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                                                                                               Volume 6 • Issue 1 • January 2007

For the employees and retirees of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County and the Marion County Health Department

MCHD: 2006
Highlights and
2007 Priorities                            Page 3

How oil impacts
health care: Part II
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 in our
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                                             In Department News:
                                             •   Youth Tobacco Survey is completed in Marion County
                                             •   Take a survey and win movie tickets
                                             •   Activate your Flex card online
                                             •   Hasbrook has new conference room
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       Profiles                                                                                                      Contents
    Volume 6 • Issue 1 • January 2007

                                                Top Story ...................................................................... 3
                                                Highlights from 2006 and goals for 2007
    Design and Layout
    Alisha J. Smith
                                                Department News ........................................................ 6
    Director of                                 Youth Tobacco Survey is completed in Marion County • Take
                                                a survey and win movie tickets • Activate your Flex card
    Collette DuValle                            online • Hasbrook has a new conference room
    Contributing Staff
    Emily Bone                                  New Employees ........................................................... 6
    Sandy Cummings
    Leo Rafail
                                                Question of the Month ................................................ 7

                                                What is that? ................................................................ 7
    Editorial Board
    John Althardt                               Service Awards ............................................................ 7
    Pam Desir
    Collette DuValle
    Karen Holly                                 Monthly Focus ............................................................. 8
    Pam Humes                                   What’s in our water?
    Joan Keene
    Lola King
    Dave McCormick                              Medical Minute ............................................................. 10
    Mary McKee                                  How oil impacts health care. Part II: Planning for the future
    Cathy Sheckell
    Terry Sheckell
    Jennifer Sherer                             Health Beat ................................................................... 11
    Lisa Smith                                  Step up your efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle
    Staci Small
    Katrina Thielman
    Greg Ullrich                                Employee Focus .......................................................... 12
    Serifatu Walton                             Emily Bone, Chronic Disease employee, flips houses and is
    Gary Weir                                   featured in Carmel Magazine.
    Melissa Wiley

    Profiles is for and about the
    employees of the Health and
    Hospital Corporation of Marion
    County and the Marion County
    Health Department. The
    opinions expressed herein are
    not necessarily those of the
    editors or the corporation.

    © 2007 Health and Hospital Corporation of
    Marion County (0107-1123)

Making the Community
Healthier every Day
                        The Marion County Health Department
                        definitely is Making the Community Healthier
                        every Day. In 2006, many goals were met and
                        surpassed. These accomplishments helped to
                        create new priorities for 2007.

                        Bureau of Population Health
                        Acute Disease
                        MCHD hosted the Marion County Pandemic Influenza Summit
                        with several subsequent special interest group meetings.

                        Foreign Born Program
                        Through November 2006, 222 initial health screenings of
                        newly arriving refugees were completed.

                        Immunization Program
                        Marion County was the lead county for the “IN on Time”
                        immunization initiative. The initiative involves administering
                        almost all of the recommended childhood vaccinations by the
                        end of the twelve-month visit.

                        ACTION Health Center
                        •   The ACTION Health Center moved to its new location at
                            2868 North Pennsylvania.
                        •   Added Saturday office hours to better meet the needs of
                        •   Added a bilingual receptionist and nurse practitioner for
                            better communication with Spanish-speaking clients.

                        Clinical Preventive Services
                        Chronic Disease Program
                        •   Coordinated public education for the smoke-free air
                            ordinance for places of employment, effective March 2006.
                        •   Fielded over 500 phone calls regarding the implementation
                            of the ordinance.
                        •   Conducted three public forums and provided educational
                            assistance to employers.
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MCHD Highlights for 2006 and 2007 Priorities                                             3
                                             •   Increased staff by 46 percent.               and the farmers’ markets).
                                             •   Total number of home visits              •   During National Nutrition Month
                                                 increased to 5,478 over 2005.                the documentary film “Super Size
                                                                                              Me” was aired. District nutritionists
                                                                                              were on hand to discuss the film and
                                             Dental Health                                    do personal dietary counseling for
                                             •   Began providing dental services to           employees.
                                                 the Juvenile Center in March 2006.
                                                                                          •   Provided education through the
                                             •   Collaborated with the smoke free             “Portion Distortion Quiz” at Indiana
                                                 initiative to enhance education and          Black Expo.
                                                 referral of dental patients in need of
                                                                                          •   The average case load served for
                                                 smoking cessation services.
                                                                                              2006 was 22,039. This was a 2.5
                                                                                              percent increase over the contracted
                                             Maternal and Child Health                        case load.
                                             Fetal Infant Mortality Review                •   The Farmer’s Market Nutrition
                                             Program (FIMR)                                   Program issued over 29,300 checks,
                                                                                              with 21,700 being redeemed at six
                                             •   Formed the Community Action
                                                                                              Marion County markets.
                                                 Team (CAT) to prioritize FIMR
                                                 recommendations.                         •   WIC breastfeeding rates continue
                                                                                              to rise in Marion County. Percents
                                             •   The 28-member Case Review
                                                                                              increased from 52.8 percent in
                                                 Team celebrated its second year
                                                                                              September 2005 to 55.32 percent in
                                                 anniversary and has reviewed a
                                                                                              September 2006.
                                                 total of 68 cases of fetal and infant
•   Sponsored a lecture on the impact            mortality in Marion County.
                                                                                          Public Health Laboratory
    of the built environment on public
    health. A total of 175 people            Indianapolis Healthy Start                   •   Completed the major installation
    attended to learn about the impact                                                        of the Laboratory Information
                                             •   As of October 31, 2006, 73 percent of
    of community design on obesity, air                                                       Management System that allows
                                                 2006 project objectives were met or
    pollution and physical activity rates.                                                    electronic submission of many State-
                                                                                              required forms.
•   Conducted 32 cardiovascular
    screening and educational events                                                      •   Met or exceeded regulatory
                                             Healthy Babies Consortium
    that reached 2,631 individuals.                                                           standards.
                                             •   Collaborated with Fox 59 to promote
                                                                                          •   Published in two peer-reviewed
                                                 MCHD activities such as the
Community-Based Care                                                                          journals.
                                                 Beautiful Babies campaign.
•   The number of clients seen for walk-
    in services at district health offices
                                                                                          Sexually Transmitted Disease
    increased by more than 3,000.                                                         Program
•   A total of 13,809 home visits were                                                    •   Started a screening clinic
    made through November (maternal-                                                          operating three days a week where
    child encounters, TB follow-ups and                                                       asymptomatic patients can be tested
    chronic disease).                                                                         for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis
                                                                                              and HIV.
•   The Take Charge chronic disease
    care management partnership with                                                      •   Hosted the 2006 STD Update
    Wishard and IU Medical Group                                                              Conference where 200 physicians,
    (IUMG) clinics saw an annual                                                              nurses, nurse practitioners and
    increase in referrals.                                                                    others learned about STDs in
                                             Nutrition Services/WIC
                                                                                          •   Increased activities with education
Healthy Families Program                     •   Several thousand individuals were            and testing for the MSM (men who
•   Healthy Families relocated to its new        reached at a variety of community            have sex with men) community.
    location at 4720 Kingsway Drive.             outreach activities (i.e. health fairs
                                                                                                             Continued on next page

HIV/AIDS Program                                 properties of concern. Two teams         Goals Met in 2006:
                                                 participated from June 29 to October
•   Increased enrollment to the Ryan
    White Title III Early Intervention
                                                 27 and cleaned 186 properties.           Obesity eradication
    Services Program.                                                                     • Hosted a conference on obesity.
                                             Food Safety                                  • Assisted 12 area school districts
•   Participated in National HIV Testing
    Day with 25 participating agencies,      •   Participated in the FDA’s Voluntary        with their wellness plans and
    19 test sites and 472 HIV tests              National Retail Food Regulatory            creating interventions for
    performed.                                   Program Standards program.                 students.
                                                 Certification in the program requires
•   The number of HIV tests completed
    in 2006 was 6,937.
                                                 meeting the criteria in nine areas.      HIV/AIDS elimination
                                                 The entire process will take three       • Established a working group to
                                                 years to complete.                         develop a strategic plan.
Social Services                              •   Successfully implemented the
•   Performed depression screenings              non-smoking ordinance. Staff             Chronic disease
    during National Depression                   notified over 4,500 licensed food        management
    Screening Day in October 2006.               establishments about the ordinance.      • Screened 2,631 people for diabetes
•   Offered a substance abuse program        •   Worked to implement the BEHOT              and cardiovascular disease.
    specifically designed for adolescents.       system and began using laptops in
                                                 the field.                               Lead screening
                                                                                          • Completed the first year of the
                                             Housing and Neighborhood                       HUD grant.
                                                                                          Septic systems
                                             Code Enforcement Results:                    • Accomplished the support of the
                                             •   Collected $50,350 in ticket fees.          City’s Septic Tank Elimination
                                             •   Cleaned 2,759 properties allowing          Program (STEP).
                                                 MCHD to bill $1,026,870.
                                                                                          Public health preparedness
                                             Childhood Lead Poisoning                     • Hosted five summits and health
                                             Prevention Program                             education on pandemic influenza.
Vital Records                                •   Collected $585,275 during the first
                                                 year of the HUD grant (130% of the       Prostate cancer
•   Installed a debit card reader that is                                                 • Screened 250 men.
    no cost to MCHD and is used about            amount MCHD promised to match).
    20 times per day.                        •   Inspected 105 units. This is 33
                                                 percent of the commitment of 322.
                                                                                          Smoking ordinance
•   Created comment cards to obtain                                                       • Smoking ordinances prohibiting
    feedback from customers.                     The program is ahead of schedule by
                                                 57 units and hopes to complete more        smoking in the workplace,
•   On average, walk-in customers were           than 400.                                  were passed in Marion County,
    served in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.                                                     Speedway and Lawrence.
•   Mail requests were processed the         Unsafe Building Program
    same day they are received and
    mailed the next day.                     •   Issued 5,124 orders for structures to
                                                 be boarded.
                                             •   Issued 1,339 repair orders.
Bureau of Environmental
Health                                       •   As a result of orders, over 593
                                                 structures were demolished. A total
Environmental Control
                                                 of 183 were demolished by the City,
•   As of November 30, 2006, 3,176               the remaining were demolished by
    properties have been cleaned. This is        the owners.
    78 percent above the set goal.
•   Worked in partnership with the City                             continued on page 
    of Indianapolis to address areas and

                Chronic Disease                                       New Employees: December
                                   Youth Tobacco
                                   Survey is
                                   completed in
                                   Marion County
    Biannually, the Centers        tackle the goal set by the
    for Disease Control and        CDC and ITPC.
    Prevention (CDC) seeks
    to obtain data on tobacco      The data collected during
    knowledge, attitudes and       the survey administration
    use among middle and           will be aggregated to
    high school students. The      determine the self-reported
    collection of data for the     use of tobacco by youth in
    Youth Tobacco Survey has       Marion County. ITPC and
    just been completed in         CDC will release the final
                                                                     Back from left: Paul Jenkins - Environmental Control; Rodney Dean
    Marion County.                 results in approximately one      - Environmental Control; William Sturdivant - Environmental Control
                                   year. Thanks to the support       Front from left: Charlene Wright - Community-Based Care; Nakisha
    The CDC and the Indiana        and efforts of those who          Gaddie - Lead Program; Deborah Robinson - Human Resources;
    Tobacco Prevention and         assisted with the survey,         Dachelle Goodwin - Manual High School.
    Cessation Agency (ITPC)        the youth of Marion County
    randomly selected 19 schools
    for data collection. As a
                                   will be represented in this
                                   important national dataset.
                                                                    Human Resources                       HHC/MCHD
    requirement of the survey,
    60 percent of the schools
    selected must be surveyed
    for the sample to be valid.
    ITPC exceeded the 60
    percent mark and recruited
    15 schools to participate.
    Because one of the schools
    was no longer eligible
                                                                    Activate your
    due to it being changed                                         Flex card
    to an elementary school,
                                                                    online!                              Hasbrook
    83 percent of the eligible                                                                           has new
    schools were surveyed.         Take a survey...                 It’s easy to request, activate
                                                                    and check the details of             conference
    This feat was accomplished
                                   win movie                        your flex account all online!
    through the collaborative      tickets!                         To order a card, go to:              Looking for the seventh
    efforts of health department
                                   PR wants your opinion! We              floor conference room? It’s
    employees and community
                                   need your feedback for future    You may need to create a             moved! The new conference
    partners. Coordinated
                                   issues of Profiles. Complete     new account.                         room is next door to
    by the Chronic Disease
                                   an online survey by Friday                                            Human Resources. Reserve
    Department, volunteers
                                   January 26 and you could         To activate a card or check          this conference room the
    from HEPT, the Saint
                                   win one of five pairs of movie   account details, go to:              same way all other rooms
    Florian Center, the Minority
                                   tickets! Winners will be (Do not             are reserved.
    Health Coalition of Marion
                                   randomly selected from all       type in www.)
    County, Martin University,
                                   who complete the survey. To                                        To submit information for your
    AmeriCorps, the Emergent
                                   take the survey, go online to:   For questions, contact            department to be posted in the
    Leadership Institute and the                                                                      Department News section, please
                                 customer service at
    Indiana Parent Information                                                                        forward your request to Profiles editor
                                   profiles05                       SIHO at 816-5179.
    Network came together to                                                                          Alisha Smith at
                                                                                                      or to Room 6 Hasbrook.

                           Every month Profiles will ask
                           readers a question. The question
                           and responses will be published
                           in the next issue.
                                                              Rodent and Mosquito
                           Responses can be published         Control
                           anonymously, simply indicate       •   Received over 2,000 rat
                           this request with your response.       and mice complaints
                           Please be assured that all             from the public.
                           anonymous respondents will be
                           kept confidential.                 •   17,538 sites were
                                                                  inspected for mosquitoes.
                           E-mail your answer to the          •   Responded to 890
                           Question of the month to               mosquito complaints.
                                                              •   A total of 893 tests were
                                                                  run on 32,691 adult
                           Question for the next issue:           mosquitoes for West
                                                                  Nile Virus and St. Louis
                           If you could have any job at
                           HHC/MCHD, what would it be
                           and why?                           Water Quality and
                                                              Hazardous Materials
                                                                                                 Six Sigma
                                                              •   Asbestos clean-up with
                                                                  the City at the Timber
                                                                  Ridge Apartments.
                                                                                                 Gonorrhea and
                                                                                                 Chlamydia education
                                                              •   Obtained judgements
                                                                  against two well
                                                                  installers, resulting in the
                                                                                                 Mental health
                                                                  collection of $1,250 in        awareness
                                                              •   Participated in many
                                                                                                 Lead screening
                                                                  hazardous materials
                                                                                                 Healthy homes
                                                                                                 HIV/AIDS elimination
                                                                                                 Public health
                                                                                                 Prostate cancer
Each month What’s
that? will have a photo                                                                          Chronic disease
or word of something
seen or heard at HHC
                                                                                                 management (diabetes
or MCHD. Do you know                                                                             and cardiovascular
what it is? Look for the                                                                         disease)
answer in the next issue
of Profiles.                                                                                     Obesity eradication
                                                                                                 (school intervention)
                                                                                                 Infectious disease
     Employee Service Awards                                                                     control (TB clinic and
Charles Clark - 3 Years • Dennis Jenkins - 3 Years                                             antibiotic resistance)
               Loretta Conner - 20 Years
          Debbie Tooson-Harris - 1 Years
Kelly Correll -  Years • Christa Cottingham -  Years
Robert Lauden -  Years • Florence Jackson -  Years

             We often take the purity of       •   Lead can cause brain
             our tap water for granted, and        damage in infants and
             we shouldn’t. The Natural             children and enters the
             Resources Defence Council             water supply from the
             (NRDC) completed a study              corrosion of pipes and
             finding the safety of drinking        plumbing.
             water in United States cities     •   Pathogens in water that
             to be at risk. The carefully          can make people very ill.
             researched, documented
             and peer-reviewed study of        •   By-products of chlorine
             drinking water systems in             (trihalomethanes and
             19 cities found that drinking         haloacetic acids) which
             water might pose health               may cause cancer and
             threats to some residents.            reproductive problems.
                                               •   Arsenic, radon, the rocket
             Many cities around the                fuel perchlorate and other
             country rely on pre-World             carcinogens or otherwise
             War I era water delivery              toxic chemicals.
             systems and treatment             Contaminates like these get
             technology. Old fashioned         into our water system from
             water treatment, built to         many different sources.
             filter out particles in the       A few examples: sewage
             water and kill some parasites     system runoff, runoff from
             and bacteria, generally fails     contaminant-laden sites like
             to remove 21st Century            roads, pesticide and fertilizer-
             contaminants like pesticides,     rich farms and lawns, waste
             industrial chemicals and          from large animal feedlots
             arsenic.                          and industrial pollution that
                                               leaches into groundwater or is
             Good drinking water depends       released into surface water.

             on cities getting three things
                                               The NRDC’s study found that
             1.   Lakes, streams, reservoirs   relatively few cities are in
                  and wells must be            outright violation of national

    in our
                  protected from pollution.    standards for contamination
             2. Pipes must be sound and        of drinking water, but this
                well-maintained.               is more a result of weak
                                               standards than it is of low
             3. Modern treatment

                                               contaminate levels. For
                facilities are a must.         example, cancer-causing
                                               arsenic is currently present
             So what does this mean in         in the drinking water of 22
             terms of what’s actually in       million Americans at average
             your water glass? If your city    levels of 5 ppb, well below
             has a water quality problem,      the 2006 EPA standard of 10
             your tap water may at times       ppb. Yet scientists now know
             carry a worrisome collection      that there is no safe level of
             of contaminates.                  arsenic.
             Tap water can contain a vast      Some cities are doing a
             array of contaminates, but a      fine job of protecting their
             handful showed up repeatedly      drinking water supply.
             in the NRDC study:

Seattle is doing an excellent job; Boston,          •    In Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit,                        other cities are vulnerable to
San Francisco and Denver also get high                   Houston, Los Angeles, New                            agricultural pollution containing
marks. But many other cities have a long                 Orleans, Newark, Philadelphia,                       nitrogen, pesticides or sediment.
way to go:                                               Phoenix, San Diego and                 •             Denver’s source water faces an
•      Albuquerque’s groundwater is                      Washington, D.C., source water is                    additional challenge of debris from
       becoming seriously depleted.                      threatened by runoff and industrial or               wildfires and flood sediment.
                                                         sewage contamination.
•      Fresno’s groundwater is highly                                                           •             Manchester’s problems apparently
       susceptible to contamination.                •    Waste water supplies in Baltimore,                   come from the recreational boating
                                                         Fresno, Los Angeles, New                             activity in its reservoir.
                                                         Orleans, San Diego and several

    Cities in the NRDC study        Albuquerque, NM • Atlanta, GA • Baltimore, MD • Boston, MA • Chicago, IL
    Denver, CO • Detroit, MI • Fresno, CA • Houston, TX • Los Angeles, CA • Manchester, NH • New Orleans, LA
    Newark, NJ • Philidelphia, PA • Phoenix, AZ • San Diego, CA • San Francisco, CA • Seattle, WA • Washington, DC

    in our
    to U.S. law,
    every citizen
    is entitled to a
    straight answer
    to this question.
    Every city is
    required to
    publish reports
    about the safety
    and quality of its
    drinking water

    Water publishes
    an annual
    Drinking Water
    Report. Here’s
    what Profiles
    found in the

Sources: Natural Resources Defense Council report, “What’s on Tap?” accessed online at: in January 2007 and 2005 Indianapolis Water Drinking
Water Report, accessed online at in January 2007.
Air conditioners, ammonia, anti-
histamines, antiseptics, artificial

                           How oil impacts health care...
turf, asphalt, aspirin, balloons,
bandages, boats, bottles, bras,
bubble gum, butane, cameras,

                                 Part II:
candles, car batteries, car bodies,                                   such as less gasoline for
                                                                      transportation of staff and
                                                                                                          of the past few years that
                                                                                                          all disasters are local. The
carpet, cassette tapes, caulking,
                                 Planning for the                     patients, implications on
                                                                      services from blackouts,
                                                                                                          National Association of
                                                                                                          County and City Health
CDs, chewing gum, cold, combs/
                                 future                               the possibility of reduced          Officials, (NACCHO)
brushes, computers, contacts,                                         supplies of pharmaceuticals         concluded in their report
                                                                      and plastics for medical and        entitled Shelter from the
                                 The effects oil depletion on
cortisone, crayons, cream, denture of systems will be
                                 public health                        laboratory supplies.                Storm: Local Public Health
adhesives, deodorant, detergents, and we must plan
                                 profound                                                                 Faces Katrina (February
                                 to prepare for this impending        2) Communicate to citizens          2006, pages 19-20) that: “ 1.
dice, dishwashing liquid, dresses,Due to our expertise in
                                 crisis.                              information on methods of           The public health response
                                                                      preparing for an oil depletion      to disasters is critical and it
dryers, electric blankets, electrician’sessential services to         crisis, such as forming             works, 2. All disasters are
                                 the community, we are ideally
tape, fertilizers, fishing lures,suited to play a major role          neighborhood partnerships           local, 3. Local relationships
                                 in dealing with the planning         to learn methods of                 are the key to success, 4. Local
nets, fishing rods, floor wax, for this energy crisis. The            sustainability and maximizing       health departments face great
                                 oil depletion crisis won’t be        resources and                       challenges in responding
glues, glycerin, golf balls, guitar                                                                       to emergencies while
                                 the type of relatively short-
strings, hair, hair coloring, hair crisis for which we
                                 term                                 3) Provide a template for           simultaneously sustaining
                                 already have plans, such as          a plan for neighborhood             their day-to-day work to
curlers, hearing aids, heart valves, flood, pandemic
                                 a tornado,                           units to utilize in educating       serve their communities, 5.
heating oil, house paint, ice chests, or a bioterrorism               themselves about living with        Public education is essential
                                 event. In the period of time         depleted resources, such as         in disaster planning, 6. The
ink, insect repellent, insulation, jet a drastic reduction
                                 between                              growing a garden, pooling           contributions of volunteers
                                                                      transportation resources,           should be planned and
                                                    and the
fuel, life jackets, linoleum, lipin oil availabilityoil, there will
                                 unavailability of                    and preserving fruits and           coordinated, and 7. It
                                 be an “unknown period of
lipstick, loudspeakers, medicines,                                    vegetables.                         is important to plan for
                                 chaos followed by a new state                                            prescription medication needs
mops, motor oil, motorcycle helmets, characterized by
                                 of normal,                           Despite predictions, we do          in a disaster.” This message
                                                                      have resources and plans            about the importance of local
movie film, nail polish, nylons, energy consumption,”                 available right now into which      planning was reiterated in
                                 as predicted by Dr. Bednarz
oil filters, paddles, paint brushes, Public health systems
                                 (2006).                              planning for an oil-depleted        March 2006 when Health and
                                 around the globe need to             world can be layered. Most          Human Services Secretary
paints, parachutes, paraffin, pens, planning immediately
                                 initiate                             experts on this topic have          Michael Leavitt told our
                                                                      suggested that planning for oil     Pandemic Influenza State
                                 for this
perfumes, petroleum jelly, plastic crisis.                            depletion should have started       Summit audience that
chairs, plastic cups, plastic forks, to Begin
                                 A Way                                ten or more years ago. If you       we should not count on
                                 So, what do local health             don’t think that oil depletion      much help from the federal
plastic wrap, plastics, plywood  departments do to prepare            will someday rock your world,       government in the event of a
                                 for a crisis
adhesives, refrigerators, roller-skate such as this?                  take a look at the list of things   pandemic disaster. In other
                                 Local health departments are         made from oil.                      words, it’s up to us, folks.
wheels, roofing paper, rubber bands,
                                 already financially strapped.
                                                                      A Four Phased Process               Oil depletion is a known
rubber boots, rubber cement,Most local health departments
                                 are constantly scrambling for        I propose a four-phased             threat. This is not an incident
bags, running shoes, saccharine, resources to meet needs in           process for developing a local      that is going to occur without
                                 their communities. Just about        public health oil depletion         warning like an earthquake
seals, shirts (non-cotton), shoe staff member wears two
                                 every                                plan/response. Phase One            or a bioterrorism event. If
                                                                      focuses on assessment of            we start planning now, our
polish, shoes, shower curtains,three hats to ensure that              the situation in your local         community can emerge on the
                                 the most basic services are
solvents, solvents, spectacles,  delivered. In the interest of        jurisdiction. Phase Two             other side of this crisis intact
                                 time and dwindling resources,        focuses on development of the       and maybe more confident
stereos, sweaters, table tennis balls,
                                 health departments should            plan. Phase Three deals with        and resilient than ever before.
                                                                      the implementation of the
                                 begin to
tape recorders, telephones, tennis address oil depletion              plan and Phase Four focuses
                                 by layering it into the existing
rackets, thermos, tights, toilet seats, preparedness
                                 emergency                            on maintenance, feedback and        Adapted from Mary McKee, MSW, LCSW,
                                                                                                          presentation at the 13th Annual Meeting
                                 planning structure.                  evaluation.
toners, toothpaste, transparencies,                                                                       of the American Public Health Association
                                                                                                          November 6, 2006.
transparent tape, TV cabinets, goals of a plan could be:
                                 The                                  There is a plethora of oil
                                                                      depletion preparedness              Bednarz, Dan. Leadership, Environmental
                                 1) Continue to perform the                                               Scanning, and the Future of Public Health:
typewriter/computer ribbons,essential services of public              information for families and        The Case of Peak Oil.
                                                                      communities. It has become
                                 health             constraints
umbrellas, upholstery, vaporizers, under theconstraints
                                 of oil depletion;                    apparent, after the experience      List from

vitamin capsules, volleyballs, water
Step p your efforts to adopt
a healthier lifestyle
                                 activity to help her meet her      diet (250 fewer calories a day)
Option 1:                        weight loss goals.                 and another for increased
                                                                    physical activity (burning
Lose 10 in 10                    Challenge participants can
                                 log onto the INShape Indiana
                                                                    250 additional calories a
                                                                    day). At the end of 10 weeks,
INShape Indiana will launch      Web site (www.INShape.             participants will be asked to
the first 10-week/10-pound to sign up. Registered     report back on their weight
statewide weight loss            participants will receive an       loss.
challenge on January 15.         e-mail outlining ways they
“This is the time of the year    can prepare themselves             For more information, visit
that many people devote          for the challenge, such as or call
to making healthy changes        keeping a food diary, taking       1-800-433-0746.
in their lives,” said State      inventory of the contents of
Health Commissioner Judy         their pantry, and other tips.
Monroe, M.D. “The 10 in 10       Then, each of the 10 weeks,
Challenge is a great way to      participants will receive an
                                                                                                       employees are eligible and
help those who have resolved     e-mail to help instruct them
                                                                                                       encouraged to participate
to change their eating habits    about how they can lose one
                                                                                                       in the Pikes Peak Challenge
and exercise more, plus stop     pound.
                                                                                                       from February 1 to July 31,
smoking along the way.”                                                                                2007.
                                 The weekly e-mails, being
The goal of the 10 in 10         prepared with the assistance
                                                                                                       The challenge is a
Challenge is for participants    of a trainer and a nutritionist,
                                                                                                       2,230,000 step virtual
to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks    will incorporate one
                                                                                                       journey (1,115 miles) from
by making changes in diet        suggestion for a change in
                                                                                                       Indianapolis to the summit
and exercise. Pam Smith of                                                                             of Pikes Peak in Colorado.
Martinsville, is a 25-year-
old mother who weighed
247 pounds when she was                                               Option 2:                       No need to worry about any
                                                                                                      steep hills, nasty weather or
selected to participate on the
television show, The Biggest
Loser. While on the show, she
                                                                      Pikes Peak                      keeping up with the rest of
                                                                                                      the group. You won’t even
                                                                                                      be expected to break a sweat,
lost 40 pounds, and has lost
another 28 pounds since she
                                                                      Challenge                       although it’s recommended.
has returned home. She has                                            Get your walking shoes          Simply keep track of the
incorporated healthy eating                                           and pedometers out and          number of steps you take
habits and daily physical                                             join HHC and MCHD for a         while walking, bowling,
                                                                      free trip to Pikes Peak! All    shopping, walking the dog,
                                                                                                      dancing or going about your
                                                                                                      normal daily routine.

                                                                                                      You don’t have to be a
                                                                                                      Mountain of Wellness
                                                                                                      member to participate, but
                                                                                                      if you are, these steps can
                                                                                                      be added to your exercise

                                                                                                      Be on the lookout for more
                                                                                                      information about the Pikes
                                                                                                      Peak Challenge.

     You may have met Emily Bone at a         glass, clean lines in the house and     corner. In fact, while the two were
     2 o’clock stretch or possibly a health   angular rooflines outside.              working on the roof of one of the
     fair. However, some of you may                                                   homes a couple, who was just
     have recently recognized her on the      The story actually began with a         driving by, discovered the home
     cover of Carmel Magazine for the         23-year-old Carmel artist-turned-       and made an offer to buy it within
     rediscovery of a futuristic 1950s        builder, Avriel Christie Shull. Shull   two weeks.
     neighborhood.                            had a vision to create a California-
                                              contemporary subdivision with           Many have told Emily not to work
     In 2003, when Emily, Manager             ranch homes doubling as works of        so hard. However, Bone told
     of the Cardiovascular Program            art. She succeeded and two dozen        Carmel Magazine, “To us, it’s not
     with Chronic Disease, and her            homes were eventually built in the      work. This is our creative outlet.”
     partner, Stephanie Moore set out         Thornhurst Addition. Shull died in      They complete tasks as easy as
     to purchase a home, they knew            1976 at the age of 43 from diabetes-    repainting and updating light
     they wanted an older home.               related complications.                  fixtures to removing overgrown
     They wanted something more                                                       shrubbery and laying hardwood
     contemporary.                            Over the years, homeowners came         floors.
                                              and went. As times changed, so
     Contemporary is what they got.           did the homes. They were updated        When asked about her debut in
     Contemporary (mid-century                to match 1970s and 80s home             Carmel Magazine, Bone was quite
     modern) from the 1950s, that is.         fashions. Emily and Stephanie           modest and eager to pass on the
     Modern architecture with walls of        decided to purchase one of the          copy of the magazine that had
                                              Avriel-designed homes and restore       been sitting on her desk for a week.
                                              it back to its mid-century 1950s        Chronic Disease Coordinator,
                                              modern look. The two finished           Sandy Cummings told Profiles,
                                              restoring their home in 2004.           “Emily is a talented nutrition
                                                                                      educator who is respected by all of
                                              It was at this time that the concept    her clients...Her creativity comes
                                              of Modern Bones came to life.           out at work as much as it does at
                                              Modern Bones is the name of the         home!”
                                              renovation business they started
                                              after purchasing two additional
                                              Avriel-designed homes. To date,
                                              they have completed renovations on
                                              the three homes and are gearing up
                                              to renovate more.

                                              Now that the mid-century (retro)
                                              look has come back to the forefront,
                                              finding supplies, furniture and
                                              interested home buyers has become
                                              as simple as driving around the

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