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					                                                            Christmas 2009

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          Christian DVDs
           for Advent & Christmas
              from Vision Video

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                                       New Releases
            ABOUT VISION VIDEO                                                            INDEX
                                                                          American History . . . . . . . . 48-49
   We rejoice in being in our fourth decade of bringing you a
wide range of Christian and family DVDs. Today we offer                   Apologetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
more than 1600 titles with ample selections for all age groups.           Best Sellers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
Selections include drama, documentary, curriculum, and rare               Bible Resources . . . . . 34-38, 40-43
historical footage among the many genres.                                 Biographies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56-57
                                                                          Children. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-23
  Our calling is to provide DVD resources that help families              Christmas. . . . . . .. . . . 7-11, 16-17
and churches to have an historic awareness of how God has                 Classics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70-72
worked among His people over the centuries. The programs                  Comedy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
we offer have won close to four hundred film festival
awards, some of which you will find indicated by this                     Contemporary Issues . . . . . 30-32
symbol throughout this catalog.                                           Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62-63
                                                                          Discussion Starters. . . . . . . . . . . . . 68
It’s our pleasure to serve you,                                           Dramas 10-15, 39, 54-55, 66, 69-78
Bill Curtis                                                               Evangelistic. . . . . . . . . . . 62, 66-67
General Manager                                                           Family Concerns . . . . . . . . . . 27-29
                                                                          Family Favorites. . . . . . . . . . 73-75
Perpetua: Early Church Martyr NEW!                                        Forgiveness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
A documentary journey to ancient Carthage to                              Gift Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-15
uncover the fascinating true story of a coura-                            Health and Wellness . . . . . . 28-29
geous young woman of the early church who                                 History/ World Religion . . 43-55
dared to claim Jesus as her Lord in the face of                           Inspirational. . . . . . . . . . . . . 33, 68
Roman opposition. Faced with the possible pun-                            Life of Christ. . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41
ishment of death, Perpetua gave up wealth,                                Middle Ages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
freedom, and even life itself, rather than renounce
                                                                          Missions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
her faith in Christ. The program explores the cul-
tural, political, and religious events surrounding                        Music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 64
this testimony story of steadfast faith!                                  New Releases . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-4, 6
    With Dr. Rex Butler, author of The New Prophecy and “New              Persecution. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
Visions” Evidence of Montanism in the Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas   Reformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-47
and Dr. John Mark Yeats, who teaches Church History at                    Science and Creation . . . . . . . . 65
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 55 minutes (EST, S, SST).      Special Offers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                     T    DOC DVD - #501317D, $19.99      Teens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-26
                                                                          World War II . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-51
Forgiving the Unforgivable NEW!
    Here are three case studies from the longer                                    KEY TO SYMBOLS:
film, The Big Question, that explore how forgive-
                                                                             DOC      Documentary program
ness can take place even in the most unthinkable
circumstances:                                                              DOCU-DRAMA Documentary & drama

                                                                             DRAMA     Dramatic program
     • A peaceful Amish community in
Pennsylvania is shocked when a crazed gunman                                 SG Free PDF study guide
kills five of their little girls in the country school-                            available on our website
house. Can this gentle people find it in their hearts to forgive?                Award-winning program

    • A counselor who is a scholar studying forgiveness and has just             Closed captioned
brought out a new book on the subject is shattered when he finds             T   Trailer available on our website
his mother has been senselessly murdered. What does he do now
with all he has taught?
                                                                                 DVD LANGUAGES:
    • Martin Luther King taught non-violence as the Biblical path-          A = Arabic               L = Latin
way to justice and reconciliation. But he was killed by an assassin’s       C = Cantonese            M = Mandarin
                                                                            F = French               P = Polish
bullet. Can those who so deeply trusted his leadership maintain a
                                                                            G = German               Pt = Portuguese
peaceful approach to carry on the vision for racial equality?               He = Hebrew              Ro = Romanian
                                                                            Hi = Hindi               Ru = Russian
Bonus features include a 20-minute program “The Five Steps to               In = Indonesian          S = Spanish
Forgiveness” with Dr. Everett Worthington and a three-lesson PDF            I = Italian              T = Turkish
study guide for group discussion. (EST).                                    J = Japanese             ST
                                                                                                        = Subtitles
                                         T DVD - #501328D, $19.99           K = Korean               EST = Eng. subtitles

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                                       New Releases
The Perpetua Story (Ages 8-14)                                       The Story of William and
A fascinating story from the Early Church                            Catherine Booth, Founders
                                                                     of The Salvation Army
Our latest release in the                NEW!
Torchlighters childrens’ animation
series: In the days of the Early
                                                           Our People                 NEW!
Church, this young mother and                              This is the story of how one cou-
new believer is imprisoned for                             ple took God’s love to the poor.
converting to Christianity. In                             Walking the poverty-stricken
order to gain her freedom, all                             streets of Whitechapel late one
Perpetua has to do is offer a pinch                        night in the summer of 1865, past
of incense to honor the Roman                              neglected, ragged children, drunk-
gods, just like every good citizen.                        en women, unemployed men,
As her father pleads with her to                           prostitutes plying their trade,
think of her baby and the reputation of their family,      William Booth decided, ‘These will be our people.’
Perpetua rises to face the Roman pro-counsel. She          What followed makes an enthralling story of spiri-
has made her choice and there is no turning back.          tual passion, courage and faith, leading to the birth
Perpetua’s resolve is tested repeatedly by those           of The Salvation Army. Young people, often as
opposed to her and the rest of the small group             young as 18, opened the Army’s evangelistic work
known as “Christians.” In a day of increasing perse-       in mining towns or even new nations. The Army
cution of Christian believers worldwide, this is a         expanded globally. And compelled by love, it
powerful story for young people about the meaning          reached out to prisoners and the downtrodden, and
of faithfulness and sacrifice. 36 minutes (EST, S, SST).   the Army’s social work was born. Teaming up with
                            T DVD - #501301D, $14.99       journalist WT Stead, the Army tackled the sexual
                                                           trafficking business which entrapped hundreds of
   See the entire Torchlighters series on page 23.
                                                           young girls.
                                                           This DVD features 11 historians and story-tellers,
                                                           voice artists, period music, over 500 images, rare
                                                           archival footage, and recordings of two Booth
                                                           grandchildren. 74 minutes (EST).
Carlos Caterpillar (Ages 4-10)                                                    DOC    DVD - #501342D, $19.99

#10, Cheater Critters (Honesty)
Carlos would rather play computer
                                           NEW!                                                     NEW!
games than study for his upcoming
exams. He decides to follow Sluggy                         Storytelling Know-How
and cheat his way to good grades.                          for Teachers, Preachers, & “Speech-ifiers”
When his deceit is exposed, he
learns that dishonesty doesn’t pay!                        We have all felt the power of a
This episode teaches about the neg-                        well-told story. That’s one rea-
ative consequences of cheating and                         son why teachers, preachers and
the benefit of good study and hon-                         speakers who could tell a story
est work habits. 25 minutes (EST, S, SST).                 are so fondly remembered. Their
                       T DVD - #501339D, $9.99
                                                           stories touched us, taught us,
                                                           shaped us. Now it’s our turn.
                                                           We yearn to tell stories that will
                                                           touch, teach and shape the hear-
                                                           ers in our family circle,
#11, Royal Trouble (Humility)                              classroom, congregation or public forum.
Carlos and Sluggy compete for the                          Storytelling Know-How for Teachers, Preachers and
coveted role in the school play,         NEW!              “Speech-ifiers” shows just how to tell such stories,
turning a simple school play into                          how our eyes, voice, face, hands, and props can be
an unexpected and comical royal                            used to make our listeners’ imaginations soar.
feud. This episode teaches true                            What’s more, we laugh as we learn firsthand from
humility and doing your best to                            Rick Sowash, an exuberant, enthusiastic and enter-
meet the needs of others.                                  taining master storyteller whose tips are illustrated
25 minutes (EST, S, SST).                                  throughout the film with hilarious animations and
                                                           clips from comedy classics of the silent film era.
        T   DVD - #501340D, $9.99
                                                           This film will show you how to enrich your listen-
                                                           ers’ hearts, minds and souls ... maybe for the rest of
           See episodes 1-9 on page 21.                    their lives. 29 minutes.
            All 11 for $79.99, #98188D                                               T DVD - #501330D, $19.99

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                            3
                                    New Releases
The Note II               NEW!                          Points of Light                  NEW!
Taking a Chance on Love                                 Host Derick Bingham brings us
When do you take a chance on                            the amazing stories of five
love? It’s a question columnist                         people who changed the world:
Peyton MacGruder asks herself                           C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest
and her readers. Peyton hesitates                       storytellers in history - Traces
to take the next step with the man                      Lewis’s Irish roots, his life as a sol-
she loves, but a note from a read-                      dier in WWI and his conversion to
er warns about the regret caused by passion denied.     Christianity. It also provides the
Peyton uncovers the author’s secret history involving   background to Lewis’s famous Narnia stories and his
a doomed romance and a love which may yet live          rise to become a great defender of the Christian faith.
again. Starring Genie Francis and Ted McGinley.
Widescreen, 88 minutes.                                 Amy Carmichael, served as a missionary to India
                                                        for 55 years without a single furlough - Filmed on
 DRAMA          DVD - #30462D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99
                                                        location where Amy lived and worked, this story
                                                        traces how God used a yielded life to bring about
Also The Note, 87 minutes. DVD - #26626D, $14.99
                                                        incredible spiritual blessing and social reform.
 Both The Note and The Note II: Taking a Chance on
                                                        Billy Graham, the most outstanding Christian evan-
          Love for only $24.99, #98220D
                                                        gelist of the 20th century - Traces the amazing story
                                                        of the dairy farmer’s son who brought the Gospel to
                                                        people from every walk of life.
Praise Band                      NEW!                   Elizabeth Ann Everest, nanny to Winston Churchill
A great resource for churches                           - Filmed in various Churchillian locations in the
struggling with worship wars on                         British Isles, this story demonstrates the awesome
music! Matt Young, the new wor-                         power of one prayer warrior.
ship leader, is hired by Pastor
James Monroe to serve Crossroad                         Jane Guinness, married into a family forever linked
Community Church when their                             to the history of the brewing industry - Became a
music director of 30 years retires.                     great point of light through her prayer life. Mainly
Immediately, these young church                         filmed in Dublin, Ireland, this segment also includes
leaders meet with opposition from                       an interview with the Rev. Peter and Michelle
members of their congregation who still cling to tra-   Guinness, members of the famous family currently in
ditional roots. Matt quickly assembles an unlikely      Christian service in the U.K.
group of talented musicians, each dealing with their    Five parts, 180 minutes total.
own unique life issues. Together, can they find a
common bond and unite a dwindling flock before it’s
too late? 105 minutes.
                                                                                T   DVD - #501329D, $19.99
                              DVD - #70010D, $19.99

My Utmost                             NEW!
The Story of Oswald Chambers
                                                        A Letter to Dad                      NEW!
Oswald Chambers’ devotional My
Utmost for His Highest is founda-                       A powerful film for all those hurt
tional in the spiritual lives of                        by an absent or negligent dad. Dan
millions, but few know the man                          Donahue, overcome by a deep-
behind the text. Join historian                         rooted anger caused by his father
David McCasland and the Day of                          who abandoned him as a boy, con-
Discovery film crew on a journey                        fronts his feelings of bitterness
through the life of this man of                         head-on as he pours out his heart
God; from his birth in Scotland to                      in a letter to his father. In the end,
his service as a YMCA chaplain during World War I       Dan’s father must face his own failures as a father
to his untimely death at the age of 43. Though he       in a climactic one-on-one meeting with the son he
once told a friend he would “never enter the ministry   left behind. Based on a true story, A Letter to Dad is
unless God took him by the scruff of the neck and       the touching example of how faith and love can
threw him in,” Chambers’ spiritual journey has since    overcome a lifetime of pain and anger. Widescreen,
blessed millions. 30 minutes.                           90 minutes.
                                 DVD - #67873D, $9.99                                    DVD - #88246D, $19.99

4             We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                                Special Offers
Christmas Shoes                                       The Christmas Blessing
In this heartwarming drama,                           The sequel to “The Christmas Shoes”
a workaholic attorney (Rob                            When young Nathan lost his
Lowe) crosses paths with a                            mother to cancer, he learned
young boy on Christmas Eve                            the deepest lessons of love and
and rediscovers the true                              giving. Now a third year med-
meaning of love, life and the                         ical student, Nathan will learn
holiday season. Inspired by                           new lessons from Meghan, a
the best-selling book by                              young woman born with a hole
Donna VanLiere and the                                in her heart, and from a boy
Grammy-nominated hit song                             named Charlie, who teaches
by Christian band Newsong. Extra footage              Nathan how to live a life of
includes a Newsong music video, excerpts from         courage. Together, they help Nathan through the
Donna VanLiere’s The Christmas Collection, and        most difficult period of his life. Starring Neil
more. 94 minutes.                                     Patrick Harris. 96 minutes.
         DRAMA DVD - #51806D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99             DRAMA   DVD - #52351D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99
                   BEST BUY! Both above for $19.99 $14.99, #35263D — SAVE $11.

    Any 2 for only $25 OR Any 4 for only $40 (use promo code FFAITHP)
   ALL 8 FOR ONLY $75 (SAVE $70) Item #98187D - (no promo code needed)
                Amazing Grace Based on the            The Ultimate Gift Jason
                true story of William Wilberforce     inherits a series of “gifts” to chal-
                and his courageous quest to end       lenge him to grow as a man and
                the British slave trade and reform    help him to discover the real
                society. 111 minutes.                 meaning of wealth. 114 minutes.
                   DVD - #49305D reg price, $19.99       DVD - #44486D reg price, $14.99
                     See description on page 78.           See description on page 15.

                One Night with the King               Saving Sarah Cain Business
                                                      woman Sarah Cain goes from a
                Esther, despite her position as
                                                      single life as an accomplished, big-
                Queen of Persia, is in danger, as
                                                      city professional to a new life as
                the state has decreed that all Jews
                                                      the caretaker of five Amish
                will be put to death. 100 minutes.
                                                      orphans. 87 minutes.
                   DVD - #26000D reg price, $14.99
                                                          DVD - #48593D reg price, $14.99
                     See description on page 77.
                                                            See description on page 15.

                End of the Spear Here is the          The Robe A Roman centurion
                remarkable journey of a savage
                                                      wins Christ’s robe in a dice game
                Amazon tribesman who becomes
                                                      and leaves it with his Christian
                family to the son of a North
                                                      slave, Demetrius. Haunted by his
                American man he kills. 111 min.
                                                      own guilt, he sets out to find
                   DVD - #24570D reg price, $14.99    Demetrius and the robe. 135 min.
                    See description on page 77.           DVD - #2082D reg price, $14.99
                                                               Also on page 70.

                The List Deception, greed and a       A Man Called Peter The clas-
                deadly lust for power lie at the      sic true story of Peter Marshall,
                heart of a sinister organization in   the Scottish-born minister who
                this intriguing thriller based on     became Chaplain of the U.S.
                the novel by best-selling author      Senate. 117 minutes.
                Robert Whitlow. 107 minutes.              DVD - #19210D reg price, $14.99
                     DVD -#51807D reg price, $14.99              Also on page 70.
                      See description on page 77.

                   (Hurry! Offer good only through Nov. 29, 2009)

                 To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                       5
                                    New Releases
Florence Nightingale NEW!
This stirring drama is based on the
                                    Faith Like Potatoes NEW!
life of Florence Nightingale, an                         A farmer moves his family to
aristocratic woman who defied                            South Africa and suffers a series of
Victorian society to reform hospital                     seemingly insurmountable losses.
sanitation and to define the nurs-                       Through unlikely friendships and
ing profession as it is known today.                     much needed divine intervention,
After volunteering to travel to                          he discovers his life’s true pur-
Scutari to care for the wounded                          pose, and it sustains his
soldiers of the Crimean War, she                         unwavering belief in the power of
was scorned by her community                             faith. A moving life-journey of a man who, like his
and faced great opposition. However, through             potatoes, grows his faith, unseen until the harvest.
her selfless acts of caring, she quickly became          Based on an inspiring, true story. Starring Frank
known as “The Lady with the Lamp,” the car-              Rautenbach and Jeanne Neilson. 116 minutes (EST,
ing nurse whose shadow softened those                    SST, FST, extras include a 54-minute documentary.
wounded. Starring Jaclyn Smith, Claire Bloom,                     DRAMA DVD - #29254D, $24.99 NOW! $14.99
Timothy Dalton and Jeremy Brett. 140 minutes.
                    DRAMA DVD - #27207D, $14.99

                                                         Anne of Green Gables:
Love Finds a Home NEW!                                   A New Beginning
Belinda’s longtime friend and col-                                           NEW!
                                                         It is 1945 and Anne Shirley
league, Annie, arrives so that                           (Barbara Hershey), now a success-
Belinda can watch over her in the                        ful, middle-aged writer, has
last stages of her pregnancy. Annie                      returned to Prince Edward Island.
brings along her mother-in-law,                          A long lost letter from her errant
Mary, a seen-it-all nursemaid                            father, discovered under the floor-
whose homeopathic remedies and                           boards in Green Gables, causes
folksy wisdom are at odds with                           Anne to delve into long-buried
Belinda’s scientific knowledge.                          memories. While writing a play,
As Belinda deals with the                                she relives the troubled years after
headaches Mary is causing, she must also address         her mother died and before she arrived as an
issues at home: The joys and pains of her adopted        orphan at the Green Gables farm. She confronts
daughter’s first love, and Belinda’s own inability to    the fact that she made up stories about her child-
get pregnant. Just as the town learned to put its
                                                         hood. During that time, young Anne (newcomer
faith in Belinda as their doctor, so too must Belinda
                                                         Hanna Endicott-Douglas), is taken into the care of
learn to accept that the best guidance for her own
                                                         a wealthy matriarch, Amelia Thomas (Academy-
problems may come from unlikely sources. 88 min.
                                                         Award winner Shirley MacLaine) and her
 Available Nov. 17, 2009 DVD - #62532D, $22.99 $19.99    daughter-in-law, Louisa (Rachel Blancard), which
   See entire Love Comes Softly series on page 14!       changes her life forever. Widescreen, 120 minutes.
                                                                         DVD - #24292D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99
Joseph of Nazareth                       NEW!             See the Anne of Green Gables series on page 75!
The first feature film on Joseph —
carpenter, husband of Mary and the
human father of Jesus Christ. Watch
as Joseph is informed by God’s mes-
sengers about trusting and
                                                         Storybook (Ages 5-9)                  NEW!
following God’s plan for the myste-                      These six illustrated short stories
rious divine conception and humble                       teach children Christian truths in
birth of Christ, the dangerous flight                    an understandable way. Each story
into Egypt to save his child, and                        has a Biblical theme, such as
finally returning to Nazareth to                         “Sharing our Gifts,” and “What
raise Jesus, teach Him carpentry and guide his fami-     We’re Made For.” At the end of the
ly. This lovely film presents beautiful vignettes of     story, the presenter develops the
these and other powerful scenes in the life of the       theme and links it to the teachings
young Christ and the Holy Family that are authentic      of Jesus or the Apostle Paul.
and inspiring. Starring Tobias Moretti, Stefania Rivi,       Storybook’s delightful settings
Franco Interlenghi and Andrea Prodan. 105 minutes        and charming illustrations provide a wonderful
(SST , extras include a 16-page collector’s booklet).    resource for parents and teachers to teach children
                                                         Biblical principles. Approximately 50 minutes total.
                                DVD - #900176D, $24.99
                                                                                        DVD - #501321D, $14.99

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                            The Gift of Music
Your Favorite                                           George Frideric
Christmas Carols                                        Handel’s Messiah
Ring in the holiday season with                         This 5.1 digital surround
the glorious sights and sounds                          sound DVD of “Messiah” is
of Christmas! Here is a compila-                        performed and recorded at
tion of highlights from                                 Tabgha, the traditional site of
performances by British and                             Christ’s miracle of feeding the
Irish choirs and soloists, taped                        five thousand along the sea of
in the majestic cathedrals of                           Galilee. Performed by the
Westminster in London, St. Patrick’s in Dublin, St.     Upper Galilee Choir and Ranaana Symphonette
Nicholas in Galway, and more. It is a visual delight    Orchestra on Dec. 14, 2002. 121 minutes.
featuring the most popular ancient, traditional, and                                 DVD - #400001D, $19.99
contemporary carols. 90 minutes.                        Buy Handel’s Messiah and get the drama The Great
                                 DVD - #2229D, $14.99   Mr. Handel on page 55 for $9.99 ($5 off!) - #98507D.

        Buy any 3 on this page,
        get the 4th - of equal or                                       Handel donated his
          lesser value - FREE!                                          earnings for The Messiah
                                                                        to many needy causes.
                                                                        Learn more in Advent
                                                                        Calendar on DVD, pg 9.
The Christmas
Celebrate Christmas with these
superb performances of carols,                          King of Kings
sacred music, and Christmas                             This inspiring program pro-
classics. The music is per-                             duced by Reader’s Digest
formed by the Stratford                                 brings to life the songs that
Chamber Choir, conducted by                             celebrate the story of Jesus,
Stephen Dodsworth, in the                               from His birth and ministry to
beautiful setting of Holy Trinity Church in             His death and resurrection.
Stratford-Upon-Avon, the last resting place of          You’ll walk in Jesus’ footsteps,
William Shakespeare. With powerful readings and         witness the events of His life,
stunning images, this program encompasses 2,000         and see wondrous master-
years of the masterpieces of western art. Musical       pieces of art that pay Him homage, while you listen
selections include “The Hallelujah Chorus,” “O          to beloved hymns, inspiring songs and majestic
Come All Ye Faithful,” “In Dulci Jubilo,” “The          sacred music. King of Kings is an unforgettable
Coventry Carol,” and many more. 50 minutes.             experience that will touch the whole family as you
                              DVD - #70899D, $19.99     appreciate anew the wonder of Jesus as both man
                                                        and King of Kings, Lord of Lords. 120 minutes.
An Irish Christmas:                                                            DVD - #80579D, $19.99 $14.99
A Musical Celebration
Two programs on one DVD!                                Amazing Grace:
Christmas from St. Patrick’s                            Hymns that Changed
Cathedral in Dublin: Join a
spectacular cast of singers and                         the World (revised edition)
musicians in an enchanting                              See and hear the moving stories
evening of Irish Yuletide at St.                        behind some of our most
Patrick’s Cathedral, featuring                          beloved hymns — Amazing
the West Point Glee Club, the                           Grace, It Is Well with My Soul,
RTE Concert Orchestra and                               What a Friend We Have in Jesus,
Philharmonic Choir, Dennis                              Silent Night, and How Great Thou Art. These songs
O’Neill, and more. 56 minutes.                          were forged in the real life crucibles of tragedy, pain,
A Galway Christmas: Filmed at Galway’s famed            and overwhelming joy. Hear the stories of the people
Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, it’s a night of      who were moved to write these treasured songs.
extraordinary talent, featuring hundreds of beauti-     Each hymn is also performed by accomplished
ful voices from The Galway Baroque Singers and          musicians. This new edition includes a praise and
The Cloisters of Belfast Cathedral. 57 minutes.         worship extra: Be Thou My Vision. 108 minutes total.
                                 DVD - #3339D, $14.99                              DOC DVD - #5908D, $19.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                            7
                              The First Christmas
Bethlehem Year Zero                                     The Census
Bethlehem Year Zero presents the                        and the Star
events of 2,000 years ago as                            Explore the mysterious
though they were breaking news                          circumstances of Christ’s
today. The programs are set in
                                                        birth in this captivating
the political and social context of                     look at the first Christmas. The
the time, based on the best avail-                      census has long confounded his-
able sources and research. The                          torians seeking to reconcile the
news is presented as if it were
                                                        Bible with recorded history. The mysteries contin-
happening now, and real politi-                         ue when a star appears to announce the birth of
cal analysts and on-the-scene                           the King of the Jews. Foreign Magi, or Wise Men,
correspondents detail the significance of the arrival   followed the star to Jerusalem and Bethlehem
of the predicted Deliverer. They show the threat to     seeking Jesus. What did the star look like, and
Herod’s succession and the danger to him if he fails    when did it appear? Explore the star as the Magi
to control this unruly Jewish province.                 did, to better understand Christmas. 30 minutes.
Six 15-minute segments.
                                                            T   DOC DVD - #501286D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99
 DOC DVD - #4807D, $24.99 NOW! $19.99

Dateline Jerusalem uses a similar format to
present the Easter story. Eight 15-minute seg-          Mystery of the
ments with PDF guide.
SG    DOC DVD + PDF guide - #4772D, $19.99
                                                        Three Kings
                                                        Three kings paid homage to the
    Buy both and save $15 — DVD - #98777D, $29.99       newborn Jesus at the stable in
                                                        Bethlehem, but their story is
                                                        filled with mystery. From Yemen
Celebrate the Child NEW!                                in Saudi Arabia to the ancient
In a simple Christmas stage per-                        center of astronomy at Babylon
formance, Curt Cloninger                                in Mesopotamia, we search for the origins of the
portrays six different                                  Three Wise Men and learn the secrets of the gifts
characters whose stories were                           they brought for Jesus. New evidence offers expla-
somehow intertwined with the                            nations for the miraculous appearance of a star
birth and early years of Jesus.                         that led them to Bethlehem. 50 minutes (extras).
Although the characters are some-                                 DOC DVD - #3420D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99
what unusual, they present an
intimate experience
of the incarnation of God through Jesus Christ.
Viewers enjoy Curt’s dynamic acting and story-          Nativity: The Art
telling gaining a personal sense of the emotion of
the setting while also enjoying his humorous
                                                        and Spirit of the Crèche
“Theatre with a Lasting Impression.” 45 minutes.        After the cross, the Nativity scene
                                                        is Christianity’s most recognized
                          T DVD - #501331D, $14.99
                                                        symbol. Its history, art and spiri-
                                                        tuality have been embraced by
                                                        cultures around the world for
                                                        nearly two thousand years. This
The True                                                video unites theologians and col-
                                                        lectors with an astonishing and
Christmas Story                                         beautiful array of nativity scenes
Travel with teacher and historian                       collected from across the globe.
Ray Vander Laan to the land of                          30 minutes (EST).
Israel to discover fascinating                                             DOC DVD - #500812D, $14.99 $7.99
truths about the events surround-
ing the birth of Jesus. The
archaeological evidence is woven                        Star Over Bethlehem
together with Biblical teachings and the historical     Experience the wonders of Christmas
record to contrast two kings—Herod and Jesus.           more fully. From the Annunciation in
                                                        Nazareth to the Nativity in Bethlehem,
Packed with faith-building truths, this program is      the story is full of insight and joy. The
sure to speak to your heart well beyond the             film includes ancient traditions, biblical
Christmas season. Includes the Christmas Special        sites and ancient chants. Filmed on the
and a bonus segment from the five-volume series,        actual locations in the Holy Land, this is
Faith Lessons. 25 minutes.                              the complete Christmas story. 30 minutes.
                       DOC     DVD - #99080D, $19.99                          DOC DVD - #501067D, $14.99 $12.99

8               We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                         Christmas Traditions
Advent Calendar on DVD                                  Advent Calendar on DVD 2:
Discover where Christmas fea-                           Christmas Carols Edition
tures such as the wreath,                               This Christmas, experience the
mistletoe, candy cane,                                  music and wonder of the sea-
Christmas trees, gift-giving,                           son as seen through the heart
and the 12 days of Christmas                            of a child. Explore the wonders
all came from. You will also                            of Bethlehem revealed in the
learn the stories behind Santa                          stories of treasured songs and
Claus, Rudolph, the Nutcracker,                         carols and enjoy new arrange-
the Christmas Angels, Handel’s                          ments of traditional Christmas
Messiah, and the Fourth Wise                            favorites by award-winning
Man. This is a DVD that makes for a Christmas           composer Steven Bias. Your
experience the whole family will enjoy.                 spirit will sing with the inspi-
It contains 25 mini-documentaries (3 to 4 minutes       ration and fun of Advent Calendar 2 on DVD:
each) that take viewers on an entertaining yet          Christmas Carols Edition. Songs include: “Angels We
informative journey through the Advent season.          Have Heard on High,” “Joy to the World,” “O Holy
Just pop the DVD into your player each night of         Night,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “O
December, then gather around and watch the fun.         Christmas Tree,” “Silent Night,” “Away in a
Bonuses include an Advent coloring book in PDF,         Manger,” “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” “Up on
daily Bible reading (many Scripture versions to         the Housetop,” and many more! 25 segments,
choose from) in PDF, scripts in PDF for all 25 days,    Widescreen, 115 minutes total (EST), extras.
and more. 88 minutes total.
                                                                          T    DOC    DVD - #501283D, $14.99
                   T   DOC DVD - #501053D, $14.99

                                Both above for only $22.99, #98306D

The Legend of                                           The Legend of
the Three Trees                                         the Candy Cane
A timeless retelling of the clas-                       In this wonderfully animated
sic folktale of three trees, each                       program, you’ll discover a fasci-
with its own hopes, dreams                              nating story of hope and the
and aspirations. But their                              hidden meaning of a favorite
dreams didn’t seem to come                              Christmas candy — the candy
true. Disappointed and deject-                          cane. Based on the best-selling
ed, the trees despair about their                       book by the same name, this
existence until they each finally interact, in their    recreated and expanded version features the voices
own unique ways, with Jesus Christ in His birth,        of Florence Henderson, Tom Bosley, Bruce
ministry and ultimate sacrifice. In these experi-       Marchiano, Ossie Davis, Paige O’Hara, Malcolm-
ences, they learn that God has a special purpose for    Jamal Warner, and Jay Underwood. Certain to
each of them in His kingdom. 30 minutes.                become a treasured family favorite. 42 minutes,
                           DVD - #5943D, $14.99 $9.99   extras.
                                                                               DVD - #70276D, $14.99 $9.99

Martin and the                                          Nicholas: The Boy
Heavenly Tree                                           Who Became Santa
When his father becomes sick,                           Nicholas was still a child when
Martin’s plans for an outdoor                           he discovered a very special
Christmas celebration take a                            secret that changed his life for-
sudden yet creative turn. Will                          ever. It was the gift of giving, by
he be able to give his family his                       which he brought happiness to
special Christmas present?                              many people. More than sixteen
Children of all ages will enjoy                         centuries later, the entire world
this tale of the origin of the Christmas tree, set in   celebrates the kindness and generosity of the man
Germany in the early 16th century. This beautifully     we call Santa Claus. A beautifully animated film
illustrated story of the “tree that points to heaven”   based on historical facts and traditions. 30 minutes
is sure to be a holiday favorite. 23 minutes.           (S, F).
                DVD - #500858D, $14.99 NOW! $9.99                                         DVD - #0003D, $14.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                          9
                             Christmas Dramas
My Christmas Soldier                                     The Christmas Miracle
This heartwarming tale from the                          of Jonathan Toomey NEW!
producers of The Sugar Creek                             When a broken-hearted boy loses
Gang (p. 73) takes place on                              the treasured wooden nativity set
Christmas Eve in a small                                 that links him to his dead father,
Georgia town in 1943. As                                 his mother persuades a reclusive,
11-year-old Gordy and his sister                         ill-tempered woodcarver to create
wait at the train station for their                      a replacement, and to allow her
father’s homecoming, a train                             son to watch him carve it. The
loaded with German POWs                                  commission takes their relation-
arrives. Curiously, Gordy                                ship to unexpected places as the
approaches the prison train and makes contact            young boy makes greater and
with a young German soldier. Through the                 more difficult demands of the woodcarver’s ability,
courage to trust and the song “Silent Night,”            and as Christmas approaches, the three of them
friends and foes learn the true meaning of “Peace        struggle to come to terms with each other, their
on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men,” and hearts are          painful memories and the process of putting their
forever changed. Widescreen, 30 minutes.                 unhappiness behind them. 91 min.
                      DRAMA DVD - #68404D, $14.99
                                                                                DRAMA DVD - #80620D, $12.99

                                                         The Christmas Choir
                                                         The Christmas Choir, based on a
Midnight Clear                                           true story, examines the life of a
Full-Length Movie                                        workaholic accountant with no
                                                         interest in the holidays. He has
As midnight approaches in a                              shut out everyone of his life,
small Southwestern town, five                            including his fiance, who decides
lonely strangers randomly cross                          she can’t go through with the
paths, and in unique and subtle                          marriage. Peter soon finds his
ways, change each other’s lives                          calling in helping the less fortu-
forever. Starring Stephen
                                                         nate when he meets a homeless
Baldwin (The Usual Suspects), K
                                                         man named Bob who inspires Peter to start a choir
Callan (“Lois & Clark”), Victoria Jackson (“SNL”),
                                                         at the homeless shelter. With the help of Sister
and Richard Riehle (Office Space), Midnight Clear is a
                                                         Agatha and the men at the shelter, Peter turns his
modern-day parable about how seemingly insignif-
icant acts of grace can make a profound difference.      life around, making the choir’s success his main
102 min. (SST, extras).                                  priority. Working with the homeless allows Peter to
                                                         realize that everyone deserves a second chance at
                        DRAMA DVD - #22231D, $14.99      life, love, and relationships. Starring Jason Gedrick
Abridged version, 21 min. DVD - #70014D, $9.99           and Rhea Pearlman. 85 minutes.
                                                                                 DRAMA DVD - #54259D, $14.99

                                                         The Nativity Story
                                                         This is a full theatrical produc-
Christmas Child                                          tion that has played worldwide
                                                         to outstanding reviews and
On Christmas Eve, a Chicago                              enthusiastic audiences. Here is
journalist finds himself in the                          the story of Jesus, Mary and
small Texas town where he was                            Joseph dramatized with careful
born and adopted. Determined                             attention to historical and cul-
to find the church pictured in a                         tural detail while at the same
photograph that was mysterious-                          time faithful to the Scriptural accounts. Your cele-
ly sent to his family, he’s sent on                      bration of Christmas will be forever enriched as
an unexpected trip into the past.                        you experience the life and times of the birth of the
As he finds new hope, the glow                           Lord in the midst of the hostile environment of
of a scarlet cross leads him home. Based on a Max        King Herod’s reign. Starring Keisha Castle-Hughes
Lucado Story. Starring William R. Moses, Steven          and Oscar Isaac on an incredible journey of hope
Curtis Chapman, and Megan Follows. Widescreen,           and discovery. 101 minutes (EST, SST, fullscreen and
96 minutes.                                              widescreen).
           DRAMA DVD - #50025D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99
                                                                DRAMA      DVD - #10668D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

10                          Order online and save at
                           Christmas Dramas
An Avonlea Christmas                                    Homecoming
An Avonlea Christmas pays trib-                         A Christmas Story
ute to the indomitable Hetty
                                                        Patricia Neal, Richard Thomas,
King. Always the focal point of
                                                        Edgar Bergen and Cleavon Little
town opinion as well as the                             star in this drama that inspired
town’s leading educator, Hetty                          the TV series, “The Waltons”. Set
collapses with an unexpected                            on a Depression Christmas Eve
health crisis during the holiday                        in 1933, this heart-tugging story
season. When she is hospital-                           centers around the Waltons. They’re a rural
ized, feeling homesick and                              American family preparing to celebrate Christmas
alone, she begins to reevaluate                         together. Though times are tough, love and sharing
her relationships and accomplishments in life.          are abundant in this family. An inspiring tale of
This uplifting drama illustrates the strength of        love, hope and spirit. 98 minutes.
family in turbulent times. Starring Jackie
                                                                                DRAMA  DVD - #3304D, $14.99
Burroughs and Cedric Smith. 90 minutes.
                   DRAMA DVD - #23412D, $14.99
                                                        Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Just in Time for Christmas                              Beware the Herdmans—they are
                                                        the nastiest, dirtiest kids you
The hands of time won’t stand still                     could meet, and they’ve decided
for anyone, not even a community                        they belong in this year’s
Christmas program in Branson,                           Christmas pageant. The town
Missouri. Backstage, it is chaos,                       thinks they belong in the cus-
and the special guest hasn’t shown                      tody of the local police. But
up. But things are going to work                        when the curtain goes up, a mir-
out just in time. The entire family                     acle begins! All ages will enjoy
will enjoy this Christmas program                       this heartwarming drama star-
featuring new music and new tal-                        ring Loretta Swit. 60 minutes.
ent. 52 minutes (EST).
                                                              DRAMA DVD - #99041D, $19.99 $14.99
          DRAMA DVD - #500847D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

Seasons of the Heart                                    This 1935 British film version of
When Jed and Martha agree to                            Charles Dickens’ classic stars Sir
raise young, orphaned Daniel, Jed                       Seymour Hicks as the miserly
is delighted. But Martha is still                       Ebenezer Scrooge, who scoffs at
grieving for her two little girls                       the yuletide spirit around him.
who died on the trek across the                         This faithful interpretation of the
American Plains. She can’t help                         beloved classic was the first fea-
comparing them to this awkward,                         ture-length film version of the
dirty young boy who annoys her.                         story with sound. B&W, 78 minutes.
Her anguish isolates her and                                    DRAMA DVD - #501059D, $9.99 $4.99
threatens her marriage. Finally,
on a snowy Christmas Eve, Danny’s innocent heart
is able to rescue hers. 100 minutes.                    It’s a Wonderful Life
                     DRAMA       DVD - #1927D, $19.99   On Christmas eve, all of the citi-
                                                        zens of the small town of
                                                        Bedford Falls pray to the heavens
The Gift of Love                                        to help George Bailey, a man who
Based on O. Henry’s “The Gift of                        is unhappy that he never fol-
the Magi,” this touching tale of                        lowed his dreams. It’s then
selflessness is played against the                      decided that Clarence, an angel
tapestry of 1900’s New York City.                       who hasn’t earned his wings, to
A wealthy orphan girl struggles                         help George. When George
between her desire to please her                        decides to kill himself, when
relatives and her love for a kind                       Clarence comes in and tries to convince him that he
but poor young Swiss immigrant.                         has made something with his life and that he had a
Starring Marie Osmond and Timothy Bottoms.              “Wonderful Life.” Starring James Stewart and
96 minutes, extras.                                     Donna Reed. B&W, 130 minutes.
                 DRAMA    DVD - #3167D, $14.99                                      DVD - #960014D, $19.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                      11
                            Great Gifts for Him
Ken Davis                                                  Kenn Kington
Under the Influence                                        I Am Dad If you’ve ever had a
                                                           Dad, been a Dad, or known a
Ken Davis is “Under the Influence”      NEW!               Dad, this program is for you. I
                                                           Am Dad is a head-on collision of
- but it is not what you think.
Recorded live during two sold-out                          comedy and reality based on the
shows, this may have been Ken’s                            life of comedian Kenn Kington.
best performance yet. His hilarious                        Kenn has been performing to sold
stories include: “Strawberry                               out audiences for over 15 years.
Underwear,” the “Kansas Cow,”                              This may be his best performance
“Hurricane Man,” “The Speeding                             yet. Includes bonus CD with Kenn’s best
Ticket,” and a whole lot more. As                          bits from the past four projects. 47 minutes.
always, the whole family will love
this DVD. 90 minutes.                                                         DVD - #601299D, $17.99
                             DVD - #601589D, $17.99
                                                           I’m Confused No matter
                                                           what your comedic prefer-
 Second Chances This live                                  ence, you will love this
 recording is an inspiring look at                         performance. Filmed live at
 the lessons learned from the
                                                           the Ultimate Comedy Night
 story of Jonah. 46 minutes.
 DVD - #601129D                                            in Houston, TX, Kenn
                                                           Kington is in rare form. Also
 Ken Davis & Friends Ken is                                includes the talented musical
 joined by Taylor Mason and his                            comedy of L.A.’s Paul
 wise-cracking puppets, McNair                             Aldrich and the prop comedy of
 Wilson (a.k.a Earl the Usher),                            Florida’s Mike Williams. 150 minutes.
 Mike Williams, Joyce Sankey and
 Bob Stromberg. 110 minutes.                                                DVD - #4663D, $14.99
 DVD - #30081D, $17.99
                                                           I Don’t Understand! Great
 Is It Just Me? Ken joins                                  comedy without any side
 Wisconsin’s famed “cheese-                                effects (no blushing, no
 heads” for a brilliant
 performance that asks, Is It Just
                                                           cringing, no embarrassing
 Me? 60 minutes. DVD - #30052D, $17.99                     situations), just life in its fun-
                                                           niest form. If you are looking
 Good News Ken delivers a humor-filled presenta-           for a different perspective on
 tion to help us find the missing gusto. 60 minutes.       life or just need a good hour
 DVD - #30074D                                             of laughter, this performance
 It’s Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry Ken gives             is for you. 50 minutes.
 a glimpse into God’s heart to teach an important                            DVD - #4680D, $14.99
 concept. 50 minutes. DVD - #600719D
 Healing the Wounded Heart Ken’s warm, encour-              All three DVDs above for $29.99, #98401D —
 aging message reassures you that you are loved.                            SAVE $18
 45 minutes. DVD - #600709D
 God Wants Your Body Ken addresses the issue of
 God’s will and challenges us to total commitment.
 45 minutes. DVD - #600779D
 I’m Not Okay Ken’s hilarious stories show how we
                                                          Tim Hawkins
 really are “not okay” without a growing relationship     Full Range of Motion Tim
 with the Lord. 60 minutes. DVD - #60068D                 peforms his brilliant, stand-up
                                                          comedy in front of a sold-out
 A Twisted Mind Ken takes us on a laugh-filled tour
 through the things that make for real joy in our
                                                          crowd in Dallas. His sharp obser-
 everyday lives. 77 minutes. DVD - #60069D                vations and hilarious music
                                                          parodies will be enjoyed by com-
 Super Sheep Ken inspires us to be all that God           edy fans of all ages. 74 minutes
 intended. 60 minutes. DVD - #600749D                     plus extras: “A Day in the Life,”
 A Wimpy Prophet Ken looks at the five excuses            deleted scenes, and guest
 Moses tried to use to avoid God’s call. 50 minutes.      comedian Cleto Rodriguez.
 DVD - #600759D                                                     DVD - #601279D, $16.99
                    DVD - $15.99 each (except as noted)
                         All 12 for $129.99, #98493D

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                         Great Gifts for Him
Final Shot               NEW!                           Tony Dungy                     NEW!
The Hank Gathers Story                                  Winning with Quiet
At age 23, Eric “Hank” Gathers
(Victor Love, Shadow of Doubt)                          Coach Dungy led the Indianapolis
escaped the inner city to become                        Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLI
one of America’s top college bas-                       — making history as the first
ketball stars. As leader of Loyola                      African American coach to win
Marymount’s team, his career is                         the big game. In this DVD, Coach
on the fast track. He’s certain to be a top NBA draft   Dungy reveals the principles,
choice. With love and encouragement from his            practices, and priorities of a winning life, including
mother, Lucille (Nell Carter, Give Me A Break) and      how to stay focused on God during life’s struggles
his best friend Bo Kimble (Duane Davis, Under           and disappointments, live with a sense of purpose
Siege), Hank pushes himself higher and higher —         and significance, toss materialism aside, and perse-
then tragedy strikes. Also starring George Kennedy      vere. This is a candid look at how one man reached
(Small Soldiers, The Dirty Dozen). 92 minutes.          the top of his profession despite overwhelming
                                                        obstacles. 60 minutes.
                              DVD - #809150D, $12.99
                                                                        DVD - #12329D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

Man Dancin’                                             Facing the Giants
When Jimmy Kerrigan (Alex                               From the producers of Fireproof
Ferns) is unexpectedly released                         (page 76). In six years of coaching
from jail, everyone expects him to                      football at a Christian high school,
fall back into his old ways. But                        Grant Taylor has never had a win-
Jimmy has changed, though no                            ning season. With his career in
one believes him — least of all his                     jeopardy and devastating news at
former crime boss, Donnie                               home, Grant cries out to God in
McGlone (James Cosmo), and old                          desperation. With a renewed
adversary, Detective Inspector Walter Villers           determination, he challenges himself and his players,
(Kenneth Cranham). Father Gabriel Flynn (Tom            to believe God for the impossible, on and off the
Georgeson) is in charge of Jimmy’s anger manage-        field. Widescreen, 112 minutes.
ment classes. He sees something in Jimmy that                    T DRAMA DVD - #100289D, $14.99 $12.99
nobody else does, and to the amazement of all, he                                  Blu-ray - #26331H, $28.99
asks Jimmy to play the lead in the church’s annual
Passion Play. Jimmy agrees.                             Gift set now available! Flywheel (p. 73), Fireproof
      We recommend this film only with a cau-           (p. 76) AND Facing the Giants for $34.99, #32332D
tion, as it wasn’t made for the church market but
for the unchurched in secular theaters. It shows
how the power of the Gospel can transform lives
                                                        The Pistol
and it addresses issues from the hard streets of        See how one father’s love and sup-
Glasgow, Scotland. Strong viewer discretion is          port had a profound impact on his
advised (language, violence, and drug use).             son’s life. It resulted in Pete
Widescreen, 109 minutes (EST, extras).                  Maravich’s becoming the youngest
                                                        inductee into the Basketball Hall of
                 T    DRAMA DVD - #501233D, $19.99
                                                        Fame. Pete showed how family,
                                                        hard work, and a whole lot of
Valor                                                   heart could make anything possible. 104 minutes
The Medal of Honor is the high-                         (S, EST, extras).
                                                                                  DRAMA DVD - #84502D, $14.99
est award for valor in action that
can be bestowed upon anyone
serving in the U.S. Armed Forces
                                                        Bobby Bowden
for an act of personal bravery or                       A Winning Way
self-sacrifice involving risk of life.                  Bobby Bowden has produced NFL
Valor looks at the heroic acts of                       stars, Heisman Trophy winners and
several Medal of Honor recipi-                          national champions. Join us for a
ents. These veterans tell their incredible stories of   behind-the-scenes look at this
patriotism and courage and their faith in God in the    coaching giant as he shares the
midst of battle. Color and B&W, 60 minutes.             keys to what makes a winner
                 DOC DVD - #500783D, $19.99 $14.99      whether in athletics or in life. Find out Who’s the
                                                        inspiration behind this winner of eleven consecu-
Also available is Prisoners of Hope, 54 minutes.        tive bowl games! 30 minutes.
                      DVD - #500784D, $19.99 $14.99                                    DVD - #111279D, $12.99
                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                         13
                            Great Gifts for Her
               DRAMAS BASED ON BOOKS BY JANETTE OKE                                   DRAMA

#1, Love Comes Softly                                   #4, Love’s Abiding Joy
Marty is a young pioneer woman                          After making the difficult journey
who suddenly finds herself wid-                         west, Missie and Willie LaHaye
owed and facing frontier life                           set up their homestead and begin
alone. When Clark, a handsome                           raising a family. But when Clark
widower, suggests a platonic mar-                       comes to visit his daughter and
riage, Marty and Clark discover                         new grandsons, the reunion is
an unexpected new love.                                 interrupted by tragedy.
Widescreen & fullscreen. 88 minutes (EST, SST).         Widescreen & fullscreen, 85 min.
                                                        (EST, SST).
   DVD - #11448D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99
                                                          DVD - #24563D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99
#2, Love’s Enduring Promise                             #5, Love’s Unending Legacy
Clark and Marty now preside                             Two years have passed since the
over a growing family in their                          tragic death of Missie’s husband,
little prairie house. But as they                       Willie. Unable to work the land
reach out to those in their frontier                    on her own, Missie and her son
community, they discover that                           Maddie move to her father’s
love is not limited to the size of a                    ranch. New adventures await as
dwelling. 88 minutes (EST, SST).                        Missie takes in reluctant orphan
                                                        Belinda (Holliston Coleman) who
  DVD - #26547D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99        hides a secret. A new home also brings the possi-
                                                        bility of romance — if Missie can manage to put the
#3, Love’s Long Journey                                 past behind her. Also starring Dale Midkiff and
                                                        Victor Browne. Widescreen, 85 minutes (EST, SST).
After all the planning and dream-
                                                          DVD - #21925D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99
ing, Missie and Willie LaHaye are
actually on the trail west in a cov-
ered wagon. Leaving behind her                          #6, Love’s Unfolding Dream
prairie home, Missie finds herself                      Missie’s adopted daughter
caught between the elation of the                       Belinda is determined to become a
new adventure and wondering if                          doctor, but despite her dedication
she’ll ever see her family again.                       and ability, Doc Jackson (Robert
88 minutes (EST, SST).                                  Pine) believes women should stay
  DVD - #22237D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99        at home—and so does Belinda’s
                                                        new suitor, Drew Simpson
  FOR A LIMITED TIME, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!              (Patrick Levis)! Also starring
Love Comes Softly DVDs only $7.99 each!                 Samantha Smith and Dale
                                                        Midkiff. Widescreen, 88 minutes (EST, SST).
         (Offer does NOT include episode #7 or #8)
     SET OF FIRST SIX EPISODES - #98321D, $39.99          DVD - #50320D, $14.99 Limited time SALE! $7.99

#7, Love Takes Wing                                     #8, Love Finds a Home
After the death of her husband,                         Belinda’s friend, Annie, arrives so        NEW!
Dr. Belinda Simpson (Sarah                              that Belinda can watch over her in
Jones) arrives in the tiny town of                      the last stages of her pregnancy.
Sikeston to take up the post of                         Annie brings along her mother-in-
town physician. Once there, she                         law, Mary, a seen-it-all nursemaid
discovers that many of the town’s                       whose homeopathic remedies and
residents, including children at                        folksy wisdom are at odds with
an orphanage run by Miss Hattie                         Belinda’s scientific knowledge. As
Clarence (Cloris Leachman), have                        Belinda deals with the headaches
fallen ill or died from an unknown ailment. Many        Mary is causing, she must also
of the residents of Sikeston don’t want her to help     address issues at home: the joys and pains of her
the orphans, whom they blame for infecting the          adopted daughter’s first love and Belinda’s own
rest of the town. Opposed by what seems like the        inability to get pregnant. Belinda must learn to
entire town, Belinda must trust in her abilities, her   accept that the best guidance for her own problems
friends and her faith to guide her. Widescreen,         may come from unlikely sources. 88 minutes.
88 minutes (EST, SST).                                   Available Nov. 17, 2009 DVD - #62532D, $22.99 $19.99
                 DRAMA DVD - #58089D, $22.99 $14.99

14            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                           Great Gifts for Her
The Last Sin Eater                                        The Note II                 NEW!
In 1850s Appalachia, 10-year-old                          Taking a Chance on Love
Cadi is consumed with guilt over                          When do you take a chance on
her little sister’s death. Refusing to                    love? It’s a question columnist
heed the superstitious warnings of                        Peyton MacGruder asks herself
her family, she goes in search of the                     and her readers. Peyton hesitates
one man she feels can take away                           to take the next step with the man
her sin—The Sin Eater. In her                             she loves, but a note from a read-
search for forgiveness, she uncov-                        er warns about the regret caused
ers a dark secret that threatens to divide her family     by passion denied. Peyton uncovers the author’s
and the community. Based on the book by Francine          secret history involving a doomed romance and a
Rivers. Directed by Michael Landon. 118 min. + extras.    love which may yet live again. Starring Genie Francis
                            DRAMA DVD - #42753D, $14.99   and Ted McGinley Widescreen, 88 minutes.
                                                                   DRAMA DVD - #30462D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99
Though None Go with Me                                                         See p. 4
It’s 1951 and Elizabeth Leroy longs                       The Note
to escape her small town life, but                        Following a tragic plane crash,
the promise of true love forces her                       Peyton MacGruder, a newspaper
to stay. She meets her town’s new                         columnist, discovers a note writ-
minister with whom she quickly                            ten by a father during his final
falls in love and plans to marry,                         moments, and a nationwide
but when he leaves for Korea to do                        search for the intended recipient
God’s work, she is heartbroken.                           begins. The note takes her on a
The events that follow alter                              journey that changes the lives of
Elizabeth’s life forever and truly test not only her      everyone she meets. As she searches to heal the heart
faith and inner strength but her resilience as well.      of a stranger, she discovers that the life that’s
Starring Cheryl Ladd. 100 minutes.                        changed most profoundly is her own. Based on a
                DRAMA DVD - #51776D, $19.99 $12.99        novel by best-selling author Angela Hunt. Starring
                                                          Genie Francis and Ted McGinley. 87 min. (EST, FST).
Belle and the Beast                                                   DRAMA      DVD - #26626D, $19.99 $14.99
Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man
that people have nicknamed “the
                                                          Hidden Places
Beast.” But Belle Watson is the                           Widowed and losing her faith,
exact opposite. She’s caring, kind,                       Eliza Wyatt must bring in the
and works hard to help her family.                        harvest before the bank forecloses
When her father accidentally                              on her family’s home. She begins
breaks a valuable work of art at                          to have hope when Gabe Harper,
the Landry mansion, Belle agrees                          a handsome, down-on-his-luck
to work for Eric in an effort to repay him and save       veteran, comes along. Together
her father’s job. She discovers there just might be       Eliza and Gabe overcome the odds to save Wyatt
more to Eric. 91 minutes.                                 Orchard, with the help of stubborn but loveable
                                                          Aunt Batty. Based on the award-winning novel by
               DRAMA   DVD - #101573D, $24.99 $19.99      Lynn Austin, Hidden Places stars Sydney Penny,
                                                          Jason Gedrick, and Shirley Jones. 86 minutes.
The Ultimate Gift                                                      DRAMA DVD - #351780D, $14.99 $12.99
Jason expects to inherit millions
when his wealthy grandfather                              Saving Sarah Cain
dies. Instead, he is sent on a year-
                                                        Based on the best-selling novel
long journey of discovery where
                                                        The Redemption of Sarah Cain by
he must complete 12 tasks before
                                                        award-winning novelist Beverly
he can receive even one dime.
                                                        Lewis. Business woman Sarah
From the grave, his grandfather
                                                        Cain unexpectedly becomes the
teaches him valuable lessons on
                                                        caretaker of five Amish orphans.
work, money, friendship, and much more. Based
                                                        Now she must determine
on the best-selling book The Ultimate Gift by Jim
                                                        whether to make a new life for
Stovall. Starring Drew Fuller, James Garner, Bill
                                                        them in Portland or to sacrifice her successful
Cobbs, Brian Dennehy and Abigail Breslin.
                                                        career and raise her newfound family in the
Widescreen, 114 minutes (S , extras).
                                                        heartland of Amish Country. Directed by Michael
               T    DRAMA       DVD - #44486D, $14.99 Landon, Jr. 87 minutes (EST, S, F, extras).
Great offer on The Ultimate Gift and Saving Sarah                      T   DRAMA    DVD - #48593D, $14.99
Cain! See page 5 for details!
                      To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                   15
                           Christmas for Children
How Can I Celebrate Advent?                            Micah’s Christmas Treasure
Beth and her brother Digger can                        Micah, a poor shepherd boy,
hardly wait for Christmas. They                        makes a wonderful discovery
are thrilled to learn that the church                  amidst the tumult and uncertain-
has a special season of waiting and                    ty of ancient Israel at the time of
preparation in expectation of the                      Christ’s birth. After Roman tax
coming Savior, the season of                           collectors punish their family for
Advent. Beth and Digger eagerly                        being unable to pay their taxes,
hear God’s plan of salvation as                        young Micah and his sister,
they light the candles of their                        Rachel, set out to acquire the
Advent wreath and mark the days                        treasure that will save their
until the coming of Emmanuel, “God With Us.”           home. Their quest takes them on an adventure that
25 minutes. DVD - #500918D                             puts them in the middle of one of history’s greatest
                                                       moments. Micah and Rachel meet strange charac-
Also available:
                                                       ters and witness unusual events as they follow a
How Can I Celebrate Halloween? DVD - #500935D          brilliant star to Bethlehem. Soon they are caught
How Can I Celebrate Passover? DVD - #500919D           up in the drama that surrounds the tiny town as
                                                       angels, kings and shepherds report the arrival of a
                                 DVD - $9.99 each      treasure beyond Micah’s wildest dreams. Then
     Buy two and get the third one FREE! #98510D       Micah is faced with the most important decision of
                                                       his life. Will he trade information about the where-
                                                       abouts of a special baby in exchange for the riches
Storyteller Cafe                                       he has longed for? Or will he find a treasure of
When the lights are out and the                        greater value than gold? Animated, 54 minutes (S).
door is locked, the toys come alive                                T DVD - #501287D, $14.99 NOW! $12.99
at the Storyteller Cafe! Children
will see the Bible brought to life as
the toys re-enact stories from the                     Little Shepherd
Bible in this award-winning, 3-D                       The fields surrounding Bethlehem
computer animated series for ages                      this first Christmas Eve are alive
4-10. 30 minutes each (S).                             with anticipation. Wonderful
                                                       things are about to happen as Joel
“The Gift” - In this Christmas episode, the toys
                                                       and his pet lamb, Bramble, anx-
learn about the birth of Jesus. It is a wonderful
                                                       iously await the challenge of a
reminder to celebrate the life of Christ all year
                                                       new day. On the journey to
                                                       Bethlehem, Joel and Bramble fall
                             DVD - #501201D, $9.99     behind and wolves corner Bramble. Joel must
                                                       summon all his courage and ingenuity to save
     See the entire series on page 20!                 himself and Bramble. An animated program for
                                                       all ages. 25 minutes (DVD - S, SST, F, FST, G, M, C
Cherub Wings #3:                                       with Behind the Scenes, Sneak Peaks, DVD-ROM
The Angel Song                                         extras).
                                                                  T     DVD - #4709D, $12.99 NOW! $9.99
Join Cherub and Choirmaster as
they replay the warmth, anticipa-
tion and joy of the birth of a tiny                    The Story of the Selfish
boy whose seemingly insignifi-
cant birth would echo hope for
                                                       Giant (Ages 4-8)
centuries to come. 25 minutes (S).                     A grandfather uses Oscar Wilde’s
              DVD - #4827D, $9.99                      timeless tale, “The Story of the
                                                       Selfish Giant,” to unlock the true
                                                       meaning of Christmas for his
     See the entire series on page 19!                 granddaughter. In this story of
                                                       love and sacrifice, the selfish
Mary Had a Little Lamb                                 giant learns that God’s unselfish
In this enchanting children’s musical, pup-            gift encourages us to be filled
pets tell the story of the events of the first         with joy. Children of all ages will
Christmas Eve in Bethlehem from the per-               be enchanted by this charming story and its strong
spective of the animals in the stable.
                                                       Christian message. Original artwork and music are
Follow Tiny, the smallest lamb, and his
friends as they journey to Bethlehem to                sure to make this a holiday favorite for years and
witness the birth of Jesus. 28 minutes.                years to come. 30 minutes.
                       DVD - #501115D, $9.99                           DVD - #500859D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

16                              Order online and save at
                        Christmas for Children
Three Christmas Classics                                  Davey and Goliath’s
Christmas Is – Benji is a disap-
pointed little boy who must play
                                                          Snowboard Christmas
the second shepherd in the school                         In this newer addition to the clas-
play — again. Disappointment                              sic stop-motion, 3-D animated
turns to joy when a daydream                              series, we follow Davey and his
transports him back to the first                          talking dog, Goliath, on a thrilling
Christmas. Animated, 30 minutes.                          adventure in which Davey learns
The Stableboy’s Christmas –                               some dazzling snowboard
Ten-year-old Tammy travels                                maneuvers. More importantly, he
back in time to the first Christmas to learn how          learns some valuable lessons
sharing presents with others is a way of sharing          about the real meaning of
God’s love at Christmas. Drama, 30 minutes.               Christmas and about understand-
The City That Forgot About Christmas – The story          ing and respect for people who are different than he
of a woodcarver who lived in a village that had for-      is. Includes characters from the classic series as well
gotten about Christmas. When he taught the                as some new characters. 44 minutes.
children of the town about the birth of Jesus, the                          DVD - #25019D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99
uncaring village was filled with the joy of Christ.
Animated, 30 minutes.
                                                          Two stories on one DVD!
   All three on one DVD - #4730D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99
                                                          Go Look in the Manger
                                                          Ricky borrows his mother’s favorite
The King Is Born                                          record on the condition that, if it is bro-
                                                          ken, he will get no Christmas presents.
The King is Born is an animated
                                                          Ricky quickly forgets his promise—
story of the birth of Jesus.                              until the record is broken during a
Beginning with Gabriel’s                                  game. That night at church, Ricky hears
announcement of God’s blessed                             the story of the greatest Christmas gift
plan for Mary, this video from                            ever, the gift of Jesus, and makes a sig-
Nest Entertainment brings all the                         nificant discovery. 30 minutes.
elements of this timeless story to                        The Candy Maker’s Christmas
life. Journey with Mary and Joseph                        “Only the finest for the king,” cheers the candy maker as he
to Bethlehem and witness the humble birth of our          mixes and twirls his latest creation. August is certain that he
Savior with the shepherds. Includes a sing-along          has made the perfect Christmas present for the royal family.
bonus activity. 45 minutes.                               But an accidental encounter in front of the Cathedral teach-
                   DVD - #60036D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99      es August that the only perfect Christmas present is the gift
                                                          of Jesus. 30 minutes.
    More from Nest Entertainment on page 20                  Both on one DVD - #500916D, $14.99 NOW! $9.99

Red Boots for Christmas
Hans the shoemaker, who never
                                                          Spunky’s First Christmas
learned the true meaning of                               This animated program by popu-
Christmas, works into the night,                          lar author Janette Oke features a
purposely shut away from the hol-                         lovable pup named Spunky. As he
iday festivities. As the story                            begins his journey to his new
unfolds, Hans learns the joys of                          home in the city, he soon discov-
sharing and fellowship and finally                        ers how much it really means to
embraces the meaning of                                   have a loving master. Things get
Christmas as he receives the ulti-                        tough when Spunky gets lost in
mate gift—a gift from God. 23 minutes (EST, S, F, A,      the big city and encounters some
M, I, Pl, PDF activity booklet).                          scary junkyard bullies. Rediscover
                      T DVD - #4784D, $12.99 $9.99
                                                          the excitement and inspiration of experiencing
                                                          Christmas for the first time with this fun-filled, heart-
The Crippled Lamb                                         warming story of faith, love and hope. 30 minutes
Little Joshua was a crippled lamb who
always felt left out, but God had a very                                                 DVD - #501061D, $9.99
special plan for him, just as He does for
everyone. One cold winter night, Joshua                   Also available is The Spunky Double Feature, featuring,
was in the right place at the right time to               Spunky’s Camping Adventure and Spunky’s Circus
watch history’s greatest event unfold…                    Adventure. 30 minutes each episode.
and to play a part in it. This animated story features                                  DVD - #500863D, $9.99
the voices of Robby Benson, Jeannie Elias and Jesse
Corti. 26 minutes.                                             Buy both for $14.99, #98501D. Save 25%!
                                   DVD - #30173D, $9.99

                     To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                 17
                                      Young Children
The Bedbug Bible Gang                                  God’s Little Heroes David and
3-D computer animation, illustrations,                    Goliath, Itty-Bitty Marching Band,
live-action puppets. 23-27 minutes each.                  Zacchaeus. DVD - #500925D
Christmas Show! Mary’s Surprise, The Wise Men, and Parable Parade Parables of The
   The Shepherds of Bethlehem. DVD - #500921D             Sower, Lost Sheep, and Good
Passover Potluck Stories of Moses and Pharaoh,            Samaritan. DVD - #500920D
   Passover Meal, and Crossing the Sea.                Pentecost Party The First Pentecost,
   DVD - #500926D                                         Fruits of the Spirit, Philip and the
Bible Builders The bedbugs are hard at work telling       Ethiopian. DVD - #500927D
   three Bible stories with building themes: The       Funny Farmers The Parable of the            (ages 3-7)
   Tumbling Tower, House on a Rock, and The Man           Sower, The Helpful Son, and
   Through the Roof. DVD - #501183D                       Farmer Brown Goes to Town. DVD - #500931D
Jumbled Journey The bedbugs unravel the tales of       Miracle Meals The Bottomless Jar, Jesus’ Special
   The Ten Commandments, Wilderness Wandering             Supper, and The Lunch That Grew and Grew!
   and Jesus’ Temptation. DVD - #501184D                  DVD - #500932D
Lost & Found The Bedbugs are looking for the lost      Amazing Animals Daniel for Dinner, The Lost Sheep,
   items in these three Bible stories: Jesus in the       and The Furriest Float. DVD - #500933D
   Temple, The Lost Coin, and The Prodigal Son.        Family Fun Miriam and Moses, Ruth and Naomi, and
   DVD - #501185D                                         Mary and Martha. DVD - #500934D
Creation Celebration The story of creation comes       Just John Zechariah’s Surprise, Wierd John, and Jesus
   alive as the Bedbugs read rhymes and sing songs        Takes a Bath. DVD - #501098D
   about God. DVD - #500923D
                                                                       DVD - $7.99 each • Buy 3, get 1 FREE!
Big Boats of the Bible Stories of Noah, Jonah, and
                                                                   DVD set of all 19 above - #98426D, $99.99
   Jesus Calms the Sea. DVD - #500924D
Friendly Friends Stories of The Fiery Furnace, Jesus & Also available are 70-minute DVDs with 9 stories each:
   the Children, The Fisher of Men. DVD - #500928D Forgiveness, Love, Blessings DVD - #501254D
Easter Party Stories of The Palm Parade, The           Following God DVD - #501255D
   Garden Surprise, and Doubting Thomas.               Plants and Animals DVD - #501277D
   DVD - #500922D                                      Kids, Friends and Songs DVD - #501278D
Wonderful Weddings The Ten Bridesmaids, Jacob and Old Testament Heroes & Prophets DVD - #501322D
   Rachel, and The Wedding that Nobody Went To.        Nifty New Testament Stories DVD - #501323D
   DVD - #500929D
Dandy Dreams Joseph and his Brothers.                                               T DVD - $14.99 $11.99 each,
   DVD - #500930D                                                                     All six for $49.99, #98202D

                                                          Adventures from the Book of
Children’s Heroes                                         Virtues (Ages 4-10)
of the Bible (Ages 3-7)                                   Based on the best-selling Adventures
These animated stories introduce chil-                    books by William J. Bennett, this
dren to the great people, events, and                     animated series will take kids and
stories of the Bible. Each episode is 23                  their parents on timeless adventures
minutes.                                                  that bring to life some of the most
                                                          entertaining and inspiring stories
The Old Testament (six episodes:                          ever created. These stories demon-
Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, and Esther)       strate the triumph of the human spirit and illustrate
                            DVD - #501193D, $9.99         the importance of cultivating powerful human quali-
The New Testament (five episodes on Jesus and             ties.
two on the apostles) DVD - #501194D, $9.99                Faith   Annie’s faith is tested after her friend dies
             Both DVDs for only $14.99, #98407D           unexpectedly, leaving her feeling alone and bewil-
                                                          dered. 49 minutes.
Jesus for Kids                (4-6)                                                DVD - #301035D, $12.99 $9.99
This five-part series introduces                          Honesty Zach breaks one of his father’s cameras
young children to Jesus through                           and concocts a story to escape blame. 75 minutes.
animated stories based squarely on                                                DVD - #301057D, $12.99 $9.99
the Gospels. Included is a compan-                        Courage Annie is defeated in a hurdles race and
ion guide with suggested activities                       loses her confidence. Plato tries to help her get it
and more. The five programs are                           back by telling the story of William Tell, who risked
The First Christmas, Jesus the                            plenty for his sake and others’. 75 minutes.
Storyteller, Jesus the Miracle-Worker, Jesus the Healer
and The First Easter. 50 minutes (S).                                              DVD - #301058D, $12.99 $9.99
                          T    SG DVD - #4859D, $9.99                      All three Adventures - #98245D, $24.99

18        After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                                Young Children
     Cherub Wings              (For ages 3-7 )

 Using a combination of colorful animation and live-action, Cherub Wings is an entertaining and inspi-
 rational production for young children. Cherub, a spirited, lively angel, is commissioned by God to
 present a variety show that will help kids grow in faith with a celestial array of songs, storytelling,
 and object lessons that teach as well as entertain. 25 minutes each (EST, S).

#1, “Little Things” (Serving God) — Jesus commissions Cherub to share Heaven with children every-
where, resulting in a fun-packed, visually delightful program highlighting the amazing effects of doing
little things in a big way! DVD - #500765D
#2, “Gratitude Attitude” (Thankfulness) — Bring the joy of praise into your heart with this entertaining
video, which shows us how to bring sunshine to dreary days. DVD - #4870D
#3, “The Angel Song” (Christmas episode) — Cherub and Choirmaster replay the anticipation and joy of
the birth of a tiny boy whose seemingly insignificant birth would echo hope for centuries.
DVD - #4827D T
#4, “Follow the Leader!” (Following God’s Call) — Through the example of Samuel who dedicated his life
to God’s service, we learn that we’re never too young to hear God’s call. DVD - #500766D
#5, “Heaven’s Troopers” (Obeying God’s Word) — Everyone knows that exercising and eating right helps
our bodies grow strong. In the same way, “Bible fitness” helps strengthen our souls!
DVD - #500772D
#6, “Never Outta Sight” (Jesus Cares) — Children sometimes feel that they’re too small to be of any signifi-
cant value. Join Cherub as he shows how much God cares about each one of us. DVD - #500773D
#7, “Moldy Gold” (Finding Eternal Treasures) — An adventurous treasure hunt for eternal jewels in God’s
Word! DVD - #500774D
#8, “Ooops! Sorry!” (Forgiveness) — Cherub
and Chubby learn the true meaning of Jesus’ instructions to “forgive from the heart.” DVD - #500775D
#9, “Out of Bounds” (Obedience) — Cherub learns that doing just what you want may end up being just
the opposite of what you expected! DVD - #500776D
#10, “And It Was So!” (Easter episode) — Cherub and Chubby learn that by accepting Jesus’ gift of for-
giveness, they can receive Him as Savior.
DVD - #4848D
#11, “Shine Your Light” (Sharing Jesus’ Love) — Cherub and Chubby explore practical ways to share the
message of Jesus’ love with others in their everyday lives. DVD - #500803D
#12, “The King’s Castle” (Our Hearts as Christ’s Home) — Cherub and Chubby help children to under-
stand that keeping their hearts clean and pure is just as important as caring for their surroundings.
DVD - #500804D
#13, “Bold and Brave” (Fearless Faith) — Just as David’s faith in God gave him the boldness to face Goliath,
God can give us the courage and joy to stand up for our faith! DVD - #500805D
#14, “Little Heroes” (Humility) Chubby learns that the truly great heroes in God’s eyes are those who are
willing to be humble, just like Jesus was on earth! (Matthew 25:40) DVD - #501282D

Cherub Wings: Songs to Live By                                            Cherub Wings Music CD
Here is a fun-filled hour of the very best music                          This audio CD features 19 songs
videos from the popular Cherub Wings animated                             from the popular series.
series. 55 minutes (S, EST, SST, printable songsheets).                                       #4615, $9.99
                              DVD - #501307D, $12.99

           DVD - $9.99 each (except as noted) • Get all 15 DVDs for only $99.99, DVD - #98178D

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                         19
                                  Animated Favorites
Daniel                                                    The Good Samaritan
                                                          The Good Samaritan is perhaps the
Babylon forces invade Jerusalem
                                                          most touching parable that Jesus
and carry away Daniel and his
                                                          ever taught. The Rabbi and the
three young friends: Shadrach,
                                                          Levite ignore the wounded traveler,
Meshach, and Abednego. Through
                                                          but the Samaritan stops to help him.
Daniel’s experience, we learn the
                                                          Jesus teaches that we are all neigh-
values of patience and trust. When
                                                          bors and we should love and serve
he is thrown into the lion’s den, he proves that
                                                          one another. 45 minutes.
God still rules over the affairs of men! 45 minutes.
                                                                                       DVD - #61112D, $14.99
                               DVD - #61113D, $14.99
                                                          Also from Nest Entertainment:
The Prodigal Son
This is a parable of a wayward                            Ruth DVD - #61116D, $14.99
youth who returns home to his                             George Washington DVD - #60032D, $14.99
father and family after squandering                       Abraham Lincoln DVD - #60037D, $14.99
his inheritance with loose living.                        William Bradford DVD - #61115D, $14.99 $4.99
Children will learn about God’s                           Harriet Tubman DVD - #61119D, $14.99
encompassing love for those who
repent of their foolish ways and the rewards kept         Helen Keller DVD - #60034D, $14.99
for those who do not waste what is entrusted to           David and Goliath DVD - #60035D, $14.99
them. 45 minutes.                                         He Is Risen DVD - #60030D, $14.99
                              DVD - #60110D, $14.99       Miracles of Jesus DVD - #61114D, $14.99

                          ALL 12 ABOVE - DVD - #98355D, $129.99

Storyteller Cafe              (ages 4-10)
When the lights are out and the door is locked, the toys come alive at the Storyteller Cafe!
See the Bible brought to life as the toys re-enact Bible stories in this award-winning, 3-D
computer animated series. 30 minutes each (EST, S).
“The Gift” (Christmas) DVD - #501201D
“The Battle” - (David and Goliath) DVD - #501178D
“The Rebel” - (Jonah) DVD - #501179D
“The Storm” (Noah) DVD - #501202D
“The Lion’s Den” (Daniel) DVD - #501203D
“The Secret Plan” (Israel’s journey to the Promised Land and the fall of Jericho) DVD - #501205D
“Beyond the Manger” (Easter) DVD - #501204D
                                                             DVD - $9.99 each • DVD set of 7 - #98406D, $49.99

The Lion, Witch Pilgrim’s Progress                                          Animated Stories
and the Wardrobe This is a brief, ani-                                      from the Old Testament:
This original                        mated version of                       Creation to Moses
animated ver-                        John Bunyan’s                          (Ages 4-11)
sion of C. S.                        classic allegory.
                                     The story of                           Bible Mouse
Lewis’ classic is
                                     Pilgrim’s journey                      whisks Jon into his
an Emmy
                                     from the City of                       computer screen,
                                     Destruction to the                     where they meet
delightful visual
                                     Celestial City takes us, with          the Scribe, who
telling of the
                                     Pilgrim, through the Slough of         takes them on an
Lewis allegory.
                                     Despond, the Hill of Difficulty,       amazing journey
The death and resurrection of
                                     and the many breathtaking experi-      through the Bible. Through their
Aslan the Lion invite compari-
                                     ences that carry him to his            adventures, Jon discovers God’s
son with the Biblical accounts of
                                     destination. 35 minutes (S, Pt).       faithful love for His people, then
Christ’s death and resurrection.
                                                                            and now. A free discussion and
From Children’s Television                   DVD - #20705D, $19.99 $9.99
                                                                            activity guide in PDF is available.
Workshop. 95 minutes.                Also available:                        26 minutes.
       DVD - #1511D, $14.99 $9.99          The John Bunyan Story, pg. 23         DVD - #501318D, $12.99 $9.99
20            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                              Animated Favorites
                                  Children will see their favorite Bible stories through the
                                  eyes of bug friends in this animated series narrated by
                                  Willie Aames. Each episode includes two separate yet
                                  connected stories, the bug story and the Bible story, pre-
                                  sented in an interwoven three-act format. 25 min. each
                (ages 6-10)       (EST).

“Joy to the World” — Mary and Joseph travel to
   Bethlehem where they prepare for the birth of         “Construction Woes” — Nimrod oversees the con-
   Christ. DVD - #501133D SALE! $4.99                      struction of the Tower of Babel. DVD - #501196D
“Not to Bee” — Queen Esther risks her life to go         “A Lot to Swallow” — Jonah disobeys God and
   before the king to ask him to spare the lives of        ends up in the belly of a whale. DVD - #501136D
   the Israelites. DVD - #501134D                        “Riding for a Fall” — Naaman is healed by the
“It’s the Pits” — Daniel refuses to bow before King        prophet Elisha. DVD - #501135D
   Darius and is thrown into a lion’s den.               “You’re All Wet” — The prophet Elijah proposes a
   DVD - #501197D                                          contest against the prophets of the false god,
“What’s a Manna with You?” — God provides food             Baal. DVD - #300389D
   for the Israelites, yet they continue to complain.    “Against the Wall” — Rahab helps the spies sent to
   DVD - #501198D                                          Jericho. DVD - #300329D
“Keep the Trust” — Samson breaks his vow to God          “Blessing in Disguise” — Joseph is sold into slav-
   and tells Delilah the secret to his great strength.     ery by his brothers. DVD - #300249D
   DVD - #501199D                                        “A Giant Problem” — David slays the giant
“Scare Tactics” — God calls Gideon to lead the             Goliath. DVD - #300149D
   Israelites into battle against the Midianites.                                          DVD - $9.99 each
   DVD - #501200D                                                            DVD set of 13 - #98405D, $89.99

Carlos Caterpillar (ages 4-10)                                                   NEW!
Carlos is an ever-curious little caterpillar who often finds himself in one predicament or
another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime of experience behind him,
Carlos learns many lessons that will help him through his own little journey of life! These
entertaining adventures are done in full 3-D animation with great music and Latin flavor!
25 minutes each (EST, S, SST).

#1, Colossal Tales (Being Yourself) A new student in town spells competitive trouble for
Carlos and Sluggy. DVD - #501279D
#2, Topsy Turvy (Responsibility) When all of the town’s residents mysteriously slack off
their responsibilities, Carlos is left alone to face a near disaster. DVD - #501280D
#3, No Prize Surprise (Appreciation) A blunder of the mouth boomerangs back to Carlos,
bringing him to his senses as to the real treasures he possesses. DVD - #501281D
#4, Litterbug (Caring for our Environment) Carlos and Antonio skip out on a cleanup
activity to head out for a day of fun in the sun at the beach. DVD - #501290D            See two NEW
#5, Buggy Big Bucks (Contentment) When Carlos finds a lottery ticket and wins what he     episodes on
thinks is a large fortune, his life suddenly takes a new twist. DVD - #501291D               page 3.
                                                                                         Get all eleven
#6, Ultrabug! (True Heroism) Ultrabug and Wonderbug’s well-intentioned capers cause       episodes for
some of the town residents to set up a trap for their capture. DVD - #501305D             only $79.99 -
#7, Bug-A-Boo! (Safe Viewing) A dare to watch “scary movies” sets the imagination of the    #98188D
student bugs awhirl. DVD - #501306D
#8, Batter Chatter (Gossip) Carlos jumps to a far-fetched conclusion when Fleacia’s famous
family pie recipe goes missing. DVD - #501314D
#9, Buggy Breakup (Teamwork) The bugs work well together on a school float until Sluggy
instigates a competitive attitude. DVD - #501315D
                                                                       T DVD - $9.99 each

  See Episodes #10 (Honesty) and #11 (Humility) on page 3 • All eleven for $79.99, #98188D

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                      21
                                   Animated Programs
Kids’ Ten Commandments                                       Ages 6-11, Animated, 30-min. each
The Not So Golden Calf (Commandments 1 & 2) Seth learns the meaning of the first two commandments as
the people of Israel worship another god. DVD - #7605D
The Rest is Yet to Come (Commandments 3 & 4) Snarly old Jeshanah is asked to take care of Seth, but
Jeshanah swears (covered by an animal sound) and works them to the bone on the Sabbath. DVD - #7606D
Life & Seth Situation (Commandments 5 & 6) Seth and Ephraim go against their parents’ better advice and
encounter a bandit and his gang. DVD - #7607D
Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts (Commandments 7 & 8) Amos is accused of stealing food, but this time he is
innocent. Simeon tries to woo Matthew’s beautiful wife. DVD - #7608D
Toying with the Truth (9 & 10) Seth becomes jealous as he covets the possessions of his best friend, Ephraim,
and longs to be “the boy who has everything.” DVD - #7621D
                                                                                     DVD - $12.99 each
                                                               DVD set for $49.99 SALE! $29.99, #98865D

Adventures of the Apostle Paul (6-12)
Introduce children to the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. They will see Paul’s con-
version in “Struck Blind,” learn the story of Paul and Silas in “Imprisoned at Philippi,”
and discover how Paul was “Shipwrecked at Malta” while on his way to Rome. Though
Paul encountered many dangerous, even life-threatening situations, he knew that God
would never leave him. Three 9-minute segments, plus a 7-minute segment on the mak-
ing of the film. Animated. Extras (S).
                                                            T DVD - #500881D, $14.99 $9.99

VEGGIE TALES 30 minutes each, unless noted
Minnesota Cuke & NEW! Saint Nicholas: A Story of
the Search for                           Joyful Giving                    NEW!
Noah’s Umbrella                          Bob the Tomato takes the kids on
                                         an imaginative journey back to
Minnesota Cuke’s search for                                        ancient Greece to meet Saint
Noah’s Ark gets complicated                                        Nicholas — the world’s greatest
when he learns of Noah’s mysteri-                                  giver. But Saint Nicholas wasn’t
ous and powerful umbrella...and a                                  always a saint, and he hasn’t
clever villain who wants it for his                                always been the world’s greatest
own selfish gain! Will Minnesota find the confi-                   giver. Hear how Saint Nicholas
dence to continue the search, face the villain and                 discovers the gift of giving as he and the
protect the umbrella – or will all hope of finding                 VeggieTales gang embark on a special journey back
the Ark be washed away for good? 30 minutes.                       to the very spot where Jesus was born! 50 minutes.
                DVD - #11409D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99                                 DVD - #11459D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99
Other episodes available:
The Toy that Saved Christmas, DVD - #70082D, $9.99     Dave and the Giant Pickle, DVD - #10059D, $9.99
The Star of Christmas, 48 minutes, DVD - #70292D, $9.99Josh and the Big Wall, DVD - #70112D, $9.99
                                                       Larry Boy and Rumor Weed, DVD - #10129D
Abe and the Amazing Promise 55 min.                    King George and the Ducky, DVD - #7125D
   DVD - #311309D                                      Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen, DVD - #7171D
Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Movie 86 min.            Lyle the Kindly Viking, DVD - #2922D
   DVD - #505536D, $19.99                              Ultimate Silly Song Countdown, DVD - #2923D
Tomato Sawyer - Big River Rescue 45 min. DVD - #31117D Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment, DVD - #7163D
The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s, DVD - #11039D, $12.99    A Snoodle’s Tale, DVD - #10239D
God Made You Special, DVD - #10979D                    The Ballad of Little Joe, DVD - #7082D
The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Singalong,           An Easter Carol, DVD - #72822D, $9.99
   DVD - #40099D                                       Sumo of the Opera, DVD - #41259D
Jonah the Movie, 83 minutes (S) DVD - #3456D           Duke and the Great Pie War, DVD - #10299D
Where’s God When I’m Scared?, DVD - #10019D            Minnesota Cuke, DVD - #10329D
God Wants Me to Forgive Them?, DVD - #10029D           Lord of the Beans, (S). DVD - #10549D, $12.99
Are You My Neighbor?, DVD - #10739D                    Sheerluck Holmes & Golden..., DVD - #10719D
Rack, Shack and Benny, DVD - #70062D, $9.99            LarryBoy And The Bad Apple, DVD - #10759D
Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space, DVD - #10089D Gideon, Tuba Warrior, DVD - #10789D
Madame Blueberry, DVD - #7124D                         Moe And The Big Exit, DVD - #10869D
 Buy any 3 Veggie Tales DVDs, get the 4th - of equal or lesser value — FREE!              DVD - $14.99 each (unless noted)

22                              Order online and save at
                                 The Torchlighters
                                                        The Perpetua Story
                                                        Wild Beasts Could Not Shake Her Faith
                                                        In the days of the Early Church,
                                                        this young mother and new
The Torchlighters series portrays the true stories of   believer is imprisoned for con-
real-life heroes from Christian history who faced       verting to Christianity. In order to
danger and trials to carry a flame of faith into a      gain her freedom, all Perpetua
dark world. Inspire your children with heroes who       has to do is offer a pinch of
will take their faith to a new level. 30 minutes each   incense to honor the Roman
plus extras, including a professionally-produced        gods. With this one simple act
documentary and a comprehensive leader’s guide          she will gain her freedom and
and student handouts in PDF.                            will return to a life of comfort. As      NEW!
                                                        her father pleads with her to
                                                        think of her baby and the reputation of their family,
Each DVD includes:                                      Perpetua rises to face the Roman pro-counsel. She
                                                        has made her choice and there is no turning back.
• Four-lesson curriculum in PDF                         Watch as Perpetua’s resolve is tested repeatedly by
                                                        those opposed to her and the rest of the small group
• A feature-length documentary on the hero
                                                        known as “Christians.” DVD - #501301D
• English & Spanish language track; English and
  Spanish subtitles                                     The Gladys Aylward Story
                                                        Led 100 Orphans to Safety
                                                        With war raging about her and
The Richard Wurmbrand Story                             soldiers closing in, the wounded
Founder of The Voice of the Martyrs                     missionary Gladys Aylward (as
The Communist tyrants in                                portrayed in the movie, The Inn of
Romania imprisoned and merci-                           the Sixth Happiness) sets out on the
lessly tortured Pastor Richard                          most difficult journey of her life—
Wurmbrand. But they could not                           a 100-mile trek with children over
break him and coerce him to deny                        the mountains to a safe haven.
his Christian faith.                                    DVD - #501244D
DVD - #501264D
                                                        The John Bunyan Story
The Eric Liddell Story                                  Author of The Pilgrim’s Progress
Olympian and Missionary                                 John Bunyan spent his days in
                                                        prison, separated from his wife
Here is the rest of the story of Eric                   and children. Living in the cold,
Liddell, subject of the film Chariots                   stone cell was the price he paid for
of Fire. Eric was a national hero in                    going against the Church of
Scotland whose countrymen were                          England. While in prison, he
eager for their track star to bring                     wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress, the
home Olympic gold in the 100-                           world’s all-time best-seller after
meter race. See how Eric’s famous                       the Bible. DVD - #500936D
stand during the 1924 Olympics
prepares him for even greater challenges as a
missionary to China during World War II.                The Jim Elliot Story
DVD - #501127D                                          Missionary to Ecuador
                                                        Jim Elliot and four other young
The William Tyndale Story                               Americans and their families
                                                        went to the steamy jungles of
Bible Translator                                        Ecuador to take the Gospel to the
William Tyndale tops King Henry                         Auca Indians. Although the
VIII’s “Most Wanted” list in 1535                       Aucas were violent and mistrust-
and was pursued across Europe                           ful of outsiders, the five men were
by the king’s bounty hunters. His                       determined to make contact with
crime? Translating the Bible into                       them. What did it take to change the hearts
English for the common people.                          of this fierce tribe? DVD - #4868D
This episode follows William as
he works in secret, moving from                                                     T DVDs $14.99 each
town to town to avoid capture. DVD - #500807D                  All seven for only $69.99. DVD - #98204D

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                        23
                            Favorites for Tweens
Jacob’s Ladder (Ages 10-15)
Here is a terrific program designed to reach Junior High youth with Bible stories that
will keep their attention. The teenagers in these programs are transported back in
time and get caught in the middle of Old Testament Bible stories. Each 30-minute
episode takes the teens into the lives of the Old Testament heroes, where they learn
lessons they can take back to the 21st century. These beautifully produced videos
make teaching a joy, especially when used with our free study materials. Our creative
study guides include easy-to-use lessons, attention grabbers, scripture exploration,
and life application. Perfect for Sunday school, youth group, or family devotions.
Download these gui FREE on our website!

DVD - #500882D                                            DVD - #500911D
 #1: Gideon, Reluctant Hero — Gideon takes a               #8: A King for the Hebrews — Israel wants a
   stand against false idols to worship the one              king to rule over them, showing their discon-
   true God.                                                 tent with all God has given them.
 #2: Gideon, Warrior by Faith — God strength-              #9: Saul Takes Charge — King Saul is so full of
   ens Gideon to face the attacking Mideonites.              pride, even his trusted advisors cannot get his
DVD - #500883D                                               attention.
 #3: Naomi and Ruth — Elimelech and Naomi                 DVD - #500912D
    venture to a new home to escape famine, only           #10: The King Needs Help — Young David’s tal-
    to find new hardships.                                   ent is so evident that King Saul’s jealousy
 #4: Ruth and Boaz — Widows Ruth and Naomi                   cannot be contained.
    return to Canaan with nothing but their faith          #11: Death Waiting — King Saul is consumed
    and their friendship.                                    with rage and is determined to kill David.
DVD - #500909D                                            DVD - #500913D
 #5: The Invitation — Samuel has been promised             #12: David on the Run — David finds refuge in
    to God, and now he must decide if he will                God and support from God’s people, while
    accept God’s plan.                                       King Saul turns further away from faith.
 #6: Samuel’s Destiny, Pt 1 — Samuel works hard            #13: A New King — God’s ultimate plan comes
    in the temple, while the priest Eli’s sons sink          to fruition as David continues to walk in
    deep into a life of sin.                                 covenant with Him.
 #7: Samuel’s Destiny, Pt 2 — The prophet Samuel
    warns Israel to put their faith in God, not in                  T    SG   DRAMA   DVDs - $19.99 $14.99 each
    military might.                                                            Set of all six for $69.99, #98466D

Object Lessons:                                           Sparky Chronicles:
Seeds, Dirt, Fruit                                        The Map
(Ages 8-12)                                               When a mysterious villain kid-
                                                          naps the family pet, three
Jesus told simple stories so every-
                                                          college-age friends quickly form a
one who heard them would
                                                          crack search team. Utilizing the
understand the message. Host Jim
                                                          latest in high-tech gadgets and a
Bergwall takes the seeds of these
                                                          computer-guided mobile head-
stories, digs into them and illustrates with hands-on
                                                          quarters this “case” finds the
teaching how “good fruit doesn’t just happen.” In
                                                          three heroes hunting down clues
“Seeds,” Jim explains that a seed can be dormant
                                                          and rubbing elbows with a cast of zany characters.
before the conditions are right for it to sprout and
                                                          In this episode, the three self-appointed secret
become the plant it was designed to be. In “Dirt,”
                                                          agents narrowly miss rescuing Sparky and then
Jim examines the various kinds of soil, bringing to
                                                          find a map that show exactly where the beloved
life Jesus’ Parable of the Sower. In “Fruits,” Jim
                                                          K9 can be found. But the team disregards the map
explains the Biblical principle of bearing fruit. Using
                                                          and instead embarks on the search using their
Scripture and hands-on teaching from a fruit-grower,
                                                          own ingenuity. When they come to several forks
Jim shows how good fruit is carefully tended, needs
                                                          in the road, they realize that everyone has a differ-
light and water and is pruned to make better fruit.
                                                          ent opinion about which direction to take. Viewers
This series is a useful tool for family devotions,
                                                          discover an amazing parallel between the Bible
Sunday school, VBS, or for anyone who wants a
                                                          and the map. 30 minutes.
deeper understanding of what it means to abide in
the True Vine. Three 28-minute programs (S).                               DRAMA DVD - #8426D, $14.99 $9.99
                            T DVD - #501241D, $19.99

24        After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                   Faith Builders for Tweens
Stephen’s Test of Faith                                    Agent Abbey
Here is a great program to help                            Abbey is a typical American
young people strengthen their faith.                       teenager who enjoys going to
12-year-old Stephen is ridiculed for                       church and having fun with her
his faith. He shares this humiliation                      friends. She has never heard about
with his parents at home. That                             Christians suffering for their faith
night Stephen takes a journey dur-                         in Christ. But when she travels
ing a dream, meeting Jesus,                                with her dad to China, Abbey
Stephen the martyr, William                                quickly becomes caught up in a
Tyndale, and others who dared to                           plot that involves her new Christian friends, a mys-
share their faith. Young Stephen’s view of the king-       terious secret agent, “illegal” Bibles, and the police!
dom and his definition of “Christian” are                  Desperate to undo the mess she causes, Abbey finds
revolutionized. He awakens and goes back to wit-           herself on a daring mission, and in the process
ness to his world, his faith strengthened. Free            mourns her own naiveté and vows to carry the mes-
downloadable PDF guide available. For ages 7-13.           sage of the persecuted church to Christians back in
22 minutes (EST, S, Pt, A, bios).                          America. Filmed on location in China and Taiwan,
          T  SG    DRAMA DVD - #4637D, $14.99 $9.99        this drama from Voice of the Martyrs reveals both
                                                           the harsh reality where 80% of the church is illegal
                                                           and the all-too-common ignorance of Christians in
Missing                                                    the free world. For ages 10 and up. 30 min. (EST, S).
Kevin hates living on the mission                                            T    DRAMA DVD - #500768D, $9.99
field. Mario is in a constant strug-
gle for survival on the streets of
manila. Rina is abducted with no                           Nikolai
hope of escape. When the three                             Nikolai is a Soviet teenager in the
cross paths, they find themselves                          early 1980s who has a painful
in an adventure they will never                            choice to make. If he compromises
forget. One that will change their                         his faith and turns in evidence on
lives forever. This exciting film is                       his father’s ministry, his education
for the whole family but is espe-                          will be guaranteed. But Nikolai is
cially suitable for junior high age viewers.               a believer, resolved to put Christ
49 minutes.                                                first. His agonizing dilemma will cause all who
                       DVD - #501332D, $14.99              watch to take a new and deeper look at the meaning
                                                           and cost of Christian commitment. 35 minutes.
                                                                                  DRAMA   DVD - #501186D, $9.99
The Last Chance Detectives                                 Appalachian Trial
This DVD set includes three                                A pleasant hike turns into an ordeal
episodes: “Mystery Lights at                               when Jeremy Crandall tempts his
Navajo Mesa,” “Legend of the                               brother and friends to disobey their
Desert Bigfoot,” and “Escape from                          parents and go past the end of the
Fire Lake.” These fast-paced                               marked trail. When the kids try to
adventures teach lessons in integri-                       retrace their steps, tempers flare
ty, courage, and personal faith in                         and hardships arise. As the dads
God. Three 50-minute episodes.                             search for their children, Mr. Crandall gains a new
   DRAMA DVD set - #38140D, $29.99                         understanding of what it means to walk by faith. For
                                                           ages 8-13. 83 minutes + extras.
                                                                                   DRAMA DVD - #66335D, $19.99
Youth Adventure Series Ages 8-13
The Intruder The Bartons’ comfortable suburban existence is thrown into chaos when
cousin Kevin comes to live with them. 58 minutes. DVD - #500791D, $9.99
The Rescuer Rachel (14), the Rescuer, is determined to bring to justice the culprits who
are stealing the eagles’ eggs, but when Cassie (9) becomes trapped on a treacherous cliff,
Rachel is faced with a decision that will change her life forever. 58 minutes.
DVD - #501112D, $9.99
The Outsider Matt is an American boy in a British school, trying to fit in. But one person
is equally determined to stop Matt from joining the circle of friends. This program gives
young people hope and encouragement to deal with trying times. 60 minutes. DVD - #501113D, $9.99
                                                   DRAMA    Buy 2 DVDs and get the 3rd FREE! DVD - #98464D

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           25
                              Resources for Teens
Sex, Love and Relationships                                 Sex as God’s Gift
with Pam Stenzel                                            Produced especially for 14 and
Today’s youth have not been                                 15 year olds, this series helps
told the whole truth about                                  teens think through decisions
sexual experimentation and                                  related to sex, challenging them
permissiveness. Teens love                                  to understand sex as a valuable
Pam Stenzel because she tells                               gift, not a recreational sport. Presented by Mary
it to them straight as she                                  Ronan, a registered nurse who has worked with
shows how the pervasive                                     teens for over 15 years. The complete curriculum
sexual permissiveness of our                                kit includes six 25-minute sessions, printed leader’s
culture is a deceptive trap. Pam discusses the phys-        guide, reproducible student worksheets, and a
ical, emotional, spiritual, and character                   book for parents: Raising Your Children in an
consequences of unwise choices. This is material            Ungodly World. DVD is also available without print-
every teenager needs to know. Curriculum kit                ed materials and includes a PDF of the guide and
includes printed leader’s guide and reproducible            handouts. SG
student handouts. DVD also available with curricu-           DVD curriculum + bonus - #500849D, $79.99 $59.99
lum in PDF. All DVDs include public school edition              DVD + PDF (no bonus) - #500843D, $49.99 $39.99
and abridged version (S).
           SG DVD curriculum kit - #4854D, $39.99
                   DVD with PDF - #500792D, $34.99          Sex & Love:
                                                            What’s a Teenager to Do?
             55-minute abridged version - #4855D, $14.99
                 Additional leader’s guide - #4285, $9.99   In this high-energy presentation,
                                                            Mary Beth Bonacci talks to teens
                                                            about the “do’s” of chastity.
Teen Relationships                                          Using Scripture and humorous,
                                                            down-to-earth examples from
& Sexual Pressure                                           teenage life, she shows that
                                                            chastity is more than just absti-
This program presents a biblical                            nence—chastity is active. It’s about loving in a
perspective on sex. It focuses not                          relationship the way that God intended.
only on the physical but also on                            60 minutes (includes public school edition).
the emotional and relational bene-
fits of living a pure life before                           DVD - #500893D, $19.99 NEW LOW PRICE! $14.99
marriage. Jason Evert and Ellen
Marie share real-life stories from                          Hard Questions,
teens. By following God´s design for sexuality, teens
realize they are developing healthy relationships and       Straight Answers
becoming fulfilled. This program helps teens under-         At a seminar for high school stu-
stand why chastity is beneficial and gives them tools       dents dealing with sex and
to live out this conviction. 65 minutes.                    relationships from a Christian
                                  DVD - #4856D, $19.99      perspective, Jason Evert talked to
                                                            the guys and Ellen Marie took
                                                            the girls aside for separate ses-
                                                            sions in which they could ask anything they
Outrageous Keith                                            wanted about sex. Not surprisingly, the questions
Deltano —LIVE!                                              were frank and direct. Neither Jason nor Ellen
                                                            Marie dodged any of the questions, but gave point-
Nothing in a teen’s life is more                            ed and meaningful answers from a biblical point of
serious than the decision to avoid                          view. Two 25-minute segments.
premarital sex. And no one pres-
ents that decision in a funnier yet                                                         DVD - #4857D, $19.99
more biblically based way than
Christian comedian Keith Deltano.                           Every Young Man’s Battle
With pure energy, slapstick, side-splitting punch lines,    This program incorporates hard-
and audience participation, Keith weaves biblical and       hitting truth and biblical
scientific evidence to confront youth with the harsh        principles into an informative
risks of premarital sex. He also presents the rich
                                                            program that will challenge
rewards we receive when we adhere to God’s plan of
                                                            young men to choose a life of
abstinence until marriage. This is a video every
teenager should see. It’s comedy with a message!            sexual purity. Based on the best-
74 minutes (DVD includes interview and bonus pro-           selling book by Steve Arterburn
gram, Making Virginity Possible).                           and Fred Stoeker. 58 minutes
                                  DVD - #4780D, $19.99      (extras).
                                                               DOCU-DRAMA   DVD - #6847D,$19.99

26            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                         Marriage and Parenting
For Bitter or for Better:                                     Cabin 6
Keys for a Great Marriage                                     Winner of the Gold Remi and Special
                                                              Jury Awards at WorldFest Houston
John Drescher, host of Your
Child 6 to 12 (below), returns                                Dan and Barbra Williams (Jim
with valuable insight for build-                              Burns and Perry Smith) head out
ing strong and fulfilling                                     of town for a weekend in the
marriages. Presenting the keys                                woods, an anniversary gift from
to an enduring home and dis-                                  their daughter. They’ve been mar-
cussing the levels of                                         ried for years, but the flame has gone out of their
communication in marital                                      marriage. Instead, lie bitter feelings of animosity
union, he shows how love can grow deeper. John’s              and plans for divorce.
presentation also covers finances and includes a dis-               When rain forces them both inside, their atten-
cussion on divorce. He helps couples think through            tion turns to an old journal filled with the
the possible long-term effects of divorce and gives the
                                                              memories of previous visitors. These entries take
warning signs of the various stages leading up to
                                                              Dan and Barbra on a journey of the heart. From the
divorce so that couples may detect problems early on.
Finally, John speaks to couples about their relation-         blissful passion of a newlywed couple to the
ship with God, the basis for all other relationships.         wounded heart of an elderly man, Dan and Barbra
The complete curriculum includes eight 25-minute              find that the love they lost needs only to be rekin-
programs with leader’s guide, reproducible student            dled. Recommended for married couples.
worksheets and John Drescher’s book, For the Love of          Widescreen, 25 minutes + extras.
Marriage.                                                                       T   DRAMA DVD - #501261D, $14.99
           SG DVD curriculum kit - #501040D, $39.99
   For the Love of Marriage book alone - #48168, $9.99        Also available is Somebody’s Daughter, a ground-
                                                              breaking program that confronts the darkness of
                                                              pornography. See the full description on page 31.
Your Child 6 to 12                                            62 minutes (EST).
This three-part series with best-selling                                          DVD/CD set - #501284D, $19.99
author John Drescher will help parents
appreciate the uniqueness of the pre-
teen years. He explains that this is the
best time to hold your child, instill val-
                                                              Parents of Teens:
ues, read to your child, and teach the                        Here’s What You Need to Know
facts of sex. John tells parents how to                       Jason Evert, M.A., and Ellen Marie,
build loving relationships with their chil-                   M.S., provide invaluable and practi-
dren by understanding and meeting their                       cal guidance for parents on how to
emotional needs. He examines the con-                         help their children through the try-
science and spiritual development of the                      ing teen years. Jason and Ellen
child. This material will help you form a                     emphasize the importance of moth-
stronger relationship with your child as he/she heads         ers and fathers vigorously passing
into the critical teen years. 112 minutes.                    on their values to teenagers. They
                             DVD & book - #4851D, $24.99      guide parents through the critical
                                DVD only - #4846D, $19.99     area of helping their teenagers grasp
                                  Book alone, #99329, $8.99   the fact that actions have consequences. They point the
                                                              way for teens to learn how to remove themselves from
                                                              problem situations by knowing in advance how they
Raising Your Children                                         will respond. The program provides six practical steps
in an Ungodly World                                           to follow that will strengthen parent/teen relationships
                                                              and help protect young people during the turbulent
Mary Ronan, a registered nurse
with a specialty in reproductive                              teen years. 87 minutes.
health, has worked with teens for                                    DVD - #4860D - $19.99 NEW LOW PRICE! $14.99
many years and has identified the
major issues facing young people
today: peer pressure, drugs, alcohol,                         Making Virginity Possible
and sex. In this program, she                                 Keith Deltano’s main mission is to reach
explores how the media and popular                            youth through comedy and Scripture (see
culture assault our youth, and offers                         page 26) but his ministry reaches adults as
parents guidance on how to talk to teens                      well. Here, Keith equips parents with the
and help them deal with these influences.                     tools they need to discuss sexuality openly
Parents find her sage and sometimes                           with their children and to help control the
                                                              content of sexual imagery coming into the
surprising counsel can be a life and
                                                              home. Includes book FREE! 45 minutes.
home saver. Includes 236-page book. 78 minutes.
                                                                                                  DVD - #501041D, $19.99
                       DVD & book - #501042D, $19.99
                               Book alone, #4535, $9.99       Making Virginity Possible BOOK
                                                              200 pages FREE with DVD!, #8811, $14.99

                     To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                27
Plain Talk about    NEW!                               Adventures in Retirement
                                                       Retirement! The thought of it can
Alzheimer’s Disease                                    fill you with dread-the feeling of        NEW!
This two-part program provides                         being past your ‘sell by’ date-of
an introduction to this progressive                    being left on the shelf, no longer
and incurable brain disorder.                          valued or needed. It may be a
Kimberly R. Kelly shares her                           time of major adjustment, to life
extensive knowledge about                              without a partner or with a long-
Alzheimer’s and Dementia, also                         term illness. But retirement can
discussing the differences                             also be a time to start a new life,
between them. She has a wonder-                        to fulfill long-held dreams. In this
ful ability to explain in simple and                   three-part series, we meet people who have dis-
understandable ways the effect                         covered that God has plans for their retirement
Alzheimer’s has on a person’s brain and behavior.      years and old age. Join hosts Margaret and
She also explains current drug therapies that are      Jeremy Collingwood as they introduce us to
being used to treat patients. Kim is the founder and   individuals who have done big things such as
executive director of Project Far from Home, an        starting a zoo farm and others who have done
Alzheimer’s education program for law enforcement      hidden things such as spending half a day in
and emergency personnel. She has received numer-       intercessory prayer. One has made a complete
ous awards for her work. Includes two parts:           life turn-around. Several have fulfilled ambi-
Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia (38 minutes) and      tions they now have time to accomplish. Find
Wandering (23 minutes).                                out how life can once again be challenging and
                    T    DOC DVD - #501295D, $24.99
                                                       full of purpose! Widescreen. Three segments,
                                                       28-35 minutes each.
                                                                             T DVD - #501338D, $19.99

A Vow to Cherish
Here is a deeply moving love
story of a couple who are faced
with devastating medical diagno-                       Growing Older
sis. As his wife, Ellen, slips away
into the grips of Alzheimer’s,                         Gracefully
John Brighton finds himself chal-                      Growing older is part of the dues
lenged beyond anything he could                        we all inevitably pay for the privi-
have imagined when he vowed                            lege of continuing as a guest on
his lifelong commitment and love to her so many        this earth. For some it represents
years before. A Vow to Cherish portrays the impor-     a dreaded burden. But it doesn’t
tance of living by godly principles in a world         have to be. Start early enough to
searching for answers. Starring Barbara Babcock,       prepare for it and growing older can be full
Ken Howard and Ossie Davis. 84 minutes (EST, S,        of satisfaction and new joys. In this engaging
SST, F, FST, Pt, Ru, G, M, extras).                    video conversation, Fred Smith shows how
                     DRAMA      DVD - #8194D, $19.99   this can be accomplished with easy to grasp,
                                                       practical steps and outlooks that can make a
                                                       big difference for you. Here is experience
                                                       you will treasure. It could even add years to
Embracing Aging                                        your life. For those getting close to their sen-
                                                       ior years, Fred’s guidance can help make
Getting older is inevitable. So                        every year fuller and fruitful. Most of it has
how can we make it the best it                         to do with how you look at things. It can
can be? Families and experts                           make all the difference. No, you are not who
share insights on aging, facing ill-                   you used to be. But Fred helps us to see who
ness, and cooperating as siblings                      we might become! Fred Smith is an experi-
in the care of aging parents.                          enced business executive, nationally
Residents of a cohousing commu-                        acclaimed speaker, senior editor of
nity for those over 55 offer                           Leadership Journal, noted mentor of many
attractive alternatives for the aging years. Bonus     young leaders, author, and a fun guy to be
content includes information on finances, driving,     around. Interviewer: Ken Curtis, President
assessing needs, choosing housing, cohousing and       of Gateway Films/Vision Video. 58 minutes.
the role of the church. Includes a discussion guide.
58 minutes (EST, SST).                                                        DVD - #501039D, $14.99
     T   DOC    DVD - #501267D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99

               Both Embracing Aging and Growing Older Gracefully for $29.99 #98325D — SAVE $5

28                           Order online and save at
Reflections for People with Cancer                                                        As a family physician for 38
                                                                                          years, caring for many per-
This series of meditations on The Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm with Dr. Ken
                                                                                          sons with cancer and other
Curtis, founder and president of Vision Video and Christian History Institute, is         serious diseases, I know that
based on a wholistic approach to coping with cancer. When he, himself, was                Reflections on Psalm 23
diagnosed with advanced cancer and given little hope for survival, he pursued a           will be a blessing to many as
combination of traditional and alternative medicine, undergirded by a strong              they face the uncertainty of
spiritual dimension and prayer support team. While made particularly for people           their disease.”
facing the crisis of cancer, the reflections are relevant for any health crisis, or for            - Stephen Price, MD
anyone wanting to apply the Lord’s Prayer or Psalm 23 to their lives.

You Don’t Have to be Afraid Anymore                        You Don’t Have to Feel Alone Anymore
Reflections on Psalm 23 for                                Reflections on The Lord’s
People with Cancer                                         Prayer for People with Cancer
For this video Curtis went to                              Join Ken on this journey into the
Israel, home of David, writer of the                       world of the Lord’s Prayer. Tap
Psalm, to be with the shepherds,                           into the riches of its words while
travel “through the valley of the                          visiting places important in the
shadow of death,” and explore and                          life of Jesus. The Lord’s Prayer is
enjoy the healing powers of the                            not just a way of praying; it’s a
green pastures and still waters.                           way of “seeing.” When the prayer
The resulting 13 meditations                               is grasped and uttered from the
(about eight min. each) provide a                          heart, it can — and will — change
                                        Winner of the
combination of candid personal       Freddie Award from    us. We realize that we are not alone, no matter how
experience of what it means to        the Int’l Health &   difficult or seemingly hopeless our situation. Even
battle cancer and some of the spir- Medical Media          in our pain, there can come a joy and a feeling of
itual resources available from this    Awards and the      rightness about our world.
time-honored Psalm. A PDF guide Platinum Remi                     A co-production of Vision Video with EO-TV
can be downloaded from our              Award at 2008      Holland, UCB-TV England and Nazareth Village,
website. A co-production of Vision Worldfest Houston       Israel. Winner of the Gold Remi award at
Video with EO-TV Holland, UCB- Int’l Film Festival.        WorldFest 2009. Ten 8-min. segments (EST, extras).
TV England and Nazareth Village                                   SG    T   DOC   DVD - #501260D, $19.99 $14.99
104 min. (EST).
        SG   T   DOC DVD - #501093D, $19.99 $14.99
                                                                 Both for only $29.99 $24.99, #98309D

                Many want to acquire quantities of the two Reflections series on this page.
                We offer quantity discounts if you plan to GIVE these away (not for resale).
     5-9 copies, $12.99 each • 10-24 copies, $9.99 each • 25-49 copies, $7.99 each • 50+ copies, $4.99 each

Cancer Stories                                                                                       NEW!
 These intimate, honest, and emotionally moving programs cover the experience of vari-
ous individuals as they fight their own life and death battle against cancer. The stories
are as varied as the people telling them. They include a NASA space engineer, a sports
champion, successful career men and woman, housewives, fathers, mothers and children
all battling various forms of cancer.
Cancer Stories is intended for anyone who has ever experienced the pain and challenge of
this ever-increasing scourge, either on a personal level or through a family member or
friend. These real, firsthand accounts reach the heart and, in spite of the difficult subject
area, offer comfort and encouragement! Cancer Stories approaches this dreaded disease
from both a personal and medical perspective leaving the viewer educated and well informed.
   Host of the programs is Nancy Myers, who herself has experienced cancer and approaches the subject
through a sensitivity born of her own experience. Join her and the many individuals the program visits as
they collectively “tour guide” us through the maze of cancer! Two segments, approximately one hour
                                                                             T    DOC DVD - #501311D, $19.99

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                29
                 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Shadow Voices:                                                                                 NEW!
Finding Hope in Mental                                   Come What May
Illness                                                  When does life really begin? If col-
                                                         lege student Caleb Hogan argues
Here is an inside look at what it is                     what he truly believes, he stands to
like to live with a mental illness,                      lose the most important competi-
and how individuals and their                            tion of his life—and the support of
families find their way through a                        his mother. If he softens his stance,
tangle of medical, governmental,                         he might win the coveted
societal and spiritual issues. Ten people with mental    title…but lose the heart of his
illness tell their stories, and many experts and advo-   teammate Rachel in the process.
cates in the field add helpful perspectives. A PDF       While his mother prepares for her high-profile abor-
discussion guide is included. 58 minutes + bonus         tion case before the Supreme Court, Caleb discovers
material (EST, SST).                                     the strength of the pro-life argument in preparation
    SG    DOC DVD - #500938D, $24.99 NOW! $19.99         for the National Moot Court Championship. In life-
                                                         and-death legal cases, can there truly be a winner?
                                                         This film is from Advent Film Group, who involved
                                                         a core group of 40 home-schooled students in all
                                                         aspects of the production. 93 minutes.
                                                                                 DRAMA DVD - #101399D, $14.99

“I Was Wrong.”
It all started with Norma
McCorvey in one of the most                              A Distant Thunder
famous court cases of all time—                          SPECIAL EDITION
Roe v. Wade. Norma went
seeking an abortion and ended                            This film was produced by
up helping to legalize it. As a                          professional Hollywood
result, she suffered a slow, emo-                        filmmakers for today’s culture.
tional decline accompanied by                            Ann Brown, a successful pro-
suicidal attempts. Ironically, she never had the         choice prosecutor, is asked to
abortion but instead chose adoption.                     take a complex case involving
       In 1977, 15-year-old Joyce Zounis also sought     partial birth abortion. She reluc-
an abortion for her unwanted “problem.” Six other        tantly agrees to take the case
children were aborted over the next eleven years.        which becomes a life-changing journey for her. This
Thirty years later, Joyce not only grieves her seven     fast-paced, sometimes graphic thriller will especial-
baby boys, but their children and possible future        ly interest today’s youth. Parental discretion
generations.                                             advised. This Special Edition includes original and
       Now both women share their gripping stories       edited versions, Spanish, commentaries, “The
to bring a powerful message of hope and forgive-         Making of” and other extras. 35 minutes + extras.
ness through Christ and a deeper understanding of                          T   DRAMA DVD - #500860D, $19.99
how they are convinced that abortion strikes at the
heart and soul of America. 30 minutes.                        Get A Distant Thunder, and I Was Wrong
                   T    DOC DVD - #501089D, $14.99                   for only $27.99 - #98413D

Turning the Tide: Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia
Have you ever thought about what our world would be like if doctors could influence
who lives and who dies?
     In this program, Catherine Frazee, Wesley Smith, Jean Echlin, Bobby Schindler
(brother of Terri Schiavo), Adrian Dieleman and Senator Sharon Carstairs bring a wealth
of personal experience and insight on the topic. They expose the oversimplification, flaws
and myths surrounding safeguards, pain management and suffering. Together they offer
tangible solutions as to what needs to be done to improve the quality of life for all con-
cerned and make a strong case that vulnerable people are directly threatened by
euthanasia and assisted suicide. Widescreen, 29 minutes + bonus features (“Fighting for
Our Lives,” “A Message on Living, Suffering and Dying,” and extended interview segments).
                                                                      T         DOC DVD - #501242D, $19.99

30        After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                                    Tough Issues
Black Oasis                                              Somebody’s Daughter
This drama gets to the heart of                          A journey from sexual
difficulties that many post-mod-                         addiction to freedom
ern teens are dealing with today:
peer pressure, cutting, suicide,                         More than half the men in the
and divorced parents. This is an                         United States admit they have
authentic, hard-hitting, yet com-                        used pornography. What was
passionate story of the forces                           once considered obscene is now
that pull at teenagers and their                         a multi-billion dollar industry,
families, and the conflicting choices confronting        increasingly accepted within
them. It is excellent to use in opening discussions      mainstream culture. The internet
with teens on the difficult issues they are facing.      with its accessibility, anonymity,         NEW!
Viewer discretion advised. Widescreen, 26 minutes        and affordability, has raised
(SST, PDF guide).                                        pornography addiction to epidemic levels, exploit-
                                                         ing men, women, and children. Pornography
              T   SG    DRAMA DVD - #500940D, $19.99
                                                         destroys intimacy, marriages, families, and our
                                                         understanding of sex and sexuality.
A Cry for Freedom                                           In Somebody’s Daughter, you meet four men who
                                                         could be your neighbors. They were looked up to
A Cry for Freedom takes an honest,                       by wives, children, and church folk. But porn was
sometimes startling, look at the                         secretly eating each of them alive, just like it’s
drug problem, asking questions                           affecting millions in our world. You will also meet
that our youth are asking. No                            a woman devastated by her husband’s use of porn.
longer are just the “down-and-out-                       The groundbreaking DVD/CD, Somebody’s
ers” caught on the dangerous and                         Daughter, confronts the darkness and lies of this
frequently deadly habit, but all                         alluring vice with compelling honesty. Interviews,
ages and all goups are affected. No one seems safe,      personal stories, songs, music videos, poetry, and
from athletic heroes to “the good kids” in our youth     readings combine to create a documentary
groups. This is the ideal film for examining this epi-   designed to help those struggling with pornogra-
demic. 39 minutes.                                       phy to break free and journey back to light and
                       DOC    DVD - #501325D, $14.99     dignity. 62 minutes (EST).
                                                                   T   DOC DVD/CD set - #501284D, $19.99
Billy Words: Straight Talk
At 27, Billy Schneider was trapped
in a world of cocaine and heroin.        NEW!
                                                         The Choice is Yours                      NEW!
In desperation he climbed to the top                      In the 1970s, David Berkowitz
of the George Washington Bridge,                         (“Son of Sam”) brought New York
some 450 feet above the Hudson                           City to its knees with his serial
River, and threatened to jump.                           murders. He is now serving six con-
That was the first step in Billy’s jour-                 secutive life sentences with no
ney to faith in Christ. Here, Billy                      chance of parole. He is in prison
tells his miraculous story, even as he                   today because of a series of wrong
struggles with cancer and AIDS,                          choices he made as a young man.
consequences of his past. You will be inspired and       This DVD features prison inter-
challenged by his testimony. 81 minutes.                 views with Berkowitz and interviews with young
                                                         adults who have also made bad choices. 32 minutes.
                               DVD - #501335D, $19.99
                                                                                       DVD - #501333D, $14.99
In the Wildflowers
In the Wildflowers, produced in association with Restoring the Heart Ministries, fol-
lows the real-life journeys of six courageous women who walk toward healing and
wholeness. This powerful tool was produced to be a resource to lead a group to a
place of healing from sexual abuse. It provides training and orientation on a process
of transformation and healthy self-identity. It also offers instruction on how to walk in
freedom by letting go of anger, how to cultivate forgiveness, how to understand God
as a Father, and much more.
      With 30 expert presenters such as Diane Langberg, Paul Meier, John Eldredge, and
many others, this series covers every aspect of sexual abuse from a Biblical perspective. Ten-part series. Each
session is approximately 30-40 minutes. Set includes a 35-page leader’s manual and 120-page participant
guide. Visit our website for full details.
                                                                             T DVD - #98266D, $299.99 $229.99
                               Extra leader’s guide, #98268, $19.99 • Extra participant’s guide, #98267, $19.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                         31
                           Overcoming Obstacles
Triumph in the   NEW!                                      Finding Hope in Recovery
Face of Mourning                                           Finding Hope in Recovery, as
                                                           aired on ABC network, gives
The Mayer family is busy prepar-                           insight into the difficult experi-
ing for a joyous event: the wedding                        ence of families dealing with
of their son Joey. But the elation                         addiction, while challenging the
and anticipation are shattered                             church to take a new look at
when daughters Krista (19), Nikki                          such families in their midst.
(17) and Jessica (12) — on their                           DVD bonuses include more in-
way to the bridal shower of Bree,                          depth interviews on issues of
their sister-in-law-to-be, just two days before the        family, treatment, the role of
wedding — are involved in a tragic accident that           faith, the reality of stigma,
claims their lives.                                        insurance parity, and the nature
    Meet the Mayer family and hear their firsthand                                            Winner of the
                                                           of addiction. Includes a discus-   Platinum Remi
account of how they found the faith and courage to         sion guide in PDF. 44 minutes
Triumph in the Face of Mourning. 30 minutes.                                                  Award at 2009
                                                           (EST, SST). T DOC                    WorldFest
                   DOC DVD - #501320D, $19.99 $14.99                  DVD - #501266D, $24.99     Houston

                                                           The Brooke Ellison Story
Sue Thomas:                                                Paralyzed from the neck down by
Breaking the Sound Barrier                                 a devastating car accident,
                                                           11-year-old Brooke and her family
Totally deaf at 18 months of age,
                                                           fight against all odds to help her
Sue was encouraged by her parents
                                                           live her dreams. Directed by the
to become part of the “hearing
                                                           late Christopher Reeve. 91 min.
world.” She became a state champi-
                                                           (Includes an interview with the
onship skater and classical pianist.
                                                           real-life Brooke Ellison and her
Later, she was hired by the FBI to
                                                           family). Parental discretion
do undercover surveillance using her lip-reading
                                                           advised (language).
ability, as dramatized in the TV series, “Sue Thomas:
F. B. Eye.” Then, filled with a desire to proclaim the                          DRAMA     DVD - #11061D, $14.99
love and forgiveness of God, Sue became a national
speaker and author. Here she shares her message
with a live audience. 60 minutes (EST).
                     DOC      DVD - #4702D, $14.99
                                                           The Gift of Hope:
                                                           Tony Melendez Story
              Audio CD - #4757, $7.99                      Tony Melendez may have been
              Buy both DVD and CD                          born without arms, but that hasn’t
              for only $19.99, #98318D                     stopped him from enjoying life to
                                                           the fullest. Today he is known
                                                           around the world for playing the
                                                           guitar with his feet. He has
Fanny Crosby                                               appeared on numerous television shows and
                                                           received many awards. His inspiring story will
This is the amazing biography of                           give hope to those in need. 45 minutes.
the blind hymn writer, Fanny
                                                                                   DOC DVD - #4858D, $19.99
Crosby. As the writer of more
than 10,000 hymns penned after
the age of 40, she is credited with
authoring more verse than any                              Behind the Glass Door...
other person in history. Blinded                           Hannah’s Story
shortly after birth, Fanny fulfilled                       This program traces the history of a family
the roles of wife, mother, friend, teacher, nurse to the   whose daughter, Hannah, has a form of
sick during the cholera epidemic, humanitarian to          autism. Follow the daily struggle of her
the poor, and friend of presidents. Widescreen,            development, her parents’ frustration in
46 minutes (EST, S, director’s commentary,                 dealing with her disability, and ultimately
out-takes).                                                the overwhelming support they receive.
                                                           You will be touched by the family’s love
                   T DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #4733D, $19.99
                                                           and committment that helps them survive. 53 min.
                                                                            DOC DVD - #4825D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

32            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                      Challenge • Inspiration
Witnesses                                                A Long Way Home
of Jehovah                                               Amid the splendor of breath-
                                                         taking scenery, relive the pain,
This film, produced by a former
                                                         anguish, and final victory as a
member of 22 years, provides
                                                         firstborn son — restless, bored and
revealing insights into the
                                                         yearning for a life in the fast lane
Jehovah’s Witnesses movement.
                                                         — leaves home for the big cities of
Well researched, it goes behind
                                                         Europe. Follow young Erik
the scenes, tracing the history of
                                                         through the journey of the Prodigal Son. Feel
the organization and the penetrating tactics used
                                                         the ultimate rejoicing when the wayward son
by this cult to maintain control over the lives of
                                                         turns home. A powerful Biblical story retold in
its 3.5 million members. 60 minutes.
                                                         a marvelous setting. 53 minutes.
                       DOC DVD - #98767D, $19.99
                                                            DRAMA DVD - #501324D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

Dark Valley                                              Jeremy’s Egg
Hundreds of feet below the earth,
                                                         This heartwarming drama, fea-
with a dwindling supply of fresh air,
                                                         tured on Focus on the Family,
three men face death together, and a
                                                         shows the depth of a little boy’s
long-suppressed bitterness explodes,
                                                         understanding of God’s love.
pitting father against son. As the
                                                         Jeremy, encumbered with physical
precious moments diminish, with
                                                         and mental disabilities, gave his
little hope of rescue, each man faces
                                                         entire class a new appreciation for
his own death differently. Superb acting set deep
                                                         the meaning of Easter. Inspired by Ida Mae
inside a coal mine in Southern Indiana provides a
                                                         Kempel’s award-winning, true short story,
sobering challenge for each of us to ponder how we
                                                         “What Was in Jeremy’s Egg?” 95 minutes.
will face death. Even more importantly, this black
and white classic will challenge you to re-examine                        T  DRAMA DVD - #4756D, $14.99
your priorities in life. 40 minutes.
                                C.S. Lewis through
                                DVD - #100143D, $12.99

Affectionately Yours, Screwtape the Shadowlands
                                                         Relive the journey of C. S. Lewis
Journey inside the mind of C.S.                          during the days prior to and after
Lewis in this review of The                              the cancer-related death of his wife
Screwtape Letters, a thin volume of                      Joy. This is the original award-win-
imaginative letters between two                          ning TV drama co-produced by the
devils. Explore the Biblical, histor-                    BBC and Gateway Films/Vision Video upon which
ical and cultural depictions of                          the feature film was based. Starring Joss Ackland and
Satan and hell and gain a deeper                         Claire Bloom. 73-minute and 90-minute versions.
understanding of the nature of
temptation and redemption.                                                     T    DRAMA DVD - #4813D, $19.99
Whether you’re a devoted C.S. Lewis fan or just          Both Affectionately Yours: Screwtape (at left) and
reading his work for the first time, you’re sure to      Through the Shadowlands for only $24.99, #98354D
develop a new appreciation for The Screwtape
Letters through this modern look at his timeless         Stretch and Pray
classic. 52 minutes + extras (EST).                      While in Thailand, Murray Finck
                   T    DOC DVD - #501167D, $19.99       discovered the benefits of daily
                                                         stretching and quiet prayer. After
Encounters with Angels                                   only one week, the chronic back
                                                         pain that had plagued him for
This program features many eye-                          twenty years disappeared. On a
witness reports of people who have                       spiritual level, the prayer poses
seen and heard angels. Their experi-                     deepened his prayer experiences.
ences are real and genuine and offer                     This DVD is a companion to
insight into the character of God as                     Murray D. Finck’s popular Stretch and Pray book,
He uses his angels to encourage and                      offered below. In this helpful DVD, Pastor Finck
protect. Mentioned in over 300 vers-                     guides you through forty gentle stretches, move-
es in the Bible, angels are still alive                  ments, and postures to improve physical and
today in the 21st century as they                        spiritual well-being.
continue the spiritual battle which will eventually                                  DOC DVD - #65307D, $14.99
reconcile man with God. 47 minutes.
                                                                             Stretch and Pray book - #65137, $12.99
                          DOC DVD - #501092D, $14.99                           DVD and book - #98461D, $24.99
                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                             33
                       The Bible as Authority
Discovering the Bible                                                     Winner of the Gold Award from Worldfest-
                                                                             Houston, the Chris Statuette from
This award-winning four-part series is a basic introduction to the Bible         Columbus Int’l, and more!
for those who have little or no background. It is also a stimulating
refresher for those who have long loved the Bible but never explored the
incredible story of where it actually came from and how it was passed on
to us. The flexible curriculum can be adapted to a four or eight-week pro-
gram. The complete curriculum kit includes four half-hour programs, a
genuine piece of papyrus from the Nile River, printed full-color compan-
ion overview, leader’s guide and reproducible student worksheets. The
DVD is also available without printed materials and includes PDFs of the
companion overview, leader’s guide, worksheets and inserts. Some high-
lights of the four programs include: 1. Getting Acquainted – looks at the
Bible as a book like none other; 2. The Old Testament – explores its develop-
ment and organization; 3. The New Testament – looks at why and how it was written; and
4. Survival, Spread and Influence – shows the Bible’s influence.
          Also available separately:
     32-page color guide - #4161, $1.49                 SG    DOC DVD curriculum kit - #500771D, $29.99
       Leader’s Guide - #4162, $7.00
     Student Workbook - #99770, $1.00                           DVD with PDFs - #500795D, $29.99 $24.99

How the Bible Came to Be                               Battle for the Bible
Two volumes on one disc provide                        From PBS Home Video, Battle for the
a wonderful way to begin a family                      Bible explores the dramatic, violent
or group study of the Bible. This                      and world-shaking story of the most
carefully documented presentation                      famous and widely-read book in his-
of the origins of Scripture is beau-                   tory — the English Bible. It’s the tale
tifully photographed in the Holy                       of the 15th and 16th centuries, when
Land. Volume One gives a graphic                       a group of men set out on a new cru-
overview of the Old Testament                          sade: bringing the Scriptures to people in their own
and how it came to be written.                         language for the very first time. In so doing, they
Volume Two gives a graphic overview of the New         would help launch a religious revolution that would
Testament and how it came to be written. Together,     ultimately change the course of history in England,
these two volumes answer numerous questions con-       America, and beyond. Widescreen, 60 minutes.
cerning the authenticity of Scripture. 55 minutes.
                                                                                DOC DVD - #700852D, $24.99
                         DOC DVD - #90309D, $14.99

Ten Commandments
This series presents many fascinating personal case studies where real-life experiences
engage the Ten Commandments in urgent and practical circumstances. It shows the Ten
Commandments not as repressive do’s and don’ts, but as a charter of liberty for a people
released from servitude. It does so in a way that communicates uniquely to people today
through firsthand contemporary experience. Hosted by composer, singer, and communi-
cator Adrian Snell. Ten 30-minute segments. DOC T
     Program 1: “Have No Other Gods but Me”              COMPLETE SET ON DVD!
     Program 2: “Do Not Bow Down to Anything”              (includes 3 sample lessons in PDF from guide
     Program 3: “Do Not Misuse My Name”                    and workbook) - #500819D, $59.99
     Program 4: “Keep the Sabbath”
     Program 5: “Honor Your Father and Mother”           112-pg. leader’s guide & 48-pg. workbook
     Program 6: “Do Not Kill”                            - #4395, $14.99
     Program 7: “Do Not Commit Adultery”                 Additional student workbooks, #4430:
     Program 8: “Do Not Steal”                           Qty. 1-4 — $5.99 each
     Program 9: “Do Not Lie”                             5 or more — $4.99 each
     Program 10: “Do Not Covet”

34                          Order online and save at
              Adventures Through the Bible
As It Was                                                      Walking the Bible
Here are four epic Bible stories                               This program, seen on PBS,
about faith in the time of Judges                              offers valuable insights into the
and Kings: Elijah, Ruth, Jephthah                              roots of the Biblical narrative. It
and Samson. Shot on location in                                presents one man’s epic jour-
Israel, each half-hour episode fea-                            ney—by foot, jeep, rowboat, and
tures the story of a famous Old                                camel—through the stories of
Testament hero by “interview-                                  the first five books of the Bible.
ing” the eye-witnesses of their                                In this contemporary Biblical pil-
lives. Watch these fascinating portraits with your             grimage, from crossing the Red
family or Sunday school class, discuss them with               Sea to climbing Mount Sinai, to
your small group or just sit back and enjoy the                considering the burning bush, Bruce Feiler’s
Bible as you have never seen it...”As It Was.” Each            inspiring odyssey will bring you back to the
DVD includes a free PDF study guide. (Dubbed in                world of the major Bible characters. 168 minutes
English or Spanish, or view in Hebrew with option-             (extras).
al English or Spanish subtitles). For ages 9 and up.                             DOC     DVD (2) - #40919D, $29.99
Widescreen, four 30-min. episodes (EST, S, SST, He).                      Single DVD (no extras) - #41309D, $19.99
                 SG DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #11104D, $24.99

Exploring Biblical Jordan                                      Galloping through
In this compelling video, Bible                                the Gospels
events leap dramatically to life as
                                                               Here is the new, extended version
host David Nunn explores the
                                                               of a fast-moving exploration of
incredible story of God’s unfolding
                                                               the major sites in the Gospels.
purposes. Follow the adventures
                                                               David Nunn, a captivating and
of Jacob as he wrestled with God by
                                                               inimitable host, follows the
the river Jabbock and Moses as he
                                                               Gospel drama chronologically,
led the great Exodus northwards
                                                               providing illuminating insights
from Aqaba. At Bethany beyond the
                                                               into the life of Jesus and the
Jordan, John baptized Jesus, where Jesus met his first
                                                               meaning of the world-changing events that took
disciples, and more. 50 minutes.
                                                               place at these locations. 43 minutes.
                          DOC DVD - #4845D, $19.99
                                                                                       DOC DVD - #4830D, $14.99

A major multi-year project—a practical video encounter with the Bible
From the same team that brought you Essential Bible Truth Treasury, this series is a magnifi-
cent aid to personal or group Bible study. Hosted by Pastor Richard Bewes and theologian
Paul Blackham, the Bible is explored one book at a time using the NIV. Internationally
renowned guest teachers provide insights.

NEW! Esther Six 15-minute segments with 80-page guide. DVD - #98173D / Add’l guide - #97514
NEW! 2 Corinthians Ten 15-minute segments with 144-page guide. DVD - #98172D / Add’l guide - #97516
Genesis Ten 18-minute segments with 72-page guide. DVD - #501006D / Add’l guide - #8503
Exodus Ten 18-minute segments with 64-page guide. DVD - #501005D / Add’l guide - #8504
Leviticus Ten 15-minute segments + 137-page guide in PDF on DVD. DVD - #501268D
Selected Psalms Six 15-minute programs with 58-page guide. DVD - #501003D / Add’l guide - #8510
Jonah Six 15-minute programs with 48-page guide. DVD - #501004D / Add’l guide - #8526
John Ten 15-minute programs with 112-page guide. DVD - #501000D / Add’l guide - #8507
Philippians Six 15-minute programs with 100-page guide. DVD - #501101D / Add’l guide - #97502
I, II Thessalonians Six 15-minute programs with 80-page guide. DVD - #500998D / Add’l guide - #85686
II Timothy Six 15-minute programs with 64-page guide. DVD - #501001D / Add’l guide - #85694
I Peter Six 15-minute programs with 48-page guide. DVD - #500999D / Add’l guide - #8527

SG    DOC DVDs, $24.99 ea. (includes guide) • 2 or more, $19.99 ea. • All 12 DVDs, $199.99, #98183D • Add’l guides $5.99 ea.

                      To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                   35
                        Unique Bible Resources
Tales from the Madhouse
A co-production of IA Production, BBC and Vision Video, this series brings the
Gospels to life in a way that sends viewers eagerly back to the Scriptural text. Set
inside the crumbling walls of a dilapidated Victorian sanatorium, eight mysterious
characters reveal their secret stories to the visiting camera. They are linked by one cru-
cial, unifying event in their lives: each of them has had an encounter with Jesus of
Nazareth but some turned away—an experience that has left an indelible mark. Here
we meet contemporary versions of familiar characters found in the Gospels: Barabbas,
a fellow prisoner of Jesus who was spared crucifixion; Judas Iscariot, who betrayed
Jesus; a servant girl, who meets Jesus the night before his death; the duty-bound cen-
turion, and others. The characters brushed with Jesus in some way but missed their moment. Now they
are haunted by the memory of what was and what might have been. Though we never see Jesus, the char-
acters reveal much about his personality, mission, and ministry. Many people are responding to this video
who have long turned a deaf ear to the more traditional methods of proclaiming Christian truth. (EST, bios,
and PDF guide).
Eight 14-minute programs:                                 (5) “The Servant Girl,” starring Helen Baxendale
(1) “Pilate’s Wife,” starring Claire Bloom                (6) “Barabbas,” starring Joss Ackland
(2) “The Rich Man,” starring Peter France                 (7) “The Centurion,” starring James Cosmo
(3) “The Best Friend,” starring Tony Robinson             (8) “The Thief,” starring Jonathan Pryce
(4) “The Mourner,” starring Eileen Atkins
                                                SG  DRAMA   T DVD (with PDF guide) - #4684D, $24.99 $19.99
                                                 Additional 94-page printed study guide - #4434PAMPH, $4.99

The Exodus Decoded                                        The Exodus Revealed
This historical detective story                           More than 3,000 years have passed
uncovers, among other archaeologi-                        since Moses led the Israelites
cal artifacts, a hieroglyphic                             across the Red Sea and out of the
inscription that tells the story of the                   bondage of Egypt. The Exodus
Exodus from Pharaoh’s point of                            Revealed follows the footsteps of
view. It tracks down the real Mt.                         the children of Israel on an unfor-
Sinai and reveals a 3,500-year-old                        gettable journey of discovery. A
gold image of the lost Ark of the                         journey that reveals physical evi-
Covenant. By synchronizing histor-                        dence for the Exodus, including
ical and geological events, the program also exposes      the remains of 3,800-year-old Hebrew settle-
a possible underlying science of the Biblical mira-       ments in Egypt’s Nile Delta, Egyptian records of
cles. Shot in six countries and set in a breathtaking     the Israelites’ bondage under Pharaoh, the route
3D computer graphic environment, the film is a            they may have followed to freedom, their cross-
visual feast that is challenging to the mind and          ing site on shore of the Red Sea, and the location
uplifting to the spirit. 95 minutes (extras).             of Mt. Sinai. 60 minutes (extras).
                          DOC DVD - #63984D, $18.99                              DOC DVD - #3214D, $14.99

Faith Lessons
(Formerly That the World May Know)
Host Ray Vander Laan (a teacher and historian) reveals the Bible’s intriguing
historical context and its significance to modern believers. Volume #3 explores the sim-
plicity of Jesus’ parables and the events of Jesus’ day that impacted His life and
#1 The Promised Land, 110 min. DVD - #30045D
#2 Prophets & Kings, 134 min. DVD - #30046D
#3 The Life & Ministry of the Messiah, 155 min. DVD - #30047D
#4 Death & Resurrection of the Messiah, 194 min. DVD - #30048D
#5 The Early Church, 130 min. DVD - #30049D
#6 In the Dust of the Rabbi, 120 min. DVD - #30253D
#7 Walk Like Jesus Walked, DVD - #30255D
NEW! #8 God Heard Their Cry, DVD - #29120D
                                                              DOC DVD - $39.99 each
                                                             Two or more - $29.99 each

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                       Investigating the Bible
Enigma of the                                            The Fall of Jericho
Dead Sea Scrolls                                         The fall of Jericho is a well-known
                                                         story, fascinating children and
An examination of key issues                             adults alike. But what really hap-
related to the Dead Sea Scrolls,                         pened there thousands of years
widely regarded as the most sig-                         ago? Did God work a miracle to
nificant archaeological discovery                        bring down the walls of Jericho as
of the twentieth century. Much                           the Bible says? Or can natural
mystery and intrigue remains,                            causes sufficiently explain the city’s demise? The Fall
and scholars and administrators have fought over         of Jericho explores what happened as Joshua and the
access to the materials. This program investigates       Israelites experienced one of the Bible’s greatest mili-
the scrolls, the controversies, the key players, and     tary victories. Interviews with Dr. Bryant Wood, who
the contributions to our understanding of the            has done extensive research on the history of
ancient world and the Bible. 50 minutes.                 excavations at Jericho, and Bible scholar Dr.
       DOC DVD - #501045D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99            Frederick Baltz, shed new light on the truths found
                                                         in Scripture about this miraculous event. 30 minutes
                                                         (EST, extras).
                                                                 T    DOC DVD - #501299D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

The Search
for the Real Mt. Sinai                                   The Seven Churches
Biblical explorer Bob Cornuke                            of Revelation Rediscovered
and his friend Larry Williams                            Host David Nunn takes us to
take an incredible expedition into                       Turkey for a firsthand visit to the
Saudi Arabia and turn up what                            seven cities to which the mes-
many scholars believe to be one                          sages of the Risen Christ were
of the greatest discoveries in his-                      addressed in Revelation 2-3.
tory...the real Mount Sinai. This                        Their significance is explained in
video tells their amazing story of                       detail, and viewers will gain
avoiding detection at borders,                           many insights from David’s
crawling into forbidden military                         enthusiastic commentary.
installations, and using night vision goggles to avoid   40 minutes.
being detected as they pursued their mission.
                                                          T   DOC DVD - #4792D, $19.99
46 minutes.
           DOC DVD - #50103D, $22.99 SALE! $19.99

                                                         All About Jesus
                                                         Includes two of the most com-
                                                         pelling presentations ever
                                                         produced about the life and influ-
                                                         ence of Jesus, on one DVD:
Babylon:                                                 Who Is This Jesus? — An inspir-
Past, Present, and Future                                ing documentary from Coral
Bible history and prophecy depict                        Ridge Ministries, enriched with
Babylon as a social, economic and                        scenes from the dramatic mini-series A.D. Features
religious power. The Bible por-                          interview segments with NASA engineers, theolo-
trays Babylon as a woman riding a                        gians and others. (50 minutes).
7-headed, 10-horned beast
described as “Mystery, Babylon                           What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? — A land-
the great, the mother of prostitutes                     mark production that sets the record straight on the
and of the abominations of the earth.” (Revelation       issue of Christ’s true impact on history. Excellent for
17:5). Babylon has fascinated countless people over      Christians and non-Christians alike. Based on the
the centuries, but its story is an important one for     best-selling book of the same title, this compelling
Christians living today. Discover the common thread      documentary is a detailed exploration of how the
that weaves Babylon past and future with Babylon         birth of Jesus Christ has positively impacted nearly
present. Explore Babylon—one of the most fascinating     every aspect of human life as we know it today.
mysteries of the Bible. 80 minutes (EST).                Hosted by Dr. D. James Kennedy and features com-
                                                         mentary from scientists, historians, philosophers,
                    T    DOC DVD - #500875D, $19.99
                                                         theologians, broadcasters, and others. (48 minutes).
                                                                                       DVD - #124659D, $24.99
                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                          37
                              The Old Testament
 The Tabernacle                                         The Sanctuary NEW!
 Here is an intriguing walk                             See the Sanctuary as never before
 through the ancient Tabernacle.                        with this Double Disk Special
 This meeting place between sinful                      Teachers Edition. Everything
 man and Holy God is seen in                            you’ll ever need to teach this fas-
 stunning 3-D computer-generated                        cinating subject is now in your
 detail. Hard-to-visualize Scripture                    hand! The Double Disk Edition
 passages come to life in this                          includes: A 17-minute instruction-
 award-winning video. 28 minutes (EST, G,               al DVD using the animation and special effects.
 excerpts of workbook in PDF).                          Enter the Sanctuary with the High Priest and dis-
                 DOC DVD - #4791D, $19.99 $14.99        cover its mystery and beauty! Royalty-free
                                                        Sanctuary photos, 3D Sanctuary graphics, and
 Tabernacle Student Workbook – A 53-page workbook       animations suitable for web or your own DVD
 to supplement the program above. Includes questions,   productions, and more!
 Scripture references, application, and additional                              T DVD - #501337D, $19.99
 thoughts. #4521, $14.99

 Tabernacle Model Kit                                   Herod’s Temple:
                                                        The Temple Jesus Knew
 Now your family or class can
 enjoy assembling a model of                            See the Temple the way Jesus and
 the Tabernacle while                                   his disciples did over 2,000 years
 studying its                                           ago. Through the use of beautiful
 fascinating history                                    animation, the Temple is recon-
 and detail. When                                       structed and we are brought
 completed, it is a 90:1                                within its precincts to identify
 scaled model of the Tabernacle                         with the experience of those living in Jesus’ day.
 described in the book of Exodus. Sturdy and            We also are confronted with the horror of the
 durable, this is an excellent resource to use in       fiery destruction of the Temple by the Romans in
 conjunction with the DVD and workbook above.           A.D. 70. 30 minutes plus extras.
                                      #98880, $59.99                      T   DOC DVD - #501170D, $19.99

 Tabernacle 3-D Puzzle                                  Solomon’s Temple
                                                        This program gives a basic intro-
 This 119-piece 3-D puzzle is a detailed 100:1
                                                        duction to the colossal
 scaled model of the Tabernacle, as described in
                                                        achievement of Solomon’s
 the book of Exodus. It is a wonderful resource
                                                        Temple and details its design,
 to use in the home as well
                                                        construction, meaning for Israel,
 as for Sunday school,
                                                        and what went on there and why.
 small groups, VBS, and
                                                        The Temple was destroyed in 586
 Christian schools.
                                                        B.C., but through the use of mod-
                                                        ern computer graphics, the Temple is reconstructed
 for ages 9 and up.
                                                        visually to give you an experience of its beauty and
                    #26012, $19.99                      grandeur. 26 minutes.
                                                                                 DOC DVD - #4853D, $14.99

                                All 4 DVDs above - #98182D, $39.99
                All 7 items (4 DVDs, workbook, model & puzzle) #98181D, $99.99

Story of Jacob and Joseph                               Story of David
Alan Bates narrates these two                           Timothy Bottoms and Jane Seymour
impressively told stories. The first                    lead a talented cast in this two-part
tells the story of Jacob and Esau as                    story of the life of King David. It
they fight over their birthright. The                   begins with his legendary battle
second tells the story of Joseph, who                   with the giant Goliath, and ends
is sold into slavery by his brothers.                   with his romance with Bathsheba
Starring Colleen Dewhurst, Herschel                     and the struggle to preserve Israel.
Bernardi, Harry Andrews and Julian                      The story of David is a legendary saga of a man
Glover. Rated PG. 104 minutes (EST,                     after God’s own heart. A PDF guide is available.
SST, FST, PtST, MST, and KST).                          191 minutes (EST, FST).
                               DVD - #24497D, $14.99               DRAMA DVD - #27199D, $19.99 $14.99

38                           Order online and save at
                                   Biblical Drama
  THE TNT BIBLE                            Moses Moses is awe-struck when God calls him from the burning bush
                                           to guide the Israelites out of bondage. The reluctant leader and his flock
  COLLECTION                               begin the treacherous journey to the Promised Land. Pharaoh, with his
                                           brutal army, traps the Israelites by the Red Sea. Yet the Israelites are
                                           God’s chosen people, and the waters part, allowing their safe passage.
                                           182 minutes (S, SST, FST). DVD - #6896D
                                           David David became a nationally known hero while still a teenager in
                                           his battle with the giant Goliath. Never far from danger, political
                                           intrigue, the jealousy of opponents, and the problems caused by his own
                                           surging passions, David, nevertheless, emerged as a “man after God’s
                                           own heart.” 185 minutes (S, SST, FST). DVD - #68932D

Abraham 150 minutes (S, SST, FST). DVD - #6892D                         Genesis 93 min. (SST). DVD - #7459D
Jacob 94 minutes (S, SST, FST). DVD - #6894D                            Esther 91 min. (SST). DVD - #7455D
Joseph 185 minutes (S, SST, FST). DVD - #6895D                          Solomon 172 min. (SST). DVD - #7453D
Samson and Delilah 200 min. (S, SST, FST). DVD - #68972D                Jeremiah 96 min. (SST). DVD - #7457D
Get these four, Moses and David on DVD for $59.99, #68982D              Apocalypse 97 min. DVD - #81728D, $14.99
                                                                        Paul the Apostle 180 min.
    DRAMADVD - $19.99 each (except as noted)                                                   DVD - #81729D, $14.99
     Complete set on DVD for $99.99, #98611D                                  Get these 6 for $49.99, #650339D

                         THE VISUAL BIBLE
                         The Gospel of John The Gospel of John vividly comes to life in a faithful and pow-
                         erful dramatization of the Biblical text. The Gospel of John meticulously re-creates the
                         era of Jesus during a tumultuous period that changed the course of history. Starring
                         Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus and narrated by Christopher Plummer, The Gospel of John
                         is word for word, based on the American Bible Society’s Good News Bible. 3 hours.
                                                                                         DVD - #100025D, $12.99
                                                           (Deluxe version with extras) DVD - #98802D, $24.99
                         Matthew The year is about A.D. 62, and the aging Apostle Matthew recalls the
                         remarkable events he witnessed as a young man. Starring Richard Kiley, Bruce
                         Marchiano, Matthew Roberts, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Joanna Weinberg, David
                         Minnaar, and Pippa Duffy. Text in NIV. Approximately 4 1/2 hours (S).
                                                                                      DVD - #7104D, $19.99
                         Acts Journey with the physician Luke (Dean Jones) as he tells the enthralling story
                         of danger, struggle and triumph that marks the birth of the Christian church. Also
                         stars Henry O. Arnold, Jennifer O’Neill, Francesco Quinn, Bruce Marchiano and
                         James Brolin. Text in NIV. Approximately 3 hours.
                                                                                 DRAMA DVD - #0339D, $19.99
                                All three DVDs for $39.99, #98398D (includes regular version of John)

                            BIBLICAL STAGE PERFORMANCES
Genesis                                       Mark’s Gospel                         Witnesses
In the beginning, dark-                       One of the great sto-                 This dramatic video
ness is upon the stage                        rytellers of our time                 features award-win-
and a voice declares,                         presents a compelling                 ning actor/writer Curt
“Let there be light.” The                     video version of                      Cloninger portraying
light reveals a solitary                      Mark’s Gospel. Max                    eight diverse charac-
actor who speaks a nar-                       McLean’s powerful                     ters — real and
rative as ancient as time,                    stage performance                     imagined — who knew Jesus. The
as powerful as tomorrow’s news head-          takes you inside the                  characters, portrayed in contempo-
lines. Genesis is an eloquent                 story of Jesus so you can experi-     rary language and dress, include a
word-for-word retelling from the first        ence the events and characters that   “Bronx accented” Abe, who hilarious-
book of the Bible. Max McLean’s stage         have inspired so many people.         ly describes a party Jesus attended;
performance takes you on an extraordi-        Recorded live. 101 minutes.           and “Italian” Lazarus, who describes
nary journey. 115 min.                                      DVD - #4760D, $14.99    Jesus calling him from the grave; and
                    DVD - #4761D, $14.99                                            Barabbas, who describes his reaction
                                                                                    to Jesus’ crucifixion. 58 minutes.
            Both Genesis and Mark’s Gospel DVD - #98814D, $24.99                                   DVD - #501326D, $14.99

                     To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                 39
                              The Life of Christ
                                             Winner of the Gold Award at
Jesus, the New Way                           WorldFest Flagstaff and the Chris
                                             Statuette at the Columbus Int’l
With N.T. (Tom) Wright                       Film and Video Festival

This multiple award winner is our most popular study series introducing
Jesus—who He is and why He came. Noted British scholar, Dr. Tom Wright,
uncovers fascinating backgrounds from the first-century world of Jesus and
shows how He was indeed a “new way,” both then and now. Wright’s acclaimed
scholarship is delivered in a winsome and understandable way, showing how Jesus is the fulfill-
ment of Israel’s ancient hopes and humanity’s deepest dreams. You will see Jesus as you have never
seen Him before, in the context of His Jewish and Roman world. You will find explosive new mean-
ing in His familiar words and deeds as Wright unfolds His incomparable life and shows how Jesus
remains an unavoidable challenge to our world and to our way of thinking. The six programs are
(1) Getting the Kingdom Started, (2) Startling Surprises, (3) Longing for a King, (4) Why Did Jesus Die?,
(5) Who Was Jesus? and (6) The New Claim. The complete curriculum kit includes six half-hour video
programs with a printed comprehensive leader’s
guide, reproducible student worksheets, and pro-            SG DOC      DVD Curr. Kit - #500810D, $79.99 $59.99
gram scripts. The DVD is also available without                               DVD with PDFs - #500811D, $49.99
printed materials and includes PDFs of the leader’s                      Additional leader’s guide - #4287, $9.99
guide, worksheets, and scripts. 160 minutes total.                           Additional workbook - #99503, $1.00

People Who Met Jesus I                                    People Who Met Jesus II
Here are eight short narrated                             Here are narrated stories of eight
stories about people to whom                              people who met Jesus. Three of
Jesus ministered: Simon Peter,                            them became His disciples, and
Matthew, the centurion, the                               five of them rejected Him, but all
woman at the well, the noble-                             of them were impacted by His
man, Jairus, the rich young ruler                         life and message. They are very
and Nicodemus. See the way He                             different personalities and each
related to these people from                              one has something to teach us:
such diverse backgrounds. A                               Zacchaeus, The Man Born Blind,
free downloadable PDF guide is                            Annas the Priest, Caiaphas,
available which presents a more in-depth under-           Judas Iscariot, Herod Antipas,
standing of supporting Scripture for each dramatic        Pontius Pilate, and Joseph of Arimathea.
story. This is a wonderful resource for Bible study,      Understand the events leading up to the death
small groups and Sunday school. 58 minutes.               and resurrection of Christ through the eyes of the
                SG  DRAMA   T DVD - #4653D, $19.99        people involved. Free downloadable PDF guide
                                                          available. 50 minutes.
                                                                         SG DRAMA DVD - #500763D, $19.99
Parables of Jesus
Here are seven short narrated
dramas portraying the parables of
Jesus, hosted by Christopher
                                                          The Path of Jesus
Gornold-Smith. See the Bible                              In these seven short narrated
come alive, understand the cus-                           dramas, you will see the Bible
toms and culture behind the                               come to life. Follow the path of
parables, and feel the impact of                          Jesus from Bethlehem to
Jesus’ message. See the parables                          Golgotha and beyond, and see
of the Good Samaritan, The                                revealing moments in His life
Unmerciful Servant, Treasure and                          and ministry. The seven stories
the Pearl, The Lost Son, The Midnight Visitor, The        are: The Christmas Story, The
Dinner, and The Manager. A wonderful resource for         Temptation, Jesus and the
Bible study, small groups, and Sunday school. Free        Pharisees, The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, The
PDF guide on website. 58 minutes.                         Decision, The Absent King, and The New Covenant.
                                                          You will also see three of the parables which show
                SG DRAMA DVD - #500867D, $19.99
                                                          the values Jesus brought to his mission and to his
                                                          disciples. A free PDF guide can be downloaded
 Buy The People Who Met Jesus I&II,                       from our website. 66 minutes + extras (photo
  The Path of Jesus and Parables of                       gallery, director’s comments, Roman recipes).
      Jesus for $49.99, #98397D                                        SG    DRAMA T DVD - #501208D, $19.99

40            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                              The Life of Christ
Yeshua / Jesus                                           Jesus of Nazareth
The Jewish atmosphere in which
                                                         Jesus of Nazareth is a unique film
Jesus grew up and carried out his
                                                         depicting the life of Christ, from
ministry is explored in this fascinat-
                                                         his birth to his resurrection.
ing two-part video. Journalist Peter
                                                         Franco Zeffirelli’s production is
Darg and producer Marc Villiger
                                                         acclaimed for its thorough Biblical
journey to Israel, exploring the
                                                         and historical research. Starring
Jewish origins of Christianity and
                                                         Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey,
Jesus’ message. An excellent study on the character,
                                                         Lawrence Olivier, James Mason,
background and personality of Jesus. 85 minutes.
                                                         Anthony Quinn, and many more.
                        DOC DVD - #500814D, $14.99       371 minutes (extras).
                                                                                 DVD (2 discs) - #10166D, $24.99
Jesus                                                                 DRAMA

                                                         62-page study guide for a 12-week study on the life of Christ
This program, popularly known                            that parallels the program, #99755, $19.99
as the “Jesus” film, is heralded for
its authenticity and attention to                        Advent Curriculum for the Jesus of
detail. Taken directly from the                          Nazareth series
Gospel of Luke, Jesus was filmed
                                                         Four-week curriculum to supplement the Jesus of Nazareth
on location in Israel with a cast of                     series. Perfect for Advent services. #99541
more than 5,000. Languages: S, F,
Pt, A, J, M, K. Extras: director’s notes, bios, maps,    Discipleship Curriculum, #99471 • Lenten Curriculum, #9996
historical and cultural background. 120 minutes.         $19.99 each / Buy 2 and get the 3rd FREE! #99189
                         DRAMA DVD - #99450D, $19.99

The Last Supper                                          The Passion of the Christ
The Lord’s Supper will take on                           One of the most notable films in
deeper meaning as you absorb                             recent history: Here is Mel
this extensive program filmed                            Gibson’s powerful drama of the
and dramatized entirely at                               last twelve hours of Christ’s life on
authentic locations in the Holy                          earth, as seen in theaters world-
Land and the Middle East. It                             wide in Spring of 2004.
emphasizes both Christian tradi-                         (Rated R for sequences of scourg-
tion and Jewish roots and examines the recipes of        ing and violence.) Spoken in
the Biblical courses served at the Supper: bread,        Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew.
salads, herbs, lamb, fruit, etc. Includes recipe book-   127 minutes. (Widescreen, EST).
let in PDF. 60 minutes (S).
                                                                                   DRAMA DVD - #6366D, $19.99
                          DOC DVD - #4811D, $19.99
                                                                               Study Guide, #98732 - $4.99 each
                                                                                           10 or more $3.99 each
How Jesus Died:                                                                        Blu-ray - #56581H, $29.99

The Final 18 Hours
The first ever video production
presenting the comprehensive
medical, forensic and historical
                                                         Journeying with Jesus
facts of the crucifixion of Jesus                        This brand-new production
Christ. This video captures                              sweeps us inexorably through the
details of the last few hours lead-                      ‘greatest story ever told,’ from
ing up to Jesus’ death on the                            Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem to His
cross. 35 minutes (S).                                   triumphant ascension on the
                          DOC DVD - #66470D, $19.99      Mount of Olives. David Nunn’s
                                                         enthusiastic presentation never
                                                         tires as he features the latest
Where Jesus Walked                                       archaeological discoveries and
Beautifully photographed, with Scriptural                the insights they provide. This
narrative and original music, this visual                film is an inspiration and education for all ages. It
account of Jesus’ life takes on a deeper
spiritual meaning for those who see the
                                                         enables one to ‘walk with Jesus’ in the company of
sacred places where Jesus’ teachings, mira-              His disciples. Widescreen, 56 minutes.
cles, passion, death, resurrection and ascension                                DOC DVD - #501288D, $19.99
took place. 60 minutes.
                       DOC DVD - #5909D, $14.99

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                               41
                                 The Apostle Paul
The Lives of the Apostles                                   Peter and Paul
Paul and Peter                                              This Emmy Award-winning pro-
Two programs on one DVD!                                    duction, starring Anthony
                                                            Hopkins and Robert Foxworth,
Join noted public television host                           captures the vitality, intensity,
Rick Steves on a journey to                                 and humanity of two who were
Turkey, Greece and Jerusalem. In                            entrusted by Christ to carry the
these two programs you will                                 Gospel into all the world. Based
learn more about the Apostle                                on the Scriptures by and about
Paul, the foremost theologian and                           Peter and Paul, this video shows how they were
missionary of the early Church,                             driven by a heavenly vision for a different kind of
and follow the story of the Apostle Peter, from his         world. They paid a horrendous price for their
early days as a fisherman to the tumultuous events          devotion—Peter crucified and Paul beheaded—but
surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. Two seg-         their ministries transcended the cruelty of their
ments, 69 minutes total (EST).                              enemies to become important pillars of the
                T      DOC DVD - #501274D, $19.99           Christian Church. 194 minutes (S, EST, actors’ bios).
                                                                                T    DRAMA   DVD - #4628D, $19.99
Paul in Greece                                                              112-page Teacher’s Guide includes
This captivating program explores                                           preparation material and reproducible
the route of Paul’s second mission-                                         student worksheets for 13 sessions.
ary journey. Host David Nunn                                                                            #4185, $19.99
takes us on a visit to Neapolis,                                            Both DVD and guide for $29.99, #98409D
Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea,
Meteora, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus
and Jerusalem. We see the original
locations where the dramatic
events of the Book of Acts took place. David unfolds
                                                            The Story of Paul
the impact of Paul’s message of the risen Savior upon       the Apostle
those communities as we visualize the historical con-
                                                            He was originally a powerful and
text of the Bible, making it a valuable learning resource
                                                            implacable enemy of Jesus, deter-
for group or individual study. 41 minutes.
                                                            mined to stop the spread of
                           DOC DVD - #4849D, $14.99         Christ’s message. His dramatic
                                                            conversion changed the course of
                                                            history. This program from The
        Buy any 3 on this page,                             History Channel explores the life and legacy of the
                                                            greatest missionary of the early church. Theologians
        get the 4th - of equal or                           reflect on the importance of his upbringing to his
          lesser value - FREE!                              success in spreading the Word, and an in-depth
                                                            analysis of his writings shed light on the origins of
                                                            Christianity and the man who helped ensure its sur-
Paul the Emissary                                           vival. 70 minutes.
                                                                                       DOC DVD - #4657D, $19.99
This acclaimed drama on the life
of the apostle Paul, filmed in
high definition for use in virtual
reality theaters, provides an                               Apostle Paul and the
authentic feel for the world in
which Paul lived and the opposi-
                                                            Earliest Churches
tion that he continually faced.                             This illuminating production fol-
But more importantly, the pro-                              lows Paul’s missionary journeys
gram brings us inside the energy and outlook of             on Anatolian soil (modern
this incredible apostle as we experience his turbu-         Turkey). It presents a diverse treas-
lent emotion, unwavering convictions and vision             ury of mosaics, frescoes, statues,
for a new kind of world under the Lordship of               amphitheaters, agoras, temples,
Christ. This film helps us grasp how Paul made an           and more. The historical, religious,
impact on the world like none other since. Free             and archaeological background of
downloadable PDF guide available. Widescreen,               each region in which Paul preached the Gospel is
54 minutes (EST, S, Pt, Ru, A, He, bios, questions,         shown. The film is enhanced by 3D animated maps
bonus feature: “I, Paul”).                                  and footage of cities important to Paul’s ministry.
T SG DRAMA DVD - #4636D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99
                                                            48 minutes (A, T with PDF study guide).
                                                                 SG   DOC   DVD - #4841D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

42        After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                             The Early Church
From Christ to Constantine: The Trial
and Testimony of the Early Church
First released in 1999, this series continues to be a    Highlights from the
small group and curriculum favorite. The first three     six programs:
centuries were decisive for Christianity. The very
                                                         1. Foundations How
existence of the church was threatened by powerful
                                                            did it all begin, and
opponents who wanted to destroy it. These pro-
                                                            what happened to the twelve apostles?
grams, shot on location, use dramatic re-creations to
                                                         2. Spread The Word was for all. How did they
bring you close to the lives of the early believers. A
                                                            bring their message to the world?
great attendance builder, this series has proven to be
                                                         3. Accusations Believers were subject to many
especially popular for small groups, Bible studies,
                                                            charges, some outrageously false and others
and Sunday school. The support material is
                                                            true. How did they answer them?
designed so that lay people can lead a group effec-
                                                         4. Persecutions The mightiest empire in history
tively and comfortably in six or twelve sessions.
                                                            outlawed and persecuted the believers. What
      The complete curriculum kit on DVD includes
                                                            happened and why?
six half-hour programs with printed leader’s guide,
                                                         5. Testimony A close-up look at heroes who would
reproducible student worksheets, scripts and a color
                                                            pay with their lives rather than deny their faith.
companion book. The DVD is also available with
                                                         6. Transition Constantine granted the church legali-
PDFs of the leader’s guide, student worksheets, and
                                                            ty and favor. Was this a bane or blessing? Why
scripts. SG DOC
                                                            did the church succeed?
      DVD, printed guides - #500822D, $79.99 $59.99
                                                         Also available, Christian History Magazine on the
           DVD with PDFs - #500823D, $59.99 $49.99         Early Church, $5.00 - #98176

From the producers of Jesus of
                                                         The Story of the
Nazareth, A.D. vividly recreates the                     Twelve Apostles
turbulent years following the death                      This History Channel special pro-
of Christ. The earliest experiences                      vides a revealing look at the
of the Christian church after Jesus’                     group of poor tradesmen hand-
ascension are powerfully drama-                          picked by Jesus to take His
tized in this remarkably authentic                       message to the whole world.
TV mini-series epic covering the years A.D. 30-69.       Follows the lives of the twelve
Performances from an all-star cast, together with the    and see how they went into all parts of the world
scope of the project, also make this great Bible-based   against incredible odds. Learn of their unusual pow-
family entertainment. This is the six-hour version       ers and extraordinary courage in the face of savage
adapted from the nine-hour television version (not       persecution. Most of them paid for their faith with
currently available on DVD). The perfect resource for    their lives. Here is their inspiring story! 100 minutes.
any church or home study group wishing to explore
                                                                                T    DOC DVD - #4656D, $19.99
the New Testament period, the Early Church, or the
Book of Acts. This biblically accurate drama includes
a PDF study guide, providing a 12-week course.           Perpetua: Early Church Martyr
Starring Anthony Andrews, Colleen Dewhurst, Ava          Journey to ancient Carthage and
Gardner, David Hedison, John Houseman, Richard           uncover the fascinating true story
Kiley, James Mason, Susan Sarandon, Ben Vereen and       of a courageous young woman of
others. Fullscreen, 360 minutes. T SG DRAMA              the early church who dared to
      DVD (2 discs) - #109269D, $49.99 SALE! $29.99      claim Jesus as her Lord in the face
                                                         of Roman opposition. Faced with
                                                         the possible punishment of death,
St. John in Exile                                        Perpetua gave up wealth, free-
                                                         dom, and even life itself, rather
The year is A.D. 96, and thousands
of Christians throughout the                             than renounce her faith in Christ.         NEW!
Roman Empire have been perse-                            Explore the cultural, political and religious events
cuted and killed. John, the last                         surrounding this testimony story of steadfast faith!
living apostle of Jesus, has been                            Dr. Rex Butler is author of The New Prophecy
imprisoned. In this one-man pres-                        and “New Visions” Evidence of Montanism in the
entation by Dean Jones, we relive                        Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas. Dr. John Mark Yeats
those moving events.                                     teaches Church History at Southwestern Baptist
95 minutes (DVD extras).                                 Theological Seminary. 55 minutes (EST, S, SST).
                    DVD - #99293D, $24.99 $19.99                              T   DOC DVD - #501317D, $19.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           43
                               The Middle Ages
Saint Francis                                           The Passion of
Captured by the enemy as a sol-                         Christ According
dier and put in prison, Francis
had a life-changing experience                          to St. Francis
that inspired him to abandon his                        St. Francis elaborated several Bible
riches and dedicate his life to liv-                    verses to help others better under-
ing the Gospel in simplicity,                           stand Christ’s suffering. His work is
poverty and charity towards all.                        illustrated in this program by Pietro
Filmed on location in Assisi and                        Lorenzetti’s 14th-century fresco
other places where Francis lived and died. Starring     cycle (Lower Basilica at St. Francis), Assisi’s tradi-
Italian actor Raoul Bova as Francis. In Italian with    tional Good Friday Procession and various
English subtitles. 205 minutes.                         Franciscan places. Also included are The Canticle of
                       DRAMA DVD - #98483D, $24.99      the Creatures, considered the most ancient text in
                                                        Italian literature, and The Testament of St. Francis, an
St. Patrick:                                            expression of the saint’s last wish. 30 minutes total
                                                        (S, I, G).
The Irish Legend
                                                                             DOC    DVD - #501256D, $14.99
He returned in order to bless the
very people who had enslaved
him! Here is the story of Patrick                       Francis of Assisi
and his heroic ministry in Ireland.                     Francis had a radical conversion
Armed with courage, convictions                         from a worldly man of adventure
and the unwavering belief that                          to a life devoted to Christ and
the Gospel could liberate Ireland, Patrick altered      lived in simplicity and service to
the course of history. Patrick Bergin, Malcolm          the poor. Men of all walks of life,
McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in         moved by his shining witness,
this lush production filmed on location in Ireland.     soon joined him in the new
90 minutes.                                             Franciscan religious order.
                        DRAMA DVD - #99343D, $19.99     Starring Bradford Dillman as Francis and Dolores
                                                        Hart as Clare. Widescreen, 112 minutes.
Joan of Arc:                                                                 DRAMA     DVD - #24837D, $14.99
Child of War, Soldier of God                            Clare of Assisi DVD - #500842D, $19.99
See Joan’s life unfold through her
own eyes and in her own words,                          History’s Mysteries:
and experience the powerful grip
of faith that inspired her to lead.                     The Children’s Crusade
Alfred Molina narrates, Anna                            History’s Mysteries explores the
Paquin is the voice of Joan, and                        sad fate of some 20,000 children
commentary is provided by                               who joined the Crusades in the
Barbara Hall. 56 minutes, in let-                       13th century. Using dramatic re-
terbox format (extras).                                 enactments, this gripping
   DOCU-DRAMA     DVD - #51626D, $14.99 SALE! $7.99     program shows how young
                                                        French soldiers were promised
                                                        free transport from Marseilles to
Patrick                                                 the Holy Land, only to be sold
Take a new look at one of the                           into slavery in North Africa,
best-loved and least-understood                         while German children marched to Italy, where
giants of historic Christian mis-                       they succumbed to disease and starvation. This
sions. This portrayal was shot on                       “crusade of the innocents” sought to succeed where
location in Ireland, using actors                       the previous crusades had failed. But in an era
in period dress. It is narrated by                      dominated by spiritual warfare, these children
Liam Neeson, and Gabriel Byrne                          would meet a bloody fate. 44 minutes.
provides the voice of Patrick.                                                  DOC DVD - #501319D, $19.99
Includes commentary by noted scholars and
authors. 53 minutes (extras).                           Brother Sun, Sister Moon
                     DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #51880D, $14.99   This acclaimed theatrical feature film by
                                                        Franco Zeffirelli focuses on the early years
       Get Joan of Arc, Patrick and                     of Francis of Assisi, who sought commun-
     Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi                 ion with the natural world and was
                                                        unencumbered by material possessions.
      (not pictured) for only $24.99,                   Widescreen, 120 minutes (EST, F).
                #529718D                                    DRAMA DVD - #80984D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

44           We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
         Overview of Christian History
                                                          Winner of the PLATINUM AWARD
History of Christianity                                       from Worldfest-Houston.

An understandable overview of the unfolding of the Christian church.
Every believer needs this foundational awareness of our incredible saga.
Host of the six-part series is Dr. Timothy George, historian and Dean of
Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. The complete curriculum kit
includes six half-hour programs with printed 48-page leader’s guide and 48-
page reproducible student workbook, plus free downloadable scripts in PDF.
The DVD is also available without printed materials and includes PDFs of the with Dr. Timothy
leader’s guide, workbook and scripts. The six parts are as follows:               George

PART I: The Early Church — The Early Church                   PART V: Christianity in the New World — This period
emerges from Judaism to survive horrendous persecu-           includes the study of great traditions such as the
tion and become established in the Roman world.               Puritans and Quakers.
PART II: The Church in the Middle Ages — During               PART VI: Christian Movement in an Age of
this period, universities, monasteries, and museums           Uncertainty — From the fall of Bastille in 1789 to the
were established. The Church also joined in influenc-         fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, study the Christian
ing society, but not without difficulties.                    movement in an age of uncertainty.
PART III: The Reformation Era — The Protestant
Reformation of the sixteenth century was a call for
spiritual and ecclesial renewal.                          SG     DOC   DVD curriculum kit - #4844D, $79.99 $59.99
PART IV: The Age of Reason and Piety — The                              DVD with PDFs - #500794D, $59.99 $49.99
Christian world experienced a major shift from an “age                       Add’l Leader’s Guide - #4340, $9.99
of faith” to an “age of reason.”                                          Add’l Student Worksheets - #4368, $9.99

The History of Orthodox                                       The Christian Story
Christianity                                                  Dr. Martin Marty probes the
                                                              spiritual pilgrimage of various
This three-part series is intended as                         eras of the church and their rela-
an introduction to the Orthodox                               tionship to our life today.
Church—its life, teachings, and tra-                          Includes a leader’s guide with
ditions. Part I, “The Beginnings,”                            reproducible student work-
covers the founding of the Church                             sheets. Six 20-minute programs:
and the spread of Christianity. Part
II, “Byzantium,” covers the devel-                            1. “What’s Your Story?”
opment of the Monastic movement,                              2. The Middle Ages
and the last hours of Constantinople. Part III, “A            3. The Reformation
Hidden Treasure,” explores the captivity of                   4. Church in America
Orthodoxy under Islam and Communism.                          5. The Enlightenment
Includes comprehensive guide (also available in               6. The Church around the World
PDF on our website). 90 minutes total.                                   SG  DOC DVD - #501074D, $39.99 $29.99
      SG    DOC DVD with guide - #500844D, $39.99                            Additional study guide - #4624, $9.99

Drive thru History
Dave Stotts makes exploring history meaningful and entertaining. Each 90-minute
DVD features three episodes and includes optional English subtitles, commentaries and
discussion guide.
NEW! Soldiers, Jamestown and the Heroes of Virginia Jamestown and Williamsburg.
  DVD - #100528D
NEW! New York, New Jersey and Washington’s Warriors From the Big Apple to the site
  where George Washington began his crossing of the Delaware. DVD - #100529D
NEW! Columbus, Pilgrims and Early Boston From Columbus’ birthplace in Italy, across the
  ocean to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to the beginnings of the Revolutionary War. DVD - #100486D
NEW! Patriots, Penn and Freedom Trail England, Boston, and Philadelphia. DVD - #100527D
Rome If you Want to explores the Roman Empire. DVD - #100275D
Greece and the Word presents the events that helped shape Western Civilization. DVD - #97276D
Turkish Delight is a trip to the cities in the book of Revelation. DVD - #97277D
East Meets West continues the journey through Turkey with the rise of Islam, the impact of Emperor Constantine and
  the influence of early Christianity. DVD - #97278D
                                                  SG    DOC    DVD - $19.99 each • buy 2 or more for $16.99 each!
                                                                                      Set of 8 - #98180D, $119.99
                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                45
                                   The Reformation

Reformation Overview
The Reformation dramatically changed the course
of Christian history and Western civilization. Many
of the issues faced then still confront us today.
      Bring the Reformation alive and introduce
your class or group to key reformers and major
turning points with this fast-paced video curricu-        Worldfest-Houston
lum series. The programs are based on Gateway               Award Winner
Films’ acclaimed dramatic film series, now edited
into dynamic half-hour programs with introduc-
tions and transitions added from the very places
where the momentous events took place.
      The accompanying curriculum is flexible so
that you can adapt to a 6, 12, or 13-session format.
                                                             The complete curriculum kit includes six half-
The films on which this series is based have won
                                                          hour programs and printed leader’s guide and
over 30 prestigious international film awards. The
                                                          reproducible student workbook. The DVD is also
full curriculum package includes everything you
                                                          available without printed materials and includes
need for planning a series that will inspire interest,
                                                          PDFs of the leader’s guide and workbook.
build attendance, stir hearts, and challenge minds.
These programs drive viewers to examine what they                   DVD curriculum kit - #4836D, $79.99 $59.99
really believe and why. The series covers:             SG DOCU-DRAMA DVD with PDFs - #500793D, $59.99 $49.99
      • John Wycliffe            • John Hus                          Additional Leader’s Guide - #64116, $7.00
      • Martin Luther            • Ulrich Zwingli                   Additional Student Workbook - #4132, $7.99
      • John Calvin              • The Anabaptists
      • William Tyndale

  NOTE: The programs used in the Reformation Overview series above are also available
  separately, most in a full-length format as well as an abridged version (see below). Many of
  our customers who buy Reformation Overview also want the full-length programs, so we
  are also pleased to offer you the collection of five full-length dramas and the Zwingli and
  Calvin documentary on DVD at a special price. This collection—a $120 value—is just $79.99.
  Use item #98414D.

              John Wycliffe                                            John Hus
              John Wycliffe chose to serve the com-                    This dramatic film will challenge you
              mon people, taking enormous risks to                     to consider what you really believe
              give them the Scriptures. 75 minutes.                    and why. 55 minutes. (EST) (See full
              (EST) (See full description on page 54).                 description on page 47).
                           DRAMA   DVD - #4808D, $19.99                     DRAMA    DVD - #4783D, $19.99 $14.99

              Martin Luther                                            The Radicals: Anabaptists
              This film traces Luther’s life from a
                                                                       Discover the origins of the Anabaptist
              guilt-burdened monk to his eventual
                                                                       movement and two of its first leaders,
              break with the Roman Church. Full-
                                                                       Michael and Margaretha Sattler. Full-
              length version, 105 minutes. (EST) (See
                                                                       length version, 100 minutes. (EST)
              full description on page 55)
                                                                       (See full description on page 47)
                   DRAMA     DVD - #4623D, $19.99 $14.99                     T      DRAMA    DVD - #4804D, $19.99

              God’s Outlaw: William Tyndale                            Zwingli & Calvin
              This award-winning drama will                            This program covers the 16th centu-
              cause everyone to appreciate the                         ry Swiss Reformation, its key centers
              marvel of the English Bible. Full-                       of Zurich and Geneva, and its central
              length version, 95 minutes. (EST) (See                   leaders, Zwingli and Calvin.
              full description on page 55).                            30 minutes.
                           DRAMA   DVD - #4737D, $19.99                             DOC     DVD - #501180D, $19.99

46                           Order online and save at
                                  The Reformation
Truth Prevails:                                             The Radicals
                                                            Discover the humble and coura-
The Undying Faith                                           geous origins of the Anabaptist
of Jan Hus                                                  movement and two of its first lead-
Almost 600 years ago, a humble                              ers, Michael and Margaretha
peasant stood alone against pope,                           Sattler. The world was not ready
emperor and king. He could either                           for their message, and they were
deny the truth he believed with all                         not prepared to compromise. This
his heart, or he could die at the stake. Today Jan Hus      drama will cause viewers to stop and consider how
is little known outside of his native Czech Republic,       much their faith really means to them. Some graphic
but in his day he challenged corrupt church officials       depiction of historical persecution. Viewer discretion
and inspired thousands to live for the truth. Truth         advised. 100 minutes (EST, S, Pt, extras).
Prevails uses location footage, interviews with                                   DRAMA   T DVD - #4804D, $19.99
prominent historians and period artwork to follow
the struggles of Jan Hus and the efforts of modern
scholars which ultimately led Pope John Paul II to          Luther
apologize for the Church’s actions. It is more than just    Armed with little more than his
a look at an amazing life in a turbulent time. It is also   beliefs and quick wit, Martin
a thought-provoking examination of many difficult           Luther, a young 16th century monk
issues facing anyone living in any time.                    driven by outrage, confronts the
56 minutes plus extras (EST).                               Medieval Church and ultimately
                      T    DOC DVD - #501168D, $19.99       helps usher in the Reformation, fos-
                                                            tering a new era of personal and
         Christian History magazine on Hus, #99307, $5.00   religious freedoms. This 2003 the-
                                                            atrical release stars Joseph Fiennes, Sir Peter Ustinov,
                                                            Alfred Molina, Bruno Ganz, Jonathan Firth, and
Martin Luther                                               Claire Cox. Parent discretion advised. Widescreen,
                                                            124 minutes.
(PBS)                                                                                DRAMA DVD - #90654D, $14.99

This program is a superb introduc-
tion to the great reformer. It shows
how Luther offered the Christian
                                                            Blind Courage: Jan Zizka
                                                            After the death of Jan Hus, Jan
world a new vision of man’s rela-
                                                            Zizka, an amazing military genius,
tionship with God and, in turn,
                                                            emerged to lead his Bohemian
redefined man’s relationship with
                                                            countrymen. He took a handful of
authority in general. Filmed across
                                                            peasants, outfitted them with farm
Europe—from rustic rural Germany to the
                                                            implements, and defeated more
opulence of Vatican City. 110 minutes.
                                                            than 100,000 of the finest knights
            DOC       DVD - #8819D, $19.99                  in the world. And this was accom-
                                                            plished despite the fact that, for
                                                            most of this period, he was com-
                                                            pletely blind. Here is a look at this amazing, yet
                                                            overlooked, general. 50 minutes.
                                                                                 DOC DVD - #500802D, $19.99
Opening the Door to Luther
Public television travel host Rick Steves
visits the areas of Germany known as
Lutherlands. Learn about the monk at
                                                            John Hus
the center of the Reformation.                              One hundred years before
30 minutes. DVD - #500951D, $14.99                          Martin Luther, John Hus’ relent-
                                       DOC                  less pursuit of God’s truth
The Morning Star of Wittenberg:                             planted the seeds for the
The Life of Katie Luther                                    Reformation. A beloved pastor,
Meet the fascinating woman who helped                       he was nevertheless condemned
Luther change the course of history —                       as a heretic for his uncompromis-
his wife, Katharina. With insights from                     ing belief in the final authority of
noted Katharina experts, this program
                                                            the Bible. Refusing to recant, he was burned at the
sheds light on this often overlooked part-
ner in the Reformation. 27 minutes.                         stake in 1415, where he died singing. This dramatic
DVD - #500952D, $14.99                  DOC                 film will challenge you to consider what you really
                                                            believe and why. 55 minutes (EST, S, Pt, F, study
                                                            materials in PDF).
 Both DVDs above - #98523D, $24.99
                                                                        T    DRAMA   DVD - #4783D, $19.99 $14.99
                      To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           47
                    U.S. History & Patriotism
The Amish:                                               The Amish:
A People of Preservation                                 How They Survive
In this intimate documentary,                            The Amish live outside the cul-
historian John Ruth takes us                             tural mainstream. Preferring
inside the world of the Amish.                           community to technology, they
Features authentic vignettes of                          live in close fellowship with one
Amish origins, farm life, child-                         another. Filmed in the world’s
hood, school, worship,                                   largest Amish community, this
recreation, barn-raising, horse                          documentary takes you on an intimate journey into
transportation, and the impact of                        Ohio Amish life and culture. Discover how rapid
tourism. 54 minutes.                                     growth and economic pressures threaten their com-
                      DOC DVD - #4683D, $19.99           munity. Meet a people who thrive as a result of
 Christian History magazine on the Amish #98680, $5.00   creative disengagement with the culture around
                                                         them. Widescreen, 49 minutes.
The Hutterites                                                                   DOC DVD - #501056D, $19.99
By a way of life that is supremely commu-
nal rather than individualistic, the                       Buy both Amish programs for $29.99. Save $10!
Hutterites have rid themselves of poverty,                 DVD - #98497D. Buy both Amish programs and
homicide and anxiety about the future,                       The Hutterites for $39.99, DVD - #98462D.
find out how! 58 minutes.                                                     SAVE! $20
            DOC DVD - #500955D, $19.99

Wholesome Heroes with Rick Sowash                                            NEW!
Johnny Appleseed
As one of the most beloved folk heroes in history, Johnny Appleseed transformed the
American frontier. He planted the apple trees that fed and sheltered the early settlers of
America’s heartland. Even more, he sowed seeds of kindness as he traveled, spreading a
message from God’s Word that shaped the lives of generations of pioneers. Did Johnny
Appleseed really go barefoot or wear a pot on his head? Learn the answer to this question
and more as host Rick Sowash takes us on an amazing adventure through the life and
times of this American legend. From stories, poems, and tall tales to a special visit to the Johnny
Appleseed Museum, children and adults alike will enjoy this entertaining look at a true, wholesome hero!
PDF extras include a children’s coloring book and discussion questions. 28 minutes (EST).
                                                                                  T DVD - #501298D, $14.99

We the People: The Character of a Nation
In this six-episode series, you’ll meet a diverse cross-section of people who have all
played a role in our nation’s history. The six 30-minute episodes, available separately or
as a set, are as follows:
  1. A More Perfect Union – Meet six people who contributed to the formation of our
     history such as Gouverneur Morris and Patience Wright. DVD - #501246D
  2. Establish Justice – Meet five individuals who overcame adversity to further the
     cause of justice such as Richard Allen and Elizabeth Blackwell. DVD - #501247D
  3. Insure Domestic Tranquility – Meet individuals and groups that worked for the preservation of the
     Union during the Civil War such as Julia Ward Howe and the U.S. Christian Commission, a mission
     and relief organization to Union and Confederate soldiers. DVD - #501248D
  4. Provide for the Common Defense – Meet heroic soldiers from several eras who have defended our
     nation’s interests such as Joseph Pierce, Alvin York, and Rodger Young. DVD - #501249D
  5. Promote the General Welfare – Meet five people with a passion for making a difference in the world
     such as Esther Deberdt Reed, Margaret Knight, and Milton Wright. DVD - #501250D
  6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty – Meet individuals and groups of people who have achieved free-
     dom in spite of difficult circumstances such as constitution signers, Japanese Americans held captive
     during WWII, and Native Americans. DVD - #501251D
DVD features include on-location footage from historic parks and monuments, special appearances by
storyteller Rick Sowash, PDF handouts, and optional English subtitles. Set also includes an audio CD of
the musical score. Widescreen, 180 minutes total.
                                                    T    DOC Individual 30-minute episodes - $14.99 each
                                              DVD set of 6 episodes + audio CD - #501245D, $49.99 $39.99

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                 U.S. History & Patriotism
Setting the Record Straight:                              The Role of Pastors and
American History in Black and White                       Christians in Civil Gov’t
This program from Wallbuilders                            Did you know that the Church
offers a unique view of the religious                     played an invaluable role in the
and moral heritage of African                             struggle for America’s independ-
Americans expertly intertwined                            ence? Examine the Biblical
with untold, yet significant stories                      teachings that caused generations
from our rich African-American                            of Christians to believe it was their
political history. It reintroduces for-                   duty to be involved with govern-
gotten heroes such as Richard                             ment. Discover how the actions of a
Allen, Henry Highland Garnet,                             few dedicated Christians changed
Hiram Rhodes Revels, and others. The material             the course of a nation. Understand the true historical
presented is ground-breaking and revolutionary,           and Biblical role of Christians in government—a role
leaving viewers inspired and educated.                    clearly documented in this fascinating account from
98 minutes.                                               Wallbuilders. 60 minutes.
                       DOC      DVD - #500885D, $19.99                                DOC DVD - #4764D, $19.99

                                                          Also from Wallbuilders:
We Shall Not Be Moved                                     America’s Godly Heritage 59 min. DVD - #4765D, $14.99
We Shall Not Be Moved examines                            Keys to Good Government 59 min. DVD - #4766D, $14.99
the Civil Rights movement from                            Education and the Founding Fathers 60 minutes.
                                                           DVD - #501181D, $14.99
the perspective of African-
                                                          The Spirit of the American Revolution 55 minutes.
American churches. Serving as the                          DVD - #501182D, $14.99
critical centers where strategy was                       The Foundations of American Government 25 minutes.
conceived, these churches also                             DVD - #501172D, $9.99
provided moral and spiritual sup-
                                                          Buy all 5 DVDs above for $49.99, #98371D. Save $20!
port to the thousands actively
involved in the cause. Built on tes-
timonies of pastors, church                               The Mayflower Pilgrims
members and other participants, We Shall Not Be
Moved recalls the events unique to each church, pro-      Towards the end of the 16th centu-
viding spiritual and historical perspective on their      ry, an apparently insignificant
roles in the movement to end racial inequality in         religious movement emerged. It
America. 90 minutes.                                      was composed of a small group
                                                          who believed in a simple form of
                        DOC DVD - #51781D, $14.99         worship. These people were
                                                          known as Separatists. When they
                                                          arrived on the shores of the New
Warriors of Honor                                         World in 1620, they carried in their
The Revolutionary War united                              hearts a set of beliefs which would form the
America. Less than one hundred                            bedrock values for the world’s most powerful
years later, a bloody Civil War                           democracy...America. This is their story.
divided it. This documentary                              43 minutes.
places the war in its historical and                                               DOC DVD - #20232D, $19.99
cultural context. It guides us
through the causes and major bat-
tles of the Civil War while providing insight into the
lives of two stalwart men who fought for the
                                                          Saints & Strangers
South—Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Both           From the earliest settlers in
were masterful generals, brilliant strategists, and       Jamestown to the formation of the
above all, faithful Christians. Their faith governed      original U.S. colonies, this program
their lives both on and off the battlefield. Color and    examines the spiritual roots of the
B&W, 80 minutes (DVD extras on slavery, Sam               men and women who founded our
Davis, and the Palmyra incident).                         country. It addresses religious
                                                          influences from the Mayflower to the Great
                         DOC DVD - #90459D, $19.99
                                                          Awakening, from Plymouth Rock to the War of
                                                          Independence. It examines the crucial influences
        Sacred Space examines the history and             during the period—the Church of England,
        architecture of colonial places of worship.       Puritans, Baptists, Quakers, and others. 59 minutes
        53 min.                                           (EST).
         DVD (in generic wrap) - #501076D, $19.99 14.99                        DOC T      DVD - #4727D, $19.99
                                                                             32-page study guide - #4706, $9.99

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                                     World War II
Zamzam:                                                       THE DUTCH RESISTANCE
A Missionary Odyssey
A gripping, true story of faith on
                                                         The Reckoning
the high seas. An old Egyptian                           War erupts in Europe as
liner carrying 144 missionaries                          Germany invades Poland.
was bound for mission work in                            Eight months later, the small
Africa. It was mistakenly shelled                        country of Holland was
and sunk by a Nazi warship off                           engulfed in World War II. The
the coast of South Africa during World War II.           preservation of human life
The passengers abandoned ship and their precar-          became a life-and-death mis-
ious plight was filmed by two photographers              sion for a small minority of
who just happened to be on board. Here is their          ordinary Dutch citizens. This international award-
amazing, miraculous story. 30 minutes (addition-         winning documentary captures the compelling
al footage, photos, journal excerpts).                   story and eyewitness account of six survivors in
                                                         war-torn Netherlands during World War II. With
                       DOC DVD - #4778D, $14.99          the revelation of Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the
                                                         uncertainty of liberation, it reveals the intensely
Assisi in Silence                                        human aspect of the Dutch struggle against Nazi
                                                         tyranny. Widescreen, 96 minutes (EST, bios, com-
During World War II, racist
                                                         mentary and “Creating the Reckoning”).
laws in Italy forced thousands
of Jews to flee in search of a                                            T   DOC DVD - #501177D, $19.99
safe haven. A few hundred of
these refugees reached Assisi,
the city of St. Francis, where all
                                                         Making Choices:
who came were saved. This                                The Dutch Resistance
inspirational story is told                              During WW II
through interviews of some of                            Explore the dramatic wartime
those directly involved, historical footage of the       lives of four Dutch citizens
era, and Pope John Paul II’s message from Assisi.        who took a stand to protect
37 minutes (I).                                          Jews and resist the overwhelm-
                          DOC DVD - #500817D, $14.99     ing power of the Nazis during
                                                         World War II. This inspiring
Overlord:                                                documentary tells their stories of fear and
                                                         courage, danger and faith, as they put their lives
A Mighty Host                                            on the line to do what they thought was right. It
On June 6, 1944, the greatest                            reveals what motivated them to risk everything
military operation in the histo-                         to protect total strangers and the heavy price
ry of the world succeeded in                             they paid for challenging the Nazis. Widescreen,
landing more than 150,000                                57 minutes.
Allied troops on the beaches of                                              DOC     DVD - #500873D, $19.99
northern France. Before the bat-
tle of Normandy was won in
late August, these troops endured some of the most       Hidden Heroes
costly fighting of World War II. Overlord: A Mighty      The rescue of Jews in Nazi-
Host looks back on this awesome military event           occupied Holland is a story of
from the point of view of soldiers, sailors, and         unimaginable courage and
paratroopers who were involved in the invasion           faith. Told by those who lived
and examines the lives of men who survived that          through the Nazi terror, this
extraordinary conflict. 58 minutes.                      documentary recounts what it
                DOC DVD - #501057D, $19.99 $14.99        was like for Dutch Jews to face
                                                         systematic isolation, persecu-
The Wannsee Conference                                   tion...and elimination. Our subjects were mere
On January 20, 1942, a conference was held               children at the time, children who witnessed family
to organize the “final solution” — the                   being dragged away. They were children for whom
destruction of all eleven million European               unbearable pain and loss was cruelly compressed
Jews. This documentary examines the histor-              into a single experience of overwhelming terror.
ical background to the conference. Eminent               See how they survived and how others risked all to
Jewish and non-Jewish historians exchange                rescue them. 50 minutes.
views on the why’s and wherefores, the question of
blame and the possibility of a recurrence. Color and                           DOC DVD - #500779D, $19.99
B&W. 52 minutes.
                            DOC DVD - #500956D, $14.99   All 3 DVDs above for $39.99, #98428D

50            We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                                   World War II
                                     Dietrich Bonhoeffer
                      Hanged on a                        Bonhoeffer:
                      Twisted Cross                      Agent of Grace
                      This gripping documentary          Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a
                      captures the context, political    German clergyman of great dis-
                      environment, and cultural          tinction who actively opposed
                      issues of Bonhoeffer’s day.        Hitler and the Nazis. His con-
 Using rare archival footage, documents, and visits      victions cost him his life. His
 to original locations, we get an intimate portrait of   last years, his participation in the German resist-
 a man whose life and writings grow in their influ-      ance, and his moral struggle are dramatized in
 ence and speak powerfully to issues of our own          this film. Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on
 day some 50 years later. 120 minutes.                   the little-known efforts of the German resistance
                         DOC DVD - #4863D, $19.99
                                                         and brings to a wide audience the heroic rebel-
                                                         lion of Bonhoeffer. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Robert
 Dietrich Bonhoeffer:                                    Joy, Johanna Klante. Widescreen, 90 minutes (EST,
 Memories and Perspectives                               S, Pt, G, actors’ bios).
 Memories follows the life of the martyred the-                            T    DRAMA DVD - #4638D, $19.99
 ologian, as vividly recalled by his friends,
 family, and students. Included are Bonhoeffer
 family photographs that have never been
 shown before. B&W, 90 minutes.                                Buy Hanged on a Twisted Cross and Agent of Grace
                        DOC DVD - #500957D, $19.99        (above) on DVD, and get Memories and Perspectives (left) on
                                                                     DVD FREE. DVD - #98568D, $39.98.

The Hiding Place                                         Sophie Scholl:
In wartime Holland, Corrie ten
Boom and her family quietly
                                                         The Final Days
sheltered Jews in their small                            The true story of Germany’s
house until Nazis discovered                             most famous anti-Nazi heroine
the “hiding place” and arrested                          is brought to life in this award-
them all. This is the gripping,                          winning drama. Julia Jentsch
true story of Corrie and her sis-                        stars as the young coed-turned-
ter’s endurance of the horrors                           fearless activist. A member of
in a death camp and their sure                           the underground resistance
hope that God alone is the true hiding place.            movement known as the White
Widescreen, 145 minutes (S, Pt, F, G with “Behind        Rose, Sophie is captured during a dangerous mis-
the Scenes,” bios and more).                             sion to distribute pamphlets on campus with her
                                                         brother Hans. Unwavering in her convictions and
                      DRAMA DVD (2) - #8210D, $19.99
                                                         loyalty to the White Rose, her cross-examination by
                                                         the Gestapo quickly escalates into a searing test of
                                                         wills as she delivers a passionate call to freedom
A Light                                                  and personal responsibility that is both haunting
                                                         and timeless. 117 minutes. In German with option-
in the Darkness                                          al English subtitles, widescreen, extras.
This documentary explores the                                    DRAMA DVD - #10823D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99
remarkable spirit and faith of
the Volga German people. In
1941 they were exiled to forced
                                                         The Scarlet
labor camps by the Soviet pre-                           and the Black
mier. There, thousands died of                           This outstanding film tells the
starvation and exposure to cold                          thrilling true story of an Irish
and others were put to death. A Light in the             priest in the Vatican who organ-
Darkness weaves the eyewitness reports of                izes an underground network in
survivors into a tapestry of heart-wrenching             Rome to hide the Jews and oth-
tragedy and hope. This true story shows how              ers from the Nazis during World
faith can triumph even in the most desperate             War II. Gregory Peck stars as Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty
circumstances. 52 minutes.                               who uses disguises to hide from the ruthless Nazi
           SG   DOC   DVD - #501075D, $14.99             commander (Christopher Plummer). 145 minutes.
                                                                                    DRAMA DVD - #1395D, $14.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                 51
                      Historic Turning Points
Pax Service: An                                         The Azusa Street Story
Alternative to War                     NEW!             The Azusa Street Story follows
                                                        the modern Charismatic
It was an adventure. It was hard work.
                                                        Movement from its humble
It was hot. It was dirty. Some lost
                                                        beginnings in a small black
their lives. But for those 1200 men,
                                                        church in Los Angeles to its mil-
two years of hard labor in foreign
                                                        lions of followers around the
countries changed their lives forever.
                                                        world today. The movement
Between 1951 and 1976 some 1200
                                                        dates back to 1906 when
young men refused to join the mili-
                                                        William Seymour, a black pastor
tary. Their religious beliefs forbade
                                                        from Louisiana, the son of a
their taking another human life. Instead, they volun-
                                                        slave, traveled from Houston to Los Angeles only
teered to build homes for WWII refugees, taught
                                                        to be locked out of the white church that sent for
African subsistence farmers modern farming meth-
                                                        him. Seymour turned to prayer and God’s answer
ods, helped Greek villages preserve food for the
                                                        was The Azusa Street Revival. This documentary
winter months, and built a road through the Green
                                                        also looks at the mystery and controversy sur-
Hell of the Paraguayan Chaco. They did this
                                                        rounding some of the beliefs of the Charismatic
through an alternative service program called PAX,
                                                        Movement. Color and B&W, 54 minutes (EST, direc-
serving 40 countries by and large. This program fea-
                                                        tor’s commentary, tour of the Bonnie Brae house,
tures the Pax work in Germany, Austria, Greece,
                                                        art gallery, missionaries, and more).
Paraguay, and the Congo. Black & white. 43 minutes
plus extras (EST, SST).                                                         DOC DVD - #501058D, $19.99

                      T    DOC DVD - #501313D, $24.99

                                                        A Diary
Grasping for the Wind                                   of Revival:
This gripping seven-part analysis                       The 1904 Welsh Awakening
of Western culture clearly traces
                                                        Spiritual revival can redirect a
how a civilization that benefited
                                                        nation! This outpouring of
in such unprecedented ways
                                                        God’s Spirit changed Wales and
from the wellsprings of the
                                                        reverberated around the world.
Christian faith has attempted to
                                                        Through the use of contempo-
cut itself off from its roots and
                                                        rary letters, interviews and photographs, this video
follow new gods. Hosted by John
                                                        examines the 1904 Welsh Revival through the eyes
Whitehead of the Rutherford
                                                        of the 26-year-old revival leader, Evan Roberts. We
Institute, it explores humanity’s
                                                        trace his spiritual development from the coal mine
search for meaning over the last 200 years through
                                                        and smithy to the outbreak of revival at his home
the works of Western philosophers, writers, artists,
                                                        church of Moriah Lougher. 62 minutes
filmmakers, and more. Free downloadable compre-
                                                        (epilogue, trailer).
hensive PDF guide available. Seven segments, 28-33
minutes each.                                                                     DOC DVD - #4759D, $19.99
                     SG DOC     DVD - #4842D, $29.99
                                                        The Scottish
Celtic Cry                                              Covenanters
Discover the rich legacy of the                         A penetrating look at a little
Scottish Covenanters through                            known movement in 17th-centu-
exquisite photography, narrative                        ry Scotland whose courage and
and music surrounding their                             fortitude are woven into the fab-
stories. Host Alistair Begg takes                       ric of the Scottish people. These
us on a journey through the                             Scots covenanted with God for
lives and deaths of these men                           the good of the people. This video covers the story
and women of faith. Filmed in                           of fifty years and helps us understand their passion
Scotland, it includes ten songs from the recording      and motives. Their conflict was basically spiritual,
Celtic Cry with singers Matthew Ward, Shannon           but due to continual persecution, they were drawn
Wexelberg, Scott Krippayne, and Charles Billinsley.     into deeper conflicts. They fought long and hard
50 minutes.                                             for the crown rights and prerogatives of Christ over
                        DOC DVD - #76863D, $14.99       His Church, with devastating results to themselves.
                                                        55 minutes.
     Buy Celtic Cry and The Scottish Covenanters
                                                                               DOC DVD - #500820D, $19.99
       DVDs (left) for only $29.99, #98521D.
52                         Order online and save at
             World and Religious History
                                                           Winner of the BRONZE CROWN
Jerusalem:                                                  AWARD for Best Curriculum
The Covenant City
Telling the story from the Jewish                       Christianity and Islam
perspective, Jerusalem: The                             A four-part series comparing &
Covenant City recounts the                              contrasting Christianity & Islam
Biblical history of the city and
                                                        Today, there are approximately
looks at the modern fulfillment
                                                        seven million Muslims and more
of Old and New Testament
                                                        than 13,000 mosques in North
prophecies. It offers a glimpse of
                                                        America. Now that Muslims are
what the future holds for one of the most hotly con-
                                                        our neighbors, how do we talk to
tested areas in the Middle East. Beautifully filmed,
                                                        them about Christ? Which beliefs
this documentary also features historic art, newsreel
                                                        do we share in common with
footage, and interviews with Jerusalem’s political
                                                        Muslims and where do we differ?
officials and religious scholars. This program will
                                                        Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?
help you understand the Jewish perspective of the
                                                        Noted theologian Dr. Timothy George teams with
complex issues surrounding Palestine and Israel
                                                        award-winning producer-director T. N. Mohan to
today. 100 minutes.
                                                        answer these and other basic questions in this visu-
                    T   DOC   DVD - #4819D, $19.99      ally rich, four-part collection. The series avoids the
                                                        angry condemnation of all Muslims on the one
The Cyrus Call                                          hand, and compromising Christian truth-claims on
                                                        the other. Muslim views are stated fairly and objec-
The Balfour Declaration of 1917                         tively by Muslim scholars who appear in the series.
and the beginning of British                            The programs set forth basic and foundational dif-
rule over the historic Land of                          ferences between Christianity and Islam and the
Israel was the culmination of a                         implications for how we understand God, Christ,
vision for the restoration of the                       and the meaning of salvation. Included is a study
Jewish people to their Biblical                         guide containing background information, Biblical
homeland which had devel-                               comparisons, and discussion questions on each of
oped in the Church in Great                             the four 25-minute programs: (1) The Tenets of
Britain over the previous 300                           Islam, (2) The Trinity, (3) The Bible and the
years. In this program, Australian author Kelvin        Incarnation, (4) The Cross and Salvation (EST). DOC
Crombie, along with Israeli academics and British
                                                         SG T DVD, printed guide - #4798D, $29.99 $24.99
churchmen, presents the story of how this outwork-
ing of Britain’s Christian heritage was intertwined          DVD with PDF guide - #501258D, $24.99 $19.99
with her geo-political objective in the Middle East
of maintaining access to her Eastern Empire. Two
parts, 107 minutes total.                               Religions of the World
                  T    DOC DVD - #501269D, $19.99       Narrated by Academy Award
                                                        winner Ben Kingsley, this six-part
The Forsaken Promise                                    series offers insights into the
                                                        striking similarities and vast dif-
The Forsaken Promise documents                          ferences among the world’s
the failure of Britain and her                          major religions: Protestantism,
appointed institutions and offi-                        Judaism, Islam, Hinduism,
cials to fulfill her pledge under                       Catholicism, and Buddhism. This
the Balfour Declaration and her                         series travels to exotic locations
legal obligations under the                             to observe how religions have
Mandate. It highlights a num-                           shaped cultures and changed history. Six 50-minute
ber of tragic events that took                          programs (S).
place during that period, main-
                                                                                 DOC DVD (6) - #6176D, $99.99
ly through the testimonies of
victims, participants, and eyewitnesses. They
speak of Britain’s political expediency and even        Other documentaries on Islam:
treachery towards the Jewish people in appeasing        Indonesia: Island Jihad Voice of the Martyr workers
opponents of Israel. This resource presents the         travel through Indonesia and interview Christians who
position and perspective of many Israelis on the        have endured extreme persecution at the hands of radical
historical grievances and current tensions in the       Muslims. 20 minutes. DVD - #500780D, $14.99
Holy Land. 120 minutes + abridged version.              Inside Islam traces its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and
                    T   DOC DVD - #501132D, $19.99      how the Five Pillars, the religion’s central tenets, helped
                                                        spread Islam to the far corners of the world. 100 minutes.
                                                        DVD - #5167D, $24.99
All three above for $39.99, #98324D                     Also see More than Dreams on page 78.

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                               53
                             Historical Dramas
First Fruits                                            Candle in the Dark
This is the true story of the                           This drama, shot in India, faithfully
extraordinary devotion of young                         recounts the incredible saga of
missionaries and their role at a                        William Carey’s Serampore mission
critical point in the history of                        which began two hundred years
world missions. In the 1730s, a                         ago. The Serampore Community’s
community of Moravian refugees                          task seemed impossible, yet they
finds a home on the estate of                           overcame many obstacles to make a
Count Zinzendorf in Germany.                            lasting impact for God in India, bringing transform-
See how the first two young men who went as mis-        ing power of the Gospel to multitudes. Their
sionaries to the slaves on St. Thomas were willing to   experience provides valuable insight today for any-
become slaves themselves, if necessary, in order to     one desiring to see the message of Christ reach the
proclaim the Gospel. 70 minutes (EST, S, G, Pt).        world. Includes four-part curriculum and more. Free
                           DRAMA DVD - #4821D, $14.99   downloadable PDF guide. 97 minutes (S, P, Hi).
                                                                       T   SG    DRAMA DVD - #4782D, $19.99

John Wesley:                                                     Christian History magazine on Carey, #99322, $5.00
A re-release of the J. Arthur Rank
historical classic made in 1954, this
cinema drama follows the life of
Wesley, beginning with his rescue
from a burning house as a child.                        Jan Amos Comenius
His Oxford days, disastrous mis-                        Driven from his homeland because
sion to America, Aldersgate conversion, the             of his faith, this 17th-century
founding of Methodism, and his role in raising the      Christian hero is a testimony of
moral climate in 18th-century England are set forth     the persistence of Christian
with careful dependence on the historical sources.      courage. Comenius, commonly
73 minutes.                                             hailed as the “Father of Modern
            T    DRAMA DVD - #4812D, $19.99 $14.99      Education,” was stripped of every-
                                                        thing but hope and a vision for the
                                                        kingdom of God. This major dra-
Cromwell                                                matic feature was filmed in
                                                        Comenius’ native land,
Richard Harris stars in this daz-                       Czechoslovakia. 73 minutes.
zling historical epic as Oliver
                                                                 DRAMA DVD - #500943D, $19.99
Cromwell, the fiery commoner
who took on the monarchy and                         Also available is Christian History
influenced the course of Western                     Magazine on Comenius - #99278, $5.00
Civilization. Alec Guinness lends
his formidable presence as the
enigmatic and forceful King
Charles I. This historic tale of power and passion
features strong performances and gripping battle
sequences. A free PDF guide is available on our
website. 139 minutes.                                   John Wycliffe:
      SG    DRAMA      DVD - #600859D, $19.99 $14.99    The Morningstar
                                                        One of Europe’s most renowned
Becket                                                  philosophers and scholars, John
This drama depicts the historical                       Wycliffe chose to serve the com-
account of King Henry II and                            mon people, taking enormous
Thomas Becket, his closest confi-                       risks to give them the Scriptures.
dant and advisor. Becket finds                          This award-winning film pro-
himself moved to an uncompro-                           vides valuable insight into conditions in the
mising devotion to God, a rival                         14th-century pre-Reformation church and
with whom Henry II cannot com-                          shows why Wycliffe is hailed as the
pete. The king becomes obsessed with the changed        “Morningstar of the Reformation.” This film
Becket, resulting in ultimate tragedy. Parental dis-    inspires faith and develops appreciation for
cretion advised. Widescreen, 150 minutes.               the treasure of our Bible. 75 minutes (EST, S, Pt,
                                                        J, G, bios and study material in PDF).
                DRAMA DVD - #10539D, $24.99 $19.99
                                                                       T   DRAMA DVD - #4808D, $19.99

54       After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                           Historical Dramas
The Inn of the                                         Molokai:
Sixth Happiness                                        The Story of Damien
Inspired by her dream to be a                          This powerful drama is the story
missionary, Gladys Aylward jour-                       of Damien the priest. In 1872, he
neys to China and opens an inn                         went to the island of Molokai,
for tired, hungry mule drivers.                        where those suffering from lep-
Gradually overcoming the                               rosy had been exiled and forced to
natives’ hostility, she converts a                     live in miserable surroundings,
powerful Mandarin to Christianity. But her             abandoned by the outside world. Little by little,
greatest feat is leading 100 homeless children to      Damien earned the trust of the lepers, and eventual-
safety. Free PDF guide. Widescreen, 158 minutes        ly, his appeals for workers and supplies resonated
(F, S, SST, extras).                                   throughout the world. Even after Damien got sick
                                                       himself, his energy did not abate, and he continued
              SG    DRAMA   DVD - #98944D, $14.99      helping his “fellow lepers” to the end. Starring
                                                       David Wenham, Sam Neill, Kris Kristofferson, and
Great Mr. Handel                                       Peter O’Toole. 112 minutes (EST, bios).
                                                                           DRAMA T DVD - #4714D, $19.99
This 1942 classic deals with the
later stages of Handel’s life, lead-
ing up to the composing of
“Messiah.” Plagued by financial                        God’s Outlaw
worries and ill health and aban-
                                                       William Tyndale was pursued by
doned by almost everyone,
                                                       the agents of King Henry VIII,
Handel shut himself away and
                                                       Sir Thomas More, and Cardinal
worked day and night on
                                                       Wolsey. To avoid capture, he
“Messiah.” Its performance at the Royal Opera
                                                       escaped to Europe. There he
House in 1743 resulted in a standing ovation led by
                                                       worked to complete the supreme
the King. 110 minutes.
                                                       task that obsessed him: provid-
                        DRAMA DVD - #4818D, $14.99     ing the Bible in English for his
                                                       fellow countrymen. Tyndale today is distinguished
  Only $9.99 with the purchase of Handel’s
                                                       as the “Father of the English Bible.” This award-
        Messiah, (page 7), #98507D                     winning, dramatic film will cause everyone to
                                                       appreciate the marvel of the English Bible. Features
Christopher Columbus                                   a cast led by Roger Rees. 95 minutes (EST, S, Pt, K,
                                                       bios and study materials in PDF).
This classic 1949 production stars
                                                                          T    DRAMA DVD - #4737D, $19.99
Frederic March as the world’s most
daring explorer! Surrounded by
doubters, Columbus convinces
Queen Isabella to provide him with
ships and money necessary for his                       Buy any 3 titles on pages 54 and
voyage. Follow his incredible jour-                      55 and get the 4th one FREE!
ney as he battles mutiny,
exhaustion, and desperation on his
way to the new world! 95 minutes.
                        DRAMA DVD - #4802D, $9.99      Martin Luther
                                                       This dramatic black and white
A Man for All Seasons                                  classic film of Martin Luther’s life
                                                       was made in the 1950s and origi-
Special Edition                                        nally released in theaters
A dazzling international cast                          worldwide and nominated for an
brings to life one of the most                         Academy Award. It is a magnifi-
thrilling dramas of intrigue and                       cent depiction of Luther and the
courage ever filmed. Robert Shaw                       forces at work in the surrounding society that result-
plays King Henry VIII who                              ed in his historic reforming efforts. This film traces
wants to divorce his wife in order                     Luther’s life from a guilt-burdened monk to his
to marry Anne Boleyn. Only Sir                         eventual break with the Roman Church. This SPE-
Thomas More (Paul Scofield) has                        CIAL 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION includes the
the courage and conviction to oppose the King’s        amazing, behind-the-scenes 50-year story of the film.
will, but his valiant refusal to abandon his princi-   105 minutes (EST, S, Pt, G, K, actors’ bios, full color
ples leads to his death. Widescreen, 120 min. (S).     tour of Luther sites).
                DRAMA DVD - #03256D, $19.99 $14.99                           T   DRAMA DVD - #4623D, $14.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                        55
The Story of Amy                                            Glory to God
Carmichael                                                  Alone: J. S. Bach
A look at Amy’s life and the con-                           In this video journey, we are
tinuing work of the Donhavur                                accompanied by Bach authorities,
Fellowship that she founded.                                including classical guitarist
After mission work in her native                            Christopher Parkening. They
Northern Ireland, Amy longed                                guide us through the develop-
to go to China, where many of                               ment, personal crises, challenges,
her missionary friends had gone. Instead she ended          remarkable work output, and the compelling inner
up in the mysterious land of India, where the suffer-       motivation of Bach, showing why it was so important
ing was great and her faith would be tested to the          to the composer that his gifts be used for the glory of
utmost, but hundreds of lives would be changed for          God alone. He got his wish. Bach died in obscurity,
all eternity. 50 minutes.                                   his grave not even marked. But God was glorified as
                 DOC DVD - #500840D, $19.99 $14.99          Bach’s music enriches the passing centuries and
                                                            leaves the world with a priceless treasure. 43 minutes.
                                                                                       DOC DVD - #4703D, $19.99

William Tyndale:
Man with a Mission                                          John Bunyan:
Those interested in the life and                            The Journey of a Pilgrim
work of William Tyndale will want
                                                            This documentary, filmed at the
to have this captivating interview
                                                            John Bunyan Museum in Bedford,
with renowned Tyndale scholar Dr.
                                                            England, presents a detailed look
David Daniell, author of the
                                                            at Bunyan’s life, chronicled by
authoritative William Tyndale: A
                                                            John Pestell, author of Travel with
Biography. In this program, Dr. Daniell shares fasci-
                                                            John Bunyan. Pestell recounts
nating insights into many little-known details of
                                                            Bunyan’s mischievous childhood,
Tyndale’s life. We see how he followed his call from
                                                            the nightmares that plagued him,
God to make the Scriptures available in the English
                                                            and the events and influences that
language, then fled England and became a hunted
                                                            impacted his life. It was years
fugitive. 42 minutes.
                                                            later, well into adulthood, that Bunyan finally found
                 DOC DVD - #500884D, $19.99 $14.99          inner peace. He began preaching illegally, which led
                                                            to his arrest and imprisonment. During the twelve
                                                            years he spent in prison, he wrote The Pilgrim’s
Count Zinzendorf:                                           Progress, which became an instant bestseller and
Prophet of the Heart                                        remains the world’s most circulated book, next to the
                                                            Bible. 42 minutes (EST, S).
Born into nobility during the 18th
                                                                              DOC DVD - #501116D, $19.99 $14.99
century, Zinzendorf abandoned a
life of wealth and privilege to fol-
low God’s call and study religion.
He established a refugee settle-
ment for persecuted Christians to                           George Washington Carver
live and study together. This atmosphere, along with        George Washington Carver,
Zinzendorf’s convictions and teachings, set the stage       known for inventing peanut but-
for the modern missionary movement as we know it            ter, was one of the world’s
today. Meet Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf            foremost experts in horticulture.
in this intriguing and enlightening series. DVD             He was so brilliant that Henry
includes PDF. Four 25-minute segments.                      Ford and Thomas Edison tried to
                   SG    DOC DVD - #500851D, $19.99         hire him, but he declined. He
                                                            wasn’t interested in fame or for-
                                                            tune. He simply marveled at
A Prophet with Honor                                        God’s creation and wanted to
Meet Billy Graham and hear in his own                       help mankind. In spite of growing up in segre-
words about the opportunities and challenges                gated America, he met the challenges of
that marked major turning points for him.                   poverty, frailty, sickness, and the KKK, and saw
Documentary footage, Mr. Graham’s own                       every obstacle as a blessing and an opportunity
explanations, and comments from friends,
                                                            to learn. He helped shape 20th-century America
associates and critics provide insight into one
of the most influential lives of our era. 50 minutes.       through his profound spiritual conviction, and
                                                            his passion for exploration. 60 minutes.
                       DVD - #501236D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99
                                                                                   DOC DVD - #98395D, $14.99

56                            Order online and save at
Robber of the Cruel Streets: George Müller
George Müller (1805-1898) was a German playboy who found Christ and then
gave his life to serve Christ unreservedly. His mission was to rescue orphans
from the wretched street life that enslaved so many children in England during
the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. Müller rescued, cared for, fed, and
educated such children by the thousands. The costs were enormous for such a
great work. Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he
prayed, and his children never missed a meal. Here is his life story of how God
answered prayer and supplied his needs. It is a story that raises foundational
questions regarding faith and finances. Includes a 30-minute documentary fea-
turing some of the lives that have been influenced by Müller over the years.
Winner of the European Adam Award. 60 minutes + 30-minute extra feature.
                                                     T  DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #500939D, $19.99
Book - 172 pg, #45395, $19.99. Both for $29.99, #98468D

Charles Wesley:                                              Eric Liddell:
A Heart Set Free                                             Champion of Conviction
This film explores the facets of                             This fascinating documentary
the poet, husband, and hymn                                  presents the life of Eric Liddell,
writer Charles Wesley. Follow                                who was best known as an ath-
Charles as a failed missionary                               lete in the 1924 Olympics as
to America, then back home,                                  depicted in the Academy
depressed and dejected till he                               Award-winning film, “Chariots
experienced a mighty conver-                                 of Fire.” Following the
sion in May, 1738 that placed within him the great           Olympics, Eric went to China
desire to reach others.                                      as a missionary. By 1941, how-
     Shot on location in England and the U.S., this          ever, China was becoming
documentary by award-winning producer and                    more unstable and Japan was
director T.N. Mohan brings a detailed and well-              increasing its control. It wasn’t long until the
researched perspective to Charles Wesley’s history           Japanese began moving people into internment
through many never-before-seen archival letters,             camps. There, Eric continued to live out his faith,
manuscripts and other documents, with interviews             impacting the lives of many fellow prisoners,
with leading experts. 101 minutes.                           including some 300 children who were separated
                   T    DOC DVD - #501243D, $19.99
                                                             from their parents. Hear the compelling story of a
                                                             humble man with a simple and personal faith
                                                             whose life’s purpose was to glorify God. Includes
The Life of C.S. Lewis                                       50-minute and 110-minute versions (EST, S).
This Day of Discovery program           NEW!                                    T    DOC DVD - #501234D, $19.99
takes you on a journey of the life
of C.S. Lewis; from his childhood                                         Also available is The Story of Eric
in Ireland to his final days at his                                       Liddell, 90 min.
home. You’ll encounter those who                                                            DVD - #1156D, $16.99
knew him, worked with him, and
found refuge at his home during
the Nazis’ bombings of England.                              Josiah Henson:
You will be touched by the man
whose spiritual legacy has affect-
                                                             The Real Uncle Tom
ed the lives of millions. 90 minutes.                        Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom
                                                             will take you on a visual journey
                       DVD - #98191D, $16.99
                                                             from the historic Uncle Tom’s cabin
Beyond Narnia                                                in Maryland, to Kentucky. and ulti-
Readers and movie fans worldwide know the                    mately, to the famous underground
land of Narnia and the magical beings who                    railroad. Join host Larnelle Harris, as
dwell there. But few know the genius who cre-                he shows you how this African-American minister
ated this beloved fantasy. Now meet C.S.                     went from spiritual bondage in sin, to freedom in
Lewis, an extraordinary creative force, in this              Christ: from physical bondage in slavery, to political
engaging biography, filmed in Oxford,                        freedom and on to help other former slaves to read,
England where he lived, worked and imagined the tales
that make up the beloved “Chronicles of Narnia.” Starring
                                                             write, and learn a trade. 60 minutes + extras.
Anton Rodgers. 54 minutes.                                                             DOC DVD - #71983D, $14.99
                               DVD - #51567D, $19.99 $9.99

                     To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           57
                               Around the World
The Cross:                                               EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE
Jesus in China                                              from Eric Velu Productions
Here is an honest and comprehen-
sive account of Christianity in                          Journey into the Unknown
China over the last 50 years. The
film answers the question raised                         Hanneke, a child psychologist
by many people outside China:                            in Amsterdam, is convinced
How did the number of Chinese                            that she has heard God’s voice
Christians increase from 700,000 in 1949 to approx-      to give up her job, leave
imately 70 million today despite Communist               everything behind and move
control? Using live footage and interviews, the          to Mongolia. Mongolia is one
four-part series captures the true stories of many       of the coldest countries in the
people and seeks to answer the most common               world. The majority of men
questions: How does the Chinese government               are alcoholics, causing violent
deal with Chinese Christians and vice-versa? How         behavior and disrupting fami-
did Chinese Christians develop, survive and              ly life. Hanneke now lives in Mongolia, giving of
grow? What influence have they had and will they         herself to those who need it most. She has left
have on Chinese society? Three episodes and one          everything behind to pursue her calling and jour-
short subject, approximately four hours total (EST).     ney into the unknown. We follow her through
                                                         moments of great triumph as well as heartbreak-
                       DOC DVD - #96612D, $19.99         ing failure. 52 minutes (EST).
                                                                              DOC DVD - #501169D, $19.99

                                                         Mama Heidi
Mission on Everest:
                                                         Heidi and Rolland Baker
A Divine Appointment                                     answered the call to minister
                                                         in Mozambique. Working with
On May 17, 2006, French moun-
                                                         the poorest of the poor, they
taineer Philippe Martinez, after
                                                         made a difference by taking
enduring weeks of extreme tem-
                                                         over a dilapidated orphanage.
peratures, high winds and low
                                                         The children had all kinds of
oxygen levels, reached the sum-
                                                         diseases and even had to eat
mit of Mount Everest to fulfill a
                                                         rats to stay alive. Heidi and Rolland began edu-
single purpose — to take the
                                                         cating, feeding, and praying for the children and
Word of God to the top of the
                                                         experienced amazing miracles of healing.
world. Upon reaching the sum-
                                                         Currently, they oversee three residential orphan-
mit, Martinez prayed for the nations, sang a hymn
                                                         ages and schools, caring for 700 children, and
and buried his Bible in the snow, a symbolic gesture
                                                         have inspired many pastors to care for hundreds
of proclaiming God’s Word to the ends of the earth.
                                                         more. 52 minutes.
Discover the deep conviction behind the man who
followed God’s call to this divine appointment.                      DOC     T DVD - #4800D, $19.99 $14.99
52 minutes (F, EST).
                    T  DOC DVD - #501276D, $19.99
                                                         Till My Last Breath
                                                         Pastor Sunday Adelaja left
                                                         Nigeria to study journalism in
                                                         Belarus, USSR. There, the
Romero                                                   government tried to persuade
                                                         him to study socialism, but
Romero is a compelling theatrical
                                                         Sunday resisted, preferring to
feature film on the life of
                                                         turn to God for his ideals.
Archbishop Oscar Romero of El
                                                         Today he is pastor to more
Salvador, who made the ultimate
                                                         than 20,000 believers and has
sacrifice in a passionate stand
                                                         started churches all over the
against social injustice and oppres-
                                                         world. In this inspiring program, you will wit-
sion in his country. Raul Julia stars
                                                         ness unique footage of the impact of this
as this man of God forced by the
                                                         man’s faith and what God can do when one
unspeakable events going on around him to take a
                                                         obeys His call. 28 minutes (EST, DST, FST, GST,
stand that ultimately leads to his assassination in
                                                         UST, RuST, extras).
1980 at the hands of the military junta. Also starring
                                                                  DOC    T   DVD - #500821D, $19.99 $14.99
Richard Jordan and Ana Alicia. Parental discretion
suggested. 105 minutes (EST, S, extras).
                   T    DRAMA DVD - #501303D, $19.99
                                                                Buy all three DVDs above
                                                              for $34.99, #98420D. Save $15!
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Beyond the Next                                           Mission: God at Work,
Mountain                                                  Faith in Action
A powerful drama originally made                          Here are 24 mission stories from
for theatrical release. At the close of                   around the world that show the
the 19th century, the British brand-                      amazing diversity and power of
ed the Hmar people of northeast                           God’s Spirit at work. This award-
India as “the worst headhunters,” a                       winning series was created as a
label well deserved at the time. But                      prime-time TV series. Hosts are
in 1910, a single copy of the Gospel of John reached      Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint
their village and introduced them to a revolutionary      who was one of the five mission-
“new life in Christ.” This is the story of the personal   aries killed in Ecuador in 1956, and Dianne Becker,
pilgrimage and vision of one tribesman’s son,             who has traveled the world producing mission sto-
Rochunga Pudaite. 97 minutes (EST, S, K, Hi, bio on       ries. Stories include cannibals transformed by
Rochunga).                                                God’s love, living water offered to African vil-
                          DRAMA DVD - #4790D, $19.99
                                                          lagers, street children offered a new life, and more.
                                                          225 minutes.

Gladys Aylward –                                                                   DOC   DVD - #4785D, $24.99
The Small Woman with                                      Breakthrough:
a Great God                                               The Life of James O. Fraser
Gladys Aylward may have been                              In 1908, a young English college
small in stature at barely five feet                      graduate gave up a potential
tall, but she was a giant of convic-                      career and fame to serve as a mis-
tion! This fascinating                                    sionary in the remote regions of
documentary presents the events                           China. But after six years, there
of Gladys’ life, chronicled by Carol                      was little response and the mis-
Purves, author of Chinese Whispers: The Gladys            sion wanted him to go elsewhere.
Aylward Story and accompanied by photographs,             Adapted from Mountain Rain, the
illustrations, and recordings of Gladys’ own voice.       biography written by Eileen
From her harrowing journey onto the mission field to      Fraser Crossman, Fraser’s daughter, Breakthrough is
her ambitious trek with 100 orphans across the            an inspiring half-hour docudrama about this man,
mountains to safety from a Japanese invasion, see         his journey, and a people changed through prayer.
how this ordinary woman experienced the extraordi-        This multi-language DVD is a story about personal
nary, simply because she said “yes” to God.               sacrifice, perseverance, and the power of prayer. It
62 minutes (EST, S, SST).                                 is an opportunity to step back in time 100 years to
                  T     DOC DVD - #501289D, $19.99        experience the life of a missionary pioneer to the
                                                          Lisu people in East Asia. Good for small groups or
Steve Saint: The                                          classroom use. Widescreen, 36 minutes (EST, S, C, M,
                                                          G, KST, and more).
Jungle Missionary                                                        T DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #501292D, $19.99
Steve Saint recalls life in the jun-
gles of Ecuador and the events
surrounding the death of his
father, Nate Saint, and four other
                                                          Journey into the Amazon
missionaries in 1956. After the                           Traveling to South America, Steve
men were killed by the Auca                               Saint leads a group out of their
tribe, now known as Waodani, Steve’s Aunt Rachel          comfort zone and into the jungles
and Elisabeth Elliot, wife of one of the martyrs,         of Ecuador. The group includes
bravely decided to carry on their work. As a result,      many who are connected to the
many Waodani committed their lives to serving             most famous missionary story of
God.                                                      our time—the five men who were
      Steve grew up among the Waodani, dividing           killed in Ecuador in 1956 by the
his time between school in the U.S. and the jungle        tribe then known as the Aucas.
village. At the Waodani’s request, Steve brought his      Now known as the Waodani, the
wife and children to live amongst the people.             tribe’s spiritual leaders are the very men who killed
      This fascinating documentary combines               the missionaries. Living with the Waodani, the
Steve’s testimonial with photographs and rare film        group shares their way of life and their faith. Along
footage to present a captivating, true story of for-      the way, the travelers and the Waodani share their
giveness, Christian love, and missionary devotion         memories, their experiences, and how they live out
to God’s call. 49 minutes (EST).                          their Christian faith. 62 minutes (EST).
                   T     DOC DVD - #501239D, $19.99
                                                                               T   DOC DVD - #501252D, $19.99

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                         59
Malatya                               NEW!               Richard and Sabina                       NEW!
In the middle of the day on April
18, 2007, three men were brutally                        Wurmbrand
murdered inside a Bible publish-                         Before Communism fell in
ing office in Malatya, Turkey. The                       Eastern Europe, Christians were
murders sent shock waves                                 often arrested, kept in prisons
throughout Turkey, especially                            and brutally tortured as the athe-
among the small Christian popu-                          istic regimes did all they could
lation. The men were murdered                            to break of believers’ faith.
because they were believed to be                         Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
anti-government agents seeking                           endured unthinkable horror at
to overthrow the Turkish way of life. But in spite of    the hands of the Communist tyrants in Romania.
the many trials believers are facing as a result of      Their faith and witness were only strengthened,
this perception, God is building His church in           even through multiple imprisonments. After being
Turkey. Malatya is the story of the martyrs, the         literally ransomed out of Romania, the
Turkish church, and the enduring faithfulness of         Wurmbrands began a ministry now known as “The
God. 77 minutes, includes an audio/visual prayer         Voice of the Martyrs,” to bring awareness of the
guide.                                                   persecution of Christians that continues in many
                             DVD - #98190D, $14.99       places of the world. Their legacy lives on through
                                                         the work they began and the many lives they
Beyond Torture                                                Hear their incredible story through Richard and
                                                         Sabina’s own voices and interviews with their son
Beyond Torture documents the                             Mihai. Rare film footage and photos are included,
persecution of Romanians under                           from the archives of The Voice of the Martyrs and
the Communist regime. In 1949,                           the Wurmbrand family. 50 minutes (EST, S, SST, RoST).
Stalinist Soviets began a system-
                                                                               T   DOC DVD - #501296D, $19.99
atic sweep of Romanian college
campuses. Their purpose was to                           See the Torchlighters episode about Richard
imprison and transform young                             Wurmbrand on page 23.
Romanians into a communistic
way of thinking. Electrical shock, hallucinogenic
drugs, near starvation and fatal beatings were daily
rituals in the prison of Pitesti, Romania. But this
sadistic story goes beyond torture—this was an
attempt to totally destroy a people’s culture and
                                                         A Cry from Iran
faith. In this documentary, you’ll meet three sur-       In 1993, a judge in Iran issued an
vivors from the prison of Pitesti and see shocking       official death sentence to Mehdi
paintings that capture the essence of extreme torture.   Dibaj, a man already imprisoned
This DVD also includes an in-depth one-hour inter-       for ten years. Dibaj’s only crime
view with Father Roman Braga, prison survivor and        was converting from Islam to
spiritual leader. 35 minutes plus 60-minute interview    Christianity. A copy of the official
(EST).                                                   execution order was leaked to
                                                         Haik Hovsepian, the leader of
                         DOC DVD - #501166D, $19.99
                                                         Evangelical Christians in Iran. Haik, at peril to his
                                                         own life, launched an international campaign to
                                                         bring an end to the civil rights violations of the
Bless You, Prison                                        Iranian Islamic courts, resulting in Dibaj’s release.
This is the true story of                                Includes hidden camera footage filmed in Iran dur-
Nicoleta Valery Grossu’s amaz-                           ing the actual events. 54 minutes + extras.
ing survival in a Romanian                                                         DOC DVD - #30022D, $14.99
Communist prison camp and
how faith in the Lord enabled
her to transcend relentless cru-                         Behind the Sun
elty. She was taken from her                             Samir is a Muslim from the Middle East,
home, jailed without a trial and                         attending college in America. After gradua-
tortured repeatedly. She could                           tion, he returns to see his family, but
betray her collaborators and die, or she could find      something has drastically changed in his
God. Nicoleta found God in that Communist                life while he was gone. As his family
prison, and it made all the difference. Dubbed in        awaits his arrival, the young man’s fears
English. Widescreen, 86 minutes (EST, Ro, Behind-        are overwhelming. Samir knows trouble and persecution
                                                         lie ahead because he has done the unthinkable—he has
                                                         become a Christian. 56 minutes (S).
                     DRAMA T DVD - #4746D, $19.99
                                                                                      DRAMA DVD - #300129D, $12.99

60                          Order online and save at
From Vengeance                                           Untold Stories
to Forgiveness
After the Japanese bombed Pearl
                                                         of Columbine
Harbor, Corporal Jacob                                   Rachel Joy Scott was killed in the
DeShazer became a man bent on                            Columbine High School tragedy in
revenge. As a bombardier in the                          April, 1999. Her father, Darrell
Army Air Corps, he volunteered                           Scott, tells the untold stories
for a top secret mission and flew                        behind the tragic shootings in this
with the legendary Doolittle                             award-winning video. Hear how many young peo-
Raiders in their surprise attack on Japan. After         ple took a stand for their convictions. Scott also
successfully bombing their targets, the Raiders          reveals the amazing contents of his deceased daugh-
were forced to bail out over occupied China. Jake        ter’s diaries and her apparent premonitions of what
and seven other airmen were captured by the              was to come. Also included on this video are
Japanese and imprisoned. He survived over three          excerpts from Rachel’s funeral service, as seen on
years as a POW, enduring torture, starvation, and        CNN worldwide. This amazing story of tragedy and
solitary confinement. During that time, Jake             God’s mercy is a powerful and shining testimony for
began a personal relationsbhip with God, and his         Jesus Christ. 80 minutes.
life was never the same. Here is his unforgettable                          T    DOC DVD - #4862D, $14.99
story. 81 minutes.
                       DOC   DVD - #51013D, $16.99

Journey Toward
Forgiveness                                              Uganda: Ready to Forgive
                                                         An African story of God’s amazing grace
Here are seven emotional stories of
people who have dealt with anger                         Through twenty years of war, the
and forgiveness in the face of racial                    Acholi people of Northern
injustice, violent death and termi-                      Uganda endured rape, torture
nal illness. The Derksens began the                      and child abduction. Many were
long path toward forgiveness after                       displaced in squalid camps.
their 13-year-old daughter was abducted and mur-         Thousands died. Others are still
dered. Walter Wangerin, Jr., a pastor and storyteller,   missing. Despite all of this, the
shares the story of a couple facing cancer. He was       Acholi are united in a belief that
beaten and his brother was shot, yet John Perkins        the only real solution is reconcili-
turned hate into hope. These compelling accounts         ation and forgiveness. The
show how bitterness can be overcome and healing          program is hosted by Rwandan genocide sur-
found by forgiveness. Free downloadable PDF guide.       vivor, Immaculée Ilibagiza. A free user’s guide
58 minutes (EST).                                        in PDF can be downloaded from our website.
                   SG DOC T DVD - #4664D, $19.99         60 minutes (EST).
                                                                   T SG     DOC DVD - #501275D, $19.99

       Buy any 3 on this page,
       get the 4th - of equal or
         lesser value - FREE!
                                                         Into His Arms
                                                         A powerful, inspirational movie
70 X 7:                                                  filled with action, drama and a
Forgiveness                                              message that will touch the
                                                         depths of your soul. A family is
to the Extreme                                           shattered when seven-year-old
                                                         Jennifer disappears while she and
This is a true story that shows                          her mother, Sharla, are shopping.
how the power of love and for-                           As the days pass, police searches
giveness can change lives. Drugs,                        lead to nothing. Sharla prays, struggling over how a
jail time, wife abuse—everybody                          loving God could allow evil to happen to a child—a
had given up on Robert Carrillo.                         child entrusted into His arms. This film raises ques-
Then came a police officer with more power than the      tions of faith without offering simplistic answers.
law. If this story were not true it would be unbeliev-   Through it all, one biblical truth prevails: in the midst
able. This program will challenge you to consider        of chaos, God is still with us. 77 minutes (EST, S, Pt,
Christ’s call to forgiveness. 45 minutes.                director’s commentary, behind the scenes).
      DOCU-DRAMA DVD (generic case) - #98752D, $19.99                           T   DRAMA DVD - #4781D, $14.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                            61
                               The Christian Faith
Christianity Explored
Christianity Explored is a fast-paced ten-part adventure from Rico Tice and Barry Cooper.
Here is an attention-grabbing jargon-free introduction for those who are open to consider-
ing Jesus Christ. Drawing from the book of Mark in the New Testament, the series shows
who Jesus was, His aims, and what it means in practical everyday terms to follow Him.
Concise, entertaining and honest, it’s ideal for anyone with little or no experience of
Christianity. Originally used at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London, this video
series has enjoyed an enthusiastic reception around the world and has been used to intro-
duce a wide diversity of people from various ages and many backgrounds to the Gospel.
Ideal for local church or small group outreach to provide a clear and engaging introduction to Jesus.
                                                                    T    2-disc DVD set, 4 hours. DVD - #88959D, $79.00
                                                                                          Leader’s Guide - #88932, $9.99
                                                                                             Study Guide - #88933, $4.99
                                                                                 Starter Pack - #98263D, $149.99
                                                                                 DVD set
                                                                                 3 Leader’s Guides
                                                                                 9 Study Guides
Resource Books
                                                                                 How to Run the Course book
Christianity Explored, 126 pages. - #88934, $8.99
If You Could Ask God One Question, 124 pages. - #88945 $8.99
How to Run the Course, 152 pages. - #88930, $15.99                                Sample Pack - #98262D, $24.99
                                                                                  1 Leader’s Guide
“What I welcome about the Christianity Explored                                   1 Study Guide
course is that in taking us through Mark’s Gospel, it                             How to Run the Course book
emphasizes truths which are often neglected like the
                                                                                        Also available, Youth Edition
gravity of sin, the centrality of the cross, the sufficiency
                                                                                              Leader’s Guide - #56444, $9.99
of grace, and the necessity of repentance.”
                                                                                                 Study Guide - #56443, $3.99
            Dr John Stott, All Souls Church, London
                                                                                            Also see Discipleship
             Invitations, posters, tracts and banners available.
      Full description and pricing available at                         Explored on page 63.

The Apostles’ Creed (full curriculum)                                                                      NEW!
The Apostles’ Creed is a living link that takes us over centuries to the Early Church. It’s a
bond that unites believers today from diverse cultures and traditions. It’s a concise sum-
mary of Biblical faith taught to new believers in the Early Church prior to their being
baptized. These programs demonstrate the timeless power and importance of the Creed
and feature an international and interdenominational cast of notable theologians:
Dr. Timothy George, Dean Beeson Divinity School, host of the full-length curriculum.
Dr. N.T. Wright, Biblical Scholar and Bishop of Durham
Dr. Robert Mulholland, Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary
Dr. Alistair McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology, Wycliffe College, Oxford
Dr. Derek Tidball, Principal, London School of Theology
Dr. Kallistos Ware, Bishop of Diokleia, Oxford
Dr. Tony Lane, Professor, London School of Theology
Dr. Martin Marty, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago
Dr. William Johnson, former Professor of New Testament Theology, Andrew University
Dr. Peter Contrell, former Principal, London School of Theology
Rev. Mark Galli, Managing Editor, Christianity Today
Rev. Richard Bewes, former Rector, All Souls Church, London
Dr. Timothy Dudley-Smith, Bishop of Salisbury
The series traces the origin of the Apostles’ Creed, placing it in its historical context, and the theologians
examine each phrase of the Creed, emphasizing its relevance and application to our lives today. Producer-
director for the series is T.N. Mohan, who also produced the award-winning films Hanged on a Twisted
Cross, Here I Stand, For One English Officer, and Christianity and Islam. A free PDF guide is available on our
website. 9 1/2 -hour full-length version or 2-hour abridged version (EST).
                                                           T   SG       DOC   Full-length version - DVD - #501308D, $99.99
                                                                              Abridged Version - DVD - #501176D, $29.99

62         After hours, “Audrey,” our automated order taker, is standing by to serve you.
                                  Christian Living
Discipleship Explored
From the same team that made Christianity Explored, this eight-part series
explores Paul’s letter to the Philippians and its call to live wholeheartedly for
Christ. It is intended for those beginning the Christian life and those who would
like a “refresher.” It is ideal for new Christians who have just completed
Christianity Explored. 97 minutes.

Session 1 - Confident in Christ (Philippians 1:1-11)
Session 2 - Living in Christ (Philippians 1:12-26)
Session 3 - Standing Together in Christ (Philippians 1:27-2:11)
Session 4 - Transformed by Christ (Philippians 2:12-30)
Session 5 - Righteous in Christ (Philippians 3:1-9)
Session 6 - Knowing Christ (Philippians 3:10-4:1)
Session 7 - Rejoicing in Christ (Philippians 4:2-9)                                        T DVD - #33444D, $49.00
Session 8 - Content in Christ (Philippians 4:10-23)                         Leader’s Guide (126 pages) - #88963, $9.99
                                                                               Study Guide (66 pages) - #88964, $4.99
 “We are using the materials in our church and the                                     Starter Pack - #98264D, $99.00
 response — by young and old alike — is that it is clear, (Starter Pack includes a DVD, 3 leader’s guides and 9 study guides)
 engaging, and makes clear man’s condition and Christ’s
 provision and what it means to be a disciple.”                       Also see Christianity Explored on page 62.
                                               D. Louden

Faith of Our Fathers                                            How Should We Then Live?
 The heart of the Christian faith is                            This is Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s
summarized in the Apostles’                                     spectacular series on the rise and
Creed. Many hymnwriters, such                                   decline of Western culture from a
as Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts,                                 Christian perspective. This spe-
and John Newton, wrote hymns                                    cial edition includes an intimate
that reflect the words and doc-                                 in-depth interview with Francis
trines of the Apostles’ Creed.                                  and Edith Schaeffer, which is
This program presents a selection                               available only in this package.
of those hymns. Some of them                                    This program presents profound
are familiar to many of us, such                                truths in simple language and
as “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “I Sing the Mighty                    concludes that man’s only hope is a return to
Power of God.” Others, perhaps, are not as well                 God’s Biblical absolute — the Truth revealed in
known, such as “Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise”                Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focus-
and “The Judgment Has Set.” But all of the selected             es on a significant era of history while presenting
hymns reflect the faith of our fathers as seen in the           answers to modern problems. Includes PDF study
Apostles’ Creed.                                                guide on DVD. Twelve 30-minute sessions.
Host for the program is Dr. Timothy George, Dean                Included is a two-segment interview with Francis
of Beeson Divinity School, Samford University.                  and Edith Schaeffer on “Living with Suffering and
Vocal performances are provided by Joseph and                   Sickness” and “God’s Leading in L’Abri and Our
Suzanne Hopkins. 58 minutes.                                    Lives.” 6 hours total.
                        DOC DVD - #501310D, $14.99                                SG    DOC DVD - #90009D, $49.99

                                                                Also available is Whatever Happened to the Human
                                                                Race? 150 minutes. DVD - #66209D, $39.99

Reality with Dr. Michael Green
This 12-part series, originally produced for European television, follows host Dr. Michael
Green on a search through the intellectual archives of modern civilization. These pro-
grams pull no punches and refuse to cave in to political correctness. They confront the
prevailing multicultural ideology and affirm the unique claims of the Gospel of Christ. All
religions are not the same, and Green shows why. These programs provide young people
with the foundation for Christian fidelity. Includes a guide in PDF format.
                                             SG   DOC DVD (2) - #4809D, $59.99 $39.99
                                              Reality printed Study Guide #4580, $19.99

                     To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                                     63
To God Be the Glory                                     Worship Africa
From America’s rolling land-                            This DVD/CD set is a call to wor-
scapes to snow-capped                                   ship! Viewers will experience the
mountains, this DVD shows us                            vibrancy of Africa with the dra-
the glory of God. This breathtak-                       matic wildlife and nature footage,
ing film is accompanied by                              accompanied by contemporary
beautiful instrumental arrange-                         worship music. The combination
ments of best-loved hymns. The                          of viewing God’s incredible cre-
14 selections include “To God Be                        ation and listening to His songs
the Glory,” “Be Still My Soul,”                         of praise will cause one to stop
“Like a River Glorious,” and oth-                       and take time to worship in his
ers. The two-disc set includes a DVD with on-screen     or her own heart. Volume 1
Scriptures, optional lyric subtitles, and bonus audio   includes “Above All,” “Days of
CD. A PDF of the lyrics is available on our website.    Elijah,” and 9 more. Volume 2
58 minutes.                                             includes “He Reigns,” “Great Is
                 T DVD/CD set - #501210D, $19.99        the Lord,” and 9 more. Menu options provide sing-a-
                                                        long lyric subtitles and full vocal audio or
                                                        instrumental only music. With bonus CD (EST).
Sandfloor Cathedral                                                 T Volume 1 DVD/CD - #501293D, $19.99
                                                                        Volume 2 DVD/CD - #501294D, $19.99
Want to find a new way to relax?
In this unusual video journey,                                              DVD/CD set of 2 - #98270D, $29.99
viewers become deep sea divers
from the comfort of their own
living rooms as we explore ocean
depths, sea life, and the extraor-                      Favorite Hymns
dinary interplay of motion, color                       of Billy Graham
and aquatic creatures. All of this
                                                        For thirty years, Wintley Phipps
is accompanied by the original
                                                        has had the privilege of singing at
and award-winning music ver-
                                                        Billy Graham’s crusades. He once
sion of Sandfloor Cathedral Symphony No. 5, featuring
                                                        asked Mr. Graham if he would be
the London Symphony Orchestra. Together the
                                                        kind enough to share a list of some
visuals and the music draw us into a new world
                                                        of his favorite hymns. Here are
with whom we share our planet, a world where we
                                                        some of the more prominent ones from that list,
leave our own mundane cares and burdens aside
                                                        sung by Wintley Phipps. Included are “And Can It
for a while and are transported into a realm of
                                                        Be,” “Just as I Am,” “Amazing Grace,” and more.
beauty, strength, fulfillment, and emotional qui-
                                                        45 minutes.
etude. We are brought to what might be called the
cathedral of the sea, or the Sandfloor Cathedral.                                      DVD - #50393D, $14.99
This set includes the DVD and the bonus music CD.
44 minutes + extras.
                   T DVD/CD set - #501175D, $19.99

Celtic Hymns                                            Cotton Patch Gospel
                                                        This award-winning musical
Experience the matchless beauty                         drama is a leg-slappin’, toe-tap-
of Ireland as this musical jour-                        pin’, hand-clappin’ hoe-down of
ney reveals the majesty of our                          a story that retells the Gospels of
Creator. Delightful film from                           Matthew and John — translated
Ireland is accompanied by                               into present day Southern ver-
instrumental Celtic hymns, med-                         nacular. It brings the far away
itations and prayers. The 20                            places of Nazareth, Jerusalem
selections include “The King of                         and Bethlehem closer to home —
Love My Shepherd Is,” “He Hideth My Soul,” “St.         Atlanta and Valdosta, Georgia.
Patrick’s Breastplate,” “Amazing Grace,” and more.      From his birth in a trailer in Gainesville, Georgia
The two-disc set includes a DVD with on-screen          to his Good Friday lynching and Easter Sunday
Scriptures and optional lyric subtitles, and a bonus    victory, the story of Mary Davidson’s son, Jesus,
audio CD. A PDF of the lyrics is available on our       is presented musically with zest and uninhibited
website. Widescreen, 68 minutes.                        joy. The musical score is by the late Harry
                  T DVD/CD set - #501209D, $19.99       Chapin. 110 minutes.
Also available: Footprints                                                           DVD - #31292D, $14.99
                    DVD/CD set - #501211D, $19.99

64           We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
Reasonable Doubt                                       Expelled!
Discover the fascinating mod-                          Ben Stein travels the world and
ern science, unknown to                                learns the inspiring truth that
Charles Darwin, that is posing                         educators and scientists are being
new challenges to biologic evo-                        ridiculed, denied tenure and even
lutionary theory. This                                 fired — for the “crime” of merely
thought-provoking DVD is not                           believing that there might be evi-
a Creation or Intelligent Design                       dence of design in nature, and
presentation, and it does not                          that perhaps life is not just the
argue for any particular alterna-                      result of accidental, random chance. Widescreen,
tive theory to evolution. It just                      90 minutes. A leader’s guide in PDF is available on
presents facts and questions regarding evolution       our website.
in a logical and interesting way, stimulating you                SG T DOC DVD - #600492D, $26.99 $19.99
to reflect further on this important issue. 73 min.
                 T   DOC DVD - #501240D, $19.99

                                                       Icons of Evolution
                                                       New scientific evidence is emerg-
Incredible Creatures that                              ing that places Darwin’s theory of
Defy Evolution                                         evolution under closer scrutiny
                                                       than ever before. These scientific
Volume I — You will marvel at                          critics of Darwin claim that many
this program and its fascinating                       famous “icons” of evolution,
exploration of scientific wonders                      including Darwin’s “Tree of Life,”
in the world of animals. Dr. Jobe                      the Galapagos Island finches and
Martin provides powerful evi-                          embryos that look remarkably
dence suggesting that some                             similar, are based on outdated
animal designs can be attributed                       research and faulty logic. 60 minutes.
only to a Creator. They cannot                                                DOC DVD - #2043D, $19.99
possibly be explained by evolu-
tion. 47 minutes. DVD - #98947D
Volume II — Dr. Jobe Martin provides further evi-
dence of complex designs in the animal world that      Creation or Evolution?
questions the foundations of evolutionary theory.
46 minutes. DVD - #98948D                              Can the Bible’s account of cre-
                                                       ation be reconciled with modern
Volume III — This award-winning series continues       scientific fact? Whether you’re a
with further evidence from the fascinating world of    parent, teacher, student, or sim-
animals with Dr. Jobe Martin. This program will        ply curious, you’ll appreciate
inspire you to look more closely at the world around   this candid, informative
you. 50 minutes. DVD - #98676D                         Christian perspective and analy-
                      DOC DVD - $22.99 $19.99 each     sis of both the geologic record
                      DVD set of 3 - #98684D, $49.99   and the biblical account of cre-
                                                       ation. This video will help you
                                                       better understand this controversial subject.
                                                       58 min. (EST).
                                                                DOC DVD - #500874D, $19.99 $14.99
The Wonders
of God’s Creation
This DVD collection presents the                       Journeys to the
beauty, wonder and miracle of                          Edge of Creation
God’s creation. Combining spec-
tacular photography with decades                       Join scientists in this quest for dis-
of research, the series unlocks                        covery, enhanced by amazing
many of the mysteries of the uni-                      tools of astronomy that draw the
verse, giving the viewer an even deeper appreciation   deepest regions of space into clear-
for God’s infinite power, wisdom and everlasting       er focus than at any time in
love. The three programs are Planet Earth, Animal      history. The two programs are Our
Kingdom, and Human Life. 193 minutes total.            Solar System and The Milky Way and Beyond. 80 min.
                                                                               DOC DVD (2) - #67252D, $14.99
                      DOC DVD (3) - #67248D, $24.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                      65
                                Evangelistic Dramas
Unidentified                                                     Evangelism Trilogy
A man claims to have encoun-                                     Three evangelistic dramas on one
tered a UFO, and two reporters                                   DVD! Future Tense (30 min.) —
from a national magazine are                                     Michael dreams he and his family
sent to investigate. Brad (Josh                                  are waiting to board a heaven-
Adamson) thinks UFOs are a                                       bound plane, but most of his
hoax, but Keith (Jonathan Aube)                                  family misses the plane. Without
senses that something is out                                     Reservation (25 min.) — Four
there. What follows is a quest by                                teenagers leave a party and are vic-
each man to prove the other wrong. Are UFOs real?                tims of a fatal automobile accident. Suspended in
A hoax? Is there an explanation? From Rich                       time and space, they are able to preview the destinies
Christiano, the director of Time Changer, and featur-            of those they have left behind. Moment of Truth
ing Christian singer Rebecca St. James in a                      (30 min.) — Disease has infected mankind, and the
supporting role, Unidentified is a thought-provoking             Master has a plan to rescue humans. An angel is
film that goes beyond the UFO debate and chal-                   assigned to Norman, a demon is sent to keep him
lenges viewers to consider life’s most important                 from the Master, and a human is chosen by the
question. Enhanced widescreen, 85 minutes (S, “The               Master to speak the truth to Norman, who has an
Making of,” cast featurette, and more).                          optimum moment to encounter Christ.
                  DRAMA      DVD - #301009D, $19.99                                       DRAMA DVD - #27110D, $19.99

Time Changer                                                     Escape from Hell
Bible professor Russell Carlisle has written                     Dr. Eric Robinson wants to believe and
a new manuscript entitled “The Changing                          experience the infinite love and warmth
Times.” But his colleague Dr. Norris                             that “near death” testimonies claim is on
Anderson objects, believing that what                            the other side of life. His colleague, Dr.
Carlisle has written could greatly affect the                    Marissa Holloway, is on a crusade to prove
future of coming generations. Using a                            to the world that heaven awaits everyone.
secret time machine, Anderson sends                              In a moment of desperation, Dr. Robinson faces death
Carlisle over 100 years into the future to see where his writ-   and discovers the reality of a hell from which we must all
ing will lead. Widescreen, 99 minutes (S, extras).               escape. Widescreen, 78 minutes (S, commentary).
                        DRAMA        DVD - #98896D, $19.99                                    DRAMA DVD - #98968D, $19.99

 The Stranger                                                    The Perfect Stranger
 From the producers of The                                       Nikki is a successful attorney,
 Perfect Stranger, here are seven                                troubled that her life isn’t per-
 30-minute contemporary ver-                                     fect. One day, a mysterious
 sions of familiar Biblical                                      invitation shows up on her
 stories. Episodes include:                                      desk that reads, “You are
                                                                 invited to dinner with Jesus of
 The Woman at the Well                                           Nazareth.” Thinking it’s a
   A woman struggles with not                                    prank, she shows up, only to
   being perfect.                                                find herself in the middle of a
 The Prodigal Son A young man turns his back                     whirlwind evening of debate
   on a family fortune and winds up sleeping in                  and revelation—with the most unforgettable man
   an alley.                                                     she would ever meet. Based on the bestselling
 Mary and Martha Two sisters with different out-                 novel, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, by David
   looks run a family diner in small town,                       Gregory. 105 minutes.
   Alabama.                                                            DRAMA DVD - #830014D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99
 Salt A grad student faces an outspoken professor
   and his agnostic viewpoints.
 Thomas A boorish radio talk show host berates
                                                                 Another Perfect Stranger
   his listeners on “The Insanity of Faith.”                     This sequel to The Perfect
 Mary Magdalene A senator must cast a deciding                   Stranger (above) picks up the
   vote on a landmark abortion bill.                             story ten years later. Nikki’s
 Walk on Water A teenager is harassed for her                    daughter Sarah is at her own
   beliefs by her mean-spirited classmates.                      spiritual crossroads. While trav-
                                                                 eling to college, Sarah has a
                DRAMA   DVD - #88605D, $34.99 $29.99             conversation with a stranger
                                                                 who shares her disdain for reli-
  Buy The Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger          gion. 96 minutes.
    for $24.99, #98367D. All 3 for $49.99, #98314D                     DRAMA    DVD - #80514D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99

66                              Order online and save at
As a high school freshman, Lee Strobel became convinced that God did not exist. An atheistic worldview
deeply influenced his academic years and early career as a journalist. In 1980, his wife’s conversion to
Christianity led him on an intensive search for the truth about God, beginning with science.

 The Case for Faith
 Despite the compelling historical evidence, many people grapple with serious concerns
 about faith in God. “If God is love, then what about all the suffering in our world?” “If
 Jesus is the door to heaven, then what about the millions who have never heard of him?”
 Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections
 to belief — the eight “heart” barriers to faith. DVD - #22669D, $12.99

  The Case for a Creator
  Based upon a New York Times best-seller, The Case for a Creator is a                              All three
  remarkable film about Strobel’s investigation and journey from spiritu-                        investigations
  al skepticism to a profound faith in the God who has left His indelible                          for $39.99,
  signature upon every galaxy and living cell in the cosmos. 60 minutes                             #24888D
  + extras. DVD - #107139D, $19.99

  The Case for Christ: The Film
  Lee Strobel examines the historical viability and accuracy of the Gospels, along with the
  personal claims and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He asks recognized experts some
  tough questions: How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence exist for Jesus out-
  side the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual historical
  event? 70 minutes. DVD - #21700D, $14.99                                              DOC

The Gospel of Judas                                        Lost Gospels
& Other Gnostic                                            or False Gospels?
Secrets Revealed                                           The four Gospels have long been
The recent discovery of a text                             accepted as the only reliable
buried for centuries and a major                           accounts of the life and teachings
television documentary about it                            of Jesus, until recent alternative
cast new light on the ancient                              writings have surfaced. These
heresy of Gnosticism. This series                          writings bear the names of promi-
provides a Bible-based journey to                          nent early Christians and purport to contain
uncover the truth behind the sup-                          “secret” teachings of Jesus, to fill in the gaps in His
posed “secrets” of Gnosticism. Through interviews          story. What should we make of them? Were they
with leading historians and scholars and the testi-        written by disciples of Jesus as they claim? Top
monies of the Gospel writers and early Church              scholars of early Christian writings answer these
Fathers, we examine how Gnostic beliefs originated,        and other crucial questions. Scholars include
their influence on the Church, and their popularity        Dr. Timothy Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Craig Evans,
and resurgence today. Includes discussion ques-            Dr. Gary Habermas and more. 75 minutes.
tions. Five segments, 64 minutes total.                                             DOC DVD - #900150D, $19.99
    T    DOC DVD - #501054D, $29.99 NOW! $19.99
                                                           With No Apology
                                                           In a series of five intriguing cross-
                                                           town journeys, J. John explores
                                                           with his friend and colleague, Joe
Faith and Science Lecture Forum Series                     Boot, how to answer life’s hardest
World-renowned panelists engage in a lively                questions. Great for group as well
exchange of ideas and worldviews on the topics Who         as individual use, this program
is the True Jesus?, What is the Evidence for/against the   raises tough issues and provides
Existence of God? and Is there Meaning in Evil and         the tools to help you develop your own response.
Suffering? Over 2 1/2 hours each.                                Joe Boot is the executive director of Ravi
              DOC    DVD set of three - #98512D, $39.99    Zacharias International Ministry in Toronto, and J.
                                                           John is a motivational speaker. Free downloadable
                                                           guide in PDF. Five segments, 20-30 minutes each.
                                                              SG   DOC DVD - #500888D, $24.99 NOW! $19.99

                    To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           67
                   Thought-Provoking DVDs
Father’s Love Letter                                      The Searching
This collection of paraphrased Bible   NEW!               Generation:
verses assembled in the form of a
love letter will show viewers how
                                                          The Spiritual Life of
extravagant God’s love is for us.                         Twenty-Somethings
This special 10th anniversary DVD                         The Searching Generation seeks to
and CD set features the narration                         open a dialogue between tradi-
version of the Father’s Love Letter                       tional religious communities and
in both DVD video and CD audio                            the emergent generation. The
formats, along with a collection of                       filmmakers explore the same questions among
other inspirational recordings all                        twenty-somethings of Europe and the U.S., as well
created to draw you closer to the                         as among experts in spirituality, art, film, and
Father’s heart. 90 minutes.                               music. What is spirituality to these generations, and
                      DVD/CD set - #601559D, $18.99       why do they struggle to find their place in the reli-
                                                          gious communities of today? Companion guides
                                                          included in PDF. 30 minutes.
                                                                        T   DOC SG     DVD - #501265D, $19.99

365 Promises                    NEW!
This DVD features a collection of                         No Greater Love
365 paraphrased Bible promises that                       A despondent American journalist
will help you deal with the daily                         is sent to Austria in 1956 to cover
issues of life. Each promise is para-                     the story of the refugee flight from
phrased in the first person from                          Hungary following the demise of
God’s perspective to help make the                        an attempted revolution against
viewing experience more personal.                         Soviet occupation. While investi-
The promises are presented by month on a canvas of        gating the story, he witnesses an
beautiful nature photography accompanied by inspi-        unparalleled act of love that
rational instrumental music. This DVD includes a          changes his perspective on the
total of 18 short videos that can be played together or   events he is covering. Free downloadable PDF
separately.                                               guide. 16 minutes (optional Hungarian subtitles).
                         DVD/CD set - #2351D, $17.99                       SG    DRAMA DVD - #500937D, $14.99

In the Arms of Angels                                     The Bridge
                                                          Three powerful programs!
When eight-year-old Belle dis-
obeys her father, she puts herself                        A dramatic parable on God’s sacri-
and her younger brother in grave                          fice of His Son. A father, working on
danger from a rock slide that                             a railroad track control, sees his
would have meant certain death                            young son coming toward him as a
for both, had God not intervened.                         train is approaching, and he must
Through this event, Belle draws                           decide whom to save, the passen-
closer to God and learns a lesson                         gers or his son. (11 minutes). The Pump is a parabolic
in obedience. 14 minutes (extras).                        film with many Christian parallels (9 minutes). In
                                                          The Mouths of Babes, young children respond to a
                T DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #4817D, $14.99
                                                          series of questions (15 minutes). Free PDF guide.
                                                                        SG DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #501028D, $14.99

The Touch of the                                          Waiting for the Wind
Master’s Hand                                             Walter is faced with a terminal ill-
Based on the beloved poem by                              ness while his son-in-law is
Myra Brooks Welch, the film para-                         struggling with grief over the
ble follows the path of a finely                          death of his young wife and his
crafted violin that falls into uncar-                     disbelief in God. In an unforget-
ing hands. It was about to be                             table scene, Walter’s rugged faith
auctioned off for almost nothing                          is conveyed to his adoring grand-
until it received “a touch from the master’s hand,”       son. Starring Robert Mitchum,
which revealed its great value. Free downloadable         Rhonda Fleming, and Jameson
PDF guide. 20 minutes (S, EST).                           Parker. 22 minutes.
                  SG DOCU-DRAMA DVD - #4652D, $14.99                  DRAMA   DVD - #501192D, $14.99

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                                  Timeless Classics
      BIBLE CLASSICS                     How Green                                 LITERARY CLASSICS
                                         Was My Valley
St. Peter                                The story of one family’s                Les Miserables
In this epic drama,                      dreams, struggles, and
Peter faces many obsta-                                                           Victor Hugo’s stirring
                                         triumphs. A sixty-year-                  novel of redemption and
cles, including those                    old man reminisces                       revolution is brought to
who want to put an                       about the disintegration of his close-   life in this theatrical ver-
end to Christianity, and                 ly-knit family. 118 minutes (EST, S,     sion. Liam Neeson stars
ultimately gives up his                  SST, F).                                 as Jean Valjean, a heart-
own life to spread Christ’s love and                                              less convict who is transformed by a
                                                        DVD - #20060D, $14.99
save the souls of many. Starring                                                  single act of mercy. Parental discre-
Omar Sharif. 186 minutes (EST, SST).                                              tion advised. 134 minutes.
 DVD - #21074D, $24.99 NOW! $14.99
                                         Daniel Boone,
                                                                                           DVD - #23999D, $19.99 $14.99
                                         Trail Blazer
                                         Bruce Bennett, as
 The Story of Ruth                       Daniel Boone, leads
 She wins the hearts of                  settlers into Kentucky
 two powerful men,                       to build a new frontier,                 A rich and beautiful
 Boaz and Tob, who vie                   where they must battle hostile           woman fancies herself a
 for her affections, but                 Indians who believe the settlers are     matchmaker. But her
 Ruth’s first loyalties are              there to kill them and steal their       romantic plans go
 to Naomi and her faith.                 land. This 1956 adventure story also     ridiculously wrong.
 Widescreen, 132 min.                    stars Lon Chaney, Jr. and country        Starring Kate
 (EST, SST, S, F).                       singer Faron Young. Not recom-           Beckingsdale, Prunella Scales and
                                         mended for children. 76 minutes.         Samantha Bond. 100 minutes (EST).
             DVD - #22893D, $14.99
                                                  DVD - #501100D, $9.99 $7.99                   DVD - #70027D, $19.99

 The Bible...In                                                                   Pride and
 the Beginning                           Babette’s Feast                          Prejudice
 The greatest stories of                 Babette, a great French
                                                                                  In a world where
 the Old Testament are                   chef, wins a lot of
                                                                                  obtaining an advanta-
 brought to the screen                   money and spends it all,
                                                                                  geous marriage is a
 with astounding scope                   creating the most memo-
                                                                                  woman’s sole occupa-
 and power in this international         rable meal ever
                                                                                  tion, Elizabeth’s
 film which depicts the first 22         consumed for the simple
                                                                                  independent manner threatens
 chapters of Genesis. Widescreen,        religious villagers. An exploration of
                                                                                  her family’s future. Widescreen,
 171 minutes (EST, SST, F).              life and relationships. In Danish,
                                                                                  300 minutes (extras).
               DVD - #2079D, $14.99      with English subtitles. 102 minutes.
                                                                                   DVD (2) - #2545D, $39.99 $34.99
                                                         DVD - #85795D, $14.99
                                                                                     Blu-Ray Disc - #11771H, $39.99
Quo Vadis
This 1951 Biblical epic                  Pinky
stars Robert Taylor as                   Pinky (Jeanne Crain), a                  Little Women
the Legion commander                     black woman who
whose love for a                                                                  A wonderful rendition
                                         works as a nurse in                      of Louisa May Alcott’s
Christian slave girl                     Boston, finds she is able
crosses the divide                                                                classic story of love and
                                         to “pass for white.” Also                family set against the
between Empire and a sect with a         starring William
higher loyalty. 171 minutes plus                                                  backdrop of the Civil
                                         Lundigan, Ethel Waters, and              War. Winona Ryder and
extras. (EST, F, FST, SST, JST).         Ethel Barrymore. 102 minutes             Susan Sarandon star in this heart-
                DVD - #902662D, $19.99   (extras).                                warming film. 118 minutes.
                                                    DVD - #10629D, $14.99                        DVD - #605044D, $14.99

Brian’s Song                             The Trip                                 Sense and Sensibility
The true story of two pro                to Bountiful                             The story of two sisters
football players, Gale                                                            whose chances at matri-
                                         Despite failing health                   mony seem doomed by
Sayers (Billy Dee                        and the pleas of her fam-
Williams) and Brian                                                               their family’s loss of for-
                                         ily, Mrs. Watts boards a                 tune. Starring Emma
Piccolo (James Caan).                    bus to return to the only
Piccolo’s heroic fight                                                            Thompson, Kate Winslet
                                         place in her heart that is filled        and Hugh Grant. 136
against cancer and the constant          with peace and quiet: Bountiful.
support and friendship of Sayers                                                  minutes (EST, S, SST, Pt,
                                         Starring Geraldine Page, John            PtST).
make this a moving and unforget-         Heard and Carlin Glynn.
table film. 74 minutes (SST). Parental                                                            DVD - #11599D, $14.99
                                         107 minutes.                                    DVD + book - #607718D, $19.99
discretion advised (language.)
                                                      DVD - #92188D, $14.99
             DVD - #604863D, $14.99

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A Man Called                               Alice in Wonderland                      Gullivers Travels
Peter                                      This musical the-                        Gulliver, an ordinary
Peter Marshall becomes                     atrical version of                       sailor, washes ashore
pastor of a prestigious                    Lewis Carroll’s                          on the island of
church in Washington,                      1865 classic features                    Lilliput where the peo-
D.C. and is asked to                       a combination of                         ple are small enought
serve as spiritual guide for               live characters and                      to fit in the palm of his
the U.S. Senate. Widescreen,               puppets. Starring                        hand. There, he tries to
117 minutes.                               Carol Marsh as                           prevent war between
        DVD - #19210D, $14.99              Alice. 83 minutes.                       Lilliput and a rival island. 76 minutes.
                                                 DVD - #501065D, $9.99 $7.99                         DVD - #501066D, $7.99
The Robe
Marcellus Gallio wins                     Demetrius and                              Charlotte’s Web 2:
                                                                                     Wilbur’s Great
Christ’s robe in a dice                   the Gladiators                             Adventure
game, then gives it to his
Christian slave,                          In this sequel to The
                                          Robe, Demetrius is                         E.B. White’s beloved
Demetrius. Haunted by
                                          entrusted with the robe                    tale continues with the
his own guilt, he sets
                                          by Peter. But when his                     all new adventures of
out to find Demetrius and the robe,
                                          faith is tested, he turns                  Wilbur the pig. 79 min.
finding faith in Christ along the
way. Widescreen, 135 minutes (EST,        his back on God. Starring Victor            DVD - #05887D, $14.99
SST, F).                                  Mature, Susan Hayward. Widescreen,         Charlotte’s Web (the original)
               DVD - #2082D, $14.99       101 minutes (EST, SST, F).                    DVD (widescreen) - #6454D, $14.99
      Blu-Ray Disc - #57008H, $29.99                 DVD - #1177D, $14.99 $12.99     Both DVDs for $24.99, #98916D.

Animals Are                             The Yearling
Beautiful                               Amid the hardships and                      Historic Classics
Capturing some of the                   struggles of pioneer life,                  50 Movie Pack
incredible, almost                      young Jody finds friend-
                                                                                    This collection brings
human characteristics of                ship in the form of an
                                                                                    history and literature to
Africa’s wildlife, this                 orphaned fawn. But as it
                                                                                    life. See your favorite
wonderful film gives a spellbinding     grows and begins                            stars in movies such as
look at animal behavior. Includes       threatening the family’s crops,             “David Copperfield,” “Oliver
dozens of remarkable, startling and     Jody’s love for the creature and his        Twist,” “Herod the Great,” and
humorous scenes for young and old       parents are put to the test. 129 min.       “Esther and the King.” Go to
alike. 92 minutes.                                    DVD - #98936D, $14.99 for a complete
               DVD - #41342D, $14.99                                                list. Twelve double-sided DVDs.
                                                                                                  DVD - #107015D, $29.99
My Friend                               The Adventures
Flicka                                                                              Family Classics
                                        of Milo and Otis                            50 Movie Pack
This 1943 family film                   A curious kitten named
stars Roddy McDowell                                                                See stars from past
                                        Milo and his insepara-
as a Colorado rancher’s                                                             decades in this collec-
                                        ble friend, a pug-nosed
son who takes a shine                                                               tion of 50 classic
                                        puppy named Otis,
to a colt named Flicka                                                              movies, including
                                        spend their days exploring the barn-
and chooses to train her. At first,                                                 “Royal Wedding,”
                                        yard and the surrounding
Flicka fiercely resists, but persist-                                               “The Little Princess,” “‘Til the
                                        countryside. An award-winning
ence and love win the day. Also                                                     Clouds Roll By,” and “The Last Time
                                        adventure story. 76 minutes.
starring Preston Foster. 100 minutes.                                               I Saw Paris.” For a complete list, go
                                                DVD - #50419D, $14.99 $12.99        to Twelve
                DVD - #6842D, $14.99                                                double-sided DVDs.
                                                                                          DVD - #107001D, $39.99 $29.99
The Trouble                             Where Angels                                Holiday Family
with Angels                             Go, Trouble                                 Collection
Hayley Mills and June                   Follows                                     42 Hours of seasonal
Harding star in this                    In this sequel to The                       fun featuring holiday
delightful comedy                       Trouble with Angels,                        movies, classic holiday
about two mischievous                   Stella Stevens stars as a                   television shows and
students who turn a                     modern nun who convinces the                delightful cartoons
convent school upside down with         Reverend Mother to take the girls on        that are sure to light
their pranks. Also starring Rosalind    an unforgettable bus trip to a              up your holiday view-
Russell. 110 minutes.                   California peace rally. An all-star cast.   ing! Visit
      DVD - #601677D, $24.99 $14.99     94 minutes.                                 for a complete list. Includes bonus
                                                       DVD - #601680D, $14.99       virtual fireplace with logs and
 Buy The Trouble with Angels and Where Angels Go for $24.99, DVD - #98602D.                      DVD - #88880D, $24.99

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                            CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE FILMS
 It’s a Wonderful Life                      Daniel Boone                              Sergeant York
 Frank Capra’s classic                      This 1936 produc-                         The story of Alvin C.
 tale of George Bailey                      tion from Radio                           York, who captured
 and his Christmas                          Pictures stars                            132 German soldiers
 Eve visit with a                           George O’Brien in                         during the savage
                                            the title role. The                       fighting in Argonne.
 guardian angel is one
                                            classic also stars                        The renowned WWI
 of the most beloved                        Heather Angel,                            hero is brilliantly portrayed by
 American films ever                        John Carradine,                           Gary Cooper and costars Walter
 made. Starring James Stewart and           Ralph Forbes, and George Regas.           Brennan. B&W, 134 minutes (SST,
 Donna Reed. B&W, 130 minutes.              B&W, 75 minutes.                          FST).
             DVD - #960014D, $19.99                     DVD - #501095D, $7.99                        DVD - #79375D, $26.99

 The Miracle                               Nicholas Nickleby                          Keys of the
 Worker                                    The death of his father                    Kingdom
 Patty Duke stars as                       leaves Nicholas                            Gregory Peck por-
 the deaf, blind, and                      Nickleby and his family                    trays a dedicated
 mute Helen Keller                         in the care of his greedy                  priest who accepts
 who awakens to an                         uncle Ralph, who sends                     the daunting chal-
 awareness of lan-                         Nicholas to a brutal                       lenge of resurrecting
 guage under her teacher’s (Anne           school for boys. After                     a destroyed mission in rural China
 Bancroft) determined guidance.            fleeing the school,                        without thought of personal gain.
 B&W, widescreen, 106 minutes (S).         Nicholas must protect his sister from      B&W, 137 minutes (EST).
                                           his Uncle Ralph. B&W, 107 minutes.
              DVD - #85898D, $14.99                                                               DVD - #23920D, $14.99
                                                            DVD - #501060D, $9.99

Jack and the Beanstalk                       Heidi                                   Godspell
This 1952 musical adap-                      The original heart-                     This screen adaptation
tation of the classic fairy                  warming story of                        of the hit musical sen-
tale stars Lou Costello as                   Heidi is a timeless                     sation is a
Jack and Bud Abbott as                       saga of love,                           contemporary inter-
Mr. Dinkelpuss, the                          courage, and the                        pretation of the
greedy butcher who                           power of family. The                    Gospel’s lessons filled
trades five magic beans                      whole family will love this             with unforgettable song and dance
for Jack’s cow. Abbott                       poignant modern retelling of the        numbers. Widescreen & fullscreen,
and Costello fans of all ages will enjoy     classic tale. Starring Maximilian       103 minutes (SST).
this playful and entertaining story.         Schell. 104 minutes.                             DVD - #22419D, $27.99 $14.99
Color and B&W, 80 minutes.                         DVD - #500871D, $12.99 $7.99
                  DVD - #501165D, $9.99
                                                                                     The Sound
Chariots of Fire                            The Mission                              of Music
This Academy Award win-                     A powerful epic about a                  One of the most popular
ner tells the inspiring, true               man of the sword and a                   films of all time about
story of two runners of the                 man of the cloth who                     the true story of the Von
United Kingdom, Harold                      unite to shield a South                  Trapp family of Austria
Abrahams and Eric Liddell.                  American Indian tribe                    and their narrow escape from the
Their fierce, personal competition ends     from brutal subjugation by 18th-cen-     Nazi takeover in 1938. Stars Julie
up uniting them in victory in the 1924      tury colonial empires. Starring Robert   Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
Olympics. Special Edition, two-disc set     DeNiro and Jeremy Irons. Viewer          Widescreen, 175 minutes (SST).
has multiple extras. Widescreen,            Discretion advised. Special Edition.               DVD - #0037D, $26.99 $19.99
124 minutes. (F, EST, FST, SST).            Widescreen, 125 minutes + 60-minute
                                            documentary on “The Making of.”
         DVD (2 discs) - #99532D, $26.99
                                                    DVD (2-discs) - #3497D, $26.99
                                                                                     Fiddler on the Roof
           Single DVD - #14930D, $19.99                                              The Academy Award-
Yours, Mine                                Cheaper                                   winning musical about
                                                                                     Tevye, a poor Jewish
and Ours                                   by the Dozen                              milkman in a Czarist-era
A widowed mother of                        This 1950 version is                      Russian village, who is
eight (Lucille Ball) mar-                  based on the true story                   struggling in a time of
ries a widower with ten                    of Frank and Lillian                      political flux to find hus-
children (Henry Fonda),                    Gilbreth and their                        bands for his three dowry-less
creating an understandably chaotic         adventures raising 12 children at the     daughters. 180 minutes.
household brimming with comic              turn-of-the-century. Starring Clifton       2-disc version DVD - #86767D, $26.99
situations. 107 minutes.                   Webb and Myrna Loy. 86 minutes (S).                Single DVD - #608537D, $14.99
              DVD - #85916D, $14.99                        DVD - #10394D, $14.99

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                                  Timeless Classics
CHARLETON HESTON                                        CLASSIC CHRISTIAN FILMS
 The Ten Commandments                     Restless Ones                           Question 7
 50th Anniversary Collection
                                          This classic from Billy                 Fifteen-year-old Peter is
 Charlton Heston and                      Graham takes you
 Yul Brynner star in this                                                         a Christian behind the
                                          inside the turbulent                    Iron Curtain. He is
 1956 Academy Award-                      world of teenagers.
 winning classic. Also                                                            forced to decide
                                          From the opening                        between what is “cor-
 includes the original
                                          scene to the dramatic                   rect” and what is true as he struggles
 1923 silent film ver-
                                          climax, the film captures the des-      to remain loyal to the Gospel. An
 sion. Widescreen, 220
                                          perate need teens have for              older film with great significance
 min. (EST, F, extras).
                                          acceptance, guidance, and most          since the reunification of Germany.
      DVD (3) - #41224D, $24.99 $19.99    of all, love. 101 minutes.              B&W. 107 minutes.
                                                         DVD - #28151D, $8.99                  DVD - #501271D, $14.99
 Charlton Heston stars
 in the story of two                      So Long Joey                            Peace Child
 childhood friends, one
 Roman and one                            He had left home and                    When inter-tribal
 Jewish, whose friend-                    changed his name to                     warfare breaks out, a
 ship turns to hatred.                    Joey Stevens...but in the               chief offers his son
 This four-disc set includes many         middle of the nightclub                 as the means of
 extras. Widescreen, 222 minutes          glamour, his world
                                          caved in. He was ready to commit
                                                                                  bringing peace,
 (EST, SST, F, FST).                                                              making the Gospel under-
                                          suicide when life’s greatest event
             DVD (4) - #67535D, $34.99                                            standable as two new
                                          took place as “Joey” accepted a new
                                          life with Christ. It was SO LONG,       missionaries discover the
 The Greatest Story Ever                  JOEY and hello, Dave Boyer. This is     “Peace Child.” Some native
                                          his inspirational story — a testimony   nudity. 30 minutes (S, F, In, I, J,
 Told                                     that life can be turned around com-     K, M, Pl, Ru and more).
 Max Von Sydow                            pletely when one trusts Christ.
 gives the perform-                                                                       DVD - #99351D, $14.99
                                                         DVD - #108303D, $14.99
 ance of a lifetime,
 revealing the anguish
 and glory of Jesus.                      Born Again                              Years of the Beast
 He is supported by
 an all-star cast                         President Richard                       Experience a society
 including Charlton Heston, Jose          Nixon’s Special                         where money is worth-
 Ferrer, Telly Savalas and many oth-      Counsel, Charles                        less, food is scarce,
 ers. Widescreen, 199 minutes.            Colson plead guilty to                  your neighbor is your
                                          Watergate-related                       enemy and oppression
  DVD - #91271D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99       charges and was sent to prison.         reigns. Feel the great
                                          The experience left him radically       and ultimate triumph
 The Agony and the                        changed, and he established             of Christ’s return and look up with
                                          Prison Fellowship - a ministry          encouragement “for our redemption
 Ecstasy                                  that now reaches around the             draweth nigh.” Witness the years of
 When Pope Julius II                      world. This is an inspiring movie       tribulation and the great and ulti-
 commissions                              for anyone who has ever longed          mate triumph of Christ and His
 Michelangelo                             for a fresh start. 110 minutes.         church. 98 minutes (Pt, Tagalog).
 (Charlton Heston) to                                  DVD - #91519D, $9.99                        DVD - #8445D, $12.99
 paint the ceiling of
 the Sistine Chapel,
 the project becomes a battle of wills.
 Widescreen, 139 minutes (S, SST, F).
                                          Samson and Gideon                       The Diary of Anne Frank
                DVD - #24833D, $12.99                                             50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION
                                          This 1966 classic tells
                                          the story of two Old                    Following the Nazi
                                          Testament leaders                       invasion of Amsterdam,
Seven Alone                               from the Book of                        13-year-old Anne and
On a harrowing 2,000-                     Judges. Starring Ivo                    her family go into hid-
mile trek across                          Garrani as Gideon                       ing in the confines of an
America, the death of                     and Anton Geesink                       attic. Anne’s remarkable
their parents leaves                      as Samson. Also                         account of their lives,
seven youngsters alone                    starring Fernando                       their growing fear of
and facing nearly cer-                    Rey and Rosalbo Neri. 86 minutes.       discovery, their deplorable living con-
tain death. With                                                                  ditions and even the blooming of her
                                                        DVD - #501094D, $9.99     first love are intimately portrayed in
unbelievable courage, they decide to
press on to fulfill their dead parents’                                           this extraordinary portrait of humani-
wishes. 80 minutes.                                                               ty. 179 minutes.
                                                                                                    DVD - #58108D, $19.99
          DVD - #500876D, $12.99 $7.99

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                                 Family Dramas
Flywheel                                                  Tanglewood’s Secret
Jay Austin wants to sell you a used
car, but watch out! Many victims                          Ruth and her brother Philip stay
have fallen prey to his smiling face                      with their overly strict aunt while
and hasty promises. Jay does                              their parents are overseas. Ruth runs
everything his way until his dis-                         away and learns about the Good
honesty and manipulation are                              Shepherd and His love for lost
repeatedly exposed. He becomes                            sheep just like her. This delightful
disgusted by the masks he wears. While having a           film will challenge people of all ages to reflect
classic car repaired, Jay begins a humorous and pow-      upon life and its ultimate meaning. 110 minutes.
erful journey to win back the hearts of his wife, his                          DRAMA DVD - #605113D, $14.99
son and his community. Widescreen, 120 min. (SST).
                        DRAMA DVD - #98780D, $14.99           Buy both Treasures of the Snow and Tanglewood’s
                                                               Secret on DVD for only $29.99, #98563D.
Gift set now available! Flywheel, Fireproof (p. 76)
AND Facing the Giants (p. 13) for $34.99, #32332D
                                                          Treasures of the Snow
                                                          Lucien, a lonely, frightened boy of 13,
                                                          finds himself an outcast from his fam-

Uncle Nino NEW!
                                                          ily and friends, especially the very
                                                          hostile neighbor, Annette. When
Overworked executive Robert                               Lucien becomes friends with an old
Micelli has little time for his wife                      woodcarver, he learns that a price has
and children. When long-lost                              to be paid for forgiveness. A touching
Uncle Nino, an old-world Italian,                         tale of reconciliation. 110 minutes.
unexpectedly arrives on their                                                         DRAMA DVD - #5510D, $19.99
doorstep for a visit, this discon-
nected family is transformed.
Nino’s simple, old-fashioned
ways make him a curiosity to the neighborhood,
                                                          The Visitor
and an embarrassment to Robert. But Nino is slow-          Based on Tolstoy’s short story
ly able to connect with each member of the family         “Where Love Is,” this is the story
and teach Robert how to enjoy life’s simple pleas-        of a cobbler named Martin and his
ures; good food, good music and, most important,          struggle with personal tragedy.
La Famiglia! Uncle Nino is that rare family film          When a friend assures Martin that
whose simple story and gentle humor can be                an important visitor is coming to
enjoyed by all ages. Starring Joe Mantegna, Anne          see him, Martin begins to find
Archer, and Pierrino Mascarino. 110 minutes.              renewed strength and faith from the
                                                          Scriptures. 33 minutes.
                DVD - #703831D, $19.99 SALE! $16.99
                                                                          DRAMA DVD - #501309D, $12.99

Sugar Creek Gang                  Widescreen, 65-75 min.each, DVD extras
#1, Swamp Robber — Bill Collins’ relaxing afternoon at Sugar Creek turns into more than he
   bargained for when Poetry stumbles upon a disguise hidden in the swamp. Reports of a
   bank robber soon surface, and as the gang investigates, they discover a map that leads to
   more than just treasure. DVD - #65459D
#2, The Great Canoe Fish — Does the Great Canoe Fish actually exist, or is he a legend?
   The gang packs their gear for a canoe trip to find out. But the town bullies follow them
   in hopes of beating them to the catch. DVD - #65469D
#3, Revival Villains — The first day of Sugar Creek’s highly anticipated revival celebration
   has arrived. But when the gang receives a tip that the celebration might be in jeopardy,
   they scour the area searching for clues. DVD - #87662D
#4, Secret Hideout — The gang races through the swamp only to stumble upon unexplored
   territory that leads them right into the middle of a mystery. Matters get even more inter-
   esting when Old Man Paddler appears and reveals the truth behind the gang’s secret
   hideout! DVD - #87672D
#5, Teacher Troubles — The Sugar Creek Gang suddenly becomes the opposite of teacher’s pets when the new
   substitute, Mr. Black, comes to town. A wrongful accusation gets Bill into trouble with his parents and cre-
   ates more questions in his head than answers. DVD - #87682D
                                               DRAMA    $14.99 each / All five for only $59.99, #98566D. Save $15!

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                    Family Television Dramas
Little House on the Prairie                                Touched by an
Final Three Movies —                                       Angel
Three made-for-TV movies which                             A trio of angels, Monica (Roma
aired after the series ended: “Look                        Downey), Tess (Della Reese) and
Back To Yesterday,” “Bless All The                         Andrew (John Dye), are dis-
Dear Children,” and the finale,                            patched from heaven with a
“The Last Farewell.” 420 minutes.                          special mission: to inspire people
 DRAMA DVD set - #17383D, $39.99                           facing sometimes unseen cross-
                                                           roads in their lives. While the angels
The Lord Is My Shepherd, 94 min.
        DVD - #98845D, $14.99 SALE! $4.99                  may not bring solutions to every
                                                           problem, they always deliver a message
                                                           of hope.
  Complete seasons of Little House on DVD:
  Season 1 (1974-75) - 6 DVDs, #10820D, $29.99             Season 1, 4 DVDs - #75854D, $29.99
  Season 2 (1975-76) - 6 DVDs, #10821D, $29.99             Season 2, 6 DVDs - #87704D, $29.99
  Season 3 (1976-77) - 6 DVDs, #10880D, $29.99             Season 3, 8 DVDs - #19844D, $49.99                 DRAMA
  Season 4 (1977-78) - 6 DVDs, #10881D, $29.99             Season 4, 8 DVDs - #130354D, $59.99
  Season 5 (1978-79) - 6 DVDs, #12103D, $29.99
                                                                       Get the first 3 seasons for $99.99, #98322D
  Season 6 (1979-80) - 6 DVDs, #10887D, $29.99
  Season 7 (1980-81) - 6 DVDs, #10888D, $29.99                           All 4 seasons for only $129.99, #98283D
  Season 8 (1981-82) - 6 DVDs, #10889D, $29.99
  Season 9 (1982-83) - 6 DVDs, #12223D, $29.99
  Complete series, including the Final Three Movies
  for $199.99, #24447D.

                                                           The Waltons
                                                           This beloved series ran 9 years
Highway to Heaven                                          and won 5 Emmy Awards its first
Probationary angel Jonathan Smith                          year. Richard Thomas plays the
(Michael Landon) and his mortal                            key role of John-Boy Walton, a
sidekick Mark Gordon (Victor                               youth on the verge of manhood
French) travel the country, helping                        during the Great Depression and
unfortunate souls, guiding the lost                        a fledgling writer whose observa-
and suffering, and performing                              tions are filled with the
earthly good deeds. Each season is                         growing-up lessons and love he             DRAMA
approximately 20 hours. DRAMA                              receives from father John, mother Olivia, Grandma,
                                                           Grandpa and all the rest of The Waltons. Each sea-
Season 1 (7 discs), DVD - #71669D, $29.99 $24.99           son is approximately 20 hours.
Season 2 (6 discs), DVD - #71899D, $39.99 $29.99
Season 3 (7 discs), DVD - #74682D, $49.99 $29.99           Season 1, 5 DVDs - #22622D, $27.99
                                                           Season 2, 5 DVDs - #68139D, $27.99
Get all 3 seasons for $59.99, #75384D.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman                                  Dr. Quinn: The Movies
The Complete Season 1                                      These two feature-length movies followed
                                                           the six-season series. In “The Movie,” Dr.
This heartwarming, family tele-                            Mike, Sully, and some townsfolk travel to
vision series won popular and                              Mexico to rescue a kidnapped Katie. In
critical acclaim with its tales of                         “The Heart Within,” Mike and Sully travel
courage, conviction and romance                            to Boston for Colleen’s graduation—only to
on the American frontier. Jane                             find Dr. Mike’s mother terminally ill and Sully targeted for
                                                           assassination by a corrupt government official. 180 min.
Seymour stars as Dr. Michaela
“Mike” Quinn, daughter of a                                                              DRAMA DVD - #75502D, $12.99
Boston physician who leaves her                             Other seasons of Dr. Quinn now available!
comfortable life there to set up a practice in             Season 2 (7) DVD - #70898D, $49.99 $39.99
Colorado. Although she faces stiff resistance from         Season 3 (8) DVD - #71126D, $49.99 $39.99
the locals, she perseveres in settling into pioneer life   Season 4 (8) DVD - #71361D, $49.99 $39.99
while trying to earn the respect of the townspeople.       Season 5 (7) DVD - #71695D, $49.99 $39.99
Along the way, her friendship with a local widower         Season 6 (6) DVD - #71892D, $49.99 $39.99
turns to romance. 840 minutes total + extras. DRAMA
   DVD set (5 discs) - #70741D, $49.99 SALE! $29.99              Buy all six seasons for $149.99 and get
                                                            Dr. Quinn: The Movies FREE! #98319D Save $93!
74                           Order online and save at
                                  Family Dramas
      DRAMAS BASED ON BOOKS BY LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY                                                  DRAMA

Anne of Green Gables Series An Avonlea Christmas
 Anne of Green Gables Anne                             Hetty collapses with an unex-
 Shirley (Megan Follows) is a                          pected health crisis during the
 young orphan girl who joins the
                                                       holiday season. When she is hos-
 Cuthbert family and becomes their
                                                       pitalized, feeling homesick and
 pride and joy. 202 minutes (S, F).
                                                       alone, she begins to reevaluate
       DVD - #22072D, $29.99 $24.99                    her relationships and her accom-
 The Sequel Anne makes the tran-                       plishments in life. Avonlea
 sition from impetuous orphan to                       Christmas touches on the frailty
 accomplished young teacher.                           of life and the importance of rela-
 224 minutes (S, F).                                   tionships. It deals with the age-old dilemma
         DVD - #22232D, $29.99 $24.99                  of following one’s heart or adhering to
                                                       tradition. 92 minutes.
 The Continuing Story Anne
 searches for Gilbert, who is missing                                   DVD - #23412D, $14.99
 in action. 185 minutes (S, F).                        Also available is Road to Avonlea,
        DVD - #23042D, $29.99 $24.99                   97 min.
                                                                        DVD - #23152D, $14.99
 All 3 - #98956D, $49.99 — SAVE $25

   See Anne of Green Gables: A New
        Beginning on page 6.
Christy: The Complete Series                           Pendragon:
Based on the bestseller by                             Sword of His Father
Catherine Marshall, Christy tells                      As the Barbarian fleets descend
the story of an idealistic 19-year-                    on the coast, the people of Britain
old who leaves the comforts of her                     are left to defend themselves...
city home to teach school in the                       The first independent Christian
mountains of Tennessee in 1912.                        film of its kind, Burns Family
Strength, determination, and faith                     Studios presents Pendragon: Sword
guide young Christy through                            of His Father, an epic adventure set in Britain’s Dark
unforeseen difficulties, help her to                   Ages. With riveting action, stunning visuals, and a
gain understanding of the proud mountain people,       powerful score, Pendragon’s message of faith,
and win her friendship, and the love of two men.       courage, and vision is sure to inspire your family
Starring Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly. Includes all     for generations to come. Widescreen. 110 minutes.
20 episodes in a four-disc set. 15 hours.
                                                                       DVD - #401923D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99
    DRAMA     DVD (4 discs) - #43765D, $39.99 $24.99

More than a Champion                                   Mandie                            NEW!
Billy is a future rodeo champion.                      and the Secret Tunnel
Already at 13, he is close to being
named Junior Champion Cowboy.                           In 1899, Mandie’s life changes
Together with his Uncle Wilbur, a                      when her Cherokee friends help
famous rodeo clown, he tours the                       her escape to a mansion that holds
rodeo circuit. In the weeks of                         the hidden secrets of her past and
intense competition, Billy comes to                    the key to her future!
realize that it takes more than ath-                   Mandie and the Secret Tunnel is the
letic ability to be a true champion,                   first feature-length movie based on
and that with Christ as his personal Saviour he can    the Mandie books written by Lois Leppard. Set in
truly be... More Than a Champion. Here’s a delight-    the early 1900s, this series boasts a delightful cast of
ful film for the entire family - filled with rodeo     characters who learn valuable lessons as they con-
action, weaving a tender story of love, Christian      quer hardships and celebrate life’s triumphs.
understanding, and spiritual change around real-       Starring Dean Jones and Lexi Johnson. 103 minutes.
life experiences. 56 minutes.                                                 DRAMA DVD - #88250D, $19.99
                        DRAMA DVD - #501333D, $14.99

                   To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                           75
                                Favorite Dramas
Fireproof              NEW!                               Mother Teresa
This is the acclaimed low-budget                          In a powerful portrayal, Golden
theatrical film whose nationwide                          Globe winner Olivia Hussey illu-
success has baffled Hollywood                             minates the life story of Mother
moguls. Lt. Caleb Holt lives by                           Teresa, the selfless missionary who
the old firefighter’s adage: Never                        brought hope, love, and salvation
leave your partner behind. Inside                         to the poorest of the poor. Her
burning buildings, it’s his natural                       good works transcended hardships
instinct. In his marriage, it’s another story. After a    and ultimately earned her interna-
decade of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have         tional acclaim, including the Nobel Peace Prize. The
drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on       small miracles and humble triumphs of Mother
without each other, but Caleb’s dad asks his son to       Teresa will inspire you in this poignant tale of a mod-
try an experiment: The Love Dare. Caleb commits           ern-day saint. Widescreen, 115 minutes.
to the challenge. But can he love his wife while                       DRAMA      DVD - #24558D, $19.99 $14.99
avoiding God’s love for him? Will he be able to
demonstrate love over and over again to a person
who’s no longer receptive to his love? Or is this just
                                                          Pilgrim’s Progress:
another marriage destined to go up in smoke?
Starring Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, and Ken Bevel.
                                                          Journey to Heaven
114 minutes (S, EST, SST, FST, PtST, CST, extras).        In this modern adaptation of John
                                                          Bunyan’s beloved classic tale,
  T    DRAMA DVD - #100339D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99
                                                          amazing visual effects and a won-
                              Blu-ray - #32148H, $28.99   derful cast bring to life the story of
                                                          Christian and his companions on
Gift set now available! Fireproof, Flywheel AND           the great journey from the City of
Facing the Giants for $34.99, #32332D                     Destruction to the gates of Heaven. Along the way,
                                                          the pilgrims face obstacles large and small, man-
Entertaining Angels                                       made and demon-spawned. Bunyan’s powerful
Like many people, Dorothy Day                             allegory teaches us the hazards and hopes of the
(1897-1980) just wanted to find                           Christian life, and the triumphant glory that awaits
fulfillment in her life. Here is                          all who faithfully follow the King of Kings!
the dramatic story of how she                             Widescreen, 103 minutes (extras).
found it serving New York’s                                T    DRAMA      DVD - #400005D, $21.99 SALE! $19.99
poor and being a voice for the
voiceless. Moira Kelly delivers a
winsome portrayal of 20 years                             Because of Winn Dixie
in Day’s life. Viewer discretion                          A 10-year-old girl moves to a small
strongly advised. PDF guide.                              town in Florida with her father, a
111 minutes. (EST, S, extras).                            preacher. While there, she adopts a
    SG   DRAMA T DVD - #4413D, $19.99                     stray dog whom she names after
                                                          the local supermarket where he
                                                          was found. With her goofy pooch
Second Chance                                             by her side, she meets an eclectic
Ethan Jake are both passionate                            group of townspeople and rekin-
pastors who worship the same                              dles an almost lost relationship
God from the same book--but                               with her father. 106 minutes.
that’s where the similarity ends.                                               DRAMA   DVD - #18971D, $14.99
Ethan is comfortable in his music
ministry at the media-savvy sub-
urban mega-church; Jake
ministers to the gang members,
teen mothers, and drug addicts of the urban Second        Joshua moves to Auburn and
Chance. When they are suddenly thrown together in         awakens the curiosity of the
a tough neighborhood and forced to work side by           sleepy town. They don’t know
side, Ethan discovers there is no boundary between        who he is or where he came
the streets and the sanctuary. But can the faith these    from. As he begins to rebuild a
two men share overcome the prejudices that divide         burned church, he also helps the
them to give themselves and a struggling urban            townspeople rebuild their lives
church a second chance? Parental discretion advised.      and their trust. Joshua is a mod-
102 minutes.                                              ern parable about how compassion and charity can
                                                          transform our troubled world. 92 minutes (extras).
                  DVD - #14490D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99
                                                                     DRAMA      DVD - #99051D, $19.99 $14.99

76           We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.
                                Powerful Dramas
End of the Spear                                       One Night
This is the remarkable journey of                      with the King
a savage Amazon tribesman who                          With lush cinematography, a
becomes family to the son of a                         mesmerizing score, and an all-
North American man he kills.                           star cast that includes Peter
Mincayani (Louie Leonardo) is a                        O’Toole, Omar Sharif and John
Waodani warrior who leads the                          Rhys-Davies, One Night with the
raid that kills Steve Saint’s father                   King is a sweeping epic about
and four other missionaries in 1956. Through a         Esther, the Jewish girl who
suspenseful series of events, young Steve Saint        becomes the Queen of Persia. When the state
(Chase Ellison) is able to visit Mincayani’s tribe     decrees that all Jews will be put to death, she strug-
where he tries to learn which warriors killed his      gles to save her people, even as she seeks to win the
father. Steve returns to the Waodani as an adult       heart of the king. 100 minutes (SST).
(Chad Allen). Together, Mincayani and Steve con-                        DRAMA DVD - #26000D, $19.99 $14.99
front the true meaning of the life and death of
Steve’s father and the other men who were killed.
Rated PG -13 for violence. 111 minutes (SST).          I Am David
 T    DRAMA      DVD - #24570D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99     Adapted from Anne Holm’s
      Get this for only $10 - see how on page 5        novel North to Freedom, this is the
                                                       story of a 12-year-old boy who
                                                       escapes a Communist concentra-
Bella                                                  tion camp. It is a spiritual voyage
An international soccer star                           of discovery, where David slowly
(Eduardo Verastegui) is on his                         loses his instinctual mistrust of
way to sign a multi-million dollar                     humanity and begins to smile,
contract when an accident hap-                         trust and ultimately, love. I Am
pens that brings his career to an                      David addresses the cruelties, politics, and suffering
abrupt end. A beautiful waitress                       of warfare while celebrating the unbreakable spirit of
(Tammy Blanchard), struggling to                       a child. Starring Jim Caviezel, Joan Plowright, and
make it in New York City, discov-                      Ben Tibber. Widescreen. 90 minutes (SST).
ers she is pregnant and unprepared. In one                                      DRAMA DVD - #49606D, $14.99
irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside
down...until a simple gesture of kindness brings
them both together. Inspired by a true story.
                                                       Miracle in the Woods
Widescreen, 91 minutes (S, SST, EST, extras).          Wanda and Sarah are estranged
                                                       sisters at odds over what to do
          T   DRAMA    DVD - #22665D, $19.99 $14.99    with a pecan grove they’ve inher-
                                                       ited following their mother’s
The List                                               death. They are startled to find an
From Robert Whitlow’s best-seller.                     elderly woman, Lilly, living on the
Renny Jacobson discovers he’s the                      property and claiming it as her
inheritor of his family’s chair in a                   own. Against her mother’s wish-
secret society founded during the                      es, Sarah’s rebellious teenage
Civil War. He suspects there’s more                    daughter, Gina, befriends Lilly
to the society’s activities than                       and helps her look for her long-lost son. Includes
meets the eye, and inquires into                       extra feature, “A Love Story in Time.” 92 minutes.
the group’s true nature. Renny                                                 DRAMA DVD - #703687D, $14.99
then becomes the target of a dark and mysterious
force with the power to destroy everything — and       China Cry
everyone — he loves. Starring Malcolm McDowell,        This is the true story of Sung
Chuck Carrington, Hilarie Burton and Will Patton.      Neng Yee, now known as Nora
Extras include DVD-ROM Bible Study. 107 minutes.       Lam, who escaped from
                DRAMA DVD - #51807D, $26.99 $14.99     Communist China to Hong
      Get this for only $10 - see how on page 5        Kong some forty years ago. Her
                                                       childhood faith became real as
The Revolutionary: Epic Version                        she suffered under Communist
This production presents the life and                  persecution. She refused to deny
ministry of Jesus, from His birth to                   Christ even while enduring
His death and ascension. Widescreen,                   physical abuse late in her pregnancy. A gripping
97 minutes (EST, S, Pt, PtST, A, Ru, He, M,            story of love, struggle and flight to freedom. 103
extras).                                               minutes (EST, S, Pt, actors’ bios).
    T    SG    DRAMA    DVD - #4654D, $14.99                                 DRAMA T DVD - #4616D, $19.99

                       To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.                   77
                                          Best Sellers
Peter and Paul                                               The Cross and
This Emmy Award-winning pro-                                 the Switchblade
duction, starring Anthony                                    This 30th anniversary release of
Hopkins and Robert Foxworth,                                 the ever popular film tells the
captures the vitality, intensity, and                        true story of the beginning of
humanity of two who were                                     David Wilkerson’s work among
entrusted by Christ to carry the                             the gangs of New York City
Gospel into all the world. Based                             and the dramatic conversion of
on the Scriptures by and about                               the notorious street fighter,
Peter and Paul, this video shows how they were               Nicky Cruz. Parental guidance suggested.
driven by a heavenly vision for a different kind of          Widescreen. 105 minutes (EST, S, F, Pt, Ru, G, I, Pl,
world. They paid a horrendous price for their                bios, Nicky’s testimony and more).
devotion—Peter crucified and Paul beheaded—but
their ministries transcended the cruelty of their                                T    DRAMA DVD - #4629D, $14.99
enemies to become important pillars of the
Christian Church. 194 minutes (S, EST, actors’ bios).         Buy The Cross and the Switchblade and the documentary on
     T   DRAMA   DVD - #4628D, $29.99 NOW! $19.99            Nicky Cruz, Run Baby Run, and save! DVD - #98776D, $24.99

                 112-page Teacher’s Guide includes
                 preparation material and reproducible
                                                             More Than Dreams
                 student worksheets for 13 sessions.         For decades, a phenomenon
                                             #4185, $19.99   has been recurring in the
                                                             Muslim world. Men and
                                                             women — without any knowl-
Bonhoeffer:                                                  edge of the Gospel and
                                                             without any contact with
Agent of Grace                                               Christians — have been forev-
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a                                    er transformed after
German clergyman of great dis-                               experiencing dreams and
tinction who actively opposed                                visions of Jesus Christ. Here
Hitler and the Nazis. His con-                               are five such stories of former
victions cost him his life. His                              Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior,
last years, his participation in                             recreated in docu-drama format. Among those you
the German resistance, and his                               will meet are Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist
moral struggle are dramatized in this film.                  who was transformed; Mohammed, a herdsman in
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the little-        Nigeria who found the deep love of Christ; and Ali,
known efforts of the German resistance and                   a Turkish man in bondage to alcohol until he decid-
brings to a wide audience the heroic rebellion of            ed to follow Christ. Produced in their original
Bonhoeffer. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Robert Joy,               languages with English subtitles. 187 minutes total.
Johanna Klante. Widescreen, 90 minutes (EST, S,              T     DOCU-DRAMA   DVD - #501117D, $19.99 NOW! $19.99
Pt, G, actors’ bios).
                  T    DRAMA DVD - #4638D, $19.99
                                                             Amazing Grace
                                                             This is the blockbuster portray-
The Fourth Wise Man                                          al of unsung hero William
A Magi named Artaban                                         Wilberforce, as shown in the-
(Martin Sheen) sees a sign in                                aters worldwide in the spring of
the heavens that he hopes will                               2007. Elected to Parliament at
lead him and his servant to                                  age 21, Wilberforce worked tire-
the Messiah. For 33 years,                                   lessly for decades to abolish
Artaban and his faithful ser-                                slavery in the British Empire,
vant (Alan Arkin) pursue                                     even when threatened with frail
Jesus, only to miss Him at                                   health. Finally, his efforts paid off and the
every turn. When Artaban,                                    Emancipation Bill was passed in 1833, just a few
old and dying, finally encoun-                               days before he died. Starring Ioan Gruffudd,
ters the new King, it brings                                 Romola Garai, and Albert Finney. Widescreen,
peace to his life. 72 minutes (EST, S, Pt, actors’           111 minutes. (EST, SST, FST, extras).
bios).                                                           DRAMA    T DVD - #49305D, $29.99 SALE! $19.99
                   T   DRAMA DVD - #4416D, $14.99
                                                                 Get this for only $10 - find out how on page 5.

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                                     Somebody’s                                                                                                                                  Amazing Grace                                         Torchlighters:
                                      Daughter                                                                                                                                   The cinema feature film based on                   The Gladys
        Know somebody struggling with                                                                                                                                            the true story of William
                                                                                                                                                                                 Wilberforce, Amazing Grace follows
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Aylward Story
        pornography? This groundbreak-                                                                                                                                                                                         With war raging about her and
        ing DVD/CD, Somebody’s                                                                                                                                                   his quest to end the British slave
                                                                                                                                                                                 trade and reform society. Along               soldiers closing in, the wounded
        Daughter, confronts the darkness                                                                                                                                                                                       missionary Gladys Aylward sets
        and lies of the enslaving vice of                                                                                                                                        the way, Wilberforce meets intense
                                                                                                                                                                                 opposition from members of                    out on the most difficult journey
        pornographic addiction.                                                                                                                                                                                                of her life - a 100-mile trek over
        Interviews, personal stories,                                                                                                                                            Parliament but his minister, John
                                                                                                                                                                                 Newton, a reformed slave ship                 the mountains to safety, not only
        songs, music videos, poetry, and                                                                                                                                                                                       for herself but for the safety and
        readings combine to help viewers                                                                                                                                         captain who penned the beloved
                                                                                                                                                                                 hymn, “Amazing Grace,” urges                  well being of the 100 orphaned
        break free from pornography’s                                                                                                                                                                                          children in her care. Animated.
        addictive grip and journey back to                                                                                                                                       him to put his faith into action. PG
                                                                                                                                                                                 for thematic material and some                30 minutes (EST, S, SST).
        light and dignity. 62 minutes (EST).
                                                                                                                                                                                 mild language.                                             DVD - #501244D, $14.99
                                              DVD - #501284D, $19.99
                                                                                                                                                                                               DVD - #49305D, $19.99
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               William Bradford
                                                                                                     Office hours from 8 - 8 ET, Monday - Friday and Saturdays 9 - 4.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               See how William

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bradford became
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thanksgiving Day.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               See page 20.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DVD - #61115D, $14.99 $4.99
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The 1935 British
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               film version of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Charles Dickens’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               holiday classic.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               See pg. 11.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DVD - #501059D, $9.99 $4.99

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bugtime Adventures:
                             Worcester, PA
                             Vision Video

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Joy to the World
                             PO Box 540


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The bugs ride
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               along with Mary
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and Joseph and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               discover the signif-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               icance of the new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Source Code

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               baby. See pg. 21.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Customer #

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DVD - #501133D, $9.99 $4.99

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