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									Are You Covered? A Guide to Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage
By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Do you know your health insurance coverage? Better yet, do
you actually understand your coverage? If you're thinking "no"
or "I don't know," you are not alone. The terms of your plan
coverage, or "legalese", on any contact or agreement can
appear to be a foreign language. Angel MedFlight Claims
department and Legal team are in the business of dealing with
insurance companies to ensure we can get you covered for
your flight.

Let's break down the walls of misunderstanding and have the
Claims department give you the details.

Plain speak, or plain language laws, have recently been enacted to clear up the misunderstanding of
legal terminology. This law will mandate that all terms of agreements, contractual information, or fine
print, will be written on a consumer level. This law assists patients in the comprehension of their
coverage, but does not guarantee the claims process will be any easier.

Our claims process is an extremely valuable service for our patients. When insurance companies find
grounds to deny coverage for medical transportation, it is the Claims department that intervenes to
uncover denial details and present validity in your claim.

In some cases, insurance companies have attempted to deny necessary air ambulance transportation.
Robert VanPelt is the Senior Claims Specialist and the Director of Safety and Asset Management at Angel
MedFlight. VanPelt has been in the Claims department for nearly 2 years and has experienced a variety
of scenarios and claim denial attempts by insurance companies.

"We don't transport people because they are bored, we transport people because they need our
services," said VanPelt. "The services we provide are world-class and second to none. " VanPelt adds, "If
a patient's insurance coverage does not cover the cost of the air ambulance, we do not 'balance bill'. We
will not go after a patient for the remainder of the balance. That is what makes Angel MedFlight
different and that is why I am passionate about what I do."

The Angel MedFlight claims process:

    •   Flight Coordinators will contact your insurance company to obtain your eligibility and benefits
        report. Based upon the information in that report, they can determine if a preauthorization is
        required and what services will be covered in what circumstances.
    •   The flight is scheduled and completed.
    •   Once the flight is complete and the records are approved from the flight, the information is sent
        to the Claims department to build a claim file.
    •   The Claims department will send all records of the claim to the insurance company to assist in
        expediting the claim process and maintains validity in each claim filed.
    •   The Claims department will follow up your claim with consistent communication with the
        insurance company until your air ambulance claim is resolved.

Angel MedFlight's Cliams department is the buffer between the patient and the insurance company.
They handle nearly all communication to make sure patients receive all of the coverage they are entitled
to. If a patient's air ambulance claim is valid and denied coverage, the case moves from Claims to Legal -
but that's a blog for another day.

Our patients know our commitment to getting them the treatment they require in their time of need.

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