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					                                R OOSEVELT T IMES
Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                                                              June 2009

Here Comes R.A.P. 2009-2010                                                                              Upcoming Events

By Brenda C., RAP Editor                                                                                 • JUN 16–RAP’S LAST DAY
                                                                                                         • JUN 17–LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

I  f you want to come to summer R.A.P.,
   you’d better hurry, because it’s filling up
fast. Summer R.A.P. is really fun because last
                                                    the-month! And we have clubs. The clubs we
                                                    have are cooking, basketball, soccer, cheer-
                                                    leading, and of course writing for this news-
                                                                                                         • JUN 22–SUMMER RAP BEGINS
                                                                                                         • JUN 22–SUMMER SCHOOL BEGINS
year we got wet and had a lot of fun. So if I       paper. We have clubs every Friday.                   • JUL 3–NO SCHOOL OR RAP
were you, I would rush and sign up!                      R.A.P. is going to have a talent show on
     In R.A.P., it is just like normal school but   June 9th. So if you want to participate in the       • JUL 4–RUN 4 SUCCESS 5K
instead of doing classwork, you do home-            talent show, come and sign up at R.A.P.              • JUL 17–SUMMER RAP LAST DAY
work. We also do activities, and we have free-           Also, if you would like to come to R.A.P
                                                                                                         • JUL 17–SUMMER SCHOOL LAST DAY
play, which is just like recess. Free-play means    next year, pick up an application in the front
that you can play anything you want to play,        office or at the R.A.P. office so your parents       • SEPT 8–RAP ICE CREAM SOCIAL 4-5
but it has to be safe. We also have student-of-     can sign you up for a fun 2009-2010 year!!!          • SEPT 9–1ST DAY OF SCHOOL/RAP

Lights, Action, Animals, and                        Dapplegray Elementary                                 In This Issue
More at Dapplegray                                  School’s Writers’ Workshop
                                                                                                         LUCKY SHOES                  3

                                                                                                         WHAT WE HAVE                 3
By Brenda C., RAP Editor                            By Alex R., Travel Editor
                                                                                                         KOBE BRYANT                  3

I   would like to tell you about my field trip to
   Dapplegray Elementary School. It was a
really good school, and I really had a good
                                                    D     applegray Elementary School invited the
                                                          Roosevelt Times editors to their Writers’
                                                    Workshop. This school was the best! They
                                                                                                         DAVID ARCHULETA

                                                                                                         SELENA GOMEZ

time.                                               have some of the biggest classrooms that I have
   In the morning we went to different work-        ever seen. We each saw three different speak-        POKEMON                      4
shops that were in classrooms. First, I went to     ers who talked about writing.                        COOL BANDS                   5
                           Continued on page 7                                Continued on page 7        DEMI LOVATO                  5

                                                                                                         TOM IS MY FRIEND             5

                                                                                                         TWILIGHT                     6

                                                                                                         PHILIPPE RESTAURANT          6

                                                                                                         TECHNOLOGY FUN               6

                                                                                                         SUPER BOWL REMEMBERED        7

                                                                                                         RAP LETTER                   8

                                                                                                         CONGRATS TO 5TH GRADERS      8

                                                                                                         GOODBYE TO MS. FERGUS        8
       Dapplegray Times editors host Roosevelt Times editors at Dapplegray’s Writers Workshop

                                                                                                Page 1
                        ROOSEVELT TIMES

                      2008-09 EDITORIAL BOARD

    Brenda C.                Jazmin A.                   Anthony S.                      Carlota R.
    RAP Editor              Careers Editor             Community Editor             Entertainment Editor

    Steven G.               Cristian M.                       Luz F.                    Marcus P.
 Restaurant Editor         Fashion Editor                    Art Editor                Music Editor

     Alex R.                  Reyna A.                        Ogechi H.                 Carlos L.
   Travel Editor             Music Editor                  Pet Care Editor             Sports Editor

   Anthony D.          Jose C.                Hajazi P.             Mukanjo M.          Ocean A.
Technology Editor    Sports Editor           Book Editor           Opinion Editor      Story Editor
Volume 1, Issue 3

Story of the Month: Lucky Shoes
By Ocean A., Story Editor

H     i, my name is Mary Lo-
      pez. “Come on sweetie,
let’s go.” Oh, that’s my mom.
                                    We finally got there, and I
                                 saw Hannah Montana Converse
                                 in just my size. And right be-
                                                                    my shoes, hoping they would
                                                                    break. My mom looked at me,
                                                                    worried. I was so angry until I
We’re going to the shoe store.   fore I could move, my mom          looked up and saw a man in a
I hope I get really cool ones!   showed me white sneakers           wheelchair without legs! He
    As soon as we got in the     with silver hearts. I had to get   rolled over to me and told me,
car she asked me, “What type     them. So I went to school, and     “You’re lucky, nice shoes.” I
of shoes do you want?”           everybody teased me. “Hey do       hugged my mom and said,
    “Converse!” I said without   you looove your sneakers?!”        “Yes, I am lucky and thank
thinking twice.                      On the way home, I kicked      you, Mom!”

What We Have
By Mukanjo M., Opinion Editor

D     o you appreciate the
      things you have? Well,
you should, because every
                                 do not have good books to
                                 read, chairs to sit on, and
                                 food to eat at lunch. We have
                                                                       What do you think you
                                                                    can do to help? You can give
                                                                    away your old clothes to a
second a child in another part   good basketball courts too.        place like Goodwill instead
of the world is in danger of     Some schools have advan-           of throwing them away.
not having a good education      tages like swimming teams          Talk to your teacher or to
like we get at Roosevelt Ele-    and baseball and also dodge        RAP for more ideas on how
mentary School. Other kids       ball.                              you can help.

Kobe Bryant
By Jose C., Sports Editor

K     obe Bryant is an All-
      Star shooting guard
who plays for the Los Ange-
                                 tive NBA championships
                                 from 2000 to 2002. After
                                 O’Neal’s departure follow-
                                                                    was awarded the regular
                                                                    NBA season’s most valuable
                                                                    player award in 2007-2008
les Lakers in the National       ing the 2003-2004 season,          and led his team to the 2008
Basketball Association           Bryant became the most im-         NBA finals.
(NBA). Bryant enjoyed a          portant Laker player.                    Bryant won a gold medal
successful high school bas-          Bryant led the NBA in          as a member of the 2008 U.S.
ketball career and made in-      scoring during the 2005-2006       men’s Olympic basketball
stant headlines when he de-      and 2006-2007 seasons. In          team, occasionally referred to
cided to go directly into the    2006, Bryant scored a career       as “The Redeem Team”— a
NBA after graduation.            high 81 points against the         play on the name, “Dream
     Bryant and then team-       Toronto Raptors, second only       Team,” that attached to the
mate Shaquille O’Neal led        to Wilt Chamberlain’s 100          first Olympic team with NBA
the Lakers to three consecu-     point performance. Bryant          players

                                                                                           Page 3

David Archuleta—A Rising Star
By Ogechi H., Music Editor

D     avid James Archuleta is
      a singer/songwriter
whom people first noticed
                                    At ten years old, he won
                                 the children’s division of a
                                 Utah talent competition.
                                                                   Season Seven contestant at
                                                                   the age of sixteen. In May
                                                                   2008 he finished as first run-
when he was on the seventh       Then, when he was twelve, he      ner-up, receiving 44 percent
season of American Idol.         went on the television show       of over 97 million votes.
     David Archuleta was         Star Search, and was the Jun-         In August 2008,
born on December 28, 1990        ior Vocal Champion. This          Archuleta released his first
in Miami, Florida. He has        led to other television appear-   single “Crush”, and his debut
four siblings. His family        ances before he tried out for     album in November 2008. It
moved to Utah when he was        American Idol.        Archuleta   looks like he has a successful
six.                             became an American Idol           career ahead.

Selena Gomez Trivia
By Reyna A., Music Editor

H     ere comes trivia about
      Selena Gomez! She was
born on July 22, 1992, in
                                     She appeared in Barney
                                 and Friends when she was
                                 seven years old and met her
                                                                   Cinderella Story. Her newest
                                                                   movie is Princess Protection
                                                                   Program with Demi Lovato.
Grand Prairie Texas USA.         best friend, Demi Lovato              Selena Gomez also is a
    Her nicknames are Sel and    there. She now plays Alex         singer. She recorded “Tell Me
Selly. Her height is 5’5’’ and   Russo, a wizard, on the Wiz-      Something I Don’t Know,”
her real name is Selena Marie    ards of Waverly Place and         “Bang a Drum,” “New Classic,”
Gomez.                           recently starred in Another       and “Fly to Your Heart.”

By Carlota R., Entertainment Editor

A     nother fun-filled sea-
      son of Pokemon has
arrived on Cartoon Network!
                                 from the Sinnoh region.
                                 What foes and rivals will
                                 Ash and Dawn have to face?
Pokemon Diamond and              What new Pokemon will
Pearl: Galactic Battles is       they encounter? What will it
Pokemon’s amazing 12th           take to restore the relation-
season, and its just getting     ship between Dawn and
started every Saturday morn-     Swinub? The answers lie
ing at 9 a.m.! You can see a     ahead.
brand new episode straight          Tune in to find out!

Page 4
Volume 1, Issue 3

Cool Bands
By Cristian M., Fashion Editor

S    ome of the bands that I
     like best are Cannibal
Corpse, Metallica, Iron
                                 information on bands from
                                 this very cool website, http://
                                                                   radio. I really think that these
                                                                   bands are cool, and if you
                                                                   like them, listening to their
Maiden, The Casualties, and      Homepage.jsp. Make sure           music can be a hobby. It
also Slayer.                     you check with your parents       doesn’t matter if you like
   You can buy stuff with the    first.                            these bands or different
bands picture and name on it        These are the best bands       bands as long as you like the
from a lot of stores and web-    in the world. I hope you get a    music, because it’s a great
sites. You can find out more     chance to hear them on the        hobby!!

Demi Lovato
By Jazmin A., Careers Editor

H     ave you ever heard
      about Demi Lovato?
She did a movie called Camp
                                 leased more songs. Some of
                                 them are “Don’t You Forget”
                                 and “Get Back.” You might
                                                                   called Sonny with a Chance.
                                                                   Her best friend is Selena
                                                                   Marie Gomez whom she’s
Rock. She sang “We Rock”         say she wears dark make-up.       known since they were on
and “This is Me.” After she      She is doing a Disney Chan-       Barney, and her favorite band
finished the movie, she re-      nel television show that’s        is the Jonas Brothers!

Tom is My Friend
By Marcus P., Music Editor

I  f you want to listen to mu-
   sic I recommend Tom is
My Friend by my cousin. In
                                 play too. Nicky plays a sick
                                 guitar, Isaac sings, and Eddie
                                 plays drums. They played at
                                                                   at the Netting Factory too.
                                                                   The style they play is rock
                                                                   and punk.
the band he plays bass guitar    Kegs in Redondo Beach.               You should listen to Tom
and his other band members       They also played at Whisky-       & My Friend, and, if you get
Nicky, Isaac, and Eddie all      A-Go-Go, and at the Annex         a chance, go to one of their
have instruments that they       in Palos Verdes. They played      concerts.

                                                                                           Page 5

Book Review: Twilight for Teen Readers
By Hajazi P., Book Review Editor

I  n the movie/book Twilight
   there was a boy named Ed-
ward Cullen, who was a vam-
                                 for Bella, but to find out what
                                 happens, you need to read the
                                 book or watch the movie.
                                                                   may be better suited for teen-
                                                                   agers and the movie is rated
                                                                   PG-13. You might have to
pire. He met an ordinary girl    Make sure you check with your     wait a few years before experi-
named Isabella Swan, who         parents first, because the book   encing Twilight.
wanted to be called Bella in-
stead. When Bella met Ed-
ward, Edward was afraid of
Bella, because he smelled she
                                             Interesting Facts about
was human.                               Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson
   Edward and Bella later be-
come friends. Bella finds out       By Luz F., Music Editor
that the Cullen family and Ed-
ward are vampires, and then              Born on Ma y 13, 1986 in London, England.
meets other vampires. They               Plays the guitar and piano.
seem cool at first, but at the           Started acting at the age of 15.
same time they seem evil. The            Height is 6’1”.
other vampires have evil plans

Restaurant Review: Philippe
By Steven G., Restaurant Editor

P   hilippe is one of the best
    places to buy a French
dipped sandwich. Once you
                                    These sandwiches are
                                 dipped in a special type of
                                 sauce. They sell beef, lamb,
                                                                   running the same restaurant for
                                                                   twenty years.
                                                                      Philippe’s is located at 1001
buy one of these sandwiches,     pork, and ham dip sandwiches.     N Alameda St, Los Angeles,
you will want to buy another.    The same family has been          CA 90012.

Technology is Fun
By Destiny F., and edited by Anthony D., Technology Editor

A      computer is a device
      where you could play
games, learn things, or listen
                                 but sometimes parents like to
                                 monitor the use of you-
                                                                   you learn or study almost any
                                                                   subject, like Language Arts,
                                                                   Math, and Science.
to music. It is FUN.                  These are the coolest web-        Your parents can help
   Make sure you check with      sites to me. On those websites,   decide if you only have access
your parent before you go o      you learn things and have fun     to certain websites to protect
any website. Some websites       at the same time. The only        you. Work with your parents
that they might let you go to    website that is just for fun is   to find how you can best use
are, math-                     technology to help you learn, or puffgames.             There are also fun com-      You can keep up your com-
com .I also like,    puter software games to help      puter skills at the same time!

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Volume 1, Issue 3

Remembering Super Bowl XLIII
By Carlos L., Sports Editor

I  n the Super Bowl XLIII,
   the Pittsburgh Steelers
defeated the Arizona Cardi-
                                  burgh’s sixth Super Bowl
                                      The game was on Febru-
                                                                     Tampa, Florida. J e n n i f e r
                                                                     Hudson sang the National
                                                                     Anthem, and the Most Valu-
nals 27 to 23 at the Super        ary 1, 2009, at the Raymond        able Player was Santonio
Bowl XLIII. This was Pitts-       James stadium in the city of       Holmes, a wide receiver.

Lights, Action, Animals, at Dapplegray Elementary
Continued from page 1

a room where they showed                                               the track, they can smell all
you how they make a                                                    the food. He said it also
movie. I thought it was                                                smells like burnt rubber
really good and exciting. I                                            because of the wheels. I
had never imagined how                                                 also learned that the school
they would make movies                                                 was really clean. They did
until I was at that work-                                              not wear uniforms. The
shop. The workshop was                                                 teachers were really nice to
given by two screenwriters                                             the children and they were
who work for Disney.                                                                                     Brenda Scott Royce
                                                                       always asking if we needed
   Second, I went to hear                                              help with anything. They
Brenda Scott Royce from the Dapplegray Times editors were our hosts gave us a really good lunch,
L.A. Zoo. She spends much                                             they did not have the cafete-
of her time taking care of      they make it into paper.           ria for lunch but they had two
chimpanzees. She even gave us      Finally, my last class was      playgrounds. They also had a
a paper that was made out of    with Dave Kudrave, who             lot of benches outside so the
elephant poop. At first, I      drives in races. I thought that    kids can eat their lunch out-
thought it was going to stink   was awesome! He told us all        side. I had a great time, and I
but it actually smelled good    about what he does and also        learned a lot from the speakers
because they clean it before    shared how while they are on       that day!

Writers’ Workshop at Dapplegray Elementary
Continued from page 1

                                                There was a          favorite sport. It was really
                                            speaker who talked       cool meeting a baseball player
                                            about making mov-        like him.
                                            ies. He showed us            The last speaker I met writes
                                            how the Harry Potter     for TV and movies. He showed
                                            movies were made.        us how to make funny cartoons.
                                               Another speaker           After the workshops, we
                                            was Dan Spring,          went to lunch. We had ham-
                                            who played profes-       burgers with chips, cookies,           Dan Spring
                                            sional baseball. He      and juice. It was super good!
                                            had us write a para-     Too bad we can only do this
    Me with my Dapplegray host Matthew      graph about our          once a year.

                                                                                             Page 7

                      Bringing 2008-09 to a Close
                      Dear FDR Students,                                       As our year comes to an end I want to re-
                          I am glad to say that we have finally made        mind you that RAP will have Summer Pro-
                      it to the end of the year!! I want to say thank       gram! There will be fun clubs that you will be
                      you for reading our student articles throughout       able to join throughout four weeks of summer.
                      these few months. I am excited to see what the        We are also accepting applications for next
                      next year has for us with our Roosevelt               year’s RAP so don't miss out on all the oppor-
                      Times! I want to say thank you to all of our          tunities and experiences RAP has to offer!!
                      editors, students who have submitted articles,        Enjoy our last issue of the year and have a
                      our PressFriends mentors, and Debora Chan             great summer!
                      for making it all happen this year. Thank you            Sincerely,
                      because you were all committed to making                   Ms. Maggie
                      every issue the best!                                      RAP Program Coordinator

                      To Our 5th Graders: Your Potential

                      T     here is inside you all of the potential to be
                            whatever you want to be, all of the energy
                      to do whatever you want to do.
                                                                            what you wanted to do, simply because you
                                                                            had the courage to believe in your potential
                                                                            and to hold on to your dream.
                         Imagine yourself as you would like to be,             Author Unknown
                      doing what you want to do and each day, take
                      one step towards your dream.
                         And though at times it may seem too diffi-
                      cult to continue, hold on to your dream.
                                                                              G   ood luck to all of you, keep in
                                                                                  touch and remember you are
                         One morning you will awake to find that                 From the Roosevelt Times
                      you are the person you dreamed of and doing

                      To Ms. Ferges on Your Retirement

                      F   or years, your guidance held the key
                          To the potential in young minds
                      You showed your students they could be
                                                                            For years, your wisdom touched your class
                                                                            But, seasons change and hours fade
                                                                            Your teaching days have come to pass
                      Successful members of mankind                         Though, not the difference you have made
                      You gave them, through your love and care             You may be setting down your chalk
                      The greatest gift they could receive                  In favor of time in the sun
                      You taught them how to work and share                 But, the minds you’ve helped to unlock
                      But, most of all, how to believe.                     Shall validate the work you’ve done.
 Ms. Barbara Ferges                                                            Jill Eisnaugle
                      Each child was like your very own
                      With different traits and varied styles
                      But, your direction set the tone
                                                                              Ms. Ferges,
                      For their future, across the miles
                                                                                  Good luck in your future endeavors;
                      Your students could not always see
                                                                              we will miss you!
                      The lessons you shared from the heart
                                                                                  From the Roosevelt Times
                      Yet, as they reached their destiny
                      They understood you played a part.

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