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									  The Eagle’s Eye
       Weekly Student Newsletter *
                                                                                    October 17, 2011

     National Collegiate Alcohol                                                       Inside
          Awareness Week                                                Free Flu Shots.............................2
           October 17-22
       Every year, the third week in October is National Collegiate     Events this Week........................3
Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) and over 1000 universities
take this opportunity to remind and educate students on the             Volunteer Opportunities.............3
dangers of irresponsible drinking. The 2011 NCAAW campaign’s
theme is “Raise Your Voice! You Can Save a Life!”. The message          Suduko Puzzles..........................4
encourages students to take a stand against irresponsible behav-
iors amongst their peers. It advocates social responsibility and
arms students with the necessary skills needed to make good             NCAA Choices & ATOD................5
decisions regarding binge drinking and drinking and driving.
        The University of Minnesota, Crookston campus is promot-
ing National Collegiate Alcohol
Awareness Week from October                                             Major Fair....................................7
17-22. Many events are taking
place. Collect an Alcohol Aware-                                        Message from Chancellor..........8
ness Week activities card to
receive stamps for a prize drawing                                      College 101 Workshop...............9
for a KINDLE e-book reader to be
held Saturday, October 22, at the
football game when the U of M                                           Brain Teaser..............................10
Crookston Golden Eagles take on
St. Cloud State at 1 p.m. at Wids-                                      Classifieds.................................10
eth Field. You must have three
stamps from different events
throughout the week to qualify for
the drawings.
                                                                                Club Meetings
                                     One of the activities being
                                held this week on the UMC cam-          October 17:
                                pus is the Alcohol Goggles Driv-        2:00 p.m. - CSSD Meeting - Prairie
                                ing Course. If you think you can        Room
                                handle driving after a few drinks       4:00 p.m. - S.P.A.C.E Meeting - Leader-
                                you'll definitely want to think twice   ship Room
                                after taking part in this event. The    4:00 p.m. - SIFE Meeting - Dowell Hall
                                Crookston Police Department will        200
                                host a Driving Under the Influence      October 18:
                                Driving Course set up with pylon        11:00am - UMC Campus Lions - Prairie
                                obstacles on Wednesday, October
                                19 , from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                                on the UMC Campus Mall. All stu-        1:00 .p.m. - Communication Club Meet-
                                dents are invited to come on out        ing - Leadership Room
                                and experience this event.              October 21:
                                                                        Fiber Noon Friday Group Gathering
                                                                        Kiehle Heritage Room

                            Free Flu Shots                                              Study Abroad
                                                                                        Info Sessions
                                                                                    Wednesday, October 19
                                                  Free Flu Shots for UMC Stu-                and
                                          dents: Tuesday, November 15, 9:00
                                          to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                     Thursday, October 20
                                          Monday, November 21, 11:00 a.m.
                                          to 1:00 p.m., Bede Ballroom. Please       Wednesday, October 19 -
                                          bring your student ID. The cost of        Alternative Spring Break in Spain -
                                          the flu shots for students is cov-        2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
                                          ered by UMC Student Health.               3 Week Program in Norway - 5:00 -
                                                                                    6:00 p.m.
                                                   Free Flu Shots for UMC Em-       2 week Program in France - 6:00 -
                                          ployees: Thursday, October 27, 2:00       7:00 p.m.
                                          to 3:30 p.m., and Tuesday, Novem-
Contact       Stacey       Grunewald,     ber 1, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Bede      Thursday, October 20 -, with questions          Ballroom.     Please bring your em-       Repeat Session 3 Week Program in
or refer to the following web site for    ployee ID. The cost of this free flu      Norway 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
more info on the flu shot. http://        shot clinic is covered by the UPlan.      Repeat Session 2 Week Program in       .                                              France 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

                                                                                    All sessions will be held in Kiehle
                                                                                    Room 105.
                                                                                 Paid Advertisement
         Donate your old greetings
cards for a good cause. The ladies from
The Valley Christian Fellowship in town
are collecting old cards to refurbish
and sell them. The money collected
from the sale will be given to Not For
Sale, an organization fighting against
human trafficking around the world.
         Boxes     will   be     placed
around the UMC campus for per-
sons to place their cards for reuse.
The cut off date for the donation of
cards will be November 3, 2011.

Contact Brooke Hamilton at hamil345@ for further information.


    Events this Week                                          Volunteer Opportunities
Monday, October 17
•	 National	Collegiate	Alcohol	              Humane Society: Looking for students to assist with fundraising ideas and
        Awareness	Week	(NCAAW)	              projects for area humane societies. If any clubs or individuals are interested in
                                             assisting, please contact Whitney Lian <> for more informa-
        Booth,	11:30	a.m.	-	1:30	p.m.
Tuesday, October 18
•	 Third	Annual	Major	Fair,	10:00	           Humane Society: There is a huge need for volunteers to help clean cages from
        a.m.	-	2:00	p.m.,	Northern	Lights	   9:30 – 10:30 or 11 a.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. on weekends. Additionally,
        Lounge                               dogs love to be walked! Get some exercise and share a walk with a very appre-
Wednesday, October 19                        ciative friend! The Polk County Humane Society is located at 720 East Robert
•	 NCAAW	Alcohol	Goggles	Driving	            Street. Please contact Tracy Janisch at 281-7225 to schedule a time to volun-
        Course,	11:30	a.m.	-	1:30	p.m.,		    teer. The Polk County Humane Society is located at 720 East Robert Street.
        UMC	Campus	Mall	
                                             NightScreams Haunted House, a fundraiser for local charities: Project de-
•	 Career	Services	Webinar	:		‘5	            scription: Actors for Haunted House....dressing in costume, also make-up artists
        Steps	to	Build	Your	Personal	        are welcomed as well. Project date and time: October 28 - October 31 5-10 p.m.
        Brand’,	2:00	p.m.	-	3:00	p.m.,	      Number of volunteers requested: 7-8. Location: 513 Central Ave North,
        Bede	Ballroom	A	&	B                  Crookston. Directions/Instructions: Between Alexander and Walsh St on Central
•	 Study	Abroad	Information	                 Ave, 2 blocks from old court house. Contact person: Jeff Ronnei
                                             Phone: 218-289-6395 Email: Web site: night-
        Session:	Alternative	Spring	
        Break	to	Spain,	2:00	p.m.	-	3:00	
        p,m	.,	Kiehle	105
                                             North Country Food Shelf: A second food shelf will be opening in Crookston on
•	 College	101	Workshop:	Stress	             October 24. It is located at 424 N. Broadway. This food shelf is a “client choice”
        Management	for	Students,	3:00	       model, where people are able to select the foods they need and will use.
        p.m.,	Prairie	Room
•	 Study	Abroad	Information	
        Session:	3	Week	Program	in	
        Norway,	5:00	p.m.	-	6:00	p.m.,	
        Kiehle	105	
•	 Study	Abroad	Information	                                    UROC Funds Available
        Session:	2	Week	Program	in	
        France,		6:00	p.m.,	-	7:00	p.m.,	             From Thomas Baldwin, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student
        Kiehle	105                           Affairs Undergraduate Research Opportunities-Crookston (UROC) In order
•	 Last	day	to	cancel	a	class,	all	          to encourage undergraduate research on the UMC campus, funding has been
                                             set aside for projects approved on campus. The process for awarding these
        day	event
                                             funds is separate from the University-wide UROP. Total dollars requested per
Thursday, October 20                         proposal may not exceed $1700 (maximum of $1400 in salary for the student
•	 NCAAW	Be	Wise	Game,	11:00	a.m.,	          plus a maximum of $300 for expenses).
        Sargeant	Student	Center
Friday, October 21                                     All proposals submitted for campus funding need to be approved by the
•	 Friday	Noon	Fiber	Group	                  appropriate unit head and submitted to the Academic Affairs office by the fol-
                                             lowing date and time. Late proposals will not be considered. October 17, 2011,
        Gathering	Heritage	Room,	Kiehle	
                                             4:00 p.m. – for spring semester 2012 projects For application forms and guide-
        Hall	                                lines, please open the attachments: Policy and Procedures 2011-2012; Applica-
•	 UMC	Equestrian	Team	Spaghetti	            tion Fall 2011; Faculty Mentor Recommendation Fall 2011. Submitted projects
        Feed	Fundraiser,	5:00	p.m.	-	        that do not follow the procedures and/or not submitted on the correct forms and
									8:00	p.m.,	UTOC	Horse	Stables       do not include all requested information will be returned and run the risk of not
                                             being considered.


Sudoku puzzles are provided by - visit them and get a new Sudoku in your email inbox every day!
Answers to Sudoku on page 8.

      Mixed Blood Theatre Presents
                                                                 Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis will present the
          ‘According to Coyote’
                                                                 play “According to Coyote” on Monday evening, October
           Monday, October 24                                    24, at 7 p.m. in Kiehle Auditorium. The event is open
                                                                 to the public. This energetic collection of legends gives
                                                                 life to Coyote, the trickster, teacher, magician, and hero
                                                                 in American Indian traditions. Playwright John Kauff-
                                                                 man employs age-old techniques of music, dance,
                                                                 magic and narrative to bring to life this character in all
                                                                 his guises--Coyote the Creator, the namer of animals
                                                                 and bringer of fire; Coyote the Trickster, conniving for
                                                                 an advantage that usually backfires on him; and Coyote
                                                                 the Teacher, from whom lessons of humility, wisdom
                                                                 and humanity are learned. This event is sponsored by
                                                                 the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Programs.

                                                  Studio 108
                                                    Located at: 107 2nd St East
                                                      Crookston, MN 56716
                                                         (218) 281-7337
                                                          Marty or Stacy

                            $2 off Hair cut
                      $5 off Haircut & Color                          We now
                             With U Card                              have hair

                                                 Paid Advertisement


                                                               and          ATOD
                              National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
                                            October 17 – 22

                                    “THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK”
October 17 begins NCAA/ATOD National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. A week of activities to encourage UMC
students to “think before you drink.” A guideline motto developed by Amoy Carty, UMC senior, UMC student UROC re-
searcher, as a best practices guideline to promote UMC student healthy and safety.

                              “We know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for us. It gives us hangovers, makes
                              us feel tired and does little for our appearance – and that is just the morning afterwards.
                              Long term, it increases the risk of developing a long list of health conditions including
                              breast, oral cancers, heart disease, strokes and cirrhosis of the liver. Research shows
                              that a high alcohol intake can also damage our mental health, impair memory skills and
                              reduce fertility,” reported by Philippa Roxby, BBC News Healthy reporter, October 2011.

                              “Each person is responsible for their own alcohol consumption guidelines. This takes
                              information (know the laws and research), personal reflection (personal and career goals),
                              attention (to your own body and family history), and seek help when needed. (Vicki Sve-
                              darsky, UMC Counselor and ATOD Program Coordinator)

                              Katherine Brown, head of research at the Institute of Alcohol Studies summarizes, “It is
                              difficult to state exactly how much is too much” and we need to be very careful when sug-
                              gesting there is a ‘safe’ level of drinking for the population. Rather, we need to explain
                              that there are risks associated with alcohol consumption, and that the less you drink the
                              lower your risk is of developing health problems.”

Stay safe and participate in NCAA/ATOD National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week activities encouraging greater
awareness of alcohol effects and consequences.

                                              Events Schedule
Monday - October 17    “Take a bite out of OVER Consumption”               SAAC for ALCOHOL AWARENESS
Sargeant Student Center - 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Tuesday - October 18     ==THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK==
Centennial Conference Room - 6:00 p.m.

Dig Pink: Golden Eagles Volleyball    Lysaker Gym          -   7:00 p.m.
MOCKTAILS      FREE Taco in a Bag w/SAAC coupon

Wednesday - October 19     Crookston Police Department: Driving Under the Influence
UMC Mall 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Thursday - October 20 “”Be-Wiser””      Game to Dispel Myths and Understand Facts
Sargeant Student Center - 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Golden Eagle Football -- Eligible for “KINDLE” If Attend a Minimum of 3 Events -Must Be Present To Win-
Widseth Football Field - 1:00 p.m.

                                                     “We would also like to con-
          U-SPORTS                          gratulate the offensive line and skill
                                            athletes who block for him to make
                                                                                              Upcoming Events
                                            this     accomplishment       possible.”                Monday, October 17
Richard Haley Breaks                                 Haley currently leads the NSIC                Youth NFL Flag Football
Golden Eagle 1,000                          in rushing and is 409 yards ahead of his                 7 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
                                            next closest competition. He is averag-
Yard Rushing Record                         ing 5.8 yards/rush and 171 yards/game,                Tuesday, October 18
                                            almost 70 yards/game above the next                Home Volleyball vs Minot State
          The University of Minnesota,                                                               (Dig Pink Match)
                                            closest rusher. Last week he was ranked
Crookston Athletic Department an-                                                                         7 p.m.
                                            second in all of NCAA Division II just 3.4
nounced on October 10, 2011 that
                                            yards behind the nation’s top rusher.                   Friday, October 21
junior, running back, Richard Haley
                                            For more information, visit the                     Volleyball at MSU Moorhead
(RB, 6-0, 205, Jr., Detroit, Mich.) broke
                                            Golden Eagle Athletics website                                  7 p.m.
the Golden Eagle 1,000 yard rush-
                                            at          .     Club Hockey vs Minot State University
ing record against Upper Iowa Uni-
                                                                                                           7 p.m. .
versity on Saturday, October 8, 2011.       Follow the Golden Eagles on Face-
          Haley, a transfer from Grand      book at Golden Eagle Sports                           Saturday, October 22
Rapids Community College, has               and on Twitter at @UMCAthletics.                  Home Football vs St. Cloud State
played in just six games as a Golden                                                                      1 p.m.
Eagle. In that time, he has rushed                                                            Soccer at Wayne State, Nebraska
178 times and amassed 1,026 yards            Golden Eagle Western                                         1 p.m.
breaking the old record held by team-          Equestrian Squad                                    Sunday, October 23
mate Keith McBride (RB, 5-11, 195,
Jr., Lodi, Wis.) who accomplished the        Learns from Show at                               Soccer at Augustana, Sioux Falls
                                                UW-River Falls                                             1 p.m.
1,000 yard feat in 12 games for Min-
nesota, Crookston. Haley now has his
sights set on the all-time season rush-               The Golden Eagle Western                   Game Results
ing record of 1,549 yards held by R.J.      Equestrian team began the weekend
Rollins recorded in 2004. Rollins also      with a slow start. Saturday started            Football     vs     Northern       State
holds the all-time UMC career rushing       with a few rough performances in the           Result : 45-21 in favor of Northern State
record of 3,073 yards (2002-2005).          Reining and the Open. However, Yahna
          “As coaches we are always         Zastrow (Jr, Easton, Minn.) earned a           Volleyball vs Northern State
very proud to see our athletes accom-       second place finish in the advanced            Result: 3-2 in favor of Northern State
plish goals. Richard is a tremendous        division. In the Novice Division, Jenna        Game Highlights: . Amanda Swann
talent and we are very excited for          Podnar (So, Luxemburg, Wis.), Megan            (OH, 6-0, Jr., Rochester, Mich.), Katie
him,” says Head Coach Chuck Moller.         Kramer (Sr, Owatonna, Minn.) and               Miedtke (MH, 5-10, So., Maple Grove,
                                            Amanda Flint (Jr, Aberdeen, S.D.) all          Minn.), Brittany Looker (OH, 5-10, Fr.,
                                            earned second place ribbons in their           Rochester, Minn.) and Rueter all fin-
                                            classes with Anna Steen (Sr, Hanover,          ished the match with double-digit kills.
                                            Minn.) and Karen Carpenedo (Jr, Bes-
                                            semer, Mich.) taking third place rib-          Soccer vs Southwest Minne-
                                            bons. Kramer’s points put her in the           sota State - Result: 0-0 2OT tie
                                            position to compete in the Regional
                                            Horse show in March. Mitzi Marlin (So,         Volleyball     vs    Wayne      State
                                            Nowthen, Minn.) earned the only blue           Result: 3-0 in favor of Wayne State
                                            ribbon of the day in her Intermediate          Game highlights: Brittany Looker
                                            Class with Kaytlin Weiger (Sr, Duluth,         (OH, 5-10, Fr., Rochester, Minn.) and
                                            Minn.) taking second place and Krista          Alyssa Schneider (MH, 6-0, So., Ra-
                                            Dale (Jr, Sartell, Minn.) finishing in third   cine, Wis.) recorded seven kills each.
                                            place. Mikayla Sich (Fr, Duluth, Minn.)
                                                                                           Soccer vs Minnesota State Uni-
                                            Equestrian Squad Continued on                  versity - Result: 2-0 in favor of MSU
                                            Page 9



    A Message from                                  Please understand the pur-            Career Services
   Chancellor Casey -                       pose in writing this letter. We at the     Webinar '5 Steps to
                                            U of M, Crookston are in a position to
 “Making Good Choices”                      help you reach your educational goals
                                                                                       Build Your Personal
                                            and dreams. Let's work together to                   Brand'
                                            make certain that an alcohol-related           The Career Services Webinar
          One of the University of
                                            tragedy like those that have hit oth- “5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand’
Minnesota, Crookston’s top pri-
                                            er campuses never occurs on ours. will be held Wednesday, October 19
orities is to maintain a safe and
                                                                                   at 2:00 p.m. in Bede Ballroom A & B.
supportive environment for its
entire community of learners.               Equestrian Squad Continued
                                            from Page 6                                                             Hi,     I’m
          October 17-22 is National
                                            earned a second place ribbon in the                                     Sherri
Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
                                            Beginner Class to help give the team                                    Thomas,
(NCAAW). The University of Minnesota,
                                            21 points overall. This was good for                                    President
Crookston observes this annual event
                                            third place overall on the day. Sun-                                    of Career
by offering a variety of programs to help
                                            day started a bit stronger with Kayla                                   Coaching
everyone better understand the effects
                                            Krueger (Sr, Walker, Minn.) winning                                     360, and I
of alcohol use. I hope you will take
                                            the Open Horsemanship and placing                                       know from
part in the planned activities so you
                                            in the Reining. This earned her the                                     my own
can make informed personal choices.
                                            Reserve High Point Rider for the day.                                   personal
          I challenge you to make the
                                            The next best ribbon of the day was                                     experi-
choice not to abuse alcohol or other
                                            Jenna Podnar’s second place ride in                                     ence that
drugs and join UMC and our Alcohol,
                                            the Novice Division. “From there, it                                    personal
Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) pre-
                                            was a middle of the pack kind of day                                    branding
vention program in making our cam-
                                            for us,” says U of M, Crookston West-    can have a major impact on achieving
pus free from the negative effects of al-
                                            ern Coach Nicky Overgaard. “Making       a career that fills you with meaning and
cohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse.
                                            mistakes during your go isn’t going to   purpose. The key is learning how best
          The harsh realities of alco-
                                            get us very high in the ribbons. But     to leverage your talents, strengths, and
hol-related deaths or injuries of stu-
                                            some important lessons were gar-         passions to transition into an organiza-
dents across the nation are a vivid
                                            nered throughout the day. However,       tion that appreciates and values you.
reminder of the threats that alcohol
                                            at the end of the day, we somehow                  Mastering the art of per-
and other drug abuse pose to our
                                            managed to get the 3rd place team        sonal branding means that you are
campus community. These are trag-
                                            for the day.” Coach Overgaard feels      sending the right messages, network-
edies of the first order, tragedies that
                                            that her team is finding out a great     ing with the right career influenc-
took the lives of young people like
                                            deal about themselves. “I thought        ers, and successfully driving the per-
you. But much worse than that is the
                                            our riding was pretty consistent this    ceptions of clients, managers, and
fact that they didn't have to happen.
                                            weekend but we found some holes          potential employers. My book, “Career
          While we have been free of
                                            that we need to work on,” says Coach     Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Per-
such tragedies at UMC, incidents like
                                            Overgaard. “We are finding that we       sonal Brand” will teach you how to:
these remind us of the importance of
                                            are doing some things at horse shows     •         Leverage      your    passions,
good personal decision making. Loss
                                            that we do not do at practice. We             strengths, talents, and accom-
can be tragic in other ways as well—it
                                            have to learn to work on nerves in the        plishments to transition into
could be a student dropping out of
                                            show environment and do what we do            a career that gives you mean-
college due to poor academic perfor-
                                            well, ride our horse and think through        ing, purpose and inspires you.
mance resulting from alcohol or drug
                                            the class. We are looking forward to     •         Strengthen      your    credibil-
use. We know that academic failures
                                            hosting the next home western show            ity and build visibility with people
are often directly related to excessive
                                            on October 29th and 30th at the Uni-          who can promote you, hire you,
or “binge” drinking. Faculty, staff, and
                                            versity Teaching and Outreach Center          and introduce you to others
those of us who devote our lives and
                                            (UTOC) on the University of Minne-            who could potentially hire you.
careers to the task of helping students
                                            sota, Crookston campus. Saturday’s       •         Stretch yourself, flex your
learn and grow have a responsibility
                                            show begins at 1 p.m. while Sun-              professional muscles, and break
to help you make informed decisions.
                                            day’s competition begins at 9 a.m.”           through roadblocks to help you
                                                                                          move your career up to the next level.



                                                                             Brain Teasers
Alissa Hernandez is the winner. She knew the answer to last week’s puzzle was “Open and Shut
Case.” She can pick up her free movie pass from Meloni in 236 Sargeant Student Center. Can you
guess this week’s puzzle? If you think you know the answer, send an e-mail to melonir. A winner will
be chosen from the correct answers. The winner will receive a free ticket to the Grand Theatre in
Crookston. Email your answer to Meloni prior to noon on Thursday, October 20, 2011. The winner’s
name will appear in the October 24, 2011 Eagle’s Eye.

    Answers to Sudoku from page 4
                                                                            Classified Ads

                                          Give Away: Two litters of kittens to give away. 5 kittens were born on 8-22 and 7 kittens were born on
                                          9-6. They are adorable and cute. The owner would like to give them all to families so that she does not
                                          have to take them to a shelter or pet store. You can reach Kimberly Gross at 218-281-4600 or via cell
                                          218-280-0193 or you can email her to receive pictures of the kittens at

                                          Rider Wanted: Rider with good balance wanted. To help ride green broke horses. For further informa-
                                          tion please call Cell: 701 730 0335 oR email: pia@eagletReehoRsemanship.Com www.eagletReehoRsemanship.Com

Help Wanted: New Horizon Foods now hiring dietary aide and cook positions. Full time available. Email resumes to Jasmin at nhori- or apply in person at Nutrition Services, RiverView Health, 323 S. Minnesota St., Crookston.

Lost Item: Black160 GB ipod classic, It has ‘Mandy Roelofs and Pslams 150:6’ engraved on the back, also has a few scratches and
dents on it, 50$ reward if found, please call (320)905-0232 if you have found it.

For Sale: 2004 Chevy Aveo for sale. 55k miles, 37mpg highway. Can get to the cities on one tank. New stereo and speakers. Replaced
half the engine for preventative maintenance over the summer. Great winter car, warms up fast and has a block heater. Never been in
an accident. Asking $6000 but all reasonable offers considered. Call, email, or text for more details; or 612-388-
3999 .

Help Wanted: B & E Meats in Crookston is currently hiring for the following positions: 2 skinners and 1 cutter needed during the 2011
venison harvest. There may also be future jobs for packaging. If interested, please contact Jeremy at 218-688-1035.

* If you would like to include an ad in the classified section of the Eagle’s Eye, email your request to or drop your ad off in 236 Student Center. Ads will
be included in the Eagle’s Eye FREE of charge to students, faculty and staff. Ads will be included on a first come first served basis. Ads will run for two weeks if space allows.
We reserve the right to reject any ads.

                                                            Publication Information
* The Eagle’s Eye is published by the Student Center weekly September through May. Copy deadline is noon on Thursday of each week. Please send items for the Eagle’s Eye
electronically to Meloni Rasmussen, Principal Office & Administrative Specialist, at, or drop the copy off at the Student Center Info Desk. Disability accommodations
will be provided upon request for all events. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy
that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability,
public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We reserve the right not to publish any article/submitted question that is deemed inappropriate and/or is in
violation of University policy, State or Federal law. All content must establish and nurture an environment that actively acknowledges and values diversity and is free from racism,
sexism and other forms of prejudice, intolerance or harassment, for men and women, faculty, staff and students from varying racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds and of
varying sexual orientations, as well as people with disabilities.

UMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator. Alternative formats of this publication can be obtained by calling (218) 281-8586.

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