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GDC gazette

Few of us are offered the opportunity to       information to get you started is on
extend our lives as we wish, but that was      page 11.
the privilege of your Council at its meeting
in Cardiff in September – subject, that is,    Another important issue affecting all
to Privy Council approval.                     members of the dental team is the
                                               registration of dental nurses and dental
Knowing that new legislation was               technicians. After 30 July 2008, dental
pending, members voted to seek                 nurses and technicians who continue to
permission to extend their terms of office     work without being registered will face
until the draft Section 60 Order –             criminal charges. The consequences are
amending the Dentists Act 1984 – is            just as serious for dentists too – if you
published, hopefully in 2008. This will        employ an unregistered dental nurse or
approve proposals for a new-look, smaller,     commission work from an unregistered
fully appointed Council with an increased      dental technician after the deadline, you
lay membership.                                will face fitness to practise proceedings
                                               and possible erasure from the register. So
These proposals, you may remember,             please, if you are a dental nurse or
follow publication of the Government’s         technician, register now. For all dentists
White Paper Trust, assurance and safety:       reading this, please encourage your
the regulation of health professionals, and    colleagues to register as soon as possible.
                                                                                               Hew Mathewson, GDC President
they promise the GDC a strengthened role       Further information on registration is
in protecting patients and regulating the      available on pages 4 and 12 – 15.
dental team.
                                               Finally, our meeting in Cardiff in
We have now completed our first audit of       September again highlighted for me how,
dentists’ continuing professional              although we are routinely (and perhaps
development (CPD). As expected, all of         glibly) described as the UK dental
the dentists who submitted their CPD           regulator, we operate within four separate
records for audit had completed the 75         political administrations. Each has different
hours of verifiable CPD they need to do        dental healthcare systems, and perhaps
as a minimum. The vast majority in fact        different needs and expectations when it
provided evidence exceeding this amount.       comes to how dental professionals are
The audit also revealed some examples of       regulated. Sensitively taking these needs
excellent practice. You can read more          and expectations into account is crucial if
about this on page 10.                         we are to continue as an effective and
                                               efficient pan-UK regulator, and this is
Doing CPD means that dental                    becoming a priority. Having successfully
professionals are keeping their skills and     held the Council meeting in Edinburgh in
knowledge updated. On 1 August 2008,           September 2006, and with our Cardiff
we introduce compulsory CPD                    meeting this year, we now look forward to
requirements to all dental care                visiting Belfast in September 2008.
professionals too. Patients can now
expect the whole dental team to maintain       Wishing you all a happy end to the year.
their knowledge and skills in relevant
areas. So, if you are a dental care
professional, why not think about starting
to record your CPD now so that you are         Hew Mathewson
in the habit by next summer? More              President of the GDC                                                                               page 3   winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                            GDC gazette

FROM THE                                                                                     CONTENTS
EDITOR                                                                                       Is your team registered yet?           4

                                                                         page 5              ARF payment goes online                5
Welcome to another packed edition of the Gazette, the last one of        ARF payment
2007 and my first as Editor. A lot has happened over the past few        goes online
                                                                                             Tooth whitening                        6
months, and I hope you find this issue a useful and informative
update on the latest GDC developments.
                                                                                             New appointments                       7

This edition also looks ahead to 2008 and the changes that will
                                                                         page 8
                                                                                             Dental Complaints Service Update       8
affect all dental professionals. With just over seven months to go
until compulsory registration for dental nurses and dental
                                                                                             Your questions answered                9
technicians, we are urging all those who have not already done so
to register now. Likewise, we are asking dentists to encourage
                                                                                             CPD news                            10-11
colleagues and staff to register before the legal cut-off date in July
2008. You can do this by displaying the tear-off leaflet on the front
                                                                                             Dental care professionals
of the Gazette to remind colleagues of the registration deadline, or
sending unregistered dental nurses and dental technicians one of
the postcards on the back.                                                                       Registration: don’t risk
                                                                                                 illegal practice                  12

We had a fantastic response to our Registration Surgery for dental
                                                                         pages 10-11             Simplified health checks          12
care professionals (DCPs) at this year’s BDTA Dental Showcase.           CPD news
GDC staff members were on hand to check completed
registration application forms and offer advice. Further information                             Registration: know the facts      13
on future events we will be attending with a registration advice
service is available on the back cover.                                                          Qualification or experience?      13

Please pass your copy of the Gazette on to colleagues who may                                    Registration options for
                                                                                                 overseas DCPs                     14
not have their own, particularly any unregistered DCPs. If you’d
like us to add somebody to our mailing list, so they receive their
own regular copy, please let me know – all DCPs will receive their                               Your questions answered           14
own copy automatically once registered.
                                                                         pages 12-15             Are you soon to be qualified?     15
                                                                         DCP registration
I would also like to encourage readers’ views on the content,
design and format of the Gazette. As the new Editor, I am keen to                            GDC at Dental Showcase                16
hear from you and would welcome your questions for the next
issue. Please get in touch with your suggestions and comments –                              Providing treatment plans             16
you can email me at or call me on 020 7009
2746.                                                                                        Latest developments in dental
                                                                                             education                             17

Jodie Ward, Editor                                                                           Illegal practice                      18

                                                                         page 16
                                                                         GDC at Dental       Conduct cases reviewed              19-23
                                                                                             Diary of events                       24
winter 2007- 2008              page 4                                                              

GDC gazette

With just over seven months to go before
the legal cut-off date, we are urging
dentists to make sure the dental nurses
and dental technicians they work with are
registered in time.

After 30 July 2008, dental nurses and
dental technicians will face criminal
charges if they use those titles without
GDC registration.

But there are serious consequences for
registrants too - if you employ
unregistered dental nurses or dental
technicians after 30 July 2008, you may
face fitness to practise proceedings and
possible erasure from the register.

The application fee will go up to £96 from
1 January 2008. Dental nurses and dental
technicians who get their applications to       the legal requirement to register. And why
us before the end of this year will be able     not write to the dental technicians you
to take advantage of the current fee of         commission work from to ask if they’ve
£72. (Remember, once registered, there’s        registered yet, and to encourage them to do    For more information and/or
nothing more to pay until the first annual      so now if they haven’t already? You’ll find    application forms, please visit our
retention fee is due, in July 2009.)            two postcards on the back of the Gazette       website or contact our Registration
                                                to send to dental nurses or technicians to     Team on 0845 222 4141 or
There’s more information about                  remind them of the registration deadline.
registration on pages 12 to 15. Please          Or, visit our website for a template letter
pass this on to any dental nurses you           which you can download and tailor to fit
work with to make sure they’re aware of         your needs.

                                                                               Please cut out and give to your nurses and/or technicians

Getting it right first time
Would you be surprised to know that about       ■ Identity;                                   Submit your application before Christmas
40 per cent of GDC registration application                                                   and take advantage of the lower 2007 fee
                                                ■ Qualification (if applicable); and
forms from dental nurses and dental                                                           (£72), which covers you until July 2009.
technicians are either missing information or   ■ Change of name (if different to that on
not completed correctly? This can mean a          your qualification certificate).
delay to getting registered.                    And don’t forget to complete the health        If you need advice on registration,
                                                declaration.                                   please call 0845 222 4141 or email
When completing your application, please
remember to provide proof of your:                                                                                                              page 5   winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                                          GDC gazette
                                                                                                                                                          in brief

  ARF                                                                                                                      NEWS AT YOUR
  PAYMENT                                                                                                                  FINGERTIPS

  GOES                                                                                                                     Why wait for the next issue of the
                                                                                                                           Gazette to hear the latest GDC
                                                                                                                           news? Sign up to receive GDC

  ONLINE                                                                                                                   news alerts and we will send an
                                                                                                                           email straight to your inbox to let
There are now only a few weeks left before                     many people looking for dental specialists.                 you know when we’ve added new
the annual retention fee (ARF) is due on                       There is also now an application fee for                    information to our website on your
31 December 2007. To make paying the                           dentists joining these Lists.                               chosen topics. You can choose
ARF as quick and convient as possible, we                                                                                  from a range of options, including
have introduced online credit and debit card                   The ARF for dentists is £438 - an increase of               press releases, monthly
payments. To pay online log onto our                           £18 or 4.3 per cent, in line with inflation. For            newsletters and details of fitness
website and click on the                        dental care professionals (dental hygienists,               to practise hearings.
‘ARF online’ button.                                           dental therapists and clinical dental
                                                               technicians only at the moment) the ARF is
                                                                                                                           To sign up, please visit our website
You can also pay by cheque, banker’s draft                     £96 - an increase of £24 or 33 per cent.
and United Kingdom postal order if you prefer.                                                                             today – – and
These must be made payable to the ‘General                     The GDC is funded by an annual levy on our                  join the many users already
Dental Council’. Please remember to write your                 registrants. These fee increases will help                  receiving regular email updates
name and registration number on the reverse                    ensure we are adequately resourced to not                   from the GDC.
of your cheque, postal order or bank draft.                    only carry out our existing functions,
                                                               including registering many thousands of
A Direct Debit can be set up to pay the ARF                    dental nurses and dental technicians, but
for 2009 onwards by completing a Direct                        also to progress new initiatives aimed at
Debit mandate form. This can be                                strengthening patient protection.
downloaded from our website.                                                                                               TO OUR
                                                               If you have any queries about the ARF,
This year we have introduced an ARF for the                    please visit our website, www.gdc-                          PRESIDENT!
Specialist Lists. This is to cover the costs of      , or contact our Income                               The GDC would like to congratulate
maintaining the Lists and providing both a                     Collection Team on 020 7009 2720 or
                                                                                                                           our President, Hew Mathewson, on
telephone and email enquiry service for the          
                                                                                                                           his invitation to become an
Fees 2008                                                                                                                  Honorary Fellow in Dental Surgery.
                                                                                                                           The Board of the Faculty of Dental
                                               Dentists                                DCPs*
                                                                                                                           Surgery of the Royal College of
  Retention                                    £438                                    £96**                               Surgeons were unanimous in their
  Temporary registration                       £438                                    n/a                                 decision to honour Hew in
  First registration                           £37 per month from the                  £8*** per month from                recognition of his outstanding
                                               first month of entry                    the first month of entry
                                                                                                                           personal contributions over
  Restoration                                  £110                                    £24
                                                                                                                           many years.
  Specialist first registration                £250                                    n/a
  Specialist retention                         £52                                     n/a
                                                                                                                           The distinction was formally

*DCPs include: dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, dental nurses
                                                                                                                           presented at the Diplomates
and orthodontic therapists.                                                                                                Ceremony at the Royal College of
**Dental nurses and dental technicians who are already registered with the GDC do not need to pay an annual
                                                                                                                           Surgeons, London, on Friday 9
retention fee until July 2009, which will be the end of the first year of compulsory registration for these two groups.
***Dental nurses and dental technicians who register for the first time between 1 January 2008 and 30 July                 November.
2008 (the registration deadline) will pay the £96 registration fee which will cover them up to July 2009, when
their first annual retention fee is due.
winter 2007- 2008              page 6                                                              

GDC gazette
tooth whitening

The GDC believes that the practice of          department of any tooth whitening            Our President, Hew Mathewson, has
tooth whitening by non-dental                  complaints received. We already notify the   since given a number of interviews, both
professionals is illegal. We are committed     local Trading Standards department as        print and broadcast, reinforcing the
to protecting the public by investigating      part of our standard response to tooth       GDC’s view that unregistered people
and prosecuting people who are not             whitening complaints.                        should not be offering the treatment.
registered with the GDC and who                                                             These have included sections on BBC
perform, or provide clinical advice about      These conferences were also attended by      News 24 and the Radio 4 programme
tooth whitening.                               representatives of organisations working     ‘You and Yours’.
                                               very closely with the beauty industry, who
Each week we receive an average of ten         are helping to spread the Council’s          We will be looking for further opportunities
reports about unregistered people offering     message on tooth whitening to their own      in the future to work with partner agencies
tooth whitening procedures, and each of        members and other therapists with whom       in publicising our message on tooth
these is investigated. Complaints from         they have regular contact. This included     whitening. Any work undertaken in
members of the public who have been            the Health and Beauty Industry               collaboration with, and directed at, the
adversely affected by tooth whitening are      Association (HABIA), which advises the       beauty industry, is likely to have maximum
given the highest priority, and we gather      industry on standards and health and         benefit in terms of public awareness and,
witness evidence with a view to putting a      safety. They have now adopted and            ultimately, public protection.
case forward for prosecution.                  published our position on tooth whitening.

Raising awareness
It is also vital to raise awareness of the
                                               “   We are committed to
                                               protecting the public by
                                               investigating and prosecuting
issue with the public and those in the                                                      If anyone has any information that
beauty industry and to promote the GDC         people who are not registered                suggests an unregistered person may
position on tooth whitening wherever           with the GDC and who perform,                be undertaking tooth whitening, they
possible. As part of this work, the GDC’s      or provide clinical advice about             should report this matter to us. Call
Head of Fitness to Practise Legal
Services, Ros Bedward, has been
speaking at conferences run by the
                                               tooth whitening.

                                               The GDC speaks out
                                                                  ”                         us on 020 7009 2773 or email

Chartered Institute for Environmental          We have also been working hard to
Health Officers on managing health and         secure coverage in the media on tooth
safety in the beauty industry. These were      whitening to raise public awareness. In
aimed primarily at Health and Safety           September, we worked closely with
Officers who inspect beauty                    Which? magazine on an article on tooth
establishments for compliance with health      whitening (available on our website). The
and safety legislation. This was an area of    investigation discovered that beauty
great concern to Health and Safety             salons are cashing in on the trend for
Officers in terms of the risks posed to        Hollywood-white teeth, and allowing
members of the public. As a result,            unqualified staff to carry out treatments
we have amended our procedures to              that could result in permanent damage if
routinely notify the local Health and Safety   done incorrectly.                                                                                        page 7    winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                 GDC gazette

The GDC has appointed 30 more dental            The new panel members are:                       Dental nurses
professionals to its independent Fitness to     Dentists                                         Margaret Saunderson
Practise Panel. Members of the panel are        Ayée Marie McGrath                               Carol Denning-Kemp
responsible for hearing cases where a           Helen Parkinson
registered dental professional may not be fit   Christopher Hoyle                                Dental technicians
to work because of poor conduct, health or      Nicholas Young                                   Anthony Griffin
professional performance.                       Anita Nolan                                      David Kime
                                                Suzanne Noble                                    Maja Jackson
The new appointments will help meet the         Sally-Anne Atkinson
increasing demand on the panel which now        Robert Tobin                                     Dental therapists
rules on a broader range of hearings,           Harneet Mangat                                   Ruth Lovering
including those about dental professionals’     John Makin                                       Lynne Stuart
performance and appeals against rejected        Catherine Brady
registration applications.                      Jonathan Baber                                   The vacancies were advertised in the dental
                                                Anthony Markham                                  media and applications were sought from
The panel includes lay people as well as        Josephine Hassan                                 all GDC registrant groups. The new
dental professionals and now has 78             Anthony Mellor                                   panellists were selected through an
members in total: 40 dentists, 22 lay people    Philip Johnstone                                 interview process and have successfully
and 16 dental care professionals.               Roland Kitchen                                   completed a training course to enable them
                                                Denise Forshaw                                   to start hearing cases.
GDC President Hew Mathewson said, “We           Satnam Singh Moonga
are delighted to announce the appointment       Jane Fenwick                                     Further information on the new panel
of 30 new Fitness to Practise Panel                                                              members is available on our website.
members. The new panellists will play an        Dental hygienists
important role in safeguarding the public       Pippa Stewart
and upholding standards within the dental       Patricia Macpherson
professions.”                                   Janet Reid

  Chair of Overseas Registration
  Examination Board announced
 Professor Elizabeth Davenport has been          Elizabeth said, “I am delighted to be            C of the IQE) on 10 and 11 September
 appointed as Chair of a new GDC board           given the opportunity to take this               2007, with 291 candidates taking the
 to ensure the successful delivery of the        important examination forward. The format        examination.
 Overseas Registration Examination (ORE).        of the ORE has been carefully considered
 She will now help establish and lead the        and I believe that we are in a good              We have now appointed 27 external
 Overseas Registration Examination Board         position to deliver a robust examination         examiners who will complete their training in
 (OREB), playing a key role in recruiting        which will be of benefit to those wishing to     December 2007. These examiners will help
 members of the Board.                           register with the General Dental Council         run the ORE and ensure that each sitting of
                                                 and the public.”                                 the exam meets with our high standards.
 Professor Davenport was originally
 involved in the review of the International     GDC President Hew Mathewson said, “I am          Two of these examiners will then be
 Qualifying Examination (IQE) and the            delighted that Liz has been appointed to this    recruited to sit on the OREB with
 implementation of the ORE. As Professor         position. She brings expert knowledge of         Professor Davenport, along with a lay and
 of Dental Education and Director of             examination governance and quality               dental educationalist. We are currently
 Quality with the Institute of Dentistry at      assurance which is critical for this role.”      interviewing for these last two positions.
 Barts and The London Queen Mary’s
 School of Medicine and Dentistry, she           The ORE began with the first sitting of          Further information on the ORE and the
 brings over 30 years of dentistry               the Part 1 and Supplementary Paper (for          new Board is available on our website at
 experience to the position.                     candidates transferring from Parts B and
winter 2007- 2008                    page 8                                                               

GDC gazette
complaints service

    Hugh Smith,
    Head of the Dental Complaints Service         helping you put things right...

In line with its slogan, the Dental Complaints    panel meeting – our final attempt to “put        future practice have centred most frequently
Service continues to help patients and            things right” (though a panel may not always     around in-house complaints handling
dental professionals to “put things right” –      be appropriate).                                 procedures (in nine cases), and discussing
helping to resolve an average of 30-plus                                                           treatment plans and costs (five cases).
complaints a week, as fairly, efficiently,        Two particularly positive points to note are
transparently and swiftly as we can.              how few people need to return to us with         Complaints considered at panel meetings have
                                                  their complaint after being referred back to     involved a variety of treatments, and in four
As we said in our first annual report, that is    their practice, and how comparatively few        instances more than one treatment type.
good news for patients, and good news for         complaints resolution panels have met (just      Crowns and bridges have featured most often -
dental professionals, who have been               32 in all), considering that they are our last   ten times; six meetings have involved
overwhelmingly supportive.                        attempt to help resolve a complaint.             complaints about dentures, and four each
                                                                                                   about tooth whitening and fillings. Six
                                                  Although we have helped resolve                  complaints panels were about general practice.

“   We help to resolve an average
of 30-plus complaints a week.
                                                  complaints about other members of the
                                                  dental team, such as dental nurses and
                                                  dental technicians, so far complaints panel
                                                                                                   I am delighted to report that, in each case,
                                                                                                   the recommendations of panels have been
You may remember that the service builds in       meetings have been attended only by              upheld by the dental professional
two attempts to resolve a complaint before        dentists and their patients.                     concerned. Panels may well be the last
offering a panel meeting in a final attempt to                                                     attempt by the Dental Complaints Service
facilitate resolution. First, when we receive a   Confidentiality clearly limits how much we       to help resolve a complaint, but clearly they
complaint, we ask whether the complainant         can report of panel meetings: patients are       work because dental professionals take
has run it through the dental practice’s own      more likely to use the service, and dental       part overwhelmingly positively.
complaints procedure. If he or she has not,       professionals to engage positively, if the
we refer them back to it.                         details of a complaint remain confidential.

Second, if they have, our complaints
                                                  But we can summarise.
                                                                                                   “  Panels work because dental
                                                                                                   professionals take part
advisers are there to attempt to help put
things right. This may on occasion mean
encouraging a patient to understand that
                                                  Of the 32 panels that have met:

                                                  ■ 19 found a complaint to answer – in
                                                                                                   overwhelmingly positively.
they haven’t really got a complaint. We             other words, in the complainant’s
have done this in the past. We close                favour.
three-quarters of complaints within three         ■ On twelve occasions, panellists
working days.                                       recommended that no further action be
                                                    taken in relation to the complaint.             To contact the Dental Complaints
Only the most protracted and contentious of       ■ One panel was adjourned.                        Service:
the 2,250-odd complaints we have received                                                           Phone: 08456 120540 (local rate)
remained unresolved after the efforts             Panels have recommended a refund of fees,         Email:
described above. If a complaint hasn’t been       on a full or partial basis, as a result of 17     Visit:
resolved it may become the subject of a           meetings. Recommendations about a dentist's                                                                                      page 9    winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                GDC gazette
                                                                                                              questions answered

Your questions answered
I                                               especially if your employer or manager is       responsibilities in respect of providing
                                                the source of your concern. The next step       dental devices as the manufacturer would
                                                is to contact your local primary care           in an EU state.
                                                organisation or NHS hospital trust. There

                                                should be appointed people within primary       If you choose to use a non-UK laboratory,
                                                care organisations who you can raise your       you should be aware that you are solely
                                                concerns with.                                  responsible for the standard of the device
                                                                                                supplied to the patient if there is a problem
                                                If taking action at a local level is not        and if the patient subsequently complains to
                                                practical or has failed, you should refer       the Council.
                                                your concern to us if the problem is so
                                                severe that we clearly need to be involved      Further guidance to registrants will be
                                                (for example, issues of indecency or illegal    available after December’s Council
                                                practice) or if there is a genuine fear of      meeting. Please visit our website for the
                                                victimisation or a cover-up.                    latest information.

                                                I am retiring from dentistry. Are you able      What work can clinical dental
In a new feature for the Gazette, we are        to refund my annual retention fee (ARF)?        technicians undertake?
answering any questions you may have            We do not refund the ARF. If you are retiring   Clinical dental technicians can make full
about any aspect of our work. Whether it’s to   from dentistry you can either write to us to    dentures for edentulous patients (those
do with fitness to practise proceedings,        be removed from the register or you can         that have no teeth) without the
continuing professional development or          elect to not pay the next ARF, therefore        involvement of a dentist. They can also
registration. No matter what questions you      removing yourself from the register.            make and fit partial dentures as
have, we would like to encourage you to                                                         prescribed by a dentist, who has given the
send them in and we will endeavour to           When will the list for corporate                patient a full mouth examination.
answer as many as we can here in the            dentistry open?
Gazette.                                        We expect the list for Dental Bodies
                                                Corporate to open in mid-2008. Further           If you would like your questions
In this edition, we’re featuring a range of     information will be available on our             answered, please email them to
questions we were asked at the Dental           website,, once a final  
Showcase exhibition in October, along with      decision has been made.
queries raised with our Customer Advice
and Information Team.                           Will registrants be able to send work
                                                to dental laboratories overseas or will
I have serious concerns regarding a             they only be able to commission work
colleague’s behaviour. What should I do?        from registered dental technicians?
If you have serious concerns about the          The requirement to use registered dental
behaviour of a colleague it is your             technicians applies to laboratories based
responsibility to take action. Your duty as     in the UK. Laboratories based in EU
a dental professional is to put patients’
interests first and act to protect them. If
                                                member states must be registered with
                                                the competent authority in that state            OBITUARY
you fail to do so by not raising a concern,     (equivalent to the Medical and Healthcare        The GDC is very sad to have received
your registration could be at risk.             products Regulatory Agency in the UK)            news that former Council member
                                                and must meet the requirements of the            Professor Brian Cooke has died.
The action you should take will depend on       Medical Devices Directive.
                                                                                                 Professor Cooke served on the GDC for
what your concern is about. Where
                                                                                                 many years (1964 to 1982 when he
possible, you should raise concerns first       Laboratories based outside the EU must
                                                                                                 retired) as the dentist member
with your employer or manager. However,         have an 'authorised representative' within
                                                                                                 nominated by the University of Wales.
this may not always be possible,                the EU who takes on the same
winter 2007- 2008       page 10                                                              

GDC gazette

       A GDC audit of dentists in       It is a legal requirement for dentists to      The next five-year CPD cycle is due to
       the first five-year continuing   make an annual declaration which, by the       end on 31 December 2007. Dentists in
        professional development        end of each five-year cycle, must confirm      this cycle are those first registered with
        (CPD) cycle (1 January          their completion of 250 hours of CPD,          the GDC:
         2002 - 31 December 2006)       with at least 75 hours being verifiable.
         has now been completed.        The vast majority provided evidence            ■ between 1 January 1980 and 31
                                        exceeding this amount.                           December 1989,
         The audit found that over                                                     ■ between 1 January 1990 and 31
       20 per cent of verifiable CPD    A number of good practices were also             December 2001 but were not on the
       completed by dentists was        highlighted, including using a personal          Register at 31 December 2001, or
       in three core subjects           development plan, keeping good records         ■ anytime in 2002.
       recommended by the GDC -         and staying up to date with CPD
       medical emergencies;             providers locally.                             We will be asking all dentists in this cycle
        disinfection and                                                               to confirm the amount of CPD they have
        decontamination; and            J H Botha, a dentist at Taverham Dental        completed in the previous five years at
        radiography and radiation       Health Centre who supplied evidence of         the beginning of 2008. An audit of the
        protection.                     CPD for the audit, said, “The principle of     CPD evidence declared will then take
                                        CPD is brilliant. It made me once more         place later in the year.
        Although core subjects          aware of the tremendous amount of
        were not introduced until       knowledge readily available to dentists,       For further information on CPD for
        January 2007, dentists’         not only the recently qualified but also for   dentists, please visit our website or
        records showed they were        those who have been in dentistry for           request a ‘Continuing professional
        already incorporating           many years like myself. I am now much          development for dentists’ booklet by
        these in their CPD              more aware of courses and dental               contacting us on 020 7009 2746 or
        activities.                     journals than I have ever been before.”

         Supplying evidence of          good stead when supplying evidence               verifiable CPD and general CPD.
         compulsory continuing          of CPD, but are also good guidelines           ■ Make sure you are up to date in core
         professional                   for best practice.                               areas, including medical emergencies,
         development (CPD) may                                                           disinfection and decontamination, and
         seem a little daunting         ■ Use a personal development plan to             radiography and radiation protection.
         but there are a number           help you decide how you will meet              You should carry out a minimum
         of things you can do to          the minimum requirement of 250                 number of hours in each of these
          make it as easy and             hours of CPD, of which at least 75             areas as part of verifiable CPD.
                straightforward           hours are verifiable.                        ■ For all verifiable CPD, make sure you
                   as possible.         ■ Decide on a recording format for your          have documentary proof of your
                    These tips will       CPD activity, such as a GDC recording          involvement, for example, a signed
                    not only              form (available on our website).               certificate from a course.
                     stand you in         Consider keeping separate records for                                                                                         page 11    winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                      GDC gazette

                                                                                                       Disinfection and
                                                   CPD FOR DCPs
                                                   TO COME INTO
                                                   FORCE                                               Our core guidance booklet
                                                                                                       ‘Standards for dental professionals’
                                                                                                       and associated, supplementary
From 1 August 2008, all dental care                Dental technicians will be able to substitute
                                                                                                       guidance, emphasise that all dental
professionals will need to start recording         radiography and radiation protection for
                                                                                                       professionals are responsible for putting
their continuing professional development          materials and equipment (5 hours per cycle)
(CPD).                                             as radiography is not within the dental             patients’ interests first and acting to
                                                   technician curriculum.                              protect them.
Compulsory CPD is in line with our
Standards Guidance which sets out the              In line with the CPD requirements for               Central to this responsibility is the need
principles that all registered dental              dentists, we recommend that DCPs                    for dental professionals to maintain
professionals should follow – this includes        involved in the care of patients undertake          knowledge of and carry out disinfection
the maintenance of their professional              CPD in legal and ethical issues and                 and decontamination. This is essential
knowledge and competence. CPD for dental           complaints handling.                                for those of you working in clinical and
care professionals is also an important first
                                                                                                       laboratory environments, and is why it’s
step in the planned introduction of                There are many ways for dental care
revalidation, which will mean that all members                                                         one of three core areas we recommend
                                                   professionals to complete CPD, ranging from
of the dental team have to regularly show                                                              as part of compulsory continuing
                                                   team training, attendance at courses and
that they are still fit to be on our registers.                                                        professional development (CPD).
                                                   lectures, to reading journals and private study.

Under the CPD requirements, all dental care                                                            We recommend that dentists complete at
                                                   To find out about CPD activities in your
professionals will need to complete and                                                                least five hours of verifiable CPD in
                                                   area, please contact your local
record a minimum of 150 hours of CPD in
                                                   Postgraduate Dental Dean or your                    disinfection and decontamination over
five-year cycles. A third of which (50 hours)
                                                   professional association. Courses are               each five-year cycle. This should be part
should be verifiable CPD - amounting to ten
                                                   advertised in professional journals and             of the 75 hours of verifiable CPD
hours per annum - while the rest can be
                                                   Royal Colleges also run courses.                    completed as a minimum.
general CPD.
                                                   Dental care professionals must submit an
Verifiable CPD means the activity must have:       annual statement of the CPD hours they              When CPD is introduced for dental care
                                                   complete each year. We will monitor                 professionals on 1 August 2008, we will
■ ‘concise educational aims and
                                                   compliance with the requirements by                 also recommend at least five hours of
  objectives’ – the activity should have a
                                                   auditing the records of a sample of DCPs at         verifiable CPD in disinfection and
  clear purpose or goal;
                                                   the end of each five-year cycle. Failure to         decontamination over each five-year
■ ‘clear anticipated outcomes’ - you
                                                   comply with the requirements may result in          cycle. This should be part of the 50
  should know what you can expect to
                                                   erasure from the register.                          hours of verifiable CPD completed as
  gain as a result of taking part in the
  activity;                                        We will shortly be producing guidance for           a minimum.
■ ‘quality controls’ – you should have the         dental care professionals on the CPD
  chance to give feedback, with a view to          requirements. This will be sent to all
  improving quality; and                           registered dental care professionals in the           Both the Health Protection
■ documentary proof (e.g. a certificate) –         new year.                                             Agency and British Dental
  to prove you took part in the activity.                                                                Association offer further
Dental care professionals should cover the                                                               guidance on disinfection and
following core subjects in their verifiable CPD:                                                         decontamination which is
                                                                                                         available on their websites:
■ medical emergencies                               Further information about CPD               and
  (10 hours per cycle)                              for dental care professionals is           
■ disinfection and decontamination                  available on the GDC website,
  (5 hours per cycle)                     , or by calling
■ radiography and radiation protection              0845 222 4141.
  (5 hours per cycle)
winter 2007- 2008               page 12                                                                           

GDC gazette

                                                   The following four pages are dedicated to compulsory registration for dental care
                                                   professionals. They include tips on how to complete the registration application form,
                                                   as well as questions we have frequently been asked over the last few months regarding

                                                   We’re keen to find out your views on these pages. Did you find the information you
                                                   were looking for? What additional information would be useful? Please contact us at
                                          to give us your feedback or phone 0845 222 4141 for
                                                   further information.

There are now just over seven months to go before registration           Current registration figures:
becomes a legal requirement for dental nurses and dental
                                                                           Category                                Number registered*
technicians on 30 July 2008. To take advantage of the lower
2007 application fee, we are encouraging all dental nurses and
                                                                           Dental nurses                           10,307
dental technicians who haven’t yet registered to do so now.
                                                                           Dental technicians                         944
Nurses and technicians who apply before the end of 2007 will               Clinical dental technicians                  58
pay the existing fee – £72 – and no more until their first annual
retention fee is due, in July 2009. The application fee goes up to         Orthodontic therapists                           0 (the first are still in training)
£96 on 1 January 2008, so it makes sense to do it before Christmas.      * These figures are accurate on 12 November 2007

If you have recently sat the exam to qualify as a dental nurse, dental
technician or clinical dental technician, please refer to page 15 for    Dental nurses and dental technicians who continue to put off
more information on how to register.                                     registration will not only pay a higher fee, but could find themselves
                                                                         no longer being able to work, or facing criminal charges if they
So far, only 11,309 dental care professionals from the four new          continue to work without GDC registration after 30 July 2008.
groups have joined the register.

  So why delay registration any longer? Get your application form to us by the end of the year and
  you’ll not only be registered in time for the deadline, but you’ll also pay the lower fee. Download a
  form from our website today.

Remember, we have made changes to the health check                            completed by either an employing or supervising dentist
requirements for registration applicants. The changes recognise               or a doctor. You will need to have worked in the practice
that the roles of some members of the dental team are more                    for at least twelve months and provide evidence of your
exposure-prone than others and therefore carry different degrees              original immunisation certificates for a dentist to sign your
of risk for patients:                                                         health certificate.

■ Dental technicians and dental nurses who do not work
  in a clinical environment will not need to provide a health               More comprehensive guidance for applicants, dentists
  certificate.                                                              and doctors is available on the GDC website and in the
■ Dental nurses who work in a clinical environment (i.e.                    registration application pack. To request a pack, please
  the majority of dental nurses) and dental hygienists,                     contact our Registration Team on 0845 222 4141 or
  dental therapists, clinical dental technicians and              
  orthodontic therapists can now have their health certificate                                                                                  page 13     winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                            GDC gazette

 Registration: know the facts
 Earlier this year, the GDC simplified the application process and introduced new streamlined application forms to make
 registration as easy as possible and to prevent mistakes being made which can lengthen the process.

 There are now new separate application        ■ a valid ID card issued by the armed        Health certificate
 forms for dental nurses and dental              forces, or                                 The health certificate only needs to be
 technicians, so please ensure that you        ■ a marriage certificate or other official   completed if you work with patients, in
 have the correct form.                          document if you have changed your          which case it will show that you are fit to
                                                 name.                                      practise. This must be completed by a
 The new application form and further                                                       dentist if s/he has worked with you for
 information about DCP registration is         Don’t forget that your character referee     over a year, or by a medical practitioner,
 available from the GDC website                will need to sign to say that they have      who is not a member of your family.                               seen the original document. Please do
                                               not send us originals.                       Again, this certificate is only valid for three
 If you have one of the original                                                            months from the date on which it was
 application forms you can still use this,     Good character reference                     signed.
 but you may find the new form easier to       A referee, who is not a family member
 complete.                                     and has known you for at least one year,     What do I do if I need more
                                               must confirm your good character. This       information?
 Completed registration forms need to be       can include:
 sent back to us, along with copies of                                                      If you have any questions or concerns
 supporting documents and the                  ■ the head of your dental training           about completing the application form,
 registration fee.                               school or his/her nominee, or              please visit our website
                                               ■ the person responsible for the             or call our Registration Team on 0845
 What are the key areas I                        supervision of your training, or           222 4141. They will be able to offer
 need to look out for?                         ■ another person of professional             advice and answer any questions you
                                                 standing (in any country) including a      have about registration.
 Proving identity                                dentist, doctor, person entitled to
 All applicants must be able to prove their      practise law, minister of religion or
 identity by providing a photocopy of:           civil servant.

 ■ a valid passport, or                        Please be aware that the reference will
 ■ a valid photocard driving licence, or       only be valid for three months from the
                                               date on which it was signed.

  Qualification or experience?
 Dental nurses and dental technicians         will be with a recognised qualification.      For more information on the amount
 who do not hold a formal                     This means that you would need to             of experience you need, or for details
 qualification and want to apply on           qualify from scratch. Some                    of the qualifications recognised for
 the basis of their experience must           qualifications no longer awarded are still    registration, please visit our website
 register before 30 July 2008. After the      accepted for GDC registration if you          or contact our Registration Team on
 deadline, the only way on to the             apply by July 2008.                           0845 222 4141.
 Dental Care Professionals Register
winter 2007- 2008                page 14                                                            

GDC gazette

                                                                                             Your questions
                                                                                             How much is the registration fee?
                                                                                             The registration fee is currently £72 but this
                                                                                             goes up to £96 on 1 January 2008. So if
                                                                                             you haven’t registered yet, it makes sense to
                                                                                             get your application to us before Christmas
                                                                                             and pay the lower fee. For dental technicians
                                                                                             and dental nurses, your initial registration fee
                                                                                             covers you until July 2009 when your first
                                                                                             annual retention fee will be due.
   All four dental nurses at Jack Roberts &       commitment to the nurses’ continuing
                                                                                             Shouldn’t my employer pay my
   Associates dental practice in Wakefield        professional development. It also
                                                                                             registration fee?
   have registered with the GDC.                  shows our patients our commitment to
                                                                                             It is your own personal responsibility to
                                                  providing fully trained and                register with the GDC. Your employer may
   Three nurses registered through a City         professionally recognised nursing staff.   agree to pay the registration fee for you but
   & Guilds NVQ level 3 in oral                   Registration has been a long time          they are not obliged to.
   healthcare, whilst one nurse registered        coming. It was not so long ago that
                                                                                             If I work in a dental laboratory, do I need
   on the basis of her experience. Two            dental nurses were seen as glorified
                                                                                             to be registered?
   other nurses are on an approved                cleaners and tea ladies. Well done the     If you’re a dental technician you should
   training course at a local college.            GDC!”                                      register. If you’re eligible to register as a
                                                                                             dental technician, you should register now,
   The Practice Manager Sallie Rhodes             Is your team GDC-registered? We’re         whatever work you are doing. Because in
                                                                                             the long term, you might lose out. Don’t
   said, “I think it is fantastic that nurses     keen to hear from other laboratories
                                                                                             miss the boat. You can only register on the
   now are required to register with the          and practices, small and large, where
                                                                                             basis of experience before 30 July 2008.
   GDC. It brings their chosen profession         the whole dental team is registered. If
   into the 21st century and shows their          you’d like your team to feature in a       What if I decide not to register with
   commitment and dedication to their             future Gazette, please get in touch        the GDC?
   chosen career.                                 and tell us why you felt it was            Registration with the GDC is not optional.
                                                                                             After 30 July 2008, dental nurses and dental
                                                  important to register early.
                                                                                             technicians who are not registered with the
   I made sure all our dental nurses              Email            GDC will no longer be able to work, and will
   registered early as I feel it shows the        or call 020 7009 2746.                     face criminal charges if they do. Further
   team and patients alike our                                                               information on how to register with us is
                                                                                             available on page 13.

A new GDC working group is looking at             The members of the Working Group are:      which was also available on our website.
how best to assess overseas DCPs’                                                            The views expressed in this broad call
suitability for registration.                     ■ Mabel Slater (Chair, GDC DCP Council     for ideas will inform a focused consultation
                                                    member)                                  on options for routes to registration for
The Overseas DCPs Registration Working            ■ David Murphy (GDC lay Council member)    overseas DCPs, at the beginning of 2008.
Group aims to establish assessments for           ■ Denis Toppin (GDC dentist Council
clinical dental technicians, dental hygienists,     member)                                  For more information and the latest
dental nurses, dental technicians, dental         ■ Gordon Miles (GDC executive)             developments please visit
therapists and orthodontic therapists who         ■ Amanda Little (GDC DCP policy leader)
do not have a UK or recognised European
qualification and who wish to apply for           The Group issued a call for ideas to all
registration to work in the UK.                   categories of stakeholders in November,                                                                                        page 15      winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                   GDC gazette

Over the past few months, we have                 We are happy for dental nurses who are           training' and can therefore work as a
received many enquiries about dental nurse        working towards a registrable qualification      dental nurse. When you have completed
training. Here we answer some of the              to work without being registered with the        your two years and got your certificate,
questions we are often asked:                     GDC until they have finished their studies,      you will need to register with us straight
                                                  but please remember that you do need to          away.
I’ve nearly finished my training as a             register with us once you have received
dental nurse. Do I need to let you know           your qualification.
I’m in training and should I register
before the deadline?                              I have completed the national exam
Well, you don’t have to but it might be           but need two years’ work experience
cheaper for you! If you hope to receive your      before I get my certificate – where              We realise that there are lots of other
qualification before 30 July 2008 you can         does this leave me with registration?            issues around dental nurse training that
send in your application form before the          The two years' chair-side experience is          still need further clarity. These are issues
end of this year and only pay the 2007 fee        part of the requirement to complete the          that the Council will be exploring further at
(£72). The fee goes up by £24 on 1                National Certificate. So, even though you        the next meeting in December. We will
January 2008. For further information on          have passed your exam, the fact that you         keep you updated with the latest
soon to be qualified dental care                  are still doing your two years in the            developments on our website,
professionals, please see below.                  practice means that you are still 'in  

  Are you soon to be qualified?
  Trainee dental care professionals who are       beneficial for them will depend on when          later than 30 July 2008. They will then be
  due to qualify before 30 July 2008 can get      they want to start work following                officially entered onto the Dental Care
  a head start on registration and take           qualification - in their first year of           Professionals Register.
  advantage of the 2007 GDC registration          registration they pay less the later in the
  fee of £72, so long as they apply before        calendar year they register (in 2008 the first   DCPs who take advantage of this offer, but
  the end of this year.                           registration fee is £8/month). It is therefore   later do not obtain their qualification, will be
                                                  not going to be an attractive option for         able to request a full refund.
  The registration fee goes up to £96 on 1        these groups to take advantage of this
  January 2008, but trainee dental care           'apply now' offer if they will receive their     For more information on your route to
  professionals can submit a completed            qualification and register after 1 April 2008.   registration and to receive a registration
  registration application before 31              Individuals who want to practise before          application pack, please visit our website
  December and pay the current fee.               April will have to pay more than £72, so, or contact our
                                                  applying now on the current fee will be an       Registration Team on 0845 222 4141 (local
  The same arrangement is also open to            attractive option for them.                      rate) or
  trainee dental hygienists, dental therapists,
  clinical dental technicians and orthodontic     DCPs in training who send in their
  therapists who are due to qualify before 30     application now won’t be registered until
  July 2008 and need to register before they      they send in a copy of their qualification
  can work. Whether the offer is financially      certificate. This must be received by us no
winter 2007- 2008               page 16                                                                      

GDC gazette

   This year’s BDTA Dental Showcase was           information I needed first-hand. I didn’t
   the busiest yet for the GDC, with an           realise until I came along to the stand that
   estimated 2,000 dental professionals           the fees were going up and I am feeling            Laura Hill (left), pictured with Natalie
   and others visiting our stand between          much better about DCP registration now.            Williamson and Helen Rudge, said, “I
   18 and 20 October.                             I thank the staff for providing the correct        heard about the Registration Surgery
                                                  information and would encourage others             through advertising and came along
   During these three days, a dedicated           to speak to the GDC directly to find out           today to hand in my application form.
   team of GDC staff was on hand at our           what they need to do to register as there          The Registration Surgery at Dental
   ‘Registration Surgery’ to answer               is a lot of misinformation out there.”             Showcase was a convenient service.”
   questions on dental care professional
   registration, provide the new simplified       Vanita Bhogaita, Marta Drubkowka, and              The GDC Registration Surgery at Dental
   application forms, check applications          Marzena Bogari said, “Our lives are busy           Showcase 2007

   and make sure they were completed              so it was a good opportunity to get more
   correctly.                                     information about registration here at the
                                                  Dental Showcase exhibition.”
   Dental technician Sue Dawson from
   Devon visited the Registration Surgery          The Registration Surgery will be
   for more information about how to               available at future events the GDC is
   register. She said, “The GDC stand was          attending. Please see the back cover
   the first one that I visited at Dental          for further details.
   Showcase so that I could get the

Dental teamwork is all about working             it is important for dentists to remember that       An example of this in practice is if a patient
together to provide good quality dental care     this position also brings with it certain           needs a partial denture. They would first
for patients, and is not just limited to staff   responsibilities, not only to patients but to       need to see a dentist for a full mouth
who work at the same practice.                   the other members of the dental team who            examination and treatment plan as
                                                 are able to provide some types of                   explained previously. They might then
Our dental team guidance states that             treatment. For example, a hygienist could           choose to stay with the dentist to have the
patients should have a full mouth                carry out scaling and polishing, or a clinical      denture made, but they also have the right
assessment carried out by a dentist, who         dental technician (CDT) could provide a             to take that prescription to any suitably
should then provide the patient with a           partial denture within the dentist’s overall        trained and qualified dental professional
treatment plan. The patient may take the         treatment plan.                                     such as a CDT in order to have the denture
treatment plan to any appropriate                                                                    made.
registered dental professional.                  If the patient wants to take their treatment plan
                                                 to another member of the team able to carry         Further guidance on dental teamwork is
This guidance recognises that the dentist is     out the treatment, then that is their choice.       available from the GDC as part of the
the only member of the team with the skills      There are now even more registered members          ‘Standards Guidance’ publications. For a
to diagnose a full range of oral conditions      of the dental team trained and qualified to         copy, please call 020 7009 2746 or email
and plan for a patient’s treatment. However,     provide treatment safely for patients.    
                                                                                                                              page 17      winter 2007- 2008

                                                                                                                                                  GDC gazette
                                                                                                                                                            dental education

                                            LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN DENTAL EDUCATION
                                            GDC President visits Sheffield                       New dental schools open in                       the local population whilst continuing to
                                            School of Clinical Dentistry                         South West and North West                        develop their knowledge and understanding.

                                            At the end of August 2007, Hew                       The GDC plays an important role in the
                                                                                                                                                  The Peninsula Dental School also welcomed
                                            Mathewson, President of the GDC, visited             quality assurance of dental education. As a
                                                                                                                                                  its inaugural cohort of students on 17
                                            the University of Sheffield’s School of              result, two new dental schools in the UK
                                                                                                                                                  September. Hew Mathewson, President of
                                            Clinical Dentistry to learn more about their         have been inspected and approved, and
                                                                                                                                                  the GDC, enjoyed meeting the new students
                                            clinical placement outreach programme.               opened their doors for new cohorts of
                                                                                                                                                  and members of staff when he visited the
                                                                                                 students in September 2007.
                                                                                                                                                  Dental School on 20 September.

                                                                                                 As part of our quality assurance process,
                                                                                                                                                  188 people applied for the 64 places on the
                                                                                                 each school had to submit their new
                                                                                                                                                  four-year course, resulting in a high standard
                                                                                                 programme for students to our Education
                                                                                                                                                  of students, all educated to graduate level,
                                                                                                 Committee for approval. In April, we
                                                                                                                                                  with many having clinical experience from
Image supplied by Midas Touch Photography

                                                                                                 inspected both schools and were pleased
                                                                                                                                                  other healthcare disciplines.
                                                                                                 with the progress they had made. We will
                                                                                                 continue to inspect the schools each year,
                                                                                                                                                  The students began their training on new
                                                                                                 with the next inspection due in Spring 2008.
                                                                                                                                                  phantom head facilities on the University of
                                                                                                                                                  Plymouth campus while purpose-built
                                                                                                 The University of Central Lancashire, in
                                                                                                                                                  facilities are developed in Devonport, Exeter
                                                                                                 partnership with Liverpool University,
                                                                                                                                                  and Truro. It is expected that by the time
                                                                                                 launched the new graduate entry dental
                                                                                                                                                  they reach their third year, the first cohort
                                                                                                 programme for the award of Bachelor of
                                                                                                                                                  and the years below them will be training
                                                                                                 Dental Surgery. The first cohort of 32
                                                                                                                                                  across the South West.
                                                                                                 students was welcomed onto the
                                                                                                 programme on 3 September in the new,
                                            President of the General Dental Council, Hew         state of the art School of Dentistry.
                                            Mathewson, at The Mount Dental Practice with
                                            supervising dentists Richard Main, Amita Shahi and   The students will spend the first year on the
                                            Scott Senior and student manager Christine Abbott.
                                                                                                 Preston Campus, and then will be located
                                                                                                 at one of four Dental Education Centres in
                                            The University has partnered with The Mount
                                                                                                 the Northwest – Accrington, Blackpool,
                                            Dental Practice in Hemsworth, Pontefract,
                                                                                                 Carlisle and Morecambe. Under the
                                            and the Thompson and Thomas practice at
                                                                                                 supervision of experienced staff, the
                                            the new Fairlawns centre in Middlewood to
                                                                                                 students will start to provide dental care for   Professor Liz Kay, Dean of the Peninsula Dental
                                            provide students with the practical                                                                   School, with the first cohort of dental students.
                                            experience of working in a dental practice.

                                            Hew Mathewson said, "As the UK dental                  Update: Specialist Dental Education Board
                                            regulator, one of our most important roles is           The Specialist Dental Education Board         new curricula in line with the
                                            setting educational standards. We                       (SDEB) held its third meeting on 18           framework developed by the Board. It
                                            encourage providers to be innovative with               October 2007. The SDEB reports to             has also begun to consider future
                                            their programmes.                                       the Education Committee and                   quality assurance structures that might
                                                                                                    considers issues relating to the training     be adopted in specialist training.
                                            Outreach is an exciting and demanding                   and listing of dental specialties. The
                                            development for dental schools and the                  Board has so far been developing              For more information on the work
                                            University of Sheffield has been at the                 curriculum guidance, which will be            of the Board, its agendas and
                                            forefront of this."                                     distributed once finalised and approved       minutes, please visit our website.
                                                                                                    by the Education Committee. The               Alternatively, please contact Ewen
                                            The programme will continue to grow with                                                              Macleod on 020 7887 3801 or
                                                                                                    relevant Specialist Advisory
                                            three additional new outreach centres                                                       
                                                                                                    Committees will be asked to submit
                                            currently under construction.
winter 2007- 2008                page 18                                                                      

GDC gazette
      in brief

  GDC OPENS ITS DOORS                             CONDUCTING CLINICAL                                 GDC MEETS IN CARDIFF
  FOR PCTs                                        TRIALS                                              Members of the Welsh public were given
  Following the successful pilot event in         The GDC has issued a statement for all              the chance find out more about the UK
  March, a further three open days have           registrants associated with, undertaking or         dental regulator and how decisions are
  taken place this year, the last of which        involved in clinical trials and research.           made when the Council met in Cardiff on
  was in mid-November.                                                                                18 September.
                                                  Relevant standards include:
  All primary care trusts (PCTs) in England                                                           The meeting opened with an opportunity
  were invited and feedback from the              ■ putting the patients’ interests first;            for people to put questions to the
  sessions has been very positive. Delegates      ■ finding out about laws and regulations            President and Council members in
  received presentations on registering             which may affect your work;                       English or Welsh.
  dentists and dental care professionals          ■ finding out about current best practice;
  (including information on the Overseas                                                              The Cardiff meeting was the second
                                                  ■ acting honestly and fairly; and
  Registration Examination), fitness to                                                               Council meeting to be held outside
  practise processes and revalidation.            ■ making sure patients are able to claim            London. Last year, the Council met in
                                                    compensation.                                     Edinburgh. Next year the Council plans
  We are hoping to organise similar events        Further advice and legislation can be found         to meet in Belfast.
  in 2008 and are looking to find ways to         via the ‘Standards Guidance’ on the GDC
  work with Trusts and Boards in the three        website and at the Medicines and                    The key decisions from September’s
  other countries.                                Healthcare products Regulatory Agency               Council meeting are available on
                                                  website,                           our website.
  For more information, please contact
  Claire Kehoe on 020 7009 2784 or email

The GDC is committed to protecting the            or those who have been removed from the             of £750 for each offence, ordered to pay
public by bringing cases of illegal practice to   Register continue to use their title to obtain      compensation to the affected patients
Court. It is a criminal offence for anyone        some benefit such as prescription drugs.            totalling £765 and to pay £3,000 towards
other than a registered dental professional to                                                        prosecution costs. Ms Wood was also fined
carry out dentistry, and as such, we will         Some more novel cases are also coming to            £750, ordered to pay compensation of £490
prosecute people who practise dentistry           light. We currently have proceedings                and £1,000 towards prosecution costs.
illegally. These cases are usually heard in the   pending against a limited company which
Magistrates Court, carrying a maximum             carried on the business of dentistry with no        Mr White was convicted of a further three
penalty of £5,000 per offence.                    registrants on the board. We are also               offences of illegal practice at the same Court
                                                  preparing proceedings against the proprietor        on 8 August 2007 relating to his treatment
The majority of our cases fall into three main    of a chain of beauty salons in relation to          of a patient over a two-year period. He was
categories. The provision of dentures direct to   tooth whitening by unregistered individuals,        fined £750 for each offence, ordered to pay
the public by unregistered technicians forms      which is explored further on page 6.                compensation of £500 and ordered to pay
the basis of the majority of the convictions                                                          the Council’s prosecution costs of £1,830.
obtained by the Council. A number of              Details of recent cases brought before the
individuals have been brought before the Court    Court are set out below.                            GDC v Richard Kirk
on numerous occasions for repeat offences.                                                            Mr Kirk was a dentist who continued in
                                                  GDC v Andrew White                                  practice until early 2007 despite having been
The activity that accounts for the next largest   Mr White was convicted of two offences of           removed from the Register for non-payment of
group of cases arises where a registrant is       the illegal practice of dentistry at Chesterfield   the Annual Retention Fee in January 2003. He
erased for non-payment of the annual              Magistrates Court on 18 April 2007 relating         was convicted of a single offence of the illegal
retention fee but continues to practise.          to the provision of dentures direct to two          practice of dentistry spanning the period
Cases also occur where dentists take up           members of the public. His associate, Ms            August 2005 to January 2007, and was fined
employment before becoming registered             Alison Wood, was convicted of one similar           £1,500 and ordered to pay the Council’s
with the Council, and where retired dentists      offence. Mr White was ordered to pay a fine         prosecution costs of around £3,000.
 Each year a small number of registrants are removed from our registers for non payment of the annual retention fee (ARF).
 To ensure you do not fall into this group, we encourage you to sign up to pay your ARF by Direct Debit.

 If you would like to pay your 2009 fee by Direct Debit, you need to complete and return a mandate form to us by 31 October 2008.
 You can download one from our website or get in touch with us and we will send one to you.

 What are the benefits of paying by Direct Debit?
 1. Direct Debit is the easiest and most convenient way to pay. Once you’ve set up a Direct Debit, there are no more cheques to write
    and no more worry about meeting payment deadlines.
 2. Payments by Direct Debit can help us keep the ARF as low as possible. We pay significantly less for a Direct Debit payment to be
    processed than we do for other types of payment. If all registrants paid by Direct Debit, we’d make big savings on our administration
    costs. Savings which we would take into account when we review the ARF.

 For a Direct Debit mandate form:
 Visit: (go into the ARF page of the ‘Current registrant’ section)
 Call: 020 7009 2720

     diary of events

   For more details of any of these meetings, hearings and events, please
   visit the event sections of our website.

   Council meetings                                                 Fitness to practise hearings                     ■ 1-3 May - British Dental
   Our Council meetings are open to the public.                     For a list of dates and details of public          Association Conference and
   Each meeting begins with a public question                       hearings into allegations against dental           Exhibition 2008, Manchester
   and answer session. More information,                            professionals, please visit our website or
   including the agenda and papers, is available                    contact our Hearings Team:                          Find us at Stand C42
   on our website in advance of each meeting.
   We also publish a summary of the decisions                       Phone: 020 7887 3821
   made by the Council on our website                               Email:                       ■ 9-10 May - Dental Technology
   following the meeting.                                                                                              Show 2008, Ricoh Arena, Coventry
                                                                    Outcomes of recent hearings are available
   Council meeting dates in 2007:                                   on our website.                                     Find us at Stand E20
   ■ 6 December (London)

                                                                    Out and about                                       We will be providing a DCP
   Council meeting dates in 2008:                                   We're taking part in the following dental           registration application checking
   ■ 5 March (London)                                               events over the next few months. We look            and advice service at both of
   ■ 5 June (London)                                                forward to meeting as many of you as                these events.
                                                                    possible at these events. Come and hear
   ■ 3 September (Belfast)
                                                                    the latest GDC news, share your views
   ■ 3 December (London)                                            and get your questions answered.

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