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					             Springfield Middle School                            Oct. 5, 2009

  Produced by the 8th Grade
   Student Newspaper Club                    LET SOMEONE KNOW
   under the direction of Ms.                 BY   CHRISTIE       AND    BRITTANY
  Mathena & Ms. Thompson.
                                      Who gets bullied?                            about it. Don’t be afraid to let
                                      Millions of kids eve-                        someone know right away.
     Swine Flu
Swine Flue
                                      ryday get bullied
    by a random                       over the dumbest
    8th grader                        stuff.    Sometimes                             National Bullying Prevention
    We are all aware of the
                                      even for no reason.                                  Awareness Week
                                      Come on now that’s not fair. Try to              is October 4-10. Join the
    H1N1 epidemic that is
                                      stop bullying. If you see it happen-             Teens Against Bullying
    threatening our school and
                                      ing let someone know. If you are
    community. Now staying                                                             Movement. “The End of
    healthy and clean is very         getting bullied, tell the bully to stop.
                                      If they don’t you can tell someone              Bullying Begins With You.”
    important, but be sure not
    to freak out too much.            and they will do something
    Swine flu is simply an ad-
    vanced stage of the flu. As       Cyberbullying by Kendall
    the name implies, it comes
    from pigs. Don’t be afraid
    to go near pigs, for it is only   Cyberbulling is very mean and if
    contagious if it has mani-        you don’t know how much it hurts
    fested into another stage.        people try to think how you would
    You should still be cautious.     want to be treated in person or
    The symptoms of the piggy         over the phone. Think of how much      
    piggy flu are fever, cough,       trouble you can get into                            Username: wctys32
    sore throat, headache,            if they told someone
    chills, muscle aches,             about what                                           Password: sprim
    diarrhea, and vomiting.            you’re doing to
    Spotlight on Mr. Bergan:          D E M I L OVA TO S P EA K S OUT A G A I N S T BUL LY IN G !

   Raggenia - My favorite             Demi Lovato is an to
 teacher in this school is Mr.        actress and singer-       create a bullying prevention
  Bergan. He is very nice to          songwriter. She played    movement where kids,
                                      in the Disney Channel     teachers, and parents work
 me. I like his smile and ELA         Original Movie Camp       together to put an end to
     is my favorite class.            Rock, and she plays in    bullying. Check out the web-
      Riley & Wyatt - Mr.             the Disney Channel’s      site listed above to watch
   Bergan’s class has fun             Sonny With A Chance.      the video of her speaking
  activities, writing projects,       Lovato shared recently    out against bullying. She
                                      that she was bullied in   says, “Join me to put an end
  spelling and reading. We                                      to bullying. The end of bully-
                                      middle school. She is
   are currently reading a                                      ing begins with you.”
                                      working with PACER and
    Maximum Ride book.
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                                   ASK ANNIE                 GREEN TEAM                  FAVORITE
    DOGS: INSIDE                 Dear Annie: I am                                        FOOTBALL
                                                              BY Amber J.
     THEIR SOUL                having trouble balanc-
                                                          There is still time to join
                                                                                        TEAMS OF MS.
   BY Reed Frederick Clippe      ing school and all my                                  THOMPSON’S
                                other activities. Some-     the Green Team! We            5/6 CLASS
    Alright, I know dogs           times it’s too much!   need members to help
   are popular, and they          Annie: From what I          lower our school’s
                                                                                            Seven people
    get the attention in          can tell you are one        carbon footprint.
                                                                                         like the Steelers.
   this world. You know,       busy person. Try giving     Just ask Ms. Thompson
                                                                                            Four students
   a dog is a man’s best         up some of your free     about joining and you
                                time. Like less t.v. and can make a difference
                                                                                          like the Ravens.
        friend. Is that a
   stereotype? Are dog’s          not as much time on           in our school.               Two people
     really a man’s best           the computer. Find                                   like the Cowboys.
     friend? I did a little    time to do your home-                                         Two others
   research on the topic,         work and study, like                                  like the Chargers.
   and through my eyes,           while on the way to
    dogs are my world. I         practice or while you                                   Two people like
   look into my golden’s           are waiting. If your                                   the Buccaneers.
    eyes, and I don’t see       teacher gives you time                                   One person likes
   my reflection, I see his    in class use it. Try doing                               the Redskins and
  soul. His eyes scream to       your work during the                                     another person
   me. I can’t look away.         t.v. commercials. Try                                    likes the Colts.
        What do I see, you           to stay focused.
  ask? I’ll tell you. I see
  fear. Fear of the
  unknown. Fear of             SPRINGFIELD VOLLEYBALL
  losing us. I see
                              This year our travel       Team swept both games
  happiness. He’s happy
                              volleyball teams are       and crushed the warriors.
  to be here. He’s happy
                              starting off good. On      On Wednesday, October
  to be appreciated. I
                              Sept. 29, the 6th grade    7th, the 8th graders are
  see       admiration.
                              travel team set up the     due to play at Northern
  Admiration to the guy
                              night by defeating         Middle. Show your school
  who’s feeding him. Do
                              BMS. The 7th grade         spirit and come watch
  other dogs, per say,
                              team fought really         the game!
  feel the same way?
                              hard. The 8th grade
 BY                           4-H       BY   RACHEL       AND     JADE
 Have you                     Rachel participates         functions        they
 ever read                    in the Bits and             attend, including the
 the book                     Bridles 4-H Club.          Washington County
 Stargirl by                  There are four horse       Ag Expo and the MD
 Jerry Spinelli?              clubs in Washington        State Fair. There are
 You should                   County.      Bits and      horse shows as well
 because it’s a               Bridles is a club that     during           show
 very interesting             has a meeting every         season. There are dif-
 and dynamic                  month as well as a         ferent subjects covered
 book. Check it out.          dairy club. There are      at every meeting.
                              many        different

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