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Buckland Hosts Honorary                    their time and efforts preparing the        good!” one audience member said.
Potluck For Three Army                     food and setting up the gym. The            The crowd loved her voice and was
                                           community of Buckland put together a        not timid about requesting that she
National Guardsmen On June                 meal that could feed an army. Turkey,       sing an old favorite, “On my mothers       Photographed Below; (L to R)
24th. Sgt. Herman Ticket,                  ham, pies, potato and macaroni salads       side.” Robyn sang until 9 p.m., but        Sergeant Floyd Herman Ticket,
Sgt. Raymond Skin And Pvt.                 and tons of desserts were presented         the event continued on with local          Sergeant Ronald Skin and
Sonny Hadley Are Being                     to guests on red, white and blue table      talents. It was a heart-warming event,     Private Sonny Hadley
Deployed To Iraq, Scheduled                cloths sprinkled with confetti.             with memories the troops will not
To Leave Kotzebue On July 6.                        Tillie Wells took a moment         soon forget.                               MORE PHOTOS ON PG. 10
          Approximately twenty family      to recognize the soldiers and their
members were flown in from Selawik         families, and introduced local
to attend the potluck. This was made       celebrity and guest performer Robyn
possible by donations from NANA,           Kiyutelluk . A young gospel singer
Maniilaq, Northwest Arctic Borough,        from Shishmeraff.
Selawik IRA and Buckland IRA for                    A group of high school and
food and travel expenses.                  middle school kids were happy to
          Shannon Melton, daughter of      serve the food, and appreciative guests
Sgt. Herman Ticket was the driving         enjoyed their meals at tables drenched
force behind this successful event.        in red, white and blue. Presentations
With the help of community members         were made by guests including
the Buckland High School Gym was           Maniilaq Chairman of the Board,
transformed into a festive banquet         Louie Commack of Ambler. The
hall. Children blew up red and blue        soldiers families were also honored,
balloons, food was brought in by the       and presented with American flags to
cart loads and James Mason of KOTZ         display outside their homes.
                                                    The honorary guests were

                                                                                      DEPLOYED JULY 06
Radio put up streamers!
          It was a media frenzy! A band    given a chance to say a few words,
played while photo’s and interviews        and expressed their gratitude to the
began in the patriotically decorated       families and friends that came out
gym. The kids were crazy for the           to support them. The microphone
hundreds of balloons, and guests           was not reserved for guest speakers,
lounged on the bleachers awaiting the      everyone was given a chance to speak                                                   Sgt. Murphy Moo of Noatak, son of
start of the event.                        to the soldiers and guests. Veterans                                                   Ron and Arlene Moo. Sgt. Moo will
          Joe Swan began by reading a      of the Army National Guard shared                                                      leave in July for 3 month training
verse from the bible to the estimated      encouraging words, including Sgt.                                                      and be deployed to Iraq from there.
275 people who attended. Music and         Steven Ballot (retired) who served                                                     Noatak had a farewell potluck for
singing was an important part of the       in the Guard for thirty years. Others                                                  Sgt. Moo with honorary guests in
potluck. Courtney Hadley, a ten-year       spoke about how hard it is to leave                                                    attendence: Captain Bill C. Bailey,
old from Buckland, sang the national       family, and how everyone looks                                                         1st Sgt. Eugene Monroe Sr., and
anthem followed by everyone singing        forward to when the soldiers return                                                    Command Sgt. Major Wilfred Lane
“Praying for You”.                         home safely.                                                                           on June 7, 2006. Potluck ended in
          Shannon welcomed the guests               Robyn Kiyutelluk began her                                                    a community circle prayer lead by
and thanked those who contributed          performance at 7 p.m. “She’s really                                                    Pastor Roland Booth and visiting

       INSIDE JULY 2006                                                                                                                      ECRWSS
      Cancer Program for Northwest Alaskans               2          Elmer Williams Jr., MRC                            8
                                                                                                                                             Postal Customer
      Aggie Lie Jack, Registered Practical Nurse          2          Remembering Ethel Booshu                           9
      Sexual Assault Response Team                        3          Ramona Sheldon, CHP Retires                        9
      Elders Visit Kotzebue                               4          Buckland Honorary Potluck Photographs              10
      Fun Runs and Softball                               5          NWALT Tentative Agenda                             11                       PRESORTED
      Solid Waste Management Workshop                     6          Healthy and Youthful Inupiat                       12                        STANDARD
                                                                                                                                               US POSTAGE PAID
      Arlo Davis, Youth Wellness                          8                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 630
                                                                                                                                               ANCHORAGE, AK

              Cancer Program For Residents of Northwest Alaska

                                Cervical Cancer
                                                                                                               Liz Tafoya
    •The cervix is the lower part of a women’s uterus (womb).                                        “I look forward to providing
                                                                                                        support to our community
    •It is estimated that (yearly) over 9,700 women will be diagnosed with                          members experiencing cancer.
          cervical cancer and 3,700 women will die from this cancer in the U.S.                  I’m delighted to be working with
                                                                                                David Jensen, our cancer program
                                                                                                       manager, as we design and
    •Pap test is the most reliable means for early detection.                                     implement a network of services
        • By women coming in annually for their Pap test, cervical cancer                           to ensure a fail-safe system in
             can be detected, but not all, at an early, curable stage.                                                cancer care.”
        • Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer have never had a
             Pap test, or haven’t had a Pap test in five or more years.
                                                                                                    Highlight from the Cancer Committee Meeting
     Make an appointment at your local Clinic for a screening referral.                       The Cancer Committee would like to welcome Liz Tafoya, RN, Clinical
                                                                                              Cancer Case Manager for the Maniilaq Cancer Program. She brings a
                                                                                              wealth of knowledge and experience to the case management position.
            As a Question to the National Cancer Institute                                    Liz is an experienced cancer nurse with over 11 years of experience in
                                                                                              providing cancer care, and eighteen years in nursing practice. Please
                                                                                              contact Liz with your questions or concerns at 907-442-7078.
    Q. After my cancer treatment is over, what should I
          discuss with my doctor during checkups?
                                                                                                                           News and research
    A. Checkups help make sure that changes in health are noted and treated                   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a vaccine that
             if needed. At each visit, tell your doctor or health care team about:            protects against the two types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
        •    Symptoms that you think may be a sign of cancer’s return                         that are responsible for 70 percent of all cases of cervical cancer. Before
        •    Any physical problems that get in the way of your daily life                     the vaccine was approved, it was tested in over 11,000 females (ages 9
             (Pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, loss of sex drive, weight gain/loss)
        •    Any medicines, vitamins, or herbs you are taking, and any other                  - 26 years) in many countries around the world. The approval covers the
             treatments you are using                                                         vaccine’s use in females from ages 9 to 26. We look forward to
        •    Any emotional problems, such as anxiety or depression                            providing more information to you in the coming months regarding this
        •    Any changes in your family medical history                                       very important public health milestone.
                                                                                                              *National Cancer Institute Cancer Bulletin June 13, 2006
                  For More Information Call 1-800-CANCER                                                                *HPV Vaccine Q&A CDC June 2006

Native Nurses
Others to
Pursue their
Goals                                                  Photos: Kisik at Imagluktuk, Nasruk, Sunmigana, and family at Imagluktuk, Rose Custer, Little Kisik and Minnie Gray

                                                     Ever since I was small I had          assist with translating numerous health          Mary Viveiros and Susan Schaffer
         My name is Aggie “Kisik”           pets over the years including robins,          related pamphlets into Inupiaq.                  We are in the process of forming a
(Lie) Jack, Licenced Practical Nurse.       my goose Tom, my dog Lucy, my                            I hold an associates degree            nursing association with all the native
I was born at a camp called “Black          fish “Mutt and Jeff” and others too            and a course away in obtaining my                nurses out there, with the help of
River” or Imagluktuk, which is              numerous to name, when they get hurt           Bachelor’s degree. I struggled with              Dara Whalen. We meet regularly and
between Shungnak and Ambler.                or sick I would nurse them back to             obtaining my degree up to this date              welcome native nurses input and to
         I was raised by my                 health.                                        because I worked very hard at my job             join our group. The number to call us
grandparents Nasruk, Robert N.                       That lead me to attend school         and put my courses in the back burner            is 442-7595 for more information.
Cleveland, Sunmigana, Flora S.              at Haskell Indian Jr. College, now the         so many times.                                            During my career in the
Cleveland, and Mother, Alitchuq             First Nations University in Lawrence,                    I’m almost 60 years old,               EMS field I have been influential in
Minnie Gray until my eighteenth             Kansas my initial training was in              and still taking college courses. I              encouraging my EMS Trainers or
birthday, I spent my summers at camp        nursing with an LPN license under              believe in education and encourage               high school students to successfully
“Imagluktuq” and I loved it there.          my belt, I started working at the PHS          whoever you are that you are never               complete ETT/EMT in the schools,
         I helped my tataa and aana         Hospital in Kotzebue in 1969. 38               too old to learn. “Learning is a life-           since the exposure to this type of
with summer time subsistence living         years later I’m still working.                 long experience.” When I first went              training many of the students go out
such as hunting, gill netting, cutting               29 years of it for Maniilaq           to nursing school there were no                  to college to obtain a degree in some
and drying fish, picking berries, and       EMS, as a program manager running              nursing schools in Alaska , rarely any           type of health field
seining. I spoke Inupiaq fluently           the successful Med-Flight Services             scholarships.                                             I am really proud of several
with my grandparents, and up to this        and Training EMT-ETT courses.                             Now there are scholarships            former EMS trainers and EMT
date I can speak and write it. My           I’m also an Instructor Trainer for             galore at your finger tips for Alaskan           students who have went on to pursue a
grandparents told Eskimo stories            American Red Cross. My nursing                 Natives and Native Americans, use                career in healthcare.
before bedtime after a hard days            background really helped me when               it, take it and run with it, you can                      I am also proud to say that I
work it was indeed very soothing and        teaching variety of EMS classes .I also        do it! All you need is intuition, hard           trained many of the CHAPs in service
relaxing.                                   do grant writing many budgets, and             work and perseverance, such as                   area, to the EMT and ETT level.

                  For Survivors & Families
      You Are Not Alone
      By Jackie Eaken, Sexual Assault Response /MDT Coordinator
                                                                                               If You Need Someone To Talk To
          Every person and family        know that you are not alone! Many                     Please Call, We Are Here To Help
 who survives a sexual assault           survivors do. If you have these
 or other trauma has their own           feelings for more than a day or so, or
 reactions. There is no one way to       if you have more than one or two at            Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator
 feel or one way to be. You may          a time, it is time to talk to someone.            1-800-478-3321 x 7877 or 442-7877
 cope well or not so well and both       Experience has shown that getting
 ways are normal. Sexual assault         support is a big key to healing.                            Counseling Services
 can affect you soon after the assault            People from all cultures seem               1-800-431-3321 x 7400 or 442-7400
 or much later.                          to have many of these symptoms fairly
          This list was prepared         often. They can even be a clue that
 to help people who live through         a person may have experienced bad                           After business hours,
 trauma (and their friends and           things in the past but has no memory                         help is still available
 family) know when to get help and       of it. They are called universal                         1-800-431-3321or 442-7208
 talk with someone.                      symptoms because they affect people
          If you feel this way, please   all over the world.
       Sexual Assault Advocate Annie Loon in the exam room at MHC.

                                                                                     Some Universal Reactions to Trauma
                                                                             Emotional Shock: I feel numb.               Disorientation:I don’t even
                                                                             How can I be so calm?                       know what day it is, or what I’m
                                                                             Why can’t I cry?                            supposed to be doing. I keep
                                                                                                                         forgetting things.
                                                                             Disbelief and/or Denial:Did it
                                                                             really happen? Why me? Maybe I just         Flashbacks:I’m still re-living
                                                                             imagined it. It wasn’t really rape.         the assault! I keep seeing that face
                                                                                                                         and feeling like it’s happening all
                                                                             Embarrassment:What will people              over again.
                                                                             think? I can’t tell my
                                                                             family or friends.                          Fear:I’m scared of everything.
                                                                                                                         What if I have herpes or AIDS?
                                                                             Shame:I feel completely filthy, like        I can’t sleep because I’ll have
                                                                             there’s something wrong with me. I          nightmares. I’m afraid to go out.
 Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate Annie Loon and Nurse Examiner         can’t get clean.                            I’m afraid to be alone.
 Dara Whalen inventory a sexual assault kit prior to an examination.
                                                                             Guilt:I feel as if it’s my fault, or I      Anxiety:I’m having panic
                                                                             should’ve been able to stop it. If only     attacks. I can’t breathe! I can’t stop
                                                                             I had...                                    shaking. I feel overwhelmed.

                                                                             Depression:How am I going to                Anger: I feel like killing or
                                                                             get through the (day, month, year,          hurting the person who
                                                                             holidays, anniversary)? I’m so tired! I     attacked me!
                                                                             feel so hopeless. Maybe I’d be better
                                                                             off dead (If you feel this-get help right   Physical Stress: My stomach
                                                                             away! It is not true.)                      (or head or back) aches all the time.
                                                                                                                         I feel jittery and don’t feel like
                                                                             Powerlessness:Will I ever feel in           eating.
                                                                             control again?

 MEDFLIGHT TRAINING CALENDAR                                                      HEALTH CAREER                                       THE WIC
  FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 907-442-7596                                           Exploration and                                PROGRAM IS
                           JUNE                                                          (HLTH 193)                                  MOVING!!
(2)            American Red Cross First Aid and CPR                                                                                WE WILL BE
(12-22)        EMT-II (M, T, Th nights 6-10 PM)
(28-30)        ETT Refresher                                                      •New Course available
                                                                                                                               LOCATED WITH
                                                                                    through Chukchi,
                            JULY                                                    UAF, and Maniilaq                          PUBLIC HEALTH
(7)            BLS for Healthcare Providers                                                                                   NURSING IN THE
               (American Heart Association)
(17-18)        PEPP (Pediatric Education for                                          •Starts Fall 2006
               Prehospital Professionals)                                                                                   OLD COURTHOUSE
(26-28)        Wilderness Advanced Life Support                                                                             ON BISON STREET.
               (Wilderness Medical Associates)                                    •Available via computer
               -Enroll deadline 6/25                                                                                        IF YOU ARE IN THE
                        AUGUST                                                    Funding is available for
(4)            American Red Cross First Aid and CPR                                                                           NEIGHBORHOOD,
                                                                                    those who qualify
(14-18)        ETT to EMT Bridge Course                                                                                      STOP BY AND SEE
(21-22)        PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support)                           1-800-478-3402 ext
                                                                                      124 or 106                              OUR NEW SPACE!

 Regional Elders Conference
         The NANA Regional Elders          included the NWABSD’s Bilingual
met at the Kotzebue Senior Center on       Teachers, Nikaitchuat teachers, and
June 21st until the 24th to discuss ways   the NWALT members.
that they can be actively involved                  There were daily break-out
in the language revitalization effort.     sessions for the Inupiaq teachers.
They were joined by an Elder from          They worked with Maori educators,
the Maniapota Tribe in New Zealand,        Mike Graham, from the Te Wananga
Hinekahakura ‘Tuti’ Aranui, who            o Aotearoa (Apakura Campus) and
worked closely with Levi Cleveland,        Hirere Moana, principal at the Te
President of the NANA Regional             Kura Kaupapa o Oparure (immersion
Elders Council. Together, Tuti and         school) to learn what the Maori did to
Levi led a process seeking advice          bring back their language and teaching
from the Elders on ways to revitalize      methods.
the Inupiaq language and promote                    The Elders identified what
wellness by modeling and promoting         is important for each villages and
ways of living the Inupiaq values.         what needs to be done to make
The knowledge and skills the Elders        change happen; they shared problems
shared will be further discussed in        they have in their villages and
their own communities.                     identified ways to address them; they
                                           discussed how they can help those
                                           individuals in their villages who are
                                           choosing unhealthy lifestyles. They
                                           also discussed traditional Inupiaq
                                           protocols. Finally, they identified what
                                           they will do when they return home
                                           their own villages.
                                                    The conference brought
                                           everyone together and the Inupiaq
 Levi Cleveland and Tuti Aranui            values were honored throughout the         Beulah Ballot takes a ‘negative act’ which affects people, writes it on a piece of paper,
                                           four days. While the program contents      crumbles it up, and tosses it in to the garbage – getting rid of it to focus on a positive
During the four-day conference, there      will be shared by the Elders in their      outcome.
were over 80 people who gathered           own villages, some of the highlights
at the Senior Center. Each village         were that the Inupiaq language was
was represented by three Elders            spoken, uplifting songs such as
including the president of each Village    Aarigaa were sung, and everyone
Elders Council and two others. The         shared positive energy and a desire to
residents of the Senior Center and         work together. The Maori guests also
other interested Elders and ‘Elders        shared some of their songs and dances
in training’ were welcomed in to           including the Haka, a traditional
the circle. Others who participated        Maori dance.

Caleb Pungoiwi, Corey Stephens & Raymond Hawley dance the Haka.

 Louie Commack, Don Sheldon and Leland Barger

Dora Hadley from Buckland, Nora Booth from Noatak, Irene Armstrong from Buckland

                                                                                                                                   flooding and waiting for extra shirts to

                                                                                                                                   show up. Which are still on the way!
                                                                                                                                   Helmets and float coats were a couple
                                                                                                                                   of the prizes raffled off.
had more FUN                                                                                                                       Kotzebue- June 11th (82
runners than
                                                                                                                                   people) Thank you Volunteers- John
                                                                                                                                   Rickel, Sue Rickel, Kevin Smalley,
                                                                                                                                   Florence Smaller, Bruce Warwick,
Kotzebue!                                                                                                                          Jim Whidby, Gloria Baker, Golden
                                                                                                                                   Viveirous, Kristen Smith, Marjorie
                                                                                                                                   Gholson. 82 people participated
It is FUN RUN SEASON and                                                                                                           which looks to be a record from info I
Maniilaq hosted events in                                                                                                          have from the last couple of years.
Deering, Buckland, Kiana and
Kotzebue. By Jason Dau, Maniilaq                                                                                                   All FUN RUN participants
Injury Prevention and Sheila A.                                                                                                    got a t-shirt, water bottle, pedometer
Gregg, CHP Supervisor (Deering)                                                                                                    (tracks the distance a person walks/
                                                                                                                                   runs), and a chance to win a prize in
Kiana- May 17 (87 people) It                                                                                                       the raffle.
was a beautiful spring day with a ton
of song birds singing. It was so nice                                                                                              For July here is a run down of
to see the community come together         Kotzebue’s participants went from MHC parking lot to the end of the pavement and back
                                                                                                                                   what the Prevention Tobacco
and make this happen. Big thanks to                                                                                                Prevention Program has
Janice Westlake and Midge Schaeffer                                                                                                planned.
                                           was 62 years old. We would like to           Gregg 3rd, Quincy Iyatunguk 4th and
for setting up the course, prizes,         thank John Rickel, Maniilaq’s Dia-
advertising and the raffle. Participants
                                                                                        Delores Iyatunguk 5th.                     July 7th & 8th- Youth Softball
                                           betes Prevention Program and Jason                                                      Tournament Noatak, Selawik,
had a chance to win a CD player, dry       Dau, Maniilaq Injury Prevention for          Buckland- June 8th (102
bag, bath towels, tarps, and small                                                                                                 Noorvik, and Kiana will be present.
                                           providing all the t-shirts, water bottles,   people) Buckland was rescheduled           July- Adult Summer Solstice
knick-knacks for the kids during the       pedometers, and gift certificates for        twice due to weather and flooding.
raffle. Job well done. What a great                                                                                                Tournament (rescheduled due to ice
                                           the participants. The Diabetes Pro-          Improved weather conditions                conditions on Selawik Lake) Selawik,
way to kick off the summers “Heart         gram donated $100 for the Fun Run            finally gave us a small window of
Pounding” events. .                                                                                                                Noorvik, Kotzebue and Kiana will
                                           this year. We decided to divide the          opportunity to hold the event once         present
                                           funds into ten $10 gift certificates and     the water receded. A large crowd           July 27-29th- Youth Summer
Deering- June 6th (31 people)              the winners were randomly picked.            gathered at the airport to kick off the    Softball League Championship.
About 30% of Deerings population           Bertha Ballot, Emma Gregg, Brandi            Fun Run-bringing in 102 participants.      Deering, Buckland, Noatak, Selawik,
participatedin their 3rd Annual Fun        Scott, Bonita Barr, James E. Moto,           This is a record number of participants    Ambler, Noorvik and Kiana will be
Run, held on June 7th at 4 pm. We had      Anthony Barr, Bobbie Sue Iyatunguk,          for a Fun Run for all villages. So         present. About 12-14 teams with
31 participants this year, 15 less than    Lila Gregg, Kristina Moto, and Tin-          we challenge any of the remaining          three full days of play. Biggest Youth
last year. Elders, adults, teens, and      miaq Hailstone were able to spend $10        villages to meet or beat this awesome      Softball tourney north of the Arctic
babies walked or ran from the bridge       each at the Deering Native Store. High       number. Good job Buckland. Theresa         Circle
to the airport and back. The young-        Fives to the first runners in: Christo-      Ballot deserves a large pat on the back    July 15th-Half Marathon in
est was 9 months old and the oldest        pher Moto 1st, Robert Moto 2nd, Darla        for being so patient with the weather,     Kotzebue

  KOBUK RIVER YOUTH SOFTBALL                                                                                         by Sheila Gregg, coach Deering

Photographed above; Last years Deering softball team in Noorvik back row - Gilford Barr, Rebecca Zepeda. Middle row - Christopher Moto, Quincy Iyatunguk, Darla Gregg, Pat-
rick Barr, Robert Moto. Front Row - Tinmiaq Hailstone, Delores Iyatunguk, Coach Calvin Moto I, and Bobbie Sue Iyatunguk.

      Deering’s Youth                      equipment this year; Calvin Moto I           try to have games on the weekends          to strike out a lot of the youth team’s
Softball Team Would Like To                for stepping up and volunteering again       against the adults and others willing to   batters. They also had a lot of great
                                           to coach along with myself, Sheila           play.                                      catches in the outfield. Our youth
Thank The Following People                 Gregg, CHP Clinic Supervisor – I am                    Our first game was held on       team had at least one home run hit by
For Making It Possible To                  also coaching and providing rides to         Father’s Day against a mixed team of       Christopher Moto. Thank you all for
Play Softball Again This Year:             and from the airport.                        adults and youth under 12. It started      participating in our first game of 2006.
FAA for allowing us to use the airport              We started practices late this      out tough for the youth team with the               We hoped to travel to
taxi area to practice and play softball    year due to the cold and rain and            adults keeping a lead of about 10 until    Buckland to play a few games this
games; Brenda Scott, CHP-T for             increased number of flights bringing         the last inning where we were able to      year but that is postponed until
requesting equipment; John Rickel,         in freight for all the construction going    catch up some. The game ended with         Buckland’s team is ready. We look
Diabetes Program for sending us            on this summer in Deering. Practices         a score of 16 for the adults and 13        forward to the Noorvik Tournament
the equipment last year, Jason Dau,        are usually held, weather and flights        for the youth. The adults had a great      and thank Maniilaq for sponsoring
Injury Prevention for sending us new       permitting, three days a week and we         pitcher Calvin Moto II who was able        that Tournament again this year.

Selawik Solid Waste
Administration (SWA)
Workshop by Esther Capelle
The Solid Waste                           and from the use of products in or
Administration                            around the home.
                                                   We use many potentially
Workshop (May 16-                         dangerous products everyday: by
19, 2006) In Selawik,                     being aware of these hazards; we
                                          can also work to minimize the impact
Contributed Beneficial                    of such waste in our community.
Information Regarding                     Examples of household hazardous
                                          wastes include antifreeze, brake fluid,
Solid Waste.                              degreasers, engine cleaners, used
         Thirty-five attendants           motor oil, herbicides, insecticides,
represented northwest Alaska,             wood preservatives, paints, thinners,
southwest AK and Anchorage.               paint strippers, rust removers,           SWA Workshop Participants front row: Clyde Ramoth, Selawik; 1st row l to r:
         Rural Alaskan communities        solvents, drain cleaners, septic          Shannon Melton, Buckland; Wyatt Moto, Deering; Raven Sheldon, Selawik; Irvin
depend on the earth’s resources for       cleaners, fingernail polish remover,      Ashenfelter, White Mountain; Larry Zirkle, Anchorage; 2nd row: Hilda Booth, Noatak;
subsistence. Our Alaskan Native           some medicines and arts and crafts        Jenifer Williams, Anchorage; Esther Capelle, Kotzebue; Richard Sage, Kivalina; Nina
lifestyle has always emphasized the       chemicals.                                Shestakovich, Kotzebue; Roger Clark, Selawik; 3rd row: Glenn Douglas, Shungnak;
importance of taking care of our          Hazardous waste is:                       Duane Riley, Selawik; Mary Lou Amaktoolik, Golovin; Kemberly Henry, Kiana; Lynn
environment because we live so close               •Corrosive: Capable of           Zender, Anchorage; Ben Davis, Selawik; N. Carol Wesley, Noatak; Mary Thomas,
to the land. It is to our advantage       chemically eroding another substance,     Buckland; Stan Custer, Shungnak; Tanya Ballot, Selawik; Annabel Alvite, Kotzebue;
to maintain healthy, diverse and          such as skin, cloth or metal. (I.e.       Millie Hawley, Kivalina; & Kirk Sampson, Noovik
undamaged land and ecosystems.            battery acid, drain cleaners)
Selawik elders emphasized advice                   •Toxic: Directly or indirectly
on taking only what you need and          poisonous to living things. (I.e. drain
pass it on to the younger generation.     cleaners, antifreeze, herbicides)
Although we buy non-perishable                     •Flammable: Capable of
items from the store, they tend to        catching on fire. (I.e. gasoline, paint
be discarded. Trash is called “solid      thinner)
waste”. And, also is considered                    •Reactive: Capable of creating
“leftovers” from a community’s way        a violent or rapid chemical reaction.
of life. Good solid waste management      (I.e. chlorine, ammonia)
is how the community takes care of                 •Explosive: Capable of
its leftovers it creates. Therefore,      exploding if exposed to spark, flame,
we have an obligation to protect our      or being hit sharply. (I.e. gunpowder,     Millie Hawley, Kivalina EPA                Selawik Elders; (r to l) Daniel Foster,
environment and to live in harmony        bottled gas)                               Coordinator gives info on how she          Roy Smith, Ira Smith, Emma Norton, &
with the land. If we take care of the              There are two important           started recycling in Kivalina.             Alice Smith give brief presentations on
land, it will take care of us.            principles to keep in mind when                                                       the traditional way of life.
         Recycling, reusing or            disposing hazardous waste: First,
repairing wastes are another good way     consider what will happen to the waste
to reduce landfill space. Many villages   in the future. Will it get into your
recycle aluminum cans and lead acid       water? Will it travel downstream or
batteries. Fluorescent light bulbs,       out to sea and contaminate animals
inkjet cartridges and computers are       or fish you may one day catch or
all wastes that can be easily recycled    eat? Second, consider that while the
from the community. Recycling             small bit of waste you’re dumping
these items keeps the toxic chemicals     may be insignificant, there are others
out of the landfill. Pre-paid boxes       who are doing the same thing, and the
are covered by the Indian General         cumulative effect is devastating.
Assistance Proposal Grants upon           Here are some basic guidelines for
request.                                  hazardous materials use and disposal:
                                                                                    Raven Sheldon shows the tractor &           Raven Sheldon, Selawik EPA Director
         There are many types of                   •Buy and use only enough for
                                                                                    warehouse to SWA participants               presents an outline of Selawik’s landfill
pollution, or potentially damaging        the job;
                                                                                                                                info while Clyde Ramoth, Selawik IRA
impurities or waste. Air, water                    •Use non-hazardous
                                                                                                                                President looks on.
and land or soil pollution are the        alternatives whenever possible;
predominant categories.                            •Read labels carefully--follow
         Examples of outdoor air          directions for use and disposal;
pollution include volcanic ash, dust,              •Never bury or dump waste on
wood smoke, power exhaust and             the ground. Never pour waste down a
smoke from burning trash. Indoor          drain or into the water.
air pollution can occur due to the        Some chemicals are difficult to find
presence of formaldehyde, microbes,       alternatives for use. Batteries need
water vapor, wood or tobacco smoke,       acid. Sno-gos need gas. Generators
nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, radon      need oil. One step to take is finding
or fiberglass. Water and land can         out how to use less. Taking care not
become polluted from a variety of         to drop or break a battery will make it
sources, including chemicals used         last longer. Planning trips with others
to separate gold from ore, spilled or     will reduce gas and oil use.
leaking fuel, sewage, pesticides and               Our fast-paced modern culture
used oil.                                 relies on the use of many hazardous
         Hazardous wastes are solid       or potentially hazardous materials.
or liquid materials containing certain    However, by minimizing their use and
properties that endanger human health     following proper disposal procedures,
                                                                                    Selawik elder, Roy Smith recounts his days as a youth hunting & gathering food.
and the environment. These wastes are     we can minimize the impact on the
generated both by industrial processes    environment and thus, on ourselves.

    L E F T -OVERS
                                                                                     In order to recycle any waste, it must   Whether you decide to set up such a
                                                                                     be separated. Materials are not usable   center, the hazardous wastes should
                                                                                     when they are mixed in with all other    be securely stored so they can not be
   Recycling, Reusing
                                                                                                                              reached by children.
                                                                                     Recyclables include glass, paper,        Some freezers, stoves, thermostats

   Or Refusing to Buy                                                                aluminum, oil, & cardboard. Learning
                                                                                     a bit about what these products
                                                                                     are made of , and how they can be
                                                                                                                              and cars have mercury switches or
                                                                                                                              sensors. This is likely the biggest

    Potential Wastes.
                                                                                                                              source of mercury at the dump. You
                                                                                     recycled will help us understand how     can remove the risk by removing the
                                                                                     recycling saves energy and resources.    switches. Also, old clinic equipment
                                                                                                                              can contain a lot of mercury. Make
                                                                                     Many villages recycle aluminum cans,     sure your clinic backhauls all of its
                                                                                     & lead-acid batteries.                   blood pressure cuffs, thermometers,
                                                                                                                              batteries, etc. when they are replaced.
                                                                                     Other recycling items includes
                                                                                     fluorescent light bulbs, household
                                                                                     batteries, inkjet cartridges and

                                                                                     Some communities choose to have
                                                                                     reuse/drop-off centers that are opened
                                                                                     everyday. Other communities choose         For information about how
                                                                                     to have monthly or annual drop-off        to ship out hazardous waste,
                                                                                     /pick-up days.
                                                                                                                                 including FREE shipping
                                                                                                                                  programs in place go to:

Members of the community cleaning up solid waste or “left overs”
                                                                     http://www.ccthita-swan/Tutorials/shipping hazwaste.cfm

       MAKE A DIFFERENCE, EVERYDAY                                                                              MORE WAYS TO SAVE
 •Instead of buying sandwich bags          •Use herbs, set out a small dish                                                   •Buy durable appliances and
 and brown paper bags for meals            of vanilla or leave an open box of                                                 electronic equipment that last
 at work, pack food in reusable            baking soda in the room as an air                                                  longer and can be repaired.
 containers and reusable bags.             freshener.                                                                         Help keep these items out of our
                                                                                                                              landfills by repairing instead of
 •Use durable reusable bags when           •Buy products that contain recycled                                                disposing.
 you go shopping.                          materials.
                                                                                                                              •Buy durable, long-lasting
 •Buy in bulk and avoid products           •Use cat litter or sand instead of salt                                            products—though they are
 with over-packaging. About 1/3 of         on icy sidewalks.                                                                  usually higher priced, quality
 our garbage is packaging which is                                                                                            goods last longer and are thus
 thrown out immediately.                   •Turn the water off when brushing                                                  often less expensive in the long
                                           your teeth.                                                                        run.
 •When purchasing cleaning supplies,
 buy as little as you need. Buy less-      •Only run full loads in the washing                                                •Keep your vehicle well tuned.
 toxic or non-toxic supplies. Baking       machine or dishwasher.                                                             This will conserve gasoline and
 soda and water can be used in place                                                                                          reduce harmful emissions. Buy
 of ammonia-based all-purpose              •Designate places in the kitchen for                                               only as much auto fluid as you
 cleaners. Instead of purchasing a         paper bags, plastic bags, glass jars,                                              will use up.
 drain cleaner, mix 1⁄4 cup baking         plastic containers and other items you
 soda with 1⁄4 cup vinegar.                can reuse.                                                                         •Purchase rechargeable batteries.
                                                                                                                              If these aren’t found in local
 •Use baking soda paste as a general       •Use cotton rags, napkins and                                                      stores, encourage the owners to
 stain remover. Rub chalk on grease        handkerchiefs instead of paper                                                     sell them. Reduce the amount
 stains prior to washing. Apply butter     towels, napkins and kleenex.                                                       of trash going into our landfills
 or margarine to chocolate stains, let                                                                                        and help keep toxic metals out
 set at least 15 minutes and wash.         •Save and reuse envelopes, boxes and                                               too. Some batteries, especially
                                           packing materials that you receive in                                              the small “button” types and
 •Turn off lights when you leave the       the mail. It’s especially important to                                             rechargeable, can be recycled.
 room or at bedtime to save energy         reuse foam “peanuts” or other foam
 and money. Compact fluorescent            packaging—these products destroy                                                   •Use non-toxic glue and water-
 light bulbs are energy efficient. One     the ozone layer.                                                                   based markers for your arts &
 fourth of the energy generated in                                                                                            crafts projects.
 America is used for lighting.             •Save scrap paper and staple it
                                           together for scratch pads or use it for                                            •Share, borrow or rent items you
  •Walk, carpool, or ride your bike        rough drafts and math worksheets.                                                  don’t use that often.
 when possible. Americans make
 the equivalent of three million trips     •Mend and repair rather than discard                                               •Share magazine subscriptions
 to the moon and back each year in         and replace.                                                                       with friends—when you’re all
 vehicles, using up natural resources                                                                                         finished, give the magazine to
 and polluting the air.               •If you’re tired of clothes that haven’t                                                the library or someone else.
                                      worn out, have a clothes swap with
 •Use the Sunday comics or magazine your friends or relatives.
 pictures for gift wrap. About 40% of

 America’s garbage is paper.

 Pass The Pollution Prevention Along. Let Others Know What They Can Do To Prevent Pollution.
    Encourage Others To Follow These Practices and Learn More About Waste Management.

Hello, I’m Nasruk,                          to be just right for some
Arlo Davis. My parents are                  parts. They find the right
Martha Ramoth-Schindler and Joe             kind of moss to prepare
Davis. My grandparents are Ralph            and mix with seal oil to
and Emma Ramoth and Jan Fanistal            use in the seams of the
and Art Davis. I am working as the          skins when it’s time to
Relief Youth Wellness Coordinator           sew them on to make them
for Maniilaq Association this sum-          watertight. They also build
mer. There is a lot I would like to do      all the tools that go along
this summer. Youth wellness is very         with a qayaq. The short
important to me and I am very happy         harpoon and throwing
to be doing this work. Young people         board, the long harpoon,
are our future and need to be helped        the sled that sits on the
as much as we can. To me helping the        back, the paddle, the big
youth means teaching them to respect        hook that can be used as
themselves and others, how to work          a spare paddle, and the
hard, that suicide should not be seen       dyes used to mark all these
as an option for problems, and how to       things with their family
believe in themselves. By really listen-    design. I felt very lucky
ing to our Inupiaq Ilitqusiat (Love for     to see such craftsmenship
children, humility, etc…) I believe we      still around and active.
can all be a part of youth wellness.                  I got to take a
          This summer I was able to go      steam that night with
down to Bethel for the 23rd Annual          Bill’s brother-in-law and
Rural Providers Conference. It was          his friends. One of the old
so nice just to walk around town and        ladies at the conference in
in their AC’s store and hear so much        Bethel said “No wonder
Yu’pik being spoken by everyone.            you look clean” when I                      I’m working with the
They are very stong in their language.      got back and told her about my trip         school district to get rock
That strength has taken time and hard       to Kwig. The steam was on the other         gyms built in our schools.
work though. I believe with time and        side of the spread out village so Bill’s    My goal is to see one in     every
effort we can see the same thing up         son and me rode little motor scooters       village. This is important because they
here with our young people.                 over to it across the rainy board walks.    will provide a healthy activity for our
          While down in Bethel I flew       It was my first time driving a scooter      youth and young adults to learn from.            PHOTOGRAPHS
out to Kwigillingok (Kwig) to talk          so I took it slow and carefull at the       Another project, on a smaller scale,
with qayaq builders, because I heard        beginning. One of Bill’s sons was in        is making wood and fiberglass bows.       “My second break-up hunt-
that was where to find the ones that        in Anchorage for college so he let me       I have ordered the materials for 14
                                                                                        bows to make with youth. They will
                                                                                                                                  ing on the ice. Real different
still really knew how to do it old style.   stay in the extra bedroom that night.
Sure enough I met Noah Andrews and                    The Hageland pilot was from       do the work themselves, with help, so     from the tundra by Selawik.
Bill Wilkonson. They built qayaq’s          Kwig so that next morning I met him         when it’s done they can use it and say    Lots of fun though!”
using the measurements of the person        out at the same plane we had come in        they made it themselves.
who is going to use it . They measure       on and we flew back to Bethel. I’m                   Well, I need to go out ugruk     “Tuti and I, an elder from
the person’s forearm and hands and          going to try and bring up these guys to     hunting now, please call me with any
                                                                                        questions on some of the other stuff
                                                                                                                                  New Zealand, talking about
use those measurements to determine         Kotzebue this summer to help us bring
how big to make parts of the boats.         back the art of qayaq making with our       going on this summer.                     our ancestors. I was very
There are no trees around Kwig so           designs.                                                                              happy to meet her and the
they have to search for driftwood, and               Another project in the works                                                 other iglauks (visitors).”
not just any kind of driftwood, it has      is building indoor rock climbing walls.

     “I Just Want To Say To Everyone Out
     There Who Has A Problem With Drugs
     And Alcohol, Get Help From MRC”
                                                                                               TUTORS NEEDED
                                                                                          If You Have A Degree Or Special Certification
                                                                                             Discover The Benefits Of Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

                                                                                                     Please contact Dara or Spring at Chukchi College
                                                                                                      1-800-478-3402 ext 124 or 106

                                                                                                 We CAN:
My name is Elmer Williams Jr. I             to myself, my children, my friends
                                                                                                     Connect students and professionals
was born in Kotzebue, where I lived         and family. I feel better about my-
                                            self, don’t have to wake up with a
                                                                                                     Start a regional resource directory
most of my life. My Dad, Mom and
Sister left behind me, my brother,          hangover and wonder where the next                       Support higher education
and my adopted sister within a ten          drink is going to come from. After the
year span. Well, I was introduced to        program, I found a job that I like, driv-
alcohol when I was a teenager, then,        ing a cab all evening, and that keeps
after I graduated from High School. I       me busy most of the day. I noticed               Encourage students who are working hard
started to drink very heavily. Every
time I drank I would end up in jail,
                                            that I have more respect from other
                                            people that used to see me drunk all
                                                                                                to achieve their educational goals.
alcohol was always involved. I finally      the time. I just want to say to every-
sobered up a little, so that I could find   one out there who has a problem with
a job here in Kotzebue. But I lost          drugs and alcohol, get help from MRC                       This can be just as helpful as
most of them because of Alcohol. So         here in Kotzebue or anywhere else. It
I ended up in the alcohol program           will do you good in the long run. Plus                    anything else we can give them.
because my children were taken away         you will feel better about yourself and
from me and my wife. But I am glad          you will live life to the fullest and be
that I went into the program, because
it made me realize what I was doing
                                                                                                              Taikuu, Dara Whalen

                                                      Ethel Jean Booshu
        The people of Point Hope,           volunteer in helping administer          had assumed the role of Clinic            Aides as well as many Maniilaq
Maniilaq association, and the               TB medicines in order to help            Supervisor in Point Hope.                 staff members and we have all in
CHAP department, recently suf-              stem the spread of the illness.                  Ethel Booshu was a person         some way come away better for the
fered a great loss with the sudden          Ethel started her career as one of       who always had a smile no matter          experience.
                                            these volunteer “TB Nurses” as           how stressful it was in the clinic.                Ethel played a significant
                                            they were then called. She worked        She always had time to answer any         role in the development of the CHP
                                            as a volunteer for about 4 years         questions a new trainee might have        program from its inception. Her
                                            without pay before she was hired         and was always ready to share             loss will be greatly felt not only
                                            as a Health Aide in the village of       with them the techniques she had          by those who’s lives she touched
                                            Point Hope. During her career,           learned over her years of working         on a day-to-day basis in Point
                                            Ethel also worked as a Health Aide       with CHP.                                 Hope, but also by countless people
                                            in Gambell for a number of years                 I have enjoyed working            throughout our service area and
                                            and for two years she was a travel       with Ethel since we first met in          state who have worked with her.
                                            clerk in Nome in the late 1970’s. In     April of 2004. I learned a great          Through her work and being a part
passing of long time CHP and                September 1984 Ethel went back           deal from her in the short time we        of the foundation of the Alaska
Point Hope resident, Ethel Booshu.          to work in Point Hope as a CHP           worked together. Ethel had only           CHAP program, helping to make
The foundation of the CHAP                  and was working in that capacity         been a part of the Maniilaq Family        it what it is today, there are those
program was laid back in the                when The Maniilaq Association            a short five years at the time of her     who may never have met Ethel
1960’s when people from                     took over the services for the clinic    passing. However, in that time she        whose lives and health will be
individual villages were asked to           in July of 2001. Just recently, Ethel    touched the lives of many Health          enhanced for generations to come.

            The CHAP program                        We hope retirement brings              Ramona, we all hope
    and the residents of Selawik            Ramona much needed rest. As
                                                                                     you enjoy your time with
    recently celebrated the                 we all know, working as a Health
    retirement of Ramona Sheldon,           Aide is one of the most stressful        your family and we wish you
    CHP.                                    jobs there is. The only time any         the best of luck in your next
            Ramona started her              CHA/P can get any rest is when           adventure.
    Health Aide career in June              they are not in the village. One

    1985 in the village of Selawik.         CHP is always on call in each
    Ramona and other trainees               village and because of this, they
    completed their first two               spend a lot of time away from their
    sessions of CHAP training
    here in Kotzebue and finished
    the rest of their training at
                                            homes and families-many times in
                                            the depths of winter and at night.
                                            Even when they are not on call,
                                                                                        Ramona Sheldon
    other centers around the state.         when an Emergency occurs in the                            Retired after 21
    Ramona was an excellent role            village all the CHA/Ps respond
    model for new trainees-always           to help. In light of this, working                      years as a Community
    ready to answer any questions           until retirement as a CHP is a
    or assist with any need they            great accomplishment when you                           Health Aide in Selawik
    might have.                             consider all this position entails.

    Helen Bolen is a lucky
woman. She won the raffle at the
Northwest Arctic Boroughs 20 year
Anniversary Celebration. The prize, a               Helen donated the four
brand new Honda four wheeler.               wheeler to the IRA’s Nikaitchuat
         This is not the first time this    Tribal School, and the money won at
sort of thing has happened to her, not      the basketball game was donated to       Helen Bolen, President/CEO, Maniilaq Association presents keys to four wheeler to
too long ago, she won hundreds of           a family suffering the loss of a loved   Kotzebue IRA Executive Director, Linda Joule with Northwest Arctic Borough Mayor
dollars with a raffle ticket given out at   one.                                     Ross Schaeffer
a basket ball game.

(Front) Gillian Foxglove,   Lavasil Cobbin and Roberta       James Mason of KOTZ Radio tossed 400    Billy Ticket organized a slideshow for his brother Herman Ticket
Jacquelyn Berlin and        Carter Frost cakes in the High   feet of streamers through baskets and
Kylah Melton                School kitchen                   around poles in the gym                                                   CONTINUED FROM COVER


                                            Begal, Robyn and Kiki Kiyutelluk
Troops Interviewed for KOTZ Radio

   I would like to thank
      the people who
   donated to make the
  feast possible for our
   troops. Sgt. Floyd H.                                                              Left to right: Frances Ticket, Myrna Ticket, Janet Geary, Louie Commack.
    Ticket, Sgt. Ronald                                                               Front Row: Sgt. Ronald Skin, Sgt. Steven Ballot (Retired After 30 Years Of Service)
  Skin from Selawik and
   Pvt. Sonny P. Hadley
  are being deployed to
  Iraq on July 6th, 2006.

        Thank You:
  Maniilaq, NANA, KEA,
   Buckland & Selawik
  IRA, Buckland Native
  Store, School District,
    Bering Air and also
  NWASB, and OTZ for
  making it possible for
    Robyn Kiyutelluk to
 The people I would like
   to thank for coming:                     Top row: Courtney Hadley, Calvin Jones holding his boys Quinton & Quincy Jones, Richard Jones, Billy Ticket, Norman
 Joe Swan, Alice Moore,                     Ticket, Allen Ticket, Ella Ticket, Maureen Ticket, Marjorie Ticket. Second Row: Clara Ticket, Floyd Ticket, Cheyenne
                                            Wells, Tillie Ticket, Myrna Ticket, Chester Ticket, Brent Ticket, Anthony Ticket, Jenny Johnson. Third Row: Colt
     Louie Commack,                         Ticket, Floyd Ticket 3rd,Beulah Commack, Johnnie Ticket Sr., Bo Ticket, Matthew Berlin holding his daughter Jacquelyn
  James Mason, Robyn                        Berlin, Herman Geffe. Forth Row: Kylah Melton, Kiarah Melton, Shannon Melton holding Kelden Melton, Kayden
      Westlake, Robyn                       Ticket, Eva Ticket, Sgt. Floyd H. Ticket, Shawna Berlin, Garret Ticket, Emma Thomas, Bethany Ticket and Christian
    Kiyutelluk and her                      Ticket.
     family, and all the
   family members that
   came to support our
    Also the People of
     Buckland for their
 Support, and the ladies
   who helped with the

  I am so thankful that
 we are still able to work
 as one. Working as one
   we can accomplish
  everything together.
                                            Top Row: Eric Weber, Della Hadley, Kyle Weber, Ethan Hadley, Nathan Hadley Jr., Allen Hadley, Nathan Hadley 3rd,
     Thank you for your                     Denny Hadley, Ethel Weber. Second Row: Phillip Geary, Tyler Hadley, Paul Hadley, Emma Hadley holding Daughter
                                            Belle Hadley, Martin Hadley, Ethel Brown Holding Cody Brown, Edith Melton, Alice Moore, Melissa Hadley holding
     Help and Support,                      son Louis Hadley, Jacob Weber. Third Row: Gary Hadley, Natalie Hadley holding DeLani Hadley, Natasha Hadley,
                                            Florence Hadley, Nancy Stalker, Doris Frankson, Amelia Hadley, Doreen Hadley, Ashley Thomas, Cameron Brown.
     Shannon Melton                         Forth Row: Destiny Hadley, Jonny Hadley, Pvt. Sonny P. Hadley, Nathan Hadley Sr., Rosie Hadley, Esther Hadley
        & Troops                            holding Autumn Weber, Rosie Hadley, Calvin Brown Jr.

             *TENTATIVE*                                                         8:00am – 8:30am
                                                                                                      Wednesday, August 2, 2006

                                                                                                    Kuukpiaq and Itqutchignaqsiruq

           QUAD MEETING                                                          8:30am             Welcome

                                                                                                        • Afarraaq Levi Cleveland, Chairman of Regional
                                                                                                    Review Day One (Kuieeaq and Anaullaqtaq)

                                                                                 9:30am             Overview of 5 critical areas and MOA’s presented by
                        Tuesday, August 1, 2006                                                     Kasafnaaluk and Tuuqpak

8:30 – 9:00 am        Kuukpiaq and Itqutchignaqsiruq                             9:45am             Panel 1: Workforce Development & Education (Diane
                                                                                                    Ramoth – invited)
9:00am                Opening Prayer                                                                    • Local Hire (Tuulukanna Selina Moose, NANA;
                      Song “Arigaa”                                                                          and
                      Welcome                                                                                Akliatchiaq Gerty Viveiros-Gallahorn,
                          • Argagiaq Willie Goodwin, Chairman,                                               Maniilaq)
                              Kotzebue Elders                                                           • Technology Think Tank (Paaniikaaluk D’Anne
                          • Afarraaq Levi Cleveland, Chairman, Regional                                      Hamilton, Native Village of Kotzebue)
                              Elders                                                                    • Education (Dr. Norman Eck)
                      Opening Remarks by Northwest Arctic Leadership
                      Team Co-Chairs                                             10:30 – 11:00am    Kuukpiaq
                          • Kasafnaaluk Marie N. Greene, President,
                              NANA Regional Corp.                                11:00am            Panel 2: Economic Development (NANA/Borough)
                          • Tuuqpak Helen A. Bolen, President/CEO,                                      • Tribal Governments (Kiana/Selawik)
                              Maniilaq Assoc.                                                           • Alaska Territorial Guard (Major General Craig
                      Keynote Speaker                                                                        E. Cambell, Adjutant General, Alaska and
                          • Piquk Linda Lee                                                                  Commissioner, Alaska Department of Military and
                                                                                                             Veteran Affairs)
10:30 – 10:45am       Kuukpiaq                                                                          • Nova Gold (Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President &
                                                                                                             CEO - invited)
10:45am               Village Visit Updates                                                             • Teck Cominco (Jim Coolis - invited)
                           • Summary PowerPoint presented by:                                           • Subsistence Committee (Ikaaq Roland Booth)
                               Kasafnaaluk and Tuuqpak                                                  • Other Economic Development Updates (Borough
                                                                                                             and NANA)
11:30am – 1:00pm      Qitiqquutchibvik
                                                                                 11:30am – 1:00pm   Qitiqquutchibvik
1:00pm                State of the Region Address – Qalayauq Roswell
                      Schaeffer, Mayor, Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly        1:00pm             Panel 3: Inupiaq Language and Culture (I’yiiqpak
                           • Snap shot of where we are today presented by                           Gladys Pungowiyi)
                                the NWALT                                                               • Inupiaq Language Commission (Afarraaq Levi
                      Priorities for each Organization                                                       Cleveland)
                           • Quick overview of the organizational strategic                             • Culture Camps (Paniyavluk Sherry Swan)
                                          * Kasafnaaluk Marie N. Greene,         2:45 – 3:00pm      Kuukpiaq
                                                 President, NANA
                                          * Tuuqpak Helen A. Bolen, President/   3:00pm             Panel 4: Healthy Communities & Wellness (Kisaun
                                                 CEO, Maniilaq                                      Sandy Shroyer-Beaver)
                                                                                                        • Healthy Communities (Tuuqpak)
3:00 – 3:15pm         Kuukpiaq                                                                          • Boys and Girls Clubs (Ayiayuk Stefanie
3:15pm                Priorities for each Organization, Continued:                                      • Wellness & Spirituality (Allen Ticket, Marianne
                                * Qalayauq Roswell Schaeffer, Mayor,                                         Wilson - invited)
                                         Northwest Arctic Borough                                   Panel 5: Infrastructure and Basic Services (Siikauraq
                                * Dr. Norman Eck, Superintendent,                                   Martha Whiting)
                                         Northwest Arctic                                               • School Construction (Shishalik Dr. Norman Eck)
                                         Borough School District
                                                                                 4:45 – 5:00pm      Closing Remarks and Recess
4:45 – 5:00pm         Closing Remarks and Recess
                                                                                                       Thursday, August 3, 2006

                                                                                 8:00 – 8:30am      Kuukpiaq and Itqutchignaqsiruq

                                                                                 8:30am             Welcome
                                                                                                        • Ikaafuraq Lorena Nay, Kotzebue High School
                                                                                                           Graduate, Class of ’06
                                                                                                    Review Day Two (Kuieeaq and Anaullaqtaq)

                                                                                 9:00am             Small group discussions (Igamiibaq Nathan Kotch)
   This notice is hereby given to inform you that Louie                                                • What are we doing right?
                                                                                                       • What do we need to change?
      Commack, Chairman of the Maniilaq Board of                                                       • What do we need to add?
   Directors, has called a Executive Committee Meeting
                                                                                 9:45 – 10:00 am    Kuukpiaq
                                                                                 10:00am            Small group discussions (Igamiibaq Nathan Kotch),
                        Wednesday                                                                           Continued …

                                                                                 11:30am – 1:00pm   Qitiqquutchibvik
                 July 19, 2006 @ 1:30 p.m.                                       1:00pm             List small group priorities (Igamiibaq Nathan Kotch)

                              at the                                             4:45 – 5:00pm      Closing Remarks and Recess

                                                                                 5:00pm             Potluck and Entertainment
      FR Ferguson Building Board Room
                                                                                                         Friday, August 4, 2006
                                 in                                              8:00 – 8:30am      Kuukpiaq and Itqutchignaqsiruq

                     Kotzebue, Alaska                                            8:30am             Welcome and Review Day Three
                                                                                                        • Kuieeaq and Anaullaqtaq

          Attached is the Executive Committee Agenda                             8:45am             Prioritize list by all participants – from matrix prepared by
                                                                                                    process group (Igamiibaq Nathan Kotch)
                        for July 19, 2006.
                                                                                 10:00 – 10:15am    Kuukpiaq
          If you have questions regarding this meeting,                          10:15 am           Small group discussion prioritization matrix (Igamiibaq
              please contact the Corporate Secretary                                                Nathan Kotch)
                     at 442-3311, or toll free:                                                     (from morning breakouts)
                                                                                                        • Outcome measures
                   1-800-478-3312, Ext. 7615.
                                                                                 11:45am – 12pm     Closing and Adjournment
                           Healthy And Youthful
         Did you know that vitamin         By Vernetta Nay Moberly, Inupiat Ilitqusiat                                                    The Paatitaaq (wild chives)
A in our diet acts as an antioxidant                                                                                            are just about ready as well this week.
to neutralize harmful elements in our                                                                                           They grow up to 10 to 16 inches
skin? Many people equate vitamin A                                                                                              high. The flowers are pink to rose-
with a better ‘vision’, but our skin’s                                                                                          violet or purple color. The stems are
health is directly dependent on the                                                                                             smooth and round. They grow along
amount of Vitamin A in our diet.                                                                                                the coast and grow shorter along the
         Also, vitamin A helps prevent                                                                                          Kobuk River. The buds have a papery
wrinkles, resist infection and keep                                                                                             covering like a Japanese lantern. You
our skin youthful. This causes me to                                                                                            can pick them as soon as they come
reflect to the time I was very young.                                                                                           up in the spring and continue to pick
Many ladies looked youthful; their                                                                                              them until they start to flower
skin was wrinkle free even in their late                                                                                                  However, one must learn the
forties. Many had a regular diet of our                                                                                         difference between the wild onion and
natural foods in traditional storages                                                                                           another plant called ‘death camas’, it
and caches, now today our freezers                                                                                              is deadly. Wild chives have a strong
that were gathered from different                                                                                               onion-garlic smell and the Death
seasons. I have mentioned before, that                                                                                          camas has no smell.
many ladies were still having babies                                                                                                      Eat as follows: Raw in seal
in their forties and were fit, trim and                                                                                         oil with meat and fish. Cooked with
strong. It does make so much sense                                                                                              fish or meat, they cook instantly so
because they followed their custom to                                                                                           5-10 minutes before cooking time is
pick and eat all of the plants and roots                                                                                        over, immerse the chives in broth for
from our back country.                                                                                                          few seconds in the still simmering
                                           *Photo: Attamuk Jr and David Barr out hunting taken by Ess Scott Sr.
         I remember that almost all                                                                                             broth, drain and eat with seal oil or
the ladies in Noorvik would fill their     that is was naturally practiced by our     Think sweet potatoes, carrots and         with butter.
wooden barrel buckets with a variety       people. The money spent to gather          apricots.                                           Also, use raw green onions
of cooked leaves in which they kept in     our ‘free foods’ activity is, purchasing            It is also said that vitamin A   in salads. Hot salad after frying the
a cool place and during berry picking      of few grub and gas.                       is a potent fat-soluble vitamin, easily   meat and fat, put chopped greens such
time each bucket would be added of                  Ladies and Gents- here’s          stored in our body tissue that is not     as the fireweeds, sura, chives, into the
different color berries.                   a high five for your drive to pay          found in any plant. (But up here in the   still hot fat and stir for a few minutes
         Today, however many of us         attention the fast growing plants and      Arctic – we know the “sura”) So it is     until the greens just begin to wilt,
are not too in tune with this activity,    roots - a job well done!!!! Keep up        also said that vitamin A is known to be   quickly stir in vinegar, salt and pepper
and we are not in the “anticipated         the good work to pass on the tradition     toxic, and levels above the RDA, so       to taste and serve.
mode” to gather the ‘first greens’ ,       to your children. This past spring our     it’s not wise to supplement your diet               Cream of chive soup: Chop
that are popping out and for the ones      Elders are encouraging us not to leave     with vitamin A pills. Instead, focus      1 or 2 cups of chives. Fry 3 Table
that are ready as spring wore on           them at home with baby sitters, take       on the delicious tastes of those fruits   Spoon of oil until nearly soft, stir in 3
to summer. Somewhere along our             them along.                                and vegetables high in carotene for a     table spoon of flour. Gradually add 2
everyday living that activity was not               As I read from other sources,     safe way to healthy skin. Begin with      cups of milk, stirring constantly while
passed on to many of us, and those of      that vitamin A in the typical American     our 10 easy ways to add beta-carotene     it thickens and comes to a boil and
us who know how have stopped the           diet comes from carotene which is          to your diet. Today with our hard         season with salt and pepper.
practice. I am glad that some ladies       the pigment that gives yellow and          earned money, at least we can also                  Folks who went to their spring
have ventured out along the coast, and     orange produce their color. Our            purchase from the shelves of our local    camps have made bundles of dried
up to the tundra to gather sura and        bodies convert carotene into vitamin       groceries stores:                         whitefish strings. Siraachiaqtuqtuni
tukayuk. Yes! Pick up that ole passion     A, making it crucial to healthy skin.                                                nakuuruklu (dried fish is so good to
                                                                                                                                eat) Other than the ugruq meat, de-
                                                                                                                                boned the dried white fish, cut into
    A FEW WAYS TO SPRUCE UP YOUR SUMMER SNACKS                                                                                  bite size pieces which is also added
                                                                                                                                to the oil and preserved. You can
                                                                                                                                keep them handy in your freezer. The
                                                                                                                                best container is a wide mouth glass
                                             Add grated carrots to spaghetti sauce                                              jars with cover, and eat them during
                                             -You won’t notice their presence and their carotene will feed your skin.           supper or late night snack. The mayo
                                                                                                                                jar is a good jar to save and use for
                                             Add fresh spinach leaves to salad greens                                           this purpose. And here comes the
                                             - Spinach contains more carotene than other types of lettuce.                      Qalugruaq, the SALMON! Yum….
                                                                                                                                dried fish, smoked strips, salted heads
                                             Enjoy a daily fruit smoothie made of vanilla yogurt and                            and bellies….yes!!!!
                                             fresh fruit
                                              - Include apricots, peaches, mango or papaya as your fruit choices
                                             to boost carotene in your diet.

                                             For a special dessert that’s good for your skin, place
                                             chilled melon balls in a fun glass; splash with a fruity
                                             drink and add mint of garnish.
                                             Keep fresh broccoli florets on hand in the fridge for a
                                             pre-dinner snack
                                             - Serve with your favorite low-fat dip for a treat everyone will

                                             Make fruit a part of everyday dinner meal                                            Send in your pictures and
                                             - Keep canned, fresh or frozen peaches and apricots on hand to
                                             add to the nightly fruit salad.                                                      articles: Attention Media
                                                                                                                                  Department for a chance
                                             Choose tropical fruit such a papaya or mango for a                                   to be featured in the next
                                             delicious new taste
                                             - Tired of the same old fruit? Go tropical!                                            issue of Sivutmuuluta.
                                             Add broccoli and fresh spinach to pasta or tomato salads
                                             -They fit into just about every recipe.                                                  PUBLISHED BY
                                                                                                                                    Maniilaq Association
                                             Substitute papaya for tomato in salsa recipes                                               P.O.Box 256
                                             - Not only will your taste buds tango, you’ll also get plenty of
                                             carotene!                                                                              Kotzebue, AK 99752
                                             Look for juices made from fruits high in carotene
                                             - Instead of the same old orange or apple juice, broaden your                           or 1-800-431-3321

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