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Madame Tussauds London and Marvel Entertainment_ LLC join .pdf


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									   Madame Tussauds London and Marvel Entertainment, LLC
           join forces on a unique 4D experience

LONDON, 29th March 2010 – Two of the world’s leading entertainment brands - Madame
Tussauds, part of the Merlin Entertainments Group, and Marvel Entertainment, LLC - today
announced they have joined forces to create a unique new visitor experience at the leading
London attraction. Scheduled to open in early summer 2010, “Marvel          Super Heroes 4D”
will bring to life some of the world’s best loved Super Heroes through a mix of 4D animation,
interactive themed areas and startlingly realistic Madame Tussauds wax figures.

Atmospheric sets will conjure up the high-tech Super Hero world of S.H.I.E.L.D (Supreme
Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division) and guests will be able to get up
close to wax figures of six of Marvel’s most famous names – Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron
Man, Wolverine, Nick Fury and The Invisible Woman. There will also be the chance for the public
to “turn hero” themselves in a series of interactive experiences including walking on the ceiling with
Spider-Man and stepping into Iron Man’s chest shield.

Taking up 900 sq metres over three floors the experience will culminate in a new animated 4D
‘short’ cinema presentation from world leaders in CGI feature films and 4D attractions, Threshold
Animation Studios.    Complete with high impact special effects the eight minute presentation,
screened in Madame Tussauds’ famous domed auditorium, will be a full surround, totally
immersive 360º presentation. The story, scripted by Threshold President Joshua Wexler and
Robert Henry, unites a crack team of Super Heroes including Hulk, Spider-Man and Captain
America battling against one of Marvel’s most villainous baddies in an all new adventure.

“We are delighted to be working with Marvel and some of the most exciting characters in modern
entertainment” commented Edward Fuller, General Manager of Madame Tussauds London. “The
marriage of action-packed 4D animation, atmospheric sets and Madame Tussauds wax figures will
give fans a totally different way to interact with their favourite Marvel heroes.      We’re looking
forward to delivering an exciting and dynamic experience and know it will be a huge hit with our

According to Simon Philips, President, Marvel Entertainment International, "We couldn' be more
excited to partner with Madame Tussauds London, one of the world' most iconic entertainment
attractions. Marvel continuously seeks new mediums for our characters, and this brand new type of
entertainment experience will delight both long-time fans and new audiences alike while providing
tremendous exposure for our renowned Super Heroes."

The opening of Marvel Super Heroes 4D heralds the beginning of a five year deal between the two
entertainment giants, and a significant investment by Madame Tussauds, that will see the
experience evolve over time with new elements, including additional character figures, added on a
regular basis.


Notes to editor:

For further information on Madame Tussauds:
Contact Karen Abrams/Seb Thompson at freerange on 0207 402 9966, or karen@freerange.eu or
seb@freerange.eu or Liz Edwards on 0207 487 0264, or liz.edwards@madame-tussauds.com

Madame Tussauds

       •   Madame Tussauds Studios London has been making wax figures for over 150 years. Each
           masterpiece takes four months, and a team of 20 dedicated sculptors, to create. Over 500
           precise body measurements are referenced, real head hairs are inserted one by one, and
           countless layers of paints and tints are applied to build up skin tones - all to achieve the kind of
           astonishing realism that has kept Madame Tussauds world renowned for over two centuries.
       •   Madame Tussauds has attractions in London, Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas, Washington
           D.C., Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong and Shanghai with interactive figures and experiences built
           around fame and celebrity. In London, guests can get up close and personal with incredibly
           lifelike replicas of 21 century stars like Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Johnny
           Depp; brave the scariest Chamber Of Horrors yet, complete with actors as bloodthirsty serial
           killers and take a time-travelling taxi ride through 400 years of amazing London history.
       •   The MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS GROUP is the leading name in location based, family
           entertainment, which has seen the most successful and dynamic growth of any company in the
           sector over the last five years. The world’s second largest visitor attraction operator, Merlin has
           59 attractions, 6 hotels and 2 holiday villages in 13 countries, across 3 continents. The
           company aims to deliver memorable and rewarding experiences to its 35 million visitors
           worldwide, through its iconic global and local brands, and the commitment and passion of its
            managers and 13,500 employees. Merlin Entertainments operates the following attractions –
            SEA LIFE including the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, LEGOLAND, the
            Merlin Entertainments London Eye, Dungeons, Gardaland, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres,
            Alton Towers Resort, Warwick Castle, THORPE PARK, Chessington World of Adventures &
            Zoo, Heide Park, and Earth Explorer.

About Marvel Entertainment, LLC
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world'        s
most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 5,000 characters
featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing,
entertainment (via Marvel Studios and Marvel Animation) and publishing (via Marvel Comics). Marvel'          s
strategy is to leverage its franchises in a growing array of opportunities around the world, including feature
films, consumer products, toys, video games, animated television, direct-to-DVD and online. For more
information visit www.marvel.com.

Threashold Animation Studios

•   Threshold Animation Studios makes family oriented computer generated animated films,
    television and location based entertainment. Through a unique technology alliance with IBM,
    Threshold built one of the most advanced production facilities in the world. The companies
    jointly developed new technologies that help it improve the animation process, reduce the cost
    of production, and provide more creative control to both its directors and performers.

•   Threshold Animation Studio has finished three CGI family feature films in the last year –
    FOODFIGHT! FOODFIGHT! starring Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff and Wayne
    REBORN. Next up: a film based on the largest spectator sport in the world: NASCAR.

•   Threshold Animation Studios is one of the leading creators and producers of 3-D and 4-D
    theme-park attractions around the world. Threshold produced Mission: Space for Walt Disney
    World’s Epcot Resort, Armageddon for Walt Disney World Paris, Star-Trek Borg Invasion 4-D
    for Paramount, Hershey’s Really Big 3-D Show for Hershey Park, Bob the Builder 4-D for all of
    the LEGOLAND parks and an upcoming project based on the its LEGO CGI feature film, LEGO

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