The Midwest States

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					The Midwest States
How Many States in the MW?
• Twelve states form the midwestern region of the
  United States.

 Ohio                     Indiana
 Michigan                 Illinois
 Wisconsin                Minnesota
 Iowa                     Missouri
 Kansas                   Nebraska
 North Dakota             South Dakota
            Facts About Ohio
•   Population: 11,186,000
•   Capital City: Columbus
•   Nickname: Buckeye State
•   Largest City: Columbus
•   Climate: 26°F and 73°F
•   Interesting Fact: Seven Presidents were
    born in Ohio. (Ulysses Grant, Rutherford
    Hayes, James Garfield, Benjamin
    Harrison, William McKinley, Warren
    Harding, and William Taft)
          Facts About Indiana
•   Population: 5,864,000
•   Capital City: Indianapolis
•   Nickname: Hoosier State
•   Largest City: Indianapolis
•   Climate: 17°F and 86°F
•   Interesting Fact: The Indianapolis 500
    automobile race attracts more people than any
    other single sporting event in the nation.
        Facts About Michigan
•   Population: 9,773,000
•   Capital City: Lansing
•   Nickname: Great Lakes State
•   Largest City: Detroit
•   Climate: 5°F and 76°F
•   Interesting Facts: Michigan leads the nation in
    manufacturing automobiles. One of the
    nation’s largest salt mines lies about 1000 feet
    under Detroit.
         Facts About Illinois
• Population: 11,895,000
• Capital City: Springfield
• Nickname: Land of
• Largest City: Chicago
• Climate: 13°F and 86°F
• Interesting Fact: Chicago
  has the largest post office
  in the United States.
       Facts About Wisconsin
•   Population: 5,169,000
•   Capital City: Madison
•   Nickname: Badger State
•   Largest City: Milwaukee
•   Climate: 12°F and 80°F
•   Interesting Facts: Wisconsin produces 40%
    of the nation’s cheese. Wisconsin was the first
    state to pass a law requiring the use of seat
    belts in automobiles.
       Facts About Minnesota
•   Population: 4,685,000
•   Capital City: St. Paul
•   Nickname: Gopher State
•   Largest City: Minneapolis
•   Climate: -2°F and 77°F
•   Interesting Fact: Minnesota reaches farther
    north than any other state except Alaska.
            Facts About Iowa
•   Population: 2,852,000
•   Capital City: Des Moines
•   Nickname: Hawkeye State
•   Largest City: Des Moines
•   Climate: 11°F and 87°F
•   Interesting Fact: Iowa farmers raise more
    hogs and corn for market than any other state.
         Facts About Missouri
•   Population: 5,402,000
•   Capital City: Jefferson City
•   Nickname: Show Me State
•   Largest City: Kansas City
•   Climate: 17°F and 89°F
•   Interesting Fact: Missouri is one of two states
    bordered by eight states. The other state is
          Facts About Kansas
•   Population: 2,594,000
•   Capital City: Topeka
•   Nickname: Sunflower State
•   Largest City: Wichita
•   Climate: 32°F and 79°F
•   Interesting Facts: The largest hailstone on
    record – weighing 1½ pounds - fell in Kansas.
    Kansas is the leading producer of wheat in the
    United States.
      Facts About Nebraska
• Population: 1,656,000
• Capital City: Lincoln
• Nickname: Cornhusker
• Largest City: Omaha
• Climate: 23°F and 76°F
• Interesting Fact: The
  largest mammoth fossil
  ever found was
  unearthed in 1922.
   Facts About South Dakota
• Population: 737,000
• Capital City: Pierre
• Nickname: Mt. Rushmore
• Largest City: Sioux Falls
• Climate: 13°F and 75°F
• Interesting Fact: The
  Homestake Mine leads in
  gold production in the
  United States.
   Facts About North Dakota
• Population: 640,000
• Capital City: Bismarck
• Nickname: Flickertail
• Largest City: Fargo
• Climate: -2°F and 84°F
• Interesting Fact: The
  geographic center of
  North America is near
  Rugby, North Dakota.

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