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									                  WOMEN’S NATIONAL GOLDEN GLOVES 2011 Fact Sheet
                  Order of Operations (tentative) Check for updates upon arrival

Dates of Competition:            July 5-9, 2011. (and July 10th if necessary)

Registration/Check-in:          Registration entry forms and fee can be sent by U.S. mail.
                                Late registration will take place at host hotel from 12pm to 6pm on July 4, 2011
                                Registrations will also be accepted at the weigh-in, July 5th, 7:00 A.M.
                                All entry forms must be accompanied by a money order or cash.
                                Waivers (signed) must be submitted along with entry forms
All boxers, coaches, and officials must be currently registered with USA Boxing Prior to Submitting Entry Forms!!!
All Open Division Boxers Competing in Olympic Weight Classes must be U.S. Citizens!!!
In accordance with USA Boxing and Florida Boxing Rules and Regulations, each female boxer is required to take a
pregnancy test prior to boxing.

Rules &Welcome Meeting:         July 4, 2011 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
                                Rules and regulations for the tournament will be addressed.

Weigh-ins:                      Tuesday July 5, 2011. 7:00 A.M.
                                All Boxers will be weighed in and must be ready to step on the scale when your
                                weight class is called or face disqualification.
                                Any boxer within 2 pounds of making weight has until 9:00(or until the scales close)
                                to make weight.
                                Any boxer more than 2 pounds over the weight declared on the Entry Form will be
                                given the option to move up to the next weight division or be disqualified from
                                participating in the tournament.
                                Pregnancy tests will be conducted at the time of the weigh-in.

                                Wednesday, July 6- Saturday July 9 …7:00 A.M.
                                Only those boxers that will box that day need to weigh-in

                                Caution: Please watch the bout sheets to see if you are scheduled to box on that
                                evening (not the bracket sheets).

Competition Venue                       Charlotte High School
Preliminaries July 5-8:                 1250 Cooper Street
                                        Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Competition Venue                       Charlotte County Events Center
Finals                                  75 Taylor Street
July 9(and 10th if necessary)           Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
                                        Tel (941) 833-5444

Host Hotel:                             Microtel Inn & Suites
                                        4056 Tamiami Trail
                                        Port Charlotte, FL 33952
                                        (941) 624-6339

                                        Rate: $69 double queens, $89 suite
                                        Call Hotel Directly & Mention “Golden Gloves” for preferred rate.

                                        Check website for additional hotels.
Airport:                 SW Florida International (Ft. Myers) …approximately 40 minutes drive
                         Tampa International Airport …approximately 1.5 hour drive
                         Sarasota International Airport … just under one hour drive

Ground Transportation:   The hotel and venue is a drive from either airport

LBC                      Florida Association LBC

Chief Officials:         Edith Galarza & Kevin Franklin

Officials Clinic:        Level I, II, III Official Clinic is scheduled to be conducted.
                         Please check for day and time.

Coaches Clinic:          Level I and II Coaches Clinic will be held
                         Please check for day and time.

Handwraps:               No hand wraps will be allowed. Gauze and Tape only.

Headgear:                Only USA Boxing or AIBA approved headgear will be used
                         Red headgear will be worn in the red corner
                         Blue headgear will be worn in the blue corner

General Rules:           When not specified, all USA Boxing rules will be enforced.

USA Boxing Passbooks:    All coaches and athletes must be currently registered with USA Boxing before
                         entering in Tournament.

                                 Women’s Golden Gloves Host Hotel

                                   Golden Gloves of America
                                  National Equipment Sponsor
                                     2011 National Women’s Golden Gloves
                                       July 5-July 9, Punta Gorda, Florida
In consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, waive
and release any and all rights to any claim for damages I may or might have against United States Amateur Boxing (USA
Boxing), any sanctioning Local Boxing Committee, Florida Golden Gloves Charities, Inc. Golden Gloves of America, Inc.,
and all sponsors and venue owners or the officers, sub-committees, agents, representatives and assigns
of these entities for any injury or damage suffered by me, whether arising from the negligence of
the releases or otherwise, during my participation in and/or arising from traveling to and/or
returning from the 2011 Women’s Golden Gloves Tournament. I agree to abide by the rules of United States Amateur
Boxing. If I observe any unusual, significant violations or hazards during my presence or participation, I will remove myself
from participation and brings such to the attention of the nearest official immediately. I fully understand
that I assume all responsibility for any injury or damage that I may incur in these boxing bouts. I understand and agree
that medical or other services rendered to me by or at the insistence of any of the named parties is not an admission of
liability to provide or continue to provide such services and is not a waiver of any of the said parties of any right or rights
I certify that I have no injuries to my hands, neither fractures nor broken bones within three (3) months preceding the
dates of this entry form and know of no other injuries to the head, concussion, or fainting spells.
In addition, I also understand and appreciate that participation in sports carries a risk to me of serious injury, including
permanent paralysis or death. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept and assume this risk.
I further certify that I am not pregnant or have any painful pelvic discomfort such as symptomatic
endometriosis or other causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding or undetermined causes (etiology) recent loss of menstrual
period (secondary amenorrhea), recent breast bleeding or recently developed breast mass, recent breast dysfunction
previously not present or surgical breast implants and I have read Section 101.9(4) of USA Boxing’s Official rules
incorporated in this disclaimer by reference.
I further agree that I will immediately notify my coach, trainer, or other local boxing officials if any of the above described
conditions should develop/apply and will immediately disqualify myself and cease participation in the above event.
Pregnancy Testing Waiver
I understand that a pregnancy test may be conducted by Golden Gloves Officials on a formal basis for the 2011 Women’s
Golden Gloves Tournament and that a positive test result would make me subject to disqualification from this event.
United States Amateur Boxing, Inc.
Official Drug Testing Notification
I understand that drug testing may be conducted on a formal basis for the 2011 Women’s Golden Gloves Tournament and
that detection or use of banned substances (on the IOC/USOC) list included in USA Boxing’s official rules) would make
me subject of disqualification from these and any remaining advancement in these events as well as eligibility for USA
Boxing and USOC events and activities for a minimum period imposed by USA Boxing’s National Board of Review,
which includes those suggested/recommended by the IOC/USOC Doping/Drug Control Programs.
I understand that my refusal to participate in the drug testing program subjects me to the same penalties. I also
understand that if I am found positive for a banned substance, I will be advised of rights of appeal under USA Boxing’s
official rules, Article XXII, Hearings and Appeals, by registering for these competitions. I am consenting to be subject to
the drug tests and its penalties if found positive fro a banned substance. I know and understand that I may contact a
Physician Member of the Sports Medicine Committee of USA Boxing or call the USOC’s drug hotline, 1-800-233-0393, to
satisfy any question(s) or concern(s) that I may have about medications, banned substances and practices.

_________________________________                                  __________________
Athlete                                                                  Date

_________________________________                                   __________________
Parent or Guardian (if athlete is 17 years of age)                        Date

_________________________________                                  __________________
Coach                                                                     Date
                           2011 Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament
                                               July 5-July 9
                              Official Entry Form / Membership Application

Entry forms can be or emailed or mailed.
Payment at the time of registration will be $20.00 for each boxer and coach.
Entry forms and waivers can be mailed.

Any questions please contact Mark Streisand via email at Mark@FloridaGoldenGloves.net
Late entries will be accepted at the weigh-in, but you must be currently USA Boxing registered.
Entry forms and waiver, with a check or money order (no cash) can be mailed to:

Florida Golden Gloves
21346 St. Andrews Blvd.
Suite #137
Boca Raton, Florida, 33433

Boxer’s Name: __________________________________________

Boxers Email: __________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____/____/____

USA Boxing Passbook # ___________________________________


City _____________________________State______ Zip_________

Day phone: _(______)________________ Evening phone/cell__(______)___________________

Coach; _____________________________

Coach’s Email: ___________________________

USA ID #________________________


City______________State_______ Zip_________

Day phone: _(_____)_________________ Evening phone/cell___(_____)___________________

 Circle your division:
Intermediate ages 13-14 years      Senior Juniors age 15-16 years   Open age 17-34 years      Master age 35-

Circle your weight class:
Inter-( 70 75 ) Senior JO-( 80 85 90) 95 101        106 112 119 125 132 141 152 165 178           178+

Boxer’s Signature____________________________                       Date___/____/______

Coach’s Signature____________________________                       Date___/____/_______

__________________________________________________                  Date ____/____/______
Parent or Guardian’s Signature if boxer is under 18 yrs old

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