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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

It is impossible to be certain, from the hand, what profession or occupation the native may follow-but
the type of hand will show you for what walk in life he or she is best fitted. That is as far as you can
go. Below given herewith a number of typical hands, taken from life, with an indication of the
profession for which the person was best suited. They must tell their own story.

1. Business Hand: Thumb large and long-line of Head straight, finger tips square with Mercury’s
Mount well developed, and Mercury finger long and square.

2. Accountant: Mount of Mercury strong-good line of Sun and Saturn-Second Knots well developed,
and strong Thumb.

3. Architect: Square fingers-a good line of Sun, and a good line of Saturn-with Mount of Mercury

4. The Law: A good finger of Jupiter-Mounts of Jupiter and Mercury well developed-Thumb turned out
with its second phalanx long and broad, and first phalanx of Mercury long-good lines of Head, Saturn
and Sun.

5. Solicitor: Tips square. Two knots on fingers-medium-sized hands-nails inclined to be short and
broad, with Saturn finger and Mount well developed. Thumb strong, Mercury finger and Mount strong.

6. The Navy: Hand generally as Army, with the addition of a strong Moon, and the Line of Life
spreading well out into the palm at its base-showing travel by water.

7. The Army: The hand large, strong Thumb, with first phalanx well developed-the Mounts of Mars
high-good lines of Saturn and Sun, with square or spatulate Tips-fingers normal length.

8. The Clergy: A good first finger, Mount of Jupiter well developed, also Mounts Venus and Moon-
Head line slightly drooping to Moon-Finger of Mercury long and straight, with first phalanx pointed,
and Mount Mercury fairly high.
9. Doctor: Mount of Mercury rayed vertically-the line of Sun clearly defined-with spatulate fingers and
hard hands, the surgeon is indicated-the fingers are usually long, with knots of order developed, and
in both types, Moon should be strong.

10. Artist: The peculiarities of these are as varied as the styles of paintings-with long, square-tipped,
and knotted fingers, we have the Artist who revels too much in detail. Pointed smooth fingers will
depict the ideal in Art-but in all the Mount of Sun is strongly developed, and also Mount of Jupiter.

11. Sculptor: The fingers usually are more or less spatulate-the lines few in numbers, the Mounts of
Venus, Mars and Moon are high, the hand thick and strong, palm broad.

12. Musician: Saturn finger long, with Mount of Saturn fully developed-fingers long for stringed
instruments or short for keys, but in both the fingers are supple for performers-square and knotty
fingers for composers-Spatulate for executants-mounts of Sun and Venus well developed.

13. Vocalist: Fingers short, smooth or mixed type-the entire finger, Mounts well developed, and
Mount Venus largely prominent-hand soft and plump.

14. Actor: Long flexible fingers, smooth. Sun finger spatulate-Mounts of Venus and Moon prominent.
Head line drooping to Moon, and the first phalanx of Mercury long. The line of Head turned up towards
the Mount of Mercury.

15. Literary Hand: The Mounts of Jupiter and Moon should be prominent, with long finger of Sun-
Tips spatulate or square, with full knotted second joints.

16. Literacy Critics: have as a rule short nails, and Mount Mercury is prominent.

17. Poetical: Large Mounts of Moon and Venus, with Head line sloping towards Moon, fingers smooth
and pointed.


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