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									Small Digital Voice Recorder Offers Memory Help That's Always With You

On Your Key Ring Or Attached To Your Pocketbook, When You Leave Home,
MemClickTM Leaves With You.

Marietta, GA (USA), January 16, 2013 -- ExackTM LLC has launch its new
high quality digital mini voice recorder, MemClickTM ( ). At $29.95, it fills the niche between
expensive voice recorders and toys. On a key ring or attached to a
pocketbook, it’s always available. Simple to use, with one finger, it can
make a voice recording or playback high quality sound, at controllable
levels anywhere. No need to plug it into a computer to play back. Made to
be hung on a car key ring, slipped into a pocket or purse or hung on a
hook beside a bed, this very small voice recorder measures only 2½ inches
high, 1¼ inches wide and a ½ inch thick and weighs less than 1 oz.
MemClick records up to 8 minutes and you can instantly locate notes from
three folders (red, yellow and green) with lighted buttons and play them
back. It can record up to 60 memos on a single battery charge that will
last for weeks. The MemClick, manufactured in the USA, connects to any
USB port for recharging (rechargeable battery and USB cable are

There are basically two types of portable voice recorders, cassette and
digital. Digital voice recorders ( ) are much
easier to use than cassettes, because there‘s no need to rewind them
endlessly to find a particular recorded section to play back and there’s
no tape to jam or wear out as with other cassette audio recorders. And
MemClick records or plays without having to look at it while driving. But
what good is any audio recorder, if you don’t have it with you when you
need it?

The uses for MemClick are endless.
* Memory help for Alzheimer’s support, short term memory loss or stroke
* Make lists; shopping list, honey-do list, measurements and many more.
* On car key rings, Record driving directions; have detailed instructions
all the way; On-the-go memos to yourself; Contact information.
* Never spend time in the rain again hunting for a car in a crowded
parking lot. Record the row location.
* Hang it on a refrigerator as a family member locator. Each family
member can leave an intended destination and return time.
* In bed, no need to hunt paper and pen, place it on a night-stand for
bed-side notes, phone numbers, and ideas.
* Keep it with the TV remote to note TV ad info such as advertised
product phone number and web site address.
* The MemClick makes a perfect trade show promotional give-away or gift
and is also for people who have everything, but can’t remember where they
left it.

To make MemClick more accessible, one accessory ( ) available is an
extension/retraction cord. The cord holder clips easily with a spring-
loaded clip to anything. The key ring nylon cord extends out 24". It has
a latch with an easy spring release. A split key ring is attached. It is
manufactured from metal and plastic. The dimensions are (approx): 1-3/8"
wide, 2-1/4" long and 1/2" thick. The price is $4.95 and includes

To get more information on MemClick, please go to

If you’d like more information, please call Michael Sherman at 662-893-
8360 or send an email to

About Exack:
Exack is a Christian operated company based out of Marietta, GA. Focusing
primarily on electronics, Exack was founded by an engineer who loves to
think outside of the box and to find ways to solve problems to help
others. The founder is a man who loves Jesus, is an avid photographer,
and has an unusual fondness for garlic. Just your typical guy next door .
. . who loves to invent things.

MemClick all began with the idea for an easy and quick way to remember
all of those little things in life that get lost in the busyness of life.
After searching the stores and trying multiple devices out there, he
discovered that there wasn't anything that really helped. So, an
experienced engineer and inventor with several patents under his belt
began to try to create that very thing right out of his basement. With
the input of many other really smart people, MemClick was born and
suddenly remembering things became a whole lot easier.

Press & Media Contact:
Michael Sherman
Box 680636, 4455 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30068 - USA
Tel: 662-893-8360
Cell Phone: 901-351-9861

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