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									                                    The Era of Instant Translation Software

When an enterprise decides to globally expand its operations and consumer base, there is an increased
requirement for instant translation technology. When their online content is ready and resources are available for
further translation into various languages then it is easier to expand with few hassles. For many small, large and
medium-scale enterprises, the time and money put in for localization activities can be an obstacle in its expansion.

In the recent past, enterprises have switched over from the conventional translation models to the advanced
instant translation software. Problems with the conventional model are as follows:

         The cost of getting a professional translator is usually limited for big scale enterprises. Furthermore the
         short supply of skilled professional translators has increased the price of translation. As a result it is
         complicated to manage projects and may take even weeks or months to finish a project.
         There is absence of apt tools and techniques to help people translate content in its native form on the
         web. The majority of translation projects still makes use of the process of offering online content in a
         word processing format. The process of transferring content from the web to a document and then
         transferring the translated content back to the web is time consuming, error prone and inconvenient.

Keeping in mind these challenges, service providers specializing in automated translation solutions have
introduced instant translation software. The software functions in an evolved manner than the traditional model
that used to offer a generic sentence based translation. The software efficiently manages the translation of idioms,
differences in linguistics technology and isolation of anomalies. Additionally, it also helps:

         Marketing professionals translate user-generated content and pre-sales data for launching new websites
         in new territories, providing a unified global experience.
         Localization professionals to improve translation by incorporating automation into a standard human
         translation workflow.
         Professionals in offering multilingual data support, like email, knowledge bases, and chat.
         Analysts and government intelligence workers to quickly translate any foreign language data for critical
         mission decision making.

Global communications today have taken a new turn with the advent of internet technologies and the flourishing
of the social web. Today a corporate website is the primary reference point for an enterprise. Hence, it can either
make or break a company’s reputation depending on the quality of online content. Apart from keeping your
content grammatically correct and updated, it is also essential to make it available in various languages so that a
consumer from any part of the world can navigate and browse through your website. Instant translation software
helps you to seamlessly attain this which in turn increases your web traffic.

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