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					                                                    On the Fringe...
                                                 Carolinas PGA Section
                                                   November 2, 2012
     Carolinas PGA
    Board of Directors                 National Rental Car Carolinas PGA Professional Championship
                                                                presented by COBRA PUMA GOLF
        Mike Casto, PGA              Charles Frost, PGA is the Champion of the National Car Rental Carolinas PGA Assistant Pro-
            President                fessional Championship presented by COBRA PUMA GOLF held at the Tom Fazio designed
                                     Hasentree Club in Wake Forest, NC.
        Chad Newton, PGA
          Vice President           Frost, an Assistant Professional at Quail Hollow Country Club
                                     in Charlotte, NC came back from 5 shots behind the leaders
        John Marino, PGA
            Secretary                after day 1 to win his first CPGA Assistant Professional Cham-       pionship. Frost carded a second-round 36-31=67 to win the
        Karl Kimball, PGA            tournament by two strokes with a total 75-67=142. Frost adds
        Honorary President           this Championship to his victory at the 48th Toshiba North
                                     Carolina Open held earlier this year.
        Area Directors
           Jay King, PGA
                                     Five qualifying spots were available to the top 5 finishers who
           Area I Director           were eligible for the 36th National Car Rental PGA Assistant            Carolinas PGA Staff
                                     Championship presented by COBRA PUMA GOLF, Nov. 1-4, at                      Ron Schmid, PGA
         Clem King, PGA              The PGA Golf Club (Wanamaker Course) in Port St. Lucie, Fla.                 Executive Director
          Area II Director                                                                             
                                     Frost, Buhrman, Perry, and Fox were the top 4 and qualified for
                                     the tournament.                                                            Kurt Battenberg, PGA
      Stephen Youngner, PGA                                                                                 Director of Operation & Finance
          Area III Director                                                                          
stephen   There was a four-way playoff for the 5th and final qualifying spot
                                                                                                                  Cory Armstrong
       Rocky Brooks, PGA
                                     between Aaron Black of Charlotte, NC, Matt Bova of Hilton Head             Tournament Director
         Area IV Director            Island, SC, Barry Pierce of Charlotte, NC, and Rob Pilewski of  
                                     Vass, NC. On the second playoff hole, Aaron Black birdied the               Mike Whitenack
         Mike Krick, PGA             par-four tenth hole to claim the 5th qualifying spot. Matt Bova            Tournament Official
         Area V Director                                                                             
                                     took the first alternate position, Rob Pilewski the second, and
                                     Barry Pierce was the third alternate.                                       Andrew Ward, PGA
        Woody Allen, PGA                                                                                         Tournament Official
         Area VI Director                                                                                       The Carolinas PGA Section would like to thank Hasentree Club
                                                                                                                Sara Beth Gardocki
        Paige Cribb, PGA
                                     General Manager, Patrick Mastandrea, PGA and his staff for all         Media and Promotions Director
        Area VII Director            their hard work to help make the National Car Rental CPGA As-   
                                     sistant Professional Championship a success.                                Dahlia Gutterman
      Craig Sandstrum, PGA                                                                                     Tournament Coordinator
         Area VIII Director                                                                          
                                                                                                                     Talma Kee
        Bob Byrnes, PGA                                                                                        Membership Coordinator
         Area IX Director                                                                               

         Bryan Sullivan
        Area X Director                                                                                         Contents

      Billy Anderson, PGA
                                                                                                          Section News...              1-10
      NC Director-at-Large
                                                                                                          Tournament Swing... 12-13
      Brian Gerard, PGA
     SC Director-at-Large                                                                             Member Updates...            14-15
                                                                                   Letter from the
                               Fellow CPGA Member,

                               Vice President Chad Newton, PGA, Secretary John Marion, PGA, Executive Director Ron
                               Schmid, PGA and I will be off to Baltimore, MD for the PGA Annual Meeting (November 8-11).
                               This year’s annual meeting is highlighted by the election of the Association’s next Secretary. With
                               seven candidates vying for the office, I’m certain several ballots will be cast before the outcome
                               is decided. Besides the election, the delegation will debate and vote on the six proposed resolu-
                               tions. I also anticipate, the delegation will be updated on the selection process for the Associa-
                               tion’s next CEO. During our time in Baltimore, we will also have the chance to recognize and
                               thank Allen Wronowski, President of the PGA of America, for his service and the opportunity to
                               celebrate PGA CEO Joe Steranka’s years of dedicated service to our Association.

In October, your CPGA Officers and Board of Directors met in Myrtle Beach for our Fall Board Meeting. The following day, the
Board discussed and developed our 2013 Annual Business Plan. The four main areas of focus for the business plan included:

       1.    Promotion/Marketing of the CPGA
       2.    Winter Education Seminar focusing on player development
       3.    Developing a Grant to present to National to support Player Development
       4.    Long Range Financial Plans for Section Operations

The Board and I are excited with the discussions and enthusiasm for the 2013 Business Plan. We have hit the road running and
are making significant progress in just a few weeks!

Hope to see a full field at this year’s Pro-Pro Championship in Pinehurst, NC. If you haven’t signed up yet, get your entry in.
I’m certain it will be a great event and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our fellow PGA professionals.

I wish you and your family the very best over this upcoming holiday season.


Mike Casto, PGA

                       The Official Golf Car
                       of The PGA of America                                                                                  2
                                                                              Letter from the
                             Dear Carolinas PGA Members,
                                                                           Executive Director
                             How quickly time passes. The 2012 Holiday Season is just around the corner and I hope it will
                             allow you a little time to spend with family and friends. I also hope this season has been one to
                             remember, for all the right reasons. For the Carolinas PGA Section, this month marks the one year
                             anniversary of the move of our Section Headquarters to Greensboro. For the Section, it has been
                             a great year. We feel as though we have been able to deliver member services to a higher level than
                             ever before. We have done this while reducing our staff size. Without question, our new head-
                             quarters is allowing us to be more efficient, which is just one of the many benefits of our relocation.
                             Another benefit of the move is how our new staff has blended together so well with the existing
                             staff. In addition, the existing staff has served as great mentors. It has been an exciting first year,
                             and we look forward to many more to come.

At the time of this writing, the Awards and Honors process is in the home stretch. The Awards and Honors Committee, made
up of the award winners from 2011 as well as three Board members, have received their 2” binders with complete information
on all the nominees. Like students in college, the committee will need to study their binders prior to attending the selection
meeting that takes place on Monday, November 19th at the Section Headquarters. The meeting will be led by Awards and Hon-
ors Committee Chairman, Mike Harmon. Mike is a past Board member as well as a multiple National and Section Award win-
ner. If past history means anything, the meeting will last between four and six hours. Once all selections are made, each winner
will be notified by President Casto. Appropriate press releases will go out soon after selections are made. Congratulations to all
PGA professionals who received nominations!

As we prepare for 2013, we want to be sure we are making available the educational programs that you would like to receive.
One way we deliver education programs to you is the Annual Winter Educational Seminar. On October 29th, you received an
email from Education Committee Co-Chairmen, Paige Cribb and Clem King. They are requesting you respond to two very
simple questions about Growth of the Game programs. Your feedback is needed, and if you missed their email, please contact
either Paige or Clem at: Paige Cribb (843-349-2958) or Clem King (803-359-2515)

As you prepare for the busy holiday season, I would like to remind each of you about the 2012 AHEAD / E-Z-GO Pro-Pro
Championship, presented by SUNDOG. The Pro-Pro is the event that continually attracts the largest field and is always a lot of
fun. This year, the event will again be played in the Pinehurst area, where it has enjoyed such a rich history. The Championship
will be contested over three great venues; Pinewild CC (Magnolia Course), Pinehurst #8 (Centennial Course), and Pine Needles.
We are fortunate to be able to conduct our championship on these three fine facilities. In addition, we have great sponsors in
AHEAD, E-Z-GO, and SUNDOG. I know that playing golf at this time of year can bring some unpredictable weather, and like
the game of golf, unpredictability is part of the full Pro-Pro experience. Show our sponsors you really appreciate their support
while enjoying a great event. SIGN UP AND TAKE PART IN THE PRO-PRO!


Ron Schmid, PGA
Executive Director

                      The Official Golf Car
                      of The PGA of America                                                                                    3
                                                                                     CAREER NOTES
                                                                           November / December 2012

                                                                   By Dick Bradow, PGA
                                                  PGA of America Employment Consultant
                              I hope you have had a successful and enjoyable 2012 season. I want to remind you that I am avail-
                              able to assist with your career and employment needs, or if you would like assistance utilizing PGA
                              resources and services. Below is an update on current PGA Employment Services and Golf 2.0

                              New CareerLinks Profile Survey
                             Recently, you should have received an email from PGA CareerLinks asking you to complete a new
                             CareerLinks Profile survey to stay active in the CareerLinks service. This is being done to update
the CareerLinks Profile information for all PGA Professionals participating in CareerLinks. The Profile survey has been en-
hanced with new questions based on the priorities of today’s golf industry and the needs of employers, including player develop-
ment and higher management level positions. The last full CareerLinks Profile survey was conducted in January, 2009.

When you update your CareerLinks Profile, make sure to check that your PGA employment history is correct and all facility
information is complete. You must complete the Profile survey by December 25, 2012 to remain active in CareerLinks. Please
contact me if you have any questions or would like assistance with your Profile.

PGA Data Resources for YOU!
The PGA of America provides a number of valuable information and data resources to PGA Professionals. Here are three of the
most important resources to you and your facility:

• PerformanceTrak – is the largest single source of data in the industry and provides information on rounds played and Key
Performance Indicators (KPI) including golf fee revenue, merchandise revenue, food and beverage revenue, and total facility
revenue. PGA Professionals (or their authorized proxy) have password protected confidential data submission and access to
various monthly and yearly reports.

• Annual Operations Survey – provides PGA Professionals with comparative reporting on their top-line revenues and ex-
penses against other “like” facilities. Available data includes green fees, golf car fees, membership dues, payroll, and a variety of
facility operational areas.

• PGA Compensation Survey – known as the industry standard for providing data on PGA Professional compensation, the
2012 version drew a record-breaking response of more than 15,000 PGA Professionals completing the survey. The Compensa-
tion Survey provides key information to assist with performance evaluations, contract negotiations, staff budgeting, and other
employer/employee interactions. Data is available through an interactive report tool on the PGALinks Employment homepage.

The PGA has developed these resources for you, the PGA Professional, to help you with your career development and facility
management. However, for you and your fellow Carolinas PGA Professionals to get the maximum benefit and most accurate
information from these resources, it’s important that everyone participate in reporting data to PerformanceTrak and completing
the surveys. Carolinas PGA Professionals provided strong support of the 2012 Compensation Survey, but have lagged behind
other PGA Sections with PerformanceTrak (20th out of 41 PGA Sections) and the Annual Operations Survey (34th out of 41).
Please do your part in supporting the Carolinas PGA’s efforts with these valuable resources. You can also earn MSR credits for
participating in each of the above initiatives.

                      The Official Golf Car
                      of The PGA of America                                                                                      5
                                                                                   CAREER NOTES
                                                                         November / December 2012

Golf 2.0 Update
The Golf 2.0 strategic initiative continues to gain momentum, with more success stories of PGA Professionals and their facili-
ties focusing on new and creative ways to implement player development programs. The Golf 2.0 team has recently introduced
“Know Your Customer Tactics,” the latest resource in the Know Your Customer series of publications. Know Your Customer
Tactics will help PGA Professionals execute the Know Your Customer action steps to enhance the Customer Relationship Man-
agement (CRM) programs at their facilities.
Additional Golf 2.0 Playbooks and tools are being developed to target the three Core Strategies which comprise the Golf 2.0
plan – Strengthening the Core, Engaging the Lapsed, and Driving New Players.
All Golf 2.0 information and publications are available at During the off-season, I would encourage you and
your staff to explore the Golf 2.0 website, review the Playbooks and other resources, and develop a plan for 2013 to incorporate
some of the ideas that will work at your facility. It’s also important to communicate your plans with your employer, so they
know you are being proactive in promoting the success of your facility. PGA Professionals can login using their PGALinks
username and password. Employers, facility officials, and non-PGA staff can login using the username golf2.0 and the pass-
word growgolf.

PGA Employment Services – Resources and Publications
Below is a reminder of many of the employment resources available to PGA Professionals. For more information and to take
advantage of these resources, go to the PGALinks Employment homepage.

  • PGA CareerLinks                       • Interview tips/questions              • Employer Hiring Guidebook
  • PGA Jobfinder                         • Negotiating techniques                • Career Fitness Manual
  • Employment Consultants                • Sample job descriptions               • Job Hunter’s Tool Kit
  • Career counseling/planning            • Performance review forms              • Wage & Hour information
  • Job search assistance                 • PGA Compensation Survey               • Wage & Hour Consultant
  • Resume samples/critiquing             • PGA Professional Report               • Background checks

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail if you would like assistance with any PGA Employment or Golf 2.0 pro-
grams or services.

Dick Bradow is an Employment Consultant for the PGA of America and a PGA Certified Professional. He can be contacted
at (502) 458-2002 or by e-mail at

                     The Official Golf Car
                     of The PGA of America                                                                                  6
                       Southworth Senior PGA Professional National Championship

                          Lawrence Finishes Fifth and Qualifies for Senior PGA Championship

                                         Mike Lawrence, PGA of Anderson, SC finished fifth at
                                         the 24th Southworth Senior PGA Professional Nation-
                                         al Championship Presented by Mercedes-Benz held
                                         October 11-14, 2012 at Creighton Farms, Aldie, VA
                                         and River Creek Course, Leesburg, VA. With his fifth
                                         place finish, Lawrence qualifies for the 2013 Senior
                                         PGA Championship and also earned and exemption into the final stage of the 2012 Champi-
                                         ons Tour National Finals.

                                         Lawrence was joined by seven other CPGA Professionals at the 24th Southworth Senior PGA
                                         Professional National Championship presented by Mercedes-Benz. Don Sweeting, PGA,
                                         Jimmy Hamilton, PGA, Rick Morton, PGA, Robert Linville, PGA, David Thore, PGA, Mitch
                                         Adam, PGA, and Rick Lewallen, PGA represented the Carolinas PGA Section after qualifying
                                         for their spots at the 2012 CPGA Senior Champions held at Pine Island CC in July.

The Carolinas PGA had three players survive the cut and play for the chance to qualify for the 2012 Senior PGA Championship.
Lawrence led the way with his fifth place finish at 290 (+3). Don Sweeting, PGA missed qualifying for the Championship by
one stroke at 301 (+13). Mitch Adams, PGA had a respectable T-57 final position with a 72 hole total of 306 (+18).

                               2012 Area Championship
                                     Monday October 15, 2012
                                The Members Club at Grande Dunes

                Presented by Cleveland Golf / Srixon & Polo Ralph Lauren

                                                                 The Area VII team set a new record for the modified Stableford scoring
                                                                 system totaling 47 points. Even with their record, it was only good for a
                                                                 one point victory over the teams from Area IX and Area X.

                                                                 The Carolinas PGA would like to thank our partners Cleveland Golf /
                                                                 Srixon and Polo Ralph Lauren for their support of the Area Challenge
                                                                 Finals, as well as the summer long Area Meetings, Education and Golf
                                                                 Challenge. The Carolinas PGA would also like to thank the Members
                                                                 Club at Grande Dunes and PGA General Manager, Frank Coughlin, for
                                                                 their support.

  L to R: Gil Feagin, PGA, Chuck Johns, PGA, Matt Roberts, PGA

                          The Official Golf Car
                          of The PGA of America                                                                                          7
The Official Golf Car
of The PGA of America   8
                                          Golf 2.0 News

 PGA of America Announces Partnership                            Over the past few years Get Golf Ready has proven to be a
         with ACTIVE Network                                     highly successful program to not only introduce new golf-
                                                                 ers to the sport, but also as an effective way to create lifetime
2.0 Registration Solution. The new registration tool is being    golfers.
implemented for PGA Professional and facility use for player
development events, Get Golf Ready, camps and golf clinics.      Get Golf Ready is a program developed to provide new
                                                                 golfers with the skills and confidence to get out onto the
PGA Professionals have been looking for a better marketing       golf course. This program is unique compared to other ap-
tool that would make it easier for customers to find, register   proaches of instructing new players because it tackles one of
and pay for their programs.                                      the largest obstacles a new player faces, making the transition
                                                                 from the driving range to the course.
ACTIVE Works® will help Professionals:
• Create and post any type of player development event, in-      The basic criteria to qualify as a Get Golf Ready program
cluding Get Golf Ready, so that customers can easily find and    includes:
register for all events                                          • Offer a series of group lessons
• Offer online credit card payments to make it convenient for        (recommend five sessions)
customers to pay in advance, increasing attendance at your       • Cover the basics of golf, i.e. putting, short game, full
events                                                               swing, how to play, etc.
• Make your “golf events” accessible to more than 9 million      • Each session should have an on-course activity
visitors per month through and                • Keep it easy and affordable
T                                                                • Suggest charging $99, but this is flexible
his is an upgrade to the event posting solutions currently        Agree to provide clubs for students’ use at no charge
on and there are no start-up fees or
monthly costs for Professionals to use the new marketing         New for 2012 is the opportunity to earn MSR credits for Get
tool. It’s easy to set up a new account with ACTIVE and to       Golf Ready programs held at your facility. Credits will be
start creating and posting events.                               awarded based on the amount of classes held at your facility
                                                                 and the number of students to participate. Additional MSR
For assistance, please contact:                                  credit will be awarded to those who retain golfers thru their
                                                                 Get Golf Ready Programs. Information is available about
The PGA of America:                                              MSR credits and Get Golf Ready programs on PGALinks.
Bethany Denzer | | 561-630-1763                com.

ACTIVE Network:                                                  Click here to get more information on Get Golf Ready and to
Ken Clay, Sr. Account Executive at ACTIVE Network                Register your facility to host a program
702-489-4909 |
                                                                   The Carolinas PGA would like to hear about what you
ACTIVE Technical Support
                                                                 are doing at your facilities to promote Play Golf America.
                                                                 Please contact Sara Beth Gardocki, Media and Promotions
                                                                 Director with details about you successful events promot-
                                                                      ing growth of the game.

                     The Official Golf Car
                     of The PGA of America                                                                                    9
                 2013 PGA
                 Scholarship Program
 The Carolinas PGA Section is pleased to announce that the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program will
 again be available online on the homepage of, beginning November 15, 2012. Information about the
 scholarship program and a link to the application will be accessible. The application must be completed online. Avail-
 able immediately at are Scholarship Search Tips and links to additional websites that can help with your
 scholarship search.

 Please read the application instructions carefully. You will be asked to provide your Social Security number and the
 PGA member number of the PGA-affiliated parent or grandparent before you will be authorized to complete the ap-

 We ask that you wait until you receive your first semester transcript from your school before applying, so you are work-
 ing off the most recent academic information in completing the application.

 After submitting the application, you must send an “official” transcript from your school. High school graduating
 seniors must ensure that the transcript shows their cumulative GPA and their SAT/ACT test scores. Current college stu-
 dents must ensure that their transcript shows their cumulative GPA and their most recently completed semester GPA.
 The transcript is to be sent to:

          Linda Bennington
          Grant and Scholarship Specialist
          PGA Foundation
          100 Avenue of the Champions
          Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

 The online application deadline date and receipt of the transcript is 5:00 p.m. (ET), March 15, 2013. Recipients will be
 announced in May. If you have any questions concerning the application, please contact Linda Bennington at
 (561) 624-7612 or via e-mail at

 The scholarship program is an academic based scholarship program that takes into account the following depending on
 the class level of the student:

             High School Graduating Senior                                     Current College Student
                                                                     (has not reached their senior year in college)
-High School Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be
at least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale). This   -College Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at
number is to be an unweighted GPA based on a 4.0 scale.       least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale)
-ACT and/or SAT test scores (30% of the scholarship           -Most recently completed college semester or quarter GPA
weighting scale)                                              (30% of the scholarship weighting scale)
-Extracurricular activities in high school such as sports,    -Extracurricular activities in college such as sports, clubs,
clubs, student government, community service, part time       student government, community service, part time em-
employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale).    ployment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale)

               The Official Golf Car
               of The PGA of America                                                                                          0
The Official Golf Car
of The PGA of America   1
                                                     November 2012

Jerry Barger / Corbin Hills GC Pro-Am

      Greenville CC Pro-Am

 Rock Hill CC / Be Floored Pro-Am

       Northgreen Pro-Am
                                        The final tournament on the Carolinas PGA 2012 Major Championship schedule is the
            11/04                       AHEAD / E-Z GO CPGA Pro-Pro Championship presented by SUNDOG. The CPGA Pro-
  SCPGA Palmetto Cup Matches            Pro Championship will again return to Pinehurst, NC and give CPGA Professionals to play
                                        on three of the famed Pinehurst Resort courses.
   Azalea Invitational Pro-Am
                                        The AHEAD E-Z-GO Carolinas PGA Championship presented by SUNDOG will be con-
                                        tested at Pinewild CC of Pinehurst - Magnolia, Pine Needles Lodge & GC, and Pinehurst No.
     PAT @ GC Chapel Ridge
                                        8. At each course a different tournament format will be played and contestants will rotate
               11/06                    to have the opportunity to play on all three courses. The different formats include Captains
       King’s Grant Pro-Am
                                        Choice, Modified Alternate Shot, and Four-Ball Stroke Play.
 Emory Stafford Memorial Pro-Am         The CPGA Pro-Pro Championship has a history of filling up fast so be sure and sign up early
                                        for the event. If you need a partner please contact the Carolinas PGA Section Office to be
  Rock Barn CPGA Senior Open            added to the list.

                                        Pinewild CC will host a player’s receptions the evening of Monday, November 26 from 5:00
Garrett Thomas Foundation Pro-Am
    Benefitting Cystic Fibrosis         PM - 7:00 PM. Tee gifts, beverages, and hors d’oeuvres will be provided. This is a great way
                                        to catch up with other CPGA Professionals and also thank all the sponsors for the event.
   PAT @ the GC at Ballantyne
                                        The Carolinas PGA Section would like to thank all the sponsors who’s support make the
            11/19                       CPGA Pro-Pro Championship a highlight of the CPGA tournament schedule each year. The
       SCPGA Lathrop Cup
                                        2012 sponsors include Title Sponsors AHEAD and E-Z-GO, Supporting Sponsor SUNDOG
              11/27                     Eyewear, and Event Sponsor Global Golf Sales.
  Ahead / E-Z-Go CPGA Pro-Pro
                                        The CPGA Pro-Pro Championship would also not be possible without the host facilities
                                        that work hard to keep course condition exceptional during the time of the year with very
                                        unpredictable weather conditions. Thank you to Jim Lynn, PGA Head Golf Professional at
                                        Pinehurst No. 8, Graham Gilmore of Pine Needles Lodge & GC, Bob Esworthy, PGA Head
                                        Golf Professional at Pine Needles Lodge & GC, Chris Little, PGA Director of Golf, and Sean
                                        Desmond, PGA Head Golf Professional at Pinewild CC of Pinehurst.
                   Lewallen Prevails at Pine Needles / Mid Pines CPGA
                                       Senior Open

           October 31, 2012 (Pinehurst, N.C.) - Rick Lewallen,
           PGA of Kannapolis NC won his third CPGA Senior
           tournament of 2012 season at the Pine Needles / Mid
           Pines CPGA Senior Open. Windy conditions from
           Hurricane Sandy made the 36-hole stroke play event
           more challenging than usual. Lewallan, who finished
           at 70-70=140 (-3) was the only competitor playing
           from the championship tees to break par both days.
           Todd Smith, PGA, Mike Lawrence, PGA, and Chris
           Tucker, PGA were all four strokes behind Lewallen at
           144 (+1).

           Ed Donlin of Concord, NC was the Overall Amateur
           Champion with a final score of 76-74=150 (+7).

           Amateurs Jim Pridgen, and Rick Luzer were Co-Champions of the Super Senior Division
           both finishing at 140 (-3). The Super Senior age division is made up of PGA Professionals
           and amateurs age 65+ who compete from a shorter set of tees.

           The Carolinas PGA Section would like to thank Graham Gilmore, PGA General Manager,
           and the staffs of both Pine Needles Lodge & GC and Mid Pines Inn & GC for their hospital-
           ity and assistance with the event.

                 Amateur Pat Thompson Wins at Mimosa Hills CPGA
                                  Senior Open

                                             Pat Thompson of Asheville, NC shot 70-71 for a
                                             1-under par 141 to capture the Mimosa Hills CPGA
                                             Senior Open held at Mimosa Hills Country Club
                                             in Morganton, NC on October 11 & 12. Thompson
                                             edged out David Eaker, another amateur out of For-
                                             est City, NC by two shots and Todd Smith, PGA out
                                             of Whitsett, NC who was the low Professional in the

                                             Thank you to Head PGA Professional Dan Dobson,
                                             and his staff at Mimosa Hills Country Club for their
                                             hospitality during the 36-hole event.

The Official Golf Car
of The PGA of America                                                                               3
                                        Updates and


   10/13 - 10/14
Methodist University
  Eryk Bapisteller
Elizabeth Blomgren
   Tim Bringard
   Carson Brown
  William Moore
  David Sazajnuk

  Nick Carnevale
 Chris Concannon
  Nick Desjardins
   Tyler Porter
  Scott Trumbull

  Crooked Creek
   Darren Cook
                             Meetings and Seminars                                     Congratulations
  Amor Hughes
 Wrenn Johnson
   Matt Lawson           To receive proper membership service requirement
                                                                                     Quarter Century Members
 Alexander Rhyna         Credits, Carolinas PGA members must send copies of
   Justin Sellers        their MSR certificates or other documentation of the           William Branham, PGA
   Brian Turner          event to the Carolinas PGA office.
   Alan Unruh                                                                            Alan Chasteen, PGA
 Thomas Willock          Seminars outside The PGA or not on the approved list
                         may be honored upon submission of documentation                  Lee Duncan, PGA
                         detailing the course content and length, as well as a
                         certificate of completion or transcripts. If honored, MSR       Rod Kennedy, PGA
                         Credits will be awarded as stipulated by MSR Rules and
                         Regulations.                                                    Todd Marshall, PGA

                                                                                        Dennis Womble, PGA
                         To view upcoming MSR opportunities as of November 2,
                         2012 please copy and paste the link below into your web


                         Meeting and Seminar Opportunities are updated weekly
                         and available on our website:

              The Official Golf Car
              of The PGA of America                                                                            4
                                           Updates and

     For Sale                             Congratulations to our new members!

If you would like to place a
‘For Sale Ad’ contact Sara                                  Richard S. Brown
Beth Gardocki via email:                                     River Oaks GC or by
phone: (336) 398-2742                                    Matthew Darnell, PGA
                                                       A-15, Dick’s Sporting Goods

   Range Ball Dispenser                                  William Godwin, PGA
                                                        A-8, Kiawah Island Resort
      Range Servant
      GL6 - Model
    5200 Ball Capacity
   Only Used One Year

  For more information
       Joe Vincent                        Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors
      336-693-6660                          Ahead USA                      Myrtle Beach Golf Course Owners
                                        American Express                              Association
                                     American Sports Targets                           Nike Golf
                                               BB & T                                    Oakley
                                             Bushnell                                  Office Max
                                            Carnoustie                                    Pepsi
                                      Cleveland Golf / Srixon               PGA National Resort and Spa
                                             Club Car                             The PGA of America
                                         Coopercraft Pens                             PGA TOUR
                                                EMC                                    Polo Golf
                                            Evolve Golf                             Pro - Am Events
                                              E-Z-GO                                PuzzleDuckGolf
                                       The Floyd Law Firm                              RBC Bank
 Follow the                              Global Golf Sales                               Sprint
 Carolinas PGA                            Golf Energy Bar                     Southworth Development
                                           Golf Max USA                              Sun Mountain
 on Facebook
                                    Golf Shop of Wake Forest                       Sundog Eyewear
 and Twitter!                     Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan &               Synthetic Turf International
                                           Fountain, LLP                    Taylormade-adidas Ashworth
                                            Kirk & Matz                                 Toshiba
                                               Lipton                                The Turf Mall
                                          Mercedes Benz                               Weatherbug

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