Against caries by thesash17


									                      Against caries

Very often, from the people with very decayed, we hear that it
inherited from their parents or grandparents, and that it can not be
prevented. But that is the attitude of modern dentistry? Whether caries
is genetically inherited?
The answer is NO
There are a lot of explanations for this attitude, most of them are based on
evidence from clinical practice, but the short and long term studies. Main causes
of caries are germs (bacteria), food rich in sugars (which will feed the bacteria),
and poor oral hygiene.
How to deal with this problem?

What we most need to take care is proper and regular oral hygiene, reducing the
intake of sugars (or proper deployment of such meals), local application of
fluoride preparations and regular visits to the dentist. These measures, if applied
from the earliest age, will certainly give a positive result in reducing the incidence
of caries.

What affects the genetic predisposition?

Genetic predisposition still has a role in relation to some immunological and
defensive characteristics of the individual as well as enjoying some habits (diet,
hygiene, temperament), but by applying the above measures, this problem can
easily be solved. For sure, there are exceptions to the inheritance of certain
diseases and syndromes, in which part sooner or later comes to the destruction
of hard dental substances and the occurrence of large caries lesions.
"It is better to prevent than to cure"
The old adage still mainly takes place in modern science. In caries it is really

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