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					Oxford Mental Health Forum
Issue no. 1: November 2012
Welcome to the first issue of the Oxford Mental Health
Forum (OMHF) quarterly newsletter. It has been almost a        1. Welcome message
                                                               2. Highlights
year since the Oxford Mental Health Forum website
                                                               3. Current projects
( published; thank you to everyone        4. Future aims
who has given their support, feedback, and contributed to      5. In the news…
the site.                                                      6. Contact information

The idea for Oxford Mental Health Forum came about as a
result of my own experiences of suffering from a mental illness and from having
previously used mental health services. Please visit the about section of the website
for further information about the background to OMHF, including its objectives.

This newsletter provides an update on some of the highlights that have occurred
since publication, current projects taking place, information on future plans for
development, and details of some of the key developments in the news. If you have
any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see in future editions of the
newsletter, or have any feedback, please get in touch.

Founder of Oxford Mental Health Forum

        Over 2,600 unique visitors and 3,300 visits to the website since
        publication, an average of 9 visits a day; increased to an average of 12
        visits a day for September and 13 visits a day for October.

        A range of contributions from individuals and local groups/organisations,
        including Oxfordshire Mind, The Student Mental Health Network, Rethink
        Carers Service, Spread the Word, and Tandem.

        Top resource: Mental Health Statistics: Test Your Knowledge (750 visits),
        promoted/circulated by Oxford Health NHS FT, Mental Health Research
        UK and via Twitter by Paul Jenkins, Rethink Mental Illness CEO, and Paul
        Burstow (former Department of Health Care Minister), amongst others.

        Most popular blog post: “Why do antidepressants take so long to work?”
        by Science writer and editor, Jonathan Crowe.

        Most popular article: Thames Valley Police: Policing Mental Illness by
        Thames Valley Police force mental health lead, Chief Inspector Jan Penny.

Current proje
Current projects
    Joint research with Oxford Health NHS FT into views on involvement in local
       mental health NHS services; see the research section of the website for
       further details.

Future aims
    To continue to work together with local mental health groups and
       organisations to help raise the profile of support that is available for those
       affected by mental illness and to encourage service user involvement in the
       development of services and research relevant to mental health;
    To increase the number of contributions by those who have had direct
       experience of mental illness and to continue to look into and assess ways of
       increasing involvement;
    To acquire funding/sponsorship to cover the web hosting costs, currently
    To gain help in developing and raising awareness about the site, to increase
       the number of visits, to keep the site as up-to-date as possible, and secure
       longevity with the hope of being able to transfer overall management of the
       website from an individual level to organisation/group level.

Elsewhere in the news (Key developments)
     The Mental Health Discrimination Bill passed its 2nd reading in the House of
     Petition launched by Rethink Mental Illness to reinstate the Care Quality
      Commission mental health inpatient survey, which was withdrawn:
     Ground-breaking research into antidepressants by the Institute of Psychiatry,
      King’s College London:
     The Department of Health has launched its new cross-government suicide
      prevention strategy:

Contact information
Oxford Mental Health Forum relies on contributions from others. Please help to
support OMHF: Share your knowledge, ideas, views, and opportunities for
involvement. Please also get in touch if you can help with any of OMHF’s future aims
outlined above.

       Email:             Follow on Twitter: @Oxfordmhf

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