2009
  Director, Southeast U.S. Community Outreach                          STANDARD OR SFI 2010-2014 STANDARD:                                     195 MILLION ACRES/79 MILLION HECTARES                                          CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATES:                                                                                   1,021
                                                                       CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFIED LOCATIONS (A company with multiple facilities, such as a
• ALLISON WELDE, 202-596-3452                                          paper merchant or printer, has the option of including more than one facility under its certificate.):           2,524
  Director, Conservation Partnerships                                  CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATES ISSUED TO PRIMARY PRODUCERS CERTIFIED TO                                         SECTION 2 - SFI 2010-2014 FIBER SOURCING OBJECTIVES 8-20:                                                           97
                                                                       CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATES ISSUED TO SECONDARY PRODUCERS CERTIFIED TO
• PAULA WARDLE, 778-433-2144                                           SECTION 4 - SFI CERTIFIED SOURCING LABEL USE REQUIREMENTS:                                                         117
  Acting Director, Marketing                                           PEFC ANNEX 4 (U.S.) CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATIONS:                                                               363

• DANNY KARCH, 514-629-7405                                                                      SFI BROCHURE FOCUSES ON CANADA
  National Director, Green Building                                   The SFI program has produced a new brochure illustrating the benefits SFI certification offers to forest managers, communities
                                                               and consumers in Canada. Supporting Responsible Forestry with SFI points out that almost three quarters of the certified lands
• AMY DOTY, 202-596-3458                                       in Canada are eligible to use the SFI on-product label.
  Manager, Community Outreach                                      This complements a publication produced earlier this year that shows how the SFI program supports governments at all                                      levels in the United States. Both publications are posted on the resources section of the SFI website (
• JULIA HERSHBERGER, 202-596-3450
  Office Manager
                                                                                SFI Inc. ( is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and is solely
• RACHEL DIEROLF, 613-274-0124                                                  responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry
                                                                                Initiative (SFI) program. Across North America, about 195 million acres/79 million hectares are certified to the
                                                               ABOUT SFI INC.

  Secretary, PEFC US Governing Body
  Manager, Statistics and Labeling                                              SFI forest management standard, making it the largest single forest standard in the world. SFI chain-                                                 of-custody certification tells buyers the percentage of fiber from certified forests, certified sourcing and/or
The SFI program is endorsed by the                                              post-consumer recycled content. The SFI program’s unique fiber sourcing requirements promote responsible
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest                                         forest management on all suppliers’ lands. SFI Inc. is governed by a three-chamber board of directors
Certification schemes (PEFC), an international                                  representing environmental, social and economic sectors equally.
umbrella organization recognizing rigorous
forest certification programs. PEFC and its      PEFC/29-1-1
endorsed standards are accepted by govern-                                      Search for SFI-certified products on the SFI Certification Database at
ments around the world.

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