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                                     TCS Focus
                       Friday 26 November 2010 - Volume 5 - # 12
         To all parents/guardians of students in PYP one through DP one.
                           THIRTEEN pages all together

Dear parents/guardians

In this edition of the TCS Focus:

Page 1             ECIS autumn conference; busy days
Page 3             Long weekend; calendar notes
Pages 3, 5         Secondary corner
Pages 6, 7         PTA announcement
Pages 8 - 13       Community corner

       Ms Christina and I were in Nice, France, for a few days recently. We both
       attended the autumn conference of the European Council of International
       Schools (ECIS). I also attended, and was responsible for a short presentation at,
       the annual meeting of the accreditation advisers to the Council of International
       Schools (CIS). I was also honoured to be recognized at a public presentation at
       the AGM of CIS, which was also held in Nice last week, for my overall
       contribution to the accreditation service. I have a rather nice certificate of
       recognition and thanks.

       For those in our community who remember Jeremy and Karen Hudson and the
       massive contribution they made to making Codrington what it is today, you will be
       interested to know that we had dinner with them last Saturday evening. They
       send their love to everyone at the school.

       I am currently trying to catch up with a couple of hundred e-mails plus all the
       stuff that is on my desk so do please excuse my contribution to the TCS Focus’s
       being somewhat shorter than usual this week.
       Please remember that school closes at 3.00 pm today and reopens after the
       Independence Day celebrations, on Wednesday 1 December, at 8.00 am.

With kind regards


                           Dennison J MacKinnon


29 November         School vacation day: school closed
30 November         School closed: Independence Day
10 December         6.00 pm: Codrington seasonal production – children leave school
                    at noon and return at 5.00 pm
14 December         Finals of the speech contest
15 December         Last day for enrichment activities for the Michaelmas term
17 December         Noon: school closes for Christmas vacation
10 January 2011     Teachers’ work day
11 January 2011     8.00 am: Easter term begins

Secondary corner
Greetings parents, guardians, students and friends,
In this Secondary Corner:
     Our football and basketball teams
     Independence Day celebrations
     NIFCA Visual Arts winners
     Third Annual MYP Speech Contest details
     MYP community service projects
     Search for teaching assistant

What a great sports week for us! On Wednesday our secondary school football team
won a match 2-1 at home. On Thursday, our secondary school basketball team won a
match 82-0 away. I know Coach Mark and Ms Kim will include a report (hopefully with
pictures) in the next Focus, but for this week let’s celebrate with them these fantastic
victories! Go Codrington!
This past Tuesday, the secondary school celebrated Barbados Independence Day.
The morning assembly was organized and led in its entirety by Ms Marciana, who
prepared an engaging multimedia presentation on Barbados, including important facts
about its emblems, national independence and national heroes, and even a section on
common expressions and customs. Ms Dionne led us in the National Pledge and in
singing the National Anthem. DJ Simmons, a local performance poet, entertained and
inspired the audience with his powerful rhymes, rhythms and message. Students and
faculty shared their experiences being Barbadian and living in Barbados and contributed
―words of wisdom‖ which were moving and insightful. All in all, it was a very special
morning. After a short break, the entire MYP climbed on three coaches and,
accompanied by five faculty members, attended the National Independence Festival for
Creative Arts (NIFCA) visual arts exhibition at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference

At the NIFCA visual arts exhibition, students had the opportunity to enjoy the art on
display, sketch a work of choice, and reflect on the meaning of significant pieces. They
also shared pride in the awards earned by members of the Codrington community:
Sarah Sparks (MYP 2): 3 entries/3 prizes: Bronze for ―Sunrise‖; Bronze for ―When Oil
Takes Over‖; and Silver for ―Monkey Face‖ (paintings)

Christian Harvey (MYP 3): 2 entries/ 1 prize: Bronze for ―Submerged Ruins‖ (found
objects collage)
Carlisle Boyle (Former MYP 2 student): 1 entry/1 prize: Bronze for Graphic Planets‖
Jade Forsberg (MYP 5) has three large art works exhibited (painting/ drawing), and
Nick Allen (DP1) has one large pastel drawing on show.

Congratulations to all our wonderful artists, both students and faculty!
Our Third Annual MYP Speech Contest unit is well under way, thanks to the expert
guidance of Ms Hettie and Ms Revalyn, Language A teachers. Thursday (yesterday) our
students were treated to another special event: Sunshine Skeete, radio personality and
a member of Toastmasters International, led a workshop on public speaking for all
Contest semifinals will happen the week of 6-10 December during the regularly
scheduled Language A lessons, with the finals scheduled for Tuesday 14 December,
1:00-3:00 pm in the main hall. Students will be practicing their speeches very soon—can
I suggest you allow them to practice their speech with you for support? It is only after
they’re comfortable with the content that they can focus on their delivery, and that is an
important component of the judges’ rubric!
In a previous Focus I highlighted the fantastic work our MYP 1 students are doing
working with Ms Armelle in the recycling centre. Today I would like to highlight some

examples of the types of community service projects our older MYP students are
working on:
    Matthew Anderson (MYP 3), Andrew Cadwell (MYP 3) and Maria Cristina
       Huapaya-Butron (MYP 3) are library assistants.
    Nigel Goodridge (MYP 3) is basketball assistant coach; Craig Stark (MYP 3) is
       football assistant coach.
    Gabby Brace (MYP 4) and Oliver Milsom (MYP 4) volunteer at the RSPCA.
    Juliette Grisoni (MYP 4) is assisting Ms Armelle with the French Club.
    Millie Prow (MYP 4) is an assistant in PYP 7 and PYP 8.

The Codrington School supports a single charity, the Because of Jenna Trust, and we
don’t generally solicit funds; however, there are student-led initiatives that merit our
support and encouragement. Oliver Milsom (MYP 4) approached me and asked to
speak at an assembly: he wanted to convey to the community what he has seen as a
volunteer at the RSPCA. During hymn practice he described to us how the last major
storm brought extensive water damage to the RSPCA facility, its equipment and
archives. Oliver requested permission to set-up a donation box in the main office (a
request that was granted) and urged everyone to make a contribution to restore this
important facility to full operation as quickly as possible. I hope you join us in sending a
Finally, as expressed in the last TCS Focus, we are seeking teaching assistants for
the secondary school. If anyone has contacts, please send me their information at your
earliest convenience: eliana.marcenaro@codrington.edu.bb.
Enjoy your weekend.

Warm regards,

Eliana Marcenaro
Head of secondary school


                  nightingale Children’s home

'Tis the season to be... generous. Are you having a clear out before Christmas
(and the next influx of toys)?
Do you have unwanted presents your kids have rejected that you could regift?
Do you have clothes and shoes in new/nearly new condition that it seems a shame
to throw out?
The Nightingale Children„s Home would appreciate any of the above and it could
make a real difference to the festive season for these kids. Their ages range from
approx. 2 - 14 years so there is a really wide age range.
Stuff needs to be in good condition or new please and can include clothes, shoes,
books, electronics, games or toys. If anyone would like to donate then please
contact Briony on 248 2739 [Kindly note this as the correct number. Thank you.]
or briony.jenkins@gmail.com

                           “Tennis pon de rock2” to feature top male
Local sports lovers are set for a treat with world class tennis returning this December,
featuring 3 of the top 20 ranked ATP male players. B.I.T.E (Barbados Invitational Tennis
Exhibition) with the sanctioning of the BTA (Barbados Tennis Association) will host
“Tennis pon de rock2” 2010 highlighted by 2009 US Open Champion Juan Martin Del

Now in its second year, the event will be even bigger than last year’s, which featured
then World #1 Serena Williams and current #1 Caroline Wozniacki, as Del Potro joins
exciting #12 ranked Gael Monfils of France and the fast serving, 6’ 9‖ American John
Isner. Isner, currently ranked #19, played the longest tennis match in history this year at
Wimbledon, eventually winning an 11 hour marathon which stretched over 3 days.

“Tennis pon de rock2” 2010 will take place December 11 & 12. The first day will held
at the Gymnasium Complex and feature Del Potro vs. Monfils and Isner vs. Barbados #1
Haydn Lewis. The second day will be a full VIP hospitality event, hosted at the Sugar Hill
Tennis Resort.

In addition to more players, this year will also feature a unique Tennis Village at the
Gymnasium which will house hospitality tents, bars, food stalls, music, merchandise
stalls, fastest serve competition, road tennis, Tennis WII and other items to add to the
attraction of the day.

“Tennis pon de rock” 2010 is a charitable event aimed at raising funds for the
betterment of all Barbadian children, through sports – specifically tennis. Working in
conjunction with the Barbados Tennis Association’s Schools Programme, it is our Goal
to assist in opening new doors of opportunities for children by building Tennis and sports
in Barbados.

For more info please contact tennisponderock@gmail.com


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