Dunkirk, MD Chiropractor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp DC, Recognized As An Authority On Spinal Pain Relief

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					Dunkirk, MD Chiropractor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp DC, Recognized As An
Authority On Spinal Pain Relief

Dunkirk, MD, 17-JAN-2013 - Dunkirk chiropractor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp DC,
has recently been recognized as an authority on spinal pain relief. The
doctor focuses on providing care and education to individuals seeking
safe and natural methods of relieving spinal pain and enjoying a more
active life. Spinal pain can be debilitating and result in an inability
to participate or focus on daily activities. Through a comprehensive
program that includes both chiropractic and alternative therapies, Dr.
Beauchamp provides the solutions that enable a person to achieve pain-
free mobility.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Beauchamp shared her commitment to
providing the highest level of quality care to her patients. "People of
all ages may experience spinal pain and it is important that the pain be
addressed and solutions provided to alleviate recurring pain quickly.
There are often many factors that contribute to this type of pain and I
work closely with patients to provide the holistic care that addresses
each trigger effectively. It is important that people experiencing this
type of pain are given the training and care that empowers them to become
active participants in maintaining a healthy spine."

During the initial consultation, Dr. Beauchamp performs a complete
examination and takes x-rays to identify herniated discs, misalignment of
the spine and disc compressions that may be pinching nerves and
contributing to the pain. The doctor will discuss the history of the
pain, the patient's medical history and triggers for the pain. Tests are
conducted to identify any damage to the extremities. The patient will
also be asked about their diet, exercise regimen and normal daily

After a complete evaluation of the data received, Dr. Beauchamp creates
an individualized plan that includes gentle spinal adjustment to relieve
pressure from pinched nerves, restore circulation through the spine and
realign the spinal column. Alternative therapies such as massage and
cryotherapy are used to increase circulation to tissues and cells
surrounding the damaged area and stimulate healing.

The doctor may recommend changes to the diet to increase the intake of
important nutrients required by the body to heal and improve the
metabolism and stamina of the individual. Exercises designed to
strengthen the muscle groups supporting the spine and improve overall
circulation and wellness are often recommended.

To find out more about the methods and techniques used by Dunkirk
chiropractor, Dr. Sherry Beauchamp, DC to address spinal pain safely and
naturally, visit today. Individuals and members
of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will
find contact information below.

Dr. Sherri Beauchamp, DC

Beauchamp Chiropractic
10343 Southern Maryland Blvd.

Dunkirk, MD 20754

Telephone: 410-257-4448

Fax: 410-257-0027


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Description: Dunkirk chiropractor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp, DC, offers individuals suffering from spinal pain the safe and natural relief they seek. The doctor provides the care and support that gives individuals the ability to enjoy a fuller life without the fear of recurring pain. Through a comprehensive wellness program, individuals are empowered to become more active participants in achieving and maintaining their health and wellness goals.