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					The duck
First issue for 2008-2009

     Enjoy reading this
     newspaper !!
She plays Lara Croft.
She was born on June 4th 1975 in Los
Angelina has got long brown hair. She has got green eyes.
She is an actress. Her nationality is American.
She is 1 meter70 .              Tiphanie Poilpray 4a

                      The characters are :

                Joe JONAS, Nick JONAS, Kevin
                  JONAS and Demi LOVATO.

                     Camp Rock is a summer holiday
                        camp for teenagers !!!

  Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) loves singing and
   dancing ; his dance teacher is Shane Gray (Joe Jonas).

 Mitchie and Shane sing together for the final jam of Camp
                             Rock !!!

       My favourite songs in Camp Rock are “This is me” and
       “Play my music”. The Jonas brother are very famous
                      in the U.S.A !!!

                      Angéline ROUX 3°D !!!
Eva Longoria is thirty-three. She is
married to Tony Parker.
She was born in Texas.
She is a beautiful woman. Eva has got long curly brown hair
And she has got brown eyes. She is tanned. She has got a
lovely smile. She is not tall (1.57m).She has got three
sisters: Elizabeth, Emily, Esmeralda. She acts in Desperate
Housewives where she plays Gabrielle Solis. She is in
advertisements (pubs) for l’ Oréal.
                                       Pelletier Fanny 4A
He was born on October 28th 1944 in Paris and he died on
July 19th 1986 so he died at the age of 42.

                         He was a famous actor and

                         humorist. He created           He
                         was very intelligent, nice and

He had got a lovely smile and a long nose; I think he had got
green eyes. He had got short dark hair.

He was married to Veronique Kantor but he divorced her in
1981. He had got 2 children: Romain was born in 1972 and
Marius was born in 1976.            Lana Moradel
D&CO is a M6 programme.

Valerie DAMIDOT is a decorator.

She was born in Paris on January 18th 1965.

She is 43.

In the D&CO team there are Valerie, Franck,
Julien and Carole. They are the main

In the D&CO’s book there are a lot of ideas for
your house !

The decoration for the bedroom, bathroom, living-
room and kitchen is very beautiful !!!

The painting and the stickers are fashionable (à la mode).

Valerie’s favourite colours are pink, brown chocolate and

And you, what are your favourite colours ?

                                           Angéline Roux 3°D.

From August 8th to August 24th, it was the
Olympic Games. France won 40 medals - 7 gold
medals: one in swimming, one in wrestling (lutte),
two in cycling, one in handball and two in fencing (escrime).
This is Alain Bernard, he is an Olympic
swimmer. He is French and he won a
gold medal in 100m, the most famous
distance in swimming.

These Olympic Games took place in the “nid d’oiseau” (bird
nest) and in the “water cube”.

Chloé 3°B et Agathe 3°C

Sport at Marcel Proust School

The Unss is a good association. We can train in basketball,
handball, badminton,             table-tennis, football,
swimming, golf…

Last week:

- The “benjamines” (the youngest girls)
arrived 1st in the departmental football
competition. They qualified
- The “minimes filles” (the oldest girls) arrived 5th in the
departmental football competition

-The “minimes garçons” (the oldest boys) participated in the
departmental football competition.

Lana Moradel

Tigers have got two names:

  - Royal tigers
  - Tigers of Bengale
  The tigers live in India , in Bangladesh , in Boutan , in
  Nepal and in China.

Male size :       from 2.5 to 3.1m with 1m of tail

Male height:      1.05 to 1.10 m

Male weight: 150 to 200 kg

Female size: 2.2 to 2.5m

Female weight: 125 to 160 kg
Mature age: 2 years old but they leave their mothers at the
age of 3-5.

Season of mating (accouplement): spring

             The racoon is a small black and grey animal with
             a long tail . The racoon is between 0.65 and
             0.96m. It lives in America and in Germany. It
             washes its food. Racoons eat :crayfish ,frogs,
             small fish and tortoises .

* : The sun is a star of solar system .

1: ( Mercury ) It is a small planet of the solar
system . its surface is of ice .

2: (Venus) This planet is red and it is the “
evening star “ . It is a medium planet .

3: (Earth) The earth is a planet of the humans .
We are the king of the earth .

4: (Mars) It is the second smallest planet of the solar
system . It is a red planet

5: (Jupiter) Jupiter is the very big of the solar system .
6: (Saturn) Saturn has got a big ring .

7: ( Uranus) It is a white planet . It is named the “ Georgian
planet “

8: (Neptune) This blue planet is the 4th biggest planet .


     The koala is a small marsupial
mammal (mammifere) who lives in trees
.He looks like a small teddy bear. His
height is from 60 to 80cm and he
weighs from 7 to 12 kg. He lives until 20
years old. He has got a big round head
with big ears covering his fur. He has got a thick (épais)
grey fur (fourrure).

He does not drink .He can eat 1 kg of sheet (feuilles) of
eucalyptus every day. The eucalyptus brings (apporte) him
its liquid ration.

The monkey is a funny mammal. He can live
up tp (jusqu’à) 45 years old. His skin is pink,
dark or spotted (tachetée). He hasn’t got a
tail and his hands and his feet haven’t got
hairs. The female can have only one baby
and rarely two.

                                              Tiffany battiston
  Pénelope Cruz was born on April 28th 1974 in Madrid. Her
father is Edouardo ; he is a garagist            and her
mother is Encarna; she is a
hairdresser. She has got one sister,               Monica,
and one brother, Eduardo.

 Her nickname is the “Madonna of                      Madrid”.
She has got long dark hair and she is a very beautiful actress.
She has got a lovely smile and I think she has got brown eyes.
As a teenager, it’s her beauty that allowed her to start as a
model. She is a single woman.


                               Good bye ! See you in
                               the next issue !

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