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									                      Mennonite Central Committee Canada Low German Resources

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Denkjt aun juni Learasch:
                                   CD: Stories of Mennonite leaders and teachers from
Plautdietsche Jeschichten awa                                                              $10.00        $9.00
                                   the 16th to the 20th Century. Low German
Mennonitische Leidasch (Series1)
Denkjt aun juni Learasch:
                                   CD: Stories of Mennonite leaders and teachers from
Plautdietsche Jeschichten awa                                                              $10.00        $9.00
                                   the 16th to the 20th Century. Low German
Mennonitische Leidasch (Series2)
                                   Cassette Tapes: “This set of four cassettes is a
                                   compilation of stories for Low German Audiences.
                                   The Stories demonstrate how people reach out to
Jeschichten toom novetalen                                                                 $20.00
                                   their neighbour in love and compassion. Each of the
                                   cassettes contains a story about children, teenagers,
                                   adults and about families.” Low German
Plautdietsche Bibel Jeschichten
fa Kjinja                          CD: A collection of Bible stories for Children. Low     $18.00
                                   CD: “This set of four CDs was developed for use on
                                   radio, for parenting classes, and for personal use.
                                   The 16 lessons are taken from the book “Seven
Saven Dinja waut Tjinja falt       things Children Need,” by John M. Drescher. He          $20.00
                                   writes that children need self-worth, security,
                                   acceptance, love, praise, discipline and God.” Low
                                   3 Video Set: This video series is designed as a
                                   classroom instructional tool, while still useful for
                                   personal viewing. Video techniques of narration,
                                   dramatization, real life footage, interviews with
Parenting: Child Development,
                                   parenting experts help convey the basic tenants of      $45.00        $27.00
Self-Esteem, Discipline
                                   parenting. The content is designed for a Low
                                   German speaking audience from Mexico and
                                   explains a healthy approach to family Life. Low
                                   German with English Subtitles
2010 Mennonite Central Committee Canada                                                                           1
                                   DVD: Why are Mennonites from Mexico moving to
                                   Canada? What is their historical connection to
                                   Canada? This brief orientation to their history,
                                   culture, values and spiritual beliefs will give Canadian
Migration North                    churches, educators, health care professionals,              $16.50
                                   employment centres and other government agencies
                                   a better understanding of the difficulties Mexican
                                   Mennonites may experience when they move here.
                                   DVD: Elfrieda and Peter Dyck, while doing Mennonite
New Beginnings: Mennonite          refugee resettlement work after the war, captured
Refugees to South America 1947-    moments of the refugees’ lives on film. Features three       $16.50
1948                               segments: “Berlin Exodus,” “Gott Kann” and “New
                                   Beginnings.” 121mins Low German or English
                                   DVD: Mennonites in southern Russia, present-day
                                   Ukraine, had become affluent. They worked hard in
                                   their tight-knit communities, bound by a common
                                   language and faith. The level of cultural and social
                                   achievement had surpassed their Russian
                                   neighbours. For most Mennonites, life was what they
                                   made it, largely undisturbed by national or international
Remembering Russia 1914-           events.
1927                               That all changed with the beginning of WWI in 1914.
                                   Dissatisfaction with the Tsarist regime and Russia’s
                                   military performance in the war, eventually led to the
                                   1917 Russian Revolution. Farms, enterprises and
                                   churches were expropriated and families died at the
                                   hands of marauding anarchists. As their work
                                   crumbled around them, thousands of Mennonites fled
                                   to Canada. 43mins English
                                   DVD: This DVD documents the spiritual battles and
                                   sufferings of Mennonites in Soviet Russia from the
                                   introduction of the first Five-Year Plan in October           $40.00
Remembering Russia 1928-
                                   1928 to the end of The Great Terror in 1938.                Suggested
                                   Some 6000 Mennonites were able to leave the                  donation
                                   Soviet Union. Of those who remained, many
                                   suffered the fate of exile to the forests and mines of
2010 Mennonite Central Committee Canada                                                                    2
                                   Northern Russia, Siberia and Kolyma, where they
                                   provided cheap, unpaid slave labour for the state.
                                   Life on the collective farms was a constant struggle.
                                   Hundreds died during the terrible famine of 1933.
                                   Thousands of men and even some women were
                                   rounded up by the terrible secret police and exiled to
                                   labour camps or simply shot. 52 mins English
                                   Book: This handbook seeks to help couples plan for
                                   having children. It explains how the female and male
                                   reproductive systems work, how pregnancy happens,
Family Planning                    how we interpret the Bible on the topics of              $3.00   $1.50
                                   male/female relationships and having children, and
                                   the methods that can be used to help plan for having
                                   children. English
                                   Book: A collection of stories on a variety of topics
                                   from parenting, to healthy family life, to
Miteinander und Fereinander:       compassionate caring towards others in your
Hinweise fur ein gesundes          community. The stories were written by Mary              $8.95   $8.00
Familienleben                      Friesen and originally published in “Die
                                   Mennonitische Post,” a Low German Language
                                   newspaper. Low German

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