Wrenn Railways Collectors Club by huangyuarong


           Please find below a list of special wagons issued by the WRCC to date.
           All wagons bodies are based on the original Hornby Dublo moulds and come with a
           Dapol chassis with metal wheels and packaged in a Dapol box.                 October-03

Number     Description                                              Livery        Available           Price   Order Box

WRCC1      J Bly Coal Wagon (5-plank)                             Black Livery    Yes                 £7.95

WRCC2      Geest Banana Van (Wartime Livery)                      Black Livery    Yes                 £7.95

WRCC3      Geest Banana Van                                       Grey Livery     Yes                 £7.95
           Very small quantity left.
WRCC4      Saxa Salt Van                                         White Livery     Sold Out              -

WRCC5      ICI Bulk Salt Van                                     White Livery     Sold Out              -

WRCC6      Jaffa Banana Van                                      Orange Livery    Sold Out              -

WRCC7      Standard Fireworks Van                                 Blue Livery     Sold Out              -

WRCC8      Brocks Fireworks Van                                   Black Livery    Sold Out              -
           Brocks Van illustrated in latest Dapol catalogue.
WRCC9      Jaffa Banana Van                                      Lemon Livery     Yes                 £7.95

WRCC10     Queen's Coronation - Golden Anniversary                Gold Livery     Yes                 £7.95

WRCC11     Cameron's Brewery 12Ton Ventilated Van Feb-04          Black Livery    Yes                 £7.95

WRCC12     Rebellion Brewery 12Ton Ventilated Van Nov-03         White Livery     Yes                 £7.95

WRCC13     Standard Fireworks Van (New Livery) Nov-03             Red Livery      Yes                 £7.95

WRCC14     Brocks Fireworks Van (New Livery) Nov-03              Green Livery     Yes                 £7.95

Other      Wrenn Locomotive Instruction Manual - Pristine          (Inc P & P)    Yes                 £4.75

Ram3rd     Ramsay British Model Trains 3rd Edition                                Yes             £16.95
           Compiled by Pat Hammond. Excellent value.
           Sold at £2 discount on cover price - plus P & P.    P & P for Ramsay Book (UK)             £3.50
                                                                (P & P Overseas)                      £5.50
Postage    For Overseas, please add £2 postage & packing per wagon.
           I enclose a cheque for £       made out to the Wrenn Railways Collectors Club.

Notes:     Name:
           Signed:                                                  Tel No:


Send to:>> B Fentiman, 31 Oak Tree Avenue, Great Marlow, Bucks SL7 3EN,United Kingdom.
All wagon prices are inclusive of postage and packing within the UK.
Any questions, call me on (0044) (0)1628-488455 or e-mail me at: barry@wrennrailways.co.uk
Web Site: www.wrennrailways.co.uk

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