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					                                    Topper Limousine, Inc. Bacherlors/Bachelorettes Contract

                      TOPPER                Limousine, Inc.
                                 1646 Roswell Road
                                 Marietta, GA 30062
Phone 770-578-1867         Toll-Free 1-800-387-1642 Fax 770-579-3875
                              Email –
                  “World Class Service With a Touch of Southern Hospitality”

           Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Contract
This Agreement is executed between Topper Limousine, Inc., and                               .
The above named individual signing this contract desires to use ground transportations, provided
by Topper     Limousine, Inc., for the purpose of a Bachelors/Bacherlorettes Party. The below
policies are specifically designed to help ensure your evening is enjoyable, safe and complies
with applicable laws concerning damages related to   Topper Limousine employees and

Customers agree to the following terms and conditions:

   •   Passengers must conduct themselves at all times while being transported.
   •   Customer is responsible for any damages borne to   Topper Limousine Driver and
   •   Customer agrees to reimburse   Topper     Limousine the total cost to repair and/or to
       replace any audio/video equipment located in vehicles damaged by customers.
   •   Customers are to notify driver or administrative office immediately, in the event any
       audio and/or visual equipment is not working properly or malfunctioning.
   •   Customers agree not to insult the driver with rude and offense language and the results of
       such actions will result in trip ending. However, customer will be responsible for paying
       for the entire trip as scheduled.
   •   Customers agree not to remove any items from the vehicles, such as glassed, CD’s,
       DVD’s, etc.
   •   This includes but is not limited to:
           o  Cost incurred to repair damages made to    Topper   Limousine equipment and
           o Cost to clean, remove, repair and/or discard carpet, seats and interior due to
             spilling of beverages and food, vomiting, etc.

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                                     Topper Limousine, Inc. Bacherlors/Bachelorettes Contract
Note: All cost for repairs or damages to   Topper   Limousine vehicles resulting from the
      activity of passengers, shall be borne by the signer of this contract.

Note: In the event that for any reason the trip needs to be cancelled, the total agreed upon rental
      price will be charged due to our no refunds policy.

Note: There is also a 50 % deposit required at the time the reservations are made. All deposits
       are non-refundable!!!

Note: Please provide us with the following credit card information. There is a 100% refundable
      deposit in the event any damages done to the interior and exterior of our vehicle while
       under your charter can be charged accordingly.Topper Limousine, Inc. will notify you
       in advance of your card being charge. Thank you for choosing Topper Limousine, Inc.

Card Type:              Card Number:                                          Exp. Date:

Card Holder’s Name:                                                   ****Code:

If you have any questions concerning    Topper’s policies, please call our office. Again thank
you for choosing Topper Limousine, Inc.       We look forward to assisting in helping you have a
very special evening.

I have read, understood and agreed to   Topper’s above-mentioned policies.

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                                       Parents/Guardians Signature

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