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									  Oakland Outlook
  September 2011

                                       Oakland Outlook
                                             A monthly publication for the members of the Oakland County Chapter IAAP

                                                                                                           September 2011

                                                               President’s Message
  Mission Statement
To provide and promote
leadership opportunities,
educational programs, and
networking opportunities; to
encourage and support the             September always feels like the beginning of a new year. The kids are heading
attainment of the CPS and
CAP certifications; and to            back to school, summer is coming to an end, and our monthly IAAP chapter
enhance the dignity, status,          meetings begin again! It's time to set some new goals, get a little more organized
competence, and standards             and stick to the new schedule for the year! Although it's back to the old routine,
of our profession.
                                      everything is starting over fresh and new as we "make the leap to remarkable,"
                                      which is our international theme for this year.

                                      Our new board of directors is ready to bring you a thrilling chapter year. We have
                                      some wonderful speakers planned for this year that will make you glad you came
                                      to the meetings. We're will have a few changes that we have to adjust to also, like
                                      no 50/50 raffles at meetings due to government regulations. We will however get
                                      to enjoy some fun silent auctions for small baskets, etc.
       Inside This Issue
President’s Message              1
                                      I hope everyone makes a commitment to the Member of Excellence program. We
Board Contact Information        2    will do everything we can to help you achieve your goal. Our goal as a chapter is
Tamra Goodell Incoming Speech   2-3   to achieve the chapter of excellence designation again this year, marking our third
MDEW Registration Form           4    year in a row. We need you to help us reach our goal. You are the backbone of
Oxford Comma, Safe for Now      5-6   our chapter. Please make a commitment to yourself by including our chapter
Cutting Edge Cuisine             6    meetings in you new schedule for the year. http://pathways.iaap-hq.org/Home/
Podcasts                         7
                                      Please join me this year to show a "dedication to excellence," which will be our
Birthdays & Anniversaries        8
                                      chapter motto. Together we can learn more and become more to enhance
Chapter Meeting                  8
                                      our career.
Registration Flyer               9

                                      Welcome to the 2011-2012 Oakland County Chapter year!

                                      With a dedication to excellence,
                                      Yvonne M. Cunningham, CPS/CAP

            www.iaap-hq.org                 IAAPOCC@GMAIL.COM                    www.iaap-oaklandcounty.org
Oakland Outlook
September 2011                                                                                                                    2

                                         2011 Incoming IAAP President Tamra Goodall
                                              An excerpt of her speech delivered Wednesday, July 27, in Montreal

                                  We choose to be remarkable at this point in IAAP history and do what it takes, not because
                                  it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the
                                  best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept,
     2011 - 2012                  one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win. This concept, the
  Board of Directors              essence borrowed from John F. Kennedy, conveys our work and determination not be
                                  deterred from our goal, which culminates in this year‗s international theme – Making the
                                  Leap to Remarkable!
Yvonne Cunningham, CPS/CAP        Remarkable leaps in history have changed and influenced our world and society. These
           FEV, Inc.              leaps have captured our imagination and have evoked the spirit of accomplishment. Listen
     Work (248) 370-8666          to these remarkable leaps.
     Cell (248) 390-3819
   cunningham@fev-et.com          On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong took a remarkable leap to the lunar surface becoming the
                                  first man to walk on the moon. Walking on the moon was a dream and a vision that became
        Vice President            a reality and changed our world and our possibilities. Imagine if NASA and the astronauts
        Rhonda Hervey             had listened to the naysayers that said it was impossible, that they were crazy, or asked
    Brandon School District       why do we need to do that? It took courage to believe that a new frontier was out there to be
      Cell (810) 441-1275         explored, that it had value, and the discoveries, scientific developments and the industries
  rhervey@brandon.k12.mi.us       that it spawned would benefit mankind.

                                  Many of you remember this moving leap made by Kerri Strug at the 1996 Olympics. What
     Recording Secretary          an historic moment in sports. Her ability to put her personal pain aside and make a
      Newsletter Editor           remarkable leap for the team is legendary and can be summed up by this quote by Mary
         Anne Sloney              Anne Radmacher, author of Dream Big: Finding the Courage to Follow your Dreams and
      Cell (248) 990-0320         Laugh at Your Nightmare: ―The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I
     sloney@comcast.net           want to be…because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap!

                                  And something a little closer to home…
  Communications Secretary
         Susan Ballard            Sixty-nine years ago, in 1942, National Secretaries Association was formed. Since then, our
      McPhail Corporation         association innovated the profession by creating Administrative Professional‗s Day,
     (Work) 248-608-7393          developed professional certification and introduced the first online community for
      (Cell) 248-219-5099         administrative professionals. What if the idea that an organization for secretaries was not
   sballard@nasegroup.com         realized because of the lack of belief? What if we never expanded to become international?
                                  What if we never changed the name of the association to reflect the job titles as they
                                  changed? From NSA, to PSI, and now IAAP, what a remarkable leap of vision from the idea
           Treasurer              of an association for secretaries to the IAAP of today, and the dream of what it can be in the
          Karen Welty             future.
      United Solar Ovonic
     Work (248) 364-5709          We have been on the path and talking about remarkable for the past four years. We even
      Cell (248) 891-7002         said we would be remarkable by 2010. But … a funny thing happened on the way to
     kwelty@uni-solar.com         remarkable. The economy took a nose dive, which affected every area of our lives. The
                                  economic downturn also negatively impacted IAAP in ways we‗d never experienced
                                  throughout our 69-year history.
         Webmaster                With our backs against the wall, IAAP‗s blueprint for success inspired us to continue. Our
         Deb Monroe               pride, determination and resilience caused us to dig in and say we‗re here to stay. The
       Oakland Schools            culture shift that has taken place has not been without growing pains and bumps along the
       (248) 209-2049             way. We bravely faced the challenges head on, and because of that courage, we are here

                                  Making the Leap to Remarkable, encapsulates the vision that our association has been
  Michigan Division Contact
                                  working towards. It serves as a marker of where we are within our association culture
       Jan Stewart, CAP
                                  change. As you will hear, this theme is in no way a random thought or pie in the sky dream.
  Michigan Division Treasurer
                                  It is built upon my experience of service the past five years on the board, and it is a solid
     DTE Biomass Energy
                                  reflection of what IAAP is and where we stand.
      Work (734) 913-6972
Oakland Outlook
September 2011                                                                                                                   3

We have ―‖Shaped the Future‖, kept our association ― ―Forward Moving‖, displaying ― ―Excellence in Action‖, and our ―
―Power of Commitment‖ exemplifies our ― ―Passion and Purpose‖ for IAAP, which has made us ready for ―‖Making the Leap to

We have been using the book, The Seven Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t, to
change the culture and operation of IAAP. By using this book as our blueprint for success, we have laid the foundation of what it
takes to be a remarkable association. With our foundation in place, it is the time to make the leap and set our first benchmarks of
what remarkable is for IAAP — from this point onward anything is possible.

I‗ve been fortunate to serve with talented leaders that have known this for many years. They have passed onto me a sense of
adventure with no boundaries. As I assume the office of president, it is my job to lead this outstanding team and instill that same
vision. We are brave. We are adventurous. We not only think outside the box, but often question why the box is square.

Remarkable is not a destination, but rather a journey. The path changes constantly. We cannot remain in one place. What is
remarkable today, may not be remarkable next week or next year. By announcing that we are Making the Leap to Remarkable to
the world, we have to continue to benchmark and challenge ourselves to be just that — there is no resting on our laurels.

We have to be brave. Rather than fear change, we must go forth and make our mark. IAAP must continue to grow and change,
so we, rather than others, will be challenging and defining what is remarkable not only in our association, but in our profession.
We have to endeavor to step up, think big and lead the way.

The same determination it takes to build a house is what it takes to build a remarkable association. Both can be daunting, but
envisioning the final product carries the builder through to the end.

To build well, a master plan is the key. A solid foundation is necessary in order to have a house that will withstand the elements,
provide a safe, secure and a comfortable retreat from the world outside.

Without a plan and a strong foundation, it does not matter how pretty the exterior is or how fancy the accessories are, the house
will collapse. A master plan also needs a wish list because occasionally you have to remodel and modernize to keep your home
fresh; you have to do routine maintenance so the house will not fall into disrepair; and when you outgrow your space, you will
have to build on to accommodate the expanding need.

These are all elements we currently have in our IAAP house. Beginning with our master plan, or in our case, our process plan,
we then moved on to focus on foundational, qualitative and adaptive measures. We have even been picking out a few
accessories along the way.

It is exciting for me tonight to review the punch list that demonstrates an association is ready to be remarkable:

   A Customer Service Culture — We have an eye toward the end user that permeates the processes and inner workings of
    the association.
   Alignment of Products and Services with mission — We ensure that everything we do is focused around our singular
    mission statement.

   Data-Driven Strategies — We consistently take the temperature of the association through surveys and informal feedback.

   Dialogue and Engagement — We are an association that engages its members in two-way conversation.

   CEO as a broker of ideas — We define the Executive Director as the conduit for new initiatives.

   Organizational adaptability — We maintain the ability to change direction quickly, based on data and dialogue.

   Alliance Building — We are an association that builds alliances often and with the mission of the association in mind.

Making the Leap to Remarkable — We are ready!

To read the rest of Tamara Goodell or any of the other speeches from EFAM click on the following link: 2011 EFAM Speeches

                                       Outlook Contributions
                                       If you have something you would like to include in
                                       the Oakland Outlook please email it to Anne
                                       Sloney at sloney@comcast.net by the 25th of the
Oakland Outlook
September 2011    4
Oakland Outlook
September 2011                                                                                                                   5

Going, Going, And Gone?: No, The Oxford                            this: "I met a realtor, a DJ, a surfer, and a pharmaceutical
                                                                   salesperson." (In this sentence, I am on The Bachelorette.) I
Comma Is Safe ... For Now
                                                                   don't typically use the serial comma here on the blog, because
Published: June 30, 2011                                           NPR uses AP style, which is standard for most news
by Linda Holmes                                                    organizations. AP style leaves out the serial comma unless it's
                                                                   particularly necessary. It would dictate writing that sentence as:
I have a confession.                                               "I met a realtor, a DJ, a surfer and a pharmaceutical
                                                                   salesperson." That's what I do at work. At home, though? In
I am only too happy to emphatically                                correspondence, in notes to myself, in writing on cakes with
defend split infinitives against the                               icing? Serial commas. Forever.
accusation that they are offensive in any language except Latin.
I believe perfectly marvelous sentences can end with             Whether the serial comma is used is usually not a big deal —
prepositions or begin with "and."                                you see lists every day both with it and without it, and it won't
                                                                 hang you up either way. "Please buy bread, cheese, butter and
I make up words, I write in fragments, I am absolutely not a     milk." "Please buy bread, cheese, butter, and milk." Either is
flawless user of any kind of punctuation, I make noises in the   fine.
middle of my own writing (like "AAAAARGH!"), and I often like
the rhythms of sentences more than their technicalities. Run-on But when it matters, it really matters.
sentences amuse me. I frequently give the impression that the
American Parentheticals Council has me on retainer, or that I   Suppose that instead of the list of men our bachelorette met
am encouraging a bidding war between Big Ellipses and Big       above, things went differently. Without the serial comma, she
Dashes to see which will become my official sponsor. ("Dashes:  might say: "The best available men are the two tall guys,
The Official 'And Another Thing' Punctuator Of Monkey See.") I  George and Pete." There, you really don't know whether
write "email" without a hyphen, I am a big fan of the word      George and Pete are the tall guys, or whether there are two tall
"crazypants," and my plan is to master "who"/"whom" only on     guys in addition to George and Pete. You literally don't know
my deathbed, as my ironic dying gift to absolutely no one, sincehow many men you're talking about, and while that level of
there will be no one left to hear me.                           confusion as to elementary facts seems like something that
                                                                might actually happen on The Bachelorette, it is unfortunate in
And yet, even the rumbling of a distant threat to the Oxford    other settings. If, on the other hand, you use the serial comma,
comma (or "serial comma") turns me instantly into an NFL        then you would write that sentence only if you meant that
referee, blowing my whistle and improvising some sort of signal George and Pete were the tall guys, and if you didn't, you'd say,
— perhaps my hands clasped to my own head as if in pain —       "I met two tall guys, George, and Pete."
to indicate that the loss of the serial comma would sadden me
beyond words.                                                   Two men have just been created by that comma out of whole
                                                                cloth. Boom! We've created life! Don't you feel like Dr.
This blew up yesterday when there was a rumbling that the       Frankenstein?
University of Oxford was dumping its own comma. As it turned
out, this wasn't the case. They haven't changed their              It's perhaps not surprising that a comma that can
authoritative style guide, but they've changed their internal PR   singlehandedly create human beings can also get people pretty
department procedures that they use for press releases. The        wound up. Twitter went bazoo over the entire Oxford business
PR department and the editorial department are two different       yesterday, particularly before the clarification was made that it
things, so this doesn't necessarily mean much of anything,         was just the PR department. People — people like me — love
except that it's maybe a little embarrassing to have the PR        the serial comma. They rely on it. They feel like society's
department of the university with which you're affiliated          abandonment of it is a sign that all has gone haywire. They feel
abandon your style guide.                                          about it the way other people feel about newspapers, green
                                                                   spaces, or virtue.
For those of you who enjoy the outdoors and would no more
sort commas into classes than you would organize peanut            The balancing act between how much rule-making you like in
butter jars in order of viscosity, the serial comma — or "Oxford   language and how much you like language to evolve naturally
comma" — is the final comma that comes in a sentence like          isn't necessarily the point of the serial comma debate (to me,
Oakland Outlook
September 2011                                                                                           6
the reasons to keep it have absolutely nothing to do with
tradition and everything to do with actual utility), but that's
where almost any discussion of almost any arcane point
                                                                     Why serve ordinary food, when
invariably winds up. Language is alive, you see, and it                you can WOW your guests
changes, and its beauty lies in its ability to be shaped by an
entire society that calls upon its collective wisdom and
experience to create a means of communication that
accomplishes what it needs to AND NO THAT DOESN'T


I firmly believe all of that good stuff about our living language,
and yet I accidentally hit my own nerve. Love of language, it
turns out, is a complicated minefield of things you care about
and things you don't, and one person's explosive issues are
obviously no more valid than anyone else's. Some people hate
Capitalization For Cutesy Point-Making in exactly the same
way I hate "irregardless," but I use it happily. Not as much as I
once did, but I do. (Don't email me about "irregardless" or
"literally," by the way. I glare at your spineless, weak-kneed
dictionary with a judgmental, squinty eye. I do! I glare at it!)
                                                                        We’re the perfect choice for
For now, the Oxford comma lives on at Oxford. And it lives on
in my heart. Life is nasty, brutish, and short (or, to introduce
                                                                          catering for your next:
unnecessary ambiguity, "life is nasty, brutish and short"), and
the least I can do for myself is to hold tight to the linguistic              Holiday Party
niceties about which I, for whatever reason, care. It's
comforting. It's calming. And when it comes to taking a firm                  Office Party
position about mostly unimportant debates, that's about all I                 Luncheon
can hope for.
                                                                              Cocktail Party
[Copyright 2011 National Public Radio]                                        Continental Breakfast
                                                                              Box Lunch
                                                                              Corporate Event
                All Life is a Journey
                                                                      Fresh food, creatively presented
 All of life is a journey; which paths we take, what we               and unbelievably delicious. Call
 look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us.
 We determine our destination, what kind of road we
                                                                         Howard at (248) 865-0629
 will take to get there, and how happy we are when we
 get there.                                                            www.cuttingedgecuisine.com

 - From A Little Book of Happiness
 Oakland Outlook
 September 2011                                                                                                                      7
                                                                          The mixed bag is always a surprise. This manager's moods
                                                                           are unpredictable: He or she may confide in you one day
                                                                           and turn a cold shoulder the next.

                                                                           Coping strategy: Try not to take this kind of disposition
                                                                           personally. Stay calm and composed. When this supervisor
                                                                           is on edge, try to limit communication to urgent matters.
        Would You Endure a Bad Boss?
                                                                  You‘re likely to encounter various work styles during your career.
It‘s often said that the people you work with can make or break a By making an effort to understand each other, even people with
job, but could you tolerate a bad manager? In a survey by         different work styles can coexist in a productive and peaceful
OfficeTeam, 46 percent of employees said they‘ve worked for an workplace.
unreasonable boss. Of those individuals, 59 percent said they
stayed put and either tried to deal with the issue or suffered    OfficeTeam is the world’s leading staffing service specializing in
through the torment.                                              the placement of highly skilled administrative and office support
                                                                  professionals. The company has more than 315 locations
What can you do if you have a difficult boss? Following are       worldwide, and offers online job search services at
different types of challenging bosses and how you might handle www.officeteam.com.
each one:

   The micromanager has trouble delegating tasks. This boss                              IAAP PODCASTS
    looks over your shoulder to make sure you complete a
    project exactly as told.
                                                                          Ethics And The Workplace
    Coping strategy: Trust is usually the issue here, so make         By: Susan Fenner Aug 25, 2011 4:11 PM
    sure you build it. Meet all deadlines, pay attention to details
    and keep your supervisor apprised of all the steps you've         Posted in: IAAP Podcasts
    taken to ensure quality work.
                                                                      Ethics expert and author of You‘ve Got To Be Kidding! How To
   The poor communicator provides little or no direction.            Keep Your Job Without Losing Your Integrity, Nan DeMars talks
    Your assignments often have to be completed at the last           about admins handling sticky situations without losing credibility,
    minute or redone because goals and deadlines weren't              damaging relationships, and getting fired (or prosecuted).
    clearly explained.
                                                                          Admins And Workplace Violence
    Coping strategy: At the outset of a project, ask for any          By: Susan Fenner Aug 22, 2011 2:14 PM
    information your boss has not yet provided. Diplomatically
    point out that it‘s critical to have these details up front to    Posted in: IAAP Podcasts
    ensure you meet his or her expectations. Seek clarification
    when confused and arrange regular check-ins.                   Admins and receptionists work on the front lines. Star Bobatoon
                                                                   discusses what might trigger rage and signs that could indicate
   The bully wants to do things his or her way, or no way at all. someone is out of control and dangerous. Play it safe by apply-
    Bosses like this also tend to be gruff with others and easily  ing her advice.
                                                                             Talent Management
    Coping strategy: Stand up for yourself. The next time your By: Susan Fenner Aug 11, 2011 11:45 AM
    supervisor shoots down your proposal, for example, calmly
    explain your rationale. Often, this type of manager will relent Posted in: IAAP Podcasts
    when presented with a voice of reason.
                                                                 A buzz word in HR today is talent management. Find out from
   The saboteur undermines the efforts of others and rarely     Lori Tritz, an HR consultant, what companies are doing to keep
    recognizes individuals for a job well done. This supervisor  their best workers, lures used to hire new talent, the top skills
    takes credit for employees' ideas but places blame on others employers are looking for, and new trends on the horizon.
    when projects go awry.
                                                                             Authenticity – The Art Of Being Yourself
    Coping strategy: Your job is to make your manager look            By: Susan Fenner Aug 04, 2011 2:28 PM
    good, but not at the expense of your own career
    advancement. Ensure your contributions are visible to             Posted in: IAAP Podcasts
    others, including those above your boss in the organization,
    if possible. Keep track of your past projects and all
    communication with your supervisor, in case you ever need         Mike Robbins will tell you the value of being authentic and how
    to defend your work ethic to senior management.                   to overcome the fear of ―being yourself‖ and why you shouldn‘t
                                                                      avoid conflict in the workplace. He recognizes the unique role
                                                                      admins can play.
   Oakland Outlook
   September 2011                                                                                                             8

                       Chapter Meeting
            Tuesday, September 20, 2011
                                                                          Birthdays and Anniversaries
                          Do you feel like a misfit in the office
                          world? Do you dread coming to                               Birthdays
                          work every day? Do you feel
                          overwhelmed by unrealistic                        Linda Baker                    9/24
                          demands on your time and too
                          many paper and computer files? If                 Kathy Peterson                 9/17
                          so, please join us for a presentation
                          by Cindy Glovinsky, author, ―Making               Vicki Skok                     9/25
                          Peace with Your Office Life: End the
                          Battles, Shake the Blues, Get                              Anniversaries
                          Organized, and Be Happier at                      Linda Baker                    9/1991
                                                                            Deborah Johnson                9/2010
   Prices         Meeting/Program only = Free!
                  Dinner, Program/Meeting = $22.00                          Donna Matyanowski              8/1991
                  If paying by Paypal there is an additional                Kathy Peterson                 9/2005
                  $1.00 convenience fee.
                                                                            Anne Sloney                    9/2008
                    5:30 p.m. – Networking                                  Angela Vinarcik                8/1999
                      6:00 p.m. – Dinner
                                                                            Karen Welty                    8/2009
                7:00 p.m. – Program & Meeting
                                                                            Maureen Zale                   7/2009
   Easy Ways to Register for our Monthly Meetings
   1. Mail the paper registration included in the Oakland
      Outlook with payment to meeting coordinator.
   2. Register online and mail your payment. http://

                2011—2012                                                                     Financial Assistance Application

   IAAP Oakland County Chapter Meetings                                                       Donations

                                                                                              Patio Pavers
Meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month (see our
meeting schedule for exceptions) September through                                            FAQs
June. We welcome everyone to enjoy our monthly programs
and to participate in chapter activities.
                                                                    The RTF exists to help administrative professionals
All meetings with the exception of October (see flyer or page       age 55 and older with housing, whether it’s through
5 for location) are held at the Marriott Centerpoint Hotel          their retirement home, Vista Grande or through
located at:                                                         grants. Our mission is to provide assistance for
                                                                    housing to administrative professionals, age 55 and
                                                                    older, who are in need. The RTF, founded in 1947,
                                                                    operates exclusively for charitable purposes and can
                     3600 Centerpoint Pkwy                          help those in need because of the generous gifts
                       Pontiac, MI 48341                            from individuals around the world.

             "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, you are a leader."
                                                  - John Quincy Adams
Oakland Outlook
September 2011                                                                                                              9

                                                            IAAP Oakland County Chapter Meeting
                                                                Tuesday, September 20, 2011

                                                      Do you feel like a misfit in the office world? Do you dread coming to
                                                      work every day? Do you feel overwhelmed by unrealistic demands on
                                                      your time and too many paper and computer files? If so, please join us
                                                      for a presentation by Cindy Glovinsky, author, ―Making Peace with
                                                      Your Office Life: End the Battles, Shake the Blues, Get Organized,
         AGENDA                                       and Be Happier at Work”.
5:30 p.m. – Networking
                                                                               Rainbow Salad
6:00 p.m. – Dinner                                                         Assorted Rolls and Butter
7:00 p.m. – Program &                                                           Your choice of:
            Meeting                                        Chicken Piccata—Floured chicken with lemon caper sauce
                                                                      Whitefish with lemon cream sauce
   MEETING LOCATION                                                  Baked Pomadorro tortellini primavera

  Marriott at Centerpoint                                    All served with chef’s choice of starch and vegetable

3600 Centerpoint Parkway
 Pontiac, Michigan 48341
                                   Registration   Please pre-register by September 13, 2011

                                          Note    Pre-paid reservations are required – checks will be deposited after the
                                                  meeting. No refunds after the deadline.

Please make your check payable to OAKLAND COUNTY CHAPTER IAAP and mail with the registration form to:

ATTN: Susan Ballard, McPhail Corporation
1420 S. Livernois, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307
248.608.7393 (office)
You can also register through our website at www.iaap-oaklandcounty.org

                              REGISTRATION FORM
                         September 20, 2011 IAAP Meeting

               Name                                                                      Please check all that apply:
           Company                                                                   Dinner choice –
             Address                                                                  Chicken Piccata
      City, State, Zip                                                                Whitefish
    Amount enclosed                                                                   Baked Pomadorro Tortellini

              Phone                                                                   Meeting only

               Email                                                                  Member of Chapter ________
                                                                                      Non-Member

  Easy Ways to Register for our Monthly Meetings
  1. Mail the paper registration included in the Oakland Outlook with payment to meeting coordinator.
  2. Register online and mail your payment. http://host.webfireonline.com/iaapoakland/iaapevents.asp

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