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									Guest Blogging – A Powerful Solution
        to Drive Web Traffic
Gone are the days when guest blogging was considered wastage of time.
Today, guest blogging has been evolving as a powerful solution to drive web
traffic. While search engines like Google, Bing, etc. are being hard on
unnatural ways to drive web traffic, guest blogging is what they always like
because it is a natural and ethical way to drive quality web traffic.
With a big list of benefits, here, I am going to pen down some guest
blogging benefits for blog owner and guest bloggers. I start with guest
blogging benefits for guest bloggers.
Guest Blogging Benefits for Guest Bloggers
Finding a good blog to post as a guest blogger is not easy, but once you find
it you will open the doors to drive web traffic to your website. Apart from
web traffic you get the following benefits that cannot be achieved using
other ways in a quick manner as you do with guest blogging:

     Quick Indexing: Getting indexed in search engines is the top most
     priority for every website owners. Writing an article revolving around
     your niche with one or two backlinks and submitting it as a guest
     blogger increases the chance of website indexing in search engines.
     The time depends on how many clicks you get on the links embedded
     in the guest blog post.

     Backlinks: If you need good page rank in Google and Alexa then
     ensure you have many backlinks. Not only backlink but good quality
     backlinks. Guest blogging is a great way to receive quality backlinks
     to your website. There are blogs that give dofollow backlinks, and
     dofollow backlinks help improving page rank.
     Web Traffic: What you need is quality web traffic to your website? Is
     not it? Guest blogging helps you drive web traffic. Just for example,
     suppose that you submit a guest post to the blog that receive 2000
     visits per day. And out of those 2000 visits, approximately 100 visitors
     read your article. Out of those 100, approximately 10 click links in the
     article. This means 10 visits to your website from one guest blog post.
     If you have submitted 100 guest blog posts to different blogs then you
     will be receiving approximately 1000 visits a day.

     Build Social Media Fan Base: Guest blogging is a great way to
     increase social media fan base. What all you need is write a nice blog
     post, create backlinks to your social media profile in the guest blog
     post, and submit it to guest blog. Number of fans that you will receive
     through guest blogging depends on how engaging your article is and
     how many visitors read it.

     Engagement with blog readers: Many blog owners have a comment
     section at the end of every blog. If you write nice article then readers
     will drop their views and comments. You can reply to those comments
     and keep you engaged with blog readers. Sometimes, experienced
     blog readers drop useful comments that may help you in regards of
     your niche too.

     Improvement in Writing Skills: Different blog owners follow
     different writing styles; hence, guest blogging will also help you write
     in different styles. This will help you improve your writing skills, which
     is absolutely free.

Guest Blogging Benefits for Blog Owners
While guest blogging is good for business owners, it is not bad for blog
owners too. It offers many benefits to blog owners, as listed below:

     Targeted Content: Setting up a blog is easy but creating targeted
     content is not. Most of the blog owners often find it difficult to write a
     good blog post revolving around the blog’s niche. Hence, they need to
     spend money to get quality posts written by a professional
     writer. Blog owners can get rid of this problem by enabling guest
     blogging on their blog. Once guest blogging is activated, the blog
     owner will only need to review and approve the blog.

     Traffic: Allowing guest blogging means opening the door to drive web
     traffic to your blog. People who are finding guest blogs will come to
     your blog and submit their guest blog posts. If guest bloggers will get
     good response from you then they will also suggest your blog to other
     fellow guest bloggers. In addition, many guest bloggers syndicate their
     posts to social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc. This way
     you will drive web traffic to your website.

     Recognition: Guest bloggers know that finding a good blog meeting
     their niche to submit guest blog post is not easy. You will get
     recognition among guest bloggers by offering them space to publish
     guest blog posts.

     Promotion: In addition to all other benefits, you will get a free
     promotion of your blog by guest bloggers. Bloggers always love to
     share good things to fellow bloggers and social media. And if they are
     pleased with your service, they will also promote you. This means you
     as a blog owner will have no need to spend money on promotion of
     your blog.

These are the benefits of guest blogging for guest bloggers and blog owners.
If you are looking for a blog to submit a guest blog, then what are you
waiting for, click here and start you journey as a guest blogger with
Versatile Contents.

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