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									                              P.B.Y.Nayomi Dayarathne
                      Address: 85D/1,St.Jude Lane,Dalugama,Kelaniya.
                                 TP: 0772786589 (Mobile)

Career Goals

To hold a challenging position in the field of IT and Management in utilizing my academic to
enhance my skills. Willingness to accept every level of responsibility, quick learner, self
motivation, team player and the ability to build and lead a team.

Academic Qualifications

Higher Education

2007-2010      BSc in Management and Information Technology
               University of Kelaniya

2011-2012 Reading for the Masters of science in Computer Science
          University of Peradeniya

Secondary Education

2006           General Certificate of Advance Level (A/L) Examination

               Subjects include:
                       Biology      –B            Physics         –C
                       Chemistry    –C

2001           General Certificate of Ordinary Level (O/L) Examination

               Grades 5 A, 3 B and 1 Cs

        Second year group project
               Made a web based application to handle information of a school system.Used
        Final year project
               Made an information handling system of MSc.MIT degree programe.
                 -This is a web based system that has been made using C#.Net and ASP.Net

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Familiar software languages and tools
         Java,c++,,HTML,C#.Net,
         Photoshop,flash
         MS office
         SQL server

Skills and Strengths

        Strong knowledge about java and oop concepts.
        An effective communicator with good presentation skills
        Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
        Willingness to work with the teams and motivate the team to achieve excellence
        Proven leadership skills and organizing skills with self motivation
        Ability to work in positive attitude in any type of environment
        Target oriented, dynamic and dedicated working pattern
        Enthusiastic to face new challenges and create innovative solutions to those challenges
        Excellent knowledge in Information Technology


2009              Amsafe Bridport Lanka
                  Internship trainee

          Tasks carried out:
                       Engaged in KAIZEN project.
                       Engaged in ISO 14001 project.
                       Maintain the KAIZEN database and further developments of the
                        database application using

2010 – 2011 november Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya.
       Tasks carried out:
           Conducting IT Practicle classes.
           Facilitating PPD(Personality progress development)Lectures.
           Coordinating visiting lectures.

Extra Curricular Activities

    Committee Member 2002/2003:
           Science Society

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            Health care society

    Actively participated in Industrial Management Science Student Association (Student
      body of BSc in Management and IT) as a member in 2007-2008.

   Secretary of the village youth club.

Personal Details

Age            : 26 years (20th Nov. 1985)
Marital Status : Single
Gender         : Female


Dr.Mrs.Annista Wijayanayake                       Dr.Chamli Pushpakumara
Senior Lecturer                                   Head
Department of Industrial Management               Department of Industrial Management
University of Kelaniya                            University of Kelaniya
Sri Lnka.                                         Sri Lanka.

T.P.0112903282 ext.103                             T.P. 011 290 3282 ext: 105

Nayomi Dayarathne
Date: 13/08/2012

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