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									Lake Tahoe Real Estate and The Local Culture of the Tahoe Region

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Many may assume that the Tahoe region is concerned only with the recreational aspects of the
area; while this is true to an extent, there is a thriving community that enjoys art and culture that
extends beyond biking, skiing and boating.

Individuals searching the Lake Tahoe real estate market for a home will be keen to hear that
South Lake Tahoe is a city rich with art and culture. Many artists call this city their home and
have galleries that are open year-round for locals and tourists alike. It is not uncommon to see a
market showcasing the area’s talent in the form of arts, crafts and performances like music or

For example, there is the Valhalla Grand Hall and Boathouse that often hosts musical acts and
theatre, as well as the annually held Valhalla Arts, Music and Theatre Festival. This area also has
the only Renaissance faire in the area and a Great Gatsby Festival, which celebrates the famed
story penned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nearby there is the Tallac Historic Site that includes original
buildings from the 1900s and earlier. These buildings were owned by some of the namesakes of
South Lake Tahoe, including the Pope family, the Baldwin family and more. Both locals and
tourists enjoy walking this estate while imagining the lives lived during the early years of the
city. Guests of the estate can also learn more about the history of the area when they visit the on-
site museum inside one of the buildings.

Beyond this, South Lake Tahoe is incredibly supportive of its local performers and artists.
Throughout the summers there are amazing outdoor concerts that are free to the public, as well
as concerts held at the local casinos, which boasts recent performances from the Beach Boys and
Neil Young. In addition, local artists, writers and crafters set up camp at art festivals at the local
middle school or can be seen at the various galleries.

South Lake Tahoe is a diverse community that supports artistic endeavors and encourages year-
round participation in recreational activities. This is a very unique area that promotes diversity,
celebrates history and supports the arts. If this sounds desirable, then there are various areas in
the city that have prime Lake Tahoe luxury real estate properties.

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