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My Cola



           my Cola
    The Leader in Entire Beverages Market

                  June 2020
These Are How                 My Cola Became the Leader in Entire Beverage Market

 Targeted the Children (for sustainable growth & penetration)

 Positioned and Branded Each Product as Different Brand with Different Brand Name

 Introduced      MY… Cola Man® with Their Existing Character

 Changed and Updated Plastic Containers and Labels

 Used Proper Advertisements in Proper Media at Proper Time
 Marketed My Beverages with Glass Container
     o this will helps customers to purchase our brands with least cost in Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Canteens, and
       other places where customers are purchasing and consuming other products and services; alternatively we
       should introduce new mod of distribution with new brand name of My Cola Factory® for facilitating
       customers who purchase in these areas
     o advertising for Glass Container Soft Drinks will help to easily position our brand among potential and
       existing customers compare to plastic container. because the Professional based advertisement mostly
       suitable for plastic container soft drink such as family oriented purchase; however, fun and youth based
       advertisements for using glass container soft drink will easily reach our target market (however, with positive
       thoughts, we can produce new purchasing behaviour for our plastic container soft drinks with new
       advertising styles and practices
     o the investment which invest on producing glass container will be circulated among our customers and
       distributors whenever and wherever the products are sold; however, there will be additional cost for
       producing a plastic container if it is sold
     o glass Container will helps us to position our brand, but, it will not mostly be purchased for household use
       and our plastic container soft drink will be sold for such purpose as our glass container already positioned in
       customers mind; otherwise customers will be purchasing our competitive brands (plastic container) as our
       competitors were positioned by their glass containers

 Encountered with Sales Promotional Activities at District, Provincial, and National Level

 Maintained & Enhanced Present Distributors Motivating Schemes for Building Good
  Relationship with Part & Partial Organization i.e. Distributors

 Empowered Sellers Recommendation by Providing Additional Commission and Profit

 Killed their Existing (confusing) Brand Name and Introduced / Promoted New Brand

 Launched New Website for My Cola

 Launched New Websites for All Brands Which We Market

 Motivated Customers to Logon Their Brand Websites with Loyalty Scheme and Sales
  Promotional Activities

 Encouraged Cost Cutting Strategies

 Introduced My Cola Mobile Apps (Games and Loyalty Reward software) with Leading
  Mobile Communication Network Service Providers

 Subject Oriented CSR and Sponsorship Activities

 Had Proper Public Relational Strategies

 Introduced New Taste Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices

                                   and some more incomparable marketing strategies………..

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