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					                                                       Operation Santa Claus Gift Ideas

Toddler & Pre-School Girls            Grade School Girls                     Grade School Boys & Girl                  Grade School Boys
Baby Dolls                            Dolls (Baby Alive, Majic Hair)         Sports Balls                              Sports Balls
Dora the Explorer Themed Items        Doll Houses & Strollers                Arts & Crafts Kits                        Baseball Glove, Bat & Caps
Disney Princess Toys                  Littlest Pet Shop Toys                 Clay                                      Hotwheels & Accessories
                                      Bratz & Accessories                    Spin Brush Kits                           Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains
Toddler & Pre -School                 Disney Princess Toys                   Board Games (Sorry, Uno, Monopoly)        Remote Control Cars
Boys & Girls                          Barbies & Accessories                  Books                                     Action Figures
Little People Toys                    Hannah Montana Toys & Games            Backpack & School Supplies                Bakugan Toys & Cards
Fisher Price Toys                     High School Musical Toys               Club Penguin Toys                         Spiderman and Batman Themed Items
Lincoln Logs                          Cheetah Girls Toys                     Webkins                                   Power Rangers
Building Blocks                       Dora the Explorer Toys                 Sponge Bob Themed Items                   Transformers & Robots
Doctors Kits                          Play Make Up, Nail Polish, Jewelry     Skate boards, Scooters & Helmets          Ben 10 Toys & Games
Play Food Sets                        Jewelry Making Kits                    Snow Toys (Sled, Snow Board)              Tech Deck (skateboards, ramps, bikes)
Mr. Potato Head                       Build-a-Bear Kits                      CD Players                                WWE Wrestling Figures & Ring
Candy Land                            Glitter Pens, Scented Markers          MP3 Players                               Pokemon Cards & Themed Items
Chutes & Ladders                      Stuffed Animals                        Jonas Brother CD’s                        Yu-gi-oh Cards
Play Dough & Accessories              Jump Rope                              Demi Lovato CD’s                          Legos & Bioncles
Stuffed Animals                       Easy Bake Oven                         Goosebumps Books & Movies                 Dinosaurs
Puzzles & Books                                                                                                        X-Men Toys
Art Supplies

Toddler & Pre - School Boys           Middle School Girls                    Middle School Boys & Girls                Middle School Boys
Tonka Trucks                          Jewlery Making Kits                    Art Kits & Supplies                       Sports Balls & Sports Gear
Power Rangers                         Make Up: Nail Polish, Lip Gloss etc.   Sports Balls & Sports Gear                Tech Deck (skateboards, ramps, bikes)
Spiderman Themed Toys                 Bath & Body Supplies                   Board Games (Life, Clue, Monopoly etc.)   Handheld Video Games
Batman Themed Toys                    Perfume, Jewlery, Fashion Socks        Chess, Checkers, Dominoes                 Bakugan Toys & Themed Items
Thomas the Train Toys                 Headbands & Hair Accesories            CD’s                                      Pokemon Toys & Themed Items
                                      Journals, Gel Pens                     CD Players                                Ben 10 Toys & Themed Items
Gifts for 2 Year Olds                 Purses & Bags                          MP3 Players                               Dragon BallZ Toys
OSC serves many 2 year olds and       Hannah Montana Themed Items            Ear Buds                                  Sketch Pads
can not give them toys if the label   High School Musical Themed Items       School Bag & Supplies                     Bionicles
says “3 and up,” due to choking
                                      Bratz Dolls                            Books                                     WWE Wrestling Themed Items
hazard. Please check that the
product is for 18 mos or 2 plus.                                             Club Penguin Themes Items                 X-Men DVD & Themed Items
                                                                             Hats, Gloves, Scarves

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