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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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									Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A well planned and well thought out search engine optimization strategy
is key to running a successful search engine optimization campaign.
Search engine optimization strategy changes often. The biggest key to
this change is based on the new rules search engines such as Google
decide to change their search parameters and algorithms to. It is article
marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing and submitting
articles to article directories. The benefit for you and your website is
high quality anchor texted backlinks. The benefit for the article
directories is content. Article directories want good high quality
content to fill their directories with. The benefit for search engines is
also content. Search engines love textual content and therefore there's
no better textual content like articles. If you are creating good high
quality and relevant content in the form of articles, the search engines
will index your content, rank it high in the search engines and give you
backlink credit for it.

You can have reciprocal links which are two-way links that link two
websites together. Search engines much prefer one-way backlinks.

This article   is only a snippet of information about search engine
optimization   strategy. There's much more to know about search engine
optimization   strategy and article marketing. There are tons of videos
proving that   article marketing works as an effective search engine
optimization   strategy.

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