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VOLUME 56                                           PITTSBURGH, PA — NOVEMBER, 2001                                                     NUMBER 3

            RECOVERING JAPAN’S                                                                                  THE ALAMO’S
                                                                                                                HISTORIC PAST
          WARTIME PAST — AND OURS                                                                          Originally named Misión San Antonio de
                                       September 4, 2001                                                Valero, the Alamo served as home to
                                                                                                        missionaries and their Indian converts for
                                  By STEVEN C. CLEMONS
                                                                                                        nearly seventy years. Construction began on
      WASHINGTON — Celebrations this Saturday of the 50th anniversary of the San                        the present site in 1724. In 1793, Spanish
Francisco Treaty of Peace, which established the postwar relationship between Japan and the             officials secularized San Antonio’s five
world, will focus on Japan’s emergence as a pacifist market economy under the tutelage of its           missions and distributed their lands to the
conqueror and later ally, the United States. Little attention will be paid to questions of historical   remaining Indian residents. These men and
memory or of liability for Japan’s behavior during the war. The 1951 treaty, largely through the        women continued to farm the fields — once
efforts of America’s principal negotiator, John Foster Dulles, sought to eliminate any possibility      the mission’s but now their own — and
of war reparations. This undoubtedly cemented Japan’s alliance with the United States and               participated in the growing community of
helped its economic rebirth. But Dulles’s and Japan’s strategy also fostered a deliberate forget-       San Antonio.
fulness whose consequences haunt us today.                                                                 In the early 1800s, the Spanish military
      Dulles had been a United States counsellor at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, with            stationed a cavalry unit at the former
special responsibility for reparations. He had opposed, without much success, the heavy                 mission. The soldiers referred to the old mis-
penalties imposed by the Allies on Germany. These payments were widely seen as responsible              sion as the Alamo (the Spanish word for
for the later collapse of Germany’s economy and, if obliquely, for the rise of Nazism. After            “cottonwood”) in honor of their hometown
World War II, Dulles feared that heavy reparations burdens would similarly cripple Japan,               Alamo de Parras, Coahuila. The post’s
make it vulnerable to Communist domination and prevent it from rebuilding. It was crucial to            commander established the first recorded
Dulles that Japan not face claims arising from its wartime conduct. The San Francisco Treaty            hospital in Texas in the Long Barrack. The
has been used to this day, by Japan and America, as a shield against any such claims.                   Alamo was home to both Revolutionaries
      Nonetheless, when he had to, Dulles allowed an exception, one that has remained largely           and Royalists during Mexico’s ten-year
hidden. The signatories to the San Francisco Treaty waived “all reparations claims of the Allied        struggle for independence. The military —
Powers, other claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals arising out of any actions taken by       Spanish, Rebel, and then Mexican —
Japan and its nationals in the course of the prosecution of the War.” But recently declassified         continued to occupy the Alamo until the
documents show that Dulles, in negotiating this clause, also negotiated a way out of it.                Texas Revolution.
      Dulles had persuaded most of the Allied powers to accept the treaty. One major nation                San Antonio and the Alamo played a criti-
that refused to sign was Korea, because of its enmity against Japan for colonizing the Korean           cal role in the Texas Revolution. In
Peninsula. India, China and the Soviet Union also declined to sign.                                     December 1835, Ben Milam led Texian and
      For a brief while it appeared that the Netherlands would do likewise. Only days before the        Tejano volunteers against Mexican troops
treaty was to be signed, the Dutch government threatened to walk out of the convention because          quartered in the city. After five days of
it feared that the treaty “expropriated the private claims of its individuals” to pursue war-           house-to-house fighting, they forced General
related compensation from Japanese private interests. Tens of thousands of Dutch civilians in           Martín Perfecto de Cós and his soldiers to
the East Indies had lost their property to Japanese companies, which had followed Japan’s               surrender. The victorious volunteers then
armies to the Indies. They wanted compensation, and they had political power in Holland.                occupied the Alamo — already fortified prior
      European opinion mattered to Dulles, who feared that a Dutch exodus might lead the                to the battle by Cós’ men — and strength-
United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to drop out as well. On the day before and the                ened its defenses. On February 23, 1836, the
morning of the signing ceremony, Dulles orchestrated a confidential exchange of letters                 arrival of General Antonio López de Santa
between the minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands, Dirk Stikker, and Prime Minister            Anna’s army outside San Antonio nearly
Shigeru Yoshida of Japan. Yoshida pledged that “the Government of Japan does not consider               caught them by surprise. Undaunted, the
that the Government of the Netherlands by signing the Treaty has itself expropriated the                Texians and Tejanos prepared to defend the
private claims of its nationals so that, as a consequence thereof, after the Treaty comes into          Alamo together. The defenders held out for
force these claims would be non-existent.”                                                              13 days against Santa Anna’s army. William
      Article 26 of the treaty states that, “should Japan make a peace settlement or war                B. Travis, the commander of the Alamo, sent
claims settlement with any State granting that State greater advantages than those                      forth couriers carrying pleas for help to com-
provided by the present Treaty, those same advantages shall be extended to the parties to               munities in Texas. On the eighth day of the
the present Treaty.” This is why the letters had to be confidential: they preserved the rights          siege, a band of 32 volunteers from Gonzales
of some Allied private citizens, in this case Dutch citizens, to pursue reparations.                    arrived, bringing the number of defenders to
      Such an agreement, if publicized, could have opened the way for other claims — repara-            nearly two hundred. Legend holds that with
tions was a huge and emotional issue after the war. These letters were not declassified until           the possibility of additional help fading,
April 2000, by which time most potential claimants were probably dead.                                  Colonel Travis drew a line on the ground
      In 1956, the Dutch did successfully pursue a claim against Japan on behalf of private             and asked any man willing to stay and fight
citizens. Japan paid $10 million as a way of “expressing sympathy and regret.” Japan had                to step over — all except one did. As the
been slow about making its deal with the Netherlands, and the United States had to remind               defenders saw it, the Alamo was the key to
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                                   The                                                   Dedicated to those persons both living and dead who fought against
                                                                                         overwhelming odds against the enemy at the outbreak of World War II.
                                                                                         Official Publication of the
                                                            AMERICAN DEFENDERS OF BATAAN & CORREGIDOR, INC.
                                                  (INCLUDING ANY UNIT OF FORCE OF THE ASIATIC FLEET, PHILIPPINE ARCHIPELAGO,
                                                            WAKE ISLAND, MARIANA ISLAND, AND DUTCH EAST INDIES)
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             CIRCULATION                                                                     NOTICE
   The “Quan”, the official publication of
the American Defenders of Bataan &
                                                                      I have received a message from the
                                                                    Isobel Hinshelwood of Carlton TV in                                                        2002
Corregidor Inc. It is published and                                 Britain, which I quote in part:
circulated 5 times per year by A.D.B.C., a
non-profit organization. It is printed and
                                                                      “the documentary, Hell in the
                                                                    Pacific, will be aired on December 7th
                                                                                                                                                          THE CONVENTION
postage paid, mailed at Pittsburgh, PA
Post office. Its official address is 18
                                                                    on The Learning Channel.”
                                                                      I thought that you would like to put that
                                                                                                                                                           WILL BE AT THE
Warbler Dr., McKees Rocks, PA 15136.
   The publication is mailed free to all life
                                                                    notice in the November issue of The Quan.
                                                                                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO
members and widows of deceased members.
Quan members may subscribe at $8.00 per
                                                                               CAN YOU HELP?                                                                OMNI HOTEL
year in the United States.                                            The name of my relative who was a
                                                                    POW: Lt. Col. Charles Thomas Brown,                                                    MAY 14 TO 19
                                                                    USAMC, deceased 1982.
                                                                      His unit: Philippine Scout Officer.
                                                                      Camp: Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philip-
                                                                    pine Islands.
                                                                                                                                                        2002 —
                                                                      My relation to him: his step-daughter.
                                                                      My address: Mrs. Kay Gunn, 6214 Pres-
                                                                                                                                                    PLAN TO BE THERE
                                                                    ton Road, Dallas, TX 75205, (214) 526-5013.

           RECOVERING JAPAN’S                             (Continued from Page 1)                   THE ALAMO’S         (Continued from Page 1)
the Japanese that, as a declassified State Department document puts it, the United States           the defense of Texas, and they were ready to
had “exerted considerable pressure on the Netherlands representatives with a view to their          give their lives rather than surrender their
signing the Peace Treaty,” and “one of the arrangements was assurance that the terms of the         position to General Santa Anna. Among the
Yoshida-Stikker letters would be honored.”                                                          Alamo’s garrison were Jim Bowie, renowned
      A year before, the British noted two other instances in which governments had made            knife fighter, and David Crockett, famed
deals with Japan for reparations: a settlement with Burma that provided reparations, ser-           frontiersman and former congressman from
vices and investments amounting, over 10 years, to $250 million; and an agreement with              Tennessee.
Switzerland that provided “compensation for maltreatment, personal injury and loss arising             The final assault came before daybreak on
from acts illegal under the rules of war.”                                                          the morning of March 6, 1836, as columns of
      The British Foreign Ministry elected not to take any action on behalf of British nation-      Mexican soldiers emerged from the predawn
als — and chose not to publicize the information. The United States concurred, with one offi-       darkness and headed for the Alamo’s walls.
cial commenting, “Further pressure would be likely to cause the maximum of resentment for           Cannon and small arms fire from inside the
the minimum of advantage.” Nonetheless, the Stikker-Yoshida letters and the Burmese and             Alamo beat back several attacks. Regroup-
Swiss agreements could all be used to make Japan, under Article 26 of the San Francisco             ing, the Mexicans scaled the walls and
Treaty, offer similar terms to the treaty’s 47 signatories.                                         rushed into the compound. Once inside, they
      The price Japan might have paid, in 1951 or later, as atonement for its crimes would, pre-    turned captured cannon on the Long Barrack
sumably, have been high. Perhaps Dulles’s public policy was best. But it may also be that           and church, blasting open the barricaded
Japan, and even the United States, are paying a different sort of price for the amnesia and         doors. The desperate struggle continued until
secrecy that both countries chose after the war. An American group of former prisoners of war,      the defenders were overwhelmed. By sunrise
for example, has pledged to protest the conferences and commemorative galas. These veterans         the battle had ended and Santa Anna
are pursuing financial relief for having been enslaved in wartime by Japanese corporations,         entered the Alamo compound to survey the
notably Mitsui and Mitsubishi. The POWs have already lost one case in California. The judge,        scene of his victory.
Vaughn Walker, decided that because of the success of the San Francisco Peace Treaty and of            While the facts surrounding the siege of
Japan in becoming a strong ally and partner of the United States, the waiver of individual          the Alamo continue to be debated, there is
rights to pursue private parties in Japan was justified. This has been the argument in the          no doubt about what the battle has come to
dozens of suits brought in Japan and a smaller number of cases in American courts. And the          symbolize. People worldwide continue to
argument has so far prevailed.                                                                      remember the Alamo as a heroic struggle
      Judge Walker did recognize that Japan’s reparations deals with some countries might           against overwhelming odds — a place where
present the opportunity for the signatory nations of 1951 to bring their own claims, as pro-        men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.
vided for in Article 26 of the treaty. However, “the question of enforcing Article 26,” he wrote,   For this reason the Alamo remains hallowed
is “for the United States, not the plaintiffs, to decide.”                                          ground and the Shrine of Texas Liberty.
      The failure to support war claims is one of the reasons Japan is still struggling with
other nations over its history. The Germans — at least, West Germans — have engaged in                           ————————
five decades of public debate about Hitler and the Holocaust. And Germany and other
European countries have accepted the need, for their governments or their corporations, to                SEEKING INFORMATION
pay reparations for crimes very similar to those committed by Japan and Japanese compa-
                                                                                                    Dear Joe,
nies in the same period.
                                                                                                       I have been referred to you by Dick Beck
      The Japanese, however, have not witnessed the court cases and public debates that
                                                                                                    to pursue my inquiry for information about
would help shape a shared understanding of history among Japanese and their neighbors.
                                                                                                    my uncle who was a member of the 19th
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s visit last month to the Yasukuni shrine — which honors
                                                                                                    Bomb Group. Dick seems to think that you
the souls of Japan’s war dead, including the souls of war criminals — and the relentless
                                                                                                    might be in a better position to guide me to
efforts of some Japanese textbook writers to minimize Japan’s wartime aggression against
                                                                                                    someone who can provide me the informa-
Korea and China have further aggravated regional tension over Japan’s official history.
                                                                                                    tion I am looking for.
Because Japan is so ill at ease with debate about it past, other nations understandably dis-
                                                                                                       Following is the only information that the
trust a more powerful Japan.
                                                                                                    family has about the man we are looking for.
      What we know only today is that the State Department arranged a deal that arguably
                                                                                                       What we know:
allows Americans and others to pursue personal claims against Japan or Japanese firms —
                                                                                                       Staff Sgt. Albert H. Collett
but tried to keep the agreement quiet. The State Department even filed briefs in the
                                                                                                       Assigned to the 19th Bomb Group (Don’t
California court against the former American prisoners of war. Of course, it was the State
                                                                                                    know which Squadron)
Department that once advanced the claims of Dutch citizens.
                                                                                                       Was at Clark Field on December 8, 1941
      Japan clearly deserves criticism for its inability to debate its past openly. However, the
                                                                                                       Died on May 20, 1942 (according to
United States, as evidenced by the emerging controversy about the terms of the San
                                                                                                    government information received after the
Francisco Treaty, has also played a role in Japan’s historical amnesia. By withholding docu-
                                                                                                    war when his body was shipped home)
ments on American foreign policy, the United States has contributed to a failure of memory
                                                                                                       What we are looking for:
that will continue to have consequences for all of us.
                                                                                                       Where was he reassigned after the
                                                                                                    destruction of Clark Field?
     Steven C. Clemons is executive vice president of the New America Foundation.
                                                                                                       What prison camp was he assigned to
                                                                                                    after the surrender?
  SEEKING SURVIVORS                                 My brother was: Ora Lee Kirkman,
                                                                                                       Where did he die, and how?
                                                                                                       His crew members or associates?
Mr. Vater,                                          I hope you will print this in The Quan, to         I realize that this is pretty scant informa-
  Among the readers of The Quan, I hope           see if there are any men who know my              tion, Joe, but any advice or guidance you
there are some survivors of the Death March       brother.                                          might be able to offer would be greatly
that may have known my brother.                     Thank you for your time.                        appreciated.
  My father passed on in 1974. All that he                                   Priscilla L. Reeves                                Donald E. Cooksey
could ever find out was that my brother was                                       3940 Cielo Pl.                                  2606 W. 67th St.,
missing as of April 19, 1942.                                              Fullerton, CA 92835                          Davenport, IA 52806-1528
  My brother never got the letter telling                                         714-879-9067                                        319-391-2874
him he had a sister.                                                                                                           tick@netexpress.net

                                                                                                                       NOVEMBER, 2001 — 3
                                                        Capas National Shrine

                              MANY THANKS                                                      SAGA OF SAILOR JACK
Dear Mr. Vater,                                anyone would be interested in reading it,       From:      “RONALD MARCELLO”
   I wanted to thank you so very much for      please have them contact me at the                         marcello@unt.edu
publishing my inquiry about my Dad in          address listed and I will be happy to send      To:        saga21@juno.com
The Quan. I have received many calls           them a copy. I will run off the copy on my      Date:      Tuesday, February 6, 2001
and one was from 1st Sgt. Leonard              little inkjet printer. I will not charge for    Subject:   Saga of Sailor Jack
Merchant who was my Dad’s 1st Sgt. in          this as I know that most of your members           What an adventure story! What a
the 19th Bombardment Group and knew            are retired and on a fixed income. This is      marvelous ride through history! As this
him intimately. I am going to see him next     the least that I can do to keep my Dad’s        manuscript so vividly attests, Jack Feliz
week and share scrapbook pictures and          memory alive. If someone wants to send          has lived a truly remarkable life. His is
other pictures. I am so grateful to you for    me a little something for the ink, that will    the story of deep tragedy, of extreme joy,
this. I also got a call from Mr. Robert Heer   be fine, but I emphasize that it is not         of wondrous exploits, of dedicated profes-
who told me how to go about securing           required. Just send me your name and            sionalism, of strong family bonding, of
some items from the National Archives.         address and I will mail a copy.                 extensive worldly travel. In short, he has
Again, I just cannot thank you enough.            Lastly, I need to inform you of my           lived multiple lifetimes.
   I also asked if someone could give me       mother, Helen Virginia Cowan’s, death. She         Born in 1911, Jack has been eyewitness
the history and meaning behind the logo        had a stroke and passed away recently. I        to an America having just entered the 20th
that you use on your letterhead, the one       just haven’t had the wherewithal to write to    Century with steam engines and kerosene
that looks like a seahorse and has a color     everyone yet and I apologize for not inform-    lamps to a 21st Century America of com-
that is the Philippine Liberation Medal. I     ing you sooner. Her death hit me very hard.     puters and .coms; an America emerging as
know that this logo was used by the            She was a Life Member of the ADBC.              one of several world powers to an America
Philippine Department of the Army prior           Again, please say to all your members        as THE single dominant world power; an
to and during the war and now you are          that I have been deeply moved by the            America that fought the Kaiser to an
using it. I am into heraldry and am quite      response to my inquiry and the tremen-          America that won the Cold War.
interested in finding out about this logo.     dous help. I will write or call everyone that      In this easy-to-read saga, Jack’s writing
Mrs. Pruitt thought that she had seen it       responded and thank them personally, but        style, with lively and down-to-earth prose,
in an issue of The Quan. I would be most       I wanted to let everyone know just how          rivet the reader with vignettes of an
grateful if you could make me a copy and       grateful I am. I am just thrilled to death to   unfolding and evolving 20th Century as
send it to me.                                 get in touch with Sgt. Merchant. This is        seen through the eyes of a participant who
   I have just finished editing and adding     going to be a memory of a lifetime and will     has rubbed elbows with the rich and
some material to my Dad’s book, “Barbed        be just invaluable to me and my family.         famous, kings and commoners, friends
Wire and Rice”. I am going to look for a       Thank you, thank you, thank you, again.         and enemies. This book is, in short, a
publisher. My Dad tried to have it pub-                                Sincerest regards,      “must read” for all Americans.
lished before he died but did not succeed. I                            Robert H. Cowan                    Dr. Ronald E. Marcello, Director
am going to try and put it on a website at                                 P.O. Box 2060                             Oral History Program
some time along the line. However, if                        Granite Bay, CA 95746-2060                          University of North Texas

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   and a Very Happy New Year                 New Year Wishes to All the               Season’s Greetings to All
    Charles and Ann Dragich             Surviving 19th Air Base Squadron Men       Especially my 192 Tank Bubbies
                                          In Memory of My Husband Joseph           Shirley and Frank Goldstein
         Season’s Greetings                   Risa Fragale and Family
        Anabel C. Dunigan                                                        Merry Christmas and a Very Happy,
                                           Season’s Greetings to the Men of         Prosperous New Year to All
           We Wish You                   the 228th Signal Operations Co. (Sep)     Bob and Gretchen Gwaltney
    a Holy Christmas Season and             The Entire A.D.B.C. Staff and
       a Healthy, Happy 2002                      A.D.B.C. Members                    To All the A.D.B.C. Troops
           Much Love to                         Richard E. Francies                       Happy Holidays
    All Our Friends in A.D.B.C.                                                            Dolly Goodrow
      Lee and Eleanor Davis              Christmas Greetings to All Veterans
                                                 Deacon Joe and                   Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas
    Greetings and Warm Thoughts                Sallie Durrett Farmer                   and a Healthy New Year
   for Christmas and the New Year                                                           Enos Gould
     Chet and Frances Dellar                 Enjoy the Christmas Season
                                                   Keep Healthy                     Greetings and Best Wishes for
       Merry Christmas and                      Have a Drink on Us                 A Healthy and Happy New Year
 a Happy New Year to All Members                Dale and Peg Frantz                         Martha Grill
            Frank Dice
                                             A Very Merry Christmas and                Season’s Greetings to All
        Merry Christmas and                  a Most Healthful New Year             Phil and Jeanette Goodman
        a Joyous New Year                        P/N/C Roy Gentry
Therese and P/N/C John Emerick                                                    Happy Holidays to All POWs and
                                             Wishing Each and Everyone             Families Wishing All Happiness
       Happy Holidays to All                 a Very Merry Christmas and                     and Prosperity
  Mrs. Betty Earhart and Family                a Prosperous New Year!                 Bea and Melvin Hamlin
                                            Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Guevarra                 POW #81 Yodagama
 Mountains of Joy and Blessings for
 the Holidays and Big, Blue Skies for
        the Coming New Year
    Glenda Elliott and Family
May Your Heart Overflow with Joy             Season’s Greetings to All         May All Enjoy the Holiday Season
 and Love this Christmas Season                  Henrietta and                 and a Happy, Healthy New Year
         Dorothy Hassler                     P/N/C Edward Jackfert                 Merle and Frances Lype

    Our Prayers for a Peaceful                 Merry Christmas and                 Very Merry Christmas and
   and Blessed Christmas Season             a Happy, Healthy New Year            a Happy, Prosperous New Year
    Twila Hatcher and Family              Ruth and Warren Jorgenson                Walter Lamm and Family

 Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas                Best Wishes for             Wishing You Joy and Every Blessing
      and a Happy New Year                   a Blessed Holiday Season              at Christmas and Always
            Mary Hank                            Bea Johnson                     Louise and Dottie Lackman
                                       (Widow of Sgt. Edward M. Johnson)
         Holiday Greetings                                                           Merry Christmas and
        to All Our Members                     Merry Christmas and                 May the New Year Bring
         Neal Harrington                      Happy New Year to All               Good Health and Peace to All
                                            Mary Jaggers and Family               Charlotte Long and Family
        Happy Holidays to All
     of Our Friends of A.D.B.C.                 Holiday Greetings             Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
     Nick and Ann Hionedes                      Best Wishes to All              to James Flaitz, Clifford Keller,
                                               Morgan E. Jenkins                 Andy Miller, Glen Pilkington,
       Merry Christmas and                                                        Art Reynolds, Anton Urban
      Happy New Year to All                    Merry Christmas and              Clarence K. and Irene Larson
           Tom Hatten                           Happy New Year
                                           Harry and Cecillia Johnson                    “Wishing You
    Have a Happy and Healthy                                                         Health, Peace and Joy”
         Holiday Season                       “Merry Christmas and            Kathie and P/N/C Ralph Levenberg
   Walter and Helen Helkowski                   Happy New Year
                                                P/N/C John Koot                      Blessed Christmas and
       Merry Christmas and                                                            a Happy New Year
      May God Bless You All            Holiday Greetings to All Fellow POWs                Jo Lyons
         Billee Holliman               and Their Families Wherever They Are
                                              Jim and Marge Kerns                      We Wish You All
Merry Christmas —Peace Throughout                                                 a Happy Holiday Season —
    the World in the New Year                Season’s Greetings to All            Christmas and Happy 2002
        Catherine Hauser                          Ed Kluemper                       Kermit Lay and Family

      Season’s Greetings to All           May Your Christmas be Filled            Merry Christmas and All of
           and God Bless                With the Joy of Personally Knowing      God’s Blessings for the New Year
   Jim and Barbara Hammond                  Christ Jesus as Your Savior              Sis and Jerry Lambo
                                             Jim and Franziska Kell
       Merry Christmas and                                                           Best Wishes to All for
        Happy New Year                       Holiday Greetings to All                a Merry Christmas and
            Ray Harper                       Holly and Chuck Kaelin                   a Healthy New Year
                                                                                   Delbert and Doris Lynn
      Season’s Greetings to All                Merry Christmas and
            “God Bless”                       Happy New Year to All                 Season’s Greetings and
           Elsie Houser                      Gerald and Anna Kelly                 Best Wishes for a Healthy,
                                                                                     Prosperous New Year
 May All Enjoy the Holiday Season           Merry Christmas to All and             Paul and Edna Langford
and Enjoy the Fruits of the New Year          a Happier New Year
        Jim and Alta Huff                    Betty and Louis Kolger              Merry Christmas and God Bless
                                                                                 All of My Friends at A.D.B.C.
       Merry Christmas and                    A Merry Christmas and           Eddy Laursen — X Mukdenite #250
      Happy New Year to All                     a Happy New Year
         Georgia Jordan                    Darlene and Bryon Kearby           ppppppppppp
                                                                                            NOVEMBER, 2001 — 7
       Our Wishes to All for            Wishing All My Dear Friends                  Happy Holidays
    a Happy Holiday Season and            a Merry Christmas and                We Cherish the Bond We Share
       a Healthy New Year                   a Happy New Year                    with Our Military Friends
   Millie Liskowsky and Family                     Love,                            P.O.W. Joseph and
                                             Rose Marangiello                        Ruth Nespojohn
      Merry Christmas and
      a Happy New Year to                 “Mele Kalikimaka Hanoli                   Happy Christmas and
      All A.D.B.C. Members                    Makahiki Hou”                        Happy New Year to All
           Hilda Miller                  John and Caroline Moyer               Capt. Mary J. Oberst — ANC

       Season’s Greetings to               We Wish All XP.O.W.s                  We Wish All Our Friends
   Kentuckiana Chapter Members             a Merry Christmas and                  a Merry Christmas and
    and all A.D.B.C. Members                 Happy New Year                     a Happy, Healthy New Year
     Louise and Joe Mihok                  Bill and Eileen Milne                  John and Mary Oleksa

     Season’s Greetings to All            “Christmas Blessings and           Season’s Greetings and Good Health
Maude and Paul Moore — 440 Ord.             a Happy New Year”                 to All of Our Friends in A.D.B.C.
                                         Donnie H. Russell Mathis                   Dorothy Oestreich
       Merry Christmas and
       a Healthy New Year                  Season’s Greetings and           Our Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas
     Wilbur and Alice Marrs                  Best Wishes to All                   and a Healthy New Year
                                                Irene Minier                     George and Edith Omps
    We Pray Your Holidays Will                                                        and Family
  be Filled With Everything Good             Season’s Greetings
        and Joyful. Our Love                   Kay McDavitt                       Merry Christmas and
       Ben and Geri Meek                                                      Happy, Healthy New Year to All
                                            Merry Christmas and                    P/N/C Joseph Poster
      Best Wishes to All for               Happy New Year to All
      a Merry Christmas and                     Eva Minnick                    Very Best — Holy and Happy
        a Happy New Year                                                              Holiday Season
     Doris and Wayne Miller                 Merry Christmas and                      Dorothy Patrizio
                                            a Happy New Year
       Merry Christmas and             Mr. and Mrs. John Macynski                A Blessed Christmas to All
     a Happy New Year to All                                                   Audrey and Fr. Bob Phillips
         Vi Macarovich                     Our Good Wishes to All
                                         for a Happy Holiday Season                  Season’s Greetings
     Season’s Greetings to All             and a Healthy New Year                  and Best Wishes to All
          Bea Menozzi                   The John McCorts Family                   Jean Pruitt and Family

    Merry Christmas to All and              Merry Christmas and                    Love, Good Health and
 “Enjoy Each Day of the New Year”         a Happy New Year to All                    Season’s Greetings
   Shirley Matheny and Family                 Alden McEwen                         Doris and Ray Perez

       Our Best Wishes for           Season’s Greetings and Good Health          Good Health and Happiness
      a Merry Christmas and              to All Members of A.D.B.C.                   in the Year 2002
        a Happy New Year                 Lucy and Omar McGuire                  Ted and Marvella Provost
      Peg and Bernie Miller
                                            Merry Christmas and                     Merry Christmas and
       Our Best Wishes for                  a Happy New Year                      a Happy New Year to All
      a Merry Christmas and                       Eva Neil                      Dorothy Perry and Family
       a Healthy New Year
  Norma Mascavage and Family           A Blessed Christmas and Happy,              Merry Christmas and
                                    Prosperous, Healthy New Year to Our         a Happy, Healthy New Year
     Season’s Greetings to All      Fellow “Defenders and Their Families”             Margaret Petak
        P/N/C Andy Miller                  Carl and Fay Nordin
  We Wish Our A.D.B.C. Members           From Our House to Yours —         Best Wishes for the Holidays and for
      a Blessed Christmas and               Merry Christmas and           Health and Happiness Through the Year
  Gratitude for the New Year 2002        a Happy, Healthy New Year               Jan and Fred Vinton
     Bill and Mary Pat Parks             Marie and Steve Raymond
                                                                                 A Blessed Christmas and
       Merry Christmas and                   Merry Christmas and           a Peaceful, Healthy New Year to All
     a Happy New Year to All                 a Healthy New Year               Helen and P/N/C Joe Vater
   Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Padilla             Kay Sandor and Family
                                                                                  Merry Christmas and
     A Blessed Christmas and                   Our Prayer for All               a Happy New Year to All
     a Happy New Year to All                a Blessed Christmas and               Richard Willstatter
    Eleanor and Ed Pessolano                Peace for the New Year
Sr. of John S. Matuleiricz — 803rd       Helen and P/N/C Al Senna                Season’s Greetings and
                                                                           Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year
       Merry Christmas and                   Merry Christmas and           Alice and Commander Joe Ward
     a Happy New Year to All               a Happy New Year to All
Paul V. Rouse — Co. A-803rd Eng.             Shirley B. Solomon                 A Blessed Christmas and
                                                                            Peaceful, Healthy New Year to All
       Season’s Greeting and             “Happy Holidays to Everyone”        Irene Wonneman and Family
         Best Wishes for a                   Josie and Gil Soifer
   Healthy, Prosperous New Year                                                   Peace and Joy to All,
Virginia and P/N/C John Rowland          To All Our Ex-P.O.W. Friends                   Fondly,
                                             Merry Christmas and            Helen and P/N/C Hank Wilayto
       Merry Christmas and                    a Happy New Year
     a Happy New Year to All             Socovvo and Agapito Silva                  Happy Holidays to
    Bob and Bettie Rosendahl                                                   All Our Friends in A.D.B.C.
                                              Wishing All of You a             Elsie and Ralph Wheeler
      Merry Christmas to All               Joyous Holiday Season and
      and Happy New Year                  a Healthy, Happy New Year               Merry Christmas and
    Peter and Betty Retterath               Jean and Bill Sniezko                Happy New Year to All
                                                                                     Dorothy Wells
         Best Wishes and                     Merry Christmas and
        God Bless Everyone                a Healthy, Happy New Year               Merry Christmas and
      Nicki and Paul Reuter             Helen and Dewey L. Spruiell              Happy New Year to All
                                                                                Wesley and Irene Wells
       Merry Christmas and                  Merry Christmas to All
     Happy New Year to 803rd                   Harold Spooner                     Blessed Christmas and
            Meda Rutz                                                       Peaceful, Healthy New Year to All
                                          May the Christmas Abide in          The Dwight Woodall Family
        Happy and Healthy              Each of You for a Happy New Year
         Holiday Season                    Fern and Regis Theriac                 Merry Christmas and
        Camille Romanzo                                                           Happy 2002 to All
                                             Happy Holidays from             Genevieve and Milton Young
          Best Wishes for                      the Signal Corps
      a Happy Holiday Season          Ed “Tommie” and Dorothy Thomas             Holiday Greetings and
           Bertha Ray                            Mabuhay                          Best Wishes to All
                                                                                Stella and John Yale —
Wishing All the Members of A.D.B.C.        Happy Holiday Season to                   Co. C. 31st Inf.
        a Merry Christmas                      All My Friends
      and a Happy New Year                       Jayne Troy                     Season’s Greetings to All
  Joyce and P/N/C Melvin Routt                                                    Leslie Zimmerman
                                              Holiday Greetings to
                                              All Our Friends and                 Merry Christmas and
k                   l          h        the Canadian Hong Kong P.O.W.            Happy New Year to All
          j                                       Pat Urban                      Sandy and Zip Zipeta

                                                                                         NOVEMBER, 2001 — 9
                                                               9821 Colonnade Blvd.
                                                              San Antonio, Texas 78239

                                                   ATTN: RESERVATIONS DEPARTMENT
                                                      (210) 691-8888 (800) 843-6664

   Please Print or Type
   NAME ____________________________________________ COMPANY A.D.B.C. _______________________________
   ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________________________
   CITY / STATE / ZIP ___________________________________________________________________________________
   SHARING ROOM WITH _______________________________________________________________________________
   TELEPHONE NO. A / C ( _______ ) ____________________ BUSINESS ( _______ ) ______________________________

■ AMERICAN EXPRESS            ■ MASTERCARD          ■ DINERS CLUB         ■ CARTE BLANCHE           ■ DISCOVER          ■ VISA
Card # __________________________________________ Name __________________________________________ Exp. Date ___________________________

                                                                                                         Arrival Date _______________________________
                                                                 SPECIAL REQUESTS
                                                                                                         Departure Date _____________________________
                                                      __________________ Smoking Room
       RATE: $83.00 + Tax                                                                                Arrival Time _______________________________
                                                      __________________ Non-smoking Room                Our check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Should your room not be
         Single, Double, Triple                                                                          available when you arrive, you may store your luggage
                                                                                                         with our hellcaptain. Our check-out time is 12 noon.
     May 13, 2002 thru May 19, 2002                   __________________ Accessible Room
                                                                                                                            Group / Meeting
        Rates Good 3 Days Prior                       __________________ Other
             or 3 Days After                                                                                                  A.D.B.C.
                                                                                                            Reservations must be received by 4 / 15 / 2002.
                                                      Please keep in mind that all special requests
                                                      are subject to room availability.                    A LIMITED NUMBER OF ROOMS HAVE BEEN SET
                                                                                                                 ASIDE AT THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT.

All rates are exclusive of tax. Every effort will be made to accommodate you in the room and bed type of your choice; however, reservations are taken on a first
come, first serve basis. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CURRENCY. Cancellation Policy: Reservations must be cancelled no later than 6 p.m. on date of arrival to avoid
a No Show charge of one nights room and tax.

               PRE-CONVENTION REGISTRATION                                                                                PLEASE HELP
      We have had good past results with the pre-registration application, beats standing in                    Just after America went to war with
long lines. We are going to change the card a little. The 1st line will be your 1st name                     Japan, a young man joined the Japanese.
(Bill/William for instance). On the P.O.W. Camps line use only your favorite. The rest of the                I do not know what branch of service. He
blank fill out as stated. The registration will be $25.00 per person which includes the ban-                 lived either in the United States or a terri-
quet and registration as has been in the past. The banquet ticket should be exchanged for                    tory of the United States.
table reservations. DO NOT send money. Pay when you come to the convention.                                     Since he spoke both English and
                                                                                                             Japanese, he became an interpreter. He
                              REGISTRATION CARD — PLEASE PRINT                                               was also an officer. He helped interrogate
                                                                                                             American and other Allied soldiers.
FIRST NAME _____________________________________ GUEST ___________________________                              When the interrogations became too
                                                                                                             brutal, it got to him. He helped American
FULL NAME _____________________________________PHONE ( ________ ) ________________
                                                                                                             and other Allied soldiers hide and then
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________                            escape. How many soldiers, I do not know.
                                                                                                             He was caught and killed by the Japanese.
CITY____________________________________________STATE ___________ZIP ______________                             Who was this man? Where does his
                                                                                                             family live now? It is important for me to
UNIT IN P.I. _______________________________________________________________________                         find out.
P.O.W. CAMP _____________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                         Dennis Hughes
                                                                                                                      P.O. Box 1633, Nokomis, FL 34274

NOVEMBER, 2001 — 11
 LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                        THE CHAPLAIN’S                                     PHILIPPINES
               Washington Post                                   CORNER                                        WWII — TODAY
          American POWs Deserve                           “America Again Deals with Evil;                  Steve Watson, in the Philippines
            Their Day in Court                                  in God We Trust”                        FORT CORREGIDOR LIGHTHOUSE
    It is preposterous and hypercritical for              President Bush said it correctly, “Today        Spain, after a 400 year rule over the
Walter F. Mondale, Thomas S. Foley and                 the nation has seen evil.” As America            Philippines, has opened an Exhibit at
Michael H. Armacost to co-author an editorial          reeled from the attacks of September 11,         Corregidor. ADBC members who were
using their title as former ambassadors to             2001, we sought answers for questions            stationed at Fort Corregidor during WWII
comment on the 1951 San Francisco Peace                that we had never asked before. We               may recall the old Spanish Lighthouse.
Treaty (“Pacific Deal,” September 25, Page             ex-POWs of the Japanese know quite a lot         This historical beacon for the seafarers to
A23).                                                  about evil, but our experiences occurred         Mankla Bay, has been repaired and
    They know their criticism of the pending           outside of America; now we have seen evil        rehabilitated as the focus of the exhibit.
congressional bills, HR1198 and S1272, to              within our own shores. And it hurts!               The lighthouse which was originally
clarify the provisions in the Treaty to be totally        America doesn’t like evil! As we have         built by Spain, contains an exhibition
unfounded because they are aware that the              laid down our lives to fight against evil, so    located at the Lighthouse Square at the
internal memoranda from their predecessor,             have we seen our next generation of men          Topside portion of the historical northwest
Ambassadors in Tokyo to the State Dept. in             and women rise to fight against it.              corner of the island. The exhibition
Washington between 1955 and 1957 have                     As our firemen and policemen put them-        reflects Spain’s technological and scientific
clearly acknowledged that Japan’s subsequent           selves in harms way to rescue innocent           works legacy in the Philippines.
treaties with other nations makes the provi-           civilians from the falling towers, so do our       Chief Warrant Officer Watson, retired,
sions of Article 26 operative for our citizens as      Armed Forces now go on the attack to             is the former President of the Biloxi
well, i.e., the right to file compensation claims.     ferret out the terrorists on their home          Lighthouse Society in Mississippi. He is
    In fact, Japan has signed 11 of them, and          turf, wherever that may be.                      currently organizing the Philippine
they did provide for nationals of those                   Our young men and women are a reflec-         Lighthouse Society, covering the multi-
countries to bring claims against Japan and            tion of ourselves; they have learned from        tude of Spanish and U.S. built lighthouses
consequently receive compensations. The right          our examples, how to stand up against evil       in the 3100 islands of the Philippine
for Americans to sue has been acknowledged             and sin when it is forced upon us. Our           archipelago. The Spanish Lighthouse at
internally by the State Dept. for more than 45         own flesh and blood are on the line again.       Corregidor will head the historical
years. No one would need Japan’s permission            The principles of honor and good living          beacons of the sea in this southeast Asian
“to sue or recover from Japan or Japanese              have been passed along to them; in today’s       country. Any ADBC member who recalls
companies” as the three former ambassadors             soldiers, sailors and airmen we see              any old lighthouse in the Philippines may
falsely implied. Why would Japan ever do that          ourselves. America has nurtured new              contact CWO at his address below.
if it could get away without paying anything?          generations to place great value on loyalty        Corregidor Island may be reached over
    Lack of knowledge or bad memory does not           and service to God and to country.               a two hour water run from Manila by
explain why the ex-ambassadors have written               As our children and grandchildren fight       commercial boat tour. There are other
such a deceptive article, at least not for Mr.         to preserve freedom, we can bask in pride        native means of reaching Corregidor from
Foley. As recent as September 7, he was                that America’s future is in good hands. We       the various coastal villages of Bataan. An
confronted with a copy of the State Dept.              can be proud that we have done our part,         outrigger pump boat takes a half hour
1955-1957 memoranda in San Francisco in front          not only in fighting evil, but in instilling     accompanied by Filipino flavor, for just a
of over 100 people, including a former Japanese        in our children the loyalty toward The           few pesos.
ambassador and the international media. He             United States of America.                          CWO Steve Watson, USCG Ret./
couldn’t be that forgetful or he wouldn’t be a            Let us pray to God that He guard and          USCGA, resides in the Philippines,
highly paid consultant to a Japanese conglomer-        protect our nation in this hour of trial. Let    and renders volunteer community
ate, Mitsubishi Corporation — which happens to         us give thanks for those who now lay             service to members of ADBC, promot-
be a co-defendant in multiple slave labor              down their lives in order that we may be         ing the best interests of the U.S. Coast
lawsuits pending in courts. Mr. Foley did forget       “one nation, under God, indivisible, with        Guard Auxiliary. He may be reached
to mention this other title, didn’t he?                liberty and justice for all.” Amen!              at his overseas military address: PSC
    Incidentally, the former diplomats have                                           In His service,   517, Box RCB, FPO AP 96517-1000.
made some other questionable remarks in their                                Fr. Bob Phillips+ SSC
editorial. For example, they have stated, “every                                 National Chaplain                   ————————
administration since that of President Truman
believed the treaty meant what it said: All
                                                                    ————————                                      PLEASE HELP
claims are settled.” First, the Treaty did not                                                            As a former POW, I am seeking anyone
say that. Secondly, the dispute did not come up               PLEASE DONATE                             who worked with me in the coal mines in
until claims were filed in courts in 1998.                Not long ago the body of a great friend       Japan. I would like to know the town,
    They’ve claimed “courts have uniformly             of mine passed on because it could not get       camp, and the number of the camp.
rejected suits by POWs” while there was only           a kidney.                                          I remember the name of Howell and his
one judge, Vaughn R. Walker of San Francisco,             She had watched other bodies die              friend Jesse. I think they were from
has made such a ruling last year. But, Judge           because they also could not receive a            Oklahoma. Also there was a POW who
Peter D. Lichtman of Los Angeles has ruled on          kidney.                                          worked in the timber yard at the coal
September 14, 2001 that Americans are                     When you put a body in the ground the         mines called Opie.
entitled to pursue claims in accordance to a           bugs eat it, and the rest rots, so your spirit     I believe there was a POW who lost a
California law on constitutional ground (re: LA        is not there anymore.                            leg at the coal mines. I think his name
Superior Court BC217805).                                 I beg you do not be selfish. When the         was Johnson and he may have been from
                                 Ignatius Y. Ding      time comes, please donate your organs so         Montana.
        Spokesperson, Alliance for Preserving          that others may live.                                                             Thanks,
              the Truth of Sino-Japanese War                                             Thank you,                                 Peter P. Lors
                               Cupertino, California                                Dennis Hughes                              113 2nd Ave., S.W.
                       Daytime Ph: (408) 447-1517                                 Nokomis, Florida              Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-5312

NEW INSTITUTE ESTABLISHED AT                    these materials for many years for the use
                                                of researchers, teachers, students, and
                                                                                                       SEEKING SUPPORT FOR
  FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                      members of the general public who have an               AMENDMENT TO BILL
                                                interest in the social history of the period.”                           September 28, 2001
Dear Friend,
                                                  To donate memorabilia to the Institute
   I am a Navy Veteran of World War II. I                                                        Senator Ernest Hollings
                                                or to obtain more information about the
served aboard the heavy cruiser USS New                                                          125 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
                                                Institute, please contact:
Orleans CA-32 in the Pacific. However, it                                                        Washington, DC 20510
                                                  Dr. William Oldson
is not of myself that I wish to write about
                                                  The Department of History                      Dear Senator Hollings,
but is, instead, to make you and your
                                                  The Florida State University                      As an American veteran who was
members aware of a relatively new
                                                  Tallahassee, FL 32306-2200                     enslaved by a private Japanese company
Institute established at the Department of
                                                  (850) 644-9033                                 while prisoner of war during WWII, I am
History, Florida State University.
                                                  Fax (850) 644-6402                             writing to ask your help to ensure the
   This Institute is known as “The
                                                  e-mail — ww2@ww2.fsu.edu                       Smith/Harkin POW Amendment to the
Institute on World War II and the Human
                                                  Or on the Web at                               Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations
Experience.” Its stated purpose is “To
                                                  http://www.fsu.edu/~ww2/                       Bill (HR 2500) is retained in that bill as it
Preserve a Legacy of Historical
                                                                                    Sincerely,   goes through the conference process.
Perspective.” Tom Brokaw, after the publi-
                                                                             Carl T. Hartzell       This amendment, which prohibits the
cation of his book “The Greatest
Generation,” received over 5,000 letters,                    ————————                            Department of Justice and the Department
photographs, and memoirs, from veterans                                                          of State from using any of their appro -
and others about World War II. Mr.                      BOOK REVIEW                              priated funds to oppose the claims of the
Brokaw has selected the Institute to be                       Silent Tears                       POWs now pending in the California courts,
the repository of these mementos and has                     Lest We Forget                      will allow our former POWs to continue to
already shipped most of this material to                                                         pursue justice. Since this amendment
                                                            Stanley R. Tokarz                    passed the House of Representatives in July
the University.
   In spite of this huge donation of material      Seven survivors of the WWII battle for        by a vote of 395-33 and was preserved in
from Mr. Brokaw, the Institute still feels      Bataan in the Philippines help the author        the Senate bill by a vote of 58 to 34 more
there are more stories, more pictures, and      retrace the footprints of his brother who        recently, I hope you and others will ensure
more artifacts, in the possession of, or in     never revealed any of the ordeals he went        it is enacted into law.
the memory of, those who served in a            through. The period covers November                 I am dismayed that our own State
military capacity during World War II, or       1941 through September 1945. This story          Department is siding with the Japanese
perhaps a friend of a military person who       includes the start of the war with the           government in this matter. The claims of
might have retained letters or other            Japanese, the battle for Bataan, the             the veterans are not against the Japanese
memorabilia of the World War II era. Also       Bataan Death March, the POW camps in             government and they are not asking for a
there are those that worked in supporting       the Philippines, the Hell Ships to Japan,        handout from the American taxpayer.
entities such as shipyards, aircraft            life as a slave working the coal mines of        They are only asking for the right to a day
construction, ammunition plants, etc.,          Japan, the liberation by U.S. Forces and         in court. Win, lose or draw, at least the
that might have stories to tell.                finally the trip back home to their loved        story of these brave veterans will finally
   So now can I ask you for a personal          ones.                                            be told.
favor? I am just a small piece of a large          The warrior code of Bushido said, “Do            Our own government abandoned the
puzzle. I am a volunteer trying to make         not survive to suffer the dishonor of cap-       veterans, like me, who answered the call
the Institute’s presence known to as many       ture.” Surrender made captives subhuman          to arms in WWII. At a time when our
persons as I can. Would you do me the           and this the Japanese believed. Read how         nation is once again at war, I cannot
favor of informing your membership about        sadistic the Japanese were during the            understand why our government would
the Institute?                                  Death March and in the prison camps.             want to continue to send this message of
   When I volunteered to assist in publiciz-    One of three of the American prisoners           abandonment to our own fighting men and
ing the activities of the Institute, I          died in captivity and for the Asians it was      women who are now answering our call to
received a letter from Bill Oldson, Director    far worse. These were young men in their         arms just as we did almost 60 years ago.
of the Institute, that I would like to quote,   twenties and some even younger. Through          Will they have to face the same kind of
in part:                                        no fault of their own they were expendable       treatment when they return to their
   “The Institute concentrates on the lives     as there was no hope of rescue. The Death        normal lives??? What will you be telling
and experiences of average men and              March alone claimed the lives of 16,950          our young soldiers who are now being
women during the war, especially those          Americans and Filipinos. There was mur-          deployed overseas about the way our
who served in the armed forces and              der, disease, beheading and starvation.          government treats its veterans if this
defense industries. The Institute is a             These survivors of the Bataan Death           amendment, so widely supported in both
repository for archives of information          March, torpedoed hellships and slave             houses, does not become law???
about the period 1941-1945 which so             mines tell hair-raising stories, illustrated        Again, thank you for your support of our
profoundly influenced this country’s later      by stark sketches that will haunt you            veterans. I would like to set up an appoint-
history. It is not a museum, although we        forever. War is not a John Wayne movie. It       ment to personally meet with you in your
have limited exhibits for visitors and the      is Hell on Earth as this book will illustrate.   state congressional office as soon as possible
media. It is our hope that personal                Included in this book is a roster of all      to discuss this important legislation. I can
histories in the form of diaries, letters,      the American POWs who were in Camp               be reached at # (864) 225-1093.
and memoirs will present the experiences        Fukuoka #17 located adjacent to                     May God Bless America.
of the ordinary serviceman or woman, the        Nagasaki, Japan.                                                                    Sincerely,
defense worker, various volunteers, and            This is a limited supply edition and is not                                    Ralph Knox
conditions on the Home Front.                   available in bookstores. Copies are $25.00              2420 Marchbanks Avenue, Apt. 18-D
   “We would be delighted to receive            each, postage and shipping included. Send                                Anderson, SC 29621
personal letters, diaries, photographs,         checks to:
memoirs, military records, etc. from the           Stanley R. Tokarz
World War II era. Our archival environ-            383 Worcester Street
ment gives us the capability to preserve           West Boylston, MA 01583

                                                                                                                  NOVEMBER, 2001 — 13
        JAMES E. BITNER                         He retired to Nashua, N.H., and              she was separated at Liberation but would
                                              returned to Weymouth last year.                rediscover him decades later after raising
   James E. Bitner died at his home on
                                                He received the Purple Heart, Good           her family, but also suffered beriberi.
September 8, 2001 from acute melogenous
                                              Conduct Medal, American Defense Medal,            Returning CONUS, Dotty missed the
                                              Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, World          camaraderie; family and friends seemed
   He was a member of the 1st Air
                                              War II Victory Medal, National Defense         as strangers. She was depressed and
Warning Co. He went to the Philippine
                                              Medal and Prisoner of War Medal. He also       guilty, feeling her contributions had been
Islands in July 1941. James survived the
                                              received the Philippine Defense Medal,         negligible compared to those in combat.
Bataan Death March. He was sent out on
                                              Philippine Independence Ribbon and             She worked War Bond drives and was
the Tayabs detail, then back to Bilibid,
                                              Philippine Republic Presidential Unit          assigned, at her request to the U.S. Naval
then to Cabanatuan. In November he
                                              Citation. He was presented the Bronze          Hospital in Panama. She was discharged
moved to Japan to the Matushima Prison
                                              Star in 1986.                                  honorably from the USN as a LCDR with
Camp where he remained until the
                                                Born in Rockland, he graduated from          a Bronze Star and POW Medal.
Japanese surrendered.
                                              Rockland High School in 1930 when he              Dorothy Still Danner married Golburn
   After the war, he returned to Eastern
                                              was 16 years old.                              Robert “Peck” Danner in 1947 and moved
PA and went to college and got a law
                                                He joined the Civilian Conservation          to North Hollywood, where “Peck” was
degree. In 1950 he moved to Long Beach,
                                              Corps when he was 16, using his older          employed as a sound technician with
CA and worked for a west coast insurance
                                              brother’s name because he was too young to     Warner Brothers Studios, Disney Studios
company until he retired in 1981. In
                                              enlist. For three terms he traveled across     and later, CBS News. Following the birth
November 1988 he moved to Bishop, CA.
                                              the country, working on roads and parks to     of Margery Lorraine Danner and Dan
   He is survived by his wife of 53 years,
                                              earn money for his family in Rockland.         David Danner, Dorothy endured the loss
Romaine Sprenkle Bitner.
                                                Mr. Cullinan was a member of the             of her husband to a heart attack while
             ————————                         American Legion, Disabled American             pregnant with a son, Martin Danner, who
                                              Veterans and a member of the Top 3.            was born two months later.
     RALPH L. CULLINAN                          Husband of the late Mildred C. (White)          Dorothy alone supported her 3 children
   WEYMOUTH — Ralph L. “Rudy”                 Cullinan, he is survived by two sons,          as a nurse and hospital supervisor. She
Cullinan, 87, of Weymouth, a World War        Michael E. Cullinan of Whitman and             lived for a time in Baton Rouge, LA near
II veteran who was a Japanese prisoner of     Timothy J. Cullinan of East Weymouth; a        her daughter and 3 grandkids, and then
war for three years, died at South Shore      daughter, Jane Killinger of Kingston; a        moved to Boise, ID to be near Martin, his
Hospital after a short illness.               brother, John Cullinan of Long Island, N.Y.;   wife and 3 grandkids. In September 1995,
   He served in the 27th bomb group,          a sister, Mary Bennett of Virginia; nine       she published the funny, moving and
arriving at Clark Field in the Philippines    grandchildren; and four great-grandsons.       fascinating “What A Way To Spend A
days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor         A funeral mass was celebrated at Holy        War”, [U.S. Naval Institute Press], about
on December 7 and Clark Field on              Family Church in Rockland. Burial was in       her wartime experiences.
December 8.                                   Holy Family Cemetery in Rockland.                 Dorothy was honored by President
   His unit defended the Bataan Peninsula                                                    Reagan at the White House at a civilian
against more than 200,000 Japanese                         ————————                          sponsored reunion in March 1992 in
troops for 98 days until their capture on                                                    Washington with other remaining women
April 9, 1942. The unit was forced to           STILLED WATERS RAN                           POWs. She returned to Virginia for a
march for three days to Camp O’Donnell,
90 miles away. Thousands of soldiers died     DEEP: NAVAL INSPIRATION                        reunion with her beloved USN Nurse
                                                                                             Corps in May 1996 and in 2000, was twice
on the way to the camp and the march           DOROTHY STILL DANNER                          featured in an American Legion Auxiliary
later became known as the Death March                                                        magazine.
                                                       By ALICE A. BOOHER
of Bataan.                                                                                      A memorial service was held on June 21,
   Mr. Cullinan worked on the Tabias             A remarkable woman died on June 16,         2001 at her final residence, the Boise State
Road detail and became seriously ill and      2001: Dorothy Still Danner. Born November      Veterans Home. Mass was celebrated in
was transferred to Bilibid Prison, a hospi-   29, 1914 in Saginaw, MI, “Dotty” was raised    her honor at St. John’s Cathedral in Boise
tal run by U.S. Navy prisoners of war.        in Long Beach, CA and joined the USN NC        on June 23, 2001.
   Cullinan was left to die, but dragged      in December 1937 after graduating as a reg-       Interment with full military honors was
himself out of the death ward. A Naval        istered nurse from Los Angeles County          in Arlington National Cemetery, August
doctor helped care for him until he           General Hospital School of Nursing. She        31, 2001, 1500 hours, followed by a recep-
weighed 80 pounds and was able to stand.      served two years in Navy hospitals before      tion at the Women in Military Service to
   From there he went to Cabanatuan,          being transferred in February 1940 to the      America (WIMSA) site, where on special
Clark Field and back to Bilibid and sailed    Philippines. The Japanese occupied Manila,     exhibit, “Guests of the Emperor”, was
on one of the last “death ships” to Japan     and by the time Corregidor fell in 1942,       artwork by internationally recognized R.
in the fall of 1944. He was a slave laborer   Japanese POWs included 11 Navy nurses          Thomas McLaughlin, M.D., former Navy
in a copper mine until the war ended and      who were subsequently transferred to Los       surgeon with focus on the 11 USN POW
his camp was liberated in August 1945.        Banos, outside the city. Los Banos was ini-    nurses and Dotty in particular.
   While a prisoner, the Japanese made        tially abundant with food and relatively          We sorely miss Dotty, her snappy
Cullinan and other soldiers deliver radio     pleasant, but quickly became a nightmare       professional salute, perfect handwriting,
messages to family. He sent a message to      thanks in part to a sadistic supply officer    witty retort, sweet smile, hearty laugh
his mother, Betsy, and girlfriend, Mildred    who was later tried and executed as a war      and gentle kindnesses.
White, promising he would come home to        criminal.
marry her.                                       The nurses, including Dotty, later said
   Ham radio operators tracked Betsy          that the fact that they were permitted to
Cullinan in Rockland to relay the message.    continue their healing work, limited only by
He returned the following year and            their own illnesses, made the difference in
married Mildred White three weeks later.      their survival. They were rescued by the
   He served in the Air Force for 21 years    11th Airborne Division on February 23,
and retired as a sergeant major. He later     1945, the day that they thought they were
worked for Eastern Air Lines as a produc-     to be executed. In captivity, Dotty experi-
tion control manager.                         enced the friendship of someone from whom

      ROBERT N. DENNIS                        both of Greencastle. Mr. Hatcher was also a     Veterans of Foreign Wars, Fort Ord Army
                                              member of the American Defenders of             Group life member 149th Armor Regi -
   Robert N. Dennis was born May 13,
                                              Bataan and Corregidor, Inc.                     ment, Tank Company 40th and 47th Club.
1921 and died July 29, 2001. Born in
                                                 During the Depression, he served in the        Salinas Elks Lodge 614, Cub and Boy
Middletown, OH, he lived in Cincinnati
                                              Civilian Conservation Corps. He and many        Scouts master, Silver Kings and Queens,
before coming to Cape Coral 20 years ago.
                                              other men built homes in Norvelt, where         Trailer Club, Greenfield Planning
He was a former POW of WWII, was on
                                              Eleanor Roosevelt attended the opening          Commission and SIRS.
the Bataan Death March, spent 31⁄2 years
                                              dedication service. He served as a volunteer      Survivors: Wife, Mary C. Hicks of
as a Japanese prisoner, served with 2nd
                                              in the Norvelt Fire Department, where he        Greenfield; son, Thomas C. Hicks; daugh-
OBS Sqd. and 27 BG POW Camp,
                                              enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and         ters, Janna M. King, Pam J. Pinkerton;
Cabanatuan, Bilibid, Fukuoka and was in
                                              was stationed in the Philippines during         sons-in-law Patrick King and William
service for 22 years.
                                              World War II. He was captured and a POW         Pinkerton; sister, Melva Recek; four
   He is survived by wife Delores of 15
                                              for 3 1⁄2 years and was a survivor of the       grandchildren and numerous nieces and
years; two daughters, Debbie Worley and
                                              Bataan Death March.                             nephews.
Debbie Sanofsky and stepdaughter
                                                 He and his wife, Twila (Lambing)               Visitation and Services: Struve and
Charlene Meyers; 11 grandchildren and
                                              Hatcher, were married March 13, 1947, in        Laporte Funeral Chapel, 41 W. San Luis
five great-grandchildren.
                                              the Swedish Lutheran Church in Greens-          St., Salinas. Services were at the funeral
   Veterans memorial will be at a later
                                              burg. In addition to his wife, he is survived   chapel.
                                              by a daughter, Renee L. Poper; a brother,         Burial: Garden of Memories Cemetery,
              ————————                        Franklin Hatcher; a sister, Ann Queer; five     768 Abbott St., Salinas.
                                              granddaughters; three grandsons; three
    STANLEY EVANICHKO                         great-grandsons; and a number of nieces
  Stanley Evanichko, 85, of Latrobe, died     and nephews. He was preceded in death by                ERNEST J. IRVIN
Wednesday, September 5, 2001, in Latrobe      a son, Bradley Vinson Hatcher, in 1984; two
                                                                                                 STUART — Cmdr. Ernest J. Irvin, USN
Area Hospital. Born November 15, 1915, in     brothers, Elmo and Donald Hatcher; and a
                                                                                              Ret., died Monday, January 29, 2001, in
Whitney, he was a son of the late Paul and    sister, Betty Hatcher.
                                                                                              Martin Memorial Medical Center.
Ann Balik Evanichko. He was a member of          Funeral service was held from the
                                                                                                 He was a native of Ged, La.
St. Rose Church, Latrobe. Prior to his        Harold M. Zimmerman and Son Funeral
                                                                                                 He enlisted in the Navy in 1937 and
retirement, he had been employed by           Home, 45 S. Carlisle St., Greencastle, with
                                                                                              completed basic training in Norfolk, Va.
Standard Steel Co., Latrobe.                  the Rev. Harold Hollister and the Rev.
                                                                                                 He completed his high school education
  He was a World War II veteran, having       Guy Camp III co-officiating. Burial with
                                                                                              in the Navy and trained to be a hospital
served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army   military honors was held in the Parklawns
                                                                                              corpsman and medical field technician in
Air Corps. He was a POW in Japan, and         Memorial Gardens in Chambersburg.
                                                                                              San Diego. As an enlisted man, he held
had participated in the Bataan Death                       ————————                           every enlisted rate. He was commissioned
March. He was the recipient of the Good
                                                                                              ensign in 1952.
Conduct Medal, three Battle Stars and a       THOMAS JEFFERSON HICKS                             During World War II, he served with
Presidential Citation. He was a member of
                                                 Thomas Jefferson Hicks, 83, of Green-        the Marines in the Philippine Islands, was
the Cooperstown Veterans and Sportsman
                                              field, CA died Thursday, July 19, 2001, at      taken prisoner by the Japanese in May
Association and American Defenders of
                                              Pacific Coast Care Center following a brief     1942 and was interned on Bataan,
Bataan and Corregidor, Inc. He was an avid
                                              illness.                                        Corregidor and in Japan for 43 months.
outdoorsman, gardener, Pittsburgh Steelers
                                                 He was born in Elkins, W. Va., and had          After the war, he pursued numerous
and Pirates fan. He was loved dearly by his
                                              lived in Greenfield since 1945. He was a        Navy educational programs, received a
family and will be greatly missed.
                                              retired manager for Hicks Lumber Co. in         bachelor of science degree from the Statler
  Surviving are his wife of 55 years,
                                              Greenfield. He loved dancing. He traveled       School of Hotel & Restaurant, Cornell
Margaret T. Priviech Evanichko; a son,
                                              extensively in the United States with a         University, following which he served as
Stanley Evanichko, Jr. and wife, Nancy;
                                              goal of visiting all 50 states. He was a        food service officer in Navy hospitals in
two daughters, Linda Miller and husband,
                                              great outdoorsman and loved fishing,            California, Japan and South Carolina. His
Gary and Maria Chavkin and husband,
                                              hunting and hiking in Arroyo Seco. He was       last assignment was on the staff of the
Brian; two brothers, Frank and Joseph
                                              a proud and honorable husband, father,          Surgeon General of the Navy, Bureau of
Evanichko; three sisters, Josephine Banner,
                                              grandfather and devoted family man. He          Medicine and Surgery. He served for more
Ann Hunkele and Helen Hafer; seven
                                              was called by friends a prince of a man.        than 39 years, retiring in 1975.
grandchildren; four great-grandchildren;
                                                 Military service: He served in the              He was awarded the Silver Star, the
and a number of nieces and nephews.
                                              Army in World War II. He was a survivor         Bronze Star, Joint Services Commenda-
  A Funeral Mass was celebrated in St.
                                              of the Bataan Death March, 149th                tion Medal and the Navy Commendation
Rose Church with the Rev. William P.
                                              Armored Regiment.                               Medal along with numerous theater
Donahue as celebrant.
                                                 He received the Bronze Star with Oak         medals and engagement stars.
            ————————                          Leaf Cluster, the Purple Heart, the                Survivors include his wife of 53 years,
                                              Prisoner of War Medal, Good Conduct             Gladys H. Irvin.
      VINSON HATCHER                          Medal, Presidential Unit Emblem with               Those who wish may contribute to the
  Vinson Hatcher, 86, of Greencastle, died    two Oak Leaf Clusters, American Defense         Corregidor School Project, Philippines, c/o
Thursday, September 27, 2001 at 10:40         Service Medal with three Bronze Stars,          Debby Duncan-Crossart, 1360 Tower
p.m. in the VA Medical Center in              World War II Victory Medal, Combat              Drive, Vista, CA 92083.
Martinsburg, W. Va. He was born October       Infantry Medal, Philippine Defense
11, 1914, in Louisa, Ky., a son of the late   Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon,
James and Brooke (Vinson) Hatcher. He         Philippine Independence Ribbon, Philip-
was employed by Mack Trucks,                  pine Presidential Unit Citation Medal,
Hagerstown, Md., for 17 years, retiring in    General de Pilar Medal, California
1978. Mr. Hatcher was a member of the         National Guard Medal.
State Line United Methodist Church, the          Memberships: American Legion Active
Frank L. Carbaugh American Legion Post        Service Officer, American Legion Drill
373 and Harry D. Zeigler VFW Post 6319,       Team, Disabled American Veterans,

                                                                                                              NOVEMBER, 2001 — 15
         MARVIN MARK                               Scotty is missed greatly by his family             PHILIP D. TOLAND
                                                 and friends. We all know he is finally at
   Memorial services for Marvin A. Mark,                                                         Philip D. Toland, life member 5012,
Jr., 80, of Branson, were held on Thurs-                     ————————                          passed away November 17, 2000 in
day, August 2, at Greenlawn Funeral                                                            Leominster, MA. He served during WWII
Home. A second service and burial were              ROBERT V. McCLELLAN                        with the 31st Inf. Reg., Anti-Tank Co. in the
the next week in Riverside National                 Robert V. McClellan, of Bothell, Wa.,      Pacific and was captured on Bataan. After
Cemetery, Riverside, CA.                         age 81, died August 28. He was a retired      surviving the Bataan Death March, he was
   He died July 29, 2001 at his home.            U.S. Army World War II veteran, a Cpl.        held in Las Pinas, Cabanatuan, Oyama,
   Mr. Mark was born at Sanger, CA, the          from the 19th Air Base Sq., survivor of the   Bilibid and O’Donnell. An active member of
son of Marvin and Fannie Mark, Sr. He            Bataan Death March and spent 31⁄2 years       AXPOW and the Dept. of Massachusetts
was a retired finance officer for Security       as a POW. He was also the recipient of the    and Mass. Chapter #1, Phil most recently
Pacific Finance in Riverside, where he           Bronze Star Medal.                            served as Chapter Adjutant.
lived for many years before moving to               He is survived by wife Helen, 2 sons, 3      Survivors include his wife Yvette, and
Branson in 1998. He served with the              daughters, 9 grandchildren, 2 great grand-    many, many friends in Massachusetts and
United States Army during WWII and               children, 1 brother and 1 sister.             the rest of the country.
was a POW. He was a member of the                   Interment was at Tahoma National                         ————————
American Legion Post #79 in Riverside            Cemetery in Kent, Wa.
and was of the Protestant faith.                              ————————                             MADELINE M. ULLOM
   Surviving are his wife, Virginia Mark,
of the home; three children, Dan Austin, of
                                                       LLOYD ROBINSON                                   By KIMBERLY MATAS
                                                    In memory of Lloyd Leo “Bud”                          Arizona Daily Star
Alaska state, Judy Lugo, of North
Carolina state, and Kathleen Austin, of          Robinson. He was born July 25, 1913 in           Madeline M. Ullom, a decorated Army
Maine state; three grandchildren and five        Clearfield, Ringgold County, Iowa. He         nurse who was a prisoner of war in World
great-grandchildren.                             passed away August 12, 2001 in Edinburg,      War II, died at age 90 at the Southern
   Memorials may be made to any POW              Hidalge County, Texas.                        Arizona Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
association or the donor’s favorite charity.        He is survived by wife Loretta M.             Ullom, born in 1911, had been a Tucson
                                                 Robinson, Edinburg, Texas; sister Pauline     resident since 1964. She graduated with
                                                 Cunningham, Tucson, Arizona; and a            honors from the nurses’ training program
        ROBERT McARDLE                           brother Floyd Robinson, Tucson, Arizona.      at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in
                                                    Mr. Robinson was a U.S. Army veteran       Philadelphia and became an Army nurse
   I am writing to you to inform you that
                                                 of World War II and a Japanese Prisoner       in 1938.
my husband, Robert F. (Scotty) McArdle,
                                                 of War for 31⁄2 years. He was the recipient      Transferred to the Philippines in 1940,
passed away August 26, 2001 at the
                                                 of many medals during his time in the         Ullom and her fellow Army and Navy
Grand Rapids Veterans Nursing Home in
                                                 military.                                     nurses were referred to as “The Angels of
Michigan. I am enclosing part of the
                                                    He was a life member of the D.A.V., Ex     Bataan and Corregidor,” according to the
eulogy our Pastor read at his service.
                                                 POWs, Defenders of Corregidor, American       Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame.
Would you please see this notice is printed
                                                 Legion, the NRA, and a resident of Citrus        She was among nearly 100 military
in The Quan?
                                                 Mobile Park in Edinburg for the past 13       nurses who were captured in 1942 when
   At age 85, Robert F. (Scotty) McArdle of
                                                 years.                                        the Philippines fell to Japan after the
Dearborn, Michigan passed away August
                                                    Mr. Robinson was cremated and an           bombing of Pearl Harbor. The women
26, 2001. In 1939 he volunteered for service
                                                 interment service was held at a later date    spent 33 months living in squalid condi-
in the United States Marine Corps. Scotty
                                                 in Iowa.                                      tions and treating the wounded until they
entered active duty in October of 1939 and
                                                             ————————                          were liberated by American forces on
was stationed in Shanghai, China. After the
attack on Pearl Harbor, he was transferred             HERBERT H. SMITH                        February 3, 1945.
to the Philippines for a brief period before       Herbert H. “Smitty” Smith, 84, longtime        During their imprisonment, Ullom and
the island fell into the hands of the            resident of Albuquerque, died on Friday,      the other nurses had to bow correctly
Japanese. Scotty then attempted to swim          August 30, 2001. He is survived by his        every time they passed a Japanese captor.
between the Philippines and the Island of        wife of 55 years, Edith S. Smith of              At the prison camp in Manila, they
Corregidor. He was rescued by coast watch-       Albuquerque; sons, Richard A. Smith and       tended the wounded. As supplies dwin-
ers about halfway through the swim and           wife, Carolyn and Herb H. Smith, Jr. and      dled, the prisoners’ rations were cut in
safely arrived in Corregidor. This island fell   wife, Charlotte; grandchildren, Rachelle      half, then in half again. Malnutrition,
into enemy hands on May 6, 1942 and              A. Smith, Regan A. Smith and Loren A.         starvation and illness were rampant.
Scotty was captured by the Japanese Army         Smith; brothers, Melvin Smith and wife,          “Every time the United States took back
and was submitted to severe torture in no        Marge and Jim Smith and wife, Dori; and       an island, our rations were cut,” Ullom
less than four prisoner of war camps. Two of     a sister, Josie Lancaster and husband,        recounted in a 1998 Arizona Daily Star
these camps were on the island of Japan          Bob. He was preceded in death by his          interview. “The last ration we received in
and within sight of both nuclear explosions,     parents, William and Erba; three sisters,     camp was two bags of moldy rice for over
which brought about the end of WWII.             La Verta, Margie and Wanda.                   4,000 people.”
Following the war, Scotty was admitted to          Mr. Smith served his country in the            Despite the dire conditions, fellow prison-
Veteran Administration Hospitals in              U.S. Army during WWII and was a               ers remember that Ullom often had a smile
Okinawa, San Diego and Chicago before he         Prisoner of War in the Philippines.           on her face, said a friend, Lucius D. Legg.
was released from active duty in May 1946.         Services were held Wednesday,                  Legg began corresponding with Ullom
   While serving his country, Robert             September 5, 2001 at French Mortuary,         in 1998 after the retired Army nurse was
(Scotty) was awarded the Purple Heart,           Wyoming Chapel, 7121 Wyoming Blvd.            featured in author Diane Fessler’s book
the China Marine Medal, the Prisoner of          NE Interment followed at Santa Fe             “No Time for Fear.” The two became
War Medal, the Philippine Defense Medal,         National Cemetery.                            friends, and Legg would visit Ullom at the
and the Philippine Liberation Medal.                                                           veterans hospital.
   His wife Dorothy; two daughters,                                                               In recent letters, two fellow prisoners
Marcia and Diane; a son Robert F., II; six                                                     now living in Texas remember Ullom
grandchildren; five great-grandchildren                                                        trying to cheer up her “buddies,” Legg
and one brother William, survive Scotty.                                                       said.

   Ullom was awarded two Bronze Stars,          Mr. Weitzner was placed on another            JOHN R. WERTENBERGER
three Presidential Unit Citations, the        ship and continued his voyage. He was
                                                                                               MANSFIELD — John R. Wertenberger,
POW medal and other citations for her         finally liberated to the Russians in
                                                                                             79, of 1606 Oxford St., died early Monday
performance in the face of the enemy. She     Manchuria. He weighed 67 pounds.
                                                                                             morning, September 24, 2001, at Riverside
also was past honorary national president       During his time as a POW, Mr.
                                                                                             Hospital after a long illness.
of the American Defenders of Bataan and       Weitzner survived dysentery, beriberi,
                                                                                               Mr. Wertenberger was born September
Corregidor. She retired as a lieutenant       and other diseases. His health was affect-
                                                                                             8, 1922 in Wooster, Ohio, living in the
colonel.                                      ed for life. But his daughter said he was a
                                                                                             Mansfield area since 1958. He retired
   After the war, Ullom earned bachelor’s     happy man. “He was the biggest hero I
                                                                                             from General Motors after 31 years and
and master’s degrees in nursing education     ever had,” she said.
                                                                                             was a member of GM Salaried Retirees
and an honorary doctorate in humane             Mr. Weitzner was born in New York
letters from her alma mater.                  City. He attended Virginia Military
                                                                                               Mr. Wertenberger was a veteran of
   Last May she was one of the first 50       Institute and graduated from Fitchburg
                                                                                             WWII, serving in the U.S. Army. He was a
veterans inducted into the Arizona            State College in 1977.
                                                                                             prisoner of the Japanese for 31⁄2 years and
Veterans Hall of Fame in Phoenix.               A Mason and Shriner, after his military
                                                                                             part of the American Defenders of Bataan
   “She had a very cheerful demeanor,         service he worked at the blood bank at
                                                                                             and Corregidor. He was a life member of
very outgoing,” said Legg. “She wasn’t a      Leominster Hospital.
                                                                                             Disabled American Veterans and a mem-
talkative lady, but she had a warmth that       He leaves his wife, Phyllis (Shaw); a son,
                                                                                             ber of Amvets #26, North Central Ohio
people just seemed to sense. Anybody who      James A.; two daughters, Nancy Blood and
                                                                                             Chapter #8 American Ex-Prisoners of
came in contact with her would soon pick      Susan E., and two grandchildren.
                                                                                             War, and VFW Post #8586 of Perrysville.
up on this quality.”                                        ————————
                                                                                               He is survived by his wife of 55 years,
   Ullom, who never married and lived for
the last 18 years in the Winterhaven
                                                      MIKE S. WEPSIEC                        Lorna J. Larrick Wertenberger; two sons
                                                Mike S. Wepsiec passed away. He was an       and daughters-in-law, Larry and Diana
neighborhood, was buried with military
                                              Army Veteran of WWII, loving father of         Wertenberger and Dan and Sharon
honors in Nebraska, where she was born.
                                              James (Susan), Richard, Robert Wepsiec,        Wertenberger; daughter and son-in-law,
                                              Debora (Edward) Rolek and Thomas               Tami and Michael Hunt; seven grand -
      DANIEL WEITZNER                         Wepsiec, dearest grandfather of 12, great      children and their spouses; nine great-
                                              grandfather of ten, fond brother of Julie,     grandchildren; brother and sister-in-law,
             By TOM LONG
                                              Anna and the late Mary, Helen and              Francis and Doris Wertenberger; sister,
              Globe Staff
                                              Edward, uncle of many nieces and nephews.      Marjorie Holladay; and numerous nieces
   Daniel N. Weitzner of Leominster, a          Funeral arrangements were handled by         and nephews. He was preceded in death
retired chief warrant officer who served in   Foran Funeral Home, 7300 W. Archer             by his parents, John and Josephine Smith
three wars and survived the Bataan            Ave., (55th St., just west of Harlem). Mass    Wertenberger; and grandson, Michael
Death March, died in Health Alliance          was held at St. Symphorosa Church.             Armstrong.
Leominster Hospital. He was 82.               Interment was at Abraham Lincoln
   Mr. Weitzner served in the Army for 26     National Cemetery, Elwood, Illinois.
years until his retirement in 1967. He          Mike was the last surviving POW of the
served during World War II and the            Bataan Death March in WWII, member of
Korean and Vietnam wars.                      the Des Plaines Valley V.F.W. Post #6863
   He was serving in the Medical Corps in     Ritual Team and Member of American
the Philippines during World War II,          Legion Post #735, Member of the
when he and about 75,000 exhausted            Southwest Muskee Fishing Club. Mike
troops were forced to surrender to the        served with the 192nd Tank.
Japanese. In the 65-mile march to prison
camps that followed, many prisoners died
of disease and mistreatment in what
became known as the Bataan Death                                  TENTATIVE SCHEDULE
March.                                                                   2002 National Convention
   Mr. Weitzner remained a prisoner of                                  May 14 through May 19, 2002
war for 31⁄2 years.                                                       Omni San Antonio Hotel
   His daughter Susan said he was not          Tuesday          7:00 PM                Reception                        Cash Bar
reluctant to talk about his wartime experi-   5/14/2002
ences. She said he was fed as little as a     Wednesday         8:00 AM                      Church Services
cup of rice and a half-cup of water each      5/15/2002         9:00 AM-3:00 PM              Registration
day.                                                            10:00 AM                     Executive Board Meeting
   She said he told her the secret of                           8:00 PM-11:00 PM             Reception Host Bar
survival was to volunteer to work in the       Thursday         8:00 AM                      Church Service
rice fields and “get as far away from the      5/16/2002        9:00 AM-3:00 PM              Registration
prison guards as possible.”                                     9:30 AM                      Membership Meeting
   He said that the majority of the guards                      2:00 PM-4:30 PM              VA Seminar
                                                                5:00 PM                      Kawasaki Dinner
treated the prisoners miserably, but that
                                                                8:00 PM-11:00 PM             Reception Host Bar
some guards saved their own dinners to
                                                Friday          8:00 AM                      Church Services
give to the prisoners.                         5/17/2002        9:00 AM-3:00 PM              Registration
   The march and the prison camp would                          12:00 Noon                   Widows Luncheon
not be the end of Mr. Weitzner’s ordeal.                        7:00 PM-8:00 PM              Hotel Desert Reception
According to his daughter, near the end of                      8:00 PM-11:00 PM             Quan Party & Dancing
the war, he and 1,600 prisoners were           Saturday         8:00 AM                      Church Services
placed on a ship to be transported to          5/18/2002        11:00 AM                     Memorial Services
Japan. The unmarked ship was sunk by                            7:00 PM                      Banquet Dinner
an American bomber in Formosa. Only             Sunday          Return Home — Farewells
300 prisoners survived.                        5/19/2002

                                                                                                             NOVEMBER, 2001 — 17
       THE SIGNIFICANCE OF                     a general supply shortage began to weaken
                                               all of us.
                                                                                               SENATE TO ADMINISTRATION:
      THE BATTLE OF BATAAN                        On April 3, the Japanese opened their       DON’T OPPOSE POW LAWSUITS
   April 9 is now remembered as Bataan         attack with a devastating air and artillery               By JIM ABRAMS
Day. But what is the significance of this      bombardment breaking through. Three                    Associated Press Writer
day to most people who do not remember         regiments of the Philippine Division (PS)
                                               counterattacked on April 7 to contain the         WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate
the past? It is on April 9, 1942, that I and
                                               Japanese advance. The attack of the 45th       voted to bar the administration from
the rest of the U.S. Armed Forces fighting
                                               Infantry was held off and Japanese forces      opposing lawsuits filed by former
the Japanese invaders were ordered to
                                               maneuvered around the 57th Infantry.           American POWs against Japanese cor -
surrender and lay down our arms. We
                                               Though the American defense was disin-         porations that enslaved them during
paid the price of humiliation after battling
                                               tegrating, Scout units counterattacked         World War II.
the invaders for four full months and
                                               again and again to cover the withdrawal.          “Our own State Department has come
inflicting heavy casualties on them.
                                               By April 9, the 57th Infantry was ordered      down on the side of the Japanese com -
   It is now recorded in the U.S. military
                                               to move to Corregidor but order to surren-     panies, not our POWs,” Sen. Tom Harkin,
history. The Japanese war plans of con-
                                               der arrived before the move was complete.      D-Iowa, said in sponsoring the amend-
quering and taking control of the Pacific
                                                  What was expected by the Japanese to        ment to a spending bill that passed the
Rim after the attack of Pearl Harbor on
                                               be a quick victory turned into a tough         Senate 58-34 recently.
December 7, 1941, was disrupted by the
                                               fight which lasted four full months on            The vote came two days after Secretary
gallant defense of the U.S. forces on
                                               Bataan. It took another month for the          of State Colin Powell, in San Francisco to
Bataan Peninsula.
                                               Japanese to capture the 1,200 Scouts on        mark the 50th anniversary of the treaty
   By early January 1942, the Japanese
                                               Corregidor Island known as “The Rock” on       that officially ended the Pacific War,
had defeated the British, Canadians, and
                                               May 6, 1942.                                   stressed that under the terms of that
the Dutch forces in Singapore, Malaysia,
                                                  Each of the Philippine Scout units          treaty, the allied powers could not sue
and the Wake Islands. They expected to
                                               earned three Presidential Unit Citations.      Japan for reparations.
have full control in the Philippines by the
                                               Typical of the valor of the Scouts is the         “The treaty dealt with this matter 50
end of January.
                                               record of the 57th Infantry, whose             years ago … It’s a position we have to
   The Japanese knew that the majority of
                                               members were awarded twenty one                defend,” Powell told reporters at the
the units fighting on Bataan were
                                               distinguished service crosses and sixty        anniversary event.
equipped with outdated weapons and no
                                               eight Silver Stars during their combat            But lawmakers differed with that read-
combat experience. Only the U.S. Regular
                                               service in Bataan.                             ing of the document, pointing to a 1951
Army (Philippine Scouts), the 31st
                                                  In the battle of Bataan, three Philippine   letter that was only recently made public
Infantry Regiment, and a Battalion of
                                               Scouts were awarded the Medal of Honor,        in which the Japanese foreign minister
U.S. Marines, were combat ready. Other
                                               by the names of First Lieutenant Alexander     told his Dutch counterpart that lawsuits
U.S. units like the Tank Battalion were
                                               Nininger, 57th Infantry; Captain Willibald     against Japanese citizens and corpora-
without tanks, the Air Force without
                                               C. Bianchi, 45th Infantry and Sergeant Jose    tions were allowed under the treaty.
planes, and the Navy without ships. They
                                               Calugas, Sr., 88th Field Artillery.               “Should our government be stopping a
were issued rifles and combat gears. The
                                                  It is documented by historians that the     private citizen from seeking his or her day
Philippine Commonwealth Army had less
                                               Japanese war planners made their big           in court for a grievance?” said Sen. Bob
than six months of training and was
                                               mistake by pouring their troops in the         Smith, R-N.H., sponsor of the amendment
poorly equipped. These units composed
                                               Philippines instead of continuing their        with Harkin. “I don’t think so. I think it’s
our line of defense.
                                               eastward advance in the Pacific. They          wrong and I’m frankly ashamed that it’s
   The order was to hold our positions at
                                               could have invaded Australia and the           happening.”
all cost. By January 7, 1942, the main
                                               Hawaiian Islands. They could even attack          The amendment to a $41 billion spend-
battle position was established on Bataan.
                                               and bomb the California Coast. But they        ing bill for the departments of State,
The Philippine Division (PS) and 26th
                                               wanted to save their faces to their            Justice and Commerce in the fiscal year
Cavalry (PS) were held in reserve. As the
                                               Emperor.                                       starting next month would bar the State
best trained units available, they were
                                                  By March 1942, we were already on           and Justice departments from using funds
most capable of carrying out counter -
                                               short ration of two meals a day. We were       to interfere with lawsuits filed by former
attacks. The 57th Infantry (PS) defended
                                               running out of ammunitions and medical         POWs against Japanese companies.
the vital coastal sector on the eastern
                                               supplies. Thousands were already suffer-          The House, in its version of the
flank of the defense line.
                                               ing from malaria and hundreds more were        spending bill, in July accepted a similar
   Heavy Japanese attacks between
                                               in field hospitals without proper treat-       amendment by a 395-33 vote.
January 10, 1942 and January 22, 1942,
                                               ment. They could have just left a few hun-        Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, a highly
succeeded despite fierce counterattacks by
                                               dred of their soldiers to keep us in check     decorated World War II veteran who was
the 57th Infantry and the Philippine
                                               and wait for us to starve and die of sick-     seriously wounded fighting for the all
Division (PS). A new line of defense was
                                               ness.                                          Japanese-American 442nd Regiment in
established to the south on January 25.
                                                  By giving the U.S. time to prepare and      Europe, said it was not a question of
Again, each of the Scout regiments was
                                               mobilize the Armed Forces, we paid a full      “Japanese corporations against American
assigned a reserve/counterattack mission.
                                               price for our action in Bataan. After we       heroes,” but of protecting Justice’s consti-
The Japanese attacked again on January
                                               surrendered, according to the Japanese,        tutional authority as related to treaties.
26, supported by landings on the west coast
                                               we lost all our rights. They did not abide     He said he voted against barring funding
of Bataan. Counterattacks by the Scouts
                                               with the rules of war as defined in the        because it would “sow doubt about
restored the defense line and eradicated
                                               Geneva Convention. So the torture and          America’s word among other allies.”
the Japanese beachheads. The Japanese
suspended their offensive operations on        more starvation began as soon as we
February 8 to build up their forces for a      became POWs. I am just glad that I
decisive attack. They were reinforced by       survived and lived to tell this story to the
seasoned troops that fought in their           American public as an 82 year old “Bataan
Singapore and Malaysia campaign. Our           Death March” survivor.
morale was high during this break and                                   Larry L. Pangan
temporary victory, but short of rations and                                      Fairfield

     THE FINAL INSULT                           President Truman had been told that as
                                                many as 600,000 Americans could die in
                                                                                                            NEED HELP
   Those “heroes” and “heroines” of the         the first 30 days of a land assault. The           I would like to know if anyone is still
’60s never saw a cause worth fighting for       loved ones of those who would return            living who at the time of the surrender of
or a war worth winning. They have now           home alive and not in a box with a              Bataan may have been in Hospital #2. I
delivered the final insult.                     telegram from the President as their only       was there at the time of the surrender and
   As the anniversary of the end of World       comfort are grateful the bomb was               myself and a number of others were kept
War II approaches, they are reaching back       dropped.                                        at that location until Corregidor fell. We
a generation and demeaning their parents’          On ABC, however, Jennings chided             were then taken to Manila and Bilibid
sacrifice, patriotism and decisiveness,         veterans groups who pressured the               Prison by Japanese truck. We endured
saying there was no need and no excuse          Smithsonian Institution into dispensing         about 30 days of artillery exchange
for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima          with its revisionist view of the Enola Gay      between the Japanese and Corregidor.
and Nagasaki.                                   exhibit, calling them censors and sug -         Anyone who was there or remembers any
   Even The Washington Post was offended        gesting that Americans were fighting for        of it, please write or call me collect, or put
by a purely propagandistic program nar-         freedom of speech. They were, in fact,          it in The Quan.
rated by Peter Jennings on ABC. Reviewer        fighting for truth, not the kind of propa-         Thank you so much.
Ken Ringle called it “an ingenue’s stroll       ganda that the original Smithsonian                                           William Arnold
down the narrow tunnels of academic             display conveyed; the kind that, as Webb                                    1739 Maurine St.
revisionism with only occasional intima-        notes, “provided more narrative space to                            Billings, Montana 59105
tions that larger truths may lie outside.”      anti-Asian racism in the United States                                   Phone 406-252-1366
   Ringle critiqued the portrayal of            than to the attack on Pearl Harbor … and
President Truman — popular these days           49 photos of suffering Japanese and three
among the revisionists — as “an intellec-       of Americans.”
tual and moral dwarf, propelled by                 Do you suppose its reversed in Japan?
ambitious militarists and politicians to a      Are the Japanese telling their people how
nuclear slaughter of the innocents.”            horrible they were and portraying their
   The real intellectual and moral dwarfs       fellow Asians and the Americans as
are those who can’t see beyond their own        victims of Japanese aggression? Not a
comfort and for whom sacrifice was sitting      chance. This is a view held exclusively by
still long enough to listen to a lecture from   some Americans who see no evil, will fight
their parents about why they should love
their country.
                                                for no good and whose cowardice ought to
                                                qualify them to do nothing more than keep
                                                                                                    INTRODUCTION OF VUMS
   There is nothing on television and too       their mouths shut when they are con -           To Whom It May Concern,
little in the history books about a decade      fronted by some of the greatest heroes who         The Veterans of Underage Military
of Japanese aggression in Asia and the          ever lived — the veterans of World War II       Service [VUMS] is a fledgling veterans
numerous atrocities committed by                – and a courageous President who knew           organization incorporated in 1991.
Japanese soldiers before the United States      what it meant to lead.                             Our 1000 plus members, from all
entered the war to stop them. Nothing                                          Cal Thomas       branches of service, entered the military
about death marches or beheadings of                                             L.A. Times     while younger than the legal minimum
prisoners and many other violations of the                                                      age for enlistment. We estimate that 3-5%
                                                             ————————                           of WWII and Korea veterans were
Geneva Convention’s mandate on the
                                                                                                underage when they enlisted.
treatment of POWs. And then there was
Pearl Harbor, which became a rallying cry
                                                  REQUEST FOR INFORMATION                          We are initiating a concentrated
for those then alive and those yet to come,        I am searching for a book, CONDUCT           ‘membership recruiting effort’ to reach all
not to forget. How soon they actually did       UNDER FIRE: Three American Doctors              of America’s underage veterans who have
forget.                                         and their Fate as POWs in the Pacific           not yet heard of VUMS. Most are now in
   Thankfully, Parade Magazine recently         (Viking Penguin). I am interested in hear-      their golden years and time is fleeting.
published a story by former Navy                ing from anyone who had any contact with        Your help in this worthy endeavor will be
Secretary James Webb, who interviewed           the following four Navy doctors: Lt.            greatly appreciated.
retired Air Force Gen. Chuck Sweeney.           Ferdinand V. Berley, Lt. (j.g.) George             Please make note of our groups exis-
Sweeney was the only pilot on both atomic       Ferguson, Lt. (j.g.) John Bookman, and Lt.      tence at your next organizational event.
bomb runs over Japan.                           (j.g.) Murray Glusman.                          We hope that you will also include the fol-
   He dismisses the revisionist contention         I am also interested in any accounts,        lowing message in your next publication.
that the bombs weren’t necessary (pointing      diaries, letters, pertaining to the Fourth
                                                                                                       VETERANS of UNDERAGE
out that numerous firebomb attacks —            Marines in Shanghai; those stationed near
                                                                                                  MILITARY SERVICE, INC. [VUMS]
which killed nearly as many as the nuclear      the Mariveles Section base on Bataan or at
                                                                                                  “If you served in the military at least
bombs would later do — had failed to            Battery “C”; as well as information pertain-
                                                                                                   one [1] day while younger than the
persuade the Japanese to surrender). He         ing to former POWs of Bilibid, Cabanatuan
                                                                                                  minimum legal age, please contact us
then expresses his contempt for critics who     Camp #2, Kobe Prisoner of War Hospital,
                                                                                                    for information and membership.”
weren’t there and who wouldn’t fight when       Itchioka Stadium, Maruyama, Osaka Red
their turn came because of self-professed       Cross Hospital; and finally, any information      Write for information. Thank you for
purity.                                         relating to the Hell Ship, Arisan Maru.         your consideration.
   Sweeney said he has had to endure               Please contact John A. Glusman, 453                  Major Robert Thorpe, USAF [Ret.]
numerous interviews by “young reporters         Hillside Place, South Orange, NJ 07079,                                6616 E. Buss Road
who don’t even know the dates World War         212-206-5372 (days), 973-761-1558 (nights                              Clinton, WI 53525
II was fought.” He refers to the “cultural      and weekends); email: jglusman@fsgee.com                                Ph. 608-676-4935
ignorance” of many when it comes to the                                      Yours sincerely,            E-Mail: bdavidson@earthlink.net
important issues of American history.                                       John A. Glusman                            www.oldvums.com
   The people who risked dying, had a land
invasion of Japan been ordered, were
pleased that the bomb was dropped.

                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER, 2001 — 19
          MOVING SOON?                                              American Defenders of                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                   Bataan & Corregidor, Inc.                                                            US POSTAGE
   Please let us know six weeks before you
                                                                        18 Warbler Dr.
move what your new address will be. Be
sure to supply us with both your old and
new address, including the address label
                                                                   McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136                                                                PAID
                                                                                                                                                      PITTSBURGH PA
from your current issue. Copies we mail to                       *Change Service Requested*
                                                                                                                                                      PERMIT NO 2648
your old address will not be delivered by
the Post Office and we must pay 50 cents                               Please Use Form 3547
for each returned Quan.

My new address will be:

NAME ________________________________

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CITY _________________________________

STATE ________________________________

ZIP ___________________________________

Mail to:                                                                           DUES
JOSEPH A. VATER                                                                     ARE
Editor, the Quan
18 Warbler Drive                                                                   DUE
McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136                                                           JUNE 1
                                                               Please Send Correct Address When Moving

                American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, Inc.                                                              3-13. BRONZE STAR MEDAL
                     (including any unit of force of the Asiatic Fleet,                                                       If you haven’t received the Bronze Star:
                  Philippine Archipelago, Wake Island, Mariana Islands,                                                       Upon letter application, award of the Bronze Star
                  Midway Islands and Dutch East Indies. 12/7/41-5/10/42.                                                   Medal may be made to eligible soldiers who partici-
                                                                                                                           pated in the Philippine Islands Campaign between 7
                                                                    For Merchandise Sales:                                 December 1941 to 10 May 1942. Performance of duty
          Life Membership — $25.00                                  Mrs. Jean Pruitt                                       must have been on the island of Luzon or the Harbor
          Part Life, Part Payment                                   1231 Sweetwater-Vonore Road                            Defenses in Corregidor and Bataan. Only soldiers
          Subscription — Quan — $8.00 Yr.                           Sweetwater, TN 37874                                   who were awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation
          Fill in all Blanks                                        For Dues:                                              (Presidential Unit Citation) may be awarded this
                                                                    John A. Crago                                          decoration. Letter application should be sent to the
                                                                    801 Huntington Ave.                                    Commander, ARPERCEN, ATTN: DARP-VSE-A,
                                                                    Warren, IN 46792-9402                                  9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200.
Name (Please Print) _______________________________ Highest Rank _________________
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