Weather and solar system vocabulary by huangyuarong


                                Cirrus*                         Hail

   Rotates*                  New moon                      Stratus*

Cumulonimbus*                      Rain                Thermometer*

  Revolves*               Anemometer*                        Earth*

Last Quarter                   Waxing
    Moon                      Crescent
                                                       First quarter
      Sleet               Temperature*

 Rain gauge*                  Full Moon                        Sun*

   Waning                                                   Waxing
  Crescent                                                  Gibbous

  Cumulus*                  Barometer*                        Snow

   Waning                 Moon Phases* Precipitation*
 *** the star* words are used to complete the vocabulary flip book activity***
                      Word Study Activities
             Please choose 5 of the following activities
 Create a diagram using your words (use at least 5 words)

 Make a picture dictionary using at least 15 of your words.

 Pretend you are a meteorologist. Write up a weather forecast using at least 8
of your words.

 April is poetry month! Create an acrostic poem for two of your words.
Remember that the sentences you make from each letter should relate to the
meaning of the word!
             Climbs high in to the sky
             Laying in the grass to watch their many shapes
             Oh the many different kinds!
             Under a tree for shelter from the rain they bring
             Down comes the snow from a Stratus sheet!

 Pretend you are a weather instrument salesman! Design an advertisement for
two different instruments that include a picture, and description of the fabulous

 * At home activity * Frost cookies (Oreos work great) to represent all of the
phases of the moon. Label each one. Take a picture of your work and glue that in
your notebook!

 Create a song about weather or the solar system. Include at least 10 words.

 Type your closed sort on the computer (don’t forget the column labels). Use fun
fonts and colors too!

              Word Study Activities
The top of each page should have the title of each

 1 open sort – The sort should have labels explaining which words
  belong in each column. NO ABC ORDER ALLOWED!

 1 closed sort - Should be glued in using the word cards and the
  heading cards given to you by your teacher.

 Completed Vocabulary Flip Book (star* words only)

 5 activities (each should have a title and start on a new page)

 Activities Due and Test on ____________________________

     o On the test you will have to:
          Sort all of your words according to the closed sort

     o On the test you will also do 2 of these 3 things – I choose
       the 2 so study all 3!
          Identify the 4 cloud types and describe the weather
            they bring
          Identify the 4 weather instruments and what they
          List the moon phases in order
                        Closed Sort - Key

                      WEATHER WORDS

Weather Instruments      Clouds       Precipitation    Other
   Thermometer           Cirrus           Hail      Air Pressure
   Anemometer           Stratus           Rain         Front
    Rain Gauge        Cumulonimbus       Sleet      Temperature
    Barometer           Cumulus          Snow

                   SOLAR SYSTEM WORDS

  Moon Phases          Planetary Bodies         Movement
    New Moon                Earth                Rotates
 Waxing Crescent             Moon               Revolves
  First Quarter              Sun               Moon Phases
 Waxing Gibbous
    Full Moon
 Waning Gibbous
  Last Quarter
 Waning Crescent
                            Closed Sort Headings
       When you teach students the closed sort, you could provide them
      with these headings for their columns… this way they don’t forget
      any. You might also want to give them the headings, and have them
      figure it out before you tell them – just double check before they

                                          WEATHER WORDS

 Weather Instruments                             Clouds                Precipitation                 Other

                                    SOLAR SYSTEM WORDS

       Moon Phases                          Planetary Bodies                              Movement

                          Directions for Vocabulary Flip Book

    1. Cut along the dotted lines

    2. Fold the remaining paper in half – you should have little flaps covering the
       different definitions

    3. Glue the back of the solid definition side in to your notebook

    4. Write the matching star* vocabulary word on the flap covering the correct

      Vocabulary Flip Book – Use Star* Words Only
1.                        A weather instrument that measures
                                the temperature of the air
2.                        A weather instrument that measures
                          wind speed. It has four spinning cups
                                     to catch the wind.
3.                        A weather instrument that measures
                          the amount of precipitation that has
                          fallen over a specific period of time
4.                        A weather instrument that measures
                            air pressure. It looks like a clock!
5.                       Feather-like clouds. Indicate fair and
                         pleasant weather. Sometimes rain or
                                     snow will fall soon!
6.                         Low gray clouds that cover the sky
                         like a thick blanket. Sometimes bring
                                        light drizzle.
7.                          Big, white, puffy clouds with flat
                              bottoms. They bring nice, fair
8.                           Big, puffy clouds with dark flat
                           bottoms high in the sky. They can
                           bring thunderstorms or tornadoes.
9.                       Falling condensation (liquid) from the
                          sky such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
10.                             The weight of the air. It is
                              determined by several factors
                                   including temperature.
11.                       The boundary between air masses of
                               different temperatures and
12.                        The measure of the amount of heat
                                 energy in the atmosphere.
      Vocabulary Flip Book – Use Star* Words Only
13.                         The many appearance of our moon
                                caused by the moons position
                               relative to the earth and sun.
14.                         The third planet from the sun. It
                            is a unique planet because it has a
                             breathable atmosphere and the
                                      most liquid water.
15.                             This planetary body revolves
                             around the earth every 28 days.
                            It controls the tides of the ocean.
                            The NASA Apollo missions helped
                                     us to learn about it!
16.                         The yellow star that is the center
                             of our solar system. It is about
                              110 times the size of earth and
                              provides the solar system with
                                        heat and light.
17.                          The spinning of a planetary body
                               on its axis. The earth rotates
                            every 24 hours which causes night
                                           and day.
18.                              Movement around another
                                 planetary body. The Earth
                            revolves around the sun every 365
                             days. The moon revolves around
                                  the earth every 28 days.
    Flip Book Key

1. Thermometer
2. Anemometer
3. Rain Gauge
4. Barometer
5. Cirrus
6. Stratus
7. Cumulus
8. Cumulonimbus
9. Precipitation
10. Air Pressure
11. Front
12. Temperature
13. Moon Phases
14. Earth
15. Moon
16. Sun
17. Rotate
18. Revolve
                                                 Name: ___________________

              Weather and Solar Systems – Vocabulary Test

                            Complete the Closed Sort
   Using the vocabulary list, complete the following sort – use all of the words
                               (except precipitation)!

                           WEATHER WORDS

Weather Instruments              Clouds          Precipitation         Other

                        SOLAR SYSTEM WORDS

   Moon Phases               Planetary Bodies                 Movement

                                                             29 possible points
         Name each weather instrument and explain what it measures!


What it

                                                             8 possible points

                Name the Phases of the Moon in Order

        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
        ________________________
                                                            8 possible points

               _______ points of 45 possible points = ________

                            A           45-41 points
                            B          40-36 points
                            C          35-32 points
                            D           31-27 points
                            U         26 or less points

        Vocabulary List                     Vocabulary List
            For Test                            For Test
       Air Pressure                        Air Pressure
       Anemometer                          Anemometer
       Barometer                           Barometer
       Cirrus                              Cirrus
       Cumulonimbus                        Cumulonimbus
       Cumulus                             Cumulus
       Earth                               Earth
       First Quarter Moon                  First Quarter Moon
       Front                               Front
       Full Moon                           Full Moon
       Hail                                Hail
       Last Quarter Moon                   Last Quarter Moon
       Moon                                Moon
       Moon Phases                         Moon Phases
       New Moon                            New Moon
       Precipitation                       Precipitation
       Rain                                Rain
       Rain Gauge                          Rain Gauge
       Revolve                             Revolve
       Rotate                              Rotate
       Sleet                               Sleet
       Snow                                Snow
       Stratus                             Stratus
       Sun                                 Sun
       Temperature                         Temperature
       Thermometer                         Thermometer
       Waning Crescent                     Waning Crescent
       Waning Gibbous                      Waning Gibbous
       Waxing Crescent                     Waxing Crescent
       Waxing Gibbous                      Waxing Gibbous

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