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									Strathroy Migraine Headache Sufferers Get Fast Relief Through

Strathroy, Ontario, 17-JAN-2013 - Dr. Ron Wagner, DC and Dr. Maria
Giannotti, DC offer individuals suffering from migraine headaches the
safe and natural solutions that alleviate the pain effectively. The
Strathroy chiropractor creates individualized programs designed to
address the immediate pain and provides the education, training and
support that empowers patients to achieve greater health and wellness.

When interviewed recently, the doctors shared their commitment to
providing fast and effective care to patients. "Migraine headache pain
can be debilitating and many people who suffer from this pain are unable
to focus or participate in daily activities when they are suffering. For
many of these individuals, it is necessary to lie down in a dark room
until the pain passes and medications often leave them unable to
function. There are often many triggers for this type of pain and it is
important that all of the factors causing the pain be addressed in order
to alleviate the headaches long-term. This is why I am committed to
working closely with patients and providing the tools, care and education
that will give them the ability to enjoy life and address triggers before
they experience headache pain."

During the initial consultation, the individual will be asked about the
history of their headache pain as well as the medications they may be
taking. The doctor will also ask for details about the triggers for the
pain, diet, exercise and lifestyle of the individuals. When stress and
tension are triggers for pain, the doctor will discuss the types and
level of stress that the individual encounters on a regular basis.

A physical examination and x-rays will be taken to identify any
misalignment in the spine which may be restricting circulation through
the spinal column, pinching nerves and/or causing issues in the
extremities of the body. Following an evaluation of the information, the
doctor creates a comprehensive program that includes gentle, low-force
spinal adjustment to realign the spine and relieve pressure from nerves.

Dietary recommendations are made to reduce the intake of foods known to
contribute to headache pain. The doctor also provides training and
exercises designed to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve the
body's ability to heal effectively. Other therapies, such as massage and
hot/cold therapy, are used to reduce swelling and stimulate circulation
and healing to the tissues and cells.

To get more information about how the Strathroy chiropractor team of Dr.
Ron Wagner, DC and Dr. Maria Giannotti, DC address migraine headache
pain, visit today. Individuals and
members of the press interested in getting more details about this press
release will find contact information below.

Dr. Ron Wagner, DC and Dr. Maria Giannotti, DC

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