Cynthia Young: Paralegal Coordinator for Wolff & Samson, PC, in West Orange, NJ

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LEGAL STAFF PROFILE                                                                                 1. 800.973.1177

                            Cynthia Young: Paralegal Coordinator for Wolff & Samson, PC,
                            in West Orange, NJ
                            [By Charisse Dengler]
                            Cynthia Young began her career as a legal secretary and has quite a romantic story to tell about her first years in the legal

“I met my husband at the first law firm I           a living while going to school at night. While      evening student. The ability to multitask
worked at,” she said. “I was a legal secretary,     working in this position, she realized she          is something I need and use every day. As
and he worked in the file room as he put            wanted to become a paralegal.                       my fellow paralegals know, in order to be
himself through law school. We actually were                                                            a great paralegal, you must be superior at
best friends for years and married in 2002.”        “I supported litigators at the time and found       multitasking.”
                                                    the work to be interesting. It was during this
These days, Young and her husband live in           time that I had the opportunity to work off-        Young thoroughly enjoys her current positions
Allamuchy, NJ, and are parents to three             site on a six-month jury trial with our senior      at Wolff & Samson and values all of the
children aged 9, 3, and 0. While Young is        partner, an associate, and two paralegals.          opportunities the firm has provided her.
no longer working as a legal secretary, she         I found the intensity of the trial preparation
hasn’t strayed far from her roots. Currently,       exciting,” she said.                                “I truly feel lucky to have had the opportunity
she is the paralegal coordinator for Wolff                                                              to develop my paralegal skills at Wolff
& Samson, PC, a position that requires her          A little while after she decided on the goal of     & Samson,” she said. “Further, after
to recruit, develop, and direct the firm’s          becoming a paralegal, she left the firm she         approximately seven and a half years, the firm
paraprofessional staff.                             was at, went to work for a private practice,        recognized my potential and promoted me to
                                                    and earned her paralegal certificate.               my current positions. I would definitely say
“My day-to-day responsibilities focus                                                                   that this is a firm that values its employees.”
primarily on the allocation of work,” she           “Earning my paralegal certificate gave me
said. “Further, I look for ways to implement        a new perspective on the profession—the             Her advice to aspiring paralegals is to “look
procedures to streamline the workflow               acquired knowledge and skills enabled me            for an ABA-approved paralegal certificate
process. For example, we recently instituted        to be even more valuable to my employer,            program.”
an automated request system attorneys may           and my marketability certainly increased,”
use to request paralegal assistance with            she said. “In fact, within approximately            “In my opinion, ABA programs provide a
e-filings. Using the automated feature saves        two months of completing the course, the            solid foundation to build one’s career,”
time for everyone involved in the process,          attorneys I worked with hired a secretary and       she said. “The paralegal who has a solid
which ultimately saves the client money.”           promoted me. I’m pleased to say I’ve been           foundation—general legal concepts and
                                                    involved in one aspect or another with the          terms—coming into a firm will find the
In addition, Young serves as the firm’s             paralegal profession ever since.”                   transition much smoother than the student
director of recruitment. Earlier, she worked                                                            coming immediately from college.”
as a paralegal on public finance transactions       Young also earned a Bachelor of Arts in
in the firm’s corporate department for seven        English from Caldwell College, from which           On the net
and a half years. She became a paralegal in         she graduated cum laude. Although the path
996 after completing Fairleigh Dickinson           she has traveled may not be the easiest or          Caldwell College
University’s paralegal studies program, from        simplest, she is grateful for the experience
which she graduated with honors.                    she has gained along the way because it has
                                                    taught her skills useful to her career.             Fairleigh Dickinson University
Young’s first job while in high school was a                                                  
part-time receptionist position in a law firm.      “My life experience has most certainly
Upon graduation, she was a single mother,           assisted me with my career,” she said.              Wolff & Samson, PC
and the firm offered her a full-time position       “For many years, I learned to balance the 
as a legal secretary so that she could earn         role of a parent, a paralegal, and a college


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Description: Cynthia Young Is A Paralegal Coordinator In Wolff & Samson. Her Goal Was To Become A Paralegal And She Earned Paralegal Certificate. After Getting Paralegal Certificate Her Marketability Increased And She Think Paralegal ABA Programs Are Good Foundation For Some Ones Career.
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