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					                                Vitamins B

What vitamins include the B complex?
When talking about the B vitamins actually talking about B complex. It includes
the following vitamins:

   - B1 (thiamine). Significant is the creation of energy in the body. Affect the
     operation of the nervous system, heart and other muscles.
   - B2 (riboflavin). This vitamin is important for maintaining good vision,
     creating red blood cells, maintain a strong immune system and normal
     functioning of the nervous system.
   - B3 (niacin). Improves blood circulation and lowers bad cholesterol. Also
     assists in maintaining healthy skin.
   - B5 (pantothenic acid). Important for maintaining healthy skin, affect the
     performance of the nervous system and helps with stress.
   - B6 (pyridoxine). Helps with the breakdown of proteins and maintains the
     health of the nervous system.
   - B 7 (biotin). Helps normalize blood sugar levels in diabetics. Strengthens
     nails and keep hair healthy.
   - B9 (folic acid). Helps with stress and exhaustion. Participate in the creation
     of DNA and improves blood.
   - B12 (kobolamin). It increases the appetite and helps in the prevention of
Why we need the B vitamins?
Each of the aforementioned vitamins has its own unique, biological role in the
body. But as a group these vitamins have a lot in common. They act together in
the body, as complex and many of them are represented in one and the same

B vitamins are used in almost every part of the body as coenzymes (key
components of enzymes). They are particularly important for maintaining healthy
nerves, skin, hair, eyes, liver and mouth. Also helping the burning of
carbohydrates, which creates glucose. It gives energy to the body.
Various studies find new and novel features of the B vitamins. Thus, it is proven
that B complex influences the normal functioning of the nervous system. Experts
believe that the introduction of larger amounts of B vitamins help in healing
minor forms of depression, anxiety, irritability and poor memory. Many doctors
use higher than recommended doses of B complex for successful treatment of
schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders.

How to recognise a lack of vitamin B?
As already mentioned, vitamin B complex of different vitamins, so symptoms in
their absence are different. Some of these symptoms:

   -   Анемија;
   -   depression;
   -   Loss of appetite;
   -   Abdominal pain;
   -   Muscle cramps;
   -   Hair loss;
   -   Irregularities in the development of the fetus in pregnant women.

Till now, there are no known cases of overdose of vitamin B group. But before you
start to consume larger quantities, consult a doctor.
Which foods are included vitamins B?
B vitamins can enter through various accessories like multivitamins. But experts
advise taking elementary through diet.

B vitamins are most prevalent in food grains like wheat, rice, oats, rye and liver.
Also found in vegetables with green leaves, the meat of domestic birds, fish, eggs,
nuts and beans.

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