Tile and Grout Care

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					Tile and Grout Care

Typically more porous than other hard surfaces, tile and grout can soil easily. Once a
stain is in those areas, it can be especially difficult to get out. To help you tackle
these tough jobs, Mohawk developed the FloorCare Essentials® Tile and Grout

When a surface is stained, spray the cleaner on liberally to start the process.
Depending on how tough the stain is, clean it with a cloth or a grout cleaning brush.
To finish, just wipe away any soil residue with a clean cloth or a mop. The streak free
shine is an indication that the solution left a protective barrier to help prevent
resoiling, an additional feature of the product.

As with all of the FloorCare Essentials® products, the Tile & Grout Cleaner is non-
toxic and biodegradable. Its refreshing citrus scent will be an indication of its
cleaning power as you use it on stone, tile and ceramic.

Always use felt protectors under chair legs and check them often for dirt and grit
that may scratch the surface of your tile floor.

Protecting your tile investments:

      Vacuum or sweep regularly to remove any dirt or grit.
      Remove spills promptly using a clean, dry microfiber cloth and clean residue
       from spill with Mohawk Floor Care Essentials Tile and Grout Cleaner and a
       clean white microfiber cloth.
      Use felt protectors under heavy pieces of furniture and chairs.
      Use protective mats at all exterior entrances.
      Cleaners should never contain acids or ammonia. Acids can damage the grout
       and the glazed surface of the tile, and ammonia can discolor the grout.
      For removing grease, soap scum and mildew stains from grout joints see your
       flooring retailer for a professional strength Grout Cleaner.
      Never use oil soaps or wax to clean your tile floor.
      Protect your floor when using a dolly for moving furniture or appliances.
       Never slide or roll heavy furniture or appliances across the floor.
      If you need to remove sealers or waxes from your tile floor see your flooring
       retailer for a Tile Sealer & Adhesive remover.

To find a retailer near you that carries the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials products line
of products visit www.FloorCareForLife.com and enter your zip code in the retailer

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