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Cooperative Work Experience Education


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									College of the Canyons
 Cooperative Work Experience Education
                         An Award-Winning Program

                         Internships Help Students & Employers
                         Achieve Their Goals
How Long Has Cooperative Work
Experience Education Existed?

   In 2006 the Cooperative Work Experience
    Education movement in the United States
    reached its 100th anniversary

   Founded by Herman Schneider, Dean of
    Engineering, at the University of Cincinnati

   Goals:
        Bridge the gap between college &
         industry to prepare young engineers for
         practical work after graduation
        Gain formally recognized practical
         training as part of their education
What Does The Research Show?

NACE 2004 Experiential Education Survey
   Nearly 58% of students who served internships were
    offered full-time employment with their internship
   Nearly half of the employers said they
    offer higher starting salaries to
    graduates with internship/co-op
   53% of college hires listed internship
    experience on their resumes
Additional Research

The Benefits of Workplace Experiences 4/05
   Interns & CWEE students:
    Find jobs faster & earn more money than their classmates
      because they have experience
    Recommends the integration of
     work-based learning throughout the
   College of the Canyons:
    Integrating internship throughout CTE curriculum
    CWEE internships are required or recommended in 25
Why Integrate WBL/Internships
Throughout The Curriculum?

   CCTE Model Curriculum Standards (AB1412):
    “Education must prepare all students for careers”

   Economic Development is a mission of Ca. CCs
    “Strengthen the relationship between school & work by
    reducing the gap between academics & vocation”

   2001 BOG implemented “Ladders of Opportunity”
        Goal is to combine classroom instruction, career
         development & workplace training

   New Perkins IV (VTEA) performance standard:
        Placement or retention in employment
Statewide Assessment of CTE
February 07 by West Ed

   College, Student & Employer Needs:
       Difficulty in staying informed about
        workplace needs
       Difficulty in recruiting industry partners
       Lack of paid workplace opportunities
       Students lack of appropriate workplace
        attitudes & habits
       Students need to learn in the context of
        doing something real

   Internship development & placement can
    help address those needs
Our Internship Website
Brings Students & Employers Together

   Employers can easily submit internships online @
   660 employers posted internships since April 2002
   768 students completed internships
   Internships available in 59 majors/disciplines
   106+ paid internships currently available
   Students can search for internships & apply online
   Company names are not usually viewable by students
   Screened applications are sent to the employer
   Employer schedules interviews & notifies CWEE of selection to ensure
    student enrolls & receives college credit
CWEE Website

   Employer information including FLSA guidelines
       Register & submit an internship
   Student internship information
       Search function, online application, & “Perfect Interview”
   Website Downloads:
       Student Handbook
       How to Write Workplace Objectives
       Tips for Internship Success
       Interview Dos & Don’ts
   Institutional R & D conducts electronic Employer &
    SLO Surveys & publishes an annual report
Why Do Employers Want Interns?
(2,881 Internships Posted Since 4/02)

   Highly Motivated College Interns:
       Provide outstanding assistance to overloaded employees
       Contribute to business success by increasing productivity
       Introduce innovative, fresh ideas and talent

   Effective recruitment
    & screening method

   “An opportunity to help educate
    and train our future workforce”
Is Work Experience Relevant
To Student Goals?

Student Goals - AACC National Survey of 200,000:
 To be self-reliant

   To have a steady and secure job
   To make a lot of money
   To meet new and interesting
   CWEE & Internships help
    students achieve their goals!
How Do Students Benefit
Through The Integration Of Internships?

Internships provide students with:
     Relevance (connection between school & jobs)
     A seamless transition from school to career
     On-the-job applied education
     Training using current technologies
     Linkages to career pathways
     Opportunities to acquire job skills & create an
      employment history
Internships May Also Improve
Educational Completion Rates

   College of the Canyons Graduate
    Exit Survey – “Barriers to Completing Education
    in a Timely Fashion”
       Deciding Educational Goals (23%)
       Choosing a Career (16%)

   “It is difficult for young people to make sound
    career-life choices without testing them in the
    real world of practical experience…” Daniel Yankelovich

   “…sequencing education first & work later forces young people
    to make fateful choices before they are equipped to do so, or
    worse, to postpone them until it is too late” Daniel Yankelovich

   Internships help students make educational & career choices
What Do Students Want?

According to The Silent Epidemic – Perspectives of
High School Dropouts, March 2006:
     “Make school more relevant & engaging”
     “Enhance connection between school & work”
     81% said they want more
      opportunities for real-world learning
      (internships, service learning, etc.)
     Students need to see the connection
      between school & getting a good job
How Did COC Create 2,881 Internships
Since April 2002?

   “Grow Your Business w/College Interns” brochure
   Launched internship website with a press release
   “Increase Productivity w/College Interns” brochure
   “Help Wanted?” flyer
   Targeted employers using:
       Industry Guide
       Valley Industrial Association
       Chamber of Commerce
       HR Managers
       Adjunct faculty
Marketing Internships/CWEE to Students
(106+ Paid Internship Available Fall 08)

   Emails to students, faculty & entire campus

   Emails provide internship descriptions & links

   Student email addresses sorted by major
   Online application to COC
       Interested in internships?
       7,287 from May 05 – July 08

   Hard copy application to COC
       Hours I expect to work
Marketing To Students

   “Where Will You Find a Job?” brochure
   Flyers & Posters:
        “Research Shows” flyers
        “Learn More; Earn More” flyers & posters
             Download at www.calworkplace.org

   Banner in A & R/Counseling building
   10 minute testimonial video
   Presentations:
    Board of Trustees, Divisions,
    Departments, Counseling, MAC,
    Classes etc.
   Internship bullets & URL on faculty syllabi & dept. websites
Sources Of Funding

   District 2000/2001
       Initially funded Director position &
        one PT staff
   Partnership for Excellence 2000/2001
      $35,000: part-time staff & marketing
   School-to-Career 2001/2002
      $40,000: website development & marketing
   Tech Prep 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06
      $7,550 per year: internship development/placement PT staff
   District 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06
      $42,168 per year: part-time staff, supplies, printing, mileage etc.
        (does not include Director’s compensation)
   District 2007-2008
      $55,398
How Can You Help Students & Employers
Achieve Their Goals?

   Advocate for new Perkins IV & SB70 funding to
    develop internship programs
   Integrate WBL throughout the curriculum
   Promote internship development / placement
   Publicize your internship success stories
   Share your internship marketing materials
   Replicate & improve model programs
Questions, Comments,

Thank You!

     Stan Wright, College of the Canyons
     661-362-3889, stan.wright@canyons.edu

     Antonio Diaz, Artificestudios

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