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Dental Implants-Smile with Confidence! by info.carlopang


Sussex Dental Implants promises uncompromising cosmetic dentistry to patients and provide affordable dental implants in London, Brighton, Hove etc. with advanced technology to get rid of your tooth diseases.

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									“Smile, it increases your face value.” The first thing
anyone would notice on your face is your smile. But some
people feel embarrassed by their smile due to broken, ill
fitted or missing teeth. If you are one of those people
who do not smile often because of tooth problem than
dental implants UK is the perfect solution for you.
Dental implants looks like natural teeth and is
the permanent tooth replacement solution that
not only gives you your beautiful smile back but
even lets you chew your food properly thus
increasing the quality of your life.
It is basically a fake tooth root drilled surgically in to the
jaw bone to support the artificial tooth. The artificial
titanium root is placed in the jaw bone where the tooth
or teeth are missing and the natural looking fake tooth
called crown is positioned over the implanted root. The
titanium root provides support and acts as an anchor for
various dental restorations that includes crowns, bridges
and even dentures.

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 BRIGHTON - 0844 375 6789
 HAILSHAM - 0844 387 8300

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